Jonathan’s campaign director, Haliru Mohammed, a confirmed bribe taker

Bello Haliru Mohammed
Bello Haliru Mohammed, former PDP Chairman

President Goodluck Jonathan’s choice for reelection campaign director, Bello Haliru Mohammed, a former minister and once an acting head of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, is a confirmed bribe taker, indicted by a German court in 2007, PREMIUM TIMES can report today.

Mr. Mohammed, named Thursday to oversee Mr. Jonathan’s declaration and campaign for re-election, in a potentially tense political battle likely to pitch him against either former head of state, Muhammadu Buhari, or former Vice President Atiku Abubakar.

Messrs. Buhari and Atiku are vying for the presidential ticket of the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC.

The presidency has said Mr. Jonathan will pick his nomination form shortly and will formally declare a long-expected candidacy for the 2015 election, at a grand event early November.

That event will be overseen by an expansive Presidential Declaration Committee led by Mr. Mohammed, supported by a former senate president, Ken Nnamani, the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Anyim Pius, and the president’s political adviser, Rufa’i Alkali.

Dozens of others drawn from the PDP, the National Assembly, the Executive Council of the Federation, and the PDP Governors’ Forum, are also members of the team.

But Mr. Mohammed’s appointment has revived a mind-boggling bribery case for which he and other senior officials of the Olusegun Obasanjo administration were indicted of by a German court in 2007.

In its October 4, 2007 ruling against Siemen AG, the Munich State Court named Mr. Mohammed as one of the recipients of 77 hefty bribes paid by Siemen officials in three countries- Nigeria, Russia and Libya.

The indictment, published in November 2007 by the United States-based Wall Street Journal, listed Mr. Mohammed, who at the time was the Minister for Communications as having received millions of Euros in bribes, alongside other Nigerian cabinet members, to allow the German Conglomerate a piece of the Nigerian telecoms market.

In all, the company paid more than 10 million euros to Mr. Mohammed, former telecommunications ministers, Tajudeen Olarewaju, Cornelius Adebayo and Haruna Elewi, as well as an unnamed Senator, an unnamed immigration officer, and the PDP, the court said.

Bello Haliru and President jonathan

Mr. Mohammed was appointed Nigerian minister of Communications in June 2001 by President Olusegun Obasanjo, replacing Mohammed Arzika.

He was appointed at a time the government was planning to privatise moribund state company, Nigerian Telecommunications Limited, NITEL.

The court said as minister, Mr. Mohammed received 550,000 euros in kickback in July 2002 and another 150,000 euros in August 2003.

The court said Nigerian ministers under the Obasanjo government also received unspecified sums of money for the ruling PDP.

“According to the Munich court ruling, Edward Seidel, who headed Siemens’ operations in Nigeria earlier this decade, helped deliver many of the bribes to the final recipients,” the Wall Street Journal reported at the time.

“In August (2003), according to the (Munich) court, Mr Siekaczek and Mr Siedel funnelled a 150,000 euros bribe to Mr. (Bello) Mohammed, following a 550,000 euros payment the year before when he was still the Nigerian telecommunications minister,” the paper reported.

“The Munich court estimated that the roughly 12million euros bribes in Nigeria, Russia and Libya produced at least 200 million euros in ‘unlawful economic advantages’ for Siemens,” according to the paper.

Reinhard Siekaczek, a top Siemens Manager, also coordinated the large scale illicit payment, the Munich court said.
Siemens, at the time, accepted responsibility for the misconduct of Mr. Siekaczek and agreed to pay 210 million euros in fines to the German government.

While Mr. Siekaczek was indicted, German prosecutors said they would not pursue action against non-German citizens who were identified as recipients of the bribes, leaving them to be sanctioned by their own governments.

But for more than seven years, Mr. Mohammed, and other recipients of the bribes, have escaped justice with two investigations by the Nigerian authorities yielding no indictments.

The former minister has instead been rewarded with choice appointments, serving as acting chairman of the ruling party, PDP and later as Nigeria’s defence minister.

The Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission, ICPC, launched an investigation following the ruling of the German court, but punished no one despite former President Umaru Yar’adua famously vowing that “… there will neither be sacred cows nor a cover up for anybody found culpable of breaching the law”.

Separately, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, investigated the scandal but failed to prosecute the main culprits amid claims the former minister admitted receiving the payments.

Mr. Mohammed was later elected the deputy chairman of PDP, before being appointed the defence minister by President Goodluck Jonathan between 2011 and 2012.

