Senate President, Mark, orders immediate closure of National Assembly

Sunset at the National assembly
Sunset at the National Assembly

The Senate President, David Mark, has announced an immediate closure of the National Assembly after an attempt to stop the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, from the assembly, plunged the complex into chaos.

Police fired teargas to push back a surging crowd Thursday after Mr. Tambuwal was denied access thrice before his loyalists smuggled him into the House of Representatives’ chamber later.

Apparently invoking his powers as the chairman of the National Assembly, Mr. Mark announced an immediate adjournment of the two chambers till Tuesday to forestall a breakdown of law and order.

Mr. Mark had reportedly met Mr. Tambuwal in solidarity after the speaker successfully gained access into the chamber.

The House of Representatives was in session at the time of the announcement, and it is yet unclear whether the Reps members will abide by Mr. Mark’s declaration.

More details later…


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  • OsunBold

    Within few years, Jonathan has finished his party, PDP, finished our unity as Nigerians, finished our football and will eventually finished the entity called Nigeria! Desperation will never take him back to power because even God is angry with him.

    • Dan Fulani

      Jonatharn is a proxy, search Clark, Dokubo, Tompolo and many Niger Deltans for Jonatharn’s madness.

  • Peter

    What is APC up to now? Are they trying to rock the boat in time for the February 2015 presidential election, sensing that Nigerians will reject them at the polls?

    • Guest_2

      The question to be asked is, who fuel the problem? why are the security agents there?

    • Dr. Kay

      Your thinking faculty I.e your brain must have embryologically been implanted in your gluteus that many years of sitting on your arse lazing about has atrophied the logical and thinking part of your brain abi? if not can you go back and read again , if your conclusion is the same then you need a neurosurgical intervention asap

      • Ikedinna

        Do you mind him and his dying cultists in PDP? APC remains their nemesis and let them run mad for all Nigerians care. The fact is that the useless PDP and their cultists must cease to exist in Nigeria. For 16 years they have robbed the country blind and still wants to remain in power. I ask them which country they still want to ruin when they have completely wrecked Nigeria? APC is a moving train and the tears of the thieves, rouges and criminals in PDP will never stop it. I just pity this brainless imbecile they call Jonathan.

    • King Carlos

      U no get sense at all. See what u people have turned the country to. This is total nonsense, I will suggest the national assembly begin impeachment proceedings against Jonathan. Enough is enough

  • Oleku

    Pull down this fraudulent Lugard’s entity once and for all let every region return to its natural countries–divide the fraud ati one ‘oil’ Nigeria–to your Tenths everyone. Biafra here we come

    • Proudly Niger Deltan

      May God bless you. Everytime as I dey read your posts my heart go just dey glad like gladiators. No be small thing o.

      Luggard’s amalgamation could rank as the greatest disaster of the millennium…bringing together a most heterogeneously divergent peoples. The Ijaw population alone in continent Nigeria is 25m and this is more than 4 times the population of Sierra Leone and about 5 times the size of Norway. Now, we have not even added the other tribes of the Niger Delta – Urhobos, Itsekiris, Edo, Efik, Ndokwa etc etc Yet, some idiots will open their beggarly stinky mouth and call me a ‘minority’.

      The breakup of Nigeria is an objective not a vision…and God supports it bcos He doesn’t love the deaths and spilling of the blood of the Dogs & Baboons. The earlier the break up the better…I just can’t wait to have my Niger Delta Republic

      • Chris1408

        A republic of dummies like you will be a disaster to humanity.

    • Sangbafo

      Thanks you jare. Since we know our borders O ya Biafra start packing from our territories from Lagos to Kogi from Oyo, Osun, Ondo, to Ekiti, to Ogun. O ya afira Biafra Go back to your Igbo states. Nigerian borders ARE CLEAR!!! We Yorubas know our borders. Breaking up now is the best for us Yorubas. We can now focus on oursleves. O ya afira, Biafra start packing!

      • campol

        STFU. u are not even a Yoruba. From your error ridden trash, you are obviously a Bokoharamist

  • …Proudly Biger Deltan

    I am continent Nigerian and currently a presidential candidate emeritus. I enacted decrees 2 & 4 which gave my government the rights to indefinitely detain any continent Nigerian without trial. Under this law, Fela was detained for singing, stripped and beaten (Video evidence on youtube). Several journalists were thrown into jail. e.g., Nduka Irabor, Tunde Thompson of Guardian newspapers jailed on June 2, 1984. What is my name?
    (a) Imam Kwankawamaso (b) Imam Buhari (c) Imam Atiku (d) Pastor Jona

