Explosion rocks Gombe bus station

File Photo: A recent bomb blast in Gombe, at a Bus Station.

An explosion has ripped through a bus station in Gombe, residents and witnesses have told PREMIUM TIMES.

The explosion, our sources said, happened Friday morning at the popular Gombe Line Transport Services Limited.

Details of the incident are still sketchy, but Abdulrahman Suae, a resident of the area, said he saw about five people being evacuated to the Gombe General Hospital.

He was unable to confirm whether they were dead or injured.

Another witness said the police have cordoned off the area and that emergency officials were rushing injured victims to hospital.

Both the state’s police spokesperson, Fwaje Atajiri, and the Commissioner, Kudu Nma, did not answer or return calls made to them.

Details later…..


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  • tuco

    Hmmm it’s clear this BH are trying as much as possible to stop the conduct of elections atleast in the northeast. There was never a ceasefire agreement btw the FG and BH. The FG only took advantage of the long silence of attacks by BH and wanted to capitalize on it to deceive the whole world, not knowing that they only succeeded in provoking the sect to go on rampage and proof the world that it’s all fake and lies. This government is a very shameless government, incompetent and lousy. All they know na to loot. Government of looters, by the looters and for the looters.

    • Why is Nigeria allowing Sharia in Northern Nigeria? That’s the
      LICENSE that opens the gate for those who are faithful to Qur’an and
      Hadith to establish Ummah al-Islamiyah in Nigeria and EXPAND SHARIA.

      Concerning “touch not the anointed”, please send the following IMPORTANT MESSAGE
      to all who can do something about it:

      Like the U.K. Charity Commission, Nigeria needs to start prosecuting
      Religious Fraudsters. Also, Nigerian Officials must stop mixing Government with Religion

  • Dr. Kay

    Divisive,selfish, clueless ,partisan and wicked Dumbo will be busy pursuing party politics, having meeting with security top echelon at the dead of the night on how to actualise his floundering fortune next year by removing the nations number 4 security details , but forgot to plan on how to stop the insurgency being unleashed on poor subjects , this moron swear to protect. Bokoharam is running riot , unabated,unchecked and embolden by the cluelessness and incompetence exhibited by this wicked people in government ,whose only preoccupation now is how to return to governance next year. How long can this go on? How many innocent lives must be lost and maimed before this selfish tyrant is shown the door. Nigerian what are we doing to stop this carnage ,because today it’s Gombe , tomorrow it will be closer home than you bargained for, the Yoruba’s will say the elderly person cannot be in the market and watch the the head of a baby turning awkwardly and do or say nothing . Burkinabes are taking their destiny in their own hands we must seize ours from now henceforth , otherwise I see doom, destruction ,mayhem, chaos and annihilation .

    • Patriotic Dom

      What do you want him to do… may be send you as an emissary to dialogue with BH… it’s clear because he accepted to contest, they have increased the tempo of bombings again.

      • femirobinson

        Patriotic Dumb. If Dr Kay is the one to suggest solutions then it means your selfish president has run out of ideas and therefore does not deserve to be president today nor in the future. I think those asking us not to vote him in 2015 are too patient and lenient. I think he should be removed immediately. Nigeria deserves better than this.

        • Dr. Kay

          My brother I did not answer him cause silence is the best answer for a phool .he is not rational in his thinking answering him will make him look important like his oga at the top , his ogogoro brain is still not sober yet.

        • Dr. Kay

          By the way is this Araba of village headmaster. Lol

        • Wähala

          “Patriotic Dumb” indeed. Hahaha chai!

      • Chris1408

        People like you are the reason Nigeria is falling backwards while the rest of the world are flying forward and we are ruled by the worst person in the country. Nigeria is on fire, your dumb president is scheming how to fight with Tambuwal. Keep on supporting this wicked and clueless president, very soon, he won’t have a country to preside over. Boko Haram would have overrun the whole country.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Nigeria has never read between the lines as far as this continuous madness of Boko Haram is concerned. By these incessant attacks, Boko Haram is sending messages to the Core North to the effect that if that part of the nation wants peace then it must have to move positively for secession from the rest of the country. If this should happen these attacks would end in a very dramatic manner. The Boko Haram is leading a move to create a purely Islamic State in the Core North; a sovereign state to be carved out of Nigeria. This is the message. And if the Core North does not listen the attacks would even be worse in 2015 if Jonathan happens to reemerge as President. As far as the Boko Haram is concerned a Christian is not recognized as the nation’s leader. On the other hand, if a Muslim should emerge leader of Nigeria we should not be smug about any cessation of hostilities by the Boko Haram. Rather this sect would device a new strategy to force this leader of Muslim extraction to carve out the Core North as a separate Islamic nation; and if this leader should refuse the Boko Haram would quickly go for his life which is very simple to the sect. So, whichever one looks at the situation, the stage is irrevocably set for the establishment of an Islamic nation separate from the rest of Nigeria. And, before we think we have a military to counter the Boko Haram, we must come to terms with the fact that the Nigerian military (at least a section of it) is developing a tactic of cryptic indifference to what the Boko Haram is doing, all with the aim to allow the insurgents free rein at intervals. And, should the nation attempt to deploy some other sections of the military thought to be neutral, these sections would refuse, even at the risk of facing a court-martial for insubordination and other sundry military offences. The end effect is that Nigeria will be beset with a wobbly military similar to a giant standing on cracked clayey legs, that is, an ineffective military.

