Despite own majority, PDP admits it can’t force Tambuwal out; counts on court

Governor Aminu Tambuwal

Its majority status in the House of Representatives far from overwhelming after a series of defections, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, acknowledged Tuesday it may lack a required two-third support to force out the speaker, Aminu Tambuwal, who decamped from the party Tuesday.

Mr. Tambuwal dumped the ruling party for the opposition All Progressives Congress, citing factionalization within the party in his home state, Sokoto.

In its response, the PDP national leadership said the “honourable and responsible” action for the speaker would be to resign from his position.

The party did not state its reaction if the speaker refuses to voluntarily quit.

But amid concerns over a possible impeachment of Mr. Tambuwal, the PDP leadership in the House said while the party remains in control of the lower house of parliament, the idea of unseating Mr. Tambuwal may not be as simple.

An impeachment of the speaker would require 240 out of the 360 members to agree on the move.

Currently, the PDP leads with 189, while the APC has 159 members. Smaller opposition parties cover the remaining slots.

Any impeachment move would mean the PDP must reach out to the APC for support, were to able convince all its members and those of the smaller parties, many who are Mr. Tambuwal’s allies.

“I think we need to be mindful of the constitution,” said deputy Majority Leader, Leo Ogor, on impeachment concerns. “According to the constitution, you would need a two-third majority to remove a sitting Speaker. Do we have two-third? That is another matter we need to ponder over.”

He said the party would instead await a pending decision by a federal court on previous defections by lawmakers from the PDP to APC.

“We await the ruling of the court on the matter. And I think this is one great opportunity for us to call on the Judiciary — they are also an arm of government — that justice delayed is justice denied. And if this subjected matter is before them, it behoves on them to make the necessary interpretations so that we can lay this issue to rest in respect of defection,” Mr. Ogor said.

He added: “It is extremely important. But for us as members of the PDP, we believe that we will continue carrying on the responsibilities of our party.”

Mr. Tambuwal defected formally at Tuesday’s plenary, ending months of speculation and denials, and becoming Nigeria’s first speaker from an opposition party.

A three-term member of the House, Mr. Tambuwal had long been alienated from the ruling party, PDP, repeatedly missing party functions and publicly criticising officials of the party on whose platform he rose to power.

Speculations he will dump the PDP reached its zenith more than a week back when the speaker attended an APC meeting in his home state, Sokoto, and publicly acknowledged doing so.

Mr. Tambuwal said he took the decision on the invitation of the state governor, Aliyu Wammako, after he was snubbed by a visiting PDP delegation to the state, led by Tony Anenih, the Board of Trustees chairman.

Despite associating with the APC for months, Mr. Tambuwal had consistently denied moving to join the APC. Those denials are believed to have been informed by his concerns over his position as speaker.

On Tuesday, when the speaker finally decided to quit PDP, it was dramatic.

With widespread news reports of his likely defection, Mr. Tambuwal maintained a calm presence at the House, giving no indication the decision was irreversible this time.

Unlike other defections usually announced before the take-off of the days’ business in the House, the speaker delayed his announcement until the last minute of deliberations, as the house moved to adjourn.

“Before I hit the gavel on the motion for adjournment, I want to make this formal announcement to this House,” he began. “Based on the provision of the 1999 Constitution, and having regards to the development of PDP in my own state, Sokoto State, I hereby announce my membership with the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Let me register my profound appreciation to all of you my colleagues for the unflinching support you have continued to extend to me for the overall national interest and development of our democracy. May almighty God continue to guide us all,” Mr. Tambuwal said.

The House adjourned to December 3, a decision some lawmakers interpreted as an attempt to neutralise any attempt by the ruling party, PDP, to move against him.

The APC caucus in the house, which welcomed the defection, said the adjournment was to allow members attend to pressing political needs and well as state needs like preparations for the 2015 budget, expected there shortly.

“We welcome and applaud the Speaker’s decision. Ever since the crisis started in PDP which led to the formation of the ‘New PDP’, and the defection of five PDP Governors, 37 PDP members of the House of Representatives to the APC, and the formal merger of the ‘New PDP’ with the APC, we had all along known that this day will come,” the party said in a statement by House Minority Leader, Femi Gbajabiamila.

