Boko Haram: ACF carpets Jonathan, Buhari, Atiku, others

FILE PHOTO: An attack on Gombe motor park in October 2014

A socio-cultural group in Northern Nigeria, the Arewa Consultative Forum, ACF, has accused Nigeria’s leading politicians of being insensitive to the plight of victims of the insurgency in the north eastern part of the country.

The group said in a statement on Sunday that it was concerned that rather than working together to resolve the Boko Haram insurgency that has claimed over 13,000 lives and displaced hundreds of thousands of people, the politicians were more interested in their 2015 ambitions.

“It’s an irony that while Nigerians in the Northeast region are being killed by insurgents and Nigerian territories being seized,” the ACF said “our politicians are busy collecting party declaration forms to contest 2015 elections instead of collaborating efforts to contain the insurgency.”

Although the ACF did not name any politician, the past few weeks have seen President Goodluck Jonathan and his would be major challengers pick the nomination forms of their parties.

While Mr. Jonathan picked the presidential form of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, former head of state, Muhammdu Buhari, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, and current Kano Governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso, all picked presidential forms of the All Progressives Congress.

In Sunday’s statement signed by its spokesperson, Muhammad Ibrahim, the ACF also questioned the ceasefire announced by the Jonathan administration.

The group said the bomb explosion in Gombe on Friday that killed about 27 people, as well as the continuous attacks in Borno and Adamawa by the insurgents brings to question the ceasefire the federal government announced it had with the insurgents.

“It is really disturbing and worrisome that despite the assurances given by Government that appropriate security measures are being put in place to contain the insurgency including the ceasefire agreement, the situation in the Northeast region is deteriorating which needed a decisive action to quell it.

“Towns like Bama, Gwoza and many others are still under the control of the insurgents despite the emergency rule in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states,” the group said.

“Nigerians are becoming skeptical and no longer have confidence in the assurances being given by government officials regarding the security challenges, since the terrorists have continued to unleash mayhem on the people without adequate counter offensive from the
military,” it added.


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  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    Good call by the ACF, but what do you want the APC to do if every call to the GEJ-led PDP government only attracts name-calling tags like “janjaweed”?

  • Chris1408

    GEJ is commander in chief of the armed forces, he doesn’t care about what’s happening in Nigeria as long as him and his band of thieves have access to the treasury to loot. Nothing else matters to him.

  • kwango

    Security vote is with the presidency, Military budget is with the presidency, £1 billion ‘Bok Haram’ loan is with the presidency, constitutional power for state of emergency and national security is with the presidency, Army, Police, SSS, DMI, National Guard is with the presidency, What can any a presidential candidate do except to offer advise which our all knowing president rejects? Security matters are not discussed at the National Assembly who have the mandate of representing the people. Shagari took responsibility of the Chadian gendarmes and Maitatsine and dealt with it successfully, Obasanjo took responsibility of Odi and dealt with it, Yar’Adua took responsibility of the Niger Delta Militants and early stage of Boko Haram and dealt with it. It is only Nigeria’s ‘best performing emperor’ that has no clue on how to tackle this security embarrassment. Failed arms purchase, failed cease fire, failed strategy or release of the Chibok girls, a government that is clearly being scammed by its own officials, A CDS that had his village sacked by rag tag terrorists, etc. etc. Our president Dr Jonathan simply doesn’t have the capacity to operate at this level of presidential leadership. It took him till the advent of APC to realise he has been ‘given’ the presidency. As much as he didn’t know how he got there, he is more confused about how to climb down. Somebody help this president!!

    • Deltans

      And it also took a teenage Pakistani girl to tell him the right thing to do. What a shame!

    • Wähala

      Dumbo is a comprehensive phool, a retarded charlatan. He has led Nigeria into “one chance bus” and the sad thing is he’s incapable of realizing it. An all-round clown whose every move is cause for Nigerians to hold their breath for the next disaster. He’s like an imbecile child to a widow. And to Nigerians, the face of impunity, mega-corruption and utter incompetence. He’s so-so stoopid even 419 artiste are scamming him because of his blind ambition. Nigeria has become a laughing stock in the International community… truly sad. Sha, good summation, thanks!

      • Onike24

        Lol real one chance..

