CAN accuses INEC of plotting to disenfranchise Nigerian Christians

Pastor Oritsejafor
President of CAN, Ayo Oritsejafor.

The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, has alleged that the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, is deliberately planning to shut out Christians in the country from voting in the 2015 general elections.

The President of CAN, Ayo Oritsejafor, who stated this at the association’s national executive council meeting in Abuja on Wednesday, said he was suspicious of a sinister motive by the Commission following its poor handling of the distribution of the permanent voters’ cards.

He, however, warned that Christians would resist such a plan if the Commission was truly harbouring it just as he appealed to faithful to register and vote in other to participate in governance.

Mr. Oritsejafor did however not substantiate his claims. He did not say exactly how the electoral body is shutting out Christians and how it is failing to issue them cards.

He only said, “I want to say passionately to Nigerians, go and get your voters’ cards. I want to appeal to INEC to double up. Our people must register and have their voters’ cards.

“I hope INEC is not doing something deliberate here in order to prevent Christians from voting. I hope Professor Attahiru Jega can hear me. We must all vote and vote wisely.”

The clergyman also warned the Boko Haram sect to end their terrorist activities in the North East region, adding that the association was ready to meet senior Muslim clerics with a view to ending the insurgency and unprovoked attack on Christians and churches.

He demanded that fifth columnists among security agencies, which allegedly are sabotaging government’s war against insurgency, should be fished out and dismissed.

According to him, the nation’s territories that had been taken over by the dreaded Boko Haram sect are predominantly populated by Christians who he said were no longer safe.

Mr. Oritsejafor restated that the insurgents were waging a religious war against Christians, adding that he had remained a critic of the satanic activities of the group.

“What is happening in the North-east is unacceptable,” he said.

“What is happening there is unacceptable to us. Christians are the main victims. We are not saying that other people are not affected. But Christians are the ones affected more. All the places where Boko Haram has foisted their flags are dominated by Christians.”

“They have taken over Mubi in Adamawa state which is dominated by Christians. Somebody will now tell me this is not religion. Who is fooling who? Nigerians should accept that we have a problem,” the leader of Christian community in Nigeria stated.

Again, Mr. Oritsejafor did not provide facts and figures to back his claim that adherents of a particular religion have been more on the receiving end of the Boko Haram insurgency.

The CAN president however called on Nigerians to pray to God to put an end to the mindless killings.

He said he would not join other Nigerians who had created names for themselves by constantly criticising the military, but would continue to ask the leadership of the military to fish out saboteurs if the war against terror must be won.

He said, “All well meaning Nigerians must pray and continue to pray. We must pray. I will not join those condemning our security agencies. They are Nigerians. Women are losing their husbands and children are losing their fathers. I want to challenge the military. They can do better. They must continue to fish out those sabotaging their efforts. Those people should be expelled. They are in all the security agencies.

“No matter the intention you have, if you have people working against you, you will not succeed. There are too many people in the system working against the system. Why should these kind of things be happening? Innocent people are being killed. It’s too much. Enough is enough,” Mr. Oritsejafor told the audience.

Mr. Oritsejafor also reminded the Federal Government and other Nigerians of the need to adopt new approach in the war against Boko Haram, noting that the use of force alone could not end the insurgent activities.

According to him, “Even though I have said the military must continue to work harder, guns and bullets alone will not save this problem. Boko Haram is an ideology. Let us not run away from it. You do not defeat an ideology with guns and bullets. You defeat an ideology with a superior ideology. Boko Haram will not listen to me.

“I want to make an appeal to our Muslim clerics and Muslim political leaders to come together and see how they can help us solve this problem. They have the solution. There are some muslim scholars Boko Haram members respect. To a large extent, that is the only way out.

“As members of CAN, we are ready to meet with them. I believe in progressive dialogue. This is my strong appeal. I want to appeal to those at the grassroots. This connects to the leaders. The leaders should talk to those at the grassroots. They should give reliable intelligence to our security agents. Please, do not harbour these people. They are not fighting for you. Expose them.

While noting that there were journalists at the meeting, the cleric asked them to pass the message to the relevant authorities.

He said Nigerians would like to have a better country where everyone was equal and have respect for the constitution.

In fact, we want one constitution where everyone will follow. Those saying Boko Haram is not religious are deceiving themselves.

“We want a Nigeria where everyone is safe. We want a Nigerian where a man is not judged by his religion. That is the Nigeria we all want. If we want one united Nigeria, we must all pay the price for it.”

Mr. Oritsejafor called on the international community to assist Nigeria and its people to surmount the current challenges.

He said, “I believe as bad as the situation is, with God, all things are possible. I know that there is God. He will not forsake us. We have restrained our people so much and we will continue to restrain them. But I beg Nigerians to not let this continue. These are dangerous and serious times.

“I was reading a report from a priest in Borno of how churches have been destroyed. I wonder why the international community is not saying anything. Is this not human rights violation? We call on government, NEMA, NGOs, the international community. We need help. Our people are dying. Come and help us.”


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  • emmy

    Dis mad and evil man again

  • Maria

    Someone on my FB posted that Nigeria is 80% moslems! I was visibly angry with this false statistics. I questioned the source of such blatant false data, then the person said well, it doesnt negate the fact that more than 50% of Nigerians are moslems. I wonder where such figure comes. We must kick out religion in our national life. Nigeria is a secular state.