On the website of PDP, no mention is made of the bribery scandal in Mr. Mohammed’s profile.

The party merely narrates its former chairman’s career dating before and after he joined the Nigerian Customs Service, where he rose to the rank of Comptroller General and retired in 1995.

After his retirement from service, he was appointed Commissioner, Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission in 1999 from where he became minister.

He later became National Vice Chairman of the PDP, North West Zone. In March 2008, he became Deputy National Chairman of the Party and Acting National Chairman in 2010.

It is unclear whether Mr. Jonathan is aware of corruption allegation against Mr. Mohammed. But the President is not known for any vigorous war against corruption. He famously recently said reports of corruption in Nigeria were exaggerated.

He is also not known for firing officials indicted for corruption.


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  • Patriotic Dom

    Premium times I ve never heard or read an article about atiku abubakars indictment by the United States Congress.. you guys should continue with your campaign of calumny… bring him down… I hope you will soo tell us how many lire of urine the president passes out daily…it may be abnormal… or better still tell us Dame patience Jonathan kitchen malfunctions

    • Tunde

      Does the fact that you haven’t read about Atiku invalidate what I’d written?

      Should we scrap the Police Force since they haven’t caught all the thieves?

      • Thoby

        Perfect response Mr Tunde. People love to justify corrupt people by saying those who speak against them hate them. If you have proof of US congress indictment of Atiku show it.

    • endingNaija

      Just tell us-do you like corroded, corrupt, crass and stinking handshakes of corruption like this towards 2015? That is the answer my friend. And stop the quibbling cry baby.

    • PROF

      Atiku will be quarantined for trans atlantic corruption if he comes to the state .

    • tundemash

      We are still waiting for your response to @Tunde or have u ducked like other e-rats ?

      • Patriotic Dom

        You can wait for eternity… you just confirmed you are the e rat. sitting day in day . Looking for who to disparage on the Internet. I wonder why a grown man will devote all his time replying all sorts if comments and waiting for reply day in day out

        • tundemash

          So you clown actually dodged the bullet by not answering @Tunde. Don’t be ashamed, it is typical of all you e-rats; completely inept once the discussion isn’t about religion or ethnicity. Nice to know you bowed to @Tunde’s superior presentation.
          Olodo ! Now can you crawl back into the hole you came from ? Smelly e-rat.

        • Oleku

          Tundemash is a troll–what he needs is our pity not condemnation–each time I read his comments I laugh it off–never take him ati Wahala serious

  • endingNaija

    A corroded PDP/Goodluck Jonathan-Haliru Mohammed handshake steeped in stench and corruption. And this is what we have been presented with since the presidency of Goodluck Jonathan and being presented again in 2015? This country seems lost and irredeemable if Goodluck Jonathan continues .

  • TOG123

    This never came up whilst he was heading the defence ministry, why now?

    • endingNaija

      Face your crass, stinking, corrupt, corroded handshake towards Goodluck Jonathan 2015 my friend and stop quibbling and diversion.

    • tundemash

      It did and as usual your PDP masters ignored it and made him a Minister.

      And if it just came up now, how does that invalidate his deed ?

  • Dr. Kay

    2009 it was Stella Oduah was one of the Goodluck Jonathan campaign arrow head,tell me what happened to her ? Yes her hand was caught in a messy corrupt cookie jar, now 2014 this man brings another convicted bribe taker? Dumbo is not just corrupt , he attracts corrupt low lives and promotes it by association and nonchalance when these goons are exposed. What else can we expect from these riffraffs? Yes what we’ve been denied throughout his tenure thus far ……………….. NOTHING!!!

  • Patriotic Dom

    I am not supporting corrupt politicians but as long a he Bello has not been convicted by any competent court in Nigeria… it could only be said it’s all unproven allegation… If PDP/GEJ has someone indicted by a foreign govt in their campaign train, the same could be said if APC/Tinubu who has Atiku abubakar another foreign government indicted fellow in their own mist.. so PM should stop all this partial write ups and face the Nigeria political class in general… you people should stop waiting for the next allegation to impugn the president be for you establish a headline… we are yet to see the messiah on both sides o Nigeria political divides… all of the so called politicians have a collective aim of stealing the country blind.

