Jonathan orders withdrawal of Tambuwal’s security detail

Aminu Tambuwal, Sokoto State Governor

The security details of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, have been removed two days after Mr. Tambuwal formally declared his defection from the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to All Progressives Congress APC.

Police officers, State Security agents and members of the Civil Defence force who protect the speaker were withdrawn early Thursday on the orders of President Goodluck Jonathan, various sources told PREMIUM TIMES Thursday.

All armed Nigerian government forces report directly to the president.

Government sources said Mr. Jonathan convened a top secret meeting Wednesday night to discuss Mr. Tambuwal’s defection.

In attendance at the meeting were members of the National Working Committee of the ruling PDP, the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Muhammed  Adoki, some PDP governors as well as PDP members of the House of Representatives.

Mr. Tambuwal, who had long identified with the APC, announced a formal defection Tuesday and promptly adjourned the House of Representatives to forestall any backlash from the ruling PDP.

The PDP called for his resignation.

On Wednesday, the speaker, a three-term member of the House, attended a mini-convention of the APC, arriving at the venue of the event in Abuja to a rapturous welcome.

He condemned his former party as being led by a cabal and vowed that his new party will “sweep” off the ruling party after 15 years in power.

A source close to the camp of the speaker said “the tumultuous welcome accorded the speaker at the convention and the overwhelming outpouring of goodwill from the general public is said to have rattled the presidency resulting in their frenzied reaction”.

“Early this morning, few minutes after midnight to be precise, top level security report informed the Speaker that orders have been given for the withdrawal of his security details,” the source, who declined to be named because he is not permitted to speak to the media, said.

The source said the speaker had been informed that the governing party, PDP, will file a legal challenge against him for retaining his seatThursday.

“The ironic thing here is why not wait for the verdict before any action is taken?” the source said.

Mr. Tambuwal’s spokesperson, Imam Imam, could not be immediately reached for comments.


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  • AA

    Lawless GEJ at it again. This man has simply lost it. He is just two immature for the exalted position he occupies. I regret ever casting my vote for him.

    • ODOFIN, Lagos

      Don’t regret the past! Just vote against him in 2015…

  • Oladapo Adesope

    We have a moron as president

    • akin-UK

      Pls remove this photograph; I guess she has not consented to it. Don’t abuse her.

  • Mr. Dee

    The level of impunity under this Government knows no bound

  • john doe

    The same speaker moving around with escorts? Mr Tukur, get your facts right before taking to the media. You’re misleading the public.

  • USA

    I will never be surprised. He is very irresponsible to be president of a country like Nigeria. We should have seen this before. But never again.

  • Scalywag

    This is impunity unlimited. Security forces do not belong to the PDP or Mr. Jonathan. These are nigerian institutions. Therefore to withdraw the perquisites of a sitting Speaker of the Nigerian House of Representatives is impunity. Nigerians should take note of this. The International community should also take note. Little wonder that civilised countries have refused to sell arms to this country. The office of speaker deserves security protection irrespective of whosoever occupies it.

  • fayrouz

    Is it the type of president we are going to trust just because of he defect from their party to opposition we need him out of aso rock.

  • emmyfication

    whao, is this how nigerian leader is because someone defects to another party and he withdrawal the security from Tambuwal. This is unproffessional….

  • dave

    It will be very sad if this story is true.The President should show maturity and not act on impulse.Whoever advised the president to take this kind of decision is his real enemy.The presidency just played into the hands of the opposition.

    • Olabode

      This is power hunger in which it is leading to his self distruction… Mumu and Dumbo

  • Spoken word

    Jona is a typical blackman and with rulers like him Nigeria can never develop. No subtlety to his actions. He is like a medical doctors that takes a hoe to the hospital rather than a stethoscope.

  • Ems

    What amused me is d presence of chief justice of the federation Muhammed adoke in d meeting. So automatically such positions the likes of AIG, SSS and Co re PDPs rather than neutral. Shame!

    • Isi Agwo

      Go back to your village elementary school and read up your Social Studies. Question 1: Who is Nigeria’s minister of justice and AG? (Hint: he is a politician) (2): Who is Nigeria’s Chief Justice (hint: the CJ is a woman)?

