How Boko Haram militants rape, abuse girls, women – Report

Boko Haram insurgents routinely rape and abuse girls and women they abduct from Borno and Yobe States, forcefully marrying some and sending others to the frontlines to fight Nigeria’s security forces, according to a new report by Human Rights Watch.

The report, released Monday, said at least 500 women and girls have been seized by the group since 2009 when the insurgency began.

Human Rights Watch said 30 women and girls who were once prisoners of Boko Haram, told its researchers how they were subjected to a variety of abuses, sometimes for refusing to convert to Islam.

The organization interviewed some of the Chibok schoolgirls abducted by the group April 14, but who later fled or were released.

The students said that nearly all of those abducted from their school, located in a predominantly Christian area of Borno State, were Christian.

More broadly, the majority of the abductions documented by Human Rights Watch took place in the predominantly Christian area of southern Borno State.

Of the 30 victims of abduction interviewed by Human Rights Watch, 29 were Christian; most appeared to have been targeted because of their religious affiliation. Many were threatened with death if they refused to convert to Islam, the report adds.

The women suffered forced labour, including forced participation in military operations; forced marriage to their captors; and sexual abuse including rape.

According to Human Rights Watch, 14 women and girls who had either escaped or were released from Boko Haram camps in the Sambisa forest and Gwoza hills, as well as other witnesses, described how they and others at the camp were routinely forced to cook, clean, and perform household chores while in Boko Haram custody in the camps.

In 2010, a woman who had been abducted and held for three days by Boko Haram in 2009 was quoted as speaking about how she had been forced to wash the bloodied clothes of insurgents killed in the July 2009 violence.

Other abducted women and girls were forced to participate in military operations to support the group.

A 19-year-old who was held in several camps in the Gwoza hills for three months in 2013 was forced to participate in attacks and to carry ammunition for her captors.
The girl said her job in the camp was to cook for the 14-man group until a month later when she was taken along for an operation.

“I was told to hold the bullets and lie in the grass while they fought. They came to me for extra bullets as the fight continued during the day,” she was quoted as saying.
“When security forces arrived at the scene and began to shoot at us, I fell down in fright. The insurgents dragged me along on the ground as they fled back to camp.”

During another operation, she narrated being asked to approach a group of five men in a nearby village and lure them to where the insurgents were hiding.
The woman said she feigned to be afraid and asked the young men, mostly teenage members of the Civilian JTF, for help.

“When they followed me for a short distance, the insurgents swooped on them. Once we got back to the camp, they tied the legs and hands of the captives and slit the throats of four of them as they shouted ‘Allahu Akbar.’ Then I was handed a knife to kill the last man. I was shaking with horror and couldn’t do it. The camp leader’s wife took the knife and killed him,” she said.

Another victim told Human Rights Watch that although she was spared work because she had a three-month-old baby when she was abducted in April 2014, she saw others forced to work.

She described seeing some of the Chibok schoolgirls forced to cook and clean for other women and girls whom the insurgents had chosen for “special treatment because of their beauty”.

Forced Marriage
Human Rights Watch said it spoke with six victims and witnesses who had been forced to marry or had witnessed women and girls forced to marry Boko Haram combatants.

Four Christian women and girls told Human Rights Watch how they had been forced into marriage after their abduction in late 2013 in Gwoza.

One girl held by insurgents for one month told Human Rights Watch, “When I insisted that I could not marry at 15, the leader, though already married, declared he would marry me himself. He made us recite some words in Arabic after him, handed us new veils, and declared we were now married.”

A 19-year-old girl who was held in a Boko Haram camp in Gwoza told Human Rights Watch that she was offered thousands of naira as dowry to marry one of the insurgents:

When she refused, asking the money be sent to her father, an insurgent who knows her family accepted the money on her behalf.

She eventually escaped, and in anger insurgents burned down their family house.

Rape and Sexual Violence
Five victims, ranging in age from 15 to 22 years old, described their ordeal, while the three other assaults were described by witnesses, according to the report.

Insurgents took advantage of the absence of a commander and sexually abused abductees who had yet to be “married.”
A woman, who was raped in 2013 in a Boko Haram camp near Gwoza, described how a commander’s wife appeared to encourage the crime:

“I was lying down in the cave pretending to be ill because I did not want the marriage the commander planned to conduct for me with another insurgent on his return from the Sambisa camp. When the insurgent who had paid my dowry came in to force himself on me, the commander’s wife blocked the cave entrance and watched as the man raped me,” she said.

