Explosion rocks Yobe as suicide bomber strikes

A bomb attack has reportedly occurred in Potiskum, Yobe state.

Witnesses say a suicide bomber targeting members of the Shiite group, Islamic Brotherhood of Nigeria, detonated his explosive vest, killing many instantly.

A resident of the town, Adamu Mohammed, told PREMIUM TIMES over the telephone that nearly 20 persons were killed and several others injured.

“My sister lost three of her sons in the blast,” he said.

The bombing took place at Faydia Islamic school, ran by the Shiite. It is located near the old market in Potiskum.

The bomber struck when members of the Shiite were gathering to go on a procession to mark the Ashura day

Ashura day is the tenth day of the month of Muharram, the new month of the Islamic calendar.

Shiite Muslims commemorate the day to mourn the death of Hasain Bn Ali, the grand son of Prophet Mohammed who was reportedly killed on that day.

As the faithful were about embarking on the procession, the bomber got into their midst and detonated his bomb, witnesses say.

Potiskum is the largest town outside Damaturu, the Yobe state capital.

Although, the town had witnessed several bomb and gun attacks from members of the Boko Haram sect in the past, it has of recent enjoyed relative peace.

That has now been punctured by today’s bombing.

Efforts to speak with the spokespersons of both the Police and the Joint Task Force, JTf, in the state were unsuccessful.

Details later…


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  • By Popular Demand

    “There is great unease in Nigeria today. There is
    increasing loss of confidence on the part of the majority of Nigerians in the
    ability of the Government to resolve the enormous problems confronting the
    people as the country cascades dangerously towards enormous disaster.”

    “These grave challenges include pervasive
    corruption in the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary. Time is running out for peaceful well-managed
    change. In order to avoid the horrors of descent into very bloody and
    destructive anarchy, there is immediate need for a revolutionary change.”

    “Perhaps, we are expecting too much from President
    Jonathan. For, it may be that he is not, by natural disposition, imbued with an
    ardour to initiate the revolutionary change in the purpose, pace and tempo of
    governance, and that he is not naturally fitted to lead the social and ethical
    revolution that the country so desperately needs to take it out of the messy
    quagmire. If such be the case, should he not make way now, or, in 2015 for
    someone so imbued – since such a revolution is Nigeria’s best hope for
    salvation in the present circumstances?”

    ……………………Professor Ben Nwabueze

    (June 12, 2013)

    • emmanuel

      Okayyyy, make the nation ungovernable and call for a revolution?

      Guy, a lot of Nigerians who cared less about the Fulani game have woken up from their slumber and would rather Jonathan continue in office come 2015.

      Those who prepared the stage for the FG not to perform to capacity cannot and will never be beneficiary of their callous politicking.

      • Mr. Abdin

        The Govt is a failure.

        • val

          Because your people are making the country ungovernable

          • Paiko

            Same excuse for non performance!!!

          • Baba Messi

            The government has noble ideas for the people, but WHO WILL GO AND WORK THERE??
            Oya, Mr Paiko, ‘Nda’, go and perform in Sambisa!

        • Peter

          You are a liar! God is punishing your people because of their evil mind. Their attempt is to use this insurgency as a tool to distract the government. Your people created the insurgency and now it is consuming them. The other areas in the south are quiet and everyone is enjoying the dividend of democracy. What you sow you reap.

          • Paiko

            What dividend of democracy? Is it the kidnapping, armed robbery, thuggery, oil theft, baby factory, occultist killings and prostitution prevalent in the south that you are calling dividend of democracy? Com’on, sentiment does not pay because bad governance does not discriminate. We go to the same market, hospital, school and PHCN for our needs. WAKE UP!!!

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Thanks for bringing us the words of another wise one that would have been better suited to govern this great country.

      It is a great travesty to the black race that the likes of Prof. Ben Nwabueze never got to govern over even his state and yet those who are not worthy to lace his shoes rise to rule the country!!

  • emmanuel

    God is turning them agaotooinst themselves. Shiites versus Suni’s? The battle continue!

    Pickin when say im Mama nor go sleep, that pickin sef nor go sleep too.