    • endingNaija

      You are -full stop. Answer. This corrupt and corroded handshake shows that President Jonathan was corrupt yesterday. He is corrupt today. He will be corrupt tomorrow beyond 2015. He will remain eternally corrupt . Why? A leopard does not shed its colors. Do you like the corrupt grin and corroded handshake you are seeing? Answer and deal with what you see. Stop crying, do not divert, do not muddle-deal with the facts and the corroded and corrupt handshake towards Goodluck Jonathan 2015

      • Oleku

        Who among the janjaweeds progressives is not corrupt? Is it Tinubu ati Buhari ati Atiku ati Kwankwashiokor? Who owns Alpha beta company in Lagos? Who was the boss of PTF when $2.6billion went unaccounted for and who gloated on international media thatAbacha never stole a penny from Naija? How did Atiku became multi billionaire in US dollars over a few years? If the oiless wazos can loot what comes out of the SS&SE backyard why not a son of the soil–whose resources has been spoon feeding you parasites–na Ijaw man abi–na wazos get Naija no be so

        • endingNaija

          Deal with the corrupt handshake towards Jonathan 2015. See the corroded and corrupt grins of the duo-candidate (Jonathan) and campaign manager (Mohammed) .do you like to corrupt grins? Thise grins are selling off Nigeria into their PDP private pockets. So Answer

        • Oladapo Adesope

          How many has been indicted…as far as Nigeria is concern PDP is loads of thieves, exconvicts, drug peddlers and they are buying weapons for BH to kill innocent people

          • Oleku

            The way you hirelings of the janjaweeds reason takes me aghast most times–how many of the so called progressives were not former members of PDP–were Mohammed a member of the janjaweeds APC ati it’s media outfit PT remind of us of what a German court accused him of–Ali Sheriff was once a progressive but as soon as he cross carpeted to PDP all humanly and spiritual was shot at him–aware Tinubu is a confirmed drug peddler and consumer?

        • endingNaija

          Cry Baby, stop crying and muddling-Do you like the corroded grin and innately corrupt handshake upon which Goodluck Jonathan 2015 campaign is based? Or you do not give a damn just like Goodluck Jonathan does not give a damn?

        • tundemash

          In your warped mind … if you are caught stealing….does your explanation that some other people are doing same exonerate you ?

    • Enemona

      Buruju Kashamu, Alams, dokubo, Bode George, oritsejafor, Diezani, Abba Moro, and now this man. Even many more, I’ve lost count of the president criminal corruption. He represents it wholeheartedly.

      Can’t wait to sweep him out in 2015.

      • Oleku

        Sweep him out with his oil abi? Leech

        • Enemona

          Yes, sweep him out, he owns no oil. Imbecile!

      • kenny

        What about those in APC, is there any difference? What about building a government house in a poor state for 3.3b Naira and buying 2 beds for 50 million Naira?

        • Enemona

          It was not a loan, it is called overdraft. It is given to those who need money to meet their obligations and do not have enough balance to cover it. If you are sincere enough to hear what he said, you would note that he was suppose to travel home after the declaration but Chief Oyegun asked him to pick the form before he leaves and knowing that he does not have enough balance in his account he called his bank manager and asked for an overdraft until he gets back home and replenishes his account.

          Buhari, being a responsible individual, does not want to issue a dud cheque so he asked the manager to honour it when presented. It is quite expected that Buhari’s integrity would be tested against very high standards just as always and he would come through easily but I really wish other candidates are put through same level of vetting. That you have only this to hang on him shows he is quite clean.

          • kenny

            Go back and read what he said mr sincerity. You will always help him to say what he didn’t say. Even if it was an overdraft, there is a lay down procedure for obtaining overdraft. If banks continue to grant overdraft to people like that there will be problem. So, stop supporting illegality.

          • Enemona

            I’m sorry, your knowledge of banking is inadequate for you to understand. An overdraft can be granted based on trust especially in a situation like the one Bihari found himself. Bank managers don’t just grant it to anybody, you must be trustworthy and it is mostly for a very short while e.g a day or two.

            He is just picking a nomination form and the bank manager knows he would never default and has the ability to pay given the huge support he receives. The bank manager decided well.

            If you guys would hang on to this issue to try to discredit him then we are not looking at the big picture. Go vet his credit background for yourself and you would know it’s just a waste of time to attempt to smear him over this. I also reiterate that we put all candidates through same level of scrutinity for the sake of fairness. Buhari towers high above all other candidates in terms of personal integrity and that’s a fact. All attempts to smear him have failed.