  • elmok

    when Tambuwal know he wants to defect why keeping your seat ,when you know that you are on that seat because of the party that brought you to that seat,its impunity on the side of the speaker not to resign,it shows how dishounourable you are ,you are not a gentleman at all.

    • imam Imam

      any body can be speaker as far your a member of the house. the withdrawal of speaker security men its shows if the GEJ re elected Nigerians will see hell. amount of impunty na only God knows.
      Most Nigerians prefer to cast their vote to a dog than…….

      • Benny

        Can the only PDP member in Lagos State House of Assembly become the Speaker of the House? Sometimes, our primordial sentiments becloud our ability to think unaided.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          The only?

          Why are you comparing apples with oranges?

        • tundemash

          Yes if his mates vote for him. What does the consitution say about the criteria of becoming a Speaker ?
          Dumbo cannot be the accuser and the judge in his own case. He would be ex. President some day and someone else will do same to him.

    • Oluwale

      But Jonathan and Jonathanians are? you are indeed blind with coconut head….

    • tundemash

      Get education. Ask someone to read the consitution to you and stop displaying stup1d ignorance here.

  • Mark Dayo

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  • Kitunde

    Of course the president does not have more pressing matters at hand,like the small issue of terrorists taking over more towns!

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


  • Ola

    Why is it that when any politicians decamped from other parties to PDP, its right and Presidency will celebrate it but when any politicians left PDP, its wrong and they (PDP) will like to go to court and challenge it? I will advice that the Speaker’s security agents be immediately restored to avoid anarchy. The Presidency should wait for the court judgment before taking any action against Rt. Hon. Aminu Tambuwal. For the Minister of Justice to be at the meeting where this action was decided speak volume of the kind of minister directing the affair of the ministry. The whole word is watching us.

  • dudu

    Later, the president will come up to say “his ambition is not worth the life of anybody”, hmmn…we know better

  • growthengine

    Its not true! The only person who can confirm the removal is Tambuwal himself. Various sources said that…..

  • kwango

    Militants like Tompolo, Asari, and wanted drug peddlers like Buruji Kashamu, and CAN president have massive security guiding them at Tax payers expense. But a sitting Speaker of the Federal House has his security details withdrawn because he moved to a legitimately registered and legal political party. When has Nigerian government become only for PDP? Immature presidency indeed.

    • Hah!

      I wonder woo!

  • ceweeco projects

    He who is ready to fight must also be ready for injury.

  • MrFesh

    SANI TUKUR is the name.
    Dont take his ‘reports’ seriously.
    Observe from today if yo have not been doing so.

  • Nonsoufo eze

    Lets discuss this…Image If Jonathan Deffects to APGA and Later LP , later DPP and back again to PDP in 3yrs

  • abdussalam

    Instead of the President to sack his useless Service Chiefs, who allowed more towns to fall into terrorist BH, he is using his undeserved powers where it is least needed.

  • Brekederemo

    Dear Editor Premium Times:

    Aminu Tambuwal is just irresponsible. Why does he violate the spirit of the law for purely selfish reason?
    No Parliament in the world is ever placed under a Speaker belonging to the minority party in legislature.
    Why does he want the security details of a Speaker of Parliament having joined a minority party – APC?
    I think Aminu Tambuwal is either an illiterate in disguise, or, a barely educated fellow but without gumption.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      I think you made that statement without making a study of world political systems.

      Just for your elucidation, please check on Betty Boothroyd who was succeeded by John Becrow.

      • tundemash

        You are taking the creek monkey Brekederemo too far . Let him tell us who was the Speaker in 1983 and what party does he belong to .

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          I love the second paragraph, Tundemash.

          Very instructive indeed.

          • tolu

            every day i pray for bloody revolution. jonathan is a disgrace, where did he get his phd?

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Tolu, I understand the depth of your anger, but a bloody revolution would not help us because it would end up being hijacked by another set of tyrants and brigands.

            The ballot box remains the best way forward. Feb 2015 is around the corner.

            You can positively channel your passion for change by reaching out to others to register and come out to vote out those you do not like; be they PDP or APC.

            But real change is a necessary thing now. In my opinion, PDP must be shoved aside at the federal level in order for this country to move forward.

