Jonathan, PDP, defend police blockade of National Assembly

Former President, Goodluck Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan and the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, praised the nation’s police force Thursday after an attempt to force the speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, out of the National Assembly plunged the complex into chaos.

Speaking through a spokesperson, the president said the police were merely enforcing their “constitutional duty” to keep the peace, and that they acted independently.

The PDP lambasted Mr. Tambuwal and other lawmakers who forced their way through a police cordon, wondering what would have happened in the absence of security operatives.

“The whole scenario as we witnessed it is rather unfortunate,” Doyin Okupe, a presidential spokesperson, told reporters Thursday afternoon, hours after the siege.

“We wish that at all times national interest should supersede all other interests including personal and political interests,” he said.

Mr. Okupe defended the Inspector General of Police, Suleiman Abba, saying the police chief was doing his job by deploying scores of officers to the assembly.

Police raided the National Assembly early Thursday ahead of a crucial sitting at the House of Representatives.

The House had planned a session to discuss a request by Mr. Jonathan for an extension of the emergency rule in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa States- all three hit by a virulent insurgency by Boko Haram.

Officers mounted a blockade at the assembly, refusing to allow the speaker, Mr. Tambuwal, in, a move the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC, said was aimed at unseating the speaker as punishment for defecting from the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

Police fired teargas after defiant lawmakers forced their way through three barricades and helped escort Mr. Tambuwal into the central building called the White House.

In an earlier statement, police denied any wrongdoing and said they acted on an “intelligence report” regarding a threat that could have undermined the security of the National Assembly.

The APC and the Conference of Nigerian Political Parties, CNPP, have called for sanctions against the police Inspector General, Suleiman Abba.

But the presidential spokesperson, Mr. Okupe, said the IGP did nothing wrong. He also denied that the police acted on the orders of the president.

“Once there is infraction in the law, the police has to come in and the IGP does not need to take permission from the presidency first. He acted in the discharge of his duty. The IGP did not invade the National Assembly,” Mr. Okupe said.

He said the government hopes the House of Representatives, which has adjourned, will sort out all outstanding issues and return to lawmaking.

“From government perspective,” Mr. Okupe said, “the overriding concern today is the issue of insurgency which necessitated the request by Mr. President that the National Assembly considers an extension of the State of Emergency to give the Security forces the needed legal framework and space for a successful prosecution of the war against Boko Haram terrorists.

“It is our hope that the Honourable members of the House of Representatives will use the period of adjournment to resolve all matters so that they can resume to deliberate and act on issues of national importance.”

After a brief session Thursday, the lawmakers rejected the request to extend the emergency rule in the northeast.

Separately, the PDP described as “embarrassing” the violence that broke out at the National Assembly, and blamed the lawmakers for it.

The party denied having a role in the police action. It also absolved the presidency of blame.

The PDP National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh, said in a statement that lawmakers “are responsible adults elected by their constituencies and wondered what would have happened if the law enforcement agencies were not there to maintain law and order”.

The PDP described the incident as unfortunate and cautioned that the legislature, being the nucleus of democracy, its members should be above board as Nigerians expect the best of behaviour from them.


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  • Gboyega Aderemi

    By law, Aminu Tambuwal is longer a member of the House of Representatives.
    A legislator who defects to another party SHALL lose his membership –
    of the House or the Senate – UNLESS he or she can show there’s a division in the party
    he’s defected from. That is the law of Nigeria. Responsible people must obey the law.

    • Dumbo

      Bloody Illiterate. The law needs to be translated you might understand

    • Guest_2

      Barr.(Prof). can you please provide us with the section of the law your talking about.

    • Joy

      Are you sure what they did is legal?


      You are absolutely in order,the man is no more a legislator,the APC are just deploying his mercenary services to distract governance and undermine the government of the day !!

      • endingNaija

        Reno Omokri (writing as Tawanda) can you quote the part of the constitution that gives you and Gboyega the right to interpret the law rather than the courts?

