Katsina Governor, Shema, caught on video urging supporters to “crush”, “kill” political opponents

Former Katsina State Governor, Ibrahim Shema

A video depicting the Katsina Governor, Ibrahim Shema, prodding his party members to physically assault and possibly “kill” opposition politicians in the state, has gone viral on the internet.

The amateur video was first posted on the internet on November 12.

It shows the governor, dressed in white agbada and brown sandals, standing on a red carpet, and addressing a crowd in what seemed like a political rally. He spoke in Hausa.

Mr. Shema likened opposition politicians to “cockroaches” before asking the crowd what to do if they found the nocturnal insect in their apartments.

The crowd chorused “Kill them!”

“Crush them!” the governor responded, agreeing with the crowd.

Similar calls have triggered violence in other countries including the East African country, Rwanda, where the majority Hutus’ description of the minority Tutsis as “cockroaches”, helped fired a 100-day murderous campaign that saw over 800,000 Tutsis killed.

Mr. Shema is a second term governor and a member of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

In 2011, he fought hard to secure a second term after the state’s main opposition then, the defunct Congress for Political Change, CPC, expanded rapidly and gained influence in the northwest state. CPC is now part of the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC.

Katsina State is also the home state of Muhammadu Buhari, a leader of the opposition APC and a contender for the APC Apresidential ticket for the 2015 election.

Katsina has a relatively minimal history of violence, although the state has been noted by election observers for a significant incidence of underage voting in previous elections.

The video which has drawn stringent backlash online ended with the governor emphatically asking his fans to reprise any attack from the opposition.

“Before now people from the opposition will humiliate us in the PDP and we will say don’t do anything about it. But now I am telling you to fight back and ‘quote me’,” the governor emphasized.

Mr. Shema could not be reached for comments on the story. His aide, Sani Malumfashi, a Special Adviser on media, said he was away and is only expected back on ‎Saturday.

Watch video

A transcript of the video is posted below.

“PDP has touched the lives of every citizen of Katsina state, either as an individual or your family in general.

“If your child is sick you must take him to the hospital to receive treatment for free.

“You must use the well-built road that PDP constructed to go to your house.

“Your children have never paid a single dime for his education in this state since I became the governor in 2007 and that includes WAEC and NECO.

“We should thank Allah for this.

“If you look around, some states that I will not mention here, they keep making the headlines that PDP could not do this or that, but they should know Katsina state is PDP and we have done it.

“You should not be bothered with ‘cockroaches of politics.’

“Cockroaches are only found in the toilet even at homes.

“If you see a cockroach in your house what do you do?

Crowd responds:  “You kill it!”

Gov. Shema agrees: “Crush them!

“Anyone who does anything against you we’ll retaliate, am telling you now.

“Before now people from the opposition will humiliate us in the PDP and we will say don’t do anything about it but now I am telling you to fight back and ‘quote me’”.


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  • Ali A-ly

    sakarai…dan siyasa ka kashe danuwanka?…Allaah ya kaimu ranan gobe

  • Peter

    PT and sensationalism! Just tell us what you find awful in that statement. Gov Shema has not told his supporters to go on the rampage just like the APC has done to prop up the Boko Haram now let loose in the north-east and other parts of the north. He has merely asked them to fight back if the opposition attacks them or bring their insurgents to his peaceful state.

    • Ali A-ly

      there is evidence that backs up this report of Shema saying this…now what are your evidences for APC ordering its supporters to go and attack and leading to them developing as BH? NOTE: I am not a supporter of any political party I am neutral, a Nigerian, so do justice to my question. Thank You

    • Oladapo Adesope

      Replace Buhari with shema and lets know your reaction. Hypocrites

    • John

      If you are blind, pls open your ears wide maybe u will hear correctly.

    • wode

      Are you trying to justify this?

