Why I’m stepping down for Buhari, Atiku, others — Tambuwal

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, has confirmed his withdrawal from the presidential race.

Mr. Tambuwal said in a statement that he was standing down for the “unity” of his party, All Progressives Congress, APC, and that he will support other aspirants seeking the party’s ticket.

The speaker’s associates had told PREMIUM TIMES that he was withdrawing from the race despite pressure on him to go ahead and contest the 2015 presidential election.

“Despite the pressure from us and from others on him to contest the presidential election, the speaker, I believe, is trying to withdraw,” a senior lawmaker said.

The speaker will now contest for governor in his home state of Sokoto, the source said. The speaker joined the presidential race last week after defecting from the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to opposition APC in October.

Read the Speaker’s full statement below:

A few days ago, precisely on Friday the 14th of November,2014 a group of friends, associates, colleagues and admirers cutting across all ages, ethnic, social, religious, political and geographical divides presented to me the Expression of Interest and Nomination forms for me to participate in the presidential primaries of the All Progressive Congress (APC) for the 2015 Presidential Election.

2. On that auspicious occasion, being profoundly humbled, I requested for a little more time to conclude my last round of the series of nationwide consultations which indeed I was just about to conclude.

3. Let me state that the 14th November event was neither an accidental nor sudden happenstance, rather it was another high point of similar goodwill surprises I had experienced in the last two years when I started receiving in audience, colleagues, individuals, groups and delegations of prominent Nigerians on this subject matter

4. I wish to seize this occasion to commend, most highly, these patriotic and selfless colleagues, admirers, individuals and groups for their sacrifice, diligence and single-mindedness in the pursuit of what they honestly believe is in the best interest of our fatherland. I am fully aware of the physical, financial and intellectual resources all of you have expended in this regard besides the sheer volume of valuable time and the travel risk of crisscrossing to compare notes and confirm projections. Indeed I can not thank you enough.

5. When upon genuine conviction I decided to commence extensive consultations towards taking a decision as to whether or not to participate in the contest for the office of President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, it was not to actualize a personal ambition,but rather to actualize our dream for a new Nigeria.

6. Ever since news of the possibility of my participation in the presidential contest got into the public domain, it has generated monumental interest, analyses and commentary. I have also, both personally and through prominent leaders across party lines and beyond, consulted extensively and I must say that I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and interest. On my part and with the greatest sense of modesty and responsibility I wish to assure Nigerians that I am fully prepared, ready, willing,determined, available and armed with the requisite plans, programmes and ability, to undertake the great mission of rescuing our dear country from the clutches of institutionalized corruption,gross incompetence, greed and divisiveness. I am prepared for the great task of rescuing Nigeria from the security problems, the scandalous youth unemployment, and the economic and social malaise that plague her.

7. Given the opportunity, ours would be a clean, corrupt-free, competent and purposeful government: to deal with the inexplicable paradoxes that have held us hostage for over a hundred years: the paradox of ever growing abject poverty in the midst of plenty; the paradox of ever growing menace of corruption in the face of the collective capacity of Nigerians to eradicate same, the paradox of decaying infrastructure especially epileptic power supply in the face of abundant natural resources; the paradox of glaring internal insecurity in the face of a gallant military,police and other security agencies that have excelled in peace keeping and enforcement abroad. Indeed a government that would deploy extraordinary ways and means where such becomes inevitable within the ambit of the law.

8. The problems I speak about are real and glaring. Over the past three and a half years of presiding over 359 equals, I often had occasion to discuss peculiar constituency problems with my colleagues but most importantly I have visited over 300 hundred Federal constituencies across the country and seen for myself abject poverty of our people particularly the majority of the population that reside in the rural areas, I have experienced, first hand, total absence of essential social facilities and decaying infrastructure, where they exist at all, and observed hopelessness in the eyes of millions of citizens. I deeply feel the pulse of dejection of our people.

9. I am convinced that with the progressive spirit and teamwork these objectives are attainable under an All Progressives Congress (APC) administration.

10. I have carefully considered the concerns expressed by some of our leaders, whom I deeply respect and whose support and counsel I enjoy, to the effect that my entry into the presidential race at this point may necessitate having to rework some equations on the political chessboard of the party.

11. Having consulted widely, taking into consideration the concerns of some elders of the party, I have decided to suspend my participation in the presidential contest for now. I have done so as a sacrifice for the cohesion and unity of the APC. I am suspending my participation in the presidential race for now because I do not have any inordinate ambition to occupy any office. Nigeria is a country too great to sacrifice on the altar of partisan politics and personal ambition. What any one becomes in life is exclusively in the hands of God. Only God gives power to whoever he pleases.

12. I came into the APC to enhance and build. Therefore in the interest of our great party, the APC, and indeed in the overriding national interest I wish to appeal to all my associates, colleagues, supporters, admirers and friends nationwide to show some understanding. It has not been easy coming to this decision and I very well understand the frustration, disappointment and disbelief of many who have committed so much to the project including sacrificing not only their physical, financial and intellectual resources but indeed their personal ambitions in the 2015 electoral contest.

13. I pledge my loyalty to our party the APC and cooperation with my uncles and senior brothers and colleagues who are already in the race for the APC Presidential ticket: I refer to General Muhammadu Buhari, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, Governor Rochas Okorocha and Mr Sam Ndah- Isaiah. There is no doubt that they are all eminently qualified.

