Nigeria 2015: My major task if elected President – Kwankwaso

The Governor of Kano State, Rabiu Kwankwaso, on Saturday gave a hint into what would be the major focus of his administration if he is elected Nigeria’s president in 2015.

Mr. Kwankwaso, who is one of the five presidential aspirants of the All Progressives Congress, spoke to journalists in Kano.

“My major concern if elected as president of this country is to tackle the current insecurity and ensure economic development in the country,” he said.

The governor lamented the current insecurity across the country and said he believed there were people trying to split the country along religious and ethnic lines.

Mr. Kwankwaso, however, said anyone trying to destroy the unity of Nigeria would fail.

Speaking on his state’s assistance to victims of the Boko Haram insurgency in the northeast, the governor said his state recently donated foodstuff to displaced persons in Borno and Yobe states as part of effort to cushion their sufferings.

He said that the state government would soon send relief materials to displaced persons in Adamawa and other affected states.

The Kano governor also spoke on the recent visit of the Emir of Kano to President Goodluck Jonathan.

PREMIUM TIMES had reported on the reconciliatory meeting held Thursday at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

“The Emir of Kano told me he was going to Abuja for meeting with President Jonathan and I gave him approval to go,” Mr. Kwankwaso said.

“The Emir, after their meeting with the president, also briefed me all what happened there.

“I will be very happy if Villa will be inviting Kano people for reconciliation,” he added.



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  • larry

    Kwankwaso sounds very unintelligent ,if this what AREWA can offer then the north is caput.

  • Chief Ovie Obaro (JP)

    One must commend the endless dreams of the Talakawas who after producing 11 of 14 presidents in 39 of 54 years and thus misleading continent Nigeria into a state of most unprecedented retrogressive abyss, maladministration, morbid corruption, hegemonic political aspirations etc etc, now want to wrestle power from Great Jona because Nigeria must be MISled (governed) by ONLY the Muslim Hausa Fulani. Therefore, despite the failure thus far, of any of their crude antics to materialize, some Northern elements who Comrade Azazi rightly described as “Disgruntled elements” are bent on making their threat of rendering Nigeria ungovernable a reality. Do they ever think of how quickly the Niger Delta (South) and by extension the now oil producing (East) can bring Nigeria to its knees if they get angry?

    The silence of the East speaks volume. They have produced ‘0’ presidents in 54yrs. Amazing…but it is true. Yet, these brand of gifted hardworking entrepreneurial continent Nigerians are not bombing, killing or destroying property & infrastructure. In fact, the reverse is the case…they are building…everywhere they go. Get angry with my comments…it doesn’t obliterate the truth that in it that you already know.

    …By the way, who are the contenders for Presidency? If kwankwanmaso is halted somewhere along the road and told to explain what he understands by National fiscal policies and the path Nigeria should thread, would he be able to give an intelligent and scientific response? Who among these aspirants can stand at UN General assembly and deliver a speech for 1hr without reading from a material? Who amongst them will have the courage to replace the hegemonic foreign oil companies in Nigeria with local refineries by supporting the advanced refining technology invented by local petroleum Engineers of the Niger Delta? Who? …or will any of them get to Black House and say, “…This isone of the happiest moments of my life”? Nonsense!

    • Okemute1

      If GEJ is ask a similar question, without his interpreter he would not even understand he is being spoken to. The Niger Delta can’t do anything. You make too much noise. Look at your land, the oil is running out, apart from the oil, what else apart from kidnapping would you have to do? I pity my people seriously. The mistake of having a man like GEJ as the president should have being maximise, but the man burnt the rope after climbing to the top. It is a pity you guys have resorted to lies to perpetuate this failure. The good thing is that he has nothing to campaign on. We all know he has shoes now.

      • Chief Ovie Obaro (JP)

        This is why I and some very enlightened and highly sophisticated continent Nigerians from the South South Republic have advised Great Jona to deliver his next speech at the UN general assembly in complete unadulterated Ijaw language so that other countries can translate to their respective languages. If Hing Chu can speak his Chinese without apologies, why must an Ijaw be compelled to speak English? Only in continent Nigeria do you find such absurdity. There are more people in Port Harcourt than Norway, with a population of less than 5m people, the Norwegian president addresses UN in his native Norweigian. Whereas there are over 23m Ijaws in continent Nigeria. I hope you are still on the same page with me?