    I am continent Nigerian and currently a presidential candidate. Sometime ago in my state, there was an Islamist Terrorist bomb blast at a major motor park used by South bound passengers. Over 87 persons died. In my reaction to complaints, I released a list of 25 Northern peoples who died too. Among the 25 Northerners listed were OGU CHUKWU UMOH, IWOJO DANIEL, MACHEIL EZENWATA & OJO SANDRA
    —–This was my own way of contributing to stopping Boko haram. This is the reason to vote for me, so we can ensure equity in deaths during attacks. What is my name?
    (a) Imam Kwankawamaso (b) Imam Buhari (c) Imam Atiku (d) Pastor Jona (e) None on the list

    I am originally a fisherman. By the way, fishing is good business. I had one of the best opportunities to determine the actual population distribution in continent Nigeria when I employed fearless and blunt Odumegwu. But I bungled the opportunity by accepting his resignation due to pressures from those to whom truth is alien. What is my name?
    (a) Imam Kwankawamaso (b) Imam Buhari (c) Imam Atiku (d) Pastor Jona (e) None on the list

    • Wähala

      You’re a very stupiid Aborigine, a cross-bred animal without common sense. Fcuking baztard with human lineage… Chimp!

      • Bobowierikomo

        His comment must have hit you hard. Perhaps below the belt. Responding with insults is not only juvenile but defeatist and cowardly. Except you are too accustomed to these.

        • Wähala

          …and you’re even more stupiid. His comment is not only out of thematic issue, he needs to be hanged by his balls. Phools like you clowns is the reason I insist, “some people must be banned from thinking” as I’ve repeatedly said. Madness has grey lines and is graded, both of you belong to the Zoo as Aro is meant for humanity. Animals!

          • Proudly Niger Deltan

            It is a mere threat of blood soaked streets should he lose an election…and this is what has turned your head upside down? How cowardice runs in your West is bewildering…just imagine the level of dementia that has engulfed you…and the visible trepidation in all your regional candidates of servitude who have declared for the Terrorist presidential candidate. Shame no dey catch una self? Your Generals cried before Abacha, must you cry before Buhari? I encourage you today, begin to think of breaking this your chains of servitude. If you need help, I will give if free of charge.

      • D-ONE

        u r full of insults sir!!!!! i really wonder!!!!! oppose or support without insults!!!!!!

  • Tolex

    @peter, what has APC got to do with these? Are they the ones that stopped the speaker from gaining entrance? Are they in control of police. Lets be unsentimental for once and call a spade a spade. Politics aside, this house belongs to all of us and if we allow the roof to fall on us, then we are finished as a country. A ruling class that refuses to practice the rule of law? Tambuwal remains the speaker until the court says otherwise, we either get it right now or never!

  • Otile

    APC janjaweed and violence, we know this is coming.

    • endingNaija

      We all know that the name of President Jonathan’s New Media Adviser is Reno Omokri. We know that Reno Omokri makes his posts through the following names-oleku/otile/Tawanda/the truth/peter 2000/Goodlukc_nigeria/Gideon Orkar/Pet/mani_kay/mpitikwelu etc. Now this is my question to you Mr. Reno Omokri (under the name ole sorry otile): Where is the Nigerian law that the security men and women who acted under President Jonathan’s instructions and PDP cited to legally prevent Speaker Tambuwal from carrying out his duty as the Speaker of the House of Rep? If there is no law, is it not clear that President Jonathan and PDP caused this? O ya ole answer.

  • Fahad

    This trend is dangerous to our baby democracy. Senator Mark never mean well to this country. How ll he locked down the national assembly while the reps sitting is in progress? The answer is just to give chance to the civilian dictator’s useless state of emergency a chance. I strongly condemned the action & reactions of our senseless security operatives in today’s saga.

  • Adekola

    It is just silly that this useless Jonathan and his useless PDP thinks that the same police, army and SSS who are running away from rag tag Boko Haram will save them when the time comes. We shall see at the end of the day.

  • Sword of Damocles

    What everyone must remember is that there is a standing injunction from the judiciary ordering the keeping of the status quo, while the matter is concerned. The Executive’s agent(attorney gen.) assured the Judiciary that they(Executive will do nothing to upset the current order while the case was still being heard(remember the word HONOR as you consider what is happening). The Executive sent elements of the secret police into the Legislative branch this morning to CURTAIL THEIR ACTIVITIES.(a Co equal branch of Government under the Constitution). Now the questions that the Judiciary did not want to have to adjudicate are ripe and brought to the forefront. As far as President Jonathan is concerned, both Houses of the Legislature need to convene at soonest to draw up Articles of Impeachment against the President. The straw has “finally broken the camel’s back”

  • Oko Joseph Ogar

    What an opprobrium? Some party nonentity are becoming obnoxious over political issues. The state of affairs is dwindling showing that we are already in a deepest doo-doo. Must every political dispensation wrestle over supremacy? This is disdainful, if these cabals think that they are sphinx as warlords.