    • Dr. Kay

      You insensitive bigot is that the answer you will give to this heinous ,senseless and dastardly act? During the crusade , the Roman Catholic was chasing the crusaders all over the corners of the earth and lynching them as if there is no tomorrow now some criminals are doing the same in the name of Islam are they not devilish and operating via demonic possession ?Majority of the victims are innocent souls ,I’m sure women and children. Imagine someone in your family who genuinely converts to Islam , was in this gathering and was ruthlessly mowed down in this callous manner ,I wonder what your utterances will be if that be the case. Please let us stop this hatred and campaign of calumny against all religion , we are all human being that didn’t choose to be born a Muslim or xtian or traditionalist etc. Therefore let’s be considerate especially to my Fanatical brothers and sisters of any religious persuasion ,one day we will all face the almighty God to account for our deeds and misdeeds , I’m sure killing and slating others whose religious persuasions are different from yours will surely be express road to hell. God will always be almighty , let him do his job don’t try and justify a crime in the name of God, your job is to live an exemplary life that will persuade people into joining your faith. Show of force and indoctrination will always fail.


        That is exactly why Christians put the church through a reformation process in the middle ages to extricate all repugnant doctrines and practices from Christianity.
        Islam has rather chosen to stick to barbaric doctrines and some bloody Arab customs written down by nomadic desert marauders a thousand years ago.
        There is no chance that the Islamic world would know peace if the present Sharia laws of apostasy,be-headings,amputations,stoning to death,slavery,forced marriages,under-aged marriages,forced conversions,violent Jihad,etc.are retained .
        These laws fly at a tangent with civilisation and there will always be extremist forces seeking to implement the strictest forms of Sharia. Islamic Clerics the world over need to meet and openly reform Islamic belief to fall in line with civilisation,I strongly believe this can be done whilst retaining the fundamentals of the religion.

        • Paiko

          Qur’an is for all times and people just as God is for all times and people!!! God’s words do not change because His is perfection, period! You can keep changing your bible, after all you don’t practice it content.


            Are you sure “God” asked you to amputate people,be-head people,kill all people who practice other forms of Islam or religions,force people to convert,force under-aged girls into marriage against their will,hack off limbs for minor offences,always seek revenge instead of forgiveness?

            Please use your brains,there is only one God and that God created the world,he cannot seek to destroy what he created…..WAKE UP BRO !!

        • Kitunde

          Thank you…..This is kind of rational debates we used to have at PB up keep it up and don’t join those myopic ethnic champions. We all want a better country! It does not matter if you are Igbo, Yoruba Ijaw or hausa.

          • Otile

            Yeah, as long as Igbo is marginalized, cheated, and kept away from presidency you enjoy your better country. But, sorry, no justice no peace.

  • Sharpe

    Nigerians, oh, Nigerians…this house has fallen, and now of what to say of Nigeria…..there was a country!


    Sunni VS Shiite……some mad morons will soon blame the Pope,Christians and Igbos…….Oya make una start!

    • Dr. Kay

      You are the moron read my piece below , you imbecile !


        Is this aggression really justified ?

        • The_Flying_Dutchman

          He is an elite member of the Angry-Peoples-Club!!!
          They must alwys show themselves!
          Wahala, TundeMESS, Dr kay/kay soyemi, screw em, just name them! Can’t you see their aggressive and vulgar names??
          Don’t be surprised my brother. APC by name, Angry-Peoples-Club by nature!
          Just pray for them. They deserve your sympathy, not anger.

      • [MMXV]

        Mallam Kay, anytime a bomb went off previously like at the motor park in gombe a few days back, majority of you APC minions saw it as a political tool to hurl insults at the president. While I agree the government can do more, I did not fail to notice none of you spared a thot for the poor people who were killed. It was all about claiming GEJ and CAN were behind the attacks.
        Now they have turned on themselves, i can see how pained you all are! Why not blame Jona nd CAN for this and all the other terrorist attacks worldwide??
        The chicken has come home to roost, and All you guys politicking with terrorism are being consumed.
        Too little too late!!!

  • Otile

    I thought they said that there is no Boko Haram in Yobe State, where then do these good suicide bombers live?

  • Dr. Kay

    To my xtian brothers and sisters , refrain from judging your Muslim brothers ,don’t tar everyone with the same terrorist brush . Remember Galatians 6:12. This should be what makes you see the human in your fellow country men and women. We are all humans , nobody in his or her right senses will believe the garbage sold to these suicide bombers ,unless they are demon possessed . As Jesus said in love your neigbour as I have loved you , do good to them that persecute you , pray for them that wants to injure and destroy you , love conquers ,when all fails Love stays and remain kampe!

  • Otile

    Alhamdullilahi, in this kind of struggle nothing can be more effective than a good suicide bomber.

    • Aminu

      It seems you are so happy and excited that human blood runs,I wish you to be their victim one day

      • Otile

        To be honest, can you beat a good suicide bomber?

