Finally, Tambuwal defects to APC

Aminu Tambuwal

After months of speculation and denial, the speaker of Nigeria’s House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, has dumped the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, for main opposition, All Progressives Congress, APC.

Mr. Tambuwal formally announced his defection Tuesday at the House plenary. He is required by law to declare formally to his colleague lawmakers.

The speaker, for months, denied he was moving to the APC despite openly associating with the party.

The clearest indication he had joined the party came more than a week ago when he attended a meeting of the opposition party in Sokoto State.

He said the state governor, Aliyu Wammako, had invited him for the meeting after he was snubbed by a visiting PDP delegation to the state, led by Tony Anenih, the Board of Trustees chairman.

Mr. Tambuwal is expected to contest for the governorship of his native Sokoto State.

His months of denial is believed to have been informed by his concerns about losing his position as the speaker.

Shortly after the declaration Tuesday, Mr. Tambuwal adjourned sitting of the lower house of parliament to December 3.

More details coming….


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  • Chris1408

    PDP/APC, different acronyms, same politicians.

    • Mr. Abdin

      I totally disagree with you.

      • D-ONE

        so what is the truth oga? are they any different? is it not pdp folks that are aggrieved that moved to apc?

        • Leslie

          Principle.that’s the word.Conscience.Not everyone in the PDP has that killer instinct, looting mentality or lack of vision for a better Nigeria.Some do.And since they can’t effect change for the better on the platform they find themselves, the sensible thing to do is to move on.You would be surprised if you knew how many people are dying to leave the PDP.

      • Chris1408

        Are you saying they become different politicians when they switched party? So what are Tom Ikimi and Ribadu now?

    • Ay

      Yes, same politicians. The difference being that while we have tasted those in PDP for 15 years without result, we are eager to change our taste … any offense in that????

      • the truth

        with the same individuals who for 15 years couldn’t get it right. So since they changed parties they are welcome.smh

      • Chris1408

        Yesterday Tambu man was PDP and bad. Today he’s APC and very good man. Because he changed party, he’s a changed man. Now I see why Nigeria is on reverse

        • the truth

          my brother u see my reasoning. This people don’t just get it.

        • Leslie

          No one has issues with Tambuwal,neither in PDP or APC.Correct yourself. He was PDP and was good,presided well as speaker.You’re just playing up sentiments. Leave him alone.

  • Enough_is_Enough


    It is a record of fact and history that Yorubas featured prominently with respect to the exalted position of Chief Justice of Nigeria.

    But since the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani used the same Yorubas (the role of Obasanjo is instructive) to capture the position of Chief Justice of Nigeria ……… no Yoruba man has ever again occupied the position of Chief Justice of Nigeria.

    The last Southerner that occupied the position of Justice Justice of Nigeria is Justice Gabriel Irikefe who served as the Chief Justice of Nigeria briefly from 1985 to 1987.

    It is instructive to note that since 1987 (a period of over 28years to date) all who have served as Chief Justice of Nigeria are all Northerners

    In fact, apart from Justice Aloysious Katsina-Alu (2009 – 2011) ….. all who have served as Chief Justice of Nigeria are
    all not only Northerners ….. they are all Muslims …….. specifically they are Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani.


    Just recently ….. the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani used the same Yourbas to capture the House of Representatives and eventually turned it to the House of the Muslim North ….. serving only the parochial interests of the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani …… the interests of the Yorubas were completely relegated to the dust bin ….. ask Hon Gbajabiamila !!!

    Today …… the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani are positioning to use the same Yorubas to recapture Aso Rock.

    Just like they used Obasanjo to capture the Judiciary ………. they are now using another Yoruba ….. Bola Tinubu in their attempt to recapture Aso Rock …. God forbid.

    Yorubas must remember the blood of Chief MKO Abiola, Chief Alfred Rewane and many others who were gruesomely killed by the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani because of their quest for a Nigeria for all …… devoid of the bearing born-to-rule overlords.

    Yorubas must retrace their steps and do the right …… they must not allow themselves to be used again by the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani who think that they alone are born to rule Nigeria forever.