    • Why is Nigeria allowing Sharia in Northern Nigeria? That’s the
      LICENSE that opens the gate for those who are faithful to Qur’an and
      Hadith to establish Ummah al-Islamiyah in Nigeria and EXPAND SHARIA.

      Concerning “touch not the anointed”, please send the following IMPORTANT MESSAGE
      to all who can do something about it:

      Like the U.K. Charity Commission, Nigeria needs to start prosecuting
      Religious Fraudsters. Also, Nigerian Officials must stop mixing Government with Religion.

  • Pelumi


    Me i can’t shout, please! All i want to say is that people like Professor Itse Sagay, Professor Wole Soyinka, Barrister Femi Falana and so on, must not run away. Were they not the ones saying an Islamist party is a progressive party? No NADECO route is un-acceptable at this time. They must stay here and fight with guns against the Islamism they supported. They must not run away. They must face the consequence of the bad advice they gave the people.

    • Truthometer

      What a shallow ways of reasoning? Have you asked the reason why your paymaster, Dumbo, is fuelling insurgency in the Northeastern part of the country? He is trying to prevent elections in those areas, because he is bound to lose. Time will tell, how many of you will be going to The Hague, to face genocide charges or will be facing firing squad at the Eagle square. Have you ever sit down and think, how some few misguided ragtag idiots called boko haram, can hold Nigerian military to ransom? Practically and logically, it’s not possible. Something seems to be fishy here. And how about the billions of dollars they are spending to curb the insurgency? Where is the results? Suddenly, the suspected originator and financier of boko haram, Ali Modu Sheriff, is now one of Dumbo’s friend and party member. Food for thought.

      • Jahman


        But wait first. Did civil rights activists ever condemn Islamism, true, true?
        I am not aware that these Nigerian activists ever condemned Islamism.
        So, they are part of the problem now, no be so? They are default enablers.
        They can’t plead any innocence now unless they can plead ignorance too.
        Truth is that these civil rights activists let themselves down on Islamism.
        Whether it is for greed or dishonesty the effect is that they’ve forfeited trust.

  • Dave

    @ Pelumi:

    I agree with you O! There must be no NADECO route for any civil rights activist this time around.
    If the civil rights activists failed to rise early to stop Islamist ideology by condemning Islamism, then;

    these activists must fight inside Nigeria, in the bushes, against the armed wing of the Islamism they abetted.
    If they all lacked good judgment that prevention is better than cure, they must now face the bloody consequences.

    • By Popular Demand

      “Any little child in any other part of Nigeria knows there’s an on-going Islamic Jihad in Nigeria.
      The only group of people who do NOT know this simple fact are Yoruba Christians in the South-West
      having the highest number of professors, doctorates and university graduates, but who rather
      throng, en masse, behind an Islamic party, APC. How my people perish for lack of knowledge!”


  • Nwokolo

    We are in a complete mess already. This man President Jonathan has destroyed this nation. A father that keeps running to the market square to report the raping of his family by a fellow man every now and then without taking action, is not worthy to be call father. Its a pity.

    • Madiba

      This is what I have been saying in this forum. Pakistan is a haven for terrorism . The electorates rate their leaders
      on just two critical points; corruption and national security. No excuses cos they know the problem is there. If you show you can’t handle them, they VOTE YOU OUT, Period. Obama cannot start telling Americans that he would have done this or that if not because John Mcain and the Republicans are not supporting him. Such reasoning is so puerile and irritating. Its really a pity.

  • Patriotic Dom

    Just because the young man is exercising his constitutional right… some people are just cowards… we are all tired of this flukes…

  • Willie-Harry (Apapa)

    Messrs Pelumi and Dave:

    This is not a joke. I am organizing my own neighbourhood to guard the sea borders. If i see any human rights activist here trying to escape this Muslim Jihad thing that is coming, we will catch that human rights activist and beat the hell out of him. Walahi! The useless activists were just talking nonsense to get money!

    People were being beheaded – nearly 20,000 Nigerians!

    Human Rights activists in Lagos were talking rubbish that the political wing of the Islamist people is very progressive. Nonsense! Now that the Jihad is coming to the south we will drag out the human rights activists from under their beds. They can’t escape. Trust me! We shall issue them woth rifles to go and fight. That’s it. Very simple.