14. To all my associates, colleagues, friends, admirers across Nigeria, who have faith that I am that instrument for the change we all desire, I assure you that your faith is not in vain. It is noble and will endure until this great nation of ours is rescued from the clutches of institutionalized corruption, gross incompetence, greed and divisiveness. I charge you to be comforted that your strength lies not in the limited capacity of a single leader, but rather in the collective capacity of the millions of great citizens of this nation. One day, and I believe not too long away, this formidable collective capacity will be ignited and the good Lord will lift Nigeria high up where she belongs.

15. God bless you all and may God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.



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  • Tunde

    Thank you for the wonderful speech.

  • ceweeco projects

    mugu. tinubu-antelope

    • Spoken word

      Forever a cynic

  • aiyekotto

    I remember growing up in Akure in the 90s, majority of my teachers in schools like Omolere and Parker were Ghanians. Just a decade later, all of them are back in their country because of better economic conditions facilitated by a visionary…JERRY RAWLINGS. He knew what was at stake in Ghana surpassed his immediate interest but encompassed the benefits of successive Ghanian generation. Ghana isn’t at the economic peak yet but she is gradually getting there. All we need is a GENUINE LEADER who will set Nigeria back on the path of greatness. I BELIEVE IN GMB!

    • dasman

      Nice, lets start #ibelieveinGMB campaign please bro. For Nigeria sake.

  • Baba Messi

    ‘Dogon Turenci’!!!! (long grammar!!)

    In a nutshell, the corollary is: IF YOU CANT STAND THE HEAT, GET YOUR A*S OUT OF THE KITCHEN!!!


    • Titilayo

      If you no get Kitchen nko?

    • Wähala

      You no longer can defend my iconic handle ba? Back to Otile (anus in Ibo) and Baba Messi, Mama Messi nko?

      • Otile

        Why do you like to insult the Igbo race? How many times have we told you that we are Igbo not Ibo? I still don’t understand the root of this hatred you Odua people have on us Ndigbo. If you people were not so deceitful and arrogant, and if we can trust you and both of us become allies, we can move mountains. Imagine a combined forces of these two powerful races in the continent; we can develop this part of the world where others can come to emulate.

        Omo Odua please bury the hatchet, let us move forward.

  • Wahala how Market???

    “@Onike 24…
    Wetin I talk? Remember my comment about General Buhari being a “decoy” for speaker Tambuwal to emerge as APC’s flag bearer? In-depth analysis is not for everyone… my oracle is never wrong! Tag him along with Governor oshiomhole and the South south is happy; make it governor okorocha and the PDP will be buried in the entire south east… but my preference is Mrs Fayemi(dormer Ekiti first lady) to attract the female voters in droves from across Nigeria. either way, Dumbo is a sitting duck! Tomboo, biko… this news pass odeku. I dey laff for kalabari, Hahahah Chai!! ”

    -Wahala, 13/11/2014. [comment on ‘Tambuwal picks APC Presidential Nomination Form’]

    *@ wahala, how far with your ‘decoy’ and oracle???

    • Frank Ebere

      You listen to that the notorious ‘curser’ at your own peril. Na fly wey no get adviser dey follow dead body enter grave.

      • Wahala how Market???

        Chai? True word my brother..true words..

        • Wähala

          Prostitutes are complaining of “bad market” in Bauchi due to Boko Haram activities in neighboring states… better to worry about your mama on the streets than a guy in faraway Zulu land counting legitimate cash. I pity you not, your miserable life depends on crumbs per post, keep punching those keyboards scum, your days are certainly numbered.

    • Wähala

      “Speaker Aminu Tambuwal was elected by a non-partisan majority from across party lines and he led them in a more unifying fashion than Sen. David Mark, for instance. Tambuwal has credible and verifiable track record in public service unlike Dr. Dumbo prior to becoming VP and President, at which he has failed woefully. So, who’s to say that Alhaji Aminu Tambuwal does not have a shot at the Presidency against Dumbo if he gets the nod from his APC backers? When he reconvenes the House and urges his followers to defect en-masse, he could ride the wave of his bubbling popularity (and national sympathy) into snatching the ticket from Gen. Buhari, whose age is a liability to APC. Sha, from my earlier insight, I thought Gen. Buhari was a “decoy” for Tambuwal to emerge flag bearer but, it could go either way… this may be just a distraction to catch Dumbo ati PDP off-guards and guessing. Either way… #AnyBodyButDumbo2015!” – Höly Wähala (on Sahara Reporters, Nov.13, 2014)

      Mumu Reno Omokri aka, Baba Messi… aka, Frank Ebere, aka Tawanda Incommunicado, aka, aka, aka, Mugu!
      The problem with you phools at the presidency is you have a one-track mind. By, “it could go either way” implies either man may be a “decoy” to catch Dumbo, the PDP and you minion clowns off-guard. I’m smarter than all of you piled on top of each other and, I can tell it’s not more than ten desperado Crumbies writing with different handles… Go-siddon! Keep sweating in 3rd. world heat breathing generator fumes into extra time. Ode. We just touched down in Zulu Kingdom, gonna find me the fattest Rhinos in town to wash down with odeku… dey dia!