    • King Carlos

      God bless you

  • Olu Ade

    We have passed a vote of no confidence on you Mr Jona… Do the needful that leaders do elsewhere…At this rate of killings, I can;t afford to wait till 2015 to see a respectable leader start running Nigeria.

    Their sins are becoming uncountable, the list is growing by the day:
    Fake Cease fire!
    Stella Odua bullet proof cars
    Deziani’s globe trotting on chartered flight
    Militarization of elections (Osun, Ekiti) while Boko haram continue their rampage
    Stomach infrastructure instead of economic and real infrastructure development
    Exploitation and deaths during immigration exam/recruitment
    Dividing Nigerians along religious and ethnic lines
    Worst electricity generation in years
    Initiated problem at Nigerian Governors forum by annulling their election
    First lady’s initiated crisis in River state
    Dia Ris God ooo embarrassment world wide
    Illegal arms deals, seizure of Nigerian money in South Africa and the embarrassment that follow
    Total failure on handling of Boko haram
    Jonathan’s visit to Joshua’s Synagogue rather than condemn killings
    Jona’s “I don’t give a damn”, “stealing is not corruption”
    Kidnappings continue unabated
    Militants like Asari Dokubo are becoming the face of Dumbos govt
    Denial of Chibok girls kidnaping and the national embarrassment that followed,; refusing to visit Chobok community despite the calamity!
    Pardoned Rogues and convicted thieves like Alamaisegha, Bode George, etc
    Jona surrounds himself by Rogues in robes, Asari Dokubo and clueless sychophants

    The list is endless!

    • RICO


      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        lol, Rico.

        You forgot that the transformer is almost certainly without POWER.

        All thanks to the “Deformation Agenda”.

        • Olu Ade

          Thanks Kay, his man has replaced power with poverty.

    • Nosa

      olu ade go and die tribalism is your problem. If jonathan were to be a yoruba would be saying this nonsense? As much as obasanjo was lawless and was rigging elections why didnt your people team up with the north to remove him? you are only doing that now because jonathan is from the niger-delta. Your people are backstabbers and your plot will fail.

      • Bayo

        Shame on you.
        Yorubas were at the forefront of those criticising OBJ. Confirm from your father as your post gives you in as a teenager.

        • Olu Ade

          Bayo, Thanks for referring him home to learn history from his elders and father, if he knows him. Ti omode Koba ba Itan, oye ki oba aroba.

      • Olu Ade

        Nosa, you brought tribalism into this. Look through my posting, nothing about ethnicity or religion. The pattern with you Jonathanians is that you have no achievements to point to, so all you guys do is to say “he is our son of the soil” or he is a Christian.

        Do you remember when Yaradua was sick and the cabal denied Jonathan the opportunity to be ACTING president? It was in the South West that protest erupted everyday, led by Prof Wole Soyinka, Falana and others. Yoruba stood firm on the right thing to do, VP becomes acting president. The whole of the east and south south was quiet, even NLC strike was only effective in south west. There was no Mr. Clark, no Oritsejafor, no Dokubo. Where were you then?

        Check history, Yorubas don’t support people because he is our own. 1st critic of Obasanjo is Wole Soyinka from the same Ogun state. Ernest Sonekan and Interim govt did not get the support of the Yorubas notwithstanding Sonekan being a Yoruba. Obasanjo lost his ward and state election. If only others can stand for the truth like Yorubas. Show me one of your leaders who is detribalized like again Fawehinmi (RIP). Prof. Wole Soyinka, Falana, Beko Ransome Kuti (RIP). These people opposed Obasanjo on principle, they were not son of the soil bigots to Obasanjo.

        So, Nosa stop your ethnic bigotry and en your eyes. Just tell me which of ajonathan’s itemized actions above is not true.

        • Onike24

          Please tell this Joker that Soyinka and Obasanjo have know each other since they were boys! But Soyinka will not hesitate to tell Obasanjo the truth as he sees it!

      • Onike24

        If he were Yoruba, the Oba of his village or town will be his loudest critic! Yoruba culture is allergic to the sort of nepotism that is practised unabashedly by the south south!

    • Mr Igbo Sanity

      The List Continues:

      ·Upwards of 18,000 (Eighteen Thousand)
      Nigerians murdered under jonathan’s watch in nearly 6 years!

      · 4 Million Nigerians are refugees under Jonathan.

      ·Millions of Nigerians have taking refuge in Cameroon reciting Cameroonian National Anthem.

