Boko Haram kills 45 in attack on another Borno village

Boko Haram members

Gunmen, believed to be Boko Haram terrorists, on Wednesday attacked a Borno village called Azaya Kura, 45 kilometres east of Maiduguri, killing not less than 45 persons and injuring several others, witnesses said.

PREMIUM TIMES gathered that the suspected Boko Haram terrorists attacked the village, located in Mafa local local government area of Borno State, at about noon that day.

Locals said the Boko Haram insurgents drove into the agrarian village in many trucks and started attacking residents, destroying their houses and carting away foodstuff, and livestock in the trucks that brought them.

Jabir Usman, a local farmer, who said he managed to escape the attack, told reporters in Maiduguri that “from what we counted so far, 45 men have been killed and there are others that died in the bushes due to excessive bleeding after sustaining bullet injuries”.

Shettima Lawan, who is the caretaker chairman of Mafa local government area, was distraught when he confirmed the development to journalists in Maiduguri.

“There is no compulsion in religion and I am still searching for motives behind mass killing and destruction by some people under the guise of entrenching certain religion,” Mr. Lawan said. “I wish to appeal to the Federal Government to take urgent steps and rescue our people from imminent extinction.

“As you can see, more than half of the village have been destroyed…we are still picking our pieces and looking for our missing people, especially those who could not be seen in Maiduguri,” one of the elders said.

Mafa town is about 40 kilometers away from Maiduguri, the Borno state capital.


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  • growthengine

    Train everyone how to fight and arm them to defend themselves, it is worth it

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    The security agents are busy in Abuja and Ado-Ekiti, enabling criminality upon impunity while in the northeast theater of war where they are required to defend citizens, they are fighting shy. These security outfits have become merchants of vice and a menace to the nation.

  • Public Records

    “I feel compelled to appeal to all Nigerians to recognize
    that Nigeria is indeed at war. It is a war that seems set to engulf the entire
    country. We need to understand that the war in the Northeast is a war against
    Nigeria. The insurgents intend to use a conquered Northeast as a launch pad on
    which to invade and conquer the rest of the country and possibly the whole of
    the West African sub-region.”

    …..Colonel Abubakar Dangiwa Umar

    [November 14th, 2014]

    • Newsday

      An eye-witness who escaped on foot from Mubi to Yola – a distance of over 100 kilometres,
      has told local newspapers in Nigeria that all Christian Pastors captured by Muslim militias
      who invaded the predominantly Christian town (Mubi) were beheaded.

      Several other Christians who resisted forcible conversion to Islam were also beheaded,
      with axes by Muslim Jihadists [Boko Haram]. Other news-reports say similar genocide
      occurred in the north-eastern Nigerian towns of Michika and Hong. Worse in Mubi,
      foreign journalists now confirm that no church is left standing today.

      All the churches were blasted by improvised explosives detonated by the Muslim Jihadists.
      With Christianity now virtually wiped out in all territories seized and occupied by Muslim Jihadists –
      roughly equivalent to one-twelfth of Nigeria, the dark future of Nigeria is silhouetted as sharply
      as the imminent gruesome beheading of all remaining Christian Pastors in Nigeria.

      • robo

        ..and our leaders in Abuja and Ekiti are behaving as nothing is wrong. The ignorant Nigerians even Christians are blaming Pastor Ayo

      • Paiko

        Religious bigot! You will fail woefully. All you know is to ignite hatred. Sooner or later you will pay dearly for this senseless job you took upon yourself. Imbecile!!!

        • Funsho Cole


          You are right. He should keep quiet as the Muslims behead the Christians in Nigeria.
          Your advice is what has been missing in Nigeria: hypocrisy in the face of genocide.

    • mata

      Thank you sir,I wonder why Nigerians are not seeing this.Its like starting a bush fire from a small spot

  • True Nigerian

    With this horrible state of the nation, the President is still busy fiddling with completely nonsensical political sentiments on Tambuwal’s cross-carpeting. This latest episode of despicable carnage by Boko haram is just another reminder that this country cannot afford the luxury of the kind of petty leadership exhibited by Jonathan yesterday. Total misplacement of priorities.

    These legislators were convening to consider a security request by the President. And yet, the President did not see the stoopidity in encouraging this disorder and deeply dividing the country further. It’s so unthinkable!