  • Ms. Vivian

    Editor Premium Times,

    I never knew we elected boxers, thugs, wrestlers and hoodlums
    into our House of Representatives in Abuja. But now i know.

    Aminu Tambuwal exemplifies the rule of thugs. How could a Speaker
    of Nigeria’s federal parliament engage thugs to engage scores of
    policemen in public fights on the premises of parliament? And overpower the
    policemen in Boko Haram’s style, before forcibly entering into the chambers?
    There can be no reason for this show of shame. If Aminu Tambuwal wants to be a
    member of the House of Representatives after defecting from PDP to APC he
    should obtain court declaration that there is division in PDP.

    Hiring thugs to beak into parliament is a disgraceful way to go.

    • kammykazee

      Shut trap, IJN.

    • Wähala

      C’mon close your knees so we can breathe around here. Did Tambuwal have fore-knowledge that Dumbo had sent 1000 goons to block the House? Stop thinking with tampons stuck up your nostrils. It was the Speakers fellow legislators who stormed the House in solidarity with their Speaker. David Mark should have let it play out to it’s logical conclusion make we see how many lawmakers those cowardly goons would’ve killed to set the revolution in motion. Some people, in fact, so many people must be banned from thinking out loud… beginning with a lose tramp like you. Aschloch!

      • Lanre


        Despite your best efforts to muddy the waters i actually agree with Ms. Vivian’s stronger points.

        • Wähala

          Clap for yourself!

    • Otile

      You said it right. He uses thugs to get his ways. He must have incited thugs to intimidate Odua members of the Rep to sell the Speakership to him. Hon Mulikat is finally vindicated. Serves the Reps right.

  • Chris1408

    This is anarchy perpetrated by the executive branch. GEJ has truly carved his name as the WORST President in the world.


      The lunatics of APC are directly fomenting chaos and anarchy by making rubbish of the constitution. The constitution is very clear on the status of a defecting legislator. Tambuwal has been deployed by the extremist forces of the APC Islamic party to create division in the country.

      • Chris1408

        What’s the executive branch business on who’s the speaker of the house? Let the legislators decide it. Why use state resources to torment innocent Nigerians? Your president has truly become a lunatic.


          Nigeria is a country with a constitution ! Law enforcement have the constitutional duty to enforce the constitution. The Executive branch has nothing to do with the impasse. Tambuwal and his bunch of extremists are directly breaking the law of the land !!

          • endingNaija

            Mr. Reno Omokri, I think in civilised societies law enforcement agencies ENFORCE laws in accordance with specified LAWS. So where is the law the law enforcement agencies are enforcing in this case?


            Contact the security agencies who stopped the idiot….they have an answer !

          • Chris1408

            GEJ will plunge the country into another civil war. He’ll run away with his families as well as other politicians sleeping with their diplomatic passports under their pillows. Only poor innocent Nigerians will die and perish from the hell unleashed by worthless politicians like GEJ.

          • Wähala

            The unfortunate thing is he will bolt before the masses storm the Villa…
            Right now, my bet is he’s pissing in his pants having not expected Tambuwal to show balls of steel. Let David Mark order the re-opening of the Chambers if monkey no dey fear. Dumbo wants to push Nigerians to the brinks and he will be engulfed by the inferno before he can say, ‘ogogoro’… wallahi!


            Storm which villa ?….bla…bla…bla go try if you get blokos !

          • Otile

            No genocide again, this time it will be a welcome struggle for liberation. People are ready to kiss goodbye to the fraudulent amalgamation.

            Long live the New Islamic Cliphate of Arewa
            Long live Biafra
            Long live the Republic of SS
            Death to oppressors

          • John West

            @chris1408, the civil war will only happen in your village with your kinsmen as the government forces and the rebels killing only themselves

          • Wähala

            Well, David Mark has ordered the Houses closed, tell your law enforcement goons to re-open them and see if the masses don’t roast them alive… baztards!


            Which masses? speak for yourself jare !
            The closure is good to keep the lawless APC vandals at bay while the verdict is awaited !!

        • Wähala

          I’ve always called him “retarded” and the imbecile has proven me right again. Who celebrates his birthday by brewing trouble in Ekiti State and at the NASS… tell me the phool is not a cross-bred animal like I call him. He’s without doubt a classic example of a psychopath.

      • endingNaija

        Reno Omokri, you need to answer this question: Why should the PDP goons and President Jonathan’s goons prevent the speaker of the house of representatives of the federal republic of Nigeria from performing his duties?