    • Akindolamu

      Gboyega Aderemi, Can you show me that part of the constitution that says you and President Jonathan and the PDP are the interpreters of the law? Show where it is said in the constitution that the police interpret the law.

    • pheliciti

      There was PDP and new PDP and there were defections. At any rate, if you do not agree, go to court do not rely on self help

  • Babso

    Metuh have gone mad again o! PDP is the most useless party in the world round.

  • Oladapo Adesope

    GEJ and PDP will destroy this country

    • Maria

      They will destroy themselves not Nigeria… go back to history… Jonathan and his handlers will soon become history.


        Are you on some sort of medication ?

        • Maria

          I should ask you the question. Jonathan will become history even if he wins 2015 election… you need to examine your head, moron.


            No ,he will be President when he wins…you must realise that “who God has blessed,no one can curse ” .

          • Maria

            Which God? Keep deceiving yourself… God rejects incompetent and lazy drinkers who abuse power. Read your Bible, moron.


            Well,can I tell you something,the President does not drink ….

          • Wähala

            Hahaha chai… has he bowed to Abu Shekau and converted to Islam? You’re quite funny indeed. Since when? You’re a good clown, nwa nna!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Why would he need to drink what he swims in?


            That is a myth,the man is a practical Christian !!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            lol, Tawando.

            That did not stop Pastor from gun running or currency smuggling too, did it?

            Please tell that the creek rats!

          • Onike24

            That is a bloody lie!!! Jonathan is a ” functional” alcholic


            You are a “functional” liar


            ….And you are a “functional” liar

          • Onike24

            Why are you erats so worried? And why are you so concerned about me? Jonathan is a drunk simple.

          • Otile

            Your illiteracy stinks. You have not value whatsoever. Why not respect yourself and disappear from this blog entirely? Rubbish.

          • Otile

            Your illiteracy stinks. You have no value whatsoever. Why not respect
            yourself and disappear from this blog entirely? Rubbish.

          • Onike24

            Between me and your good self who is the illiterate? I wonder how much you are paid to lose conscience? Why do you think you can intimidate me? A million Reno Omokri cannot stop me from posting on this forum, you are a disgrace to yourself and the entire human race. The truth hurts and Jonathan is a Functional alcoholic who needs to take the 12 steps. Utter nonsense.

          • Mosaku 147

            His god is Orisejafo.

          • kick “em out


          • NewNigeria

            He may even be president for ever but sha one day him monkey go go market e no go return .. you bisoted fools who think Nigeria is still for sale .God don fall ur hands finish >>sebi today na police lay siege on national assembly … someday the innocent Nigerians you guys feed fat one will lay siege on your tribe and you will account for all evil you have done .. #fayose governor again ??? only under jonathan … were dem people # nigerianjudiciary. wetindeyhappen .com

        • Wähala

          Count the number of States where PDP has serious in trouble and you may understand her read of the situation… but, thinking is not for everyone, some people must be banned, you qualify!


            Elections are around the corner….I will remind you 24hrs after the declaration of GEJ victory to enable me recover from hang-over……I have a special bottle of vintage hidden away for that jollification !!

          • Wähala

            There won’t be any elections the way Dumbo is going about it… he may shoot himself in the legs and get crippled with impeachment proceedings, read the “mood-of-the-nation” right now towards the PDP!


            You mean impeach the existence of Nigeria as one entity ? Look,the Fulani and their few Yoruba sidekicks can NEVER control the SS/SE oil and gas again….put that in your empty skull.
            The attempt to hijack the peoples mandate via the sinister plotting of defections is undemocratic,immoral and can NEVER be acceptable .
            You may not know the gravity of what is in the offing but the desperation of the Fulani is bound to disintegrate the country if it is not checked…it will NEVER be business as usual for the Mallams !!

          • Wähala

            I’m not interested in your bigoted, ethnic politics… Go-siddon!


            Mark those 3 NEVERS and watch !!

          • NewNigeria

            Wake up Mr dreamer .. let jonathan and his brothers drink their oil and you enjoy you vintage wine while your childrens children will never have prosper !!!