    • Swagger

      We cannot kick out religion otherwise you wouldn’t be “visibly angry”. Decades of the “I no send” attitude by Christians allowed this falsehood, planted and nurtured by past northern military rulers, to fester. Those who continue to bandy this completely silly claim have no shame. We will have a genuine census some day and it will be clear Muslims are no more than 30% in Nigeria.

      • wode

        And the winner would be handed a Trophy, right? What a childish stance? What advantage would that bring to us?

      • Onike24

        it doesn’t matter what the numbers are! we must learn to respect each others faith, it is really simple! i live in the united kingdom where most people do not even beilve in God, where my child’s friend declared to her when she was five, that God is a myth! but people are generally truthful and honest, when my colleagues submit their credit card bills,even 20p spent on sweets is refunded with an explaination why they had to use the company credit card! and 90% of them are at best agnostic. so religion is not counting numbers

      • Maria

        I am not angry because I belong to a religion, no. I am angry because such obvious lies were being propagated. It is shameful. If christians make such false claim, I will contest it.

    • Onike24

      many people don’t know that


    Oristejafor president Criminals Assocation of Nigeria ( C.A.N). You are so shameless and need to be in jail. We know you are a major supplier of boko haram just for GEJ to win elections and provide you with more jets. God has exposed you crook.

  • Musanga

    I wist PT will report the news the way it is and stop some unnecessary investigative questions. We see PT shying away when such probing is necessary.

    • Unanaija

      Why are you un-comfortable with simple questions?

  • elnas

    Wetin this guy dey yan abeg! it seems so incoherent and blaby-ish to me

  • wale awoleye

    Pastor Oritsejafor, please boko haram are not muslims but deranged criminals and extremists. Let us face facts and rid our country of corruption and bad leadership and boko haram will be history. Pastor Oyedepo has been stopped from coming to the united kingdom according to report due to money laundering issues and you did not comment on this and this is the same pastor that followed our president to Israel, how do you expect the world to take us seriously. Poverty, corruption, security and unemployment are our biggest problems in the country and this cannot be solved by religion but by a competent leader.

  • _Proudly NigerDelta

    Hear PT, “…Mr. Oritsejafor did however not substantiate his claims. He did not say
    exactly how the electoral body is shutting out Christians and how it is
    failing to issue them cards…”

    How irritatingly nauseating the reports of PT have become. Condescending into bottomless abyss of bad belle journalism. Shame!!!!….When Atiku accused Great Jona fews days back, you reported it hook, line and sinker and did not deem it fit to state in your report the need for him to substantiate his claims…When Bokohari makes his spurious claims and accusations, you don’t state the need for them to substantiate claims but when the claim is from the ‘other side’, you now begin your junkurukuru journalism of bad belle and then begin to write stories like orphans. Spiuuussshhhh….

    Why must Saint Oritsejafor substantiate his claims? Una no dey look face before una write una rubbish? 97% of my oil wells are in the hands of the North & West and you think we don’t know? You think the SS&SE will like the status quo to remain? You lie. Whatever you like, write. When the time comes, it will be to your tent o Israel…and everyone will have to defend its territory by any means necessary. The united SS&SE will not sign on to servitude. NEVER.

    Whether you write out of trepidation, cowardice or both, I really don’t care. One thing I know is that Continent Nigeria is not Ilorin. Certainly not. Nonsense!

    • Peter

      Leave PT alone. I have since noticed that the media is an opposition megaphone. Why I patronize it is because of online public opinion platform that has enabled some of us to ventilate our views on issues of the day. In the days of General Buhari this kind of media with its yellow journalism will not see the light of the day and I wonder if it will not be proscribed and their business house demolished if someone like that becomes president again.

      • wode

        You guys shouldn’t be sentimental about this issue. The earlier we face the issue the better. These are the people causing problems for us in this country. Everybody knows Ayo Oritsejafor as being big-mouthed and grandstanding. From all you have read in the report, what evidence can you see that he presented to substantiate his claim of such a sensitive issue. Does that claim really make any sense? How would INEC be denying people of a particular religion chance to vote or get voter’s card. The last time I check, voters’ cards have no religion identification of the voters. How would INEC have done that? Also, is INEC composition not from people of both religions? Would Christians or Muslims among them be there for such unthinkable thing to happen? And from his statements, he also said it that his position is based on suspicion. How could a supposedly respected man, not to talk of him being a clergy that represent a religious body, be making such noise without verifiable facts. Do you think people would take him serious? For me, the man has done more damage than good, not only to the image of the institution he claims to represent, but also the entire country. It’s quite unfortunate.

        As a leader, it is not about making unnecessary noise, it is about taking necessary actions. If his claim is true that there are some Muslim clerics that can talk to BH, what effort has he as a leader taken, either directly or by proxy to reach out to the supposed contacts with Boko Haram. Leadership is really for great minds, level-headed and dispassionate personalities who are mindful of each words that is associated to them. As far as I am concerned, this man called Orisejafor is not one of them.

    • Onike24

      so you are admitting that Orisejafor is a politician? He proclaims to be a man of God, let him leave politics for the politicians.