        Just to educate you…Sputnik, the first artificial earth satellite, was built and launched by the Russians not in calculations written in English but Russian. But uneducated and ignorant idiots laugh at my Princess Faka bcos they say she has no mastrey of the foreign English language. It is pure stupidity on their part. Benjamin was educated in US but when he wants to speak of something very serious and of national importance, he speaks Hebrew. What of Angela? She probably speak better English than most Nigerians but would always communicate to international audience in her native German.

        Only Oshiomhole seems to be the only Governor who need no prepared speech and can take questions from any journalist from the earth or outside the earth without any problems even for 24rs non stop. Of course other smart Nigerians abound but they are sadly not in politics…Falana, Utomi, Ozekhome, Agbakoba etc but most of these guys are lawyers who are busy defending people they should not defend bcos they want money. Nonsense!

        • Okemute1

          My guy it is good to have fantasies. Even given the opportunity to use IJaw language, GEJ will still struggle to make sense. It is not the language, but an empty brain that is the issue. Please tell me what transformative project has GEJ initiated in Ijaw land. No need trying to sell the unsellable, let GEJ and his band of looter fade away naturally. His best is total short of the minimum we expect at this stage of our national life. The problem with your argument is that not only will the world not understand GEJ when he speaks Ijaw, 165m NIGERIANS will not either. Talk another thing bo.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Interesting contribution, Chief.

      Are you aware that the answer to your last paragraph is GMB?

    • True son of the soil

      Genaral Mohammed Buhari is that person !!

  • Proudly NigerDeltan

    I am continent Nigerian and currently a presidential candidate emeritus. I enacted decrees 2 & 4 which gave my government the rights to indefinitely detain any continent Nigerian without trial. Under this law, Fela was detained for singing, stripped and beaten (Video evidence on youtube). Several journalists were thrown into jail. e.g., Nduka Irabor, Tunde Thompson of Guardian newspapers jailed on June 2, 1984. What is my name?
    (a) Imam Kwankawamaso (b) Imam Buhari (c) Imam Atiku (d) Pastor Jona

    I am continent Nigerian and currently a presidential candidate. Sometime ago in my state, there was an Islamist Terrorist bomb blast at a major motor park used by South bound passengers. Over 87 persons died. In my reaction to complaints, I released a list of 25 Northern peoples who died too. Among the 25 Northerners listed were OGU CHUKWU UMOH, IWOJO DANIEL, MACHEIL EZENWATA & OJO SANDRA
    —–This was my own way of contributing to stopping Boko haram. This is the reason to vote for me, so we can ensure equity in deaths during attacks. What is my name?
    (a) Imam Kwankawamaso (b) Imam Buhari (c) Imam Atiku (d) Pastor Jona (e) None on the list

    I am originally a fisherman. By the way, fishing is good business. I had one of the best opportunities to determine the actual population distribution in continent Nigeria when I employed fearless and blunt Odumegwu. But I bungled the opportunity by accepting his resignation due to pressures from those to whom truth is alien. What is my name?
    (a) Imam Kwankawamaso (b) Imam Buhari (c) Imam Atiku (d) Pastor Jona (e) None on the list

    I am an evil genius. This is why nobody can still explain how I stole $12.7b between 1990-1992 from the oil sales windfall necessitated by the Gulf war. Now I am sick & no hospital can treat me in Nigeria bcos I stole the money that woul have built hospitals. What is my name?
    (a) Imam Kwankawamaso (b) Imam Buhari (c) Imam Atiku (d) Pastor Jona (e) Imam Babangida

    I am a governor and a thief. In fact, I and my fellow Govs will continue to steal until continent Nigerians have the courage to stone us to death. What is my name?
    (a) Imam Kwankawamaso (b) Judas Iscariot of Port Harcourt (c) Saint Fayemi (d) Pastor Uduagham

    I am an ex governor and a thief. In fact, I and my wife sleep on a bed that cost N50m while I reduced the salary of Teachers in the state in order to save cost. What is my name?
    (a) Imam Kwankawamaso (b) Judas Iscariot of Port Harcourt (c) Saint Fayemi (d) Pastor Uduagham


    • Okemute1

      My you get time for your hand o! What a waste

      • Lancaster

        @Okemute & @True son of the soil
        It is obvious that the comment of @Chief Ovie Obaro (JP) is a product of deep though and diligent research. One would have expected that you counteract his views by coming up better arguments. But your responses are embarrassing and defeatist!!!!