  • Wähala

    Agaracha must come back… monkey wey climb tree must come down one day. Gov. Shema will come home, and he has a lot to answer. OBJ is the grand-daddy of Do-or-Die and his legacy is what is transpiring in Ekiti, Enugu, Ebonyi (where Pius Anyim used federal police to displace the Speaker), Bauchi, Benue, Delta, Rivers (where Lady Hippo is forcing Nysom Wike on the state) , and virtually every state they control. There’s a growing and gathering storm this time not in a “tea cup” as Gov. Akpabio once described PDP desperado politics, the violence is gathering across Nigeria and inspired by the cabal og gangland leaders only found in the evil cartel. Gov Shema’s plane must be diverted to The Hague for inciting crimes against humanity. He must not be allowed to return to Nigeria to orchestrate his “crushing of the cockroaches” evil plans. Impunity by Fayose, who got away with breaking the eardrums of a Justice, now locking out their Speaker with the aide of Dumbo’s goons is sacrilegious to democracy. It all started and ends at the rotten fish head, Dr. Dumbo, who illegally withdrew the security details of a serving Speaker, Tambuwal. So, why won’t it trickle down? Na dia way, PDP way… “Nigeria is a crime scene” – cr. @Dare!

    • Otile

      Don’t say agaracha must come back, say it in Yoruba, your language. Stop inciting people to violence using my language. Yoruba is a beautiful language, stick to that. I wish I could speak it like you native speakers. But I hate to see you speak my language. What is worse, you speak my language fluently, almost like a near native speaker, I hate that.

      • Wähala

        Otile Nwa Mama,
        Na only you waka come? Wia dey Tallawanda? I guess he’s truly “Incommunicado” in light of this grave & overwhelming evidence of PDP’s criminal intents. Wey the fake prophet, @the truth, to come and preach Gospel to his minion followers? Yoruba folklore says, “ma yo l’ori olumo” to the monkey that swings on trees… Abu Shema is airborne as we jibe, let us wait for touchdown before shouting, ‘crucify him, crucify him’. Onye ana egbu-egbu na ekwu onu ya… the condemned has a right to self defense (roughly translated). Until Shema denies making those comments, no shaking! Afterall, the Law says, “innocent until proven guilty”. Me-ma, I’ve seen all the proof necessary to hang Shema by his arid balls… he’s as guilty as sin. Banza!

        • Otile

          Wähala Nwa Nnem, I am going to forgive you if you stop insulting our President. The man is a gentle man, calm under constant provocation from his ceaseless opponents.

          Again, Governor Shema is one of the best governors in present day Nigeria, a man of impeccable character. His achievements are outstanding. Don’t you ever try to impugn his integrity. He can be compared to Rochas of Imo state, but the only problem with Rochas is that he mistakenly joined the wrong party, the party of murderers and foemen.

          • Wähala

            Wait for me to beg forgiveness before offering your unsolicited gesture. If you think a governor who lied about offering “skwolaship” to everybody in Katsina has “impeccable character” then, I think you need injection in the neck to straighten your head. That arid clown was inciting violence and mayhem yet, you term him “one of the best governors in present day Nigeria”…goes to confirm that you get the kind of leaders you deserve. The man is a psychopath, otu-nne, it is not in our gene east of the Niger to murder people for political dividends. Aborigines, Egbas and Abokis make a living out of it… stay away from @Deri et al, and your Soul shall be saved. My kobo advise!

          • Ibro

            You’ve never been to Katsina and you’re here talking nonsense!

          • Otile

            Have you been there? You are from Benin City in the south talking nonsense.

  • Bidemi Lukman

    By the time his statement starts to manifest, it would either be blamed on Buhari or APC. If an opposition governor make similar comment, Reuben Abati would have granted BCC an interview to elaborate the comment.

    • Wähala

      You mean BBC… but, not only him, obese Doyin would work CNN, Al-Jazeera, and ol’ senile Prof. Alkali, would be rushing to Washington to present Obama their “proof” that APC are behind the Boko Haram. If Tinubu had made similar comments in London, wallahi, they would have diverted his jet to The Hague than have him touch Eko City on grounds that he’s a “security threat”. Sha, waiting for Alhj. Lai to put vaseline on Gov. Shema’s ass… stay tuned!

      • Bidemi Lukman


      • PROF

        Haahaha i see blackmail for shema ,but he will come out stronger

        • Wähala

          The blind can’t see that’s why they’re called blind… did you watch the video at all? Shema nailed himself to the cross, his ass his suya whenever he finally shows up. Only a shameless clown like you would blame anybody but Shema for his blunder… Blind mouse!

      • King Carlos

        Omg..u hit it…. funny tho

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Bidemi, thanks for this.