    • Unanaija

      If “Pastor” Oritsejafor did not substantiate his claim, then the “Pastor” must be asked to substantiate it. And what is wrong if the “Pastor” is asked to substantiate it?

  • Conscience

    When the want to do Ojoro, they will begin to claim Ilorin, Koji etc as North. …and PT will be given us fake and skewed Maps here and there. Now it is fake and skewed electron registration. Yeye Fowls!

  • tambaya

    This Man should be asked to provide answers to all what he is saying. The South Africa arms deal still in our memories

  • Realnigerian

    Ole Barawo Jaguda, thief thief thief.. looking for legitimacy, spouting rubbish.. Using religion as a divisive tool. This man is retarded!. Money Launderer. This is what The President of CAN, Ayo Oritsejafor, turned to, looking for sympathy among christians by preaching lies. What a shame. Let him just try and go to SA

    How does that even happen in a nation where the entire NE of Nigeria might not even vote.

  • bikky

    Abrakadabra, their pastor,what are you talking about Pastor,I have gotten my own since last two week in Ibadan,I work in Lagos my family lives in Ibadan,I drove than and I appeal to people there and they allow me to collect my own,for you information Pastor I am a Christian,how is Jega shutting out Christians. Mr, speak for yourself, Jesus is our cornerstone,not Abrakadabra pastor. During Makinde,Akinola and Onaiyekan these people meet with Musleum leaders and they do talk often on religious harmony not unnecessary noise. Please let Ayo learnt from his many predecessors not to be dragging the word ”Christianity” in the mud,enough is enough.

  • Ahmad

    This yeye man again! He seems to be more catholic than the Pope over GEJ’s third term. Always raising false alarm over 2015 and Muslim/Christian disharmony. If Nigeria were to be a serious country this bigot would have been with the security agencies giving statement for fanning embers of religious disharmony. Sick and tired of his rubbish.

  • Peter

    I wish to commend Pastor Oritsjafor for his courage in condemning the north’s Boko Haram sect. I have been waiting to see a similar condemnation from islamic leaders that dot the northern region, however pretentious or face saving those condemnations may be. They are all supporting the deadly sect and at the same time paying lip service to government’s efforts at eradicating it. God will continue to guide you wherever you go. Those people calling you names are haters of their own people. The spoon which your region is feeding these clowns will not break and may your efforts not go in vein but be a blessing to your South South and South East regions. May all the Boko Haram apologists, particularly the 5th columnists in Jonathan’s government live to witness the seceding of the jihardists from Nigeria, which the Boko Haram message will usher in. Amen!

    • Humanitarian

      Pls don’t forget to wish and stop CAN from supplying weapons to their disguised sects that was trained in Isreahell.

  • Buhari_is_Boko

    How stupidly irritating and unashamedly skewed Premium times have
    shown themselves to be. This report lacks every vestige of reportage and
    condescended to the level of a paid opinion article. Always doing
    everything to malign the CAN President.

    • Oladapo Adesope

      Am not sure you read the report

      • wode

        I agree with you. It doesn’t seem so.

      • Buhari_is_Boko

        yes I didn’t read it, i saw it. MUMU

    • Onike24

      He condemns himself with his utterances!

    • Zarto Ali

      But it is a fact, on the contrary you are myopic.

  • dudu

    I feel sad when I see religious leaders using religion as a divisive tool the way Oritsejafor and his ignoble ilk are using it. Since the unfortunate proliferation of boko haram in Nigeria, which I constantly pray that Allah in His mercies will reveal those sponsoring terrorism in this country, Muslims in Nigeria have been painted black and looked upon with suspicion. This is especially so with the forthcoming general elections in 2015. It is arguable that Christians are mostly at the receiving end according to the claims made by Oritsejafor. Personally, I believe that Muslims and Christians and even the traditionalists and those who neither go to mosques on Fridays nor churches on Sundays, have being at the receiving end of this fiendish sect. I have practiced both faiths at some point in my life as a Nigerian, and I have come to the conclusion that there are good people and there are bad people. There are no good Muslims or bad Muslims, similarly, there are no good Christians or bad Christians, It is either that you are a good person or a bad person. Religion is not a criterion, humanity is. I implore all well meaning Nigerians to resist religious leaders like Oritsejafor and see beyond this propagation of hate against Islam and Muslims. Even Jesus Christ, Peace be upon Him, said in (Luke 13: 2-4), “Do you suppose that these Galileans were greater sinners than all other Galileans because they suffered this fate?” and in verse 3, He said: “I tell you, no, but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish.” The Prophet continued in verse 4,”Or do you suppose that those eighteen on whom the
    tower in Siloam fell and killed them were worse culprits than all the men who live in Jerusalem?…”
    Let all those who are true patriots of Nigeria be on their guard and speak against hate and intolerance as propagated by Oristejafor and his cohorts for their selfish interests, for the sake of unborn generations. I rest my case.

    • King Carlos

      Hmmmnnn.. true talk. God bless you

      • dudu

        God bless you too, many thanks, I’m humbled.

  • Truthometer

    We should hear from a real man of God. Not from any attention seeker and gun runner who has sold his soul to the devil and masquerading as Christian leader.