“We are proud to acknowledge that the Speaker remains not only a member of the House of Representatives but also its Speaker. This position is consistent with the law and practice in a Presidential System of Government.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Constitution requires only that ‘Speaker or Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives shall be elected by members of that house from among themselves’. Rt. Hon. Aminu Waziri Tambuwal has been a Speaker for all the members, all the political parties and for all Nigerians and will so continue.

With concerns about Mr. Tambuwal retaining his position, the APC acknowledged that more than ever before there is need for vigilance and focus on the concerns of the Nigerian people who elected all of us.

The deputy PDP leader, Mr. Ogor, said the PDP will also watch further, and definitely will see what happens.

“Let’s look and see how he manages the House. We will watch him with eagle eyes and interpret every action that he takes”.

Separately, the House Leader, Mulikat Adeola-Akande, said the party will take a decision on Mr. Tambuwal’s defection at an “appropriate time”.


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  • tundemash

    Reality is overtaking fantasy. E-rats … where are you ?

    • Truthometer

      Wait a minute. They will soon come out of their E-holes, with their corrupt fingers on the keyboards.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        3 hours later, they are still inebriated and in deep sorrows.

        Anyway, its early enough for them.

        They only resume in the dead of the night as the true nocturnal scavengers they are!!!

        • tundemash

          The e-rats are being briefed by Reno. They would be here with so much venom in the early hours but no one can stop this: CHANGE HAS COME !!!! If Dumbo likes, let him go to Rome, God can’t be deceived.

    • Wähala

      Gejitoes are currently lining up to receive their copy-n-paste comments from an overwhelmed Reno O’mockry..
      Watch out for redundant lines like, “born-to-rule”; “Hausa/Fulani dis-n-dat”; “In America…” “He must resign, Constitution said…” Oh, yes! They will soon swarm around the gutter like mosquitoes buzzing their usual bullsh*t. Gejitoes are like mosquitoes and hookers… they come out at night to hustle for crumbs!

      • Okemute1

        You mean Reno O’monkey?

  • tsunami1earthquake

    I don’t know what to say to this but this situation where Tambuwal would want to remain Speaker after defecting to another political party is worrisome. He became Speaker on a foundation where his former party, the PDP, constituted the majority in the House. Now that he has shifted to another party, it is quite obvious that he cannot remain in party that is minority and continue presiding as the Speaker. That is unconscionable. Decency demands he relinquishes his position as Speaker; he does not need a rocket scientist to tell him that. But if he continues sitting as Speaker it can be read as a situation where the APC has won the office of Speaker by foul means. Again, that is unconscionable. In fact the APC should prevail on Tambuwal to quit the Speaker’s office in the interest of decency, fairness, good conscience and equity. Otherwise, it would be taken that the APC condones the perfidy and open fraud Tambuwal wants to sustain.

    • tundemash

      Did you or PDP prevail on Mimiko when he defected at Aso Rock ?

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        No mind am.

        He was tooting with glee when PDP was executing civilian coup d’etat in Adamawa and Nasarawa.

        Now the shoe is on the other foot, he is bawling!!

    • Sam

      “For the avoidance of doubt, the Constitution requires only that ‘Speaker or Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives shall be elected by members of that house from among themselves’. ” The constitution doesn’t mentioned Majority or Minority.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Which part of grammar or history are you struggling to understand?

      Tambuwal became Speaker “in spite of PDP”, not because he WAS PDP.

      I like the word WAS!

    • DecodeDaRiddle

      For clarity, The office of the speaker was not a publicly contested office and so does not belong to PDP. It was the free rights of the whole memebers to elect their leader. The ACN ensured that he emerged against the PDP sponsored candidate. The foresight of Tinubu cant but be praised here. He rallied support for the man and now is payback time. Political sagacity is not for kids and i will like to see how PDP can claim the seat is theirs. As @wahala stated, PDP should go nurse their wounds.

      • tsunami1earthquake

        To be candid I don’t see any reason(s) for the legal, grammatical and constitutional calisthenics and acrobatic over this issue all because you want to wish an entrenchment of the present status quo. I don’t grudge any of you your wish. The kernel of the statement all of you are making is that Tambuwal was elected by ALL members of the House. I don’t think that thinking is in question whatsoever. After all, the PDP is/was not the only political party in the House when this happened. And, presently, the PDP is not the only political party in the House. But the fact still remains that Tambuwal was nominated from the party that had the majority in the House to stand election for the Speaker. You people seem to gloss over this and this is what people who understand the dynamics are saying. So get that right. Now that Tambuwal has left the PDP, he should vacate that seat of Speaker and allow a fresh election for Speaker. Again, nominations would be made from a party that holds the majority but if the House would think it would nominate a candidate from the minority so be it. But such a candidate must win on the basis of the votes cast. Let’s be objective in our analysis of this matter. This reply goes also to @Kay Soyemi, @Sam.