    • Wähala

      Deri Redeem aka, burning spear…
      Today’s topic is Speaker Tambuwal, stop this your retarded campaign… Yorubas are the most sophisticated electorate in Nigeria, they don’t need you to shine their eyes. Yeye phool. Grow up and stop distracting from the mega loss your pay-givers have suffered. Count Sokoto out… hehehee!

    • segun

      Shut Up and go and drink your OIl. Go and use your OIL to fry fish and eat. It is too late. We Yorubas know where we are headed. Your un-intelligent scare mongering will not work. Just in case we stay together as a country, then for us Yorubas, 2015 Presidential election is FAR TOO BIG FOR US THAN YOUR speakership position for four months in 2014!!!. That is how I am rubbishing your dangling of speakership to a whole nation-the Yoruba nation. “Ki ni o fi wa pe na”? meaning in English -“What do you think we are as a people”? In the last three years, you shouted hell about the oil in your backyard. We told you that kind of position “as our OIL” is un-intelligent to maintain in Nigeria that historically has never depended on one resource from one part of the country to survive. You did not listen. Now your “Christian” candidate -Goodluck Jonathan is looking for votes DESPERATELY, you and your PDP scare mongers are pretending DUBIOUSLY to be Yoruba lovers!!! Ol boy You are dealing with a people with a rich history, culture and memory-Yoruba- that predate colonialism and slavery!!! And you are dangling the “speakership” at them in 2014 for four months!!! You think we -Yorubas -are traders, merchants, or what? You must be kidding. Again, go and drink your oil. We will meet at the presidential polls in 2015. The dice is cast my broda-each group will take a decision at the polls in 2015. THINK!

    • Ola

      Historian! What has all these analysis of yours got to do with Tambuwa defection? Mind you, if a Yoruba man or woman is the next most senior judge, no one would have denied him or her. stop this campaign of calumny. Nigerian are not fools.


      Ah…. Nigerians seem to be getting divided by the day….NONSENSE.

    • Omo Odua

      Please could you tell us who are those who served as Chief Justice of Nigeria before 1987 who they are, where they came from and their religion?

  • Bayo

    PDP is sinking
    PDP is sinking
    PDP is sinking.

    • Pee

      Pdp done siñk finish since.

      • Alcindo Satori

        …and GEJ has won another 4 years in office! hip hip hoorayyy!!!!!!!!!!!

        • tundemash

          softly softly on drugs o !

    • Idy

      PDP is shrinking
      PDP is falling
      PDP is failure

  • Hachimenum

    I think this should be tagged “Belated News” rather than titled “Breaking News”. You ask why? For more than 10 months now, Tambuwal’s spirit left PDP to APC. Only today his body sluggishly and supposedly followed. There is nothing broken or breaking in the News therefore. Wishing you the best Hon.Tambuwal for courageously taking your own destiny in your hands and decamping to APC today.

    • Pee

      Well said.

    • Idy

      #GBAM best for the goose!! #Change

  • [MMXV]

    Adjourned sitting till Dec 3?????
    With all the taxpayers money they appropriate to themselves, they collect Several MILLIONS to go sit at home??
    And some clowns call this good governance??
    Where official matters are personalized??
    He shuts down legislation so he can run around to save his A*s??

  • The_Flying_Dutchman


    • SB

      For your information they are progressives.

    • Idy

      Wind of change is sweeping yall away already!! Liar liar!! Pdp bigot! #UPAPC

  • ogechi

    Welcome on board to the winning team,winning party…winning progressivUs

    • Idy

      Fly high! #UPAPC

  • SB

    The breeze of change is in the air.

    • Idy

      Nothing more! Inevitable change!

  • ogechi

    ThanKBuwal,thanks for joining the wind of change….

    • Idy

      It shall spread all over! Change is here for good! #UPAPC

  • Pee

    We humbly welcome the number four in Nigeria to the progressives. APC LET GO!!! NO SHAKING.

    • Idy


  • Enough_is_Enough


    But we are determined to bring a conclusive end to born-to-rule and forge a Nigeria for all ……….. a Nigeria that will have no place for the disgraceful and dishonorable conduct of buffoons like Aminu Tambuwaal.