  • Wähala

    Going by Sen. Mark and Gov. Elechi’s recent pronouncements, it is no coincidence that Boko Haram have intensified their bloody campaign to make as many Northern States “ungovernable” as possible. Consequently, elections in those regions impossible. It is no coincidence that the lull in the fighting with the fake cease fire was to re-arm and re-orient the insurgents now that this evil Administration has been able to source weapons from Russia and other unscrupulous nations. Only in Nigeria has the Chief of Defense Staff lost his home town to a ragtag band of terrorist who not only displaced 2million people in Mobu, but a President who is consciously looking the other way by withdrawing security protection for a politician who defected to another party. Dumbo and the PDP are behind this bombing. The aim is to remain in power by cancelling the general elections all together since it has become clear they cannot beat a growing & popular opposition APC. I called it, “Anarchy Agenda” 4years ago but there is a solution… (I won’t let the cat out for now!)

    • Nwokolo

      With God on our side, the people will soon retake their country back from these ‘demons’ parading as leaders

      • Wähala

        Forget Nigerians. Unfortunately, the only ethnic group with the nuts to stand-up to the establishment are not interested in One Nigeria… if anything, they’re backing the wrong horse. Trust me on this, only Ban ki Moon and the UN can recover Nigeria for Nigerians via “Sudan Solution” to save themselves the trouble of a destabilized West African sub-region. Most Nigerians are natural cowards. Forget them fast!

        • Oluwole Lagbaja

          It appears your brain is shifting to normal position since you have at least mentioned a 2 state solution. However far from the ideal 4 – 9 state solution, one still needs to commend the psychiatrist who was diligent in prescribing and administering the right drugs on you. My advice to you is this: Ensure you don’t skip the periods you take the drugs and ensure you complete the dosage.

          • Wähala

            Your handle name and mine are recognizable to Nigerians if not all Africans. “Oluwole Lgbaja” means: ‘fake clown’ while @Wähala is the only man online who lives up to the meaning of his name: wahala (for the establishment). I’m doing end-of-month bookkeeping for my staff and won’t waste time with a miscreant like you. But piss me off again and you will have sh*t to wipe from ceiling… Olosi.

      • Bornfree

        Mr Nwokolo,

        That’s the point, my brother. That’s the point. You’ve got it.
        Only a bloody revolution can save Nigeria – not PDP or APC.
        Both parties are dens of thieves and they’re thick as thieves.

    • Chris1408

      It’s utterly shameful, while Boko Haram is taking territories and hoisting flag, our president is campaigning and playing dirty politics. This drunk should not be president today. He should have been impeached or do the honorable thing “RESIGN”. But the Otuoke drunk lacks honor and decency.

  • Otile

    No justice no peace. Do justice to the people, give the people their Islamic Caliphate and peace will reign. Going to war to keep Nigeria one is futile. It is a matter of time another group will be asking for their independence.

    May Almighty God give oil to oil-less parts of Nigeria so that people will live in peace. North and Southwest people of Nigeria say Amen.

    • Realnigerian


    • bikky

      Islamic caliphate is not the issue but cheating of less privileged by the ruling class. It has to be stopped.Nigeria is rich than few people to be milking it all alone.

  • bikky

    Kai,This Jengbetiele President will be an Happy man by now,I am sure He would have gulp a bottle of Apetesi to wash it down,Afterall His agenda is been materialise,at least if five or six state in the North did not hold election in 2015 this will narrow down Mr.Buhari opportunity in the coming election if Buhari won his party primary. Kai Jona you be smart guy, Damburuba,Devil incarnate. God no go allow your plan to be materialized,blood of the slain ones will fight all the individuals that suppose to rise and fight on their behalf but fail to do so.

  • the truth

    Jonathan decides to contest and the bombings have begun again. If at this stage people don’t know this trick they are playing then you are on a long thing. We are watching and when its time the baboon and the dog will surely get soaked in that blood. A word is enough for the wise

  • Thomas Sankara

    Why do you suppress my harmless comments? But give easy passage to certain people who echo your latent & jaundiced opinion. This is our problem in this continent Nigeria. It’s complete nonsense. Spiuuuuusssshhhh….Nonsense!

    • Why is Nigeria allowing Sharia in Northern Nigeria? That’s the
      LICENSE that opens the gate for those who are faithful to Qur’an and
      Hadith to establish Ummah al-Islamiyah in Nigeria and EXPAND SHARIA.

      Concerning “touch not the anointed”, please send the following IMPORTANT MESSAGE
      to all who can do something about it:

      Like the U.K. Charity Commission, Nigeria needs to start prosecuting
      Religious Fraudsters. Also, Nigerian Officials must stop mixing Government with Religion.

  • Vote GEJ 2015

    Muslims again with their regular trademark(Sorrow,Tears and Blood).

    Muslims must stop this Sharia killing of non-Muslims. Gombe is a Sharia State. Why did Muslims in Northern Nigeria adopt Sharia law? What is wrong with Nigeria law? Sharia is a mechanism meant to eliminate non-Muslims.

    Death to Jihadist and their sympathizers.