Presidency replies Atiku, says he contributed to Boko Haram insurgency

President Goodluck Jonathan

The Presidency Tuesday responded to remarks by former Vice President Atiku Abubakar on the security situation in the country, saying some of his past utterances contributed to the escalation of insurgent activities in the North.

But in a swift response, some supporters of Mr. Abubakar, under the aegis of Turaki Vanguard, condemned the Presidency for disparaging the former vice president.

Mr. Abubakar, a presidential aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC, had spoken at a press conference on Monday in Abuja during which he lamented the security situation in the north eastern part of Nigeria.

He said the Federal Government had not done enough to tackle the insecurity in the northern part of the country and called for the support of the international community to bring an end to the situation.

He said President Goodluck Jonathan could not possibly want to go down in history as the only Nigerian Commander-in-Chief to have ever lost territory to terrorists and that the president still had a chance to redeem his legacy.

But the Presidency, through the Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Doyin Okupe, recounted that in the build up to the 2011 general elections, Mr. Abubakar had quoted the famous statement by late US President John Kennedy that “those who make peaceful change inevitable will make violent change inevitable”.

He said that remark contributed to the escalation of insurgency in the country.

The presidential aide spoke in Abuja at the Public Affairs Forum, a programme organised by his office for ministers to give account of their stewardship to members of Civil Society Organisations, Professional groups and artisans.

While lamenting the former vice president’s remarks at the Northern Stakeholders Forum in 2010, Mr. Okupe said it was unfortunate that those who desperately stoked the fire of insurgency now laying the blame on the shoulders of a government already working hard to put out the fire.

He said it was lack of patriotism that made Mr. Abubakar to talk down on the nation’s military which he hopes to lead, if elected President of the Federal Republic.

Mr. Okupe said the former vice president, who is from Adamawa State, one of the states ravaged by insurgent activities, was not known to have taken any hard position on terrorists and terrorism in the past and shouldn’t expect to gain any political mileage from the unfortunate killings and kidnappings in some parts of the North by presenting himself as being on the side of the victims of insurgency.

He advised the presidential aspirant to learn from political leaders in other climes who drop the toga of partisanship in moments of national crisis by supporting their governments to raise the hope of citizens and defeat enemies of civilisation.

The presidential aide said President Goodluck Jonathan would not be distracted by negative comments from Mr. Abubakar and a few others whose only concern is politics rather than nation building.

He said the president would continue to work assiduously with security chiefs and community stakeholders to restore peace to the northern part of the country in the shortest possible time.

In a statement by its National President, Oladimeji Fabiyi, on Tuesday, the Turaki Vanguard said at this critical stage in Nigeria’s history, trading insults was a waste of time “rather we should deploy efforts on how to recover our lost territories unless the people of the Northeast of Nigeria do not matter to the current government.”

“For the avoidance of doubt, Nigeria has so far lost a total of 16 local government areas to Boko Haram: 9 in Bornu, 2 in Yobe and 5 in Adamawa states. The total landmass occupied is the equivalent of three states of the federation.”

The group said at a time like this, when Nigeria was not engaged in any international war, thousands had been internally displaced while thousands more were refugees in neighbouring countries.

It said even many top Federal Government officials could no longer return to their homes.

The group said, “Madagali, hometown of Governors Ngilari and Fintiri of Adamawa has fallen to terrorists. Gulak, the hometown of President Jonathan’s onetime political adviser has also been taken as well as Michika, which is home to the largest number of military generals in Adamawa after Numan.

“Two former Governors of Adamawa also come from this area – Boni Haruna and Saleh Michika. And particularly of interest is Mubi, which is the hometown of Nigeria’s Chief of Defence Staff, Air Marshall Alex Badeh. His palatial mansion in Vimtim village was crushed and reduced to rubble.”

The Turaki Vanguard argued that Nigerians should be concerned about these issues instead of disparaging concerned citizens.

“Once again, we reiterate Atiku Abubakar’s call to the international community for support for the people of Northeast Nigeria. Clearly, we cannot depend on the support of a government which is occupied with personal attacks while a section of the country is burning,” it said.