      • Wähala

        You and your gang of criminals cannot interpret the Constitution for Nigerians, hear? Even if he’s no longer the Speaker, is he also no longer a member of the House representing Tambuwal Constituency of Sokoto State? Did Gov. Mimiko and others who defected to the PDP lose their mandates? How about waiting for the courts to rule on pending case of 37 Lawmakers before them? This stupiid impunity at state and federal levels will consume your moron even before the elections if you don’t know. Picking fights with everyone is why I say all of you at the Presdiency piled on top of each other have less brains than I have in my little finger nail… how come no one advised the drunk he’s about to commit political suicide? Has Gov. Amaechi’s #SalvationRally not been vindicated less than 24hrs after the event? I pity deportees like you, when it starts cooking, Dumbo will bail out of the country leaving touts like you holding your crotches… mindless edyiots!

        • John West

          @wahala, the presidency have less brain than you have in your little finger nail. NOW look at you insulting people like you never saw the gate of a primary school. Please go and rest

          • Wähala

            I can prove it… you, go-siddon!

      • mike

        Did you say create division? Are we not already divided along religious and ethnic lines? Who gave the order for the police to proceed to the national assembly and stop Tambuwal and other members of the national assembly in the APC from gaining entrance into the assembly complex.
        Has the presidency become so dumb that they do not use their brains anymore? Can they not explore legal means to impeach the speaker, especially with the numerous resources available to them? What about their majority in the house or is the pdp not majority anymore?
        The strategy of the ruling party and the presidency is barbaric.
        Someone needs to school them about the way democracy is run.

    • John West

      @chris1408, it is carved on your face alone, like your tribal mark

  • Abdulkadir

    I can help but to think that this government is the worst that the country has seen, not just in recent times but in totality. What a nuisance called government. GEJ is a failure to all and he is evil to the bone.

    • Chima

      Are you sure or are you hustling?

      • Emeka Anyanwu

        But is it not clear that this administration under goodluck has failed nigerians?

      • Abdulkadir

        I am positive about what i said

        Take the
        word of reasoning. The imbecile president has failed and giving him
        another mandate is like signing to be in hell for a life time. He can do
        nothing but to create an atmosphere where nothing subsist. Remarkably,
        he can serve a purpose; like being decorated and taken to a zoo; or
        better still, a museum were all can come to see an embodiment of
        failure. He is a disaster to all, you inclusive, and to think that you
        are a supporter of this dare devil, is to agree that there are more than
        one in the country. ALL should be taken to the zoos starting from the
        oga at the top

        • Chima

          I believe youyou need some training in public speaking. You have so much insults loaded into every comment of yours on every issue. Unless you are speaking to the gallery your comments are filled with so much reverse logics and hate.

    • Isi Agwo

      I can’t help but think that you’re talking rubbish if you “can help but to think” unreasonably. It is time you idiots know no single part of this country has monopoly over flexing muscles.

      • Abdulkadir

        Who is flexing muscles here, the dog or the baboon? Shut up and take the word of reasoning. The imbecile president has failed and giving him another mandate is like signing to be in hell for a life time. He can do nothing but to create an atmosphere where nothing subsist. Remarkably, he can serve a purpose; like being decorated and taken to a zoo; or better still, a museum were all can come to see an embodiment of failure. He is a disaster to all, you inclusive and to think that you are a supporter of this dare devil, is to agree that there are more than one in the country. ALL should be taken to the zoos starting from the oga at the top


      ….and he will win any of you Jihadist Abokis….again….and again…..and again. Deal with it !

      • Abdulkadir

        God forbid that the clueless, shoeless one return to the helm of affairs of my country, our country Nigeria. Because even Jesus will think God is unfair to unleash such a calamity to the populace. And God is a loving being. GEJ is going down, and with him all the troubles and tribulations bedeviling the nation.

    • campol

      Thsi is the only bokoharm on internet who can write correct english .. Kudos

      • Bigzy

        Bros, there is nothing ‘correct’ about the man’s written English.

        • campol


      • Abdulkadir

        The only reason why you can be compared with a dog is that you are able to bark. i wanted to call you a pig; but thought otherwise since you bark instead of grunt. lol.

        • campol

          You are a dead and are not suppossed to mix with humanity or nature.
          Your stinking and repulsive being oozes out debilitating stigma and tragedy on mankind.
          Rest in Peace..

    • John West

      @abdulkadir, because you and your people have been constituting nuisance as a result of your born to rule syndrome which has not only destroyed your reasoning power but also helped to metamorphose you guys from that point to senseless jihad rascals which stands on a notorious platform call aboki haram

      • Abdulkadir

        I will not be surprised if you are a baby-factory product because you lack the intellectual capacity to make any sense at all, even what can convince a day old child. My advice for you, go and educate yourself with history before you make assertions you know nothing of. Democracy is a game of numbers and as long as the majority rules, even God has no problem. So grow your numbers or continue to be ruled by the born-to rule geniuses.

    • John West

      Abdulkadir, you have not grown numbers you have only ended up in bringing scallywags from niger and chad who helps you guys to perpetrate as boko haram, and causing more poverty to your already decayed hausa fulani land by marrying several wives to almajari in the name of game of number. it’s confirmed you are still living in the 8th century. BLOCK HEAD

  • Uturu Mgbagbu

    The confused man said he was quitting APC presidential race because of his love for his party, but he will not step down as speaker after defecting from the majority party to the opposition party in the House of Representative. This fire will consume them all – soon.