  • Nsirimovu Asonye

    I know he is not matured enough to stand. Go to Sokoto and grow up first. Leaders should learn how to prepare for leadership. Before Obama became president, he has been preparing long ago, writing book, doing social works, finding why things are not working and thinking out solutions. Those that want to lead should start preparing. Don’t come and tell us people are persuading you. Are you a zombie?

  • Rastapopoulos

    Unstable in all their ways..
    Discordant tunes..
    The walls of Jericho…
    The tower of Babel…
    APC House Of Commotion!

    *must be something in the ogogoro they(noisemakers/propagandists) say he drinks.
    Must be that ‘something’ that makes a ‘clueless one’ make the ‘wise ones’ look fool*sh!
    I’m baffled.

  • Otile

    We started distrusting this man the very day he hid under PDP to steal the speakship from Honorable Mulikat. Who knows how much it cost APC to bribe Odua PDP Reps to surrender the post to Imam Tambuwal. Odale, what a disgrace.


      We, as in PDP? Presidency? Hired hands? Whichever, he has outsmarted you all!

      • Oleku

        We as in sane and unbiased Naijas who are advocating for anti shariarists of the janjaweeds

        • TRUTH MASTER

          I hope you are also ”advocating for” ZERO votes from those whom you daily pillory on these pages on the basis of their religion!

      • Namadi

        Yes, the master strategist!!

  • Robert Johnson

    Where is Aribisala and all his artistic declaration and history.

    • Sword of Damocles

      I get flashlight make we take dey look for am for broad daylight. Him na particular yeye person, because the man supposedly get some knowledge, and he don make conscious decision to make pronouncement & support those whose interests are inimical to those of Nigeria and the masses in general. Na wao for Mai Gaskiya, see as he dey make grown men piss for pant, and he never even raise his hand to swear on the Q’uran to bring PURGATORY to the enemies of our Republic!!

  • _Proudly Niger Delta

    I am continent Nigerian and currently a presidential candidate emeritus. I enacted decrees 2 & 4 which gave my government the rights to indefinitely detain any continent Nigerian without trial. Under this law, Fela was detained for singing, stripped and beaten (Video evidence on youtube). Several journalists were thrown into jail. e.g., Nduka Irabor, Tunde Thompson of Guardian newspapers jailed on June 2, 1984. What is my name?

    (a) Imam Kwankawamaso (b) Imam Buhari (c) Imam Atiku (d) Pastor Jona

    I am continent Nigerian and currently a presidential candidate. Sometime ago in my state, there was an Islamist Terrorist bomb blast at a major motor park used by South bound passengers. Over 87 persons died. In my reaction to complaints, I released a list of 25 Northern peoples who died too. Among the 25 Northerners listed were OGU CHUKWU UMOH, IWOJO DANIEL, MACHEIL EZENWATA & OJO SANDRA
    —–This was my own way of contributing to stopping Boko haram. This is the reason to vote for me, so we can ensure equity in deaths during attacks. What is my name?
    (a) Imam Kwankawamaso (b) Imam Buhari (c) Imam Atiku (d) Pastor Jona (e) None on the list

    I am originally a fisherman. By the way, fishing is good business. I had one of the best opportunities to determine the actual population distribution in continent Nigeria when I employed fearless and blunt Odumegwu. But I bungled the opportunity by accepting his resignation due to pressures from those to whom truth is alien. What is my name?

    (a) Imam Kwankawamaso (b) Imam Buhari (c) Imam Atiku (d) Pastor Jona (e) None on the list

    I am an evil genius. This is why nobody can still explain how I stole $12.7b between 1990-1992 from the oil sales windfall necessitated by the Gulf war. Now I am sick & no hospital can treat me in Nigeria bcos I stole the money that woul have built hospitals. What is my name?

    (a) Imam Kwankawamaso (b) Imam Buhari (c) Imam Atiku (d) Pastor Jona (e) Imam Babangida

    I am a governor and a thief. In fact, I and my fellow Govs will continue to steal until continent Nigerians have the courage to stone us to death. What is my name?

    (a) Imam Kwankawamaso (b) Judas Iscariot of Port Harcourt (c) Saint Fayemi (d) Pastor Uduagham

    I am an ex governor and a thief. In fact, I and my wife sleep on a bed that cost N50m while I reduced the salary of Teachers in the state in order to save cost. What is my name?

    (a) Imam Kwankawamaso (b) Judas Iscariot of Port Harcourt (c) Saint Fayemi (d) Pastor Uduagham

    I am a former Gov in Nigeria. In fact I was in office for 8yrs but during this period my children were studying in UK universities bcos the Nigerian Universities are meant for idiots who voted for me. Only recently I went to fix a small knee problem in US as no hospital in the state I governed for 8yrs had equipment to treat me bcos I have corned a huge quantum of the state’s resources as my pension…and now I am a party leader. What is my name?

    (a) Imam Guadabe (b) Imam Buhari (c) Imam Atiku (d) Pastor Jona (e) Imam Tinubu

  • Goodluck_Nigeria

    Rubbish ……. utter rubbish …… more like Student Union bad stuff

    • charles

      u r a paid blogger ready to sell ur mother for a pot of porridge…fool….grow up!

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    From the beginning it was obvious to Nigerians that Aminu Tambuwaal is an empty shell who is not even fit to be elected a Local Government Councillor ….. the only credential he posted was his so called “born-to-rule” heritage that is indeed worthless in today’s Nigeria.