  • africa

    Thank God for the CAN President Papa Oritsejafor that has always had the courage to speak the truth of what is happening. A lot of people pretend they don’t know that head or tail, Christians are the ones being punished by the wicked onslaught of Boko haram.Our military have to rise up to their responsibility. They have what it takes to win the war against Boko Haram, but they have to first deal with the enemies within their ranks.

    • GCON

      You call this the truth, I doubt if this the truth.

  • Okikiola Beckley

    These Xtain leaders should watch their utterances and actions because they are seriously polarising the country along religious line. They are playing this card just to get xtains to vote for Jonathan en block but they forget that leading a seriously divided country,moreso by religion will always constitute a big problem,even for the smartest of leaders. What divides Obama’s Democratic party and the Republicans are serious differences in social and fiscal issues and you can see the kind of headache he’s having. Religion is far more polaring than these two issues because emotions play a large part in religious matters.

    • Emeka

      “They are playing this card just to get xtains to vote for Jonathan” you done talk am finish

  • Bunduma Mohammed

    CAN President Papa Oritsejafor use his Private Jet to buy arms for boko haram and come back and decieve christains that he is speaking on their behave when boko haram kills both christains and muslims. Did it ever occur to this political and arm dealer President of CAN that Chibok girls were more than 70% christains and what did he do when GEJ waited for 19 days before accepting the girl were kindnapped? North East is a mixture of christains and muslims and the nations leaders under Jonathan have failed us.

  • smith

    Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, you have just confirmed that you were personally involved in the $9.3m cash for arms money laundering in which your personal jet was involved. I am just wondering what Pastor Adeboye who ignorantly defended you will say to this statement of yours. From this statement of yours it is clear that you need to inform Nigerians of the names of the two Nigerians who were involved in the $9.3m cash for arms money laundering to South Africa. The name of the Israeli is Mr. Eyal Mesika. Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, what is the name of the two Nigerians. Tell us. You know. It is unchristian and un-Godly to lie. Stop lying and pretending. You know. Tell us the names of these two Nigerians.

  • Dr. Kay

    An empty vessel makes a lot of noise , a waste of space is just that , a waste. Going through the statement made by this arms dealer masquerading as a man of God, I cannot but be amazed at how we reach this point in our nation’s history , where men of low mentality and imbecilic persona are all over the show making inflammatory ,senseless ,idiot1c, unwarranted , divisive commentaries .
    How he came about INEC disenfranchising only xtians via the none allocations of voters card beats my imagination .
    This babalawo fortune teller is so stoopid that he can’t even substantiate his nonsensical allegations. Is this all xtian association can come up with as their president ?
    A man that is full of bigotry , a man that do not act,think ,and ooze the Christ like aura. Every time he enters the national discourse, it reeks antichristian persona.
    The bible say in the last days many will perform miracles in my name., many will preach in my name but they are not of me. Mr. Oritsejafor , I can’t bring myself calling you a pastor, the time to repent is now , today is the day of salvation.
    Repent now or continue doing the biddings of your master the ANTICHRIST!

  • Wähala

    Ayo Oletsejafor is looking to restore his lost glory among fanatical crusaders of religious hate, he lost relevance to civil Nigerians after his private jet was caught smuggling arms and laundering the proceeds for unscrupulous characters, acts unbecoming of a Christian. INEC does not ask your religion or political affiliation before issuing out PVCs, just your fingerprint to match what’s in their database. In Eko for instance, over 1.4million “ghost voters” were unmasked and Gov. Fashola is crying foul, is Fashola a Christian? The straight answer to that is those were multi-registered voters used previously to rig elections on both sides. Now that INEC has one card for each Christian/Muslim voter, it’s not surprising that Christian extremists in CAN and Islamic fundamentalist in ACF will keep cursing at Prof. Attahiru Jega, crying foul…
    That said, Halloween Ayo Oritsejafor should be arrested and tried at The Hague for his role in sponsoring evil terrorism, kidnappings of Chibok girls, rape and human trafficking, cum money laundering. Ayo is a wetback, a common thief from the creeks, he has absolutely nothing to show that he has respect for God and thus, no communication with God. Like the black-clad Dumbo, Ayo is a deceitful criminal in red robes. Black-n-Red, Devil’s colors… evil-doers! Depart from us biko !!

    • Emeka

      Gbam!!! That was exactly what i can read from all his ranting here: a mission to regain relevance. He believes that by screaming foul about anything, no matter how illegitimate, Nigerians will respect him again. We can read through his charade. hes a criminal, a rogue, a thief in priestly clothings. he can go and hang himself like judas did.

  • Suleyman Musa Abubakar

    Orisajafor should just register CAN as a political party so that the party can endorse GEJ. Don’t you see what APGA has done? We are tired of this politicizing of CAN. Can’t learn from your predecessors who maintain CAN as a religious organization.

    • Smith Scott

      So if Ayo says Christians are being killed by Boko Haram it means he is refering to Buhari or APC or Atiku right. I will listen to you better as you know more than me in this matter. As Boko Haram brother you know who your sponsor are, hence your statement

  • King Carlos

    My advice to Nigerians is this: Politicians that are stealing and sharing our money don’t see themselves as muslims or Christians. They are united in making us poor as a people. National looters cut across all religions and tribes. So therefore, let us unite in voting them out in 2015.