      ·Tens of thousands of jonathan’s boka boys arrested since 2009 without trial or conviction.

      US Africom testified that jonathan’s regime are the main “impediment” to international efforts to fight boka haram.

      Former Abia Governor, Uzo kalu noted that jonathan’s security agents are responsible for the so called boka attacks and not boka haram.

      ·Jonathan stated in Windhoek, Namibia that he has been treating boka haram with “kids gloves” for near 5 years.

      Ahmad Sulkida, the former Daily Trust reporter, stated that he negotiated the release on Chibok girls but jonathan at the last minute called from Paris and cancelled the release deal so as use the Girls as human shield!

      20 Billion dollars (almost 4 Trillion naira) unremitted oil money looted by jonathan. The largest single heist in the
      history of the planet!

      Jonathan promised 16,000 MW of Electricity, but went from 4000 in 2009 to 2500 today

      Please help us build the list so that we can unite and throw out this worldwide discredited
      unelected government, in 2015!

      • Wähala

        My contribution:

        Nigeria is one of only three countries in the world where polio still persists, with Pakistan & Afghanistan…
        The World Bank says 112million Nigerians living under the poverty rate under Dr. Dumbo…
        The African Dev. Bank/World Bank say the taunted economic growth does not reflect in job creations…
        The African Insurers Association rates Nigeria 1st in international sea piracy, kidnap-for-ransom…
        Nigeria under Dumb currently being investigated for graft by the US, UK, SA, France and Italian Govts…
        Nigeria 3rd in Infant mortality rate in the World, 3rd. in Childbirth deaths…
        Nigeria’s Foreign Reserves/ECA depleted to less than $37bn combined from the over $50bn Dumbo met…
        Education fell so much that 90% failed Law Sch. exams and 30% failed English/Maths in WAEC…
        Nigeria most divided along ethno-religious lines, with new words like, “Yoruba Christians/Muslims”…
        Nigeria rated 179/189 favorable countries to do business in under Dr. Dumbo, affecting FDI attraction…
        Boko Haram classified “Terrorist Organization” by the UN, US & EU due to Dr. Dumbo’s ineptitude…
        Nigeria under two (2) “National Flags” with Boko Haram operating a Caliphate under Dr. Jona Dumbo…

        Under Dumbo… “Nigeria is a crime scene” – cr. @Dare

        • Peter

          Go and look for the dirtiest pond and sink. None of your generation will ever smell the presidency in this Nigeria except in your dream Caliphate. God will punish you, your family and all the backward and dubious northern politicians.

  • James Breen

    Forgive me if I sound ignorant and naive, fellow readers/posters, but how is it that a group of insurgents can run rings round and humiliate a whole army. Nigerian government has aircraft, soldiers, weapons, vehicles and other ancillary equipment at its disposal and yet they allow this clown to state that he has long since ” married ” the girls off. I am sorry but Nigeria as a country has become a complete and utter joke !!! This country becomes more ludicrous by the day. The government announces a cease fire and Boko Haram continues its terror campaign on a daily basis. Now the government says it is studying the latest video of Shekau uttering his vitriol. You could not make this up if it was a film script !

    • Olu Ade

      It is unimaginable that Nigeria can sink so low…Are we at the bottom yet or are we still going to sink lower?

    • joe

      That is why we christians believe that Presidency has a hand in what is going on in the north east. BH strikes 24hours after soldiers are withdrawn from their duty post. And when BH enters any town, their first targets are churches, any male child and young women and the second targets are properties and food items.

      • RICO


        • kick ’em out

          What is he? Oletsejafor’s follower or Jonaharam butt licker? You sound childish!

    • RICO


      • checkmate

        What about the money launderers and gunrunning pastors and their masters in Aso (Otueke) Rock? I believe they can chase the army away.

  • Konkolo

    Nigeria, a nation of COWARDS. Look at common or small country like Burkina Faso. The brave and fearless majority chased out their President or their civil unrest lead to his resignation. Nigerians, including myself, are just bunch of noise making COWARDS. Our moron leaders know us inside out because they are part of us hence, they keep doing exactly what we do not like. If we have the guts, then, it is time we chase out all these THIEVING and clueless BASTARDS parading themselves as Nigerian leaders.
    @kwango. one thumb up for your nice comments please.