    • tundemash

      Mr. Religious bigot, remove your ethnic glasses. Your reasoning is at same level as that of Boko Haram.
      Change has come !!!! Get it into your ogogoro head. If your interpretation of Tambuwal’s actions is that it makes you and your household feel inferior, you are not only d@ft, you are actually inferior and should not be classified as a human capable of thinking properly !

      • Enough_is_Enough

        Tambuwaals defection is a very minor issue but his attitude to a non-Muslim Southern Presidency is despicable

        • tundemash

          Mr. Ethnic bigot, his attitude isn’t different from mine ( a southerner, born in Ibadan, bred in lagos). His attitude isn’t different from that of Prof. Sagay. His attitude isn’t different from that of Prof. Achebe who refused award from Dumbo.

          Meanwhile your Southern President awarded Abacha and Justice Kuta honors, both of whom killed Saro Wiwa.
          Meanwhile when will your Southern President pay the compensation awarded the Ogonis by the court?

  • the truth

    This is surely good news. In other to achieve any meaningful development, both parties must flush out all moles. 2015 is surely upon us.

    • endingNaija

      Oh really? So you are a PDP member? But we said you are a PDP member and a member of President JOnathan’s 2015 campaign, you continue to deny. Okay this is it. Given that you have by yourself torn of your dubious veil to reveal your true identity as a PDP member and a campaigner for President Jonathan(which you have a right to), but given that you had denied this all along, it can be reasonably said that you are dubious and a liar. And because you reflect the lying morals of your paid Master-President Jonathan on behalf of whom you have consistently LIED, then you have shown that your master is untrustworthy to continue to play the big role(at least on moral ground) of the president of the federal republic of Nigeria. My reason is YOU the truth as a LIAR on behalf of your principal -Goodluck Jonathan

      • the truth

        childish response. Neither did you reference my post on your comment, but you went on a wild goose chase accusing me. did you even read my post? i have always sworn that i am neither a pdp or apc fanatic, i just say it as it is. Childish minds like you are drawn to always criticize with no substance. What makes me a paid pdp member? to you because i criticize apc, so that means i am a pdp member. So y don’t you say i am an apc member when i criticize pdp? I wouldn’t call you names because i am above your childish politicking, we deal on facts and evidences, not market women talking, if you know what i mean.

        • tundemash

          Mr. LIAR ……. do not be afraid to admit you are a PDP e-rat. It is within your right to have a political belief; don’t be afraid to proclaim it except you are dubious. You don’t want to lose your source of livelihood with Reno and yet you want people to beleive you are “neutral”. It shows you know within yourself that you support evil, hence you are shamed to publicly admit your support for it, but at same time, the “man must whack” (a.k.a stomach infrastucture) policies of your pay masters continue to enslave you.

          • the truth

            u never fail to disappoint. Unlike you, i look at things in the spectrum and decipher all the pragmatic dogma. I am unperturbed by your name calling, but it just shows how you reason. Tambuwal was bad when he was pdp and it was ok to castigate him, the moment he changed to apc he is now a saint. Ask your self one question. what makes these apc members progressive? or do you even know what that term entails? The same ex pdp members who plundered our resources are now saints because they decided to enter another meeting. Timipri sylva is progressive, tinubu is progressive, amaechi is progressive, atiku is progressive, even buhari is progressive.With this mentality of yours, you wonder why nigeria is at this predicatment. You close your eyes with your boxers to see that these politicians care neither for me or you but for their immediate family members and friends. keep wallowing in your rash and myopic thinking, and when February comes don’t just be a coward and remain on your computer to follow events, go to the polling station and cast your vote.

          • tundemash

            When did anyone tell you Tanbuwal was bad? Only PDP e-rats like you were abusing him because he refused to be a cheerleader for your master rogue.
            Where were you when PDP opposed his Speakership candidacy and actually sponsored Mulikat against him. You can write an epistle; it only exposes how d@ft you are !

        • endingNaija

          Shut that trap-you are PDP!-nothing to add!

    • Idy

      My point exactly!! Nothing but blessing in disguise come 2015! #UPAPC

  • Wähala

    Good timing for maximum damage to PDP thugs with minimal damage to Speaker Tambuwal’s political future…
    APC is surely weeding out the good crop from the chaff, who says both parties are the same needs to shine dia eyes…
    Hahahaa Chei… Wind of Change indeed.