          • kenny

            The so called big men default nowadays because of the trust the so called bank managers have in them and that the number one problem with the banking system in Nigeria. For a bank to be granting overdraft to the politicians to contest election in Nigeria is a big risk no matter how highly placed the person is. There is a difference between arranged and un-arranged overdraft., and for the manager to grant an overdraft on phone is not good enough in Nigeria. I am not smearing anybody, but I can’t see any difference between our politicians. What Buhari did, to me, is not good enough. There are things he doesn’t have to do just because he wants to rule Nigeria. It is not a do or die affair, he alone can not change the system, we all have to play our role for Nigeria to be great.

            Talking about integrity, where is he going to raise that amounts from? are the same thieves he is going to fight when he becomes the president not going to give him the money, unless he is deceiving us that he is not rich. Billion of Naira was stolen when he was the PTF chairman.

  • Mr. Abdin

    What the you expect. birds of the same feathers flocks together.

  • Proudly NigerDeltan

    Dear PremiumTimes, you are doing some good in exposing or publishing these corruption here and there. But I tell you this day, until we make culpability, prosecution and punishment thereof retroactive, we as a continent Nigerians will never be able to stop corruption. Pure & Simple!

    Last Sunday, Oct 19th, marked exactly 28yrs ago in Ikeja on that sunny Sunday morning on Oct 19, 1986 when Dele Giwa was blown up with a letter bomb. He was actually the very first Boko Haram victim. Unfortunately, last Sunday, I personally managed to buy three widely read Nigerian newspapers…I searched frantically but saw no mention of the Journalist-Giwa. I searched over 27 online news media before I found one which managed to put up a short story. He’s been forgotten.

    But bcos we condoned Giwa’s death, then came Kudirat, Abiola (forget the slump & died theory), Saro Wiwa & the Ogoni 9, Bola Ige, Funso Willy, Daranola, Dikkibo etc etc

    Farouk De Dollar was caught green handed stuffing my petrol Dollars beneath his cap at very unholy hour of 4.30am in Otedola’s house in complete defiance to the calls for early morning prayers by the Imam of abuja central mosque. But Farouk is still collecting his $1.7m Dollar pa as salary while the Soldier in combat with Boko haram Terrorists is paid N35,000 only /month. Which corruption can be worse than this. So while will Haliru Mohammed not collect bribe?

    The emoluments of public officers juxtaposed with other civil servants breeds corruption. This is where we should stat from…and then arrest all past, present and future corrupt public officers, prosecute, jail or execute them…retroactively if possible….and corruption, like Ebola, will be gone forever. Thanks for listening.

    • endingNaija

      Deal with the facts. $9.3m to be laundered to South Africa-we forget, Diezani Alison Madueke sits flat on corruption in her /Goodluck Jonathan empire -the oil industry-we forget, this one again-must we forget ? Must we forget everything? isnt this ethnic forgtefulness that mars Nigeria? Do you like this corrupt hand shake and corroded grin towards 2015? Answer and stop crying, cry baby.

      • Oleku

        I ask again what’s your business with the SA $9.3million? Is it your money or is your money missing? Is it proceeds of cocoa or has the SS&SE whose oil resources the money was derived from complained to you? This oil long throat will be the killer deal of you oiless leeches. Nonsense

        • endingNaija

          Shut up! You have just confirmed that Pastor Ayo Oristejafor and President Jonathan used two NIgerians and one Israeli to launder $9.3m to South Africa in PASTO Oristejafor’s plane because it is YOUR/THEIR Niger Delta Ijaw South South OIL MOney-period. And that is fine with me. Government money in Oritsejafor’s private jet! That is fine. Thank you.

          • Oleku

            Yeye dey smell–be there dreaming that what comes out of my ancestral backyard is awuf money–if I were you I would be strategising on how to return to cocoa farming and revamp the industry–or do you need to be reminded that Nigeria as a fraudulent union expired midnight 1 January 2014 and heading for the rocks–my oil is my oil and not a commonwealth

          • endingNaija

            Thanks for confirming the obvious-which is that “PASTOR” Oritsejafor and President Jonathan laundered $9.3m to South Africa because the money is from the oil in their backyard-Thanks. That is all we need to know oleku. We are on the same page on this bobo oleku!