The group also condemned the withdrawal of the security aides to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal.

It said the action allegedly by the Presidency was a manifestation of gangster politics.

“Such action from the PDP-led federal government at this point of national emergency amounts to a set-back to the country’s democratization process,” it said.

“It is not in doubt that our democracy has grown past the age of arbitrary politics when a sitting president sees the whole country as his fiefdom.

“There is subsisting judicial pronouncement on the matter of defection, but if the Presidency and the security agencies, were in doubt, should have sought judicial interpretation from the court.

“According to the laws of our land, the Speaker of the House of Representatives has committed no infraction for which, he should be denied security protection as the number four citizen of the country.”


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  • amazing2012

    One of the worst thing that will happen to humankind is too much non- sensical abracadabra talk. Yes Atiku contribute to BH then why can’t you arrest him since ? Talk, talk , talk and people are killed everyday. He is even contesting to become the next president ! If you find him wanting why can’t you arraign him ? Only story and shameless points, pointing fingers at others and afraid of them. Coward and mumu number one !!!

    • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

      your northern region have been dismantled, by next year you will be seeking for asylum in the south
      lets wait and see who is mumu here

      • Guest_2

        Nwa Aba, you’re really blind and deaf.

        • for our tomorrow

          Peace be to you all. Honestly the exchanges of words cant solve this problem. If anyone is saying it does not concerns him bcos the insurgency is not within his reach, then that person is not sincere with himself. Don’t forget that it is not only the hausas that are trapped in the northeast but rather all regions of Nigeria. if I hear somebody saying to hell with the north or to hell with the south, what do spring to my mind is that such a person has not travelled out of his cocoon right from birth and as such, that person is not civilize. All we need is to join hands together and tell all this our political class that it is enough. that we need them to create a functioning Nigeria where everybody, irrespective of regions should be proud of. This political class that are destroying this country are from all the regions and they are using religion and regions to dislodge us from coming together to ask for our right. The better we come together as one the better for all for us.

          • Guest_2

            I absolutely agree with your idea and is the only way forward in Nigeria. Many thanks and May the Almighty GOD reward you abundantly.

      • Nyamiri

        You a criminal fooool.

      • True son of the soil

        There is this hausa proverb that says “if you see your neighbour moustache on fire better wet yours because definitely yours will be next” Boko Haram will not stop until they reach the Atlantic Coast .

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


          Think I better shave mine in that case!

          • True son of the soil

            Although these are word of wisdom , I thinks shaving it will take longer time .we better join hands and salvage this nation from the grip of the cabal .

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            True Son of the Soil, are you trying to kill me with mirth?

            I am still breathless from your first salvo!

            Who steal my precious moustache?

            I buy am for shopping!

          • True son of the soil

            My Brother God forbid bad thing, me to kill my only partner in salvaging my belove country,Nigeria .

      • Lala

        Not to worry. Come 2015 your wish will be granted. Dr. Dumbo will be the President of your Biafra.! Goodluck to you!

  • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

    Hometown of Governors Ngilari and Fintiri of Dr Gulak
    Ex Gov Boni Haruna and Saleh Michika.
    Chief of Defence Staff, Air Marshall Alex Badeh all have fallen to Boko Haram

    Why Atiku Abubakar’s hometown still standing?

    Boko Haram you must stop terrorism as a weapon of war legitimize your caliphate by calling for referendum
    enough is enough

  • Gideon Orkar

    Atiku is not even a Nigerian. He is from Madinatu Islam

  • tundemash

    Useless Presidency ! Anyone who criticizes them must be a supporter of Boko Haram. I guess we need to go and rent the 17yr old Pakistani girl to come back and help knock some sense into this useless rogues in Aso Rock again.

    How does a quote by an American, repeated by Mr. Abubakar Atiku stoke the fire of insurgency? One minute Dumbo will claim insurgency is not peculiar to Nigeria alone but a growing threat to the whole world, another minute his henchmen are accusing his political opponents. What a confused Presidency !!!

