Boko Haram: 50,000 displaced Nigerians living in extremely difficult conditions – Red Cross

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The International Committee of the Red Cross, ICRC, on Wednesday released a report indicating that over 50,000 persons displaced by insurgency in Nigeria’s North-east zone are living in extremely difficult conditions.

ICRC’s Head of Delegation in Nigeria, Karl Mattli, said the organisation has distributed food and household items to displaced persons who are taking refuge in Maiduguri, Borno State.

“Not only did people have to flee their homes in Kodunga, Kaga, Gwoza and Damboa, they also lost all their belongings and their means of earning a living. They didn’t have enough food and they lacked important basic items,” said Mr. Mattli.

“The additional strain placed on communities by hosting the displaced reached the point where it was more than they could bear.”

After carrying out an assessment of the situation, Mr. Mattli said the ICRC and the Nigerian Red Cross launched an emergency operation to meet urgent needs.

ICRC staff and more than a hundred Nigerian Red Cross volunteers distributed 960 metric tonnes of food and other relief items to 51,000 displaced persons.

Most displaced people who arrived in Maiduguri in the past few months were settled in government buildings, schools or official camps.

Some stayed with relatives or host families, with whom they shared scant resources, while others found refuge in informal settlements.

Whatever their living arrangements, the displaced cannot afford to buy their own food and, therefore, have had to depend on aid provided by the state or on the generosity of others to survive.

“In the short term, the aid we have just distributed will improve significantly the well-being of the displaced,” said Janet Angelei, an ICRC economic-security specialist working in Nigeria.

“The kitchen sets, blankets, soap, mats, hygiene items and tarpaulins we have provided will meet some of their immediate needs and reduce the burden on the hosting families.”

The ICRC also distributed about a month’s supply of rice, beans, oil and salt.

“Since fleeing our homes, we had not received any significant help,” Abdullahi Abuya from Konduga is quoted to have said.

“Some of us had barely had anything to eat for weeks, but now things are better.”

In cooperation with the Borno State health ministry, the ICRC said it has undertaken to upgrade the Mala Kachalla primary health-care centre in Maiduguri and train the centre’s staff.

It has built a water tower with a 4,000-litre tank and installed a solar-powered water-supply system and completed renovation works the facility’s floors, ceilings, doors and windows.

“The centre, which is now fully operational, offers general outpatient services with a special focus on children under five years of age, ante-natal, delivery and post-natal services, and patient stabilization prior to referral for secondary care,” said Bernadette Gleeson, head of ICRC surgical and first-aid programmes in Nigeria.

Because of the displaced people arriving in Maiduguri, the centre’s catchment population has now been put in excess of 100,000.

Meanwhile, the ICRC said civilians fleeing fighting between the Nigerian Army and armed groups have recently arrived in the Diffa area, in Niger Republic.

The displaced persons, mainly women and children, are said to have arrived from the Abadam area and Nigerian villages near Lake Chad.

The ICRC report indicated that victims of the crisis lost everything and are entirely dependent on host communities and on aid provided by humanitarian organizations.

To alleviate their suffering, the ICRC said it worked with the Red Cross of Niger Republic to distribute food to more than 2,000 people in Diffa and to over 3,500 people taking refuge on islands in Lake Chad at the beginning of October.

The ICRC listed other activities it has carried out in Nigeria to include visit to detainees in over 20 detention facilities to assess the conditions in which they were being held.

While it shared its findings with Nigerians authorities, its staff provided detainees with blankets, mosquito nets and cleaning and hygiene items to improve hygiene conditions and help make safe drinking water more easily available.

In Kaduna and Plateau states, the organisation said it restored access to clean water for more than 80,000 people, while also providing monthly food aid to 880 women in Maiduguri who lost their husbands in the ongoing conflict.

Again in Kaduna and Plateau states, the ICRC said it provided food and other aid for over 37,000 people displaced as a result of inter-communal violence.

In partnership with the Plateau State Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the ICRC said it participated in a campaign to vaccinate 150,000 head of cattle and 50,000 head of sheep and goats in the state.