    Pastor Ayo knows well that muslims and christians are the ones being killed by boko haram, so claiming that more christians have died, in the absence of a credible data/statistics, is clearly misleading and inciting. As a religious leader, he should call a spade a spade and not engage in divisive tactics.

    What’s stopping him from accusing Jonathan of incompetency by not protecting the lives and property of Christians and leaving them to be killed by boko haram? He’s been blaming every one else but Jonathan. .

  • Nigeria_is_not_Ilorin

    From the oily creeks of the mangrove swamps of Warri Kingdom to the clement and mineral rich mountains of Obudu Ranch in Calabar,
    Let freedom reign…
    From the rich Benin river basins in Edo to the palm olive haven & crude oil reserves of the Abia red earth,
    Let freedom reign…

    From the great Onitsha bridge-the land flowing with oil, inventors & entrepreneurs, to the rich Royal waters of Bonny land & its priceless natural gas, let freedom reign…From the oil laden land & water of the Ogoni peoples to oil rich plains of Eket in Akwa Ibom, Let freedom reign…From Enugu coal & bitumen reserves to the tranquility of the rich oil deposits of River Ethiope. Let freedom reign.

    How long more do we have to wait? Nigeria destroys our lands, wastes our money in building infrastructure which are soon bombed by the unproductive.

    1. Norway = 4.7 million peoples (They have the highest standard of living on earth. Norway is oil producing)
    2. Delta State = 5.1 million peoples (They have the poorest standard of living on earth. Delta is oil producing)
    3. Rivers State = 5.7 million peoples (They have about the poorest standard of living on earth, Rivers is oil producing)

    My dear South & East Kingdoms of continent Nigeria, it is time to practically take our destiny in our hands. We have more than the population to form our own independent countries. Don’t be deceived by the idiots who tell you otherwise.

    So, we are ready. It is time for us to take the Bull not just by its horns but also by its broukous. Secession? YES!- The fierce urgency of NOW. Boko haram is approaching. Rise up to defend your borders NOW!… Secession will end bombings and the homogeneous North will be happy to implement its sharia.

    Long live the Niger Delta Republic

    • Zarto Ali

      Go ahead brave little head.

      • Smith Scott

        Your pain is that you don’t have what he has. Then learn to respect the man that feed your father to feed you.

    • Paiko

      I’m sick of this oil. Please go and drink it and give me peace!!!

      • Smith Scott

        If he does, yours will be worse than Niger Republic citizen.

    • Femi

      You dont need a speech this long. Go and get signatories for a plebiscite and go start your Republic. Nigeria will be fine without you. Does Japan have oil? Go joor

  • Chris1408

    Why are Nigerian media houses granting audience to this arms dealer? He’s supposed to be in jail if we’re in a sane society.

    • abiodun

      that was exactly what came my mind that why has he not still been in jail.

  • Bello Johnson

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  • Aminu

    Mr CAN President since it is a religious war and Christians population surpassed Muslims in Mubi you can organize Christian Crusade against Boko Haram and win back Mubi unto The Lord.You can easily do that with your connection to Ebele and Vatican you can get financial and armory support to finish these terrorist

    • Smith Scott

      This will happen once GEJ leave office. You have not seen anything yet. Go ask Central Africa Republic how it all started with muslim and who is suffering it now.

    • joe

      You have not seen anything yet Aminu. When the time comes, you will beg. Greater is He that is in the body of Christ than he that is in the world. No weapon formed, machinated against the body of Christ shall prosper.

      • Bidemi Lukman

        Go and research on “Crusade” and see what ended it. I wonder why the Greater in the Crusaders then finally lost out.

        • TrueNja

          @ Bidemi Lukman – What ended Ottoman, Khan, el al caliphates? Very soon your Islamic satanic religion will be perish, God willing.

          • Bidemi Lukman

            God’s willing. I like that. You must be very deep in slumber. Islam, the fastest growing religion in the world to perish after more than1436yrs of existence. Time does not matter but the truth it represent will never make it perish. Go and read Femi Aribisala write up in Vanguard 2nd November 2014 on the Value of the Bible. He clearly acknowledged just like other Christains in the past that “the Bible contains numerous errors and contradictions. In the first place Christainity and Bile are complete fraud as Jesus never witnessed both. He was never a Christain nor the author of Bible, hence, the justification for the errors and contradictions. How are we sure the verse of “This is my only begoteen son….” is not part of the error. Please, tell President Ayo (CAN) to declear Crusade on Boko Haram since he tagged it to be religious war and save NA from the embarrasement of running away for BH.

    • Wähala

      Aboki Aminu,
      I am Catholic and strictly anti-CAN under Oletsejafor. Next time, leave the Vatican out of your arid fly-infested mouth and I will support you… you should have asked him to get support from fat Alex Badeh who is also a Christian and member of Dumbo’s War Cabinet. And, whatever they put in that burukutu you phools gulp, leave Our Lord out of your mental health problems. Arid baztard. Banza!

  • favourtalk

    Let CAN leave politics for those in charge and stop dirtying the work of God. We need a change and nigeria president is not offering solutions to the present problems of nigeria. We need to take charge and change things.