            My children will survive,they are tooled up for the hard world ,Igbo blood flows in their veins !!

          • NewNigeria

            I am not surprised .. you are one of those tribe blind Nigerians .. No wonder i wont join you again in a discuss … Enjoy your reign..

    • sharp shape

      Amen to that Nigeria must scatter ! To your tents o nigerians !

  • WALE

    P.D.P is digging the grave of democracy.


      The first tenet of democracy is the rule of law. Tambuwal and his fellow APC miscreants are rubbishing the constitution !

      • endingNaija

        Reno Omokri (under the name Tawanda), is the prevention of the lawful speaker of the house of representatives of the federal republic of Nigeria from performing his duties by the police a defense of the rule of law?

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        What is the brand of alcohol you drink, Tawanda?

        I believe it is hallucinogenic in its after effects.


          I really do not drink alcohol except during celebrations,white wines mostly. I do not smoke either but I tried weed in the Uni,I did not like it !

        • deji

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          Account number for GMB fund Raisng.

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          Fellow Nigerians, kindly circulate this message to save this country. GMB said he agreed to this initiative because he will be the signatory for accountability and transperency and every one can at any time go to the bank to see balance and find out where the monies are going to.

          The only thing I will add is that, the organisers should publish the total contributions daily and also display the list of donors.

  • Khadijah D.

    This PDP are bunch of lunatics and hypocrites. The Deputy Speaker was granted full access to the National Assembly, while Tambuwal was denied access. Can they PDP defend this one-sided jungle justice?


      You just don’t get it ,Tambuwal is technically no more a legislator !

      • Wähala

        Is Mimiko technically a Governor?


          The constitution makes a difference between the legislature and the executive .The constitution is explicit about the defection of a legislator. Tambuwal is done !

          • Wähala

            Quote the Constitution and stop thinking with your balls…
            Don’t have time for your fantasy dreams right now, just back-up your assertions with a valid quote… Shikena!


            I don’t do that and I do not do links as well !! pronto .

          • Wähala

            Because you’re on pay-per-post, why would an empty sycophant like you do that now that you are cornered? I know you can’t because it doesn’t exist. Otherwise, for an ex-scholarship student that simple research would have been pepper soup…

    • Customer Satisfaction

      Is Tambuwal a member of the House of Reps?

      • Khadijah D.

        Refer to the constitution and the house of assembly standing order

        • Customer Satisfaction

          Khadijah, I have consulted it, and my understanding of section 68 says his no longer a member of the house. I also remember a court ruled that there is no crisis or faction in PDP. And finally S.1(3) says the constitution shall prevail in any circumstance, so i failed to consult the assembly standing order but i’ll appreciate if you tell me what the order states?
          My priniciple is “one must first live by the constitution to benefit from it, not benefit first.”

          • Khadijah D.

            The constitution said he must be either impeached or voluntarily resign before he fail to be the speaker, from all indications, neither has happened

  • Preco01

    IDIOTS still believing in the MUMUNESS of NIGERIANS

  • clairvoyance

    Okupe n olodo mental it is ur turn to use the police against ur perceived political enemies it will be ur turn 2moro. Gej will loose elections on behalf of the PDP in February 2015, they have seen the hand writing on the wall, there plan is to cause chaos in the country to continue there hold on power illegally. It is the fire u lit that will consume all of u.

    • Maria

      You mean that big empty headed buffoon…


    There are two types of politicians in Nigeria,those who believe in the rule of law and the APC bunch of lawless lunatics who endorse anarchy,chaos,violence and general disorderly conduct like “RIG AND ROAST”, “baboons and dogs soaked in blood ” etc
    President Jonathan is a gentleman……could they try this with vindictive OBJ,brutal Buhari,sly and mean IBB,bloody Abacha etc ?

    • Maria

      There are also those led by the bonobo in aso villa…. the yeye moronic people ruling Nigeria. This is the most useless FGN ever in the history of Nigeria. Its end is near.


        That is a hate comment ! come off it .