It also supplied fertilizer and maize seed to close to 2,000 families to enable them to restart their farming activities as well as sent a mobile surgical team to help treat over 70 people injured in bomb blasts in Jos and Kaduna, respectively.

In cooperation with the Nigerian Red Cross, the ICRC said it provided first-aid training for 1,850 people and taught more than a thousand people, mostly from the Nigerian military and the Nigerian Red Cross, proper ways of handling mortal remains.


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  • the truth

    ask yourself why most of the territories captured by bh have a majority
    christian population, where are the northern elders to condemn
    vehemently the actions of this group. when the north sought for sharia
    law under obj they were asking for it, moderates kept quiet while the
    fanatics held sway. The likes of yerima are still alive, go and ask
    them. I repeat, boko haram thrives because there are so many sympathetic
    northerners who support them directly or indirectly. There are
    sympathetic northern moles in the military, there are sympathetic
    northern core newspapers like premium times and co. That is the truth.
    This has been planted for decades. If you doubt me please go to youtube
    and listen saraduna interview to bbc on igbos and other ethnicities that
    weren’t fulani. If the truth be told who is benefitting more from
    continous strike of bh, the seating pdp or apc? the more strike, the
    more it shows the ruling party can’t stop insurgency and thereby calling
    for change. Remember when full emergency was to be called on those
    states what was the response of the major opposition party? i will let
    you swallow all of this.

    • Wähala

      So much for your tauntedneutrality. Your idiotic comment glaringly shows your veiled chorus of this Administration’s long won-out strategy of finger pointing. They started by blaming Northern elders, their ex-Generals, their Governors for not sending their children to school, the Northern Alhajis for making almagiri babies, their students for not heeding WAEC advise not to go to Chibok… then, Dumbo blamed neighboring countries for sponsoring BH. Blamed the Americans for blocking his illegal gun-running veiled as war against the Bokos. Now with you, we’re back to square one… why not complete the cycle. True liar you are indeed, no wonder @tundemash sticks his foot into your anus, now I know why. So, so stooped… you are!

      • the truth

        i wont digress from my points to abuse you. do u deny all i have said as false?Do you deny that sharia law was the catalyst for islamic fundamentalism boko haram? Do you deny that apc kicked against full state of emergency declared for those three states? Do you deny that saraduna made those disparaging comments to bbc against the igbos and other people not fulani?( you have in so many occasions shared that belief when you categorised niger deltans as aborigines and no good)mind u i am not an igbo man nor a niger delta man. Do you deny that northern elders at the onset of boko haram never vehemently condemned the atrocities of boko haram? even buhari stated that they should be treated like niger delta militants and grant them amnesty as they were fighting for justice, do you deny that? So where have ilied? But you have one characteristic. you never stand for the truth. Your mind and spectrum is saddled towards ethnic and tribal inclinations. You are the same man posting as tundemash, you are the same man that admitted lieing but will never apologize until abati apologizes to nigerians, you are the same man that instead of loosing an argument admitted to lieing. I wish you goodluck and patience to say the truth. god bless u

    • tundemash

      If you are looking for moles, Mr. d@ft, how has Modu Sheriff escaped your ethnic glasses ? is it because he now wine and dines with Dumbo ?

      Mr. d@ft …. i guess the veil of fake neutrality has now been removed.

      Show us the population statistics to back your claim most of the terrirtories BH has captured from your “boys’s scout of Nigeria’ are christians. The Emir that was killed 3 months ago was also xtian or General Wushishi that was killed like a year ago is also xtian?

      To say you are d@ft is saying the obvious. Olodo .. Go and listen to Awo and Zik too, they were all passionate about their regions.

      How about your Dumbo Jo who, without any proof, claimed the October 1 bombing (4 or 5yrs ago) was done by northern leaders only for MEND to claim responsibility a few days later….. how do you classify him ?