    • Short n’ Sharp


      1] Party Leader – North, Gen Muhammadu Buhari……(Muslim)
      2] Party Leader – South, Bola Ahmed Tinubu ……… . (Muslim)
      3] National Chairman: Abdulkareem Bisi Akande……. (Muslim)
      4] Deputy National Chairman: Aminu Bello Masari….. (Muslim)
      5] National Secretary: Tijjani Musa Tumsah……………(Muslim)
      6] Deputy National Secretary: Nasir El-Rufai…………(Muslim)
      7] National Publicity Secretary.: Lai Muhammed……….(Muslim)
      8] National Treasurer: Sadiya Umar Faruq…………….(Muslim)
      9] Financial Secretary: Alhaji Shaibu Musa……………(Muslim)
      10] National Youth Leader: Abubakar Lado…………….(Muslim)
      11] National Legal Adviser: Muiz Banire ………………..(Muslim)
      12] National Deputy Auditor: Bala Jibrin…………………(Muslim)
      13] Women Leader: Sharia Ikeazor………………………(Muslim Convert)
      14] Ex-Officio Member: Muniru Muse…………………..(Muslim)
      15]Ex-Officio Member: Alhaji Yemi Sanusi ………….…(Muslim)

      • The APC National Treasurer protested this Islamic-biased leadership and resigned.

  • Al Jihad


    “I have challenged the apologists of All Progressives Congress [APC] party to publish
    the list of names and the religions of all their political appointees in the Southwest
    especially the following – the governors, SSGs, Speakers, Finance Commissioners
    in all the APC-controlled states in the south-west. Let us see how fair they are
    to the two religions in the country”

    “If they (APC) could do this at the state level, where they have someone who
    claims to be a Christian as deputy governor, we wonder what they would do
    when they (the APC Muslims) have the President and the Vice President?

    In the whole of Northern Nigeria, there is only one Christian in the National Executive Committee
    and the National Working committee of the All Progressives Congress – APC.
    His name is Engineer Babachir David Lawal from Adamawa State!
    And if you know the extent he went to get that seat,
    you would know what APC party is up to.”

    …………………….Bayo Oladeji

    [October, 31st, 2014]

    Leadership Newspaper

    • Borode

      @ Al Jihad:

      Me i can’t shout, please. All i want to say is that people like Professor Itse Sagay,
      Professor Wole Soyinka, Barrister Femi Falana and so on, must not run away.
      Were they not the ones saying an Islamist party [APC] is a progressive party?

      No NADECO route is acceptable this time. They must stay here and fight with guns
      against the same Islamism they’ve supported. They must not run away this time O!
      They must face the bloody consequence of the bad advice they gave the people.

      • No Comment

        “[On this clamour for a Christian as Lagos state governor]….
        we should NOT introduce something that will start affecting the
        consciousness of the people. We shouldn’t put in the people’s consciousness
        what they were not thinking about before. Even if you look at it closely,
        you will find that the dominant people in Lagos state are Muslims”.

        ……..Alhaji Tola Kasali

        (Lagos Commissioner for Rural Affairs under Bola Tinubu)
        [October 25th, 2014]

        • Remi Taire


          The Action Congress of Nigeria [ACN] which last year morphed as APC
          has NEVER presented a Christian as governorship candidate in Yorubaland.
          So, the question is: why did APC never do so? Alhaji Lai Mohammed –
          the APC Spokesman – said it is because APC chooses its candidates ‘on merits’.
          So, what does Lai Mohammed’s explanation mean?

          Very simple, it means as far as APC is concerned, Yoruba Christians have no merits
          to hold top government posts but they could be appointed either as assistants to Muslims
          or as Commissioners taking instructions from a Muslim governor.

          Fact two: APC was formed with 100% Muslim national executives and registered as such with INEC – the National Electoral Commission. What does this second fact mean? Very simple, it means morning shows the day. Not only does APC consider Yoruba Christians useless, APC; also –
          by starting out with 100% Muslims as interim national executives – invariably deems all Christians
          in Nigeria worthless.

          In the light of these two facts the next logical question is this: “What is an Islamist Party?” Very simple – again. An Islamist Party is an association registered as a political party
          but which internally decides the question of ‘merits’ for its members based solely
          on Islam by pre-judging every non-Muslim; and in particular a Christian member,
          as un-qualified for top government position on its party platform.
          Therefore, is APC an Islamist Party? The answer is, yes!

        • Encore

          @ Alhaji Tola Kasali:

          The real Ebola in Lagos state is corrupt un-accountability and it is still on.
          Alhaji Raji Fashola, the unfortunate state governor, has gone to say in court
          that Lagosians have no right whatsoever to ‘freedom of information’.

          But did Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu – the putative APC Party Leader;
          also consent that all the 18 million Lagosians have no right to freedom of information?
          If yes, why did he endorse this un-disguised autocracy? And assuming he’s daft,
          how about Alhaji Adeyemi Ikuforiji – the APC Speaker of the Lagos House of Assembly? What basis did he see for this nonsense policy inside Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution
          for him to go along; and why did he join this vile conspiracy against hapless Lagosians
          who’re now turned into slaves?

          But then, what did Alhaji Ade Ipaye (the APC attorney-general in Lagos)
          say about this barbaric violation of the civil rights of Lagos people to be fully informed,
          accurately, of their state affairs? And is there no other Alhaji inside the Lagos state APC government personally having requisite honesty, and, with proper education that ‘democracy’
          strictly means ‘accountability’ as eked out by freedom of information?