    • ManKay

      Nigeria not a nation of cowards, it took Burkina Faso 27 years to come out of their shells. IBB tried to continue, he was stopped. Abacha Terrorised the country to stay longer but met it tough and OBJ wanted 3rd term, he was frustrated. Burkinabes are not that brave, they only came out of their cocoon, No one can rule Nigeria that long twisting constitution successfully and successively. No basis for comparison.

  • joe

    Its now I believe Mr. President is clueless. Am not sure if this president knows is responsibility. People are being killed every minute and he seems comfortable with Dasuki and gusau as security chiefs?. Its a shame!.

    • RICO


      • D1

        What do you mean, by please don’t go there? Who appointed them in the first place? Was he forced to? And who is HE? A true and responsible president shows leadership in this present clime, takes control of the whole situation and reassure the nation. By God, not a single word from this one except excuses and passing blames for his incompetence. He can’t even control his madam for heaven sake!
        This guy needs to go, we need to kick his behind to the curb, period!

        • Peter

          If I were Mr President I will play games and give the janjaweeds the opportunity to decimate the whole of the north. They deserve it. It is only in the north that you have senseless and wicked persons who kill at the beckon of their leaders. They deserve to continue to kill themselves. Pay back time is on and the wrath of God is upon the generation of people who killed and made the Easterners living in the north homeless. They deserve nothing but self-destruction.

    • Peter

      So why blame Jonathan? You think Mr President is daft to have picked these people as his security chiefs? Short of suggesting that your people are non-performing, you are there bad-mouthing against Mr President. That is why I said earlier that the north is bereft of leadership for now. If they truly mean well for that region, they should be able to call these security chiefs to order and tell them to sit up in the interest of your children and the northern generation that is fast depleting. When Ihejirika was in charge and was dealing with the idiots, it is this same ACF that was shouting genocide and even threatened to take the Ihejirika to the ICC. With Ihejirika out and Badeh in, and the duo of Dasuki and Gusau still in charge, I am at a loss who is fooling who here. The fight against jihardist Boko Haram is the war plan of these northern elements in government. Maybe you are expecting Mr President to carry his AK-47 and head to the fight zone so that he will no longer be seen as non-performing. So call a spade a spade, for God’s sake and stop troubling and disrespecting the son of our soil. During the period of misrule and reign of terror by northern military heads everyone in the south respected and cooperated with them even when it was obvious that they were cheating them.

  • Patriotic Dom

    Both the government and the rest of us in Nigeria have been so insensitive to the whole issue… majority of common men are blinded by ethnic bigotry, nepotism, we all lack the moral ground to question the government even if it’s not performing… those who call themselves civil right group only does it because of their political benefactors… no one cares to make a reasonable statement without political undertone… the attitude of this country is rather showing a trade mark division since independence… I guess it’s time to review this so called unity because we are all lying to ourselves…

    • Wähala

      @Patriotic Dumb… You: “we all lack the moral ground to question the government even if it’s not performing”

      Speak for your household biko, most Nigerians have the moral right to question their employee who is not performing. Only sycophants/gejitoes who pick crumbs from the kitchen sink are blinded by ethnic bigotry to condemn one of their own, every sane person across the globe knows Dumbo is a mega-failure. Mumu, I noticed you’ve hijacked my writing style you criticized recently (…) but replacing comma (,) instead of “dragging” your final point with it like I project mine. Also, get someone to edit your comments, read your trash again and cover your face with both hands, it’s a mess. See, told you I’m here to enrich you mind and knowledge. Didinrin!

      • Patriotic Dom

        I have seen how dumb you are… ellipses a punctuation mark has become your invention… tell that to the ignorant cattle who follow u…


    The ACF should understand that the country cannot stop the democratic process because the Boko-haram and their sponsors wants us to do exactly that…..THE SHOW MUST GO ON !!

    • Nigeriana

      Who are the proven and exposed sponsors? a. ACF b. Ihejirika c. Ayo of CAN d. Sherriff of PDP.? ?


        Stop making a nincompoop of yourself ,Christian “infidels” sponsoring Shekau to kill his fellow Muslims ?
        Muslims must be brainless in your estimation,please show some respect for them !