        • Maria

          I hate no one… I say it as it is… There is no more hate than preventing people from freedom of association. This lawlessness would no have happened under OBJ, Buhari or even IBB…. they are more civilized than these creek dwellers now occupying aso villa.

          • sharp shape

            Ashawo where you come from ! Creek dwellers money go soon kill all of una ! Rubbish kobo kobo harlot

          • Maria

            I dont spend a dime from your oil money. I have never benefited anything from Nigeria government. All my studies have been bankrolled by foreign governments… you can die with your blood money for all I care…it is none of my business. What I spend today is the product of my brain not oil.

          • sharp shape

            Your scholarship for Italy abi ? If the scholarship na for nackology ! Then well done ! Abi won ti shepe fu eleyi ni

          • Maria

            Iyalaya e ni won sepe fun… iran diran e ti fori kegun… egun naa ni yo ja yin titi lailai…Loruko Jesu.

    • concerned9ja

      GEJ is not a gentleman, rather he is indeed clueless and has been held hostage.

    • moh

      yeye man… dey dey talk of better tims… u dey there dey talk of incompetent president… how would president that is ready to protect his country yet be like this.


        Wetin concern you?Your Papa wey dey competent no reach to even manage village shop,naim you dey yab a whole C-IN-C

    • sharp shape

      My brother no amount of good sense can make a slave throw off their chains !

  • Maria

    This yeye man, how did he come to be president? I guess the yaradua cabals saw that this man is a militant when they tried to block him from becoming president.

    • Wähala

      But the trait was there all along, Nigerians should have known he is Gbomojomo when he Dep. Gov. to Alams during their arms-to-militants racket in the creeks far back. That was why UMYA (+) sent him to call his boys to order which gave birth to Amnesty Program, remember? His only achievement in politics if you ask me. The other writing on the wall was Independence Day bombing by MEND which he hurridly absolved them of, only for Henry Okah to offer contra views claiming responsibility for their terrorist outfit. Finally take a hard look at all the people involved or arrested thus far in this BH thing and count your teeth with your tongue… Dumbo is a psychopath!

    • Lanre

      Maria. Nigeria is a very sick country. Tell me one ruler in Nigeria that has not done what Jonathan just did or worse. And still the beasts of burden that make up Nigeria, will follow Obasanjo, Jonathan, Babangida, Gusau, Anenih. Like goats. You see, even my Yoruba people (whom I love and will work to be liberated from the clutches of slavery in Nigeria) are gradually joining the stupidity of the rest of Nigeria. Where in the world, tell me do you have a mor9n like David Mark being a senator? Not just a senator. The Senate President! Nigeria’s days are numbered!!!!

  • EPO


  • Preco01

    New Nigerian

    November 20, 2014 – 7:46 pm

    Happy Birthday Mr. President And as the celebrant it is disturbing that you chose your birthday as a day to shutter the National Assembly against the elected representatives. It is also telling that as the leader of the country your birthday is only graced as if you are the governor of a state – your home state – perhaps it is a testament to the amount of goodwill that you have been able to generate amongst ALL Nigerians as the President and Commander-in-chief for the past 5.5 years. Or maybe Nigerians are so busy trying to even breathe that they can’t remember that it is your birthday. Whatever the case, we the Nigerian people look forward to celebrating your 58th Birthday with you, God willing, as a private citizen.And this is why –

    Nigerians are a proud and graceful people – we want our leader to succeed and we have given you ample chance to do with us as you wish – we the people have decided to move on and try another leader, for we know you are a decent, soft spoken gentleman who may have come as our leader before your time, the leadership we need now is different from the leadership you can provide. We thank you for your service and we do not question that you indeed have a vision for Nigeria, however we no longer due to the actions we have seen on all fronts share your vision for Nigeria.

    We want a country where every man is judged by the content of his character & NOT by his ethnicity, the language he speaks or how he chooses to worship or not worship God (this actually informed your selection however you have worked hard with passion & relish to turn the hands of the clock backward in this respect).

