Nasarawa Violence: 32 killed as gunmen ambush displaced persons retuning home

Governor Tanko Al-Makura

Gunmen on Sunday morning ambushed travellers along Arikye Village in Nasarawa Eggon Local Government Area, killing at least  32 of them, according to body counts done by PREMIUM TIMES.

The victims, who had been displaced from their homes due to the violence in the state, were said to be returning when the attack occurred.

Governor Umaru Al-Makura had last week visited the displaced persons camps and asked them to go home. The governor said the state government was working with security agencies to improve the security situation as well as provide relief materials.

The Nasarawa State Police Public Relations Officer, Ismaila Numan, confirmed Sunday’s attack but said the details and casualty were yet to be ascertained.

A witness, Bala Mohammad, told PREMIUM TIMES that the attackers divided themselves into groups and ensured no one escaped.

“We were at the farm when we continued to hear gun shots, so we hid and watched them execute our brothers without help,” he said.

“They will ask if you are an Eggon by tribe. If you say yes, they will allow you to go, but unknown to the victims, another group was waiting in the middle.

“Those ones were just shooting at sight whenever they discovered that some people were coming,” he added.

Thousands of people have been killed in ethno-religious crisis in North-Central states of Nasarawa, Plateau, and Benue, as well as neighbouring Taraba State in the past year. The violence there is different from the Boko Haram insurgency which has killed over 13,000 people mainly in the North Eastern part of Nigeria.


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    Some country; some leadership.

    • The attacks that took place on 11-Sept-2001 in the U.S. were perpetrated by EDUCATED Muslims
      (e.g., Pilots). About 3000 people were killed on that one day (within 3 hours),
      more than 6000 people injured and at-least $10 Billion loss in property and infrastructure.
      Fifteen of the nineteen perpetrators were SAUDIS, 1 Egyptian, 1 Lebanese, 2 from Arab Emirates.

      The following is from my article “Islam’s Jesus”:

      In Islam, hiding the intention to expand Islamic territory is a virtue. When Muhammad didn’t have enough soldiers,
      he agreed to be peaceful with Mecca (Peace Treaty of Hudaibiya), but after he gained more followers,
      he went from Medina to Mecca and conquered Mecca during Ramadan
      (a pre-Islamic pagan fasting month in which Meccans won’t usually fight). Following the example of Muhammad,
      Muslims (even today) advocate and follow Quranic and Hadithic verses that speaks of making peace with infidels
      when Muslims are the minority in a society. Examples of such verses are:
      Q2.256 “Let there be no compulsion in religion …”

      The Qur’an and Hadith doesn’t limit the expansion of Ummah al-Islamiyah,
      the lands over which Sharia’s Theocracy must be administered;
      in comparison to the Torah’s Theocracy over a specified land: Eretz YisraEl.

      Please read the whole article at my website, which is the name i’m using here.

      • Ibrahim

        Please do not distort facts. That Hadith was said after Arabia was conquered by Islam!

      • Guest_2

        Will you please check the following sources (Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Sunan Abu-Dawud, Tafsir Ibn Kathir, and Authentic books of Sirah like Ibn Hisam and others), don’t rely on your falsehood sources that you and your alike have been posting on the internet. I’ll like to advice you to eschew spreading falsehood, and below is the summary of the hudaybiyyah treaty:


        The Quraysh then sent Suhayl ibn Amr. When the Messenger (S.A.W) of Allah saw him coming, he remarked, ‘It is clear that they want peace since they have sent this man.’ He told his Companions to prepare a draft agreement. He called for Ali ibn Abi Talib and told him, Write: In the name of Allah, the Merciful, and the Compassionate.’ ‘By Allah,’ Suhayl said, ‘we do not know who this “Merciful” is. Rather write, “In Your name, O Allah” as you used to write.’ The Muslims said, ‘By Allah, we will only write, “in the name of Allah, the Merciful, and the Compassionate.” ‘The Prophet said, ‘Write, “In Your name, O Allah.” ‘Then he said, ‘Write, “This is what Muhammad, the Messenger (S.A.W) of Allah has agreed.” ‘‘By Allah,’ retorted Suhayl, ‘if we accepted that you were the Messenger (S.A.W) of Allah, we would not have prevented you from reaching the House of Allah nor fought you. Rather write, “Muhammad ibn Abdullah.”‘ The Prophet said, ‘I am the Messenger (S.A.W) of Allah even though you do not believe me. Write,
        “Muhammad ibn Abdullah.” ‘He asked Ali to erase what he had written but Ali Said, ‘By Allah no, I will not erase it.’

        The Messenger (S.A.W) of Allah said, ‘Show me the place,’ and he erased it himself. Then he said, ‘This is what the Messenger (S.A.W) of Allah agrees provided that you give us leave to perform tawaf of the Ka’bah.’ Suhayl Said, ‘By Allah, we will not allow the Arabs to say that we submitted to pressure. It will have to be next year.’ It was also written: ‘On the condition that if any of our men, even if he has your religion, comes to you, you will return him to us.’

        The Muslims said, ‘Glory be to Allah! How can we return someone to the idol-worshippers after he has become a Muslim’ While they were thus engaged, Abu Jandal ibn Suhayl came on the scene fettered by chains. He had escaped from Makkah, and threw himself down among the Muslims. Suhayl looked at his son and commented, ‘Muhammad, here is the first man that you have to return under this treaty.’ ‘We have not finished the document yet,’ countered the Prophet. ‘Then, by Allah, I will never agree to anything.’ ‘Let me keep him,’ said the Messenger (S.A.W) of Allah. ‘I will not allow you to keep him.’ ‘Let him go for my sake.’ ‘I will not.’