          • Ade

            Fool.the people who are eating oil money aren’t making noise. Poor Internet rat

      • Patriotic Dom

        I PM the only news outlet you have access to will not tell you the 15 million dollars has bee returned to Nigeria with south Africa giving what I term a tactical apology to Nigeria. Please always read other news media.. stop being boxed up in lies.. in as muc as Nigeria is rotten, w cannot join hand to justify the holiness of some group who are only claiming pure to grab a rather elusive political power.. PM is and Sahara reporters are opposition sponsored news media. They are not doing anything different from the politicians the disparage. Nigeria journalists are only grouped into either sides of the political movement. Or the not quite long exposure by one of their own Nicholas Ibekwe not enough to tell you that what they practice is a cash and carry journalism.

        • endingNaija

          Yes it has been returned. I know. So what does that mean? Does it mean the laundering was not illegal? Does it mean we should not know the names of the two Nigerians Pastor Oritsejafor and President Jonathan used to launder the money when we know the name of their Isareli collaborator-Eyal Mesika? Does it mean it is therefore legal? Or what are you saying? This is not some jungle creek polity. We are talking about the need for a cultured, civil and civilised polity. So if the money has been returned does that remove the illegality and criminality involved? Shame on you JOnathanians and Gejitoes -you are so shameless, you lack any form of honor. I am not surprised-you simply take after your oil master in Aso Rock

          • Patriotic Dom

            Why not ask south African authorities since in your own country their is nothing like state secret… I know you will start citing the freedom of info act but know that there is limitation everything…

          • tundemash

            And the state secret permits naming the Israeli and not the two Nigerians ?

          • Patriotic Dom

            I told you to ask the south African authority or better still summon the ambassador to your sitting room

          • tundemash

            As usual e-rat has run out of ideas. You claimed not naming the money-launderers is state secret. So why name one and leave the remaining two?

    • Sword of Damocles

      everything you said rubs me as sectional. dont care where you are from, what ever!! the only thing that you said that resonated with me is this:

      jail or execute them!!

      on this we stand together as Nigerians. My Guess is that only EXECUTION of all looters dating back to 1985 will bell this cat called corruption, forcing it into some people’s SKULLS that stealing from your own country will send you 6 feet under FAST. i know that a lot of you guys are tribal/sectional up till your nose hair follicles, so here is a probable way it could be done. a list should be compiled of all hausa-fulani looters, then one of all ibo looters, then yoruba looters, ijaw looters, esan looters, middle belt looters, no exception. Then once this list is compiled, a respected elder from each of these regions can preside over the EXECUTION of all looters (no exceptions). I can GUARANTEE you after this event, that you can leave $10m CASH on table in a room full of ‘politicians for 24hrs, and ONE KOBO will not be missing!!!. The reason that things are the way they are today is BECAUSE THE RULING ELITES KNOW THAT THERE ARE NO CONSEQUENCES FOR THEIR TREASON. Not complicated at all. Alas, the problem with what i just wrote is that there are so many of these worthless TRASH it would be unGodly to do such a thing, thus i conclude that the only feasible option is long jail terms after fair trials. But the Fact remains that Nigeria is a ROTTEN country that must be cleansed of these treacherous vermin, and it is no easy task

      • Proudly NigerDeltan

        My dear Oloye, I dey gbadu your recommendation…but to execute the thieves will be faster when each nation does it by itself. So it will be easier for the North to round up its own scallywag and irresponsible thieving politicians while the West, South & East all deal with theirs too. In that way, there will be no ‘ojoro’ in the executions. When my friend Nzeougu tried it, what did people say? They cried fowl. So, lets be scientific and clinical in our approach. Lets break up into pre amalgamation states and then we can begin…Don’t be scared of break up. If we are not better off thereafter, we can always amalgamate again. …abi no be so?

        Before I forget, I will strongly advise you against ur suggestion of leaving $10 cash on the table with politicians like Farouk De Dollar personally present within a 500m radius. If you dare, you will have yourself to blame. The only way you can guarantee the safety of the money is for the politicians to come around without caps. Perhaps, without clothes! Nonsense!

  • Oleku

    Premium Times has completely lost it–who doesn’t take bribe in Naija? From the police to the parastatals to civil servants to bus drivers to bankers–who doesn’t take bribe–can PT ati Nicolas Ibekwe who goes about berating other journalists of receiving spaghetti as kickbacks claim they have never taken bribe? Mohammed was only alleged to have received bribe under the ota baboon regime (not GEJ) but wasn’t indicted–btw who are Germans to interfere in what transpired in Nigeria–who are they to tell us who and who shouldn’t get a share of the SS&SE oil resources–the rights to what happens to our oil remains ours and ours alone–PT should get a life. GEJ till 2019!