    This Presidency is a curse on this nation !!!

    • Oleku

      You sound despotic in nature–do you in any way have phobia for freedom of secession and right to self determination–why are you bitter whenever news of Mohammedans claiming what is rightly theirs pops up–Imam Shekau has promised better security and protection to Mohammedans–what’s wrong with that–Tundemash relax treachery doesn’t pay

      • Lala

        Not to worry. Next year your wishes will be granted. Dr. Dumbo will become the President of your Biafra. Goodluck to you!

  • Sword of Damocles

    Mr Okupe is quoted as saying:

    “Mr. Abubakar had quoted the famous statement by late US President John Kennedy that “those who make peaceful change inevitable will make violent change inevitable”.

    He said that remark contributed to the escalation of insurgency in the country.”

    Now all the Presidency needs to do is show the PROOF of how the “remark contributed to the escalation of insurgency in the country”

    ,I dont have a high opinion of Adamawa Turakin, however the Presidency is duty bound to back up ANY statement it makes especially after its “burukutu” ceasefire. An administration with terminal credibility deficiency has no leg to stand on. our Nation is disintegrating before our eyes, and the Presidency is busy responding to an “ordinary citizen”. mistaken priorities indeed…

  • ehizofua

    Atiku’s call for international assistance will not be taken seriously because before now, atiku has not codemn the activities of this deadly and heartless organisation. While patriotic and we’ll-meaning nigerians express.their.utmost.disgust at this bestiality by.this group and commiserate with the good people of adamawa, it’s time our leaders should be very mindful of their utterances and close rank to tame insurgency in the country. Nigerian leaders should learn not to play politics when it comes to national security issues
    In developed countries national security issues are taken seriously with all political leaders via their select security committee coming together to assist the government in .power to offer solutions to solve any security problems, not apportioning blames to government in power or casting aspersions on individuals. Security should be business of both the leaders and the.led, the difference is that the government in power comes up.with the strategic approaches In -terms of intelligence, information gathering and man power which president Goodluck Jonathan is offering and should be supported by well-meaning and patriotic Nigerians not with.those with hidden agenda
    God bless Nigeria.

  • Adeboye Murphy

    That’s what the spokesman is paying for anyway, for the fact that Atiku wanted to contest for presidency therefore means that he should be singing the praises of the military even when it is obvious that they are failing in their legitimate responsibilities to secure the the people of Nigeria. All these sycophants at the corridor of power will never see anything good in a constructive criticism, I think the agenda of these people( sycophants) was to drag Mr. President to the mud and later fled. Nigerian’s are not fools as they may be thinking, we are keenly watching events as they were unfolding on daily basis. Imagine, territories are been over run in the country everyday, the commander in chief was seems to be helpless, the defense chief was contradicting himself and confusing Nigeria at all times, evidence of no cohesion and coordination between the military and the executive, lats look at the numbers of refugees in our own country, sincerely this government has lost focus all what they are interested in is how to stop Tanbuwa!, dirty politicking at the highest level, TAN were busy confusing Nigerians forgetting to realize that The Almighty God maketh a king and dethroneth a king. He taketh high and bringeth low, If you’re thinking of destroying your opponents stronghold for your own advantage, Hmmmm, what about those life that were been lost on daily bases, I have no doubt that the wind of change is blowing across the nation and it will be evident soon. You seek knowledge by going to class to learn but acquired wisdom by carefully watching and studying the environment and the situation around you.

    • Guguru

      No one is dragging Jonathan anywhere. Jonathan is an adult and a PhD holder who is responsible for his actions.

      • Scatter

        Dumbo Dumbo is PhD ke! And he can’t even string together two grammatically correct and coherent English sentences consecutively?

        • Guguru


          • Scatter

            Guguru! Glad you found it funny. Cheers.

          • Guguru


            Laughter is good for the soul.

