Alleged Jonathan’s Election Killer Squad: Al-Mustapha replies Obasanjo

Hamza Al-Mustapha leaving Kirikiri prison

Hamza Al-Mustapha, an army major and former Chief Security Officer to the late Head of State, Sani Abacha, recently floated a non-governmental organisation, Al-Mustapha Unity and Development Initiative.

In this interview with PREMIUM TIMES, he speaks on the mission of the organisation and its source of funding as well as life after 15 years in detention, his plan to return to the military, and the allegation by former President Olusegun Obasanjo that Mr. Al-Mustapha was heading a killer squad for President Goodluck Jonathan ahead of the 2015 general elections.

PT: What have you been doing since you returned from detention?

Al-Mustapha: We were deliberately disconnected from the society that we have been with for many years before having served Nigeria, from my commission to my arrest in 1998. So from 1998 to 2013 is a long period. So, for 15 years that you’ve been kept out of the society you are desirous of serving and you believe you owe a lot. It is only normal that we continue to have a reconnect as a directive from within our own programmes from the north to the south. We have built a lot of goodwill in the years past and it is only normal that we see ourselves going around for a reconnect.

PT: What is your impression of the recent ceasefire agreement between the FG and the Boko Haram?

Al-Mustapha: Where there are any operations those who are deep into it are the ones that are actually aware of the nitty-gritty involved. So, if out of the surface or I don’t know about the conception to the present state, it will be foolish for me to be commenting on it. I prefer not to talk if I’m ignorant of some topics, rather I am confident to discuss or talk or contribute on any matter that I am familiar with and I am aware of.

PT: How would you respond to the allegation by former President Obasanjo that you are heading a killer squad for President Jonathan?

Al-Mustapha: I have replied him that it is most unfortunate. That is what I said. And for him to have come up with that I’m sure he has no fact, he has no figures, and he has nothing to say other than what he has done. If he’s angry that God has granted us freedom, that’s another thing entirely. But to give such an allegation, weighty as it is in the eyes of the law, certainly that is a fundamental issue that cannot be brushed aside. I challenge him to an open a debate as a direct reply.

When he made that allegation in writing to the president I was not in Nigeria. I was in India treating the injuries he infected on me courtesy of torture that he arranged on me since 15 years. And while I was on hospital bed the information came that a letter was written on such an allegation. It’s most unfortunate. I wish being a statesman, a former head of state (and) a former senior military officer he should be able to summon me, even to Otta. I’m ready to go anywhere he wishes to discuss such issues. But I was not and I am not to be counted among those who have ill feelings against Nigeria. Rather we are bridge builders; we are peace building machine and we believe in peaceful coexistence of Nigeria. It is the mission before us. So it was so it is. We will not deviate from that.

PT: You’ve forgiven him?

Al-Mustapha: Of course, I have. Every other person, even out of mischief, requires forgiveness. It is strength to he that has forgiven and it a lesson to he that initiated mischief. Mischief cannot and will not have a sustained result no matter who, where and when.

PT: What are your views about the presidential ambition of some prominent northerners like Muhammadu Buhari and Atiku Abubakar?

Al-Mustapha: I am not a political party card-carrying member. So I cannot comment on that. I’m watching the way you, as a citizen, is watching. We will keep watching. So, the interest and desire of whatsoever as provided by the law to provide leadership to Nigeria is therefore for anybody to exercise.

You can aspire to contest for presidency tomorrow and we look forward with delight where young men will take up a challenge. Give it a shot, try, if you can, as enshrined in the law. While they are contesting we are also looking particularly for younger ones to do so and to provide leadership to Nigerians.

PT: What is your take on the entry of late Head of State, Sani Abacha’s son into the governorship race in Kano State?

Al-Mustapha: He is desirous of becoming an aspirant. Mohammed Abacha is my younger brother and where he has an interest, surely I will also have an interest there. I don’t think he’s the one contesting I’m the one pushing him to contest.