    But some deluded Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani shamelessly told Nigerians that Aminu Tambuwaal is the “golden boy” fit to occupy Aso Rock in 2015 …… now they know better.

    Small pickin knife ……. e dey sharp for morning only !!!

    • Revolutionary Mind

      Do you have problem with ejaculation? You may need to contact the guy that normally advertise on vanguard online..#laffin in swahili……..

    • larry

      Guy, u need serious prayers o. Jonathan don brain wash u. Dull boy

    • charles

      only confirmed clawns and empty fools rant like this…grow up !

  • Tonnero

    Great speech Taambuwal. Great character also. Very different from the corrupt, incompetent and divisive Jonah and his 40 thieves. Of course, PDPigs cannot appreciate a great speech. They have lost their sense of reasoning to partisanship, ethnic and religious bigotry and the personality cult of Jonathan.

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    It is not in doubt that Aminu Tambuwaal is the epitome of incompetence in public office in Nigeria ….. the worst ever since independence in 1960.

    Here is an Aminu Tanbuwaal who never understood the role and responsibilities of the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

    Here is an Aminu Tambuwaal who eminently converted the House of Representatives to the House of the Muslim North to cater only for the narrow and parochial interests of the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani. He did this because he did not know the important role of the House of Representatives in a democratic setting.

    As a result of his gross incompetence …….. Aminu Tambuwaal resorted to insulting the person of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria …… simply because he did not know what else to do.

    I insist that Aminu Tanbuwaal should be the last presentation of incompetence by the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani

    • Revolutionary Mind

      It seems you have problem with ejaculation? You may need to contact the guy that normally advertise on vanguard ….#laffin in swahili


        At least he can get an erection but you have a problem with erection so……..no hope !!

        • Wähala

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            Try me with your sister……but she must be beautiful because I dont do ugly girls !

          • Wähala

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            Nnanna, we are core Igbos. We don’t do it with “osus” from Igala for inheritance reasons. Sha, nice try… I get Polish dancers for my club, maybe, when Reno grants you leave you can check me out in Berlin Brandenburg. Pimping is my part-time job for lonely miscreants… right now sha, I dey SA to return on weekend, start saving your egunje, body no be wood. Hahaha gumbayei… na laffu for Swahili !!!


            I have rocked Berlin in the past with my ex…we used to go to that Bradenburger Tor on new-year eve.The parties were wild and huge,I wonder if it is still so.
            We would drive all the way from Switzerland every year that I would not travel home.I was on scholarship and had enough money to waste as a rough and reckless student !

          • Wähala

            Small world! You see, I recognized a “staff” even from behind the keyboards, I knew you have German background the day you replied someone that I write “Hoch Deutsch” when I chipped-in German. So you know about “Sylvester Party” at the Bradenburger Tor, ba? He-Goat! Wallahi, if Reno cuts you a slack, check me out, I will suffocate you with “blondie-blau” until you bust all nuts. Henceforth, I will tone it down with you since we seem to have switched sides… I work in Switzerland but live in Deutschland, same long drives, same ol’ lifestyles. Old habits die hard, my last pimping job was driving Gov. Aliyu’s entourage to Frankfurt after Northern Govs. came for a two-week course… and a visit to Lady Hippo getting drained of ogogoro during her “Lazarus Moments” at the Horst Klinikum in Wiesbaden. Ma’sha Allah, I will get to buy you odeku at Mama Bisi Canteen after Dumbo goes down the toilet and you join the Arbeitslos Klasse. And, don’t worry, I’m strict Katholica, pro life, and won’t poison your worthless life… Sha, Respect! LoL !!!


            Reno cannot pay me ! I am not a conformist at all. I will still hit you below the belt at the slightest opportunity……but more in a brotherly manner . JONATHAN MUST WIN !

          • Wähala

            “You can’t hit what you can’t see” – Mohammed Ali

          • emmanuel

            I talk am say you dey switch between Cabbing during the day and Night security job. JI even said you clean toioets at tje Club and sell perfume per spray for clubbers to freshen up.

            Who would drive a Fulani in Germany except one of their own. I keep telling the guys here that you are a desert squirrel who pretend to be Igbo.. Na tye boozing make you nor fit gather money to come back home. Meanwhile if you reach Nigeria now you go say una nor dey drink Alcohol because of Sharia.

            Biko come home, Tinubu need more Area Boys to collect N20.00 from Danfo on Lagos roads.

          • Wähala

            @JI or whatever you creeps call him is another Aborigine who still thinks the currency in use in 2014-Germany is Deutsche Mark… only confirms you’re ex-militants in Reno Omokri’s Amnesty Camp. Since I hit him on the ribs with that, where is he to swallow his vomit? Keep roasting in 3rd. World heat, the dead in Germany are more at peace than you miserable low-life scavengers for crumbs… our-turn-to-schop touts.

          • JI

            For your club? I now know, you work in the toilets at the club as cleaner and partly sell a spray of perfume for half a Deutsche Mark to freshen pussy. Sell your junks and get a homeward ticket for yourself and i will hire you to run errands here.

          • Wähala

            Hahaha Aborigine Mumu!
            If you don’t know the currency we use in the EU in 2014, it confirms you crawled out of the creeks. No sense wasting my time responding to a militant tout in Amnesty Camp… Oponu!

    • Preco01

      Don’t forget to collect your N1500 from Reno Omokri for this job


        Old story,think up a new line !!