A 15-year-old who was abducted in 2013 and spent four weeks with Boko Haram was quoted as saying she refused having sex with one of the fighters despite being forced to “marry” him.

“After we were declared married I was ordered to live in his cave but I always managed to avoid him. He soon began to threaten me with a knife to have sex with him, and when I still refused he brought out his gun, warning that he would kill me if I shouted. Then he began to rape me every night. He was a huge man in his mid-30s and I had never had sex before.

It was very painful and I cried bitterly because I was bleeding afterwards.”

A 19-year-old woman, who was married and had children, described how she and one other woman were raped after having been abducted with four other women in April 2014:

“When we arrived at the camp they left us under a tree. I managed to sleep; I was exhausted and afraid. Late in the night, two insurgents shook me and another woman awake, saying their leader wanted to see us.

We had no choice but to follow them, but as soon as we moved deep into the woods, one of them dragged me away, while his partner took the other woman in another direction.

I guessed what they had in mind and began to cry. I begged him, telling him I was a married woman. He ignored my pleas, flung me on the ground, and raped me. I could not tell anyone what happened, not even my husband. I still feel so ashamed and cheated.

The other woman told me she was also raped, but vowed never to speak of it again as she was single and believes that news of her rape would foreclose her chances of marriage.

A 20-year-old woman, abducted in September 2013, told Human Rights Watch that the insurgent she was “married” to wore a mask all the time, even when he raped her.

Even though she had since escaped, she said, “I am still afraid to go anywhere because he could be any one of the people around me. Every time I see a huge dark man, I jump in fright that it might be him coming to get me back. I stay awake some nights because I dream of those terrible weeks I spent in their camp.”

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  • Ahmad

    May the curse of Allah be on them and their evil sponsors. Ameen.

  • Guguru

    It is hard to believe that this is happening to fellow Nigerians.

    • Otile

      Right, as if you have not heard of Afghanistan and Somali. Why do you think we dread Islam and APC?

      • Gideon Orkar

        They will soon tell you there is no compulsion in Islam!

        • Tawandah incommunicado

          ……And that it is a religion of peace,but at the moment total bloody mayhem reigns in all Muslim regions of the world !!

      • Guguru

        But Jonathan has repeatedly had meetings with an alleged BH sponsor called Ali Modu Sheriff. Why is Jonathan not arresting alleged sponsors of Boko Haram or is the Nigerian government headed by Jonathan, Boko Haram itself? Do you feast with killers and murderers? I am sure the answer is “no”. So, why is the President embracing alleged sponsors of evil?

    • Gideon Orkar

      Some people woke up one day and started killing others and you want to rope me into your blame game? I beg park well. Islam is in the grip of a jihadist movement all over the world

      • Guguru

        And the kidnappers, human sacrificers, armed robbers, fraudsters in the south or Nigeria are under whose grip again?

        • Otile

          No, the people presently doing the kidnapping especially of women and girls are Northerners. They are also the people robbing banks, stealing arms from the government, raping under-aged girls. The 12 sharia states are under their grip again.

          • Guguru

            But your assertions are not truthful because Deizani Madueke’s sister was kidnapped in the south-south area. Jonathan’s uncle was kidnapped in the south-south area. Okonjo Iweala’s mother was kidnapped in the south-south. How many Sharia states have you been able to identify in the south-south area—-1, 2 , 29? Ok, I get it—Bayelsa and Delta States must be Sharia States, correct?

          • Tawandah incommunicado

            I am not defending any act of criminality…I condemn and reject criminal acts but random kidnapping for ransom or political reasons is not exactly the same with mass abductions of under-aged girls and women by Islamic terrorists who justify their actions through Islam.
            Kidnappers and criminals exist world-wide but these Boko-haram rapes and mass abductions are in a class of it’s own !!

          • Guguru

            I did not say you were defending any act of criminality. So, what does difference does it make if you kidnap 1 person versus if you kidnap 10 people? Does it change the fact that kidnapping has occurred? And would it matter what the motive was for the kidnapping—-random or political? Would it matter to you if your daughter was kidnapped at random versus for political reasons? Why should it matter to you? Would the criminal, if caught, be treated differently for committing the same crime but with different motivations?