      • the truth

        all of a sudden you reply back to me. U have been off commenting for days now, but all of a sudden wahala who has also been absent posts and you post some seconds later. Keep deceiving yourself. wahala is tundemash. i won’t repond to two identities no more. if you are not man enough to post as 1 individual and keep having aliases as your mentor shekau. i cant respond to a ghost

        • tundemash

          Clown ….. I have been here everyday commenting …. it is you e-rats who disappeared when the heat got too hot ! So you e-rats actually look out for my knocks ?

          I am not surprised you are too d@ft to differenttiate between @wahala and @tundemash. Go ask your mentors Reno and Deri and your e-rat team-leads @oleku and @otile for some enlightment.

          What an empty head !!!!

          Meanwhile … do not digress, respond to my counter-facts !

          • the truth

            u are wahala, stop this deceit. the second he calls u, u respond. keep deceiving yourself.

          • tundemash

            Keep fo0ling until your e-rat team-leads come along to caution you to stop displaying your stupidity !!!

          • the truth

            with your radical views and always abusing tone, one begins to wonder who is the rat here. does that trait have a sticky similarity with a rat, who harrases, smears and castigate the owner of the who is the e-rat? your common traits personify an e-rat. Mr wahala. as i said if you are not man enough to come up with one name you are a coward like your brothers in gwoza, mubi, gwari and achisa.the only difference is you are a coward and have internet connection, while they are brave in the war fields. go and ask your brothers when they conscripted with yerima and gambo to strategize for sharia. This is an offshoot of it, deal with it

          • tundemash

            1. If there is anything i am glad about, you have been unmasked as a fraud who wants people to take him as being neutral.
            2. You are no different from other bigots who run under the leaky umbrella of ethnicity of religion and ethnicity when cornered by superior facts. Corroborate your assertion of BH overrunning xtian communities alone and since then you have been ranting ! Aside Nigerian being cursed with rogue leaders, she’s also bedevilled with mor0nic followers like you who have been enslaved by ethnicity / religion.
            GEJ has a muslim V.P. and party Chairman and has no qualms with them but poor minds like you, after a session of cheap drugs, come here to preach religious hate; you are no different from Boko Haram because that is what they do too.
            Dangote, a northerner thrives under GEJ regime and yet a polluted mind like yours come here to preach ethnic division, same thing Boko Haram preaches; a dog thinks better than you !!!

          • Oleku

            I ask again, what’s your business with Islamic caliphate–didn’t you hear the Mohammedans have fully embrace sharia and are going about their normal activities–why are you grieving?

          • tundemash

            whatever you are mixing up for the imbec1le “the truth” is too strong for him; he can’t even differentiate between @tundemash and @wahala. Reduce the dosage for the “little mind”.

        • tundemash

          Stop getting caught on cheap lies, it exposes your stup1dity. Among other posts, this was me 2 days ago and yesterday …….

    • Chris1408

      You keep supporting this worthless GEJ and his administration, very soon you won’t have a home to go to. There are two flags flying over Nigeria, you should be concerned and worried. Wicked Nigerian politicians and top military men have houses abroad and their children are not in Nigeria. Their only stake in Nigeria is to loot our treasury to support their lifestyles, nothing else matters to them. When the country falls, they will be watching it from a distance. Do you see Badeh in the bush in Mubi? He’s in the comfort of Abuja while Mubi is run by Shekau. keep supporting failures.

      • the truth

        i am not supporting this government. But that doesn’t stop u from saying the truth. All the things i said are they false or true?

        • Chris1408

          False, Boko Haram is a terrorist outfit. They are not fighting for any purpose. They are wicked and will slaughter anybody that’s in their way. They’ve killed Muslims, Christians and people of other religions. They might have sponsors, but it still doesn’t make it right. Let the people that swore to defend this country do their jobs. If they can’t, they should resign like people with common sense do.

          • the truth

            did i say they are not a terrorist outfit? please read my earlier post sir chris. I hope you read all i wrote. I said this idea of boko haram has its genesis when the core northern states decided to start practicing sharia. This culminated in the kwazi attacks in 2001, the jos riot and the kano massacre. Do you know how fundamentalism and extremism starts?