    We want a country where every criminal North, South, East or West will be rest assured that they’d have justice meted to them without fear or favour. We want a country where our commander-in-chief would command & put out aggression of any sort against the Nigerian people and Nigerian state in a swift, professional and precision manner NOT one where it is allowed to fester and milked for political advantage.

    We want a country where it’s president would be president for all Nigerians irrespective of party-leaning NOT one where the party’s constitution has primacy over the country’s constitution.

    We want a country that is governed through rule-of-law, where no one no matter highly placed is above the law of the land and NOT a country that is governed by the rule-of-man, one rule for the few and another for the many.

    We want a country that it’s state defence and military apparatus protects every Nigerian citizen and NOT one where it is only a tool to guard those holding elected office and to be used against Nigerians.

    We want a country where the resources of the country is professionally& ethically managed for the good of ALL Nigerians and NOT a country that it’s resources are usurped for the benefit of a few.

    We want a country where every child and generations unborn would feel protected, nurtured and cared for when they see or hear how it’s leadership have managed our affairs during this time.

    We have looked at all these criteria and found you wanting in executing policies and actions that move Nigeria towards the New Nigerian dream that we see. We the people have decided to seek change peacefully through the ballot box. We are not naïve to think that it would be easy, God willing we are determined and would do all it takes to no longer be idle participants in our destinies. Be informed that God willing, change is on it’s way and the best you can do at this point is to ensure that Nigerians are not dis-enfranchised and goaded towards violent change. May God Bless Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen

  • Wähala

    Hon. Cheche, the lawmaker who accosted Sen. David Mark is a member of the PDP, so Metuh and Doyin should know that Nigerians realize it was an ambush to embarrass Speaker Tambuwal, that is why none of them addressed the Ekiti situation where security goons escorted 7 Legislators to impeach another sitting Speaker… how about that? Why have Gov. Mimiko and others not resigned having defected to the PDP? After two rejections at the Senate, the only discernible “intelligents reports” they could have had is a resounding defeat of Dumbo’s request for SoE extension in restive NE states… thus, PDP and Dumbo hurriedly came up with the idea of using the request as excuse to sneak-in their members to impeach the Speaker like the did at Ekiti by banning APC lawmakers from gaining entrance. But unfortunately, Abuja no be Ekiti… it has backfired. If I were Alhaji Tambuwal I would’ve left Hon. Cheche to choke David Mark to death… Mark plotted a failed “House Coup” and the standard penalty for coup na firing squad. Don’t mind Oly Metuh ati Doyin Oloshi. Hahahahaa chei !!!

    • Godfrey Etokebe


      • Wähala

        Is Hon. Cheche a hooligan? FYI, he is a member of the PDP…your mega-mugu is done, down into the toilet!

        • Godfrey Etokebe

          How do you describe his action?

          • Wähala

            Ex-soldier… Action Man!
            Speaker Tambuwal should have left Hon. Cheche and David Mark to duke-it-out as ex-soldiers…
            Afterall, they’re now Legislators, but man still pass man in khaki or agbada… uniform or not. LoL!

          • OMOLOYIN

            Wahala u are funny pesin… man truly pass man o…APC all d way

          • NewNigeria

            APC NI JOOOR … mi o se egbe awon were

          • deji

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            Account number for GMB fund Raisng.

            Account name: Buhari support organization
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            Follow El rufai on tweeter for more details.

            Fellow Nigerians, kindly circulate this message to save this country. GMB said he agreed to this initiative because he will be the signatory for accountability and transperency and every one can at any time go to the bank to see balance and find out where the monies are going to.
            The only thing I will add is that, the organisers should publish the total contributions daily and also display the list of donors.

      • NewNigeria

        How ? the speaker going to his office and you stopping him ? sebi ur police people carry gun ..why dem no shoot himm … all this times wey him be speaker many times police go national assembly ?? asinwin like you

  • JEAN


    • G4

      Why should you be sad, are you the one that picked him in 2007. If the master of the house dies and the young houseboy and his wife gain access to his oga’s room this is what happens. They know why they chose someone like jonathan out of the millions of people in the south south. Jonathan does no represent me at all in any way.