          • Public Records

            “All the places where Boko Haram has foisted their flags are dominated by Christians.

            What is happening in the North-east is unacceptable, Christians are the main victims.

            We are not saying that other people are not affected. But Christians are the ones
            affected more. The Boko Haram militias have taken over Mubi in Adamawa state –
            which is dominated by Christians. Somebody will now tell me this is not religion.

            Who is fooling who?”

            …………….Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor

            (President, Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN)
            [November 5th, 2014]

  • Bamidele Ayeni

    If anyone believes that facing the east when praying for himself grants him higher privilege
    than anyone else; to occupy Nigeria’s public office, he must suffer penalties for his delusion.
    Islam gives nobody in Nigeria any greater status, right, liberty or privilege than someone else
    wearing singlet and holding a cane, following a masquerade he worships as ancestral idol.

  • Wise Head

    If Gen Buhari’s wins the elections, someone is suggesting to him here how to constitute his APC Cabinet in order to really sanitize Nigeria
    and usher in peace, progress and prosperity. Below is the list of the proposed cabinet
    Bola Tinubu — Finance Minister/EFCC Chairman
    Atiku Abubakar — Governor of Central Bank
    Imam Abubakar Shekau — Minister of Defence
    Oluremi Tinubu — Minister of Petroleum
    Dr. Junaid Mohammed — Minister of Peace/National Integration
    Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola — Minister of Religious Dialogue
    Lai Mohammed — Minister of Propaganda
    Rotimi Amaechi — Minister of Juvenile and Private Jet Acquisitions
    Rabiu Kwnkwaso — Minister of state for Peace and Political Maturity
    Bukola Saraki —- Minister of Failed Banks Revival
    Nasir el-Rufai —- Minister of Social Media
    Emir Sanusi L. Sanusi — Minister of Women Affairs
    Murtala Nyako — Director of Due Process and Budgeting

    With Tinubu heading the Finance Ministry and the EFCC and Atiku in charge of the CBN, corruption would be wiped out of Nigeria within weeks. So now, what are we waiting for

    • Emeka

      How low can you go?
      This obviously isnt low enough. Arent you ashamed of yourself? The more you speak of him, the more you win supporters for Buhari.

      • Chika

        Yeah, i was immediately re-converted from a born-again Christian into a Muslim Mujahedeen!

        • Emeka

          There you are! You see what that omo ale jati jati has caused now. Sorry jare, Oga Chika

      • Smith Scott

        What has he said wrong? Are you indirectly saying those people are found wanting in the respective post. If yes, why do you choose them to be your leader

      • Wise Head

        I thought these represented the new face of change, that they are the “progressives” that would redeem Nigeria, so why should suggesting them as members of his prospective cabinet members cause such ripples? Is there anything you know about these ‘holy’ men you are not telling us?

      • Okey

        How on earth will any one be shamed of this superlative team ? Or, you no longer desire change again ?

    • Okey

      This a star-studded team made up nation redeemers. I can’t wait to see their emergence !

    • Fatee

      @wise head…….you r really funny….this is so hilarious

  • Smith Scott

    There are so many Boko Haram brothers in here in this forum. Are there functioning cyber cafe in Mubi?

  • joe

    If you want proof of what CAN president is saying, is for you to just go to Madagali, Gulak, Shuwa, Michika, Bazza, and Mubi. All churches both in remote villages, towns and cities in these LGAs have been burnt down by BH. So what evidence do you need again to substantiate Mr. Ayo’s claims. But Jonathan is the one that cheated Christians in the north east. Jonathan should resign.

  • Tamuno S. Jaja

    Fellow Nigerian Citizens,…

    On behalf of the patriotic and well-meaning peoples of the Middle Belt and the southern parts of this country, I , Major Gideon Orkar, wish to happily inform you of the successful ousting of the dictatorial, corrupt, drug baronish, evil man, deceitful, homo-sexually-centered,
    prodigalistic, un-patriotic administration of General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida. We have equally commenced their trials for unabated
    corruption, mismanagement of national economy, the murders of Dele Giwa, Major-General Mamman Vasta, with other officers as
    there was no attempted coup but mere intentions that were yet to materialise and other human rights violations.lf

    Our history is replete with numerous and uncontrollable instances of callous and insensitive dominatory repressive intrigues by those who think it is their birthright to dominate till eternity the political and economic privileges of this great country to the exclusion of the people of the Middle Belt and the south.

    They have almost succeeded in subjugating the Middle Belt and making them voiceless and now extending same to the south.It is our unflinching belief that this quest for domination, oppression and marginalisation is against the wish of God and therefore, must be
    resisted with the vehemence…Anything that has a beginning must have an end.

    Another major reason for the change is the need to stop intrigues, domination and internal colonisation of the Nigerian state by the so-called chosen few. This, in our view, has been and is still responsible for 90 percent of the problems of Nigerians. This clique has an unabated penchant for domination and unrivalled fostering of mediocrity and outright detest for accountability, all put together have been our undoing as a nation. This will ever remain our threat if not checked immediately.