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Has the going rate per comment changed?

          • Onyeze

            @Kay….lol……that’s a good one. I think there’s a 50-naira added bonus for direct insult to anybody in APC……. the noisier the bigger the bonus.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            lol, Onyeze.

            He was hanging out his jaws to dry!

            The counter-punch was irresistible!!

      • Wähala

        Reno is bisexual. He pays them with a jar of Vaseline and a handful of crumbs…
        Deri is knall gay, he was fired as Spokesman to Lady Hippo for lewd conduct four years ago. I know him personally and write authoritatively. Don’t pay him any attention, he’s a pervert with a badge… a drunk!

        • JI

          Miscreant stranded in Germany. I imagine you feel one of the APC monsters who will eventaully lick their wounds after the election in 2015 will bring you back through rescue mission to give you a job?

          e-rats do not get a place here. It is those who hit the ground running around before and during election that get fixed up. Unfortunately, the fortunes of these your masters will dwindle from February 2015

          • Wähala

            Hahaha mumu!
            So, you’re @Deri writing with yet another handle, was I responding to you? Suffer-head, you live on less than $2/day according to the UN and have the temerity to direct trash at me, ba? Olodo. Count your teeth with your tongue and tell me how many PDP states are restive at the moment. Soon, at least six Governors including Akpabio will desert you moron and make sure he loses in the 2015 elections… Dumbo’s fortunes have started dwindling with the desolution of Ebonyi, Adamawa party infrastructures. When others revolt, na dat time your eyes go clear. Better start gathering crumbs for rainy days ahead. Drunkard!

          • emmanuel

            He got you below your worn Belt.

            Everybody who wtites counter comment is Reno. Is your reasoning so shallow that you think those who write for the APC are the only people on this forum outside Reno?

            You must be a very depressed fellow, which makes for your shallow brain. Why not really come back home and start something for yourself. You consistency in addressing everybody as Reno, confirm that you are not serving your masters well.

            Your brothers from Niger, Chad, Mali are all over Lagos ridding Okada. You can step up to do Keke NAPEP.

    • Namadi

      Incompetency is all over Jonathan, Tambuwal visited 340 constituency as Speaker of the House of Representatives. His leadership provides for every constituency an opportunity to contribute in the Constitutional Amendments of 1999 constitution with participation from NGOs and other Organisations including NBA . Get info my friend.

      • Goodluck_Nigeria

        So visiting 340 Federal Constituencies instead of staying in Abuja to do his work is your Tambuwaal’s greatest achievement as Speaker ?

        You have just confirmed the fact that Aminu Tambuwaal’s greatest achievement as Speaker is heaping personal insults on President Goodluck Jonathan.

        Apart from insulting President Goodluck Jonathan what else did Aminu Tambuwaal achieve as Speaker ?

        The truth is that Aminu Tambuwaal did not understand his role and responsibilities as Speaker and more importantly Aminu Tambuwaal did not have the capacity to function as Speaker

    • Ide4u

      Why not refer to your dictionary for the meaning of incompetence before writing this trash?

  • djay

    A common sense decision. Nice move amiable speaker.


      No let’s face the truth,they just made him realise his place in a new party despite having worked as a spy for them for years. More humiliation awaits the back-stabber….just watch !!

  • Devil is a liar

    This guy is so pathetic. What are his achievements in any professional standing? He’s so bloody ordinary and APC are making such a big fuss about him. Is he in any way better than Nuhu Ribadu or Dimeji Bankole? What a tosser!!!

    • larry

      Is any financial issue around his neck? Tell me which other speaker in the history of Nigeria that is so lived by all the house members? Tell me which speaker in the history of Nigeria never got an impeachment threat? Tambuwal never got any. He is young and articulate. Kind of people we need in Nigerian politics. I will always vote for you Hon Tambuwal.

      • ferdyokwu

        Your yardstick on Tambuwal’s performance is pedestrian and hopelessly faulty! Performance should be assessed on the basis of RESULTS. What did the house which he led achieve? Is it the outrageous jumbo salaries / allowances that they fixed for themselves that he trimmed down? Being impeached or not impeached are no results; being young and articulate is not a result; you may need to go on a basic management course to get some learning in this area.

        • Namadi

          A correction for Larry, there are several impeachment movements in the green chamber but the leadership resisted and forge ahead to deliver Tambuwals agenda. To you fredo the house investigated fuel subsidy regime despite farouk lawan embarrassment, they uncovered looting from the families of former PDP leaders( their son’s are still in court ). The house instituted a lot of adhoc committees to investigate corruption in different ministries and parastatals ( Stella Oduah ) etc……………… The house cuts down jumbo salaries of previous leadership by 40% and maintained their budget without any increase from inauguration to date, despite demands of some members. Keep mentioning, u dey nija all this while??

    • Fulani Nomad

      The devil have lied! The devil is if course a lair

  • Preco01

    BEAUTIFUL…Your time my man will come soon, very soon..This is what you get from polished, articulate and committed Nigerians regardless of tribe, tongue or religion


      That was just the beginning of his self destruct adventure. A selfish “born-to-to rule” whose fixation is solely programmed in the interest of his Fulani tribe’s dominance of Nigeria’s political terrain.He withdrew because the other APC Fulani power mongers will not give a novice a chance.
      You may continue to wallow in your self deceit and untenable excuses for this crass public humiliation !!