PT: Are you supporting President Goodluck Jonathan?

Al-Mustapha: The president is the president and commander-in-chief and as a commander-in-chief, he is the commander-in-chief to the military and that is where I belong.

PT: Are you still in service?

Al-Mustapha: My matter will come up at the Supreme Court and once it finishes everything will be formally regularized and it will be one.  I’m in court.

PT: Right now you are not in the military?

Al-Mustapha: I’m in Supreme Court. You will hear the outcome because it will be made public.

PT: You have an NGO called Al-Mustapha Unity and Development Initiative. Who is funding it?

Al-Mustapha: Well-wishers and many of my friends in and out of Nigeria! We are committed to peace building assignment in our hands and we believe we will add colours and make the difference in Nigeria. We want a very peaceful Nigeria. For many things to come, it will.


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  • Dr. Kay

    Is this the time and moment to answer baba after nearly a year that the horse has bolted you now closing the barn gate abi murderer Al-mustafa? For you to be answering the question now only means one thing , the killer squads are already in place , you were quiet because you scrambling hard to secretly continue your evil deeds by training and preparing these squad members for the mayhem they about to unleash on innocent Nigerians. I will not be surprised if we start hearing in the next few weeks that hired assassins have started their evil deeds , watch this space , this is not the last we hear of this.

    • Dambraka Gaskiya

      After nearly a year? …maybe ’cause he’s moved on with his life long ago, while you’re jobless!!!

      • Dr. Kay

        Aboki Gaskiya if you don’t understand Turenchi maybe go back to high school and retake English grammar. Is your uncle Dangote that you wan dash me a job? Sege useless malam , is that all you got to say ? You lots always foolishly supports each other even if the person is a criminal murderer of a defenseless woman. Jamboroba sege to you , remove your brain from your arse and put it directly inside your skull, imbecile !

        • George

          Please mumu Native dr. kay tell us how many killed under your useless OBJ and how many killed under Abacha.

          Lets count———————– mumu

          • Nevermind

            Nigerians abusing themselves because of OBJ and Abacha. No wonder the country is backwars.

          • Dr. Kay

            Continue counting nah , you must have missed kindergarten so much , you are the Mumu here useless ingrate

        • Bala Ibraheem

          E be like say that guys comment pain you o! I had to back and read what he wrote and compared with yours. Amazingly, i did not see where he used any a abusive language on you. But just look at your comment. No decent person will be proud of that trash you wrote. What a lowlife you must be. I have noticed several people have cautioned you and yur obscene friends here, but no way! U can’t give what you don’t have right??
          The list is endless: Dr Kay, Kay soyemi, Wähala, tundemash, ending Naija, etc.
          U guys accuse GEJ of corruption. I hope you realize immorality is a form of corruption. Your write-ups are very uncivil, indecent and immoral.
          Bottomline, you are all immoral lowlifes! Anyone as immoral as u guys will likely steal also if u end up in a position of authority.


            Dont mind him…na blood the thing dey…those who no get liver to fight or confront, na dem go bring down torrential insults on you once you expose their fault or challenge their position…their only weapon is insults…. just take a count of people who abuse others on this forum and you will notice that they are all from one tribe…Oluwole people

          • Otile

            With Kay soyemi and Wähala leading the insolent mob.

          • tundemash

            I was hoping you would ask murderer Al Mustapha and the almajiri Baa Ibraheem about the murder of Ken Saro Wiwa but as it is even if the devil supports GEJ on 2015,it is ok with you. YOU ARE EVIL.!!! As per Bala Ibraheem, I won’t dignify the nonentity with a response.

          • Nigeriana

            Well pointed out!