      But the greater tragedy lie in the fact that some people would still come out and try to justify the statements credited to Mr. Shema

      When the so-called leaders display this level of immaturity, you can well imagine the level of rot in the societies they lead.

      Let us wait and see whether PDP would sanction this utterances or simply turn another blind eye to it as usual.

  • mike

    A leader cannot make this kind of un guarded utterance knowing fully well that this kind of speech can spur hyper active party fanatics into action. Especially at these times when fanaticism has watered down the value of human lives in Nigeria. People now kill people as though they were animals.
    Now that a governor has reduced human beings to cockroaches won’t it make it even easier for these blood hungry urchins running wild in the North East to unleash more mayhem on the people?

    • Otile

      Stop inciting the lynch mob in APC party. The governor made a simple analogy, he did not tell anybody to dash to the streets to loot, behead or rape women. It is not like when Imam Buhari speaks. A case in point, when he lost big he spoke and your people dashed out and littered the streets with human heads, soaked the streets with human blood, burned down churches, wrecked cars, beat up ladies, you name it.

      Don’t make much political millage out of the Governor’s innocuous speech. E gbo mi nko?

      • Onike24

        Only an illiterate will call that a harmless analogy!

        • Otile

          After the pep talk did you see any blood flow on the streets?

          Don’t you witness rapes, looting, arson, beheading and abduction of young ladies each time after Buhari speaks?

          • Wähala

            Provide the video proof, talk is free!

          • Otile

            Where am I going to obtain those videos at the hands of Boko Haram? Do you wish me well?

          • Wähala

            You’re incorrigible. I will call @Onike24 and advise her to forget you!

          • Otile

            How am I incorrigible? Do you really expect me to walk up to the North to obtain murder videos for you? I am not crazy.

          • Wähala

            Hahaha chei! So you dey fear, ba? How are you going to defend your Republic of SS ati SE? No wonder Tompolo banned dumbo from visiting Gbaramutu, cowards!

          • Otile

            You still want me go up north to lose hand looking for murder videos for you. Allah no go gri.

          • Otile

            You still want me go up north to lose my hand looking for murder videos for you. Allah no go gri.


          • Onike24

            He is beyond incorrigible!

          • Otile

            You don’t even understand what incorrigible means, zombie, follow follow.

          • Onike24

            Unlike you, some of us understand the Queen’s English and make our living being productive! You on the other hand, are paid to post moronic comments.

          • Otile

            Which queen are you talking about, Queen Amina? You are far from English, braggart.

          • Onike24

            Again lies and half truths, I will not even dignify it with a denial, all I will say is post the Video evidence! If you are paid for the crap you post, you are so mediocre! first you state that there is nothing wrong with the cockroach analogy, then you say Buhari has done the same? how mediocre is that? just like Jonathan, you are a fantastic example of mediocrity.

          • otile

            You are not making any sense at all. Can you kill because someone refers to you as a cockroach? Get it into your numbskull that there was a lot more that led to the Rwandan tragedy than referring to people as cockroaches.

            Buhari lost an election and spoke, and his minion dashed into the streets and committed mass murder. Governor Shema is a polished, educated gentle man, he never incited anybody to go out and behead for him, and nobody has lost a leg or life after his speech. Listen and learn something before you challenge me ignorantly.

          • Onike24

            Coming from someone who clearly knows nothing……… polished people don’t dehumanize others, if you understand history you will know that Genocides, Pogroms all start from dehumanizing the victims, making it easy to kill them, after all, to the perpetuators they are less than human. Again, can you prove the moronic allegations against Buhari? Didn’t think so! Get a Job and be productive!

          • Otile

            Police your English. Your utterances are atrocious, they portray the depth of your imbecility.

  • Maria

    PDP… the face of terror.

  • Buhari_is_Boko

    The statement is completely child’s play compared to Tinubu’s call for revolution and Buhari’s call fro Dogs and Baboons . before that Buhari has stated that muslims should vote only muslimsAnd unfortunately this is not the first time Buhari is making such statements. So PT play Buhari’s statements let us see.

    • Ali A-ly

      you should tell that to the birds

    • Scalywag

      You are mortally afraid of Buhari. So just be prepared to go to exile from 29 may next year. Buhari will not send you into exile. The skeletons you people have in your closets will. Sorry for you.