        • Okemute1

          You can spend hours if not months to come up with rubbish, it is still rubbish. That manner of talk does not wash anymore. If I am GEJ supporter which I am not, I will spend my time highlighting his achievement rather that focusing on his perceived enemies. This campaign I hope will be issue based. I am at lost what GEJ hope to campaign on. Chief Obaro, please sell GEJ to me.


            But the guy raised issues which are very pertinent !!

          • Okemute1

            Lopesided issue? And of what use is the issue raise? I fail to see to what end he is driving.


            He has never pledged neutrality… politics,people project their interests,partisan politics is a game of bias !!

          • Okemute1

            But what he posted serves no purpose. That why i said what a wasted time.

    • True son of the soil

      Sorry boy you miss the point

  • MrFesh

    I’m still looking to see a Yoruba man come up as an APC presidential candidate. It seems there’s an agreement to cede it to the North.
    Amusing to see Fashola behind everyone coming out, holding out like a prostitute looking to be hooked. smh


      The Yoruba as usual must accept their stations in life as lesser beings to the Fulani in any political alliance…this inferior “lackey mentality” complex is very unbecoming of a tribe which boasts about so -called “political sophistry” !!
      One would expect the new generation of young Yoruba who are aware about the greedy machinations of political dominance which typifies the Fulani Islamo-political DNA to kick against this habit !!


    Kwakwanso’s only legacy as a Governor is the entrenchment of Islamic doctrines in Kano State..Breaking beer bottles,denial of Southern Christian victims in bombings by Islamic terrorists,the entrenchment of fistula disease amongst young women in Kano,wasting massive amounts of oil allocation on match-making ie marrying off under-aged and mostly uneducated girls to illiterate and unemployable Almajeri street urchins to breed more Almajeri which may be used as political weapons in future . This Almajeri breeding programme will also make it easier for terrorists of the Boko-haram to recruit in the future.
    Kwakwanso is famous for religious and ethnic bigotry,he is a hard-sell on the national level but will definitely win all the votes in Sambisa forest landslide !!

    • malam

      Jonathan only legacy as a prpresid was supporting corruption and approving common stealing, funding boko haram and coordinating oil spill.

    • emma johnson

      Illiteracy is certainly a disease…..pls cure yourself by educating yourself on issue before speaking particularly on a forum like this. It takes you only typing kwankwaso’s name on your url and spectacular projects that have already impacted the kanawas will pop up in hundreds……over 2,000 kano students sponsored for professional courses across the globe, about 8,000 standard hoising units completed, 5,000km road in all LGAs, about 18 new institutions including a new university, vocational schools, sports academy, fisheries institutions etc….3 brand new metro bridges including a 4km one, 2 under ground tunnels, 35 mega watts IPP mou signed with an American coy to commence in march….just to mention a few


        You have not disputed any of my above facts about this polarizing and bigoted man !!

        • emma johnson

          Because they are baseless….pls provide facts and references……your points are distorted for instance marrying off young women; yes he facilitates mass wedding events but targeted at widows only so how foes this encourage fistula related disease? He has sought and gotten a state law thru the state house of assembly banning all forms of begging and has gone ahead to build numerous rehabilitating strictures for gainful employment to such person e.e. KAROTA, KARMA……..GO GET SOME EDUCATION MAN!!!

      • elmok

        where is this ones you are quoting in kano or saudi arabia,cause am in kano and there is no road in sabon gari ,the worst is court road after passing that street you must visit your mechanic,again where are the bridges or is that gigantic project that the incoming governor will inherit or what if you want to praise him let me help you the world institution in kano is painted and written kwankwasiya that’s his achievement

  • Muhammad Kano

    TAWANDA or whatever you are, you are just displaying yourself and an original, genuine, big, huge, special, gigantic and horendous liar. How can you tell the world these stinking lies and thing people would even think you are sane! Mad Mumu kawai. Kwankwaso is great and the world is witnessing it. Go and hang yourself or meet your Jonamumuboko boys and commit suicide.

  • elmok

    why giving yourself headache on what to do ,you will NEVER be the president of nigeria maybe in your dreams at night

  • Kickboxer

    Lagos is a Nigerian State and no indigene/settler can change that without a fight. Yaribas cannot eat their cake and have it. If Yaribas want to fight for Lagos in 2019 or beyond Nigrians are ready to prove thAT LAGOS STATE IS A NIGERIAN TERRITORY WON OUT OF SWEAT & BLOOD OF EVERYONE’S GRANDFATHERS.