  • imam Imam

    Some time the can of order comes from above it bath me much. like say their own ther life. Mimiko decamp from their Party to P D P nothing happen they bee preicess all over government media, why if somebody decamp from P D P t o other party become victims ? why ? why ?

    • Dr. Kay

      Haba Alhaji ba turenchi ba? Lol. Seriously Dumbo has lost his marbles , I mean this guy has lost his mojo. How can you return to leadership an out of depth Dumbo that has no respect for institution constituted by the law and constitution . The office of the speaker must and should be respected irrespective of wether the occupier is in the presidents party or not . The law allows as the number 4 in the echelon of power for security detail on the speaker 24/7 .This man is so petty and shameful , I think his chief adviser on political matter is the shepopotamus herself. This stroke of ingenuity is so disturbing and laughable. Dumbo needs to be sacked, 2015 where art thou?

  • Markus Mendez

    This guy must have really been sabotaging the government. Now we see his antagonism towards the executive was purely out of partisanship and nothing more!
    Imagine a party whose member is the number 4 citizen yet will have to battle nd struggle to get their bills passed even with a majority in the house. What this simply means is some of the majority were actually MINORITIES in the house!
    Why couldn’t the disHONORABLE speaker boldly come out and tell the world he is an APC member?? If this isn’t TREACHERY, tell me what else is?
    Yet some clowns say he will be missed in the PDP?? A man who has NEVER been a part of them? Why was the slot zoned to the SW hijacked by the northern oligarchs and their slaves in then ACN? It was obvious from day one this guy was a stooge and a treacherous mole. No one ever took him serious.
    Good riddance to….

    • Anonymous

      Subject matter is withdrawal of tambuwal security…

    • simonibekwe

      Re-read the body of that report and you will be more acquainted with discussion at issue.

  • Ekwekwe

    Excellent. If the mumu does not know the right and decent thing to do, teach him, if possible in the language he will understand – Arabic. As we say in the East, it is with hot water you kill the tortoise. I asked for the removal of the mumu’s security team about 36 hours ago. Next, take away his official cars, stop paying him salaries and allowances as Speaker, stop paying the salaries of his personal staff/redeploy civil servants among them, and then give him one month notice to vacate the Speakers official residence. Do not forget to cancel or recall his diplomatic (official) passport.

  • Truthometer

    Dumbo and his wrecking crew are bunch of lawless criminals in government. This kind of behaviour should not be allowed to continue. Nigerians, hopefully, will have the last saying in 2015 presidential election.

    • tolu

      we can now conclude that jonathan is behind buhari assasination attempt. ii just pray he did not kill tambuwah

  • Jonasshole

    Jonathan is an asshole, he has reduced governance to personal vendeta. Why did he not order withdrawl of Mimiko’s security for defecting to the PDP? He did same thing to Sanusi, now he is wasting his time with Tambuwal. Mumu President. No wonder people call him Dumbo.

    • Tunsj

      I couldn’t agree more.Real a**hole indeed. The name Jonathan makes me regurgitate.



  • The Revolutionary

    Dear Sir,

    If Nigeria falls like dominoes – in the ranking order of Mubi today – two groups of people must take equal responsibility. The first culpable group is the raft of Justices of the Court whose thinking mode is zero. Judges of Nigerian courts emplace theft as the national norm. They acquit all official thieves before them. And they issue no orders that stolen funds be seized. These useless Judges don’t need sermons anymore – a good few need hanging, along with the stuttering S.A.Ns aiding the path to Nigeria’s fall into anomie, who flaunt that bogus S.A.N chieftaincy title in court for no good purpose at all.

    The next worse group of disguised criminals is the scrum of journalists in Nigeria who’ve lost all senses of right and wrong as self-inducted guards of roguish politicians in return for bribes. These so-called journalists are in turn aided by so-called civil rights activists serving as empty megaphones. They are then joined in the hips in sharing the proceeds of crimes – involving sharing public funds meant for public schools in their states, which they blithely pocket as reward for calling black, white. There can be no immunity for all these groups who forfeit the trust of the people with their dishonesty for personal gains. To cleanse Nigeria’s Aegean stables they would be laid to rest in perfect peace in the wake of revolutionary justice.

    • Sword of Damocles

      And where are the treasonous politicians in your equation. My friend, they must be NUMERO UNO!!