  • Olu Ade


    The Story of Jonah and the big Fish in the Bible
    The Story of Jona Dumbo and 2015 Nigerian Presidential Election

    One day God asked a man named Jonah (Dumbo in 2011) to go to a place called Nineveh (Nigeria) and tell the people living there to stop being bad (the corrupt leaders). The only problem was that Jonah (Dumbo bcos of corruption) didn’t want to help the people there. He knew they (Dumbo knew he was clueless and corrupt, and couldnt do it ) were bad and he wanted them to be punished for their mistakes.

    So instead of listening to God, Jonah (Dumbo) thought he would run away from Nineveh and not do what God asked him. He ran to the sea (his corrupt bedfellows) where he found a ship that was going to another city. He paid the captain, went in the lower part of the boat and went to sleep (Dumbo has been sleeping as Nigerian president since 2011, Clueless).

    Shortly after the boat left the shore (in 2011), a very bad storm (Boko Haram) came up and started tossing the boat around. All the men were very afraid so they started to throw all their packages and bags (Nigerian wealth and economy) overboard in hopes that they wouldn’t drown.

    The captain (Nigerians) soon went to find Jonah (Dumbo) who was still sound asleep (Clueless) in the boat (in Aso Rock). He (Nigerians) said to Jonah (Dumbo), “How can you sleep? Get up and pray to your God, maybe he can help us!” The captain didn’t realize that Jonah (Dumbo) didn’t just believe in any God but the one true God and that He could help them.

    Meanwhile, the other sailors (Nigerians knew) decided that the storm was Jonah’s fault. He must have done something wrong to make his God so angry. So they asked Jonah (Dumbo), “What have you done? What god do you believe in? What can we do to make this storm stop?” (Dumbo is clueless but blamed it on APC, Northern elders, etc).

    Jonah (Dumbo) told them, “I believe in (Oritsejafor, Alamesigha, Dokubo, Amodu Sheriff) the Lord, the God of heaven, who made the sea and the land and I am running away from something God (God and Nigerians) asked me to do. It is my fault this is happening. If you throw me into the sea the storm will stop.” (“If you vote me out in 2015, Nigeria will get better)

    The men didn’t want to hurt Jonah by throwing him off the boat so they tried to row the best they could (Nigerians gave Jona Dumbo the benefit of the doubts since 2011), but the storm (Nigeria) just got worse. So they picked up Jonah (Dumbo) and threw him into the sea (Nigerians voted Jona Dumbo out in 2015). The storm (Nigeria) immediately calmed and the sea became still (Nigeria got better, eradicated stealing and corruption).
    Then the captain and the crew (Nigerians) looked out to sea as a huge fish came (EFCC) and swallowed up Jonah (Jona Dumbo and his cronies imprisoned for corruption)…

    Nigeria will be free in 2015, Amen.

    • RICO


      • Olu Ade

        When you and your man in power have nothing to show for being in power, all you got to say and do is to divide the people using religion and ethnicity…Nigerians have discovered your antics and we are not falling for your tricks again.

        Your man has been performing woefully and those of us who supported him nationwide in 2011 can now see clearly.

        You are only behind him because he is your son of the soil but where were you when the whole of south west were protesting when the cabal during Yaradua sickness will not even let him act! There were no Mr. Clark, Dokubo or Tompolo, they were busy kidnapping in the creek while Prof Wolexaas Soyinka, Falana and others were toe sting on the street that the right thing to do was for the Vice President, your man to take over.

        Now the wind has blown the tail feather of the chicken and we have seen his ass, it is time for the clueless man to go. End of discussion.

        • Abel Wariboko

          Those who oppose Gej truly based on per formance should tell us which former president that did better than him sector by sector.Lets do the comparism They oppose him with Boko Haram to frustrate his efforts due to sectional and religious cleavage and turn around to accuse him and his supporters their crimes. How wicked can people be.

          • Tonnero

            Abel, you must be blind, deaf and dumb to say what you just said. I am very sure that if incompetent Jonah were Hausa and the 15000 people already dead from Boko Haram were from Ijawland, you would be singing a different tune.

            Small example: your Jona the thief met $67b left for him and Yar’Adua. By Dec 2009, that money increased to $73b. 5 years and lots of oil sold at high price later, the money has dwindled to less than $40b. Meanwhile your friend is owing $10b and is even looking for $1b loans to buy weapons. You parochial people that are so ethnic focused that you will support a goat as long as he is from your village need to stay in your village. No need to impose that kind of thinking on the rest of us.