      Keep quiet ! while their military wing is wrecking havoc from the Sambisa,the political wing are scaling fences at NASS. Nigeria’s equivalent of the Middle-east Muslim brotherhood have Chosen to remove peace from our dictionary BUT THEY WILL BE DEFEATED….FAIR AND SQUARE !!

      • Paiko

        Senseless rogue!!!

  • robo

    The President should constitute a War Cabinet on BKH. Leaving this to Chief of Defense who had psychologically been traumatized by the loss of his homestead will not be helpful

  • warry

    The police said they were conducting searches due to intelligence report.however if the honorable members no longer require the services of the police,they could ask them to leave the National Assembly.I feel the honorable members will obey our laws,while the police protect them while doing so.Laws are being broken in Rivers,Edo,Ekiti and now the House of Reps.We should please obey our laws and stop the ritual of you blame me,i blame you.

  • favourtalk

    The nigerians knows who’s winning compear to what the government may be trying to feed us. Yesterday, the nigeria police were showing muscle to the helpless legislators and people are dying in north east, why can’t they and show those boko boys how hefty they think they are and powerful. What a show of shame and power drunk in nigeria. We need a Man who sees failures as his, common nigeria as his own and need a better nation. We need a change from this ones

  • Proudly Niger Delta

    “OIL SPILL Coats RIVER, SEA in Nigeria’s Impoverished NIGER DELTA”

    With a very disturbing photo depicting the caption, Al-Jazeera wrote a story on Dec 3, 2013 of once again a deadly oil spill in my Niger Delta which are usually never reported by neither the Government nor the useless offline & online news media houses who are more interested in parochially jaundiced political reporting to satisfy their latent self, ethnic, and/or regional interests. We the people of the Niger Delta MUST
    rise up to protect our ecosystem. NOW!

    Hear Al-Jazeera, “… A large oil spill near Nigeria’s Brass facility, run by ENI, an Italian energy company, has spread through the sea and swamps of the oil producing Niger Delta region, local residents and the company said Monday…Vast stretches of the delta’s unique mangrove swamps are blackened and dead from oil pollution caused by hundreds of leaks every year from pipelines that pass through the delta’s creeks…”

    “ENI in particular reported 471 spills in the Niger Delta, compared with the 138 from Shell from January to September, according to a recent Amnesty International report. ENI’s Nigerian subsidiary frequently blames saboteurs, but Amnesty said there’s “absolutely no information”
    to support their claims…For the last decade oil companies in Nigeria, in particular Shell, have defended the scale of pollution by claiming that the vast majority of oil spills are caused by sabotage and theft of oil,” the report said. “There is no legitimate basis for this claim.”

    It is utter stupidity for anyone to expect that the Niger Delta will permit this continuous pollution of its land and plundering of its resources by the rest of Nigeria who care only about the petrol dollars with which Abuja & Lagos are built to the detriment of the Niger Delta people. Our wealth can’t be a curse to us. Therefore, the time for the Niger Delta to act is NOW! It is ZERO tolerance for any oil company who spills oil..Such companies should be “Sacked” by any means possible…We demand our own Niger Delta Country

    • Otile

      Looters and parasites do not care about who they hurt, whose environments they pollute, all they want is to impose a Fulani on us and let the flow of oil continue.

  • Boros

    My People,

    Me i can’t shout, please. All i want to say is that people like Professor Itse Sagay,
    Professor Wole Soyinka, Barrister Femi Falana and so on, must not run away.
    Were they not the ones saying an Islamist party [APC] is a progressive party?

    No NADECO route is acceptable this time. They must stay here and fight with guns
    against the same Islamism they’ve supported. They must not run away this time O!
    They must face the bloody consequence of the bad advice they gave the people.

  • Austin Kuazu

    I pity Nigeria; the political dogs who are bent on acquiring power by all means are deceiving Nigerians and themselves. They are subtly stoking the fire of hate and violence, supporting the BH to making way for their entrance to power easy. They have it on record as their campaign tool and are enjoying it but come out in the open to condemn it. Who do they think will fall for this? Only the power hungry people like them ofcourse! It’s obvious, they preach hate, speak detestable things about their perceived obstacle to enthronement to power. They fail to realize that power belongs to God, he gives it to whomsoever he will. Whoever wants to pull down someone by whatever means chosen in order to take his position should be ready for the consequences. Be warn and be wise.

  • MushinSpeaks

    While the Executhieves lay siege on our lawmakers, the dreaded sect again unleashed their terror acts on civilians.

    Change we need! Come 2015, power must change hands!