        • DecodeDaRiddle

          Sir, i know you stated the people you intend to get the response but some things need not be glossed over like you said. The truth is that while the process of nominating the speaker arose, PDP not only zoned it to the SW but had a candidate. The party did all to ensure she was the speaker but her peers for reasons best known to them irrespective of party affiliation nominated and backed Tambuwal. One thing for sure was Tambuwal had been in the house long enough and some felt his experience would matter so it is incorrect that he was a PDP nominee. He was selected by his peers and they never made it a party issue because the constitution doesn’t stipulate the position should go to the majority party or the minority. The constitution guides the selection process they did more than the nomination PDP made. Also, his peers are the ONLY ones that can say he should step down as the constitution has stated. The issue you pander towards is morality and i get that but the man was not forced on any of his mates, they chose him not along party lines. so the issue of morality doe not arise here. December is a month away and we shall see their reaction when the convene. PDP knows that Tambuwal’s legitimacy was from his peers and not from the party so they can only play the morality card which i believe is immaterial this time around as i stated earlier.

          • tsunami1earthquake

            Thank you for your elucidating response; and the points you made have been well taken. We see what December will bring. I keep my fingers crossed. Thank you again.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Tsunami, you stated, and I quote,

          “But the fact still remains that Tambuwal was nominated from the party that had the majority in the House to stand election for the Speaker.”

          Nothing can be further from the truth.

          Mulikat Akande was the PDP nominee for this post, not Mr. Tambuwal.

          If this was your strongest point and it doesn’t have a leg to stand on, should we continue to look at the issues you present beyond this point?

          Tambuwal became Speaker ‘despite PDP’, not because of PDP!

          • tsunami1earthquake

            I think I have made my replies on this matter to @DecodeDaRiddle. No need repeating that response any further.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            I w ill check that one in due course.

            Thanks, tsunami.

  • Goodluck_Nigeria

    A celebration of born-to-rule arrogance !!!

    • Wähala

      Gejito Deri…
      Tell your crumbs-giver to declare Aborigine Republic of Sou-South (ARSS-hole)… dis na una golden chance to bail out of “the British contraption called Nigeria”. He is currently C-n-C of the Armed Forces and can order them around, make una go drink that una oyel make we resi. Afterall, oil prices are steadily falling and very soon, even Ghana will stop buying natural gas from Nigeria, so carry go biko! Four more Governors will soon defect and the embarrassment will be reminiscent of what Dr. Ebola Dumbo experienced during the G7 walkout some time ago… Hahaha chei… Na laff for Abakeleki!

  • Teddy

    Why is it that whenever elected people from other political party decamped to PDP, the party sees nothing wrong but instead celebrates. But when they are at the receiving end, they cry foul.

    • Troublesome

      I tire oooooooo my brother.


      …..Because there is celebration in heaven whenever a sinner repents…..abi you no dey go church ?

  • Wähala

    PDP did not make Aminu Waziri Tambuwal Speaker of the House. Wallahi, he was elected by his peers from across party lines and defeated PDP’s preferred choice, Mulikat Adeola-Akanda, in a landslide victory due purely to his charisma and non-partisan approach to leadership. The months of consultations were used to cement his friendship and popularity, I’ve said PDP may try gra-gra impeachment, but it will fail for lack of muscle and the Constitutional handicap of 2/3 majority. Tambuwal timed his defection for maximum damage to the PDP with lowest risk for himself. The House will not come back until Dec. 3, two weeks later they will be gone for Christmas to come back in January… at the height of preparations for the general elections. So, it’s better for cabal thugs in the ruling party to swallow the bitter pill and just apply a little iodine on their wound as reality does not favor them. Persecuting Speaker Tambuwal can only backfire and turn his friends from ol’ school PDP into his allies and poaching target for defection to the opposition APC… Hahahaa chai!
    Biko, @tunde pass me odeku… o’jare!

    • tundemash

      “So, it’s better for cabal thugs in the ruling party to swallow the bitter pill and just apply a little iodine on their wounds”

      Ouch !!!