  • ICC Hague

    The end time of the dictator Jonathief has come he knows that he cannot win election even in his village otouke, now resort to violence throwing the country into state of anarchy and impunity. so that the military will take over like Burkina Faso, Nigeria is bigger than an individual ambition and desperation.this matter is already in court and the court said the status quo should be maintained. Early this week GEJ laid siege to Ekiti state house of Assembly, and also his boy Shema was caught in vedio urging PDP supporters to kill the opposition like cockroach. Must PDP destroy this country before they pack and go? Why PDP cannot use the same power to destroy their boys BokoHaram who are having a field day killings and seizing territories in the northeast?

  • abujakenneth

    Agents of the state have no right to prevent the speaker from entering the chambers. They have only succeeded in creating unnecessary tension in the country.

    • Chima

      He was no more a member of the 7th NASS. He is selfish and confused.

      • Wähala

        But those who defected to the PDP are still members of the NASS, ba? See your goat-head reasoning…

        • Peter

          Because Tambuwal refused to obey the orders of the court that ruled for their removal.

      • PureNigerian

        Are you alright?


    David Mark is the reason the Executive has no regard for the Legislature. He has sold the National Assembly to the Presidency. That was why he got what he deserved today when he was rough-handled and heckled by some members. His shutting down of the National Assembly came a little too late. Anyone who has not seen what happened should watch the AIT footage of the crisis.

    • Sword of Damocles

      @truthmaster, how can i see the footage?


        Please watch AIT. It has the best footage of it

  • Spoken word

    GEJ just doesnt get it. His preference always seems to inflame issues rather than try to douse it. What a president.He needs to understand the complexity of this contry and be smart about dealing with issues. He is in power but cannot seem to rule.

  • True Nigerian

    Oh dear! President Jonathan reducing himself to the level of a common tout! No intelligence, no tact, no astute problem-solving skills other than crude, cruel, village thinking and motorpark approach. A lawless rascal hiding behind a sheepish smile which only reflects his crudeness and lack of finese.

    Nigerians, beware! Jonathan is a trap for this country. He could put this beautiful country into war! We warned Nigerians in 2011 that Jonathan is not a gentleman or a good Christian or a humble man, as many of his naive voters and sympathisers would often suggest. I warned people repeatedly that Nigerians were about to elect a man who could sink this country into horror and abyss because of his desperation and very narrow sense of reasoning. Starting from his brazen denial of a PDP zoning agreement which was in place down to his abrupt sacking of Vincent Ogbulafor for telling him the truth that there was zoning in their party and that it would be unjust for that agreement to be broken.

    I mean, how on earth would any intelligent person consider this kind of thing as a solution to whatever damage that was done to Jonathan as a result of Tambuwal’s cross-carpeting? Now, this is why Nigeria is almost totally destroyed in just 5 years of Jonathan’s golden opportunity to write his name in gold. What his government has done on this Tambuwal issue is exactly how his government has gone about most other problems of this country, whether it is fuel subsidy thefts, the need to sack the most corrupt oil minister in the world, the common sense of not dancing publicly within hours of losing 150 innocent lives and souls from bombing; or the need to see the Chibok families without waiting for a foreign teenager to come and beg him to do so; or the simple common sense of not paying more than $2m dollars to a foreign PR firm to tell Nigerians that Jonathan is about to rescue the Chibok girls when, in fact, he did not need to tell us so before he rescues them.

    Nigeria is in very serious trouble under Jonathan. We can either do something about it or leave it to fester. But be warned that if you allow Jonathan to destroy this country, he will hurriedly run into a foreign country on asylum and escape with his loot. And he will abandon the poor masses of this country to start killing each other in his absence. Nigerians beware! beware! beware! Jonathan is a trap for this country. Jonathan is the continuation of IBB’s and Obasanjo’s curse on this country. It is up to us to reverse that curse or accept it as our portion. But this country is in more danger than ever before. Even Obasanjo did not resort to this rascality when his impeachment motion was made ready and kept in the pocket of Ghali Na’abba and Pius Anyim. He simply asked elders to beg the legislators on his behalf.

    • Peter

      Forget the politics of opposition and the burning desire to return power to the north. Jonathan is miles ahead of all former northerners that ruled this country. The sins now stink and surely responsible for our present state of degeneration. So pray for our president to succeed so that the country may move forward.