  • Olisa Metuh

    Premium times is definitely biased and adding innuendos to our clear statement on this matter. Please publish the pdp press statement.

    • chiedoziee harrimann

      If it was published what would have happen?

    • Wähala

      Why not publish it here yourself since you’re claiming “Olisa Metuh”…then, see if Premium Times is truly biased or not, abi no be you be official PDP vuvuzela again? Nkita ara… anu n’sor. Tufiakwa gi!

      • Chiemele

        Official PDP vuvuzela, Lol

    • NewNigeria

      I know you will say that mr metuh … your brain is biased and your thinking faculty low in nutrition are yet to see Nigerians can now see things for themselves ?? You can no longer lie to a man who can see …. You will reap the works of your hands sooner than you think insha allah !!!

    • NewNigeria

      PDP is destructive and it is in line to be destroyed insha allah ..

    • Garden-City Boy

      Premium Times is the APC_JANJAEED mouthpiece. Everybody knows it.

    • Akynrops

      I hope this is the real Olisa Metuh because I have been looking for an opportunity to engage you sir. Oga pls how do you sleep at night after blowing all those lies and defending all the evils of PDP against common sense? Pls don’t dismiss me as APC loyalist because I am not. I have similar question for Lai Mohammed as well. Why is your party using a sensitive state institution like to police to achieve political gain? The statement by the police is shameful, so is Doyin Okupe’s defence and Bros, you should have just kept mute sir. Obama is facing issues as well as Jonathan but you don’t hear his party defending actions of state agencies like police. Nigerian Police is not PDP, let them defend their shameful actions except you planned it together then we can understand that you have to defend it together. In any case sir, if premium times fails too publish your holy PDP statement, publish it yourself sir, just copy it and paste it.

      • Chiemele

        The original or edited version? Does the Gov lack media organisations?

    • Chiemele

      Do you guys realise you are making history? of the negative type.

  • Philip Anene

    PDP acts like a party comprising people who stole as children and have got used to defensiveness.
    Why shy away from taking responsibility for a correct legal step to deny access to Aminu Tambuwal?
    By law, Aminu Tambuwal is no longer a member of the House of Representatives. That is the law.
    Tambuwal can become a legislator if he comes up with evidence of division within the PDP party.

  • ore

    Super Story ! “police denied any wrongdoing and said they acted on an “intelligence report” regarding a threat that could have undermined the security of the National Assembly”

  • ICC Hague

    PDP with their garage approach to issues, what do you expect from bunch of criminals and looters? GEJ and his PDP continue to portray Nigeria to the rest of the world as jungle habitate by subhumans. Their days are numbered in power come 2015.

  •  мσνιc

    Impunity,corruption,insecurity vote out Gej!
    Imagine the rubbish that happened yesterday.

    • deji

      For those who are looking for ways to donate into Buhari Campaign fund…
      Account number for GMB fund Raisng.

      Account name: Buhari support organization
      Bank: first bank of nig Plc
      Acct no. 2026724405
      Sort code: 011150000 or

      Follow El rufai on tweeter for more details.

      Fellow Nigerians, kindly circulate this message to save this country. GMB said he agreed to this initiative because he will be the signatory for accountability and transperency and every one can at any time go to the bank to see balance and find out where the monies are going to.

      The other thing I will add is that, the organisers should publish the total contributions daily and also display the list of donors.

  • olawale

    I still stand by my word.those who voted #GEJ in 2011 should go for confession,because they have committed a sin against humanity.#JONATHANMUSTGO

  • Dr. Kay

    Intelligence that has eluded them thus far in the fight against Bokoharam is well and running against harmless civilians and opposition politicians . Cowards cowards ,cowards.can these morons go to Borno and use their intelligence there!

  • malam

    what happened yesterday just reminded me of how boko haram use to operate, bh tactics is they will come and meet people peacefully praying in the mosques or market and open fire on them with bomb after they kill them then they will go and claim they want to impose sharia. This is also PDP tactics , members are going into chambers for there constitutional work and PDP sent police impose security on were has over security for over 12yrs. PDP is confused and acting against the national interest. It’s so uncivilized and it’s an act of uneducated members of PDP and there boko haram friend called Inspector General. You are inspector General of boko haram Kawai.