      • Raqruq

        kain kain will do better


      Your sadistic pleasure will be short-lived,expect overwhelming sorrow soonest because he cannot operate as a speaker from a minority base. Democratic decency and morality demands that he tender his resignation in the interest of the country !

      • Maria

        Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I can only see dumbo Jonathan hauled into jail come May 29, 2015… you guys be prepared for sunnami… many of you will return to the creeks to tender crocodiles.

        • tundemash

          And swim underwater for fish and perewinkles (cr. Yakubu Tilde)

          • Truthometer

            You mean polluted fish and periwinkles? They actually need to retreat back to their pre-historic and ungovernable creeks, where Egbesu lawlessness reins supreme. Since Nigerians bought shoes for them, nobody has known peace. Had we known?

          • Okemute1

            Fish? In the Niger Delta? Kai my friend that means say you never reach area of recent! Fish no dey water here again o. Oil don finish them. Na Wetin all these fish and egg heads I call my brothers and sisters don’t understand. GEJ will do well to clean the area, but even that is beyond his brine soaked brain. After him, there is no mistake of a Niger Delta being the president again, the man fall our hand yakpata.

        • emmanuel

          I have studied your write ups, which betrays you as one and same Wahala.

          Onye Iberibe.

          You are rather cheap! Street sweeper!

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Go on, have another sip of kain kain.

        It will help you drown the sorrow.

        Abi na ice cream you want?

        • tundemash

          lol !

      • tundemash

        Democracy, decency and morality demands that Dumbo resigns and go back to Otuoke.
        When are you advising Mimiko and the Akure lawmakers to resign ?

        1. When is Dumbo paying the Ogonis the court awarded damages, 3 years going now ?
        2. When are the Chiboks girls coming home since your “oluwole” ceasefire .. abi few days never reach ?

        OLODO, go and lick your wounds. Tambuwal is far too intelligent for you all !


          The Chibok girls will return when your Sambisa allies release them !!

          • tundemash

            so what happened to the “oluwole” ceasefire … or was it another ogogoro induced gaffe from Dumbo ?


            No it is another disruption of a peaceful process by the APC’s Sambisa wing !

          • tundemash

            OLODO ! Go and treat your wounds!

          • Adams Jim

            Right, my brother.

          • tundemash

            and the Ogoni compensation ?


            The Ogonis are not complaining to you …..are they ?

          • tundemash

            and neither has the Representatives who freely elected Tambuwal as their Speaker complained to you …. have they ?

            You lost it … haven’t you ? So until Ogonis mount an armed struggle would Dumbo realise they need to be paid what they are entitled to? What is the difference between Abacha and Dumbo ? Dumbo even awarded Abacha and Justice Auta national honours both of whom conspired to kill Saro Wiwa; is that to say thank you or what ?

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Simply brilliant, Tundemash.

            No, I take it back; that was the knockout punch!!!

            Well done.

          • DecodeDaRiddle

            Bro, you get case to answer o…lol.
            @tsunami1earthquake left you a response on my comment so please as our erudite scholar, we await your response.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            lol, Bruv.

            I just responded to tsunami.

            I believe we were both responding at the same time and you finished well before me.

            I didn’t really bother too much with his question because it had no leg to stand on – he conveniently forgot that Tambuwal became Speaker in spite of the desire of PDP and everything else he wrote was premised on that point.

            Erudite scholar ke? Bruv, I be one olodo o!

          • Truthometer

            Ouch! Dumbo and Dame will surely meet in “WE” Nigerian’s jail. It is a matter of time.

      • tundemash

        E-rat, na only you waka come ?

        • Patriotic Dom

          It’s like e rat is the only thing you could add to your vocabulary from numerous cacophony you master wahala writes here every minute of his jobless life

        • Omo Oodua


      • Wähala

        If we’re to talk of morality, why haven’t you demanded Dumbo’s resignation for immorally allowing the Chibok Girls live away from home? The slew of impeachable corruption offenses not withstanding, where were your moron’s morals when he went directly from a bloody bombing scene in Nyanya Park/hospitals to party and rub his crotch immorally at the back portion of a married Aboki woman? Guess what they did to that poor lady under Sharia Law in Kano? O’loti buruku. Omo ita… don’t ever preach morals around me. Barawo!


          You are really an indecent chap !