  • Realnigerian

    The stage is being set for tenure elongation. There will be no election next year. It has been the agenda. And people talk about clueless president. This president is more cunning than any president in the history of Nigeria. However, his end will be the worse as well.

    • Lala

      He is in for a shocker! Ever heard of Ironsi treatment!? Let’s wait and see. Goodluck to Jonathan!

  • Screw-em

    “Nigeria’s Chief of Defence Staff, Air Marshall Alex Badeh. His palatial
    mansion in Vimtim village was crushed and reduced to rubble.”…now, somebody please tell me we don’t have Boy’s Scouts camouflaged as “soldiers”. And the scary cat “field marshall” of Dumboland remain holed up in Aso Rock afraid of a few wet rats disguised as insurgents…..what a “President”….ooooh what a buffoon!!!

    • Chris1408

      Utterly shameful, CDS couldn’t defend his hometown. What a disgrace. Classroom General.

      • Screw-em

        The guy and his fellow cohorts never graduated from NDA, They were all handed oluwole “diplomas” from the school of the incompetent “dumboland” university with INCOMPLETE written all over their transcripts.

      • Lala

        He has reaped the dividends of corruption,.

  • Sharia_Haram

    “For the avoidance of doubt, Nigeria has so far lost a total of 16 local government areas to Boko Haram: 9 in Bornu, 2 in Yobe and 5 in Adamawa states. The total landmass occupied is the equivalent of three states of the federation.”

    What is wrong in having an Islamic Caliphate? Nigeria had since lost the larger part of the North right from the day Northern Muslims adopted Sharia law. Technically, the Sharia states in the North are Islamic Caliphate, ruled by Sharia law as against Nigerian law.

    Our prayer is for Sharia advocate(Boko-Haram) to claim more local government areas. With that Buhari will have a new Caliphate from where he will rule the Northern Muslims but definitely not Nigeria as a Country.

    List of potential states yet to be conquered by Muslim Ummah for an Islamic Caliphate: Zamfara ,Kano,Sokoto ,Katsina,Bauchi,Borno ,Jigawa,Kebbi,Yobe,Northern Kaduna ,Niger, and Gombe State. Unfortunately, Adamawa is not a Sharia state. Plus one for Muslim Ummah.

    Let them enjoy the dividends of sharia law.

    Death to Sharia Advocates.

    • Cattle Rancher

      This comment lacks reasoning sir…

    • Hah!

      Mani_Kay why have change your code to Sharia_Haram? I wonder if you too can change, why wont you allow Nigerian to change the People Destruction Party without religious sentiment?

  • the truth

    Nigeria will overcome at this trying time.all we have to do is join hands and support the government.unity is the key

    • tundemash

      One minute, Boko Haram is part of the global terrorism threat (says Dumbo) , another minute, it is the American quote repeated by Atiku that is responsible.
      Till date, what happened to the “oluwole” ceasefire?
      Till date, what are the identities of the two Nigerians who tried to smuggle money into South Africa ?
      Till date, no politician or political appointee has been jailed for corruption in the last 6 years or does it mean there is no corruption in this country ?
      Till date, what happened to the chibok girls’ release in “a few days” and no one in govt is talking about that again.

      And yet some e-rats want us to support a confused and untruthful govt. Support ko, syncophancy ni ! Sorry we don’t all subscribe to your “stomach infrastructure” ideology.

      • John

        Bless u! Hoping the Dumbos will respond to this.

      • Oleku

        How many people went to jail when your brother the ota baboon was presdo–unless Alams ati Ibori ati rev.king–in Naija only the SS&SE are meant to be jailed–not them wazos ati born to rule–na them get Naija abi–you and your e-janjaweedians will still be the ones to shout over the roof were amiable GEJ had gone for them Mohammedans oil hijackers–it appears you want to add anti-Mohammedan to his numerous names you gave him–after conning the name dumbo–coz he’s Ijaw abi–you come to my backyard hijack my oil resources and still have the guts to call a son of the soil dumbo ati drunkard–what an insult–but never again

        • Tonnero

          You Igbo are a confused lot. Ethnicity, love of money and trauma from the civil war have rendered you lot unable to differentiate what is right from what is wrong anymore. You guys are in real trouble.

