Update: Boko Haram ‘seizes’ Mubi, kills many

Abubakar Shekau

The commercial town of Mubi in Adamawa state and border towns were thrown into a state of panic as several residents of the towns were attacked by rampaging Boko Haram members who also engaged Nigerian troops in a deadly shoot out, residents who fled the area have said.

Many of the soldiers and residents fled to neighbouring local government areas.

There are reports the group has hoisted its flag in the town.

Joshua Chinasa, a resident of Uba town which is about 30 Kilometres away from Mubi, said several people might have been killed during the shooting spree which was still going on at the time of filling this report.

“We are in serious trouble these boys have taken our towns. Some Boko Haram members have taken over Mararraban Mubi and Vintim the home town of Chief of Defense Staff, Alex Badeh, and the Nigerian troops are running for their lives.

“As I am talking to you now, residents are scampering for their lives for fear of imminent attack and uncertainty,” Mr. Chinasa said.

Also corroborating, Lamidi Kery, a female resident and a widow who lost her husband to a similar attack in Mubi, confirmed that people died during the attack.

“The town is deserted now, people have all fled into nearby bushes and hilltops. We have seen soldiers in their vehicles retreating,” she said.

Another source said that the Boko Haram insurgents overran Madagali down to Bazza both in Adamawa State.

“They are having a field day. Even yesterday I sneaked into Michika town to evacuate my aged mother, but surprisingly only insurgents could be heard around, there were no soldiers.”

“Mubi, has now become a shadow of its former self, people in hundreds are scampering for their lives.

“Even here in Maiha, we saw soldiers vehicles zoom-off towards Yola, the state capital,” said a local source in Maiha, another town in Adamawa.

Ahmad Sajor, the spokesperson to former Adamawa State governor, Murtala Nyako, told PREMIUM TIMES his daughter was missing after news broke of the advance of the insurgents early Wednesday.

“This morning I got a call from my daughter who is a 200 level student of Adamawa State University, Mubi. She was hysterical. I was in Abuja for a meeting, but her information forced me to head back to Yola immediately,” Mr. Sajoh said.

“According to her, the insurgents were approaching the town which is the second largest in Adamawa State. I ordered her to leave the hostel and join her cousins to escape the town. I called my father who confirmed the story.

“By the time I arrived Yola airport, the town had fallen to the insurgents. My parents are trapped while my daughter and her cousins are missing. We lost contact for the past six hours.

“My colleague Mallam Iliyasu of the Bursary Department Adamawa State University, Mubi who is trapped in the town said by 2pm the Police Barracks in the GRA was overrun by the insurgents, the Prison was blown open while fighting was going on at the army Barracks.

“The IDP camp at Lamorde was thrown into confusion. The new rulers of the town had issued a decree banning all entry and exit to the town. Students who trooped to the motor park are now stranded with most taking refuge in any House that could welcome them.

“The barracks are the least safe locations in the town. So far there are no reported cases of killings or abductions. But fear and apprehension had taken over. No word yet on the incident either by Government or the Military.”

The state governor, Bala Ngillari, has asked the people of the state, particularly those in the affected areas to remain calm saying security agents are on the top of the situation.

“People should remain calm, security agents are on the top of situation,” P.P Elisha, the director Press and Public Affairs to the governor said on behalf of the governor.


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  • Dan Fulani

    And the CDS will tomorrow escort Mr President to purchase his nomination form to continue ruining our country. Allah wadan naka ya lalace.

    • Why is Nigeria allowing Sharia in Northern Nigeria? That’s the
      LICENSE that opens the gate for those who are faithful to Qur’an and
      Hadith to establish Ummah al-Islamiyah in Nigeria and EXPAND SHARIA.

      Concerning “touch not the anointed”, please send this IMPORTANT MESSAGE
      to all who can do something about it:

      Like the U.K. Charity Commission, Nigeria needs to start prosecuting
      Religious Fraudsters. Also, Nigerian Officials must stop mixing
      Government with Religion

    • dan

      If this is to stop the President from buying his form, you have already failed.