    • emmanuel

      Imagine how this bastard Fulani Donkey use abusive words freely here but expect people to maintain decorum.

      Dan Banza!

      You would go on exile at least from this forum from February 14, 2015

      • Wähala

        Read your contaminated English: “You would go on exile…” Better is, ‘you will go into exile…’
        It’s proof you gejitoes just copy-n-paste what you were handed by Reno O’mockry and don’t understand the meaning and reason you earn free loaves of bread as e-rats. You can’t even string together elementary English yet, you’re everywhere attacking people with superior mindsets. Animals…
        Go back to kindergarten!

        • emmanuel

          Contaminated English I agree, but one million times better than yours.

          Onye Iberibe! Dan Banza the scoundrel who hyphenate, abbrevate and end statements with dashes in formal write ups.

          I am not surprised, because you had most of evening Alfa led lessons as your formal education.

          • Wähala

            You don’t even know anyone who can correct my spoken or written English. My style is unique and the most copied which I don’t mind as long as I’m sharing knowledge. I introduced “the drag” which is what you’re talking about, and aIso introduced the German (!) as replacement for (dot) used in announcing or making an outrageous point emphatically. Today, every dickhead is using it and I’m glad they noticed. The first time I used “gutter language” was on Doyin Okupe, today different versions of “gutter” dis-n-dat abound. What is your contribution to humanity? Nix, nada, nothing! Stark illiterate trying to get attention by attacking my iconic name… Olosi! Olodo!! Ugly Gorilla !!!

    • G4

      Your arguement is patently wrong. The only reason he was a candidate to become speaker was because he was in the pdp, the party that won the majority of the seats of the house. Please do not come here and turn logic on its head. It so undemocratic on so many levels, fraudulent, morally deficient and devoid of any personal decency on the part of mr tambuwal.

      • Wähala

        Mulikat Adeola-Akande is not a member of the APC either. I said, “preferred candidate”. A little iodine will heal your wound, pal. Tambuwal is gone, many more to follow. Good morning!

      • Yoraps

        This is not the first during the second republic former ANPP chairman was the speaker from the minority party while his deputy was from majority party. What the Constitution said is One from among equal not from majority party. if PDPig want Tambuwal to resign they first advise Mimiko of ONDO to do same.

    • sanetalk

      You could not have summarized the whole thing better. Much as I abhor this political prostituting in the name of defection, it must be remembered that it had been a famous weapon of PDP and they never saw anything wrong when they used it to destroy AD, decimate ANPP and even APGA, lately Labour Party is having a dose. PDP has no moral right to complain now that the chicken has come to roost

  • Maria

    PDP is finished! Almighty Jehovah at work… this shelter of crooks has crumbled… the centre can no longer hold. Hallelujah!!!

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Seems the prayers in Jerusalem are falling on deaf ears!

      • Omo Oodua

        I know you would surely make a senseless comment. Baboon of the highest order. remove that Esq from your title and put (ULO) because you are just an unidentified living object!

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Omo Odua, the missing link!

          Why are you barking like a demented baboon on this matter?

          It hurts that much?

          Tambuwal made his choice, live with it. PDP will learn to live with it as well.

        • emmanuel

          I don tell the mumu since he don expire like APC drug, because Esquire na medieval appellation used for gentlemen.

          Na im this scoundrel dey use for this tech world.

          What stops him from using Dr. Like his rascal Molue drug seller Doctor Pat Kolawole Awosan? That way, he would feel respected for his satanic verses.

      • Maria

        He is deceiving himself… there is nothing in the Bible that says until we pray in Jerusalem, God cannot answer us. God is everywhere… Jesus is everywhere… he hears our prayers in our closet. Only pharisees… do such religious mechanical exercise. Our God cannot be mocked!

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Thank you, j’are, Maria.

          No mind am.

          He could not pull the 419 on Baba Adeboye this time so he has dragged both the gun running pastor and the UK-banned 419 pastor to Jerusalem.

          But they forget God cannot be mocked!

      • concerned citizen

        that’s a low blow!!

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


      • sanetalk

        Oh! Cheap shots

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Sanetalk, abeg no vex.

          But I am sure you know all is fair in war and love!


      Every tom,dick and harry expected the traitor to go,this is not a surprise to even the most naive pundit. Arrangements have been made in advance of his shameful exit…….just watch !