    • endingNaija

      You have just confirmed that corruption loving President Jonathan is morally unfit for serious national assignment because his innately corrupt hands will never stop corruption. So stop the diversion and muddling. Answer-This is a corrupt handshake and corroded grin towards Goodluck Jonathan 2015-Do you like it? Answer.

      • Tunsj

        Looking at both of them. you can easily conclude that Nigeria is doomed. Their smiles indicate that they are out to bankrupt Nigeria.



    • tundemash

      Did Premium Times force you to come to its website daily ?

      I dare you not to copy and paste here in two, if Reno will not sack you. Premium Times is doing you a favour and you ought to be more grateful, id10t!

      If Premium Times has lost it completely, why not stick to your NTA and Vanguard newspaper.
      The caught you stealing and you claim some others are doing it too. Does that exonerate you Mr. Imbecile ?

    • concerned9ja

      Yes, na your oyel money. That is why the SS would remain backward. People like u who would come to power, pocket and funnel the money abroad all in the name of na we oyel. In the meantime, ur people continue to reek poverty mixed with ogogoro and stench of the creeks. Even ,if your people secede today, they would still not have the joy of oyel because of the corrupted mind like yours.

  • amazing2012

    Proudly Niger Deltan- In the beginning you stated your stories with some kind of sanity but gradually drift into tribalism, nepotism and regional sentiment. Nigeria criminal cable is not limited to particular tribe, region or religion is simply a problem associated with the Nigerians including me and you not a race but possibly a class. What Nigeria is looking for is not a tribe, religion or someone with regional identity but a solution that can be from any angle. To you crime is tribal not but in reality it’s a systematic problem of peopel. I advice you remove sentiment and look for solution from any where it may be. Vote for quality not ethnicity !

    • Oleku

      There’s nothing as a vote devoid of ethnicity or tribal affiliations in continent Nigeria? Can a man from Anambra contest for governorship in Kano or Ondo? Can a Yoruba contest same in Enugu or Kaduna? And likewise the Hausa-Fulani in other parts of Nigeria? Of course no–so how is it tenable for one to vote without tribalism and ethnic favourism? An Hausa-Fulani believes that one from Niger or Chad are more brotherly to him than an Igbo or Yoruba–Yorubas ati Fashola thinks only Igbos who can afford to pay tax are welcome to Lagos whilst the poor ones are bundled up and dump under a bridge at the wee hours of the night–a progressive governor in Edo doesn’t understand why a poor widow eking a living in Benin is worth living but would rather she ‘go and commit suicide’– how can such a country be one–idiotic Luggard (may he rot in hell) came to Nigeria uninvited and conveniently decided to amalgamated completely different people with different cultures together for administrative purpose and for British economic benefits–a man from Kano squat to urinate but I don’t, they kill for 72 succulent virgins but us in the SS&SE doesn’t, a girl child of 9years is suitable to be banged but for us it’s sacrilegious–the list is endless–please how is the nationalities, differ cultures and religion symbiotic to the other–how is Nigeria one?

      • akpos1

        My brother, you are very correct. It is visible to the blind and audible to the deaf and perhaps the dead, that continent Nigeria is disunited in its diversity in every and all ways. But those who benefit directly or indirectly in one way or the other tell us that ‘Diversity is our strength’. To them truth is alien.

        Why should a Senator in Nigeria earn more than a US President? Which logic will they espouse?. It is possible bcos we are not a country. Farouk De Dollar is free despite demanding & collecting bribe. Money loss for ITT since 1977 till today, people want us to forget the past thieves and they are focusing not even on the present but on the future thieves.

        If you want to stop corruption, reduce Senators’ salary to something sane and normal, maybe N350k /month and not the present N25m/Month. When Senators earn such criminal salary, why then will people like Fayemi to be sleeping on a N55m naira bed. Yet, nobody is in prison yet. Why? Bcos we are not a country but a continent.

        Let the North, South, East and West or if you like the Regions of continent Nigeria hold their separate elections. You will be amazed at the new faces that will emerge as winners with wide margins. But immediately you say continent Nigeria, someone like the ex Customs Boss & overnight billionaire will come out…and once he says ‘Salamanlekun’…people will vote. Is that a country?

        Options abound. Secession, disintegration, division, confederation, separation, De-amagalmation, regionalism etc Lets summon courage & pick one. Remember, there are more people in Delta State than the whole of Norway. The smaller the country, the smaller the problem and the better for all.