      • Buhari_is_Boko

        Sorry I pity all you apostles of perpetually unelectable serial failures. Unless you are an arsenal com eafter Feb 14, 2015. I hope you have prepared your suicide note

      • djay

        No, there is no need for them to go on exile, no witch hunting. Buhari’s govt will make them realise all these while pdp has made them gone thru unnecessary hardship.

    • Wähala

      Deri Olosi,
      today you’re no longer @Badluck_Nigeria ba? Hiding under a new slang, ba? Frustrated gangster, I’m here to make sure you get a heart attack. Keep running, your comments stink like soaked stock fish from a mile away. Didinrin!

      • djay

        It shows how inconsistent they are which literally means they can’t stay to defend what they stand for.Just as their pdp leaders, these pdp supporters online change their ID which is common with fraudsters. like father like son

  • ceweeco projects

    Good talk from a candidly splendid governor.

  • Chris1408

    Nigerian politicians are evil. All these unrest and terrorism across the country are their so called dividends of democracy. Killing and looting are their trademark

  • Scalywag

    Nigeria is a signatory to the Rome convention that established the international criminal court. Some occupants of political positions may think they are above the law. But when you orchestrate anarchy and genocide like Mr. Shema has done, then the line has been crossed. Civil Society must live up to expectations by urging the ICC to note and investigate these utterances

  • Otile

    There is nothing really harmful in what the able governor said. He was only using a simple analogy, a figure of speech. He never incited anybody to go on rampage. Did you see any violence on the streets after his pep talk with his people? Action speaks louder than words, see how the amiable governor highlighted his achievements which all can see. He did not indulge in exaggerations and hyperbole as members of the evil APC chieftains would do. God bless you Governor Shema.

    However, I must say that APC hooligans are like cockroaches, spray for them as one sprays for roaches.

    • Onike24

      There is nothing harmful? Equating a human being to a cockroach? I am not sure that if you know that those were the exact words used by the Hutu militia to incite the Hutus against the Tutsi’s in Rwanda? You are a disgrace for saying there is nothing wrong with those words…. Truly….

      • Otile

        Believe it or not, it was not the reference to roaches that sparked off the genocide in Rwanda. It is on record that right from the day Rwanda got their independence in 1960, the born-to-rule Batutsi dominated Rwanda, appointed their men to hold military and important economic positions available in the land. Arrogant Batutsi continued oppressing and marginalizing their Hutu countrymen. Scholarships were awarded to Batutsis not Hutus, presidency was the sole preserve of Batutsi. All these injustices continued to build resentment among the Hutu people, who saw the arrogant Batutsi as pests and cockroaches.

        Dishonest people here will like you to believe that the war in Rwanda was caused because Hutus called Titsis cocroaches, not so. Wars are usually caused by injustice, marginalization, oppression, constant ruling of one tribe over another.

        • Onike24

          You are full of crap! So the Tutsi’s brought it on themselves? You are so ignorant! Do you know that centuries on intermarriage have made it virtually impossible to find a Tutsi without Hutu ancestors and vice versa! And if you understand history you will know that it was the Germans and subsequently the Belgians
          that felt that the Tutsi were ” racially” superior because of their ” Caucasian” features to wit a pointed noise and height! Please stop writing half truth and Wikipedia summaries ! And as for the causes of the Genocide, for it was a genocide not a War as you ignorantly put it, may I suggest that you read ” We wish to inform you that tomorrow we will be killed with our Families: Stories from Rwanda by Philip Gourevitch and inform yourself, and stop writing absolute bunkum.

          • otile

            Illa Illa Illanla Muhammdu ra su la. What do you know? Batutsis don’t look Caucasian by any means. Some of them have pointed nose and are tall just like their Arabs. They don’t look anywhere Caucasian or Aryan for that matter. I am sorry for those of you who consider Caucasian look superior. Knock off your inferiority complex quickly, stooge.

            The Germans and Belgians did not tell the arrogant Tutsis anything about their superiority over their Bahutu countrymen. Tutsis used the public funds to award themselves scholarships, therefore more educated than the marginalized Hutus. Top jobs went to the Tutsis at the expense of the Hutus and swollen-headed etc. Which Wikipedia summaries are you talking about, show me. Don’t rewrite history to suit your political agenda.