      • concernedcitizen2014

        Traitor to PDP, Nigeria, the masses of Nigeria, the ruling class or to his tribe? Please be specific


          Yes he worked as an identified mole for the APC,he betrayed trust,he would do the same to his tribe and country………as simple as that.
          He had the option of leaving with dignity but he chose the path of dishonour and treachery !

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        So, why does it hurt so much?

        Seems you are already sniffling and ready to burst out in full bawling mode!

        Et tu?


          Who told you that the extrication of a spy by any means hurts ? It is rather a cause for celebration !

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Good one in that case!

            Stop moaning.

      • Yoraps

        When thieves join their Colleagues in PDPig the like of Mimiko n Obi that is not a crime but when they loose a progressive they complain.


          No complains at all instead the purge of a known spy is a cause for celebration.Tambuwal played a dishonourable role as a mole for the APC,he was rejected,isolated and treated with disgraceful contempt before he chose to announce the obvious.
          This defection was anticipated therefore well prepared for !

    • emmanuel

      Use your Allahu Akbar, wetin Jehovah and Hallelujah dey do for your comment minion?

      Your corrupt frog eyed speaker has just shown what your agent of national destruction – APC is capable of doing.

      For personal reason of staying put as speaker, he adjourns Plenary for over a month when Budget consideration is meant to he on. He would only reconvene when electoral campaign would have began and would on the same day adjourn again for members to go to their various constituencies to mobilise for reelection.

      The implication is that Nigeria economy would finally be dead in 2015, without even considering the negative impact of the Boko Haram war and continuous downward slide in the price of Crude Oil.

      Whatelse can be called corruption than when one man’s gain becomes the reason why his nation must be grounded? But that is the Hallmark of the APC

      • Okemute1

        Is there any need to consider the budget? They the executhieves have being copying and pasting same budget since 2010, what is there to consider? Abi is it not 74% recurrent and 26% capital? It was same last 4 years so let the executive just go ahead and steal the 26%, put the 74% in fixed deposit and owe the staff for three months while the money yield interest. Is that a budget? The foreign spy called Okonjo will pay for sell her country to the dogs.

      • Maria

        Yeah… everyone who criticises your party people destructive party must be a moslem…this shows how depraved you are…your foolishness knows no bounds. The last time I checked, your chairman is a boko haramite, former one was also a boko haramite who famously claimed boko haram were fighting for their “human rights”, whatever that means, he will explain when he is arrested for terrorism next year. The founder of boko haram is presently a member of your party…please give us a break… we are determined… your religious and ethnic cards wont work… it will backfire and destroy you and your good-for-looting party.

        • emmanuel

          For your lame brain, I am not a member of the PDP, but love what Jonathan has done so far in this nation.

          I have also keyed in to drive my businesses, so if you like campaign from now till tommorrow before you go wake up from your dream, 2019 don come and Tinubu would have grown to become the richest man in Africa or the second on the account of your good stewardship in running his economic propaganda embedded in the APC course.

          I know that you are not a female and that you are Fulani who operate in this forum with Christian and Southern names to give credence to your Fulani Islamic agenda.

          • Maria

            For your information too, I am not a member of APC but I love what people in APC are doing… they are indeed progressives… they represent my ideals… I have had to tolerate this looting party called PDP since 1999…enough is enough.

    • cookie

      lol… haramite

  • Galare I. N

    PDP, u cant just continue like this now. Mimiko recently left labour party to join u and he wasn’t advised to resign as governor. So why telling Tambuwwal to step down? Taking this double standard into election will hurt u badly. And that’s because people can read in between the lines.

  • mike

    This Is Wonderful for democracy. APC is really gaining momentum. The presidency should repent from their idea of trying to make Nigeria a one party stata.

  • 247don007

    I think the person of the speaker was selected from the ruling party due to house rule for orderliness. If there isn’t any provisional rule to that effect and by virtue of the provision of the constitution which didn’t mention any condition for the position, why has the NASS consistently selected the speaker from the ruling party?

    Granted, Tambuwal can’t be impeached but invoking any provision that support the ruling party to produce the no.1 person for the chambers would ultimately lead to his removal as the speaker.

    Again, the constitutional provision for the selection of the speaker & president of the House of Reps & Senate respectively has exposed another flaw in our constitution worth amending.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


      The Speakers had conventionally come from majority parties because of the simple reason of them holding the majority of the voting power. Equally because having a Speaker emerge from the majority helps in harnessing the required synergies to work with the Executive arm of government and for delivering on party manifestoes and pledges.