          • Abel Wariboko

            Judging from your choice of your words I know your frustration.Let me tell you that Boko Haram is your creation to fight for your political /economic Previlages you enjoyed before now unchallenged .The president. Has tried everything to end it but you have frustrated him due to the above reasons
            You use religion and non performance as a decoy,even the Army you have divided. On the economy of Nigeria now and Yar aduas regime everybody including the world as a whole knows things are better and will continue to improve. You are retarding the prigress with BH

          • Peter

            Northern politicians are reaping the reward for their wickedness. Rather than encourage their people to leave Nigeria peacefully, atone for their atrocities committed on the Ibos before and during the civil war, they are now busy arming their people against the people of their region. Nemesis is at work here and the handwork of God is prevailing on these Hausa people. The blood of those Ibos they killed in the the ’60s are fighting back. This senseless carnage will not stop unless the leaders of that region come together and pay reparation to the people of South East and their Anioma extractions in Delta State. The gods of these places are crying to high heavens for vengeance and they need to be appeased to forestall a total annihilation of the Housa race.

          • Nigeriana

            Yes Dumbo was opposed with BH and Ihejirika, Ayo of CAN and Sheriff as Northern errand boys?

  • Proudly NigerDeltan

    …If ACF couldn’t condemn in clear terms the discovery of several arms bunkers in the North and insist on probes into the culpability of the regional political class thereof, what moral basis does it have to speak about Presidential elections? In any case, the issue of arms bunkers and the ceaseless flow of arms to the Terrorist is sufficient to ignite suspicion of the northern politicians even if it is a cautious skepticism. But the endemically parochially jaundiced ACF found its voice when Terrorists were arrested in an abandoned building in Lagos…and so it was easy to accuse Bayelsa & Great Jona no matter how ridiculous.

    I have read the ACF’s statement with avid attention but not even once would it refer to Boko haram as Islamist Terrorists…instead it chooses to use a dubiously milder term of ‘insurgency’ . Refusing to call boko haram by their real name smacks of culpability even to one with the least discerning capability. It underscores the tragedy of the continent Nigerian situation…

    But it is not surprising…the same ACF that canvassed for amnesty for the devilish, rapist, idiotic and vampire extremist miscreants have become the same people who claim to be interested in the plight of the suffering citizens of Mubi & elsewhere. This subtle or if you like, tacit support for terrorism in continent Nigeria has become visible to the blind & audible to the deaf. However ubiquitous, many continent Nigerians in APC, PDP or elsewhere, pretend not to know…but until you stop the sponsors & direct/indirect supporters of terrorism, it would be an intractable illusion for anyone to be dreaming of ending the bloodshed…and all the supporters are known. Yes! Known…ask Femi F.K Nonsense!

    • RICO


    • Koko4u

      If the sponsors are known, what is great Jona’s Goverment waiting for? Arrest and prosecute them.

      • Mark Nsikan

        that is my question….some ppl are suspecting buhari..and d northern elders,if d police,army or fg has evidnce of dem bein involved,y not arrest dem?..and prosecute?

    • DanFaskari

      For me it is a shame and it is out of your dubiousness that you will not see the fault of both sides. What about the recent scandal of Mr. Ayo Oritsejefor, the NigerDeltan Christian President (since it is obvious he is no longer CAN’s President); I assumed if it was another person that was caught in that scandal you will have as well be shouting otherwise!

  • Lannister

    Jonathan is a charlatan. D only time he sees an emergency is when pdp or his 2015 ambition is threatened. Mubi has bin sacked and he chooses to look d other way. He’s more concerned abt tambuwal defection while naija burns.

    • Proudly NigerDeltan

      My dear ‘Oloye’, you got is wrong.

      First, you do not threaten a Niger Deltan or South South Republic for that matter. They are born nobles…They are hardened like Iroko, Mahogany etc etc. So, it is pure insanity to say Gret Jona is threatened. Read History and learn of Boro, Nzeougu, Major Mukoro, Ogboru, Col Nyiam etc…etc I do not even want to mention venerable Dokubo, & Sir Tompolo etc…Do these appear to you as people who can be threatened? The treatment Great Jona received during Musa’s terminal ailment was sufficient to make him cry like some Generals did some yrs back in the abacha days. But as a full blown Niger Deltan, the fisherman kept his kool. The rest is history.