            Believe it or not people do not like their oppressors.

          • Onike24

            I really can’t spend my valuable time arguing with you. The only question I can ask you, is how much were you paid for your conscience?

          • Otile

            You are so stuupid as to believe that one Philip Gourevitch was right that Tutsis are racially superior to Hutus because they have pointed nose and look Caucasian. This is pathetic.

            For you when a German tells you that a Fulani is superior to Yoruba because Fulani has pointed nose or looks arab, you jump out naked. Some of you in APC have touched the depth of imbecility.

          • Onike24

            You are clearly an illiterate.

          • Otile

            You are dumb and unlettered.

    • Goks

      Are you saying there is nothing wrong in what the Governor said? In a country where majority of its citizen are illiterates, restless and deprived? If you don’t see this as incite, then something must wrong with you. Asking if we see any violence on the streets after the pep talk with the people is the dumbest question i have ever heard. And who told you it cannot happen before now and 2015? Mr. Otile, our Country has enough situation already to manage (boko haram, corruption, illiteracy, unemployment, crimes generally, bad leadership etc), the Governor’s statement is the least we expect at this time.

      • Otile

        Do you have any sense of justice at all? The honorable governor has made school free for the people and you here giving illiteracy as an excuse for violence. Excuse me! What else can the the governor do? You can lead the doki to the stream you cannot make him drink.

        • Goks

          Mr. Otile, should violence breakout in Katsina as a result of the Governor’s statement, do you think the schools will be speared? So what’s the whole rant about free education and all the achievements. What I am saying, the Governor’s statement, (if actually he said so) is a careless one to make. The country is volatile and tensed already to justify statements like this. I don’t know much about the Governor and I cannot judge his character but the statement credited to him is undoubtedly careless and unexpected of a true leader. If truly Tinubu, Buhari or any other person made similar statement, then it is very bad for our politics/democracy. No matter what, two wrongs will never make a right! What is bad is bad!

          • Otile

            You see, you whole premise is based on improbable speculations like: should violence breakout…, if he said such and such, if this, if that. In reality no violence broke out, people there are still enjoying free education, his achievements have not been dismantled. So, what is the basis of your anger?

      • sharp shape

        What was your reaction when tinubu said rig and roast ? What about buhari the baboon and dog advocate ? Go jare nobody has a monopoly of violence !

    • sharp shape

      Gbam !

  • Haruna

    Shema is one of the vampires the criminal gang called PDP is breeding. Every Nigerian knows that PDP alias share the money is a nest of killers and idiots like Shema show the average mind if a PDP vulture who must be eliminated for Nigeria to become great again. A totally useless party whose members, leaders, supporters and enablers have stolen 16 years oil windfall running to hundreds of trillions of Naira and is today telling us to prepare for austerity measure when we had never exited it.

  • Maryam

    The question is: is there a bigger and more dangerous cockroach than Shema and his fellow PDPigs who have wrecked Nigeria today? What is the state of Nigerian economy in the hands of these dogs? If Nigeria needs to kill cockroaches, it should go after Shema and any PDPig in sight.


    BUHARI…..Baboons and monkeys soaking in blood doctrine !!

    TINUBU…..Rig and roast doctrine !!

    SHEMA…..Kill and crush political opponents like cockroaches doctrine !!

    A pattern of violent political philosophy emanating from the lunatic fringes of Nigerian politics ! The APC is a violence-based extreme Islamic political outfit. We already have the Boko-haram and to further complicate our lives,the APC wants to formalize and institutionalise Jihadist politics in Nigeria.Nigerians must not allow these apostles of violence to overwhelm us,the APC MUST be rejected massively !!

  • oluwole


  • PProudly Niger Deltan

    1. Where is the video of Bokohari in which he threatened to soak the blood of Dogs & Baboons on the street?
    2. Where is the video of Imam Tinubu in Ekiti where he said the APC suporters should ‘roast’ any opponent who rigs election? Killing & Roasting – na which one worse pass?
    3. Where is the video of Mallam Ango Abdullahi when he said “Jonathan contesting 2015 election would amount to taking the North for a ride..” …and that “There will be trouble…”?