      • kwango

        Boen to hate merchant. U no de sleep? Is it because of that your noisy Aso Rock generator? Take your usual ogogoro and sleep so that you continue your online punishment tomorrow.

    • Okey

      Implying that your own time will come very, very late ? Why the infinite delay, you are very much older than Tambuwal ?

    • Efe

      Parley, na drink you drink?

    • Uzoma

      Oh, please! This is what you get from a confused young man.

      • larry

        Who is more confused? U or Hon Tambuwal? Guy wake up. He is the our future president.

      • Olusegun Olawonyi

        Well said, Uzoma. My thoughts exactly!

      • Paiko

        Sorry! They are wiser than you think. Keeping the APC focused is more paramount than personal interest. That is why his is dropping his ambition for the Presidency. You will not get what you had envisaged i.e. confusion in the APC. Shame on you!!!

      • PROF

        GEJ: Tinubu my friend ,I see the mallam has escaped our trap.

        Tinubu: hahaha ,Your Excellency ,the mallam was smarter than I thought ohhh, I wanted to “Ribadufy” him.

        GEJ : hahaha ,Budillion the great!!! Oya ,hope you can deliver the general ?
        Tinubu: AH! Your Excellency ,this will cost you more ohhh!!!

        GEJ : HAHAHA, Budillion dont worry I will make you smile 🙂
        To be cont……..,

    • Olusegun Olawonyi

      This is more of confusion to me, than anything else. Did he not think his initial move through? Pity! He just lost the presidency – without a fight. He either was compromised or “Chickened” out! Which ever it is, it does not look good for his PR going forward.

  • Ekwekwe

    This man is so confused that he needs to have his head examined. Within one week: Quit his party (6th time to change parties between 1999 and 2014), sued to retain his post as speaker and his security protection, consulted and agreed to run for governor of Sokoto State, changed his mind and “accepted” to run for president, changed his mind and dropped his court case to retain the security provided to him as speaker, changed his mind and so will no longer run for president, and again changed his mind to run for governor of Sokoto State …. A case for Aro Mental Hospital.

  • Oleku

    Propaganda from the stable of the janjaweeds–his presidential bid was all phantom–to grease the elbows of them Mohammedans ati born to rule oil mongrels–let him return to Sokoto ati Islamic empire lets have some peace biko–PT please enough of such ewedu write ups from the bourdillon camp

  • Otile

    I have not seen the Yorubas so sad. In the first place what do they thin this man is going to do for them. The Yorubas count on Fulanis so much.

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    I am not a fan of Atiku Abubakar …….. and I am convinced that he is wholly unfit to vie for the Office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria because of his ethnic and religious bias that culminated in his crowning as the consensus candidate of the Muslim North.

    But this I have observed:

    Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has been traveling all over the country to meet with potential delegates to the forthcoming APC convention ….. persuading them to elect him as the APC Presidential Candidate ……… I am aware Atiku Abubakar is also going round the country presenting his work-program for moving the country forward if elected as APC Presidential Candidate and if he goes ahead to win the forthcoming Presidential Election …. God forbid.

    Atiku is campaigning vigorously …… nobody has come out to say that Atiku gave them money to vote for him as APC Presidential Candidate …… nobody has come out to say that Atiku promised to give them money if they vote for him.

    Atiku Abubakar is working so hard and campaigning vigorously for the APC Presidential ticket …. it’s there for all to see.

    But what is Buhari doing ………. nothing

    What is Nasir El Rufai (Buhari’s Chief of Staff) doing ……. nothing …… spending time to do some mindless cartoons on Boko Haram instead of going to the field to win delegates for Buhari.

    Tomorrow if Atiku wins the APC ticket people will begin to say that Atiku used money to influence delegates or they will say that it was a gang up against Buhari ….. they will conveniently forget that Atiku is out there in the field working so hard to win his party’s nomination.

    It is this same attitude that Buhari extends to national election campaigns …… Buhari will never run effective country-wide voter winning campaigns … yet he would expect to win.

    • Paiko

      Continue having sleepless nights and nightmares over Buhari!!! Also note in your deft head that APC have said times without number that they are not using the delegate system to allow for fairness. That is part of the change APC is talking about. Buhari remains the candidate to beat anytime!!!

  • ICC Hague

    Nice one from Tambuwal, GEJ Is so Sad ogogoro will be in trouble today, He was pushing IBB behind the scene to compel Tambuwal to contest, so that he can block Buhari and get an easy ride. No way Buhari is the people choice for 2015, tested and trusted.

    • Goodluck_Nigeria

      FYI …….. GEJ is not bothered about APC because GEJ knows that 2015 Presidential election is already a walk-over against APC.

      Where would Buhari get the votes to win …….. is it from the places he never got the votes to win in his three failed attempts ?

      I would advise APC to adopt what I call combined candidates for the 2015 election ….. i.e . APC should field ten candidates on one ticket in order to register their loosing presence at the national elections. ‘

      Buhari , Atiku or Tambuwaal will never be enough if fielded as sole candidates.

      APC must combine Buhari, Atiku, Tambuwaal, Kwankwaso, Tinubu, Buko-ole Saraki, IBB, OBJ, and Sultan of Sokoto ……. these must fielded as combined candidates on one ticket …… it is only when this is done that APC will ever get very little attention from GEJ and millions of Nigerians that have heartily given him their mandate to continue as Nigeria’s President till 2019.