    I hope his action of the NASS in frustrating President Jonathan’s will to continue the NorthEastern Nigeria state of emergency is deliberate and permanent. President Jonathan has not been able to justify the state of emergency for
    months now. He just wants to use it to disenfranchize the entire Nortneastern voters so he can easily win his re-election bid. All Nigerians should rise up and disallow his continuing his state of emergency bid in Northeastern Nigeria. Well done, Representatives, don’t yield to his antics, ladies and sirs.

    Yomi Falade

  • favourtalk

    When a man wanted to help the nation by convening the meeting, at least he did the same during the saga of fuel subsidy but some cohort in Police took it to their adavantage as a messenger of GEJ and obstructed them from doing their functions and what they were elected for. What a shame that we have such as a leader in aso rock, is this the same fresh air he promised the nation in 2015?? I don’t wanna partake in that unfavour air. We need a change now!!!!

  • mike

    I am sure Abba is taking advice from Mbu. This is his style of handling matters, especially for pdp.
    The presidency has become bereft of ideas. They are highly predictable, their illegal moves can be read, days, before implementation.
    Amaechi has studied them like a book and can calculate their moves, three steps ahead. The guy must be a good chez player.
    Perhaps the president should fire his team of clueless advisers and hire new hands. This will probably reduce their blunders; but I’m not sure it would help matters as it seems too late for pdp sunken ship to salvaged.

    • Spoken word

      Abba looks as clueless as his boss.

      • mike

        Truly the man is a typical example of Fela’s “zombie”.

        • Spoken word

          he was just brought in to obey instructions

  • Spoken word

    Jona is making Abacha look like a saint now. I am sure the Abacha family will be very happy with the work Jona is doing in helping cleaning up the image of their father.

    • Chiemele

      Yea, Mustapha and Abacha Jnr were discharged in time to watch this melodrama.

      • Spoken word

        who would have thought any Nigerian president could be worse than Abacha in the space of 16 years.

  • Proudly Niger Delta

    “OIL SPILL Coats RIVER, SEA in Nigeria’s Impoverished NIGER DELTA”

    With a very disturbing photo depicting the caption, Al-Jazeera wrote a story on Dec 3, 2013 of once again a deadly oil spill in my Niger Delta which are usually never reported by neither the Government nor the useless offline & online news media houses who are more interested in parochially jaundiced political reporting to satisfy their latent self, ethnic, and/or regional interests. We the people of the Niger Delta MUST rise up to protect our ecosystem. NOW!

    Hear Al-Jazeera, “… A large oil spill near Nigeria’s Brass facility, run by ENI, an Italian energy company, has spread through the sea and swamps of the oil producing Niger Delta region, local residents and the company said Monday…Vast stretches of the delta’s unique mangrove swamps are blackened and dead from oil pollution caused by hundreds of leaks every year from pipelines that pass through the delta’s creeks…”

    “ENI in particular reported 471 spills in the Niger Delta, compared with the 138 from Shell from January to September, according to a recent Amnesty International report. ENI’s Nigerian subsidiary frequently blames saboteurs, but Amnesty said there’s “absolutely no information”
    to support their claims…For the last decade oil companies in Nigeria, in particular Shell, have defended the scale of pollution by claiming that the vast majority of oil spills are caused by sabotage and theft of oil,” the report said. “There is no legitimate basis for this claim.”

    It is utter stupidity for anyone to expect that the Niger Delta will permit this continuous pollution of its land and plundering of its resources by the rest of Nigeria who care only about the petrol dollars with which Abuja & Lagos are built to the detriment of the Niger Delta people. Our wealth can’t be a curse to us. Therefore, the time for the Niger Delta to act is NOW! It is ZERO tolerance for any oil company who spills oil..Such companies should be “Sacked” by any means possible…We demand our own Niger Delta Country

  • Bidemi Lukman

    I hope all is well. How could the police action be justified by a sensitive government. The police is doing their job acting on “inteligence report” by not allowing Speaker of the house to enter the NA! They never had an inteligence report on BH. Can somebody in this forum help call on CAN president to comment on this issue and the government response to call his friend to order not to play politics with “blood” of innocent Nigerians . BH activites has been tagged as religious war by CAN president and the same scourge is used by his friend to score political goals.