          • Chris1408

            It doesn’t matter how it starts, let those assigned with keeping security do their jobs. We have security budgets and personnel. They need to do their jobs or resign if they can’t do. it’s just that simple. We are enjoying safe environment here, because people are doing their jobs. Nigerians anywhere in the country are entitled to safe society too.

          • the truth

            my bro we are able to enjoy all of that because the people are unified here. I went to the poll to cast my vote yesterday, i did not see any bloodshed or fight.How can we conquer boko haram when they are sympathetic elements in the army. remember when acf and the sultan made a comment on how jonathan was moving all the armoury to the south and how muslims are been targeted by the military, they also complained of christians making up more high ranking positions in the army. Now if i was a muslim soldier in the military and i heard my spiritual leader and my ethnic organization make such castigating comments, do you think i will fight whole heartedly for the army. Were those comments necessary at that stage. My brother there are moles sabotaging the military effort, it includes media houses like premium times who continue steer the pot.

          • Chris1408

            LOL, My brother, did you hear what the CDS said yesterday? This Boko haram thing is not something that showed be played with. it’s more than religion or ethnic group. These are terrorist and they don’t take prisoners. the sky go fall for everybody head, make we hurry fight this thing oooooo my brother. time nor dey oooooooooo

          • the truth

            i know, so if u get brothers and sisters wey still dey naija try get visa for them to come join u oh, because february go bloody oh. This people don vow say nigeria go scatter oh. hurry quick quick

          • Chris1408

            LOL. I got move them to Togo when I go for Xmas.

          • the truth

            my brother this thing fit reach togo oh, move them go pakistan or djibouti

          • Chris1408

            My brother nor make me laugh too much. I dey for work. I go move them go Iceland.

          • the truth

            my brother i dey work too, but this naija thing dey worry me well well.iceland too cold na. ur people go pack go back. as i tell u djibouti is welcoming.

      • growthengine

        Thats what the opposition like to hear, worthless, incompetent, and they feed on the insurgency to bring the govt down. None of them have been constructive. The same way we are divided politically, regionally, is the same way our security is diveided, and no war will be won under such circumstances. Boko Harams weapons are from the Nigerian army.

        • Chris1408

          I don’t think any Nigerian with their right mind is praying for Boko haram success. This administration likes to blame everybody for their incompetence and failure. The oppositions are not in charge of the armed forces. let those in charge of it make use of it to stop the insurgency. Our military is not for election rigging or body guard duty for the rich and famous. They are for the defense of our territory. two flags are flying over Nigeria. let them do their jobs or resign.

          • Oleku

            Myself and self determination activists are earnestly praying for their success–anything to see to the end of Lugard fraudulent entity is welcome–go ask the grandma living in Isoko if she wants to be able to return to farming where oil spills have destroy her farmlands if she wants one ‘oil’ Naija and/or if she doesn’t want to be able to go to the river and trap fresh fishes–check insolence

          • Chris1408

            I grew up with Isoko people in ND, they love peace. They don’t want war. However, ask Tompolo and Asari for the money they paid them. That na another discussion my ND brother.

          • the truth

            this one u dey call tompolo, u don forget ateke and soboma george. the niger deltans want freedom. its high time we say the truth, if this oil was located in the north u think they would welcome every other nigerian? will they allow southerners to control 85% of oil wells in kano and maiduguri? will they allow there environment to be degraded like the way they have conspired with oil companies to do, will they have enacted the land use act of 79 which granted all lands to fg, only god will judge this injustice.