      Don’t forget GEJ never mentioned APC throughtout his recent declaration speech ….. he just does not have time for them …… he knows they are not a threat ….. GEJ knows that APC and Buhari are nothing but his discarded footstool.

      • ICC Hague

        Enough is enough for looters and criminals in the helm of affairs of our country, they have been looting the country under the guise of stealing is not corruption, sacrificing the lives of innocent Nigerians in the northeast through PDP cult activities. Jonathief wasted our six solid years doing nothing for our country, time is resources we cant afford to waste another four years. change is inevitable, Nigeria must be Jonathief free, corruption free and insecurity free come 2015. Vote Jonathief out to otouke and straight to ICC for prosecution for crime against humanity.

    • Wähala

      Buhari will run all of them out of town, Baba Iyabo included, not only Dumb is having a sleepless night tonight. Great move by APC or whoever convinced Tambuwal to see reason. The only person I’m waiting for in Austra or Switzerland is bug-eyes, Diezani with our $20bn. Thieves!

      • JI

        who give you money to enter train go Switzerland? Over 90% of Hurstlers who remained in Europe during and after the World recession are stranded including you. I beg make we hear work, Yam head.

  • Sword of Damocles

    After carefully studying this masterful document from Speaker Tambuwal, my words are for Asiwaju: we will not accept a deadlocked primary in which no candidate emerges, thus compelling the “drafting” of the Speaker to serve as ” shining armour” consensus candidate later. Understand that the suffering Masses have made a CLEAR & CONCISE request to your party: Give us Mai Gaskiya as the APC Presidential Candidate for election to President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2015. Tambuwal appears to be superior law advocate and a proper patriot, but the prize or as they would say in Austin, the “big enchilada” is Mai Gaskiya holding his Hand High while swearing on the Holy Q’uran that he will bring the people who DARED put their boots on the neck of Nigeria to JUSTICE, so help him God

    the reason d’etre for this post is this statement by the Speaker:

    “suspend my participation in the presidential contest for now”, plus the entire statement was a what he would bring to the table if elected(like i said masterful)

    • Garden-City Boy

      You call that rubbish masterful. Show one thing “masterful” about it.

      • Sword of Damocles

        the saying goes “you can take a horse to the river but you cannot make it drink”… ring a bell?

    • Otile

      Nothing but hallucination.

      • Sword of Damocles

        you are the expert on that subject…….sapele water any one?

  • Sharia_Haram

    A confused Muslim-Jihadist.

  • UOU

    What a troubled mind Mr Tambuwal is, definitely what he has been sowing politically, is now coming out for him to reap, bountifully. This is the beginning and continuation of his downfall, so steady and speedily

    • Bishop

      I think he has done the right thing. If only GEJ did same by allowing a very intelligent,smart and a man of integrity from the Ijaw tribe, Nigeria would have been better. Let’s look at Nigeria not our selfish interest. I pray other politicians will learn from him and Sen Pius Anyim

  • Mr Igbo Sanity

    The Paradoxes of jonathan, the Most Corrupt and Most Wicked and Evil unelected “president” of Nigeria:
    Given the opportunity, ours (APC) would be a clean, corrupt-free, competent and purposeful government: to deal with the inexplicable paradoxes that PDP have used to hold us hostage for over a fifteen years.. Rt Hon. Tambuwal:

    1 The paradox of ever growing abject poverty in the midst of plenty; the paradox of ever growing menace of corruption in the face of the collective capacity of Nigerians to eradicate same, (jonathan STEALING) 20 billion dollars (nearly 4 trillion naira) unremitted oil money)

    2) the paradox of decaying infrastructure especially epileptic power supply in the face of abundant natural resources;
    (jonathan promised 16,000 MW of electricity but went from 4,000 to 2500 MW today, so that his cronies can continue sucking blood of 100 Trillion yearly expense to run generators)

    3) the paradox of glaring internal insecurity in the face of a gallant military,police and other security agencies that have excelled in peace keeping and enforcement abroad. (upwards of 30,000 innocent Nigerians MURDERED under jonathan ‘s watch, millions displaced, hundreds of thousands refugees in Chad, Cameroon, and Niger. The BLOODIEST regime since 1999.)

    4) Indeed a government that would deploy extraordinary ways and means where such becomes inevitable within the ambit of the law.( jonathan watched and shared blood money and saw upwards of 30,000 innocent Nigerians MURDERED, 276 Chiok girls hauled away in trucks like COWS, and have been in captivity for nearly a year)

    Anybody supporting this blood-soaked jonathan regime, this Most Wicked and Most corrupt jonathan, in 2015, has the blood of upwards of 30,000 Nigerians on their hands. Jonathan MUST be FLUSHED OUT of Aso Rock and sent to the Hague to face crimes against humanity

  • favourtalk

    That’s when APC can put his house in other, what they wanted to do for tambuwa is what GEJ is doing right now, they pushed GEJ to contest by the some irrelevants folks in this country and he fell for it. Tambuwa knew that his time is only for the governor not yet ripe for presidency and he went for it. That’s common sense but it’s too big for GEJ to see cos he’s not operating with high sense of understanding. We need a change not some dummy occupying a place

  • _Proudly Niger Deltan

    Those Regions (West & North) who think that Nigeria belongs to them and therefore can conspire and collude to determine who governs Nigeria and when, will be in for a shocker of their lives.