    We need these videos urgently. Nonsense! Na only una head sense dey. Spiuuuuusssshhhhh….Nonsense!

  • Proudly Niger Deltan

    Those Regions (West & North) who think that Nigeria belongs to them and therefore can conspire and collude to determine who governs Nigeria and when, will be in for a shocker of their lives.

    The North & West of continent Nigeria have misgoverned Nigeria for 49 of 54 yrs producing 13 of 14 Presidents within the same period. The East, sadly the region that has made considerable quantum of sacrifices in human & material resources have produced a President for over 50yrs …and they are neither bombing nor burning infrastructure. Rather
    wherever they are, they do the exact opposite. They build!

    The North & West must remember that they alone have no exclusive preserve of making the company ungovernable. They must also remember not to forget that the Ijaw tribe alone is 24m peoples which makes it 4 times the population of Sierra Leone, over 5 times size of Norway, and over 20 times the size of Malta…and Yenagoa is certainly larger than Freetown…as the scheming continue, the Niger Delta watches with care…and we shall see who will agree to this fantasized delusional colonization ideas. If we are one country, then leave Great Jona alone or you will get more than sufficient trouble.

    Remember, Nobody has a monopoly of bombs…my resources are not for corrupt power drunk aliens. Nonsense.

  • djay

    If Shema claims his party Pdp has done well for his people and the state why then is he encouraging his supporters to crush their opponents? Could the opponents in question have more followers than they have in pdp? won’t it make more sense if his own children lead the onslaught?one thing is certain and that’s the will of the people shall always prevail.

  • Guguru

    So, more evidence of the violence of the PDP.

  • walejohnson

    Shema is power drunk. I have read and listened to the vedio, we should save it for future evidence against him. If the threat is carried out, and many people are killed, he will be arrested and taken to the ICC in the Hague. He should learn from former president of Adbijan, Gbagbo Lawrence now facing trial in the Hague.

    • George

      The man is fully right he simplely said hit whoever hits you.

      Every living things does this

  • paul preston

    there is nothing new here,Buhari talked about monkey and baboon,Tinubu talked about roasting people,so this man is saying if anybody tries to baboon you or roast you crush them,note he is saying retaliate which means if you are attacked do no run away stand up and face violent people so less noise please

    • Otile


    • sharp shape


    • henry

      you are on point. do not mind these APC woe mongers. Shema has only asked his supported to defend themselves against being Babooned or roasted as Buhari and Tinubu have threatened respectively. . And surely APC morons will fight once their god loses out.


    This is an obvious ‘security threat’, if a leader should make such statement i can not but say that the level of rot in our system is at its peak. They are just drunk with federal power.

    • Otile

      So you are revealing how the dogs and baboons are going to be soaked in blood when the strongman Imam Buhari assumes power. Sugbon Oluwa ma je.

  • Ibrahim

    Actually Premium times got it wrong this time.Hausa language is full of connotations. If u speak Hausa u should understand what the Governor means. It should not be taken literally. That is the sophistication of the language and most non- native Hausa speakers have problem understanding that. Sometimes if u translate Hausa to English it’s original meaning is lost. For example; ” Nan suka jefo ka?” which literally means ” have they thrown here?” but the connotation is “have they transferred you here?” Not everything in Hausa can be taken literally and Hausa should not be translated word by word. That is exactly what premium times did, which is wrong. No politics here just making the record straight.

    • Otile

      You are right my brother. APC mischief makers are here to build political capital from the innocuous pep talk.

    • Bakatsine

      Hahahahhahahah……..am very much surprise with your analysis….explain the meaning of the words before you take premium times 2 the supreme court…… Tell me the meaning of Kyankyaso apart from Corkroach…..define kill aside kashewa….and finally tell us the clear meaning of this time I give you the go ahead 2 crush them apart from nace Ku murkushe su! Pls just know that this debate is all over the media and open discussions are everywhere in Hausa language….ho there 1st and explain in that your native language what Gov Schema is trying to communicate to his supporters.

    • sharp shape

      Don’t mind them ! Shema so far has kept boko haram out of Kastina ! I agree with him roaches and vermins should and will be exterminated ! Long live Shema ! Long live GEJ the best president of this British fraud ! Nobody has a monopoly of violence !

