Boko Haram: Nigerian military retakes Gombi, Hong, in Adamawa


The Nigerian military has retaken full control of Gombi, Pelia and Hong, three key communities in the north-eastern state of Adamawa earlier seized by the extremist group, Boko Haram, the defence headquarters said Wednesday.

“Troops are in full control of Gombi, Pelia & Hong as operations to clear all areas infested by terrorists continue. Many of them are being captured as some also die,” the defence headquarters said on its website. “Weapons and equipment are also being recovered. Mopping up operation is currently ongoing in the general area.”

The communities fell under the control of Boko Haram insurgents last week, resulting in the displacement of hundreds of people.

The News Agency of Nigeria also quoted the military as saying that “The Nigerian troops in their daring exploit have taken full control of more communities in Adamawa State, including Gombi, Pelia and Hong.

“The ongoing military operations in the North-Eastern Nigeria is to clear all areas infested by terrorists.’’

Residents of the respective communities and security sources confirmed the report. They said the troops were backed by local hunters and other volunteers of the civilian JTF.

The sources said normalcy had returned to the areas and that at least 10 soldiers and scores of Boko Haram militants died in the fighting.

Gombi town, seen as an entry point to Yola, the state capital, was stormed by the Boko Haram sect last Thursday, with residents trapped.

Military authorities had earlier deployed helicopter gunships and a large number of troops at Gombi to contain a surprise turn-out of large number of insurgents in the area after Mubi, Adamawa State’s second largest town, was retaken from them.

Residents of Gombi said the insurgents engaged the troops, who wanted to reclaim the town in a shootout, but were flushed out after a fierce gun battle.

“I can’t say the number of casualties during the fight but the sect members left the place,” a resident, Garba Abubakar, said.

Mr. Abubakar said that the military also used air strikes to clear the insurgents.

Also corroborating the residents, a trapped resident of Hong, Patience David, said “the terrorists who attacked our town have been effectively flushed out”.

In a meantime, dozens of hunters and other volunteers are travelling to the northern parts of the state to join the battle against Boko Haram and assist in retaking all territories captured by Boko Haram.

“The volunteers have so far scored great and unprecedented victories against the terrorists, sending them fleeing from liberated towns,” Philip James, secretary of the local hunters association in Adamawa, said.

“You know after they were pursued, Boko Haram terrorists fled Maiha and Mubi last Thursday south to Gombi and Hong from where they planned to advance to Yola.

“Some of the terrorists also fled Adamawa north through Chibok and holed up in a school in Manjakwa, Hawul local government that’s why we are now mobilizing across the north east to all join hands with hunters and civilian JTF from other states and assist in fighting the insurgents.”


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  • Abel Wariboko

    Kudos to the vigilante and the military. BH will surely be defeated

  • G4

    Hope its true, if its so Good job. Get them completely out of Nigeria and shekau’s head on a stick then mission accomplished

  • Giganto

    I pray it is not another propaganda “flushing out” of the terrorists

  • Raymond (Journalist)


    Nigeria is today in a revolutionary situation. There’s no immunity for any journalist in a revolution.
    Journalism is a public trust but in Nigeria it’s become a corruptive tool to advance evil interests.
    Let each journalist think of whether by his commission or omission he’s contributed to deaths in Nigeria.
    By hiding the whole truth, or by shading the truth, a journalist fails public trust and misleads the people.
    Now that Nigeria faces Islamic genocide, each journalist shall be judged by his or her resistance or support.
    Under no law is any journalist immune from public execution in a revolutionary situation for un-patriotic perfidy

    • Mrs. Dunni Anise

      Mr. Raymond,

      Thank you O! Nigerian journalists are a sad story. They see themselves as politicians.
      I don’t read them. They can’t enlighten me. They irritate. They’re just party supporters.
      They are not journalists. I don’t think they even know what journalism means to start with.