          • Otile

            In one fell swoop in the eery town of Chibok 256 innocent girls were kidnapped, badly raped, forced to carry bullets at the war front for Northerners. Two days ago 45 women and young girls were kidnapped in a sharia state, being raped some in front of their crying children. What kind of beastly people are these? Down with Islam. Down with APC. Religion of piece my foot.

          • Guguru


            You saw these kidnappings and rapes? How were you psychologically able to witness these events? And does kidnapping one person or 100 people make one kidnapping worse than the other? Is small sin better than a large sin? But the Nigerian Military has been recorded killing fellow Nigerians they believe to be BH in cold blood too. The Nigerian military has been accused of war crimes. So, how is the killing with the Nigerian military different from the killing of BH?

        • Gideon Orkar

          I bet they’re shout “i defraud you in the name of Jesus”.

          And the kidnappers, human sacrificers, armed robbers, fraudsters in the south or Nigeria are under whose grip again?

          • Guguru

            There is nothing to shout about.

    • Tawandah incommunicado

      No you are misdirecting blame……Sharia is destroying the north and as long as it is not discarded and the north returns to our common law,there will be no end to the mayhem up north.The Islamisation of the SW is currently being engineered by Tinubu and the APC ,so it will probably get very ugly in the future !!

      • Guguru

        Any evidence of Tinubu’s effort to Islamize Nigeria? If Sharia is destroying the north, then what do you suppose is causing oil theft, kidnapping, ocean piracy, human sacrifice, armed robbery, etc, in the south? What ideology do you suppose is driving these activities in the south?

        • Tawandah incommunicado

          I have answered this question in your above post to @Otile. Criminals exist world-wide but the boko-haram phenomenon is unique…..your comparison does not make sense,we are talking about mass abductions,rapes,forced marriages,forced conversions etc of under-aged girls and women by violent Islamic terrorists who use religion as a justification for their criminal acts. Random acts of criminality is obtainable in every country on different levels and stands condemned as well.

          • Guguru

            So, what about those who do not use religion to engage in similar criminal behavior? Why is Boko Haram unique? Can you point to three things that make it unique which cannot be extended to other activities and entities associated with others? You have not made a case that BH criminal behavior using religion is different or unique from the same acts committed without the use of religion.

          • Gideon Orkar

            BH is ideologically driven and their ideology is underpinned by the Koran. As far as they are concerned, they are fighting on behalf of Allah and are pious Muslims. Kidnappers and thieves on the other hand are materially driven and their actions are underpinned by greed.

            Is the above clear enough or should I use crayons to draw you a picture?

          • Guguru

            But the Nigerian military has been documented to have killed several Nigerians in cold blood too. They are not religious and they do not act on the basis of the Quran. So, how do you explain that as well? They have generals who are corrupt. Corruption is driven by greed too. So, I am still not sure what point you were trying to make.

          • Gideon Orkar

            My point is that BH are driven by Islam.

            Make I take Hausa talk am?

          • Guguru

            The only way to possibly know what drives BH is if you have worked closely with them. And yet, you are incapable of telling us what drives the killing behavior of members of the Nigerian military or criminals in the south who engage in piracy, kidnapping, armed robbery, human sacrificing, etc?

          • Gideon Orkar

            The only way to know?!!!! So we should ignore the forced conversions to Islam, the dressing of captive female Christians in hijabs, the reciting of Koranic verses, the appearance of Shekaus himself threatening to impose sharia on the whole country and you still doubt the ideology that drives BH? You are beyond a joke!

          • Guguru

            You will have to prove that you saw these things. It is not enough to claim stories that can be told by anyone who loves fables.

          • Gideon Orkar

            Ok I will pretend the videos and picture of girls are all fake, and Shekau videos are all Bollywood and not real.

          • Guguru

            That would be a good start.

          • Tawandah incommunicado

            What Boko-haram is doing in Nigeria has already been classed as “crimes against humanity” by UN human-rights watchdogs . It is disproportionately criminal and repugnant in nature !