  • Wähala

    Everything under this useless drunkard’s Govt starts with, “never in the history of Nigeria…”
    50,000 Nigerians have never lived on International handouts in Nigeria, not even in the worst natural disasters!
    750,000 internally displaced persons (IDP) living as refugees in their own country under two flags and two leaders!
    1,000,000 Nigerians living as refugees in lowly Chad, Niger and Cameroon, whose citizens begged for guard duties in Nigeria under sane leadership. Imagine Nigerians pan-handling in arid Chad ati Niger, original Baabi-Allah choirmasters.
    A Govt. of lies by a deceitful liar, who claims he has created 1million “ghost jobs” nobody has been able to verify. A theif whose Govt. is currently being investigated by 5 other Govts including the US, UK, France, Italy, South Africa… for graft!
    tell me, when was the last time any Government investigated Nigeria on so many fronts? Never! Tell me which country in the world whose Chief of Defense Staff is himself a refugee from his hometown… displaced by the thugs his duty it is to flush out? None. Nigeria is disintegrating while our leader gulps ogogoro and plots reprisal assaults on anyone with a hint at calling his attention to the business of governance for which he was elected. 50, 000 Nigerians as refugees in one city… truly sad!

  • bikky

    I share your suffering,God Almighty will see you through and Deliver Nigerian from Evil(BokoHaram) hand. We are suffering from poor/bad governance,Stupid Bokoharam are still untimely death to it.

  • Chris1408

    With all these happenings, Nigerians are not in the streets asking GEJ and his administration for accountability. Nigeria is on Fire, GEJ is going to Burkina Faso to put out their fire. Our CDS doesn’t care if his house and hometown are ravaged by Boko Haram, so we know he doesn’t care if the whole country falls to Boko Haram. Insecurity and suffering everywhere. Nigeria is burning and we are all watching with our arms folded.

  • Thepeople

    Tell this to these moroons that deem themselves worthy ex-head of states and governors. They remain deaf to the cries and sufferings of ordinary and displaced Nigerians. Their weeping, travails and human sufferings shall force the hand of God to one day drown these fake leaders in mud they created.

  • _Proudly NigerDeltan

    I am usually not bemused but quite irritated each time I see our so called ‘civilized’ and democracy loving online media condescend abysmally to unimaginable depths as they jostle in a weird orgy of sheer ignorance, to publish hook, line & sinker any report(s) by the so called international agencies (agents of imperialism) without examining whatever latent motive behind such reports. If media houses behave like this, then where does hope lie for continent Nigerians.

    Ideally, I should believe more in a report by a continent Nigerian expert , agency or entity like PT all things being equal. Why irritate
    me with Amnesty International’s report yesterday and then Red cross report today? Bcos they are run by foreign ‘Whitee’ to whom to arrogate impeccable rectitude? It’s pure nonsense. So, my dear PT, do your own investigations, research etc are be proud to publish them and stop telling us about the reports released by foreign agencies or foreign affiliated agencies. Shine your eyes. This is 2014 where available experimental drug was good enough for only White US Doctors. Until they were ill, no one told us of existence of any experimental drugs that could cure dying Liberian Doctors in Monrovia.

    By the way, why did Red Cross not write on the over 125,000 displaced persons in my Niger Delta? Read this: “…In 1993, following protests that were designed to stop contractors from laying a new pipeline for Shell, the Mobile Police raided the area to quell the unrest. In the chaos that followed, it has been alleged that 27 villages were raided, resulting in the death of 2,000 Ogoni people and displacement of 80,000…”

    Did Red Cross Report capture this displacement in 1993 or thereafter? …abi Red Cross never enter Nigeria for that time? ….What about the Bakassi refugees in Calabar? Seven good yrs after OBJ sold the inheritance of Bakassi and surrounding villages for a plate of Porridge to the Cameroonians, several thousands are still refugees in their own country in Calabar… What of the Bodo community that has been rendered desolate? In Brass, Bonny, Forcados, Olomoro, Eket fields etc…people & animals are displaced on continual basis…Where is the Red Cross report?

    In my beloveth Bodo community, not only has the several thousands humans been displaced , but the animals (terrestrial & aquatic) including the birds of the air, have all being displaced. Not to forget my precious Periwinkles. Where is Red Cross report on all these?
    When Wiwa fought, he and 8 others were killed. Where is Red Cross report?

    In the Bodo spill and all other spills…how many Red Cross reports are available? Why must Red Cross see ONLY the suffering of the persons displaced by Boko haram? Displacement no be displacement? Nonsense!