      • Vandu

        Journalists need schooling to understand the consequences of their irresponsible conduct.
        When a country is under a militant invasion it is treason punishable by death to support it.
        They do not understand that no human rights will reprieve them from hanging when it’s time.

        • Kayode A. Esquire


          I beg leave the journalists alone first. Give the advice to the Muslims

          in All Progressives Congress [APC] party whose abetting indifference

          to genocide on Christians is clear-cut international crime without any
          time-limit to prosecute it both in Nigeria and in United Nations Tribunals.

          • Gbenga A.

            Why should we leave the journalists alone? Journalists played a major role
            in destroying Nigeria today! Look, let me ask you this very simple question:

            in the last one year that a whopping ₦650 billion was uncovered by audit
            as criminally un-accounted or otherwise falsely hidden under Sanusi Lamido Sanusi’s
            mis-management of the Central Bank of Nigeria, which newspaper has done as much
            as write to demand that Sanusi Lamido be made or forced to account for these
            public funds? Which journalist has demanded that Sanusi Lamido be arraigned and
            tried for financial crimes for default? You see how journalists destroyed
            Nigeria? Silence in the face of treasury crime is not journalism. It is
            criminal conspiracy per se.

          • James

            Nigerian journalists indeed have no abiding principle truthfully invoked consistently – none!

        • Alkalimam

          “We are fighting a religious war. We are fighting against the Christians in Nigeria.
          We are fighting against Christian President – Goodluck Jonathan and his Christian

          “We are not fighting any ethnic war. Those saying we are fighting an ethnic war
          are telling lies to the public. They try to brainwash the people. No, we are fighting
          a religious war. We are fighting against Christians. We are fighting the Christian President –
          Goodluck Jonathan and his Christian brethren”.

          ………..Abubakar Shekau

          (Leader of Boko Haram)

          December 28, 2013

  • Musa

    I’m sick and tired of this “take and retake” of territories. Well, Obasanjo is the cause of the killings in Nigeria for allowing Sharia to be implemented under his regime. Boko Haram is helping Obasanjo to enforce Sharia in a supposedly secular State.

  • True Nigerian

    Well done to our soldiers. Trouble is, I am sick and tired of this ping-pong game between us and the stinking murderers called boko haram. They take territories, control the territories for weeks after killing hundreds of both soldiers and innocent civilians whilst the army runs away. And then the army mobilises and reclaims “some” territories after getting some impetus from untrained civilian hunters who have no combat training. And then the next thing, boko haram takes more territories again, kills more people again, sends the soldiers scampering for their dear lives again. It is a hobbesian state of existence. Enough of this ping-pong. When are you going to delete the stinking murderers from Nigeria? That is the question. This ping pong game is not sustainable, at all!

    • growthengine

      Obviously it appears we do not have enough troops in numbers to secure every inch of territory in the North East, other areas in Nigeria still need security as well, so we need more combatants especially those who are familiar with that territory. Having said that, Boko Haram goes to the least secured areas and takes them easily. Everywhere cannot be secured from people like Boko Haram.

      • Tunji Olarewaju

        So Mubi with a battalion of ‘special forces’ is least secured?A begi, tell that to the marine!

      • Olusegun Olawonyi

        The real problem is the failure of our military, either by design or default. And also the failure of our intelligence officers. Not necessarily the need to cover every inch of our space. No nation does that. But great nations have patroitic soldiers and intel officers. It is clear that our military has been heavily compromised. The same military that gave Charles Taylor a run for his money in Liberia are now “running” from a ragtag Boko Haram insurgents because of politics and the desire to bring down the government of GEJ by all means. This Nigerian military is more than equipped to neutralize boko haram. They are not doing so because they have been severely compromised at the very, medium and junior high levels. Unknown to many – the destruction of our military is the destruction of the nation.

  • ICC Hague

    Is a well come development, but the army are just comming from behind after the hunters have clear the insurgents,they will turn back and take the credit. why in the first place the army run away and BH have a field day killings if really they have the capacity to retake the places?