  • Isi Agwo

    A country where people take no notice of their freedom. Alhaji Tambu would never have dreamt up all this rubbish if he had been speaker under President Obasanjo? Never! Very good to teach the mumu some lesson.

  • sam

    We are living in interesting times…lots of surprises. Can’t wait for February 14, 2015.

  • jonah

    the major problem with Nigeria is the 1999 constitution. under a presidential system of government, a parliamentarian is suppose not to cross-carpet simply because the constituency is ruled by the political party. so if an individual which the constituency send to represent them in either of the houses decides to cross-carpet, is supposed to be recalled and a bye-election conducted within the party and the winner of the bye-election will be sent to the house to represent them(constituency) so defection or cross-carpeting is seen as betrayal of own constituency

    • chiedoziee harrimann

      Is Nigeria running a presidential system of government? Why do you choose to misinform Nigerians? Smh

      • lawiri

        ode ni e !
        Nigeria runs a full presidential system of government. Olodo !

        • chiedoziee harrimann

          I deleted my comment cause I was wrong. Now, it’s a lot wisdom to admit ur wrong. I don’t know of you that claim to know so much n still suffer.

          • lawiri

            Olodo “upon” 30 🙂

        • James Breen

          What was the basis of Nigeria adopting a presidential system.? Just to follow the USA. ? The Americans have spent centuries implementing and delivering their presidential system and still it has flaws !! Nigeria as usual adopt a system for show instead of efficiency. What was wrong with the parliamentary system which was in place prior to the military take over/civil war. The parliamentary system of government (as adopted by the UK example) would have yielded fewer abuses of power in the first place. As one learned Nigerian in the UK once said, ” we Nigerians like flashy titles, but when it comes to doing the job we are always found wanting because we spend to much time preening like peacocks ! “

          • lawiri

            Cabinet or Parliamentary system of government works well in a country that practises a Unitary government hinged on the homogeneity of the citizens. UK, Finland and Ireland are examples.

            Reverse is the case in Nigeria and that explains why we have a presidential system anchored on Federalism.

      • jonah

        what system of government does Nigeria run or operate

  • blackdove

    The list of lawlessness from this half baked PHD holder just keeps growing. The illegal removal of Justice Salami, the illegal removal of CBN Governor turned Emir of kano, the illegal detention of APC supporters before the governorship elections in Anambra, Ekiti and Osun States, the illegal sealing of the offices of a splinter group within the pdp (new pdp), the aiding of oil theft and public looting of our national resources. We have seen this type of power drunkenness before, and we remember how they all ended. Babangida and Obasanjo are still alive to attest to the fact that power is transit and what goes around, comes around.

  • ogechi

    Initial GraGra!!!…,the fact remains that Tambuwal is now in APC&he remains the Speaker

  • Darlington Mudiaga Atumu

    GEJ can withdraw the speaker’s security detail….APC should jux ask its militant wing (boko haram) to provide the speaker with security as a member

    • Tunsj

      Nonsense. How do you know that boko haram is the militant wing of the APC? GEJ is behaving like a child because Tambuwal is still the Speaker of the House until he resigns. Jonathan does not understand the constitution.

    • Kukere

      APC is consulting ORITSEJEOFOR and CAN to provide the arms for the Boko Haram

      • ogechi

        A nail on the fore-head…pOpOpOO!!!

  • buzu

    This president is the worst president ever happens to this country and i pity him and all those around him how their end should be.irresponsible government with small minds. Dumbo is really Dumb

    • good news,he can’t eat his cake and have it,he can approach APC foot soldiers aka boko haram for protection

      • chika ewerem

        Don’t mind gullible Nigerians, Tambuwal and his cohorts cleverly shutdown the chamber unceremoniously till end of December just to buy time and set his selfish political jorney in motion knowing fully well that election is by february. If he is truely honorable, he should resign as the speaker of the house since he is no long in the party with the majority in the house (some fools will open their mouth to tell us that he was elected by the house, the simple question for such sentimental fools is that why didn’t the opposition minority parties in the house sponsor a member of the house from their party to contest the seat of the speaker?). This is the same way he escaped the long arm of the law when he was accused along with former speaker bankole for N1billion fraud, he disguised and sneaked into the chamber and came out a speaker of the house with immunity If he is man enough, since he has decamped to APC, let him equally drop the speakership and lose his immunity and see how the so called toothless EFCC will chew him like chewing gum not just removal of his security details.

        I pity a lot of Nigerians that are just biased unnecessary, the constitution stated exclusively about defection of members of both lower and upper chamber, but the dishorables who are supposed to understand the law are manipulating it for their selfish benefit, Tambuwal refused to declare the seats of all the defected PDP lawmakers as required by the law so as to protect himself when he decamped (For the fact that other parties didn’t request for the seat of all those that decamped to PDP before now to be declared vacant does not make decamping from one party to another by any lawmaker right). These people are so dishonorable that they will always want to eat your cake and have it, Since Tambuwal is no longer in PDP, the ruling party is the right occupier of the seat of the speaker, so his position as the number 4 of the Federal republic of Nigeria ceased to exist since the very moment he disowned PDP. Hate PDP or not, that is the fact. Tambuwal delay from jumping ship is not just for the speakership but the immunity he had enjoyed before now.

  • Sword of Damocles

    Here is your “PHD” President, removing the detail of the 4th Constitutional Officer by FIAT without RULING from the Judiciary in a supposedly “Rule of Law” Democracy. Jittery as usual, consumed & immersed in OGOGORO! Hands shaking, fear dey catch una, because you know sey all thses times wey una sey you fit thief all Nigeria’s money & nothing go happen is about to be TESTED come May 29th. Like I said a while ago , tell all these betrayers, KOBOKO IS COMING!!

  • gabriel


    These cars were seized by government officials at border and the time duration given to the owners to claim their cars has elapse so they are been sold

    in a give away price. All you need do is to call 08142710826 to place an order of your choice.;098

  • Arogbo

    This is the height of hypocrisy for the speaker of the House of Assembly to resign when the 2015 election is just about to commence. This gang up against President Jonathan would fail and it really proves that there are powerful people who are trying to derail this current democratic dispensation.. President Jonathan must watch his back because there are dangerous forces lurking around the sit of power to do this President harm, but they will fail.

    • tolu

      gej may end up like abacha, he is worst than abacha, i just pray tambuwah is not killed

  • DecodeDaRiddle

    The absurdity of this action is that Nigeria does not have a number 4 man. Let it be clear that this further exposes this government to the electorate who had largely supported the speaker for doing exactly what had benefited the PDP. I believe that the 3 tiers of government know their jurisdiction and this is meddling to say the least on the part of the executive. The same executive that did not have the right to choose the speaker has assumed the role of the judiciary by making this judgement when it is yet to file a suit in the same judiciary arm of government, they have crossed the line by assuming the roles of the legislative arm by sacking a speaker elected by his peers. We have pushed past the threshold of impunity and now we are in the ” I dont give a damn” era. We do thing because of it makes us feel good rather than it is the right thing to do. I understand that PDP feels a need not to let APC have its victory rubbed in, they could have endeared themselves to the people by addressing the recent happenings in Adamawa than this.
    I think the president needs to be rattled now with impeachment proceedings against him when the house reconvene and opposition party should make the executive feel the impact of their recklessness. PDP is not above the law and definitely not above Nigeria.

  • Otile

    Our troops have abandoned Mubi to save their lives. God is Good.

  • ogechi

    Feeee feee feeee…..faiilerrrrr

    peee peeee peee…..pOlerrrrrrrr

    Heee heee heeee….hahahahahah

  • Mr. Abdin

    Hope we are not having another civilian dictator as a president.

  • nikoroorire

    Jonathan should equally withdraw the security details of Governor Mimiko who defected from Labour Party to the ruling PDP. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander.
    We are in interesting and very funny times!

  • igbiki

    Yes Yes Yes, so that he could no longer be the house speaker. Sorry Mr Speaker GEJ don do you coup!

    • tundemash

      does security make him a Speaker ? What a feeble mind !

      • igbiki

        A feeble minded response from an enfeebled and etiolated wanker of a President in need of a head shrinker.


        Just watch…the more you look….the less you see !
        The music has started playing and Tambuwal will have no option but dance !

      • Otile

        You are the feeble mind, don’t look elsewhere.

  • tundemash

    With or without Police, Tambuwal is still the Speaker.
    PDP’s policemen were with Bola Ige when PDP got him killed so withdrawing PDP’s policement from Tambuwal is a blessing !

    Come 2015, we shall withdraw Dumbo’s security before leading him into jail !


      The attack on Mubi and the defection of Tambuwal are simulated attacks from the same axis !

      • tundemash

        Hallucination. The hard drugs they give us too strong for you !

        • Otile

          Can you ever contribute to any meaningful discussion without resorting to nastiness? You are a hopeless idyot.

  • Maria

    Jonathan is a small minded human being. He is a misfit for president.

    • Aboki

      You are definitely a pathetic fellow and surely need mental examination for calling president names.


    Tambuwal want’s to use his APC engineered blackmail to halt legislative activities indefinitely while their allies in the Sambisa have been given orders to intensify attacks on innocent Nigerians ………..The APC will be defeated !!

  • Thepeople

    This goes to show that what the people of Nigeria say and write about the Jonathan is true. He is not fit for the office, has no clue, no gravitas, small minded and a light weight. He does not even give himself the benefit of doubt, then why should Nigerians bother with him. He does not understand the difference between Tambowal and the office of the speaker, just as there is a difference between the office of the president and Goodluck Jonathan. Jonathan is dragging the honour, respect and prestige of the office of president to the gutters and with it the rest of the country.

  • Thepeople


  • Topzymn

    Jonadaft is at it again, and I am not surprise since he is no longer shoeless!
    I am just projecting to 2015
    V. P- Prof. Osibanjo (SAN)
    Attorney General- Fasola
    Minister of works- Fayemi
    Minister of labor- Oshiomole
    Finance Minister- Mrs Exekwesili
    Power- Amechi
    –My people please join me to nominate others that will make up the incoming cabinet. We must start the conversation now to make sure we have the right people in government. Also this will serve as a warning sign to Jonadaft and his cronies that they need to start packing their stuffs from Also rock. Countdown for Jonadaft 4months to go

    • Yahuza Sani Sagagi

      Housing and Urban Dev. Minister – Kwankwaso

  • Scalywag

    The quietude of the Civil Society community is too loud, especially as dictatorship has crept back into the polity. This dictatorship by those who claim to rule by the mandate of the people is worse than military dictatorship. There is a need for a return to the trenches

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    Jonathan is following the trails of Obasanjo when he was embroiled in a grudge match with Atiku. The PDP impudence knows no limits unless Nigeria pulls the brake on this rogue train taking the nation to extinction.

  • tijan kabba

    Why must the PDP resort to these dirty low tricks to frustrate the opposition, Aminu Tambuwal is Speaker of the house and there is no constitutional right to do this. This government is bordering on anarchy.

  • Reason-ability

    Sir, you have many more grammar “insanity” to contend with. I shudder every time I hear “i have told him severally” to mean “I had told him many times.” There is also the case of “it is (or was) never my portion” to mean “it is (was) not my lot.” Then you have the classic one introduced by house helps into the lexicon “off the light” to mean “switch off or turn the light off.” There are so many of these abnormal grammar that have taken root. There is the telephone protocol of “Am I on to…” My goodness-why would anyone want to be on to another on the phone. Simple ” may I speak to…” would have sufficed. And then my favourite which is-“he is not on seat” which I have taken as a case of literal translation from Yoruba “ko si lori ijoko” May God avail. I doubt if the cane can work Sir. We would need to cane the teachers’ teachers and I think most of them are long gone.

    • Niakita Kresbin

      You forgot “lack of sufficient…” when they mean “insufficient”. Even on NTA, Radio Nigeria, etc. Then Mama Piece happened. Making it all the more hilarious.

      • Reason-ability


      • Reason-ability

        My daughter just reminded me of another classic one- “dress” to mean shift or move. Enjoy

    • akinwumi komolafe

      Some grammatical mistakes may in future, apart from “to went”, be accepted as correct.For instance “not on seat” can later be branded Nigerian English.”Don’t mention”, meaning you are welcome, has been recognized in a version of Oxford Advance Learner Dictionary.

  • MammanJiyaVatsa

    The militry illitrates killed Nigeria, with the exception of few highly educated ones among who is Col. Ojukwu with his polished queen English, while pityful Gen. Gowon just stares, reeling out what was written for him to read.