    • Fola

      Nemesis, surely, will one day catch up with you. Remember this day 3/11/14 its not a curse but a frank opinion. You can choose to laugh it off as a ‘drunken’ statement. But I have to tell you, ’cause you think everything is joke, right? Human life is sacred and should be respected and not to be toyed with. However, your past and present posts seemed contrary to human comprehension, you seemed elated whenever the opposite happen. May God have mercy on us all.

      • Otile

        Don’t kill the messenger. When I condemn Islamic terrorism you people accuse me of hating Islam. When I make an innocent observation that suicide bombing can be effective you still invoke nemesis on yourself not me. Please spare me for saying the truth that suicide bombing can be effective.

    • Kunle Smart

      Then, why are you still alive? I am totally disappointed in people like you. Suicide-bombing who? innocent cictizens whom Allah has ordered you not to transgress against. Quran 109 6: “To you be your religion, and to me my religion”. If Allah had wished for world to be a single-religion entity, surely that would never have come up.

      Abu Dawud: “Beware! whoever is cruel and hard on a non-Muslim minority, or curtails their rights, or burdens them with more than they can bear, or takes anything from them against their free will; I will complain against the person on the day of Judgement”

  • Truth_Is_Bitter

    1960 – 1966 – Mallam Tafawa Balewa (NORTH), Duration = 5yrs
    1967 – 1976 – Mallam Yakubu Gowon (NORTH), Duration = 9yrs
    1976 – 1976 – Mallam Muritala Mohammed (NORTH) Duration = 6months
    1977 – 1979 – Oloye Obasanjo Aremu, (WEST) Duration = 3yrs
    1979 -1983 – Mallam Shehu Shagari , (NORTH), Duration = 4yr
    1983 – 1985 – Mallam Mohammed Bokohari (NORTH), Duration = 3yrs
    1986 – 1993- Mallam Ibrahim Badmanmusi Babangida (NORTH),Duration = 8yrs
    1993-1993 – Oloye Shonekan Earnest, (WEST), Duration =3months
    1993 – 1998 – Mallam Sani Abacha (NORTH), Duration = 5yrs
    1998 – 1999 – Mallam Abdulsalami Abubacar, (NORTH), Duration = 1yr
    1999-2007 – Oloye Obasanjo Aremu, (WEST) Duration = 8yrs
    2007 – 2010 – Mallam Musa Yara Dua, (NORTH, Duration = 3yrs
    2010 – 2018 – Dr GoodestLuck Ebele Jonathn, (SOUTH), Duration = 8yrs

    NORTH = 11 Presidents in 39yrs (72% Occupation of Presidency)
    WEST = 2 Presidents in 12yrs (23% Occupation of Presidency)
    SOUTH = 1 President in 4yrs (7% Occupation of Presidency)
    EAST = Nil (Zero President) (0% Occupation of Presidency)
    **NIGERIA = 54yrs

    This grotesque imbalance is visible to the blind & audible to the deaf. The question is: Are the people of the South & East allergic to presidency? Why must Nigeria be continuously misgoverned by the North & West? It is time to place culpability where culpability belongs.If it is ‘One Nigeria’ , then other parts of Nigeria MUST govern. Pure & Simple. The South & East are tired of people wasting its resources. Where is EQUITY? Where is FEDERAL character in Presidency? ..and the North MUST continue to kill bcos they want power back. No be so? ….Why not lets de-amagalmate? Nonsense!

    • Chris1408

      Tribalism will do you no good. You have an Ijaw man as president now. He happens to be the worst president the world has ever seen. Nigerians want a good president that’s answerable to the people regardless of tribe or religion. So keep your tribalistic views to yourself

      • Truth_Is_Bitter

        Worst president? Ok I agree. But then replace him with another person from South South Republic or East. Except you are telling me that you find no capable hand from Benin to Calabar and from Bonny to Enugu.

        Bomb from now till next millenium…Jona will and MUST complete his term…after which an Okonkwo or NNeka will come in as President. No be ‘one Nigeria again’? Nonsense!

        • Imani.

          Mr truth Ur opinion ends here on the net Ur views don’t matter at all Ur analysis are meaningless. i have observed from Ur writing that u are a sentimental, tribalistic, and and ethnic biased individual, U think u matter to any of them the one that is now or the one,s before. Brother open Ur eyes and see the reality of what is happening in this country. Forget about religion, tribalism, sectionalism, ethnicity it is time for change lets vote base on merit and who can deliver this our beloved country.