  • Richard Wall

    Lagos can never be described as a ” no man’s land’.The fact remains that no matter how cosmopolitan it is,the indigenes were here first, they have nowhere else to go to.They cannot go ” home” during Christmas and other festivities, like the settlers,because they are already at home.
    The mistake many people make is to take the provisions of the Constitution relating to freedom of movement too literarily.These people refer to countries like the US and the UK where residents of any town can contest and infact win elections.
    They however fail to realise that these countries are different from ours and indeed other African countries.
    We Africans have very strong ethnic affiliations and strong attachment to our hometowns.For Americans and Britons, hometown is where you were born.In Nigeria,hometown is where most your relatives live, i.e grandparents,uncles,cousins,aunts,nephews,and other extended relatives.
    This would explain why Prescott Bush,the grandfather of George Bush Jnr was a senator representing the state of Connecticut. His son,George Bush Snr was a congressman representing Texas,while two of his grandsons,i.e. George Bush Jnr and John Ellis Bush,aka Jeb Bush,were governors of Texas and Florida respectively, at the same time.This could never happen in Nigeria.
    For this to happen in Nigeria,there must be reciprocity, which means if a Nigerian from Anambra is able to contest and win election in Lagos state,a Nigerian from Lagos state must be able to contest and win election in Anambra state,bht we all know that is not possible.It is not even possible for an Anambra person from Njikoka to contest an election in in Ihiala,which is also in Anambra, not to talk of contesting an election in Enugu state, Imo state, Ebonyi state or Abia state.
    Some people may point out that James Faleke,a former local government chairman in Lagos state is the deputy governor-elect of Kogi state, but that would be missing the point.
    The fact to note is that Faleke, like all the other non-indigenes who were elected or appointed to political office in Lagos are Yoruba (I am not taking into account the set of 2015,which included a few south-south and south-east citizens)
    If the Yoruba indigenes of Lagos decide to allow their kith and kin from Kwara,Kogi,Ekiti,Osun,Ogun,Oyo and Ondo to participate in the political structure of Lagos state, that is their own prerogative,which we non-Yoruba can not question.Just like Imo state or indeed any Igbo state can decide to allow any Igbo,regardless of state of origin to contest election in any of the southeast states.That would be their prerogative.Just like they would be entitled to say they dont want any Yoruba,Tiv,Efik,Hausa,Ijaw etc to contest.
    We are only deluding ourselves if we claim that freedom of movements allows Nigerians to contest elections outside their states of origin without the express consent of the indigenes.We are creating unneccessary resentment and no tangible benefit.If an Igbo man represents Lagos at the National Assembly, it is only his family that will benefit from it and not the larger Igbo community, yet the resentment will fall on all Igbos.It would be better to support indigeneous candidates that you feel will better serve your interests.
    If we were to insist on this so-called freedom of movement,it would mean that a Hausa man who was born in Umuahia can be appointed as a minister to represent Abia state.Can you imagine how ludicrous that would be?
    It would also mean that that same Hausa man can be admitted to the Nigerian Defence Academy representing Abia state (note that each state has a quota at the NDA) ,or at the Revenue Mobilisation and Fiscal Allocation Commission or indeed any government body that requires one representative from each state.This would not be fair to indigenes of Abia state and they would be justified if they complain.
    Where will this end? Please note that in some communities,there are no ruling families, any adult male can become the traditional ruler.Does it mean that a Hausa man who was born in Umuahia,Abia state and whose foreparents lived in Umuahia for generations would be eligible to become the traditional ruler?If not,why not?
    Some may make reference to the fact that Yakubu Gowon’s brother was the Chief of Wusasa,in Kaduna,even though he hails from Plateau state,but that is an exceptional case.It was the indigenes who wanted him,for whatever reason.
    The bottomline is that as long as we have traditional institutions in Nigeria,the concept of indigeneship can never be wished away, no matter how we pretend.

  • Waalay Naija

    The solution to this problem will be derived when the case involving Bi-Courtney and the onikoyi family is determined. The first survey plan of lagos registered at Vol 1 page 1 of the western region survey office is in the name of Kosoko. The rightfull owner of most of lagos.Perhaps when our elders pass on we the next generation will do what has to be done. Wish as much as they like somebody owns the land before others came to settle.