      Second, Great Jona will not cry more than the bereaved northern politicians like the Robert Mugabe of Nigeria who threatened to soak the street with blood. No be the blood you dey see so? Nonsense! Give me my Republic and let every emergent country from present continent Nigeria develop at its own pace and adopt whatever religion or Sharia it so pleases. This waste of lives has got to stop somewhere. Support secession or de-amalgamation today & be forever blessed. Nonsense!

      • Lannister

        I really don’t understand your rating. Ders is objectivity in ur essay. U need to b objective and put sentiments aside. Jonathan is not the leader we crave. We need a passionate and selfless leader. Not a cool fisherman like u espoused. U are d very example of what is wrong with Nigerian polity. Tribalism nd sentimentality.

        • Peter

          But have you forgotten that this Boko Haram scourge began because the elements in the north do not want a southerner to be their president. Was there any Boko Haram during the Yar’Adua’s tenure. Was there anything like Boko Haram during the nearly 39 years of northern military rule? We in the south are not fools. We know where you are with Boko Haram. If your leaders do not speak up and act now, the regions will only be there to laugh at your folly as a people. Any way, the north is leaderless for now.

          • Mark Nsikan

            yes there was…..during yaradua time,he quelld d uprising,there was mitanise in d 80s!!……if elements in d north didnt want a sountherner,and den startd killin inocent ppl,y dosnt d fg investigate the so calld ppl,and charge dem for muder if found guilty?.bokoharam i a leadeship setup…i feel jona and d fg has a hand in this somehw,or probably jst clueless as tu wat tu du……if jonathans daughter was among d abductd gals,wld shekau b making noise?…tink!!

  • allfsanni

    Nigerians Politicians are not sorry for the Nigerian
    Citizens living in the Four Corners of Nigerian territory.

    There is poverty and fear of insecurity lingering around the
    four corners of Niger Area Country. Most people prefer to travel by air for
    fear of going by road to mingle with the too many poor people you see on the ground
    with no help locations around them. The rich people share all the money that is
    supposed to be used to provide help for the people. Hence the parable says the
    killer of snake is running while the snake is running.

    These rich guys collecting nomination forms have enough
    money to provide light to shine in the four corners of this Niger Area to
    prevent Boko Haram from sneaking to High School yard to load trucks with school
    girls in the dark and drive away without being caught or seen on the camera.

    This is enough to get these rich men arrested and forced to
    empty their riches in the container so that wise investors can use to provide
    light and water to the four corners of the Niger country and forget about these
    elections for a while.

    I do not know how Dubai is being run, maybe by a Royal
    Monarch, but is said that country have the Highest High Tower and Water Tower
    in the World. Niger Area cannot have a High Rise Building because electric will
    fail to run the elevators.

    So to live in Niger Area I have to be afraid that Boko Haram
    or Gbomo Gbomo is coming to catch us at night. Ggbomo Gbomo was a term used to
    scare people to run to hide when our people were being captured to slavery.

    Boko Harm organization operating freely like this is making
    people afraid too. Hence they call it terrorism.

    The best thing is to have these rich voluntarily fund raise
    their money to provide light and water towers to four corners of Nigeria or be
    forced to do it before they die and their money is rotten in foreign banks. Or
    their money is hiding in water tanks where no one can find it.

  • naijawatchman

    With due respect, those of you in ACF, what solutions have you brought to bear in this carnage in your region? It is not enough to be accusing the govt. While not holding brief for the govt, is it not time you lay down ethnic and parochial sentiments for the sake of mostly your own children that are been wasted? How many of you have made effort to get across to these terror groups? Collecting forms and preparing for the next election is a constitutional issue that should not be neglected and which of course is not the cause of the carnage. Wake up from your slumber and think, think, think, and come up with constructive efforts.

  • Abel Wariboko

    Let every Nigerian Geopolitical Zone go their separate ways for the bloodletting to end please. Those who want sharia should enjoy their sharia.Those who must rule at all times will be free to rule themselves. Let Jonathan be please

  • Smith Scott

    So you expected Jonathan not to contest because of your cheap Hausa Fulani’s life?

    • Onike24

      Not to bought?

      • Smith Scott


  • Vote GEJ 2015

    What are Muslims doing to rescue Chibok girls from their brothers in Islam? Chibok girls are victims of Sharia law.