    • Joe

      May God forgive you, for you do not know what you saying. You need to see how nigerians are suffering in the north east. Go to any of the refugee camps and see things for yourself, and by the time you return back, you will write with knowledge and understanding.

      • Oleku

        Who cares? Theirs is just suffering–Igbos were massacred in their millions and the Mohammedans didn’t blink an eye–so why should we?

      • _Proudly NigerDeltan

        I will not bother to ask you to visit my Niger Delta. …all I ask is for you to summon courage to leave that your facebook and twitter for just 3mins and type the following on youtube- “Devastation, pollution and displacement through oil spillage in the Niger Delta”

        That’s all. When you are done and have seen sufficient evidence, you will then agree with me that the case of my raped Niger Delta makes that of the North East’s insignificantly irrelevant. I hope u understand my Oyibo? Nonsense.

  • Oleku

    Over 3million of innocent Igbo women and babies were exterminated during the Nigerian forces war against those from eastern Naija–spearheaded by war criminal Awo ati Gowon–with Awo gloating on the international media that he will do it again and again again–the ever treacherous Yorubas and the parasitic Mohammedans were happy and didn’t see anything wrong in it–but conspicuously expects the SS&SE citizens to feel pity to them wazos–what’s 50,000 compared to 3million–the wazos must be told that whatever happens in their enclaves, be it in Oshogbo or Damaturu is their business and theirs alone–and what happens or is gotten from my ancestral backyard is ours and ours only–we have and will never forget the war crimes and murder onslaught vented on our people-never–treacherous Yorubas and their Mohammedan masters should check on nemesis–PT should save such useless reports like this for the e-janjaweedians-Animals

    • Akiika

      In other word, it is fine for 50,000 Nigerians to be displaced because of some silly war in the sixties that some section of the country irrationally went into seeking secession without the military or economic power. Abeg make una dey reason rationally now!

      • Essisien

        Oh Yes! It is right. …and that is exactly what Comrade Oleku is saying. What is good for the Eagles is good for the Ducks. No be so?


        Use the SS oil allocation and deal with those refugees……remember 80% of the SS oil blocks are directly or indirectly controlled by Hausa-Fulani oligarchs !
        Brother Oleku was merely reminding you of equity and the natural laws of retributive justice . Over 3 million Biafran women and children starved to death by the evil machinations of Awo and his Hausa Fulani collaborators are still fighting hard from their graves……they may not stop till justice is done !!

    • Hamisu

      That’s why we are eager come Feb, 2014 when GEJ & yr likes be tumbled down, or we, be separated from deserve to die, born naked & animal slaves, then return home to deals with the north-based SS&SE progeny & business pigs, ask the minority northern Christians to accept Islam, else be enslaved & dealt with accordingly.


        What a savage………a starving poor desert goat !

        • Hamisu

          You sentimental bush pig, why didn’t you comment on what Oleku have said?

  • GEJ the devisive and unfit

    for politics and money, GEJ, Modu Sherif and chad president are the God father
    of bokoHaram. The trio had a meeting in Chad GEJ promised to provide money out
    of 1 billion dolar loan he collected, while Modu Sherif will assist in
    providing all contact, Chadian president will ensure free flow of arm supplies
    and more recruit from chad, that is why most of those who attact Mubi are
    chadians. GEJ is desperate for reelection. Two options were agreed upon. 1.
    Negotiate for cease fire and release of chibok girls to boost reelection
    campaign. 2. Escalation of violence to provide a window of opportunity to
    postpone election, or at least in the Northeast. After the meeting Ali modu
    Sherif was mandated to choose the best option. The task for negotiation is
    difficult for Sherif, because he has lost the central command due to factions.
    GEJ waited for while no respond from Sherif, so GEJ summon Sherif for a close
    door meeting in Asorock. The decition taken was to deceive the public by
    announcing a bogus cease fire and military most comply, in order to allow the
    boys to escalate there attact and seizure of more territories, this will
    provide opportunity for GEJ to postpone election. The foot soldiers Know that
    their blood is already been traded that is why the refuse to fight instead run
    away to leave their duty post.

  • Adekunle Johnson

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