      But in a scenario such as Naija, the manifesto is largely ignored where it exists and the agenda is pilfering and covering it up such as in the Senate.

      There is no ‘flaw’ in the Constitution as it relates to the selection of the posts of speaker and president at the House and Senate, respectively. Indeed, there are provisions for majority and minority leaders in that respect. The Speaker and Senate President are simply regarded as primus inter pars in their respective chambers.

      If we had been practicing parliamentary democracy, the Speaker, once elected, would defacto cease to be regarded as belonging to his/her original party and would not vote on house matters,, unless there is a tie in the voting. And in casting the deciding vote, he/she is not obliged to vote along party affiliations.

      I hope this clarifies the points you have raised.

      • 247don007

        Thanks Kay. The concern is, how could this issue be resolved to avoid any impasse in the lower chamber going forward, considering that we are not practicing parliamentary system of govt?

        Do you think it would make any sense having the speaker from the minority party going by our practice?

        If consulted, what advice would you likely give to address the concerns of all parties & also not to set the wrong precedent?

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Thanks for that.

          Actually, I love the present situation because it is the correction of a long standing anomaly. Having the Speaker come from the ruling party was an aberration that was established from the days of Shagari and OBJ. It is a mockery of democracy. The position of the speaker is , or should be, as ‘apolitical’ as a politician should be i.e. non-partisan.

          The Executive should not dictate the direction of the legislative inn order for us to have a balance of power. Rather, both chambers of the legislative should be left to make their choices – great if the elected comes from the majority party and the party has a definite manifesto to improve our lot, but a travesty if otherwise, as we have in the Senate.

          Take for instance, if the Speaker i.e. Tambuwal had been in the mould of David Mark, would there have been any dynamism in the legislative process?

          No, the legislative arm of government must be left free to make its own decisions without interference from the Executive of the judiciary, as long as this remains within the ambit of the law.

          Believe me or not, if PDP goes to the courts against Tambuwal on this, they can only have a go at him to have his local seat determined on the basis of “divisions in PDP or not”, they won’t even attempt to have his seat removed from him on the basis that he is the “PDP Speaker”.

      • Idoni George

        We must not forget one thing that Honourable Tambuwal was never the candidate of the ruling party, but Mulikat Akande; who was roundly defeated by the incumbent on the strength of the support he received by all members of the House. Tambuwal is not PDP speaker, but Speaker of the entire house comprising PDP, APC and the other parties. Why does it always seem OK for PDP when people defect from other parties to its fold, but finds it an abomination when people leaves its fold. Governors defecting did not start with the famous five. Ikedi Ohakim and Theodore Orji who were both elected on the platform of PPA moved to PDP with their entire Houses of Assembly, and it was cool; why is it hot now. Mimiko has also done same with his entire house members, and PDP has rewarded him with the control of the party merchinaries in Ondo state. He who must go to equity, must go with clean hands.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Many thanks for this, Idoni.

  • Baba Messi

    I have gone through the comments and I weep for that country Nigeria. With the way I see people reason here, I don’t see Nigeria getting out of the woods till ‘this generation’ passes.
    I belong to neither PDP Nor APC, but I like to take time to study the mind-set of members of both. On this occasion, i have taken a close look at the comments by the most vocal/visible APC supporters here and it is really worrisome. Two issues that bother me is their IGNORANCE about the laws of the land(even those that claim to be lawyers) and their HYPOCRISY.
    First of all,their embarrassing IGNORANCE: Why on earth are they gloating here?? That PDP cannot muster the required 2/3 to impeach Tambuwal? This is news only to the gullible and naive. No rational and sane person would have for a moment dreamt PDP will go that way(except they desire chaos to seal up the house which is not impossible). It should have been obvious to these slow thinkers that PDP will rather rely on the provision in the constitution dealing with Vacation of seat due to defection. (sub section 68-g). The issue we shld be discussing here is, is there a division in the PDP? Did a faction of the PDP join APC? My veiw is there is currently NO DIVISION in the PDP! Also, will the courts see the so called nPDP as a faction? Considering they didnt maintain the name PDP but called themselves nPDP?? Also if nPDP can be classified as a faction, WHY DIDNT TAMBUWAL OPENLY IDENTIFY WITH THEM AND DEFECT WHEN THE nPDP JOINED APC??
    And why do some people here compare the issue of speaker with that of Governors that defected?? Don’t they realize the requirements of the law is different for the defection of a Governor and a NASS member?? IGNORANCE again?
    Second, why the HYPOCRISY? Everything PDP is bad, but everything APC is good? Wow! Tambuwal is now their Hero?? Let’s face it, should he be a hero for constantly opposing his former party, or for obeying the rule of law??
    See what the constitution says in Chapter V, Part I, Section C, Sub Section 70:
    “70. A member of the Senate or of the House of Representatives shall receive such salary and other allowances as Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission may determine”
    Is this right? A man presiding over the gross violation of the constitution is a ‘hero’???
    I laugh! We know the genuine men of integrity in Nigeria. Sorry Tambuwal doesn’t pass the integrity test. So why should some clowns ‘GLORY IN THEIR SHAME’??