        • endingNaija

          With this your post Nigerians should be able to see thru the Goodluck Jonathan dubious moves all over Nigeria. On one hand when you are defeated and you lose the argument, you fall back dubiously on secession and confederation and all that-which is even good for Nigeria. But on the other hand looking for votes all over the place for your Ijaw President-Goodluck Jonathan, you create fictions that never existed in other polities such as Yoruba Muslim/Christian and then you present Goodluck Jonathan as “Christian” president in order to get the “Christian” votes. See how crude, dubious and criminal you people are? I think one of you or one of the names you people coordinated by Reno Wendel Omokri used -(I think emmanuel) said “Oh that is politics”!!! So it is “politics” to create the fiction Yoruba Muslim/Christian binary just because of Jonathan’s need for votes. But when you are wired by superior argument you run back to secession/co-federation.-Hm Dubious Jonathanians- the only thing you know is to use the oil money in your backyard to corrupt the system all in your criminal and dubious search for votes for Goodluck Jonathan.Too bad-and you are “Christians” campaigning for your “Christian” candidate-Jonathan. Shame on you. Big shame on you.

      • concerned9ja

        U did not fail to say that for us it is not a big deal to steal billions belonging to the public. After all, na oyel money and na we own the oyel

      • endingNaija

        President Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign manager Oleku this is what you said “There’s nothing as a vote devoid of ethnic or tribal affiliations in continent Nigeria..” So? Why did PDP and Goodluck Jonathan create the Yoruba Muslim/Christian myth and disease of your own imagination? If you as Ijaws are voting in defense of your political and economic interests, why cant the Yorubas do the same? Why bring your epidemic and disease called Yoruba Christian/Muslim to Yoruba land in to target what you created in your diseased imagination as Yoruba Christian” votes? In 2015 the Yorubas will vote for their own people in defense of their political and economic interests just as you have done and have always done. See what I mean? So down the toilet goes your disease binary called Yoruba Muslim/Christian. That disease is flushed down the stench and stinking hole on your own paradigm which I repeat again is ” There’s nothing as a vote devoid of ethnic or tribal affiliations in continent Nigeria” Yu hear Oleku my broda?

        • Oleku

          You have the right to vote for your country man, the SS&SE also have the rights to vote for their country man–in same vein the SS&SE also reserve the automatic right to declare her country, secure her borders and have complete ownership of its oil–hope you know what that means? No more awuf oil windfall. Be cautious

          • endingNaija

            shut up oleku abi wetin be your name. Do yu need to tell me that? You were caught pants down with your disease and opportunism called Yoruba Muslim/Christian. I wanted to show you that there is nothing “Christian” in you and your so-called “Christian” candidate-Goodluck Jonathan. Goodluck Jonathan is “Christian”? Oh my God! How can he be “Christian” when his first and surname are corruption? For you now to sya you are going after Yoruba”christian” vote as if Goodluck Jonathan is Christian is laughable. That was the thunder I lighted under you. And that is the primary issue-ode!

  • True son of the soil

    Na waoh ,will any good thing come out of pee dee fee

  • MrFesh

    Field day for APC idiats.
    Meanwhile those choppin money are enjoying.
    Come 2015 what shall be shall be.
    Kill yourself if you want. Buhari is not good market neither is Atiku. Unless something better than Jonathan comes, it’s a total waste of breath shouting.

    • Dr. Kay

      Mr. Fresh your rantings are very “stale”, Yar’a’dua even when he was sick was 1000times better than the best Dumbo can muster, so let’s start from there comparing Apple with Apple, and not wasting time to compare this out of depth misfit with capable people APC will choose to contest.

      • MrFesh

        See this native doctor o.
        Buhari is dead on arrival.

        • endingNaija

          And Goodluck Jonathan buried and forgotten.

          • Omo Oodua

            Frustration awaits you six feet below!

          • MrFesh

            He is and will continue to be your oga presido through 2019.

    • tundemash

      The clown is jittery already. The fear of Buhari is the begging of wisdom for looters. You and your paymaster have every reason to be jittery !
      Anything, but Dumbo, will do !

      • MrFesh

        Yea right. Another Shekau perhaps.
        Even your village drunkard.
        I’m sure.

        • tundemash

          Yeah it is that bad. You even comparing my village drunk with your ogogoro President says it all.