  • D-ONE

    hmmmmmm! instead of we youths to work on being togeda, we are doviding ourselves!!!!!!
    make una dey pray sha!!!!!!!

    • KB

      Thank you D-One, you understand the reality. These people are playing their games and I read disgusting comments here supposedly from youth who should think and argue constructively. However, I think there are some here who are on the payrolls of these politicians whose job is to come and make silly derogatory statements in order to divert attention from the truth. Any one who is working for them should just remember that he is only a tool and will be discarded when no longer useful so what will their future be then.

  • Usman

    welcome to the world of progressives

    • Omo Oodua

      U mean..welcome to the world of Sambisa forests, the home of APC?

  • Psalm 35

    Breaking news ? No no no, it can’t be, even kids born yesterday knew the man has always been with APC heart, soul and mind but for the sake of his Speaker position he held on dribbling and playing himself and his small circle. The question how ever is why adjourn immediately till December after switiching sides, as a ‘progressive’ I would have thought the ideal thing would have been to resign honourably as a minority and then hand over to PDP majority candidate who now adjourns.

    Having said that, it is good news for the Sokoto PDP and Muktari Shagari, a decent gentleman with appeal across Sokoto and Nigeria, with such a light weight gubernatorial candidate like Tambuwal, the contest is a walk over for Shagari who come May next year would be sworn is a Governor of the strategic state.

  • Clay

    If you are looking for a coward, you don’t have to search far to find one. Traitor, tumbling Tambuwal is a typical example; he decamped and to avoid the heat he adjoined the house to December 3. Does this make him smart??? No. Why running away; be a man and face your consequences. Ihedioha need to convene the house and install a new speaker.

    • Garden-City Boy

      Tambuwal’s monkey somersault comes as a surprise only to those who do not understand the awusa man’s mindset. He is an unrepentant ethnic bigot lacking in the sense of commitment to patriotic nation-building. He is an untrustworthy, greedy, power- obsessed kleptomaniac whose concept of justice, equity, and peace is when…and only when… an awusa moslem is president. Nigeria is a territorial conquest bequeathed to him by his all-conquering, invading, horse-riding, Robin Hood grandfather called usman dan fodio. And they all carry on in that delusional mentality.
      Tambuwal has never commented on the pronouncements of his awusa brothers who publicly vowed to “MAKE THE PLACE UNGOVERNABLE”, or those who threaten soaking us in our own blood like dogs and baboons. He has never criticized Boko Haram either. The awusa greed is once again on display: the wide-eyed bum jumps ship and still wishes to remain its captain, eat his cake and have it both at the same time. The awusa man will always let his rapaciousness get in the way of rational thinking; it stops him from learning that he cannot have it both ways. In his days, OBJ would have long thrown the BANANA PEEL at him. His luck to enjoy himself at everybody’e expense is the geniality of this President.

      • Waterside Boy

        One of the watersides in the Garden city

    • buzu

      @clay u ar the coward who can not see politics but sentiment. That is what is call politics you can ask Nuhu Ribadu. #UPAPC

      • Clay

        You are nothing but buzu and I don’t join issues with a buzu.

        • buzu

          clay arnen arewa.

          • Alcindo Satori

            you are ta-boo-wal himself! Ta-boo-wal shall surely lose the governorship election. shameless clown

  • Jamoh

    It is a policy and a major component of the APC to insult the PDP, President GEJ and all Nigerians who are not syparthetic to APC is that the change? you are very right when u said they don’t criticise constructively because of their myopic reasoning and desperation for power they will never admit the truth it is obvious that the main reason APC lobbied some PDP Governor is simply (funding) they want these governors to bring in state resources and you say its not corruption? How is APC different from PDP, the PDP adopted GEJ as their sole candidate the APC will do same after allowing members to pick forms for N27.5m. Finally please accept this fact even if you did not accept any of what I said earlier the political parties may have different names but same Nigerian politicians who only protect and serve their interest. They will only think of you if you will aid in getting power and nothing more.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    The speaker of the House of representatives speaker Tambuwal has done the right thing by defecting to the opposition-APC -progressives-camp-where he feels more politically comfortable and have the freedom to conduct his political trade without any harrassment or intimidation from the executive.