          • Guguru

            But the actions of the Nigerian army with respect to extra-judicial killings of Nigerians without due process, has also been classed as crimes against humanity and war crimes. The Nigerian military is not a religious organization, is it? So, I am still trying to see the point you are trying to make.

          • Tawandah incommunicado

            Even the US military has had such allegations levelled against it in the past but that does not invalidate the fact that the Army is a legitimate state apparatus fighting violent Islamic terrorists who do not recognise or operate with laws.

          • Guguru

            No need to shout by typing in caps. It does not help your weak case. Did you at any time enter the hearts of members of the Nigerian Military to know their motives and intent? How did you gather evidence of their motive? By the way, you used the word “confides”. It should be “confines”. The “war crimes” are not allegations. These are well documented activities. Again, are you saying that small sin is better than big sin?

          • Tawandah incommunicado

            Thanks for correcting my grammatical blunder,it does happen when I am quick on the keyboard !
            The motivating factor of the boko-haram terrorism is best known to all .The Nigerian military has the legitimate constitutional duty of protecting the territorial integrity of Nigeria and any other security duties deemed fit by the Nigerian state.

          • Guguru

            Your grammar is perfect. It was you internet etiquette I had issues with. Who are the “all” who know what BH motivations are? So the Nigerian military is justified in its acts against humanity even if it helps with improving the security situation in the country? Is that not what we call “impunity”?

            The Nigerian Military is not begging to disagree. They have continued to deny and assert that they did nothing wrong by killing in cold blood those alleged to be BH members without trial and die process. So, what good is the Nigerian democracy without due process? Who is going to be the next unfortunate victim of a military that can summarily execute any Nigerian they deem to be a BH member even though they are resistant to the idea of due process where investigations of such charges is required.

          • Zarto Ali

            Crime is a crime, and all is punishable. Yor are justifying some forms of crime for reasons best known to yu.

          • Tawandah incommunicado

            For some reason you have refused to acknowledge the fact that I condemned and rejected these criminal acts in my postings but more importantly you have refused to acknowledge the enormity and uniqueness of the boko-haram crimes against humanity !
            This tacit support for Islamic terrorism from northerners like you will eventually make that region implode on it’self.

          • Guguru

            You have not answered my questions even if you claim you have done so. I asked, “If Sharia is destroying the north, then what do you suppose is causing
            oil theft, kidnapping, ocean piracy, human sacrifice, armed robbery,
            etc, in the south? What ideology do you suppose is driving these
            activities in the south?”

            Also, the military has been documented killing those they consider to be BH elements though no investigations was conducted by them for verification purposes. The Nigerian military has been charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity, which they have denied. So, are you saying the military is justified in killing those they suspect to be BH members without due process? And how does mass abduction differ from a single entity abduction? In essence, are you saying that a small sin is better than a big sin?

  • Gideon Orkar

    Sshhhhhssshhhhh don’t tell them BH have been cleansing out Christain villages in the North

    • PROF

      This boko hram will kidnap girls and boys and rape them ,abi are they gays as well ,haba these Arewa youths like raping and killing for Islam ,Chei Arewa youth sun Mutu!

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Since Nigeria knows that the Boko Haram are bloody criminals why is the government negotiating with them? Nigeria might as well go ahead to negotiate with kidnappers, murderers, armed robbers and other thieves which the Boko Haram are! Goodness me!

  • Balogun Faith

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    • the truth

      boy leave this scam. u and i know this is a scam

  • Proudly NigerDeltan

    My only problem with the report is the fact that it is coming from a foreign so called ‘Human Rights Watch’. What exactly are they watching. There is nothing novel in their report that continent Nigerians are unaware of. There exists a staggering misguided pathological Human Rights violation in the Niger Delta by the irresponsibly dubious & exploitative environmental Terrorists otherwise known as foreign oil companies. Many if not all of them are from Europe & US. They pollute the water, air & land with reckless abandon. Drinking wells in Ogoni land as shallow as 1.9meters have crude oil mixed with the water due to the alteration of the water bed by irresponsible drilling activities of these oil companies. The youtube internet medium is replete with this fraud & gross violation of the Human Rights of the Niger Delta people. How many times has Human Rights Watch written on the incessant destruction of the ecosystem of my South South Republic?