  • Mudasiru Olalere Yusuf

    Title of the drama “Comical shame of Leadership. Nigeria as a Case Study”. Actors: Dis-Excellency Executive and Dishonourable Lawbreakers. Directors: The Nigerian Police and DSS.
    Impunity led to the closure of national assembly against lawmakers and the teargas against them, while lawlessness led to the scaling of the gate of the national assembly. The nation is practically led by a bunch of drunkards who can hardly control their emotions. May God deliver us from this type of leaders in 2015. On a lighter note, somebody opined that the dramas in Abuja and Ekiti were part of the birthday show for the 57th year of the…

    • Bidemi Lukman

      Heaven help those who help themselves. As much as we pray to God to deliver us, we must work towards achieveing that prayer by being objective in choosing our leaders. As long as we chose our leader on the basis of religion and tribe and money, I doubt if God will deliver us as much as we decide to leave in tribal and religious bandage

      • Chiemele

        We made our bed in 2011, and so we lie on it. We can change all this in 2015, if we change our criteria for choice.

    • D-ONE

      abi bros!!!! dis country sef!

  • Bamidele Felix

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  • ceweeco projects

    If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people the truth always and not some selfish agenda of our politicians
    in APC, Nigerians may not agree with them, but we will defend to the death our right to make an ass of Nigeria in making it ungovernable for GEJ. GEJ government is committed to the principle of not silencing the voice of opposition, because you know that regime has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear. The issue here is, why are these twerps spoiling for war they can never fight and finish.



    • Otile

      Mallam MAIDABINO DANLADI, you are a survivor, I salute you for that. The average Fulani does not live up to 60 long years unless he has access to oil from SE SS. How did you do it? Mallam Allah ya yi zamani.

    • prettyriversgirl

      that’s what he is doing and he thinks we cannot tell

  • Proud Nigerian

    The comedians in the presidency desecrate and bring odium to that exalted office by barking instead of putting their tails in between their legs.Those wielding hammers see only nails.We are in mortal danger as the hounds are leashed on us in this season of anomie. The police action was, is and will be condemnable. We are now a pariah in the comity of nations. A laughing stock. A failed leadership both at home and abroad. We are not respected anywhere.

  • blackdove

    And they expect the united states to sell them weapons to use against political opponents in the name of fighting terrorism.

    • Otile

      We welcome the idea of not selling those expensive weapons to Nigeria. First of all, whose oil money is wasted on the weapons? Secondly, we welcome the idea of Imam Shekau liberating his sharia territories so that the moslems can leave us alone in peace.

      • nna

        Olodo mtcheeeeeeeeeew

  • MushinSpeaks

    Jonathan defending rascality-executive show of shame! This is what you get when morons are voted into power.

  • Chiemele

    Shouldn’t the Police be teargasing BH instead? They did not need a state of emergency declared in Abuja to display their hand handedness and disrespect for democratic institutions.
    The IG of Police must be sanctioned.

    • Bidemi Lukman

      Sanctioned by GEJ? Please, wake up

      • Chiemele

        The IG is a pawn, If the House puts some heat on GEJ, you bet the IG will be thrown to the dogs.

    • Otile

      Man, it is suicidal to teargas Boko Haram. Are you kidding?

      • Chiemele


  • mbe charles

    What a shame before international communities watching our so call leaders fighting for power… Nigerians are suffering in all aspects of life and we had failed ourselves.

  • Otile

    Looters cum parasites do not care about who they hurt, or bwhose environment
    they pollute, all they want is to impose a Fulani on us and let the
    flow of oil continue.

  • Nelson Ekujumi

    Kindergarten and criminal Presidency and party