    • sanetalk

      So tell us who among the politicians across the parties divide has integrity. How come you failed to mention the issue of the six Ekiti lawmakers who recently defected to PDP in your postulations or is the case different from that of Tambuwal? If you really are looking for the person who is presiding over the gross violation of the constitution, you need not search far if you are sincere. What Tambuwal has done is just going with the flow in the culture of impunity that now defines Nigeria

      • Baba Messi

        Same thing applies to the Ekiti Six. Same thing also applies to those in the house that defected from APC to PDP. The onus lies on the aggrieved party to take them to court. Which is what APC shuldve done.
        And so, Tambuwal is ‘just going with the flow in the culture of impunity ‘??
        Does that make it right?????
        On the final day, God will not ask what you saw others do..BUT WHAT DID YOU DO??

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          I do not recollect you singing this song about the Ekiti Six.

          You were up there dancing along with the rest of the PDP thugs!

          On the final day, God will tell you, “I know what you did, but not why!”

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Baba Messi,

      “I belong to neither PDP Nor APC”

      The above is a big fat lie that can only scam those who do not know you or are new to this forum.

      As far as APC is concerned, in your case, it is like an “innocent cockroach” in a gathering of lizards or hens!

      You are a PDP man to the core. Why not post your comments as such and openly instead of pretending and claiming a moribund “neutrality”?

      If you do not exhibit simple honesty, how can you recognise integrity?


  • Chi chi

    Let us talk of SUNTAIN DANBABA if it is not what PDP WANTS they would have been hammering HELL for his removal. May we see the end of bad leadership that PDP represents.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    PDP members did not select speaker Tambuwal as speaker alone and PDP alone can not impeach Tambuwal from the speakership seat.Aminu Tambuwal will serve out his speakership till 2015 session.

    • David P. Olasehinde

      @ Pat Awosan:

      A system of government bereft of conventions will sooner or later collapse under the rubble. The standard convention of democracy worldwide is that the majority party produces the Speaker of Parliament. That golden
      rule has never been questioned anywhere else in the world except now in Nigeria where nothing works.

      Professor Yadudu and his clique who wrote this 1999 Constitution must not be allowed to override everyone else’s common sense if they are lacking in it themselves – by setting a variable rule of two-third votes, to create a possibility that there might be no Speaker at all if a majority party does not have two-third majority and can’t persuade all other parties to accept the winning party’s nominee.

  • D.A

    There are two ways to remove this Speaker. One can attempt to remove a speaker under the house rules by virtue of the 2/3 members of the house. This is unlikely to succeed. Tambuwal, can be removed as a member of the house by virtue of him defecting from the party that sponsored him into the house in the first place. If he had defected at the time of the new pdp then an argument that a change was made pursuant to a split in the PDP may have held more water. At the present time, no such argument can possibly exist!! The difficulty with the second approach is that the Speaker of the house is instrumental in giving effect to the law in this case. The constitution states a member of the house can also move to have the constitution implemented.

    • deji

      You assume there is no crack in PDP today? How come some elegible members could not get the PDP Presidential nomination form after paying millions of naira into the party’s account? Is that democracy or autocracy?

  • MushinSpeaks

    If using, the 2/3 rules, they have already failed. If they insist on carrying out their devilish desire by approaching the court, they will be disgraced.

    They had better remain calm and aspect the PDP is a sinking boat waiting to wreck.

    Their evil and undemocratic plot against Tambuwal will fail.