    In the light of all the above and in recognition of the negativeness of the aforementioned aristocratic factor, the overall progress of the Nigerian state a temporary decision to excise the following states namely, Sokoto, Borno, Katsina, Kano and Bauchi states from the Federal Republic of Nigeria comes into effect immediately …. Gideon Orkar (Sunday, April 22, 1990)

    …and the five states excised by Orkar and his men have become the Boko Haram states of today. Only the cowardly, thieves, fools etc will believe there is a country.

    • Babyboy

      Honestly i really wish nigeria broke up then. Even thou i was still a kid then, i am sure life would have been much better for the south nd north. what do u think? maybe we divide nigeria into 3 countries or 7. maybe we need another koup

  • Shahokaya

    Diversionary tactics by Ayo the arms smuggler will not beclound our senses of reasoning again. His shoeless freind has failed woefully and no amount of ethic or religious bigotry will make us vote for him again.

    • Alcindo Satori

      Well, you’ll have to deal with him for 4 more years. Lol!

  • MushinSpeaks

    Ayo Oritsejafor is gradully playing the religious card; who told him the Muslims are not on the receiving ened too?

    This is a man that has betrayed the religion he is part of; he has joined in using religion to divide us.

    Ayo Oritsejafor was reportedly seen in a pics with Mohammed Yusuf, why laying flase claims?

    This is a man that should be avoided in all settings.

    • Okey

      Yesoo ! “You must vote he will defend your faith and if you add the muslims in the West, we the muslims will determine who will rule you,” “I will defend sharia implementation in Nigeria with the last blood in my veins”, “You must not hold beauty peageants in Abuja, a Northern territory, of during the month of Ramadan”

  • GEJ the devisive and unfit

    This arm smuggler is so shameless, after destroying CAN image now he want to used CAN to play religious politic, the political theory of his clueless friend devide and rull. This is an old theory will not work for you this time around Nigerians are more smarter than 2011. Now you want to use the BokoHaram occupation of territories in the Northeast for political gains, instead of telling your clueless incompetent friend who is the sole C-in-C in Nigeria to resign for failing to defend nigerian territorial integrity and safeguard the life and properties of people from the Northeast be it christian, muslim and traditional religion worshipers.

    • Alcindo Satori

      Clueless, incompetent. … Now that sounds very much like you!

      • cookie

        lol…. correct


    Jega seems to have been recruited by Nigeria’s Muslim brotherhood,the APC….Christians watch-out.Danger ahead !!!!!!!

    • Hamisu

      Shut up! Sentimental bush pig.


        Behave yourself !! hungry Sahel scoundrel .

    • Kay Morgan

      The same Jega that rigged Jonathan into Office?

    • Bidemi Lukman

      I know you will mumu follow your mumu pastor ayo. Who appointed Jega. If what ayo said is right, then, blame GEJ for it.

  • King Carlos

    I am waiting for Pastor Adeboye to vouch for Ayo Oritsejafor on this one again. After all, he said he knows Oritsejafor well well

    • ODOFIN, Lagos

      Thank you for that point…

  • ODOFIN, Lagos

    If Christians encourage and support the utterances of Ayo Oritsejafor, there will be greater problems than Boko Haram in Nigeria. How do we preach the gospel to the muslims when CAN continues to promote hate message against them. Who told Ayo that Muslims did not suffer the same fate in the distribution of PVCs? The truth is Oritsejafor is number one tool used by GEJ to preach hate message against muslims in this country. He has been doing since without him being cautioned. I have never heard such reckless utterances from past CAN presidents even in the time of religious crisis in the North under OBJ civil rule

    • continue preaching to muhamedians,you wud soon discover that u are slaughtered,pastor ayo seem to be the saviour of christains in Nigeria

  • Abdulaziz Usman

    And this man calls himself man of can he win the hearts of men to his religion with this type of devisive comments all the time.

    • cookie

      just the way sheik Gumi does his own

  • Randy

    Mr. President should order the arrest of this man before he plug this country into crisis that is never seen ever. This is the man that has been calling for blood birth in Nigeria and no one is saying anything. For your information, no one has monopoly of any form of violence. As a man who profess Godliness the most responsible thing to do at any tome is consultation and responsible engagement.
    Mr. President you know your rating rightly or otherwise is definately low in the muslims communities in Nigeria. Your aparent onability to tacle Boko Haram remain suspicious by muslims from all part of Nigeria. Your people keep misadvising you and you keep allowing people like the CAN president to sustain his campaign against Muslims. The man has turn muslin the Muslims/Christian religious faiths as political enemy, evident by the persistent campaign against the muslims. Please call the CAN president to order before the front become more conspicuous.

  • Hamisu

    Hmm! So this arms theft has the gut to accuse somebody.

    • cookie

      lol… the terrorists are your brothers… deals with it

  • Mark Dayo

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  • Abraham James

    Only if you grew up in a Muslim community you will understand what they really represent. Preaches peace in disguise speak adversity openly. I remember how the AJIYA of Gubo , Borno sends a person parking whenever anyone fails to please Islam. You feel like you a foreigner in some parts of this country if you are not a Muslim. When we (Christians) were the targets, they ridicule and laughed at us while we ran for our lives not knowing that it will soon come upon them. Every thing in Islamic about BOKOHARAM. The plain truth

  • umar ardo

    But by his private aircraft, the CAN President supplies the weapons used by the BH to kill the Christians! Let him stop the weapons supply and the killings will stop. Period!