  • lawiri

    How do you think we can fight (GEJ) when our own brothers( PDP and APC members,Governors, Nass members , ministers, commissioners etc.) have turned against us? “GEJ” is very clever. He came quietly and peaceably with his “promises”. We were amused at his foolishness and allowed him to “govern us”. Now he has won our brothers, and our “country” can no longer act like one. He has a put a knife on the things that held us together and we have fallen apart – Original quote from the late Prof. Chinua Achebe’s “Things fall apart”

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    The born-to-rule boffuuuuun called Aminu Tambuwaal cannot and will not be allowed to have his cake and eat it !!!

    This false contraption called Nigeria that was illegally put together by the British can only be dismantled in a situation of crisis and chaos …….. this for me is the golden opportunity Tambuwaals foooooolishness presents.

    • Wähala

      @Premium Times Editors…
      Again, I call your attention to this eccentric buffoon. Inciting assassins to murder a sitting legislator is not only irresponsible, it reflects on your image as a reputable website if you allow his insanity into public domain. Much as I hate Dr. Dumbo, I have never advocated his violent elimination thru criminal acts. Again, get rid of this mad man before he infects/influences urchins into acts detrimental to the well-being of the nation. This is my clarion call o!

      • Peter

        But this wahala man, you have caused more wahala on this website than any other contributor. Even dubbing the president of your country ‘Dumbo’ is more damaging and you deserve to be crucified or stoned to death for disrespect. You are calling on the Editor of Premium Times to check @Goodluck_Nigeria but you seem to forget so fast all your utterances and abuse on the elected President of your country, whose only sin is that he hails from a tribe other than your own. I know Premium Times is an opposition media but know that so long as the editor accommodates your type of inflammatory views and insult against the government of the day, this online platform is open to all of us. Stop being abusive so that there will be sanity in this forum. Respect the person of Dr Ebele Azikiwe Goodluck Jonathan and consider that he is the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Commander-In-Chief.

        • Wähala

          Have I ever called for the assassination of my fellow human being? There are other ways to take out the trash than straight to the mortuary. Much as I hate Dumbo, I will never wish him death… kapisch?

        • Factual

          Jonaharam doesn’t deserve respect as he doesn’t know what it mean.

      • Nigeriana

        Well pronounced!

    • Wähala

      a bullet flies both ways. Your call is irresponsible and may trigger attacks on your client if you don’t know. Aboki reason differently and Aborigines are not associated with bravery that’s why they watched Saro-Wiwa get hanged by the balls without raising a voice. Get a hold of your emotions before you lose your source of crumbs trying to impress a drunk. Read your comment again and edit before a real lunatic reacts to it… EiE of your ogogoro madness @Deri Redeem!

    • Emeka Anyanwu

      U see how people see u? Some call u mumu, others call u boofool abi buffalo.see what u ve done to yourself..ewu. Messenger of baal, call baal to rescure u.

    • Nigeriana

      Silence is the best answer to a ….ool

    • u s man

      Do mean is a crime to defect from pdp? What about those that defects from other party to pdp?

  • Abdurrazaq

    What do you expect! Yesterday Ebele lost in his supposedly one area of “achievement “, FOOTBALL. Supprised he couldn”t get his way through to the South Africans due to the botched “arms purchase”. Kpele !

  • Otile

    APC Party lost it all the day they lost Imam Abu Qaqa. On a day like this Imam Qaqa would disguise himself dressing like the present emir of Kano walking side by side with his colleague Tambuwal to demand unfettered access to the National Assembly. Imam Buhari must be in his office now beating his chest, and lamenting the death of his homeboy. Buhari is now cursing the day he lost Qaqa, saying: kai sojajin Najeriya sun mutu, arne kawai.

    • Nigeriana


    • u s man

      @otile. Have you forgotten about Rev.Dr Davis revelation? The Australian negotiator?

  • Mamapikin

    What to expecte, when you have a fundamental drunkard as President? The worst is yet to come. This guy will crash Nigeria, if Nigeria doesn’t rise up and crash him first. This is a guy who single handedly has destroyed so many institutions of state, government and politics in his inordinate ambition to come back to power again. One should ask, to do what? Well, to finish the job he started, wreck Nigeria, wreck the lives and future of the innocent Nigerian child. This is a man who along with his wife were continously denied the open fact that thousands of young men, women, elderly citizens were being kidnapped in North Eastern Nigeria, being beheaded and crucified, being raped and humiliated….it took the wise counsel of a President Obama in far away Washington to wake this President of a guy up from his state of drunken hallucination. This guy’s presidency is driven by just one fear, i.e., that the world is out to steal his akpeteshi troubled presidency out of his hand. All he cares for is to be called President, or his Excellency Sir. He treasures that, he revels in that. Himself and his wife can hardly imagine a day out of Aso Rock.
    Just look at what they’ve turned one of the best armies ever seen in Africa to. It’s an army that carries ballot boxes for him, and army that is now an occupational force at Parliamentary chambers of Central and Regional governments. Yes, the same army and Police run away from bands of scantily dressed young hoodlums and miscreants armed with dane guns, cudgels and machetes…abandoning main battle tanks, armoured personnel carries and ordinances to these marauding, ill disciplined and untrained teenagers, to seize and pillage peasant villages and agricultural heartlands of provincial North Eastern Nigeria. As we speak now, this President of man is not even in the country. He is somewhere in the UK, presiding over some peripheral and inconsequential economic meeting of a group of second rate NGOs.
    This is what this man has transformed Nigeria into. Any country that puts her fate in the hands of a drunkard can hardly avoid circumstances Nigeria today finds itself.