    It is a calamitous situation in the Niger Delta. Cancers have risen. From gas flaring to deep water pollution, the oil companies collude to misinform the world of their criminality in my beloved land, raking in Billions of cash at the expense of the health of over 50 million South South citizens. The other day in Ethiope River, after several hours of fishing, I managed to catch a medium sized Mackerel…but my joy was cut short bcos the fish had only one eye due to mutation from toxins spilled into the rivers overtime by the oil companies. It is this bad…So Human Rights Watch should focus on the abuses by companies from their own country and leave continent Nigerian investigators to investigate their own issues. No be so? Nonsense!

  • tuco

    These are obviously animals and not human beings, or maybe animals in human beings clothing, talkless to say they are fighting for any religion. Even animals are more civilized than this ragtags. Very unfortunate.

  • Tawandah incommunicado

    Islam needs to undergo some reformation because these acts of under-aged rapes in the guise of “Islamic marriage” is often “justified” by these terrorists as in line with Islam. Christianity had some repugnant traditions mostly from the old testament which were removed from the system,during the “reformation of Christianity” .
    I do not see how Muslims can justify pedophile ,rape of under-aged children,forced conversions,forced marriages etc. Muslim clerics must start speaking openly and condemning about these criminal acts in a public manner !!

    • Oskirin

      which we av bn doin….it’s a crime against God n humanity.anybody found culpable shd face d full wrath of d law.shikena…….

  • Buhari D Sharia Virus

    This is what they called sharia. This is what sharia has brought to Nigeria. This is what sharia is all about.

    • eriannamoric

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  • I was half reading the horrific experience of these innocent
    women and paused to think about the Islamic religion and it is the more obvious
    that these is a demonstration of what Islam is all about, I care not for the
    opinion of the ignorant, who still defend a cruel religion that began with a
    Rapist and pedophile, Boko Haram in Nigeria is actually the real Muslims and
    the rest are Hypocrites, these is what the enemy of God wants to achieve, present
    a form of worship outside the truth, Who can bring a clean thing out of an
    unclean?John 14:4 Islam is an unclean religion which began by an Epileptic
    Moharmad who was deceived to think he had an angelic visitation when the evil
    spirit comes upon him, We know all the trouble he brought to the world with the
    wars in Medina and Mecca, We know how he lured women into adultery and
    forcefully raped even the wife of his own “son” we know how he began sleeping
    with Aisha from age 9 or even before then, we know how he prescribed fight and war for his follower in Quran (2:216) –( “Fighting is prescribed
    for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is
    good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth,
    and ye know not.”) and many of the 109 verses of violence. Islam is the
    problem of the modern world today ISIS and bombers and Terrorist and angry violent
    sects are all offspring of Islam and yet these ones deceived themselves that
    the religion is a religion of Peace, What Peace? Peace that rape, kill, bomb assault, Burn
    churches, rape mothers? I can understand Mohammed, He work for SATAN to fight against
    Christ who is the Prince of Peace, I wonder If Muslims are ever intelligent to
    see if they will find fault in Jesus. I have seen them in many debate tries to
    reference the war in old Testament. Ignorant men even attempt to THE WAY, JESUS said “ I am come in my Father’s name,
    and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will
    receive” John 5;43

    It is clear, that Mohammed fooled his follower and see how
    many has ignored the Prince of Peace to follow a man who before he died said “By
    Allah, though I am the Apostle of Allah, yet I do not know what Allah will do
    to me,” Ref (Saheeh Bukhari Volume
    5, Book 58, Number 266:)

    Yet they ignored the One who says “I am the way, the truth,
    and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” John 14;6 Jesus was
    never confused, He said emphatically I am. And yet “men loved darkness rather
    than light, because their deeds were evil”. John 3;19

    • Zarto Ali

      Ian not sure if you are a Christian at all, for any good one respect other people choice of religion. By the way if you must preach go to z church, not an open media.

  • True Nigerian

    Strangely, the utterly useless government leadership that fiddled, joked, mocked, laughed and looted whilst this mindless violence was taking deep roots in the north is running for a second term in office. To think that such a useless administration considers itself re-electable actually shows where the problem is – the horrendous mentality of the voters in this country. The mentality of the voters in Nigeria is in the pits. No, it is actually in the laterine! Terrible shame! We are now the laughing stock of the entire world, but we are still looking forward to prolong our laughable deplorable state in the name of stoopid ethno-religious sentiment.