    Non-Muslims are regarded as dog and baboon in Islam. “The Dog and Baboon will be soaked in blood” said Muhammadu Buhari.

    Buhari terror group killed non-Muslim NYSC candidates serving in the North for losing 2011 election. The non-Muslim NYSC candidates are the dog and baboon that eventually got soaked in blood for serving their beloved country. May their soul rest in peace.

    >Do you know that non-Muslims are regarded as pigs, filthy, infidel and unclean in Islam, thus, a candidate for beheading?
    >Do you know that good Muslims are not suppose to eat any meat killed/prepared by non-Muslims because they are infidel?
    >Do you see how much hatred Islam and Muslim Ummah have for non-Muslims?
    >Do you know what is called Jihad? Have read about Usman Dan Fodio jihad against non-Muslims.
    >We are at war with Islamic Jihadist.

    A vote for Buhari is a death sentence for non-Muslims. Buhari is a Jihadist and a threat to the existence of non-Muslims.

    • GEJ the devisive and unfit

      It is the responsibility of C-In-C to rescue any kidnapped nigerians not only chibok girls, if he fails then there are many capable person in nigeria. nigerians are more smarter now than your
      paymaster, no more religion bigotry, ethnicity, north south dichotomy,
      no more rigging, stand by the truth even though is bitter, say no to
      devide and rule the political theory of your paymaster. what we want is food for the masses, let there be light in our houses, security of life and property, good health care system, qualitative education for all. Secure your
      future and your generation unborn from this cabals, If you cannot do it
      the rest of nigerians will do it and send them packing from Asorock come
      2015 election.

  • kunle

    Greetings to the general public,


    These cars were seized by government officials at border and the time duration given to the owners to claim their cars has elapse so they are been sold in a give away price.All you need do is to call 08142710826 to place an order of your choice.


    Prices of cars REV STEVEN ON 08142710826 FOR YOUR CHOICE OF CAR.x

    • Peter


    • madness

      na God go punish u u no go die better death ogun kill your family thief

  • Peter

    This is crying wolf. This so called body, which claims to be the umbrella body of northern interest groups has been unable to speak or talk sense into their sons who have taken up arms against the region. The ACF seems helpless under the circumstances. While other regional organisations like ACF are fully in charge of their regions, talking peace and protecting their people against harms, ACF is protecting Boko Haram in order to destroy the north. This is noticeable through their untoward and incessant statements and threats on the presidency. This body is toothless and like a bulldog it can only bark. Their stock in trade is to incite their elements against the other regions, especially the non-natives among them. The north is leaderless for now and no longer formidable. Their leaders preach hatred and invariably support the ongoing insurgency.

  • Mr. Abdin

    What is happening in our country today is nothing but an attempt to disorganised the entire system, hopefully the international community is watching as the day of reckoning is coming God bless Nigeria.

  • olu

    Greetings to the general public,


    These cars were seized by government officials at border and the time duration given to the owners to claim their cars has elapse so they are been sold in a give away price.All you need do is to call 08142710826 to place an order of your choice.


    Prices of cars REV STEVEN ON 08142710826 FOR YOUR CHOICE OF CAR.34

  • sir Oscie

    I believe Atiku is the best suited for the job.. The EFCC and ICPC did very well under the OBJ/ATIKU’s government because even Atiku as a vice was investigated and found not guilty of any offence but under the present administration I doubt if those agencies are still functional because we have not heard anything from them.
    Atiku will do well in the fight against corruption because his experience while as V.P. under Obj will come to play and an end to the looting going on now..#PEACEINNIGERIA.

  • PolyGon2013

    Islam is a gutter religion. All terrorists are Muslims. Islam encourages pedophiles.

    • Reymeline

      From what you read above, this is what you can say. Either you do not understand english or you are poor in comprehesion or you just want to show your hatred for Islam. From what is narated above, it indicates Islam is the religion that explains every thing about human endaevour. The lecturer quote from Al Quran and Hadith of prophet and everything is perfect. It is now left for you to read more about Islam. Quran and Hadith – Tradition and behaviour of Prophert Mohammed (SWA). The Quran is a complete and Holy book that touch everything about human life. Pls try to read other that airsaying. Almighty Allah will guide you aright. Amin.