          • Sword of Damocles

            Yous state that “Dr Kay, Kay soyemi, Wähala, tundemash, ending Naija are all immoral lowlifes”, thus the question that begs is are people like “truth, otile, something-incommunicado and some of the other ethno religious jingoists that permeate this pages upright citizens? By their utterances we shall ALWAYS know the enemies of Nigeria. Truth is simple to defend, but lies , treason, duplicity & dishonor are the difficult because they are LIES & DISHONORABLE. What is regrettable is that every person you mentioned are the courageous few who challenge tyranny and the RAPING of 170 million people on these pages daily. You used words like ” uncivil, indecent and immoral”. You should be making the argument that the PDP govt circa 1999 to date has been ” uncivil, indecent and immoral” towards its own people( a SEMINAL TABOO BETRAYAL, against everything our ancestors EVER stood for ), but reading yous statement i can only, ONCE AGAIN harken back to the ailment known as Stockholm Syndrome. Nigeria is in deep doo-doo with some of the humans it has the MISFORTUNE of calling citizens. Sometimes man tire o!

          • Otile

            You are a member of that insolent group they are talking about. It is laughable how you are pointing… see others are rude too. The other people you pointed out are honest, proffering rare answers to what ails Nigeria. Your own group is only here to tear people down, insult, defame and defend APC. You don’t care who you hurt.

          • Sword of Damocles

            and I wear it LIKE A BADGE OF HONOR! Coming from the likes of you? I have seen your comments many times on this forum, and i repeat coming from the likes of you? Sic Semper tyrannis- John Wilkes Booth, Friday April 14th 1865

          • Otile

            I can’t help you. You have to change your mindset to help yourself.

          • Sword of Damocles

            Change my mindset to yours?lickspittle sycophant? methinks not!!

          • Sword of Damocles

            Under the Caption : SLOW WITS, you typed:

            “It is laughable how you are pointing… see others are rude too.” Actually that was not the point i was making. I was simply pointing out that those characters are ethno religious jingoists who are making EXCUSES for the Common thieves who call themselves Nigerian “leaders”. I will never forget when i was growing up in Nigeria, On weekends i had to go and buy newspapers for my Dad, one sunday morning I saw the burnt out cadaver of an unfortunate soul laying out on the street, he had been necklaced for “alleged stealing”, yet the men and women you and your minions-in-crime come hear to defend have stolen the commonwealth of 100’s of millions of Nigerians and yet they are living large(free as a bird). Justice, mr Otile is what will mitigate Naija situation, and them crooks that you defend everyday like you are a connoisseur of the french art of “tongue kissing”, THEM are the KEY to the JUSTICE that 170 millions souls(including some that have passed) are seeking. We just want to “congratulate” them on a job well done!

          • Otile

            Your group is bitter indeed.

          • Sword of Damocles

            Bitter, i dont know…… more like we want a pound of FLESH, preferably ruling elites & bootlickers FLESH

          • Dr. Kay

            Bala, I must give you credit for being a mind reader and while we are at it can you read my mind now? You are an arse hole if the picture you have is not this

      • Bunduma Mohammed

        Mustapha kept quite after his hatched job failed jn Kaduna. He has no relevance because he is a murderer. You must be a muderer to support a muderer even if you are brothers. The snippers OBJ siad would be trained by Hamza Al-Mustapha are the boko haram killers.

  • Abdurrazaq

    You sued a clergy in kaduna state for echoing the same allegation made by Obasanjo and here you are saying that you have forgiven Obasanjo,who was the first to make that allegation. May be Obasanjo has facts to prove the allegation and the clergy does not have any!

  • Wähala

    Obasanjo got his information from the former Defense Minister who was sacked along with former PDP Secretary, Oyinlola, accused of being OBJ “plants” in the Presidency, let Al-Mustapha sue Baba Iyabo for defamation of character if he has any to protect. If he was not training snipers, why and where did Dumbo fly him around the country in presidential jets shortly after his release? To “reconnect” with who exactly? Fact is, Al-Mustapha and Dr. Dumbo are two faces of a psychopath, cold-killers without remorse. It would be a grave mistake to reinstate Al Mustapha in the Army as obviously his claims to want to serve is barely a dangerous ploy to get back to a position of power… and, back to his old ways after a bloody military coup. This clown knows Abu Shekau, he is probably his conduit for releasing fake pictures of the dead terrorist and all his evil videos. Al-Mustapha is dangerous to national security… wallahi!