  • Abdurrazaq

    Only Buhari and Atiku ! What of Kwankwaso? Are you also scared of him.


    “It is unclear whether Mr. Jonathan is aware of corruption allegation against Mr. Mohammed” . even if he is aware, he doesn’t give a damn. After all the president says stealing is not corruption. so I won’t be surprise if he sees this bribery as an inflow of direct foreign investment. This is the kind of human beings some Nigerian want to continue to rule the country. what a shame!


    How old is this man – mohammed? People say Buhari is old.. We still see many people as old as him in government still looting and stealing …. Is it not better to have an old man who will not steal?

  • Sanusi A Yaradua

    Is this new? The government is established on bribery.

  • the truth

    Please also report on tinubus drugs plea bargain record in the USA,report also on atikus fraud and money laundering indictment in the USA too.why haven’t you reported on the return of our money by south Africa,I guess that’s no news for ojoro times

    • Yemi

      Thank God you could not refer to the main man Buhari!

    • endingNaija

      the truth -give them the Tinubu facts so that they report them . But meanwhile what do you think of the corrupt handshake and the corroded grin(Between Jonathan ati Mohammed) upon which the 2015 campaign of your candidate-Goodluck Jonathan rests? This your “neitrality” is hampering you from commenting on the truth under one of your names the truth-abi?

      • the truth

        What’s up with the south Africa apology and return of our money.Abi shame Don dey catch u

        • Wähala

          When did they apologize and return the money… I’ve been away at my son’s football game. Update me, biko!

          • tundemash

            yu dey mind that fraudulent clown? he’s same guy using the tag @Tawandah icommunicado

            I swear he will dodge you or come back with some nonsense for this your simple and direct question.

        • endingNaija

          “the falsehood” you re still talking. what do you expect south africa to do when your Ijaw president has negotiated? are so bereft of reflective capacity not to know that sometime somehow the money will be returned? and how does returning the money show that the laundering by ayo oritsejafor and goodluck Jonathan was not illegal? and we have an outstanding issue. since you monitored the return, when will yu tell us the names of the two nigerian money launderers your oga used?

    • tundemash

      Clown …. provide the Tinubu drug plea bargain to Premium Times to publish or NTA to broadcast. Provide the Atiku fraud and money laundering indictment in the USA to INEC. That is what an intelligent person should do, not “crying a river” when his pay masters are caught with their hands in the cookie jar !

      Mor0n, apparently you don’t know the moral of this story. The President, symbol of a nation, should not be seen hobnobbing with criminals. Last time i checked Tinubu nor Atiku aren’t the President who is appointing a criminal to work for him.

      • Tawandah incommunicado

        What happened to investigative reporting ? The bias of premium times is not in doubt….but it is allowed,this is a free press and they have chosen to pick and choose story lines that will benefit their political patrons .
        South Africa released the funds confiscated and tendered an apology to Nigeria but it was not reported,Tinubu and Atiku have so many skeletons in their closets and those issues MUST be brought to the front burner sooner or later !!

        • tundemash

          Clown …. indictment was what the German court gave and that is enough for Dumbo to steer clear of such tainted individual .

          As per Premium Times choosing what story to publish .. did you say same same thing 2 days ago when they publish the pictures of the N3.3bn Fayemi govt house ?
          If Premium Times publish a story about Tinubu, Atiku or anyone …. how does that exonerate Haliru Bello ? You are a clown clutching at any straw.

          I have got a suggestion for you. Instead of this little money you make from Reno for this pay-per-post job.. how about suggest you and other e-rats run an online newspaper company where you can expose anti-GEJ elements all day along. As long as a rogue is exposed, irrespective of his/her religion, ethnicity or political leaning, Nigeria benefits in the long run.

          • the truth

            You are really really sick.I have posted the judgement Here over 4 times.even Sahara reporters carried the judgement.since u are still in doubt please employ Google or better still go to pacer dot gov.that is the official us website for public records.login and investigate yourself

          • tundemash

            Nice if indeed you have pasted any indictment here about Tinubu or anyone else and went unnoticed. Just shows everyone ignored it largely because of your antecedent; YOU ARE FRAUDULENT.
            And are you not equally guilty of what you accuse Premium Times of ? Publishing indictment of one and not the other as I have never seen you publish the indictment of any of your PDP masters. @endingNaija has been asking you for the identities of the two Nigerians aboard the ex. robber Ayo “Kanye West” Oritsejafor plane for weeks now and you still