    • Tawandah incommunicado

      The northern leaders who used all kinds of blackmail to agitate and impose Sharia on the north are responsible for the radicalization of Muslims in the north. As long as Sharia hold sway,there is no hope for that region,they will continue to pull the rest of Nigeria backwards till when the other peaceful Nigerians will have enough .
      President Jonathan and his administration did not introduce religious violence to northern Nigeria,think properly.
      Voters know that the problems bedevilling the north started from when Sarduana started using religion as a means of controlling the north,it has steadily progressed into the encouragement of radical groups by northern politicians. POLITICAL ISLAM IS THE PROBLEM AND THE SW IS THE NEXT TARGET UNLESS THE REGION QUICKLY REJECTS TINUBU AND HIS APC EXTREMISTS.

      • Oskirin

        Ode nie…pls tell me n odas on ds forum d last time tinubu uses his religious beliefs 2 trauncate oda pples religion durin his eight yr period.(infact, he prefers d eyo festival dan any oda festivals in lagos.) if u cnt provide d answer,den u r doomed 4 life.bcoz PT gifs u opotunity 2 type n talk, den u begin 2 say or type rubbish u knw notin abt.omo ale jati jati.

        im waitin 4 u oooooooooooo

        • Tawandah incommunicado

          Please refer to the INEC registration of the APC as a political party,you will discover that Christians were totally excluded from it’s top positions, is it by accident that the ACN which metamorphosed in to the APC has almost all governors as Muslims…….Was Tinubu not the boss of ACN as it were and is he not the boss of APC ? There is no smoke without fire !!

  • Garden-City Boy

    Rape is awusa signature conduct, something they can’t do without.

  • Dan Fulani

    What do you people want us to believe?
    Predominantly Christian girls, and area.
    The insurgents are natives of that area.
    The kidnapped and kidnappers know each other very well.
    We who live in this area know that the predominant religion there is Christanity, over 80%.
    We want know if all the males in the area have converted to Islam over night.
    The team that attacked the late Emir of Gwoza was led by his son the present Khalif of Gwoza.
    Can somebody explain this please?

  • Buhari D Sharia Virus

    That is Sharia for you. Ban Sharia NOW!

    Muslim-Muslim ticket = Sharia-Terror Ticket.

  • Dapostle007

    just imagine how our women and daughters are being molested and turned into mercenaries for terrorists..190days and counting and this so-called government cant still profer solution to the abducted girls despite billions of dollars collected from world bank to fund national security.. who are they deceiving?? A NEW GOVERNANCE FOR A CHANGE IS WHAT WE CRAVE FOR..

    • Otile

      You think that once you knock off Jonathan and install Buhari everything will be honky dory. God forbid.

  • Kitunde

    And these beasts, are the same people a goverment seek to grant amnesty,sit at a round table conference with,these same animals, supposedly intelligent people were shouting themselves hoarse not to declare them terrorists.(including several muslim groups and Mr Buhari)
    You have top goverment officials,including our President actually saying ‘let them (Boko Haram) tell us what they want and we will look into it’ Really? There are online videos showing these scumbags chopping off heads of innocent men and women and you want to talk to them? What premium does our goverment place on a Nigerian’s life? You watch these animals do this to us just for the sake of politics. It is so sad….

    • Otile

      Why not blame Buhari and Sultan Sokoto who initiated amnesty and other good benefits for Boko Haram? At one time Imam Buhari accused the Government of committing genocide on Boko Haram. Do Yorubas think that replacing Jonathan with Buhari can solve the problem of islamic terrorism?

      • Tawandah incommunicado

        There is little doubt that the scourge of violent Islamic Jihad is headed towards the SW. Tinubu and his APC are working relentlessly for the total Islamisation of that region,it is left for the Yoruba who are moderate Muslims historically to reject these forces of extremism currently encircling the tribe.Any right-thinking Yoruba must think twice before supporting or casting votes for these zealots !!

      • Kitunde

        Please read my post again…Ethnic champion!

      • Es3

        And APC that has been singing “dialogue for amnesty to Boko Haram” as their theme song?!!!