  • olu

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  • Chris1408

    GEJ administration is full of lies, deceit and incompetence. Not long ago they announced ceasefire with Boko Haram and pending release of the kidnapped girls. Today, Boko Haram is capturing territories in Nigeria an unleashing hell on innocent citizens, while GEJ, the commander in chief of Nigerian armed forces is concerned with his reelection and PDP politics.

    • PROF

      This one is not a matter of bokharm ,this is pure sectarian violence.this may take a new dimension if muslim cleric fail to speak out.after the killing of xtians then the killing of shites.

  • Dapostle007


  • Sharpe

    Nigerians, oh, Nigerians…this house has fallen, and now of what to say of Nigeria…..there was a country!

  • Sam1951

    Editor Premium Times:

    The sole issue at 2015 election is this: “shall Nigeria be conquered into becoming an Islamic State?
    Islamism is the issue in Nigeria. Any civil or human rights activist thinking otherwise is not wise.
    No section of law is useful or relevant against militant Islamism spreading mass murder across Nigeria.
    Beheading of whole families in their homestead is occurring daily in Nigeria due to this militant Islamism.
    Now, Nigerian soldiers mutiny, fight or die in this murderous struggle against Nigeria’s virulent Islamism.
    Islamism is the lead driving force blowing Nigeria apart and en route to Somalia as Africa’s 2nd failed state.

  • sir Oscie

    Oh!!! There was a country. May the dead R.I.P.

  • adnoy

    You are entitled to your nonsense tribalistic views

  • Mr Igbo Sanity

    Jonathan is the MOST discredited “unelected” “president” in the Planet

  • Sahih Bukhari 1.2.24 “Allah’s apostle said: I have been ordered to fight against people until they testify
    that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is Allah’s apostle …”

    “Whoever changes his Islamic religion, kill him” (Sahih Bukhari 9.57)

    “… KILL the idolaters [non-Muslims] wherever you find them, and take them
    captive, and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. …” (Q9.5)

    Q9.73 “O Prophet, make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites …”

    Q4.89 “They desire that you should disbelieve [Allah] as they do, so that you
    might be like them; therefore take not friends from among them until
    they flee their homes for Allah, but if they turn back to what is
    forbidden, then SEIZE THEM and KILL THEM wherever you find them …”

    • Kunle Smart

      Q4:90: “…so if they withdraw from you, and fight not against you,
      and offer you peace, then Allah has opened no way for you against them.”

      Q2:190 :”fight in the cause of God against THOSE WHO FIGHT YOU, but NOT TO TRANSGRESS limits. God does not love transgressors”

      Q2:61 : “if they seek peace, then seek peace”

      Abu Dawud: “Beware! whoever is cruel and hard on a non-Muslim minority,
      or curtails their rights, or burdens them with more than they can bear,
      or takes anything from them against their free will; I will complain
      against the person on the day of Judgement”


      • In-light of the peaceful verses in the Qur’an, evidenced by the examples you quoted,
        “Whoever changes his Islamic religion, kill him” (Sahih Bukhari 9.57)

        The following is from my article “Islam’s Jesus”:

        In Islam, hiding the intention to expand Islamic territory is a virtue. When
        Muhammad didn’t have enough soldiers, he agreed to be peaceful with
        Mecca (Peace Treaty of Hudaibiya), but after he gained more followers,
        he went from Medina to Mecca and conquered Mecca during Ramadan
        (a pre-Islamic pagan fasting month in which Meccans won’t usually fight). Following
        the example of Muhammad, Muslims (even today) advocate and follow
        Quranic and Hadithic verses that speaks of making peace with infidels
        when Muslims are the minority in a society. Examples of such verses are:
        Q2.256 “Let there be no compulsion in religion …”

        The Qur’an and Hadith doesn’t limit the expansion of Ummah al-Islamiyah, the
        lands over which Sharia’s Theocracy must be administered; in comparison
        to the Torah’s Theocracy over a specified land: Eretz YisraEl.

        I encourage you to read the whole article at my website which is the name i’m using here.

        The following is from my article “Islam’s Jesus”:

        … The moment Islam gains followers in a territory, they must force every
        infidel, including fake-Muslims to submit to Allah/Islamic law. At that
        point, the Quranic and Hadithic verses that every Muslim must advocate
        and follow are of this sort:

        Sahih Bukhari 1.2.24 “Allah’s apostle said: I have been ordered to fight against people until they testify
        that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is Allah’s apostle …”