          • Peter

            We are not in trouble. It is you Boko Haramites that are in trouble. Nemesis is catching up with you and you are killing yourselves. The war will claim the generation of all those who waged war on the innocent Igbo people in your murderous northern enclave. The rot has only just begun. Enjoy your insurgency.

          • Lala

            Not to worry. It will soon be at your doorsteps since you refused to learn lessons from the 1966 pogroms and the ensuing civil war. Goodluck to you!

          • tundemash


            The imbec1le does not represent the majority of igbos. In every ethn1c group, you find a basta@d. He’s the igbo basta@d just like Fani Kayode is the yoruba bast@rd. Everything starts and ends with ‘kudi’ with them.

        • concerned9ja

          Amiable? You must have attended the same school with the First Lady Musketeer, Patience Jonathan. GEJ for want of a worse description, looks imbecilic

        • tundemash

          F00l, you forgot to add Tafa Balogun, Haruna Elewi and Bode George …. or are those from SS&SE too ?

          Let your Dumbo also grow a pair of ‘balls’ and send two Yoruba rogues to jail and then come 2015, the next President will also send Dumbo, Patience, Badeh, Okupe and Abati to jail. Gradually we are reducing the rogues in Nigeria,.
          Only an imbec1le like yourself put ethnic colouration on rogues!!!

        • Lala

          Sharap there! Does the oyel belong to you? Homo Ignoramus! If you don’t know, the oyel belongs to the likes of Tompolo, ati Asari, ti Ateke. Stop deluding yourself.

      • Ide4u

        Do not pin your hopes on a donkey

  • UOU

    Nigeria lost Bakassi to Cameroun under Obasanjo/Atiku so this Turaki vanguard should cease lying openly and stop insulting our sensibility, we are no fools as a whole. If any piece of land in Nigeria is lost now, it should not be the first time. However Atiku is just playing politics with people’s life, his people for that matter, which will neither help him nor anyone. The more the opposition so hateful, aggrieved , agitated and compromised of discipline and morals, want this insurgence to continue the merrier for Mr Jonathan, a scientist who knows where they are coming from and where it will lead to. It is not the one who calls police that is always right neither is it someone who goes to court that always wins the case so, lets cross our fingers and see how it will go. Of course, all options favors Jonathan, till the end of his tenure, making noise and propaganda is not the answer but practical reactions, let the blinded remain blind

    • True son of the soil

      Wa wao for you, Nigeria never own bakassi in the first place and the lost of bakassi was through a legal means so Jonathan is the first president that lost territory in Nigeria history

      • UOU

        If that is your own share of the national cake then take it like that since all you have to contribute is that Mr. Jonathan is the first president that lost territory in nigeria history. I think that makes you happy and fulfilled, enjoy that and more greese to your elbows

  • King Carlos

    Lack of interest from the international community confirms the rumour that boko haram is being fueled by politicians and their cohorts.

    • Ide4u

      The international community is not interested about Boko Haram because GEJ is not a serious person

      • Nuorah

        PDP is the number one suspect According to former NSA

  • Dr. Kay

    Quoting people’s utterances is now akin to flaming insurgency ,abi dullard okupe ? When the creek thug in chief was foaming on both corners of his mouth saying blood will flow if Dumbo is not reelected next year, this direct quotation from the horse’s or is it the fat pig’s mouth , is that is not a potentialcall to mayhem , violence and insurgency in the Niger delta . What is good for goose is not okay for these PDPigs gander I think.

  • BlackDiamond

    Why is the presidency showing how clueless they are, why can’t they arrest him if his among those supporting insurgency, it shows that this government is clueless

  • the_adviser

    My fear is that the 3 states in the north will be so unstable elections might be postponed. We are now performing fire dance surrounded by open drums of petrol.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      GEJ does not want elections in APC enclaves.

      That is why boko haram’s first statement after it”seized” or was ‘dashed’ Mubi was that we should forget elections there.