    • Bunduma Mohammed

      He and Asari his nwe found friend may be behind the killing of our people in the name of boko haram

      • Otile

        Knock it off. This is North on North killing, and you know it. Don’t shift the blame. We are tired of your APC baseless accusations.

        • Bunduma Mohammed

          North on North and the President who swore to defend the consititution which provision of security of life is looking without doing anything. Is the president who is helping boko haram with state of emergency and shielding and arming the sponsors of boko haram also from the north? My brother please shine your eye and see fact intead of being blind for ever. Remember the G34 that formed the neucleou of the fight against Abacha were from the North. Evil in power whether he is from the north or south should be condemned. Stop the tribal politics and be reasonable

  • _Chief Ovie O. JP

    What else can I say? If the mischief in Chief before whom “Generals” Oluwole Diya & Oluwole Aziza wept and cried with their knees to the ground, now calls Obasanjo a mischievous one, then what else do I have to say? In fact, either Mustapha or OBJ or both, are “an illiterate”. Spiuuuuusssssshhhhh…….

  • Mimi Tina

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    • Jojo


  • Maria

    He has to say he has forgiven OBJ because he knows if he pushes OBJ, the facts and figures including other damning evidence will emerge. Yeye man… you ought to have been hanged, and certainly, you will still be hanged because you are going back to where you rightly belong, which is hell… mr murderer.

  • Omo Akin

    Al-Mustapha’s response is full of contradiction. He said he is not a party man but he is also the one pushing Abacha’s son to contest on a party platform and his interest is where Abacha’s son is. His “comradeship” with Dokubo did not go unnoticed. Are the hooded “security men” unleashed on Osun people during the governorship election graduates of Dokubo’s university?
    I am not a fan of Obasanjo, but I know that he will not make such a statement if there was no basis for it. There is one thing Obasanjo can do to redeem himself – he should apologize to Nigerians for foisting on Nigerians what has put us in our current situation.

  • Aminu

    Al Mustapha! Clever by half,you can’t comment on Presidential ambition of Atiku Abubakar or Muhammadu Buhari because you are not a card carrying political party but at the same time you belong to GEJ ambition for third term and pushing Muhammed Abacha to Aspire for Governorship,what a contradictory statements

  • rosemary

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  • Mallam Mahdi

    Useless and irresponsible fellow, when Jonathan died will be back to where you belongs and there forever.

  • malam

    Warships you are forever going to remain a buttsnipper.

  • Sharia_Haram

    I will rather vote for Abacha than Buhari.

  • bikky

    Oh my mother land! Al-mustapha on the front of our newspaper,its a pity,this guy suppose not to be heard from any where at all let alone of granting interview.Please PT forget this political frontier and let talk about progress of Nigeria.

  • David Ononobi

    I thank GOD for releasing Al-Muastapha and Iam happy as he is taking his time. Iam happy of his Peace Initiative, even if he had committed through receiving instruction from his boss, I was told that military is obey the command since he is out from prison, it is the GOD doing and no body should query GOD.


    If almustapha is reasonable person, he suppose to keep quite since God saved him in the first place.

  • AChosenOne BySheerGrace

    ** OBJ made serious allegations against you which he has refused to take back. He did not as you to forgive him. You say you’ve forgiven him when the courts are there to clear you. Musterpher I believe you are indeed a sniper.
    ** You are totally apolitical to the extent that you can’t make comments on political gladiators. Yet you are sponsoring Abacha to contest governorship and you will be campaigning alongside him. You are also totally for Jonathan. Mustapher you are an unrepentant serial lair.
    Nigerians should throw this killer into the dust bin of history.