        ‘O Muslims!’ said Abu Jandal, Am I to be returned to the idol-worshippers when I have come to you as a Muslim? Do you not see what I have suffered?’ He had been severely tortured for his beliefs. However, the Prophet returned him as his father had demanded. The two parties agreed to abandon war for ten years. During that period everyone would live in peace. Both sides would be safe and would refrain from fighting one another. Whoever came to Muhammad (S.A.W) from the Quraysh without obtaining the permission of his guardian would be returned to them, but whoever came to the Quraysh from those with Muhammad need not be returned to him.
        Whoever wanted to enter into an alliance and agreement with Muhammad could do so and whoever wanted to enter into an alliance and agreement with the Quraysh would also be free to do so.

        Outcomes of the Treaty

        The following year, the Prophet made the pilgrimage, according to the terms of the Treaty nopposed by the Quraysh. Near the end of the seventh year after migration, the Quraysh along with the allied Bani Bakr tribe, attacked the Bani Khuzaah tribe, who were allies of the Muslims. The Bani Khuzaah appealed to the Prophet for help and protection. This incident directly violated the treaty of Hudaybiyya. The Bani Khuzaah sent a delegation to the Prophet requesting his support. However, even then the Prophet did not act in haste. Instead he sent a letter to the Quraysh demanding payment of blood money for those killed, and a disbandment of their alliance with the Bani Bakr. Otherwise the Prophet said, the treaty would be declared null and void.

        Quraysh then sent an envoy to Medina to announce that they considered the Treaty of Hudaybiyya null and void. However they immediately regretted this step – and therefore the leader of Quraysh Abu Sufyan, himself traveled to Madina to renew the contract. Despite having been the greatest enemy of the Muslims, no hand was laid on the man who had been such a source of persecution and harm to them. He was even permitted to go to the Prophet’s mosque and announced that “I am reinstating the Treaty of Hudaybiyya!” – an announcement which went unheeded.

        He returned to Makkah in humiliation before his people. It was only after this clear and forthright upholding of the conditions of a treaty whose conditions were utterly humiliating for the Muslims, and only after giving the Quraysh every chance to make amends, that preparation for the retaking of Makkah by the Prophet took place. And that in itself is a story of the great mercy of the Prophet, unparalleled in history.

        I wait to hear from you. Though I know it will not be possible for you. Thank you

        • “Whoever changes his Islamic religion, kill him” (Sahih Bukhari 9.57)

  • Chris1408

    Violence, violence and violence. Is this the new way to get to heaven?

  • ofonime Daniel Imoh

    This country is doomed!! All we hear everyday is deaths and no significant news that can improve the life of an average Nigerian. The governor asked them to go that adequate security will be made available for them, but what is the news now? When will politicians learn to provide the basic necessities like security, good roads and power for us? When? Is it when every body in this country has been wiped out? Why can’t they reduce the love they have for money and do their jobs. now see how many lives that have been wasted. It is only in Nigeria that the populace are afraid to confront their so called leaders. We are doomed

    • Peter

      No, the country is not doomed. It is the north that is doomed. Every of their ills and woes being blamed on Jonathan and his administration. The burden of poverty that rooted from their selfish and wicked leaders have now been transferred to President Goodluck Jonathan. Southerners should start leaving that region fast. This is a murderous region that has failed.

  • Otile

    Allah Wubade. It is interesting to see that life means nothing in the North. At first I thought Igbo were there enemy, now that Igbo have left they are killing themselves. Karma is powerful indeed. Yet fo*ls will start blaming Jonathan for the actions of blood-thirsty beasts.

  • Sharia_Haram

    Jihad-Muslims on a killing spree of non-Muslims.The political calculation from Northern Muslims is to kill and reduce the number of non-Muslims who are known vote for Jonathan come 2015 election. Northern Muslims will fail.

  • mao

    Did you people read the article at all. Eggon tribe have no religious affiliation. Infact, most of their political leaders are Christians eg Maku. What does this have to do with Muslims?

    • growthengine

      They are infidels. The Govenor is responsible for the deaths. He urged them to go back home and promised security, well…

  • favourtalk

    It’s all in a way to discredit the al-makura work in the state. That’s all what labaran maku is trying to achieve in the state, we need a change and a president who does not see any form of terrorism and religeon as a way to win him election like he’s using bokoharam to do

  • Bello Blessing

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    • Peter

      This thief. Go and sell this dummy to your family members. God will punish you for rest of your days.

  • Truthometer

    How I wish we have a Commander-In-Chief not a Commander-In-Thief, in Nigeria.

  • Peter

    Just what is happening to the north. There is restiveness everywhere. The high point here is the senseless killings. People are no longer their brothers’ keepers. There is hatred everywhere in the north. No one is safe any longer. At the risk of sounding corky, may I suggest that the northern region has failed.

    • J.A.S Ebi

      Peter, I share your opinion however for purpose of clarity I like to know if you are from the North?
      I don’t want to hesitate my country itself is failing and fulfilling the self prophesy of Dismember by US by 2015 with GEJ as the last president of. Naija.

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