      That the President has not even been bothered to comment on the “occupation” by boko haram and he considers dealing with military rule in Burkina Faso more important than these events at home tells that he is comfortable with the development.

      If you doubt that, Mr. Badeh has also said it is not a big deal.

      • the_adviser

        Then tell APC leaders to make overtures to BH. The window of opportunity is fast closing for elections.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          the_adviser, no, I won’t.

          Rather, I would ask Mr. GEJ to produce the evidence, if there are, and ARREST ALL AND ANY WHO IS LINKED TO BH, regardless of their political leanings.

          And then send in our military to mop up the foot soldiers of boko haram. I do not, not even for a second, believe that our military is incapable of routing them.

          Do you recollect the Maitatsine? Were they not deadlier and more determined and were they not crushed?

          The will to do what is right, for political considerations, is what is missing.

          • the_adviser

            The problem is these irregulars are out smarting the military. The military does not know who is and is not Boko Haramite. The army can not just start killing innocent youths. There are infiltrators in the civilian JTF as well as BH sympathisers in the military.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Bruv, believe me when I state that the insect that destroys the vegetable leafs lives on the vegetable stalk.

            The problem with the military do not lie solely among the foot soldiers.

            Fish rots from the head first.

            Do you not find it strange that as soon as our military got the upper hand in the whole brouhaha, we suddenly got an announcement from the military hierarchy that a ceasefire was now in place?

            The hiatus was only meant to give respite to bh and allow it to regroup and continue the slaughter.

            Why? At that strategic moment when we were beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel?

            Bruv, it doesn’t add up. This 2 plus 2 is looking more like 22 than 4.

          • the_adviser


  • ogbuefiakajiaku

    What is the economic contribution of the three states of the north east. If Nigeria where to be a business those states would have been shut down for being unprofitable. So BH can actually take over and reduce the expenses being borne by the FGN in the form of paying police salary, army, and monthly allocation.

    • Oleku

      My brother they don’t contribute a dime to the national purse–leeches they are and will ever be–who cares if the entire Mohammedan enclave secede from Naija–dog eats dog

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Between them; the bulk of the yam, beans, goat and cattle, peanuts, onions, pepper and tomatoes that you eat!

      Have you heard the term “dry irrigation farming” before?

  • Longjo Augustine Yusuf

    For any true Nigerian, our government is always lying to us. If you know that Atiku has hand in it why don’t prosecute him and let us have peace. But FG is always talking rubbish while peoples lives are not safe. For some of us supporting the FG remember in the same northeast we have different tribes resident there (Yoruba, Igbos etc) and they are not also safe. Some of ur brodas are security personnel (military, police, DSS etc) being posted there to work for the nation – they are not safe either. Presidency is full of liars that want to sink this nation and by the Power of God we reject u in Jesus name. Those seeking for this country to go down shall go down for the sake of this nation in Jesus name. We are speaking and spitting fire to enemies of the nation at every level – BH level, FG level, BH sponsors level we send the wrath of the Holy Ghost Fire to crush you in Jesus name, amen. Try it and see, you will see my God in action.

  • dankasa

    how can political utterances caused terrorism of such magnitude??? this is rubbish!!

    • Lala

      I agree, absolute rubbish!

  • Peter

    Atiku Abubakar should stop playing politics in Abuja. He should go to his home state and try to put out the fire of insurgency. He should stop castigating the government and those leaders whose places are peaceful. Charity should begin at home. Now that his place has been overrun by his Boko Haram insurgency, he should go there and pick their nomination form for presidency for his new caliphate. In whose own country is he aiming to be president? The presidency is right and Atiku should stop making noise. The other areas of the country have leadership and there is peace everywhere in the south. We have no suicide bombers in the south and nobody is killing each other.