    The North & West of continent Nigeria have misgovernedNigeria for 49 of 54 yrs producing 13 of 14 Presidents within the same period. The East, sadly the region that has made considerable quantum of sacrifices in human & material resources have produced a President for
    over 50yrs …and they are neither bombing nor burning infrastructure. Rather wherever they are, they do the exact opposite. They build!

    The North & West must remember that they alone have no exclusive preserve of making the company ungovernable. They must also remember not to forget that the Ijaw tribe alone is 24m peoples which makes it 4 times the population of Sierra Leone, over 5 times size of Norway, an d over 20 times the size of Malta…and Yenagoa is certainly larger than Freetown…as the scheming continue, the Niger Delta watches with care…and we shall see who will agree to this fantasized delusional colonization ideas. If we are one country, then leave Great Jona alone or you will get more than sufficient trouble. Remember, Nobody has a monopoly of bombs…my resources are not for corrupt power drunk aliens. Nonsense.

    • Chukwudi

      Thanks. Someone needs to tell them in very direct language as you have done. We keep quiet too much in this country.

    • aiyekotto

      please calm down and answer these questions, kindly note these are questions, not insults…
      1. did you know the number of states that voted for GEJ in the southwest in 2011?
      2. can you remember how many northern states GEJ won at the pre-2011 election PDP presidential primaries AND at the elections itself ?
      3. Have you noticed a number of Northern Groups presently campaigning for GEJ?

    • tijan kabba

      so because the Ijaws are 5 times the size of Norway is why an Ijaw thief should run this country to the ground? Pls we are talking about the fate of a nation and not some tribe.

      • Prophet

        Who agreed to this nigeria nation of a thing, Nigeria project is not worth he blood being wasted

  • abujakenneth

    I never like this Tambuwal of a guy. He is a deceiver. Check his political history. He has never stayed in a party for more than a session. Atiku is better because he has a nationalistic look though he is acclaimed very corrupt. Buhari is the best amongst the APC gladiators but APC is the party of jokers parading themselves as solution to Nigeria problems when they are the problems themselves.

    • tijan kabba

      and the PDP is the party the would “save” Nigeria? they have had 16 years and this is where we are. GEJ has been president for almost 6 years now and what do we have to show for it. It is insanity to keep doing the same things and be expecting different results. Ekiti is a good example.

  • MushinSpeaks

    Hate him or love him, Tambuwal is a class; his pedigree and records show his meeknes and astute leadership of a perfect politician.

    Likes of him in APC will help change this nation. Change we need!

  • Ebola or Gej

    Well-done My speaker, one day, not too long after BUHARI one tenure in 2019, you are our prefer candidate for this office. In the mean time I wish you successful tenure as executive governor of Sokoto State to have more experience as an executive having acquired impressive skill as an Legislature.

  • sir Oscie

    I have always known this will happen, But it came earlier than I expected. Anyway the APC presidential pendulum is swiftly swinging to ATIKU Abubakar’s favour who in my opinion is the most prepared candidate for the race.
    Hon. Tambuwal the Sokoto governorship seat is yours. The Change is here. #ANigeriaForAll.


    Great, wise and mature speech. You will surely get there someday. You need the time to further understudy these murderers, vampires and wicked looters and their antics in order ascend the Presidency. Right now, they will do anything to prevent any sincere liberator from getting nearer. Let’s get our acts together and united to kick them out. As you rightly pointed out, your late and forced entry would have done more damage to the chances and sincerity of the APC and confused the masses and admirers the more. Although I am not a card-carrying member of APC, it is my contention that even any dog should easily flush out badluck Jonah, where elections are fair and transparent. The ordinary man desperately deserves a change and APC seems to be the vehicle for the change as at now. You have sacrificed your self for the party and the masses and I know, your reward will come abundantly very soon.

  • tijan kabba

    Aminu Tambuwal oozes class and integrity like no other and i am sure some day soon, he will pilot this country to greatness.

  • Mr. Abdin

    Tambuwal you have done the right thing lets work together to salvage Nigeria so that we can have competent hands that can stabilize and move the country forward. That is why the likes of Atiku is needed to fix the country because of his experience.

  • bikky

    Hon. Tambuwal I doff my hat for you,you know what you want,when and how you want it,you will not allow anybody to push you against your wish,kudos to a great Nigerian. Now, how do we collectively build this nation as you rightly said,how do we put sentiment and tribalism aside to see where we are and understand where we are going? We need a nation govern by a citizen who see all of us as equal and share our common wealth the way it should be,not my oyel,my oyel like some people are shouting everyday,we need a nation where justice is being done,where corruption is reduced to minimal if not curbed,a nation where my right is protect and guide jealously. I hope soonest we shall get there. Here is the Time,Vote wisely,we need a new man,a new bottle with a good wine. HERE IS THE TIME

    • emmanuel

      My Oyel. If na Fulani Land Nigeria for dey drill Oil, by now all Churches in the South would have had Imam vetting their programmes before Church Services or worst still closed all Churches by now.

      You guys would have divided the country into two and sent the non-productive parts away. Yet you want owners of the resources to serve you.

      Anyway, we shall cut down the tall trees some day

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Honourable Aminu Tambuwal,is the symbol of democratic stature in town and quite a very responsible,intelligent and compassionate whose political future is bright.