    • Alcindo Satori

      …and he’ll lose the governorship election in sokoto! Aha!! what would he do then? come to Yoruba land and win something ba?!

  • Andrew small

    thanks GOD we have a good leader that has join the better party

    • Alcindo Satori

      you mean ta-boo-wal is a good leader? leader of what? who?

  • Guguru


    Just as Saul saw the light and then become Paul, you have also seen the light. Welcome to freedom as you have always known it.

  • Concerned Citizen

    So. What will PDP do? will they impeach him when they resume as is the norm, or will they punish him in 2015 at the polls. Either way it doesnt matter unless you have majority in both houses or the presidency.

  • munachi

    more to come

  • buzu

    All those other people that left APC for PDP are they nnot people or is it becouse Tambuwal did same that is the problem? This is politics people everyone is free to join any party he wants. #UPAPC

  • Tufiakwa

    A coward! A more responsible coward would have resigned his position as speaker immediately. That makes him another irresponsible, lily-livered, immoral Nigerian politician! Motivated by greed and bereft of any integrity.

  • Ette

    Time to change for the good of our dear nation is here. Men and women desiring the good of our land should join well meaning NIGERIANS to deliver the nation from the wicked hand of PDP and its wicked and unrepentantly corrupt people. Oh God come down and manifest your power in our land by removing the wicked and corrupt and installing selfless and righteous leaders. Amen.

    • KB

      Please blow the trumpet.
      ? 1 million jobs (and yet the immigration saga)
      ? Privatisation of power (completion of NIPP)
      ? Lagos – Kano Rail line (completion of Obasanjo project)
      ? Abuja Lite rail (Obasanjo project)
      ? Best economy in Africa (with no effect on the masses)
      They campaign with the same set of projects to make you believe they are new.

      They systematically kill state institutions in order to have reason to privatise them and take them over.

  • danago

    Why did it take you this long to decamp? We already know that you are an apc man. If tambuwa is in pdp, he is corrupt , but immediately he decamps to apc, he is a great leader. The same old wine in a new bottle.

  • Oleku

    Tambuwal has no electoral value–only the e-janjaweedians will gloat over this

    • Alcindo Satori

      true talk my man. tamboowal na true baggage. he can go away

  • Ekwekwe

    A brief decamping history of a greedy, immoral political light weight and prostitute:
    1. 1999 – PDP Legislative assistant to Leader of the Senate
    2. 2003 – ANPP Elected member House of Reps
    3. 2007 – DPP House of Reps Candidate
    4. 2007 – ANPP House of Peps Candidate
    5. 2007 – PDP House of Reps Member
    6. 2014 – APC House of Reps Member

    • Jack

      Light weight and you’re commenting? Go away biafra man

    • tundemash

      so why are in mourning since he’s lightweight ? go back to your amnesty camp, it’s over !

  • Truthometer

    Tambuwal has done the right thing, for the country. The Dumbo/PDP e-rats will surely bust some veins today.

    • KB

      When movement is inward PDP, its right, else its wrong. If we are not careful, these professional politicians using their e-rats will plunge this nation into the sea of destruction.

  • wode

    Despite the long time speculation, I don’t think that this is a good news for PDP.

  • Enough_is_Enough


    • ogechi

      Hahahah,,,u go die b4 ur death Ooo,this youngMan

    • KB

      On what ground and whose authority by which law?

  • Comfortkay

    Tambuwal is now born again politician

  • Tawandah incommunicado

    Tambuwal should do the honourable thing and resign his Speakership. He was elected Speaker by PDP legislators…..not the APC.

    • KB

      Should Mimiko do the same?

  • Long expected and overdue

    Long expected and overdue for the sake of this nation.

  • Lorddaniels

    Nitwit from futa djalon

  • hyperbole123

    The President cannot feign ignorance over these jackboot policies. they bear his imprimatur. Emefiele may be all that but he is now being bullied and pilloried. Let’s be fair pls