    Who will save Nigeria from this man, his wife and their PDP Halleluya boys?

    • John West

      @mama pikin, resurrect awolowo to save your cocoa farm not Nigeria, because my Nigeria is saved right from the time i understood we can never be one.

  • Salisu Dan-Gombe




    1. President Goodluck Jonathan must do a nationwide broadcast this evening reminding all Nigerians of the need for them to be law abiding and the need to respect the provisions of the Nigerian Constitution. In the broadcast President Goodluck Jonathan must also restate his own responsibility to defend and uphold the provisions of the Nigerian Constitution.

    2. President Goodluck Jonathan must instruct the Security Agencies to deal ruthlessly with any one who thinks he or she is above the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria no matter how highly placed.

    3. President Goodluck Jonathan must assure Nigerians that someone who is no longer a member of the National Assembly will never be allowed to preside over the House of Representatives as Speaker

    Going by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria …….. Aminu Tambuwaal is no longer a member of the House of Representives and no longer a member of the National Assembly …… his presence in the National Assembly Complex today should have earned him some lessons in personal discipline.

    Salisu Dan-Gombe
    For: Sarduana Restoration Movement

    • Nigeriana

      And we asked?? When did Aminu Tambawal resigned??? Can exercising a simple constitutional right such as changing a political party amount to a resignation of one’s position???
      Mad men, mad thinking!!!

      • Salisu Dan-Gombe

        Go and read the provisions of the Nigerian constitution ……. they are very clear

        If Aminu Tambuwaal is in doubt …. he is free to go to the Courts and seek clarifications but first the Security Agencies must first enforce the lay provisions of the Constitution.

        It is not even the issue of the position of Speaker that is the matter …… the truth is that Aminu Tambuwaal is no longer a member of the House Of Representatives and this is the position of the Nigerian Constitution.

        • Olutola

          It was the same constitution when Musiliu Obanikoro defected from AD to PDP. Since 1999 PDP have been the beneficiary of defection and you never quoted any section of the constitution. If you cannot obey it, sorry we will not obey it.

  • Newsday

    Still Breaking: Genocide in Nigeria


    An eye-witness who escaped on foot from Mubi to Yola – a distance
    of over 100 kilometres, has told local newspapers in Nigeria that
    all Pastors captured by Muslim militias who invaded the predominantly
    Christian town (Mubi) were beheaded.

    Several other Christians who resisted forcible conversion to Islam
    were also beheaded with axes by Muslim Jihadists. Other news-reports
    say similar genocide occurred in the north-eastern Nigerian towns of
    Michika and Hong. Worse in Mubi, foreign journalists now confirm that
    no church is left standing today.

    They were all blasted by improvised explosives detonated by the Muslim Jihadists.
    With Christianity now virtually wiped out in all the territories seized and occupied
    by Muslim Jihadists – roughly equivalent to one-twelfth of Nigeria,
    the future of Nigeria is silhouetted as sharply as the imminent gruesome
    beheading of all other Christian Pastors in Nigeria.

  • Wähala

    This is what I meant when I said they have a “one track mind” at the Presidency. How come nobody thought ‘contra’ when they hatched this botched plan to embarrass Speaker Tambuwal at the recent meeting with the so-called Security Chiefs? VP, Arch. Sambo, Prof. Alkali, a Dr. Doyin, Dr. Reuben Abati, SFG, Pius Anyim, NSA Dasuki, and all the SA/PA’s yet, not even one zombie told Dumbo it is pure political suicide attacking the NASS with ninja-masked goons. Whatever happened to separation of powers for the purpose of checks-n-balances? Well, this is how it played out according to other reports…

    “One member, Abdulmalik Cheche, held Mark by the shoulders and shook him violently, almost removing his (head).
    ““You know we served in the army together,” he shouted, still shaking Mark’s shoulders. Ironically, Chehe is a member of the Peoples Democratic Party. Another member, Mr. Shehu ABG, shouted at him,”Go back to your chambers. Where were you when they threw tear gas at us?” One other member, Aliyu Gelbi, made to (kill) Mark, but for members who held him tightly. Tambuwal intervened to stop the protesting lawmakers and later spoke briefly with Mark before the Senate President (bolted from) the chambers. A visibly angry Kawu also tried to attack the Deputy Speaker, Mr. Emeka Ihedioha, accusing him of being part of the (evil) “conspiracy to stop the speaker.” “”This is a shameful act; we won’t take it; we won’t allow it,” he shouted and pointed angrily at Ihedioha… The House later sat successfully, with Tambuwal presiding. Members went into an executive session and discussed (Dumbo’s) request to extend the emergency rule in (restive NE) At the session, the members (promptly) rejected (Dumbo’s) request outright.” – calling him, ‘oko-oko’…’barawo’ & ‘Olosi’ !!
    (Culled &Edited by @Höly Wähala)