      • Chiemele

        Sharp, God is not mocked. What a man sows, that he will reap. Evil tarry in the night, but joy comes in the morning. Those who live by the sword will die by the sword. Evil will never go unpunished. Shema and his likes will have a date with judgement.

        • sharp shape

          Shema like you me and everyone else must give account of their lives here on earth ! As a Muslim that is our article of faith ! Same as Christians ! Shema has successfully kept the boko pigs out of kastina ! I give him my unalloyed support ! Listen my fellow nigerian Shema said if they attack you fight back ! In this era of extreme barbarism from boko do you really want to fault that line of argument ? When sanusi asked the people of kano to defend themselves just last week how come you agreed with him ? Those fueling this carnage from the core north born to rule mentality should know that nobody has a monopoly of violence ! Period

          • Chiemele

            You don’t defend yourself from roaches whose only wrong was showing up in your apartment. It was a call to exterminate the opposition. Exactly what BH is doing in APC held States.
            It’s too early to misinterpret Shema’s call to exterminate the opposition in his PDP state. Look, am neither Northern or Moslem. PDP nor APC, but these unguarded inciting utterances from Political leaders should be denounced by all. Not defended.

  • Spoken word

    He should not worry,Boko haram will do the job for him.

  • clairvoyance

    If nah APC guvnor dem for don hang am by his balls. Are PDPigs guvnors, supporters above the law? Were are u useless DSS, DMI n co.

  • equality & change

    How dare you Shema, this is heartless and I am disappointed! You have betrayed Yar’adua, Katsina emirate and KT 1T as a whole.

  • Olusegun Olawonyi

    Unfortunately, this is the mind set of virtually all politicians in this country. This Kastina governor guy just got unfortunate enough to be caught on tape/camera. But let no one think he stands in this violent and wicked political class alone. He is in the bad company of many others like him – both from the opposition parties and the current government. Our political system and national values or principles should be held responsible for producing people like this so called governor and for foisting them on us all.

  • tuco

    This is pdp for you. They have long been doing this in secrecy, but now God has start to expose the vicious vampires, do or die politicians. If truly as he claimed his party has done so much for the people, why the violence then. Our people say ‘they tell squirrel follow this road there is no trap, she said if there is no trap then what brought the issue of there is no trap’, obviously defeat is stirring them(pdp) in the face and are extremely feeling the heat so is no surprise at all.

  • Thepeople

    Another threat to national security, what would the head of PDP and the president do something about it? NO! What would the police, SSS and anyone whose duty it is to ensure that Nigerians live in peace and security do about it? Would the self styled elderly statesmen and women speak up against people who induce and encourage violence against our citizens. WATCH this space for silence would be the price we all pay for the inferno and anarchy, these power crazy politicians would visit on our nation. No one would be safe even the rich and mighty.

  • Truthometer

    We can still remember the genocide that followed in Rwanda, when some people were referred to as “cockroaches”. That is PDP’s plan for Nigeria, as they are currently displaying with their boko haram in northeast of the country. But they should remember that violence beget violence.

    • otile

      Are you that naive to believe that some oppressors went to war because they were referred to as cockroaches? God have mercy on Nigeria. Some people in APC have touched the depth of imbecility.

      • Truthometer

        Your ignorance and naivety is so obvious here. Maybe you should go and read more on Rwanda genocide and understand what they did to the people they referred to as “cockroaches”. For your information, they were massacred in thousands. That is exactly what your party and paymasters are trying to do here. You can see that you are the one exhibiting an advance imbecility here.

        • Otile

          What gave Batutsi born-to-rule tribe the right to continue cheating their fellow citizens. Do you have any sense of justice at all?

          • Hans Oreva

            OMG you are a Godless pig, disgusting native fowl..get behind me you son of satan….tufiakwa

          • Otile

            Get off insults and name calling. Say something reasonable.

          • Hans Oreva

            Why will I say something reasonable to a can of worms?…. can you teach a donkey to have the grace of a horse?…you’re an intellectual donkey so why should I waste my time trying to change your disgusting mindset… pple like deserve to be deaf and dumb void of any opinion, because your opinion incite rather than enlighten anyone even goats included.

        • ORACLE

          please watch “hotel rewanda/sometimes in april on google.