    • Oluwadara

      I know u are Igbo, that is why your brain is dead and never had any reasoning what so ever. How would you ask a common man in the eyes of the law to take part of the responsibilities of govt. if Atiku visit Mubi and killed, is you the Jonathanonians that will start saying he is their member or sponsor, and if he comes out alive you will still make your dead brain likes believe that he is also part of them that is why he was let go. Why won’t you simply ask your semi-god GEJ to do his job.

      • Peter

        It is not difficult if Atiku is truly the leader you portray him to be. After all he is their son of the soil and there is no doubt that they will listen to him if at all he commands some respect back home. When Yar’Adua was the president and Jonathan was his vice, and the Niger Delta militants were rampaging, it was Jonathan that went from one creek to the other talking. It was his efforts that brought about the dialogue that ensued, leading eventually to the peace in that region today. I don’t hate the person of Atiku but it is thought that for a man that is clamouring to rule Nigeria, the acid test should be that of charity, which of course must begin from home.

        • Oluwadara

          Go get dictionary and know the meaning of the word “terrorist” pls. When you are told this people used to kill even their parents, and you talking of Atiku. In addition to the dictionary please read more about Boko Haram before commenting on this forum. This forum is for the learnerts not a school.

        • Lala

          It is the cardinal responsibility of govt to protect lives and property. Nobody else can do this sworn duty of your paymaster.

      • Peter

        As for a drunkard like you calling me a dead brain, I merely pity you because of your seeming uselessness. Some people like you see this forum as an avenue to insult people just because this platform is free. What difference does it make to you if I am an Ibo. It is your tribe that is contributing to make these mallams feel as if they own this country.

    • daddydon

      wode•6 hours ago

      This Government is a complete failure, giving excuses for not being able to do the primary job it’s meant to do – to provide security for the citizenry. Who cares about what somebody else says? You are in Government and you have total control over everything. Why can’t you arrest and prosecute those you know are behind the insurgence. Why can’t you crush the insurgency itself? Who cares how you do it? It’s none of our business. That is what you – GEJ & his team – have sworn to do. So if you remain incapacitated and incapable, it’s better you quit! Enough of this lost of innocent lives in the land.

    • Lala

      But there is kidnapping, armed robbery, baby factories and other violent crimes which your paymaster has failed to rein in!

  • wode

    This Government is a complete failure, giving excuses for not being able to do the primary job it’s meant to do – to provide security for the citizenry. Who cares about what somebody else says? You are in Government and you have total control over everything. Why can’t you arrest and prosecute those you know are behind the insurgence. Why can’t you crush the insurgency itself? Who cares how you do it? It’s none of our business. That is what you – GEJ & his team – have sworn to do. So if you remain incapacitated and incapable, it’s better you quit! Enough of this lost of innocent lives in the land.

  • Darlington Mudiaga Atumu

    Let these northern leaders speak to their sons and daughters to give peace a chance….
    These people are carrying out these violent actions because they want to give the impression that the whole of nigeria is under attack

    • Tonnero

      If they are not inclined to do so oR they are not listening, it is the job of the C-in-C to maintain the territorial integrity of the country. You cannot fold your hands and pray. You must act. Jonathan has shown that he does not have the capacity or the will to act.

      • Lala

        Gbam! On point.

    • Nuorah

      Brigg in your evidence on what you are saying done though any how.

  • Baba Jada

    GEJ should be impeached with immediate effect, not only has he failed to carryout his sworn duty of protecting the country, but he has conflict of interest concerning defending the country. It is very evident that he wants more territories to be lost so as to waive away elections.

  • favourtalk

    I only have problem with the cheap okukpe and others that run their mouth when they should be ashame of leading this nation to the grave, he and his co men should tell their oga that nigerians are tired of them and should let us move forward. Nigeria need a drastic change now

  • Yinkoos

    It does not matter to Jonathan if Nigeria lost any territory in the north, it translates to less northern votes. The earlier you understand this in the north the better.

  • Mr. Abdin

    The attack lion of the presidency is here again trying to black mail the former Vice -President Atiku Abubakar over the insurgency ravaging the country, it is to be noted that Atiku has been giving the government of the day an advice on how to tackle the problems but was ignored. However, this is the same government that has refused to tell Nigerians the truth and they keep changing talk and it seems they lack the political will to end the menace. Atiku keep on calling on the attention of the government and the International community over the suffering of the people. Atiku believes in Nigeria for all where every one will be safe.