  • Public Records

    “We want to stress that in our struggle, we only kill government functionaries,
    security agents, Christians, and, anyone who pretends to be a Muslim
    but engages in assisting security agents to arrest us.”

    ………..Abu Qaqa, Spokesman Boko Haram

    (Abu Qaqa, August 1, 2012)

    • Philipo

      Christians are being killed by Boko Haram insurgents in Mubi, Adamawa state,
      on discovering any Christian who cannot recite a part of the Koran known as
      Kalimatu Shahada and who is not ready to denounce the name of Jesus Christ,
      and embrace Islam.”

      ………….Joseph Namu

      (Reporting to THISDAY from Mubi)

      November 6th, 2014

      • Folabi Adubi


        Global Security Report establishes the existence of Muslim cells in Yorubaland
        allied to Al Qaeda besides the tens of militant fighters of Yoruba origin captured
        by the Nigerian Army on the battlefield as Jihadists in the ranks of Boko Haram.
        When Yoruba Christians wake up from slumber they will realize they are surrounded
        by the most virulent and militant Muslims today. I pity Yoruba Christians because they
        are un-armed and defenceless, even though in trouble.

        They assume that Boko Haram is just a Hausa/Fulani murder machine.
        They do not fully understand the concept of global jihad underway.
        Yoruba Christians do not connect the dots that since Yoruba Muslims
        are active cells in Al Qaeda, those cells are invariably allied to Boko Haram –
        whose stated aim is the ‘mass killings of all Christians’.

        • Folabi Adubi


          An eye-witness who escaped on foot from Mubi to Yola – a distance of over 100 kilometres,
          has told local newspapers in Nigeria that all Christian Pastors captured by Muslim militias
          who invaded the predominantly Christian town (Mubi) were beheaded.

          Several other Christians who resisted forcible conversion to Islam were also beheaded
          with axes by Muslim Jihadists [Boko Haram]. Other news-reports say similar genocide occurred
          in the north-eastern Nigerian towns of Michika and Hong.

          Worse in Mubi where foreign journalists confirm that no church is left standing in Mubi town today. All churches there were blasted by improvised explosives detonated by the Muslim Jihadists.
          With Christianity now virtually wiped out in all territories seized and occupied by Muslim Jihadists,
          roughly equivalent to one-twelfth of Nigeria, the dark future of Nigeria is silhouetted as sharply
          as the imminent gruesome beheading of all remaining Christian Pastors in Nigeria.

  • favourtalk

    When our dear GEJ makes the national security system looks like a dog to the other nations by his ambition and money making attributes. We need a nigeria and it shouldn’t be played like chess on the table. Bokoharam will keep on reclaiming towns one after the other and military will keep on taking one agter the other, who gives them information that some places are porous for them to take over?? We need a change for a set of people who will say the truth

  • Dr.Dan

    I stop reading news of Boko haram for a long time because it infuriates me and leave me sick. Its so shameful that a christian president would sit in power and watch gleefully as Boko Haram go from town to town beheading christians burning down churches and Islamising territories displacing thousands and leaving the land desolate and all he does is to dish out condolence messages, give a minute silence and promise to fish out perpetrators. I’m sick and tired of these news

  • Sharia_Haram

    Abolish Sharia law NOW!

  • Blessed

    Come what may, the gate of hell (book haram) can NEVER NEVER prevail against the Church ( Good luck J. E ‘s Gov) b/cs every authority is established by God; no matter d challenge we face as a Nation, Nigeria is Completely owned by Christians, & We r more than Conquerors b/cs our foundation is Authentic & MOST SOLID; as 4 u book haram u can’t even dare us, u humiliated, frustrated & totally defeated. Book haram is disappointment to his demonic believe called islam

    • bello s-fulani

      You imbecile son of a prostitute born in a christian baby factory monastery from a sex-starved priest father.

      Your dirty mouth stinks.