        • SadiQ Muhammad

          well said… Good one. Nigeria’s should note that the so called polititions are just like camelian that can change to any color at any time. so be berave, be wise and be smart.

  • Aliyu

    I am neither from Katsina nor a supporter of PDP. I watched the video and i understood what he’s saying. Granted he used the wrong analogy, but his basic message was if somebody attacks you, attack them back. No more letting it go! Thats what he was saying. As a Governor i wouldnt have used those words because you dont know how literally your supporters will take it. I guess in the heat of campaigning graffs are made. But bottomline he is saying fight fire with fire and don’t let them harm you while you sit looking.

    • SadiQ Muhammad

      why must he say such a thing as human being… this is to tell that PDP are harthless been the reason this country will continue having setback if they continue to lead Nigerian’s…. we prayer to Allah to lead our leader to right part.

  • sharp shape

    Roaches should and will be exterminated !

  • sharp shape

    This no nonsense governor has kept boko haram out of his enclave ! Allah keep and protect you ! Yes roaches and vermins will be exterminated ! Nobody has a monopoly on violence ! Long live Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan ! The best president ever in this British fraud !

  • Ananas_yolawa.

    People, you see. Am telling you PDPig is a terrorist organisation. All these atrocities are coming from terrorist PDPig. Since that Golden-September Allah have being exposing Boko-harram sponsors in these country. Your days are numbered.
    Is it not Shehu Shema that have the letter that was sign by GEJ on a single term deal. But the hypocrite says he does not have it bcus he want to be the next vice-president. Uya GEJ, he is all yours. Carry ham make he run for the seat. He deserve to be on that position.

  • Strong System

    The simple truth is that the awuf oil money flowing in the north has made the politicians heart-less people.
    Before before you could only find “do or die” politicians in the south east. But today the Hausas have proven that they are the worst.
    Imagine Shema that is even a lawyer saying this…… What would the illiterate ones say?

    • HAMZA

      …may be they are ‘chopping’ more of the oil money! – Arrant nonsense!!: It has nothing to do with richness or poverty – BUT leadership. And I mean leadership top-down!!!!

  • Chiemele

    Will he be arrested or indicted for this inciting speech? Hell no. Why? He is in Papa Deceive Pikin incorporated Company Nigeria Unlimited.
    Are any of his chiildren enlisted in that human crusher crowd? Hell no. They are all living in peace and grooving on looted funds abroad.
    Oya go die, fools ….

  • abbadd

    This PDP for you what do you expect? he is learning from the President who oppresses and impeaches opposition members. Victory at all cost that is PDPs mantra

  • umar

    Very unfortunate and Sad… Shema you have lost all the respect I had for you. May The Almighty Guide our leaders aright

    • Leo

      I doubt he care about your fake respect.

  • Danlami


  • Sharia_Haram

    If the opponents are APC, then no problem. APC is terror and must be crushed.

    • Troublesome

      Shutup there. Is Shema not muslim from PDP? If you dont know what to say, you better keep mute.

  • Oweja

    The beauty of it is that Governor Shema is a PDP moslem. PDP moslems are not Jihadists nor are they Islamists.

    • Dan Katsina

      So that is why he ordered the killing of people because they differ with him. It’s a pity to have these kind of people as our leaders.

  • Muhammad Bashir Abdulkarim

    No any responsible leader will give such an irresponsible directives 2his supporters, Haba Shema ka bani kunya. Tirr!

  • shamsuddeen

    Its unfortunate for somebody of governor shema’s calibre and status be caught saying this’. He is indirectly encouraging violence against his people. As far as I am concern all katsina people be them in PDP or Opposition are all his people.
    this is an eye opener people should be careful. Violence against your own people is bad. May the Almighty protect us all.

  • kehinde

    USA should go and die, it shall be well with UK either they’re both the cause of out problem

  • Sb

    Animal in agbada

  • sammyctu ode

    Shema has shown that he is an illiterate animal, does not understand the constitution and oath he swore to defend, we can now see why pdp is a criminal useless party and why Nigeria continues to go down the drain with his likes and jonathan ruling us. If pdp is really a democratic party why haven’t they come out to criticize shema and let the world know that what he said was treasonable but at the same time can descend so low that what Amechi said was treasonable?

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