  • MushinSpeaks

    This is what I dislike about the administration of President Jonathan. Rather than work with solutions provided, he seeks pleasure in witch hunting his opponents.

    He should wake up to responsibility.

    • paul preston

      why wont you people see the truth,Atiku made the statement mentioned above and has Atiku said anything bad against those blood letters? People like Atiku seek power for the sake of it and they will never get it,period

  • Waziri

    Okupe, we are not blinds . Protection of life and property is not in the mouth, it’s by action and actual commitment. What did your government do? Leave us. Is it Atiku that will stop the insurgency or the government? We are heading towards a better government (apc) come 2015

    • paul preston

      only in your dream,I have ask this question before what make you think the south will not take up arms if GEJ is denied power ?vote him out but do not try violence
      Recently some Northern Elders talked about plan B and all of a sudden bokko haram is stepping up its attacks and succeeding with reports of soldiers handing over their weapons to them in support.Well, come what may GEJ will win the election and he will remain in office till 2019

  • the truth

    nigerians believe me when i say we would conquer this devilish sect called boko haram, they are not islamic and were planted there by the same elements who are now claiming to know it all, who remembers when a full state of emergency was to be declared on those states by the fg and how press statements from some party leaders scattered that move, they cried of fg witch hunting the north and why state of emergency was bad, now this same people are saying the opposite. nigerians are wise and don’t forget history. We will conquer, with strength, cooperation, unity,support and a lasting continuity.

  • Zirem

    Very shameful, instead of reclaiming lost territories and protecting lives and property as the president has sworn, they are making petty talk. For crying out loud did Atiku coin that statement? Maybe Okupe thinks all Nigerians are totally ignorant, after all the statement is a fact of life. How can a govt in power for over five years keep telling Nigerians the
    same shit over and over again? Haba! Change your excuse for a failed govt na!

    The presidency always accuse the opposition of being political on sensitive issues, when the same govt has refused any reasonable suggestions in resolving our problem, instead they cry wolf in order to gain
    poor Nigerians sympathy.

    In as much as I will wish Atiku’s press conference on the takeover of the second largest town in Adamawa
    state is political, but is rather unfortunate that it is exactly what is happening in the region. I go to sleep every night wondering what the will be the fate of my people before I wake in the morning. The president and his cronies
    should wake up to their responsibilities and perform duties, which includes saving lives and property of every Nigerian or vacate the seat.

    If only the presidency will accept theirs failures in governance, then our problem as a country is half solved. Atiku remains the only elder statesman who dares to voice our problems as they are, while others including Okupe-not that I regard him as an elder statesman o-Know the in their heart of hearts, but need to protect their interest.

    Okupe statement is the definition of cluelessness, if I were in that auditorium;I would work cos this undermines the intelligence every sensible Nigerian.

  • abucheadams

    I agree with Atiku: it is not news that Jonathan lacks the leadership capacity to tackle the insurgency.
    The president’s SSA must be daft to assume that Atiku’s quote will instigate the insurgents to pick up arms. If truly Atiku is behind the insurgency as the presidency claims, so what is stoping them from arresting him or has Atiku now become superior to the president of Nigeria?
    Please let’s stop deceiving ourselves. The Boko haram insurgency has lasted this long because the FG allowed it; instead of doing what is needful, they were busy playing politics and playing blame game.
    It will be saddening if truly the Boko haram assault is because of electoral politics ahead of 2015.

    It is a pity Nigerians have never had peace throughout GEJ tenure because his actions or inactions have succeeded in dividing the country: the North now suspects the South; Christians against Muslims.
    If the present challenges he has succeeded in creating are too much for him to handle, he should give way for people who are prepared and ready to serve. Enough of this blame game and boring Nigerians with all his flimsy excuses, GEJ should just park well