    So you see, Speaker Tambuwal has become a demi-god…
    Like Jesus of Nazareth, he saved David Mark by replacing his cap that was shaken off his gorimapa head.
    Heroes of democracy who scaled the locked gates are: Femi Gbajabiamila, Solomon Olamilekan, Bimbo Daramola, Babatunde Adejare, Victor Ogene and Abdulrahman Kawu… who said Yorubas are cowards? It was Pastor Bakare and his SNG group who installed Dumbo Jaja of Abuja, only for us to get spat in the face by Asari ati Clark… Aborigine animals!

    • Sword of Damocles

      Thank you Jare for this scintillating report. I would KILL to view it with my eyes korokoro

    • Kewve

      My people have a saying that when a mad man goes to the market square naked, it then becomes difficult to cure…and even the prolific herbal ingredient of swine urine becomes impotent. You have not only gone to the market naked, you danced too. So, even the gods are not to blame for not been able to cure you.

    • Ozumba Nnodim

      Were you ever told that writing English is about “filling” it with needless ‘comas’, ‘apostrophes’, and ‘quotation marks’?

    • Chima

      PTimes Comedian in Chief

  • Bigzy

    Democracy is like a beautiful bride. There are many who ae willing and able to defile it with impunity by re-writing the rules to suit their purpose. The law is clear. Tambuwal is no longer a honourable member, let alone the Speaker.

    • Scalywag

      What about the Ondo state house of assembly speaker?

      • blogNaija

        Bigzy is not aware of Ondo state speaker defection to PDP;
        some pple have chosen to be professional sycophants. when BBOG went to NASS on scheduled appointment and police denied us entrance, we were surprise.
        what Police (executive) did today say it all …more to come

      • Bigzy

        I deliberately ignored your quib because I thought you were being pedantic and making a leap of faith by comparing two wholly different scenerios, one at state level and the other at national level. But it now seems as though you have gained a groupie in the person of @blogNaija because of my silence.

        Listen, 5 Governors defected from the PDP to the ineffectual aPC and nothing happened, even though it was clearly against the law. It was unfortunate that they were allowed to do so and the ineffectiveness of he Nigerian judiciary was explosed. But it created he atmosphere under which the defection of the Ondo Speaker became acceptable. The question then is, how much lawlessness could one take from our lawmakers? Where do you draw the line? Making a stand at the national level seems eminently reasonable to me.The law must be seeen to be upheld.

  • Comfortkay

    I am personally tried of this kind of democracy in Nigeria. Please allow me to say it outright there is no democracy in Nigeria what we have now in place is a false or Imitation of western type of democracy.

  • Ekwekwe

    Talking about democracy, today in UK, a member of the Conservative Party who defected to UKIP, is standing in a bye-election conducted to fill his seat which he also lost as a result of his defection. Can someone translate the news to Alhaji Tambuwal in Hausa or Arabic. It might help him in deciding to do the right thing and causing confusion.

    • Olutola

      This is Nigeria. When folks defects to PDP since 1999, if PDP have kept faith with the same constitution they are now seeking to benefit from, it would have been different. The minister of state for Defence was sent to the Senate by the then AD, he defected to PDP and Tinubu insisted then that he must come back for another election PDP blocked that. many more defections. Usually PDP were the beneficiaries until now that they are the victims. Please let them taste a bit of their own pill.

      • Chima

        Is it how to be a party of CHANGE?

    • Otile

      Well, soon Yoruba APC servants of the Fulani will come here to remind you that this is their corrupt Nigeria, they like it the way it is, and that their Fulani masters must rule us forever.

  • bikky

    Of course there must be solidarity in this kind of frustrated situation,we should not allow these good for nothing police people and their c-in-c truncate democracy we all labour for,this menace needs to stop now.
    Please let there be impeachment move against this nonentity,bad gift that Baba OBJ handed over to us.

  • Goroso

    We ve just started.2015 may see the end of Nigeria as constituted.The level of provocation by those who think it’s their father’s right to rule Nigeria will throw this country into a monumental turbulence.The trouble is brewing . How can a defected speaker come to the assembly with thugs and book haram members and he ll be allowed entrance. My advice to Mr President is to station enof men at the assembly and whoever gets close should be treated as an insurgent.