    • Hadiza

      Amin summa amin, and sad enough even his home town Vintim have over taken by the Boko boys.
      Currently Boko boys have occupied about 350km (Konduga – Mubi) i.e. Konduga – Bama – Gwoza – Limankara – Madagali – Gulak – Shuwa – Wurongayadi – Michika – Bazza – Uba – Mararaba – Mubi. These towns exclude their surrounding villages (Mayowandu, Kirshiga, Maigana, Moda, Mboror, Garta, Shani, Isghe, Za, Futudou, Kuburshosho, Mayobani, Kotirde, Murva, Vintim, Husara, Hildi and many others) all under their control. Good Lord what is happening and where and how “military taking over as always mentioned by the Government?

      • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

        Please give them Caliphate
        lets have peace

        • Bishop

          Peace? Oliver Twist will ask for more.

  • John Smith

    What happened to the cease fire and the release of the girls ?? This situation is becoming farcical.
    What is Nigeria government doing to address this situation. Ten days ago the government announced that a deal had been done. Since then all we hear day after day is Boko Haram killing more people.

  • John Smith

    What annoys me is that the Nigeria government/military never disappoints when it comes to looking amateurish and ludicrous. As Africa’s largest country are you telling me that they cannot engage with and defeat this band of rag tag murderers. Boko Haram may have an abundance of weapons but I doubt if they are even competently trained, let alone highly trained. Yet they appear to run rings around the Nigerian army with impunity. This is totally embarrasing. Which brings to the fore a chilling question ! If a joke outfit like Boko Haram can cause such havoc and devastation, what would the Nigerian army do if they had to face an insurgency/mercenary band, led by a highly competent military unit, comprised of top commandos, combat soldiers/ special forces. My friend’s father often used to say ” Nigeria is easy to overthrow. Just hire thirty six British SAS operators, one for each state and the job is done ” My friend used to chuckle when his father said this, but frankly speaking, when you look at the current debacle, he is not very far away from the truth !

    • Ayelala

      Warfare is all about brains. A geographer,a local hunter and an engineer are worth more than 1000 recruits. In fact, those 3 will utterly destroy the 1000 in war.

    • Tunji Olarewaju

      Stop ‘denigrating’ our ‘deadly’ army, my friend, have you tried them against unarmed civilians before?A begi,stop annoying me o!

  • Chris1408

    CDS and his mouthpiece Olukolade will soon come out to spin it. Our military only have strength when it comes to lying and brutalizing those they are supposed to protect.

    • Tunji Olarewaju

      Gbam!In fact, gbam!gbam!!And,gbam!!!!

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Worse still, rather than address this imminent threat to our sovereignty, Jonathan called a MEETING TO DISCUSS TAMBUWAL’S DEFECTION yesterday!

      Oh Lord, what did we do to deserve this burden?

    • Bayo

      Our soldiers are also gallant at petrol stations during fuel scarcity.

  • Ayelala

    The situation in adamawa is analogous to the situation in Ekiti.
    You need to be a man of thoughts to understand this.
    Is this not the same Adamawa in which a governor was impeached for saying what is essentially the truth? That his state is a sitting duck for the terrorist to pluck out of the pond. Nyarko said that the terrorist are better armed,better commanded and were more motivated than the soldiers. He was impeached all because of the opportunism of his fellow townsfolks and the undeserved ambition of a useless president. Fintiri went on to steal a collosal 10 billion naira in 3 months.Not a protest from the state owing to a lack of civil society or the lack of a mass of genuinely educated and enlightened folks.
    In ekiti’s case, they handed power to the party of their abusers. They are hungry. Instead of punishing the party of their abusers, they lashed out haphazardly thereby,empowering their abusers more. Why won’t they be hungry if there is no electricity,security or rule of law. The welfare allocation from Abuja is getting smaller and smaller . Yet these ignorant people think the best way to go about it is to open the state to manipulation in 2015.
    Their salaries in ekiti were delayed because of the corruption and mismanagement in Abuja. Adamawa is in peril because of the corruption ,mismanagement and incompetence in Abuja.
    The rest of the country is in peril.

    • Why is Nigeria allowing Sharia in Northern Nigeria? That’s the
      LICENSE that opens the gate for those who are faithful to Qur’an and
      Hadith to establish Ummah al-Islamiyah in Nigeria and EXPAND SHARIA.

      Concerning “touch not the anointed”, please send this IMPORTANT MESSAGE
      to all who can do something about it:

      Like the U.K. Charity Commission, Nigeria needs to start prosecuting
      Religious Fraudsters. Also, Nigerian Officials must stop mixing
      Government with Religion.



    • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

      Save life Give them Caliphate……..

    • Niyi

      U are already in hail

  • Mr. Abdin


    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


  • Otile

    Allah Wubade

    • D1

      Allah what! Otile, I hope you can now see the shenanigans of your preferred leaders! These guys are not serious at all, they behave as if they are the ‘insurgents’ against Boko Haram ‘Military’. Imagine the chief of staff, announcing cease fire, when he should be at the stronghold demanding Bokos to drop their weapons for negotiations to continue. They have been sold a dummy by 419ners!

      • Niyi

        It’s a shame ! huge one indeed!

      • Otile

        Allah Wubade

  • Guguru

    This is sad. Our military and government have exposed their impotence to the public.

  • True Nigerian

    From ceasefire guarantees to more mass murders, seizure of more territories and more humiliation of our soldiers. We really have to try another government. I don’t think it would be this bad under any other person except, maybe, Sambo. But who even knows if madam Sambo the egg would have put Jonathan “the stone” to some shame. That’s how ineffective this government has become whilst the country is under threat. Whatever it is, I believe it is the right thing for us to try another government.

    • Fido

      You are a true Nigeria! In my opinion any body who thinks otherwise is an enemy of the good people of this country and is in the same league with Boko Haram.

    • Kitunde

      I see your point and agree, But what is our alternative? That has been my fear-they are all the same.

  • Buhari D Sharia Virus

    What are Muslims doing to rescue Chibok girls from their fellow Muslim brothers(Boko-Haram)? Why do Muslims allow Sharia law in Northern Nigeria? Which law is superior, Nigeria law(constitution) or Sharia law(Allah’s constitution)?

    • Onyeze

      We have a government in place and they have the responsibility to protect the people. The same way those in power use the army and the police force to intimidate political opponents, they should be using the armed forces against these cowards called Boko Haram. Where is our president and commander of the armed forces?
      When kidnappers strike in the South East or South South, what are people like you doing to stop it? Don’t turn everything in to religious issue. The government is failing in her duty to the people.

      • Buhari D Sharia Virus

        As far as Sharia law is concern, GEJ is not the President of Northern Nigeria but ALLAH. The Muslims are chief commander of sharia law in which Boko-Haram has come to implement. GEJ has nothing to do with Sharia law. In fact GEJ power comes from Nigeria Constitution not Sharia law. GEJ has no power or right to adjudicated under sharia law. Core Northern states are guided by sharia law not by Nigeria law. Muslims should be held responsible because Chibok girls are victims of sharia law. Again, what are Muslims doing to rescue Chibok girls from their fellow Muslims?

        • Paiko


          • Niyi

            I don’t think he is bros read b/twin lines again that piece!

        • Fido

          I wonder how your able to operate the computer, because it’s obvious you have nothing in your thick skull. Imbecile !!

    • MB

      Do you remember the state of emergency declared by your uncle? Do you know the meaning of SOE declaration. Do you know what constitute northern Nigerian and which law they are practicing? This is why NYSC is a very important programme, at least there will be few young dumbos after getting degrees, that is if you belong to that category.

      • Buhari D Sharia Virus

        NYSC is a very important program so that your beheading Muslim brothers will have non-Muslims at their disposer to behead. Right?


    Nigeria was good but Biafra is best for the Christian Igbo people !!

    • Maria

      This should be your campaign not supporting this clueless government cannot protect people.


        This is the best government ever !

        • tundemash

          in your warped mind !

  • Job

    The Nigerian Armed Force Should be ashamed of them selves, I remember way back in the barracks how enlisting into the Nigerian Army was done, where only competent, credible personalities with the heart of defending this NATION NIGERIA Were selected or enlisted to be a soldiers. But today, it is unfortunate that the so call Generals and Politician (Godfathre’s) of this great land made things so terrible, One can and I say only secure a job if he or she is linked to this evil men up there, corruption is the order of the day, and that is why today’s military men can’t stand this blood sucking demonic possess people call (Boko Haram), Every passing day has it’s own news or stories: (We don’t have arms to fight Boko Haram or we are retreating to re-organize) this are all lies, three years have gone by how many people should we wait to die before you can act, please cut the crab, AMERICA Can go to Iraq, Afghanistan, etc kill even the innocent once yet the world don’t see any thing wrong but when its countries like ours we are taking to world court, The Nigerian President and Nigerian’s should not be taking for a ride we have the right to do what is right to all Nigerian who wishes to be peaceful but any one who wishes otherwise should face real force. Lastly Correct me if i am wrong what is going on in Nigeria today is CORRUPTION IN IT’S HIGHEST LEVEL.

  • joe

    There is a high level conspiracy against Nigerian state. Only God can save us from wicked and unreasonable men in Nigeria.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    This state governor, Bala Ngillari, must be a very funny man! He advised residents to remain calm since the security agents were on top of the situation! Security agents on top of the situation he says? Which security agents was this governor talking about? Maybe the governor has his own army since the report says the Nigerian soldiers have all run away from the scene of the Boko Haram attack. Haba, Nigerian leaders must wake up; every situation in Nigeria must not be consigned to the realm of politics.

    Meanwhile, the Nigerian government must still have many explanations to make regarding the illegal exportation of $15million dollars to South Africa in the guise of purchasing arms. We heard South Africa had returned that money to Nigeria. In my view, this should not have been the natural thing to do if actually the money was meant for arms purchase. Since South Africa had declared the money clean, then that country would have authorized the transaction of the arms purchase rather than just returning the money to Nigeria. A lot of things we don’t know are happening. Nigeria has a lot of explanations to do.

    Relatedly, the military spokesperson in regard to the present Mubi situation said that the Nigerian military had been equipped to fight the Boko Haram; that Mubi had been designated as launching pad to retake all other places still occupied by the Boko Haram; that more arms would be made available to boost the attacking and firepower of the Nigerian military. So, why did the soldiers (a battalion of them) run away when the Boko Haram got to Mubi? Shall we now continue to sing the same old song that soldiers have been poorly armed, when in the present circumstance, they were adequately armed to combat and beat back the Boko Haram insurgency? Something is really happening here; something is really happening in the Nigerian military. If you ask me I will say I don’t really know the actual cause of this happening than to say with gut feeling that the Nigerian military is no longer interested in fighting. I say this because this same military quickly dislodged most attacks of the Boko Haram some weeks earlier; but now this same military has slumped into a comatose condition. We hear that the Boko Haram has hoisted its flag on Mubi and associated areas it has now occupied. Is this what the Nigerian military wants? Is there a subtle move to support the Boko Haram into carving out its much avowed ISIS-like caliphate? So many questions really.

    Some of us, including my humble self, don’t like this unnecessary spilling of human blood, for we have unshakeable respect for the sanctity of human life. That being the case, Nigeria and Nigerians must not continue to play the ostrich or attempt to pull/pool the wool over our compatriots’ eyes in sham show of nationalism or patriotism. If really some sections of Nigeria are tired of the obviously false contraption, called Nigeria, it would be much nobler to come out and throw up discussions on how to fragment the nation. Since we all hold claim to religiosity, prudence demands we rather stopped this unnecessary shedding of human blood and took the noble path of deciding how we could live apart on the basis of our various different religious beliefs. I understand that Islam and Christianity are strange bedfellows and evidence abound to show this all over the world. And to establish peace between two strange bedfellows it is necessary and wise to assign different beds to them.

  • Kitunde

    We don’t have a serious goverment. Terrorism against a sovereign state is a serious matter.But what do we have? A bunch of jokers calling themselves rulers and military chiefs. Besides the lies we are fed daily by the military chiefs,(ceasefire/) we have a presidency that frankly does not in anyway grasp the enormity and/or complexity of the task of what governance is all about.
    My greatest fear though, is maybe this corrupt ridden goverment may end up forcing us to live with Terrorism. Like we have no electricity-generators, No potable water-borehole,no security-stay indoors.No healthcare-fly abroad or die. Soon they will tell us to avoid areas with high aggregates of insurgents….That will be their solution.

  • Mark Dayo

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  • Omo Oodua

    Yea! This is the kind of news Premium times always like to carry, chaos, chaos chaos! They never want any peace to rule in Nigeria because evil reigns in their midst. I know you will never report the heaving pounding of the insurgents by our Nigerian air force in the same Mubi town, because you are used to making people panic and also inciting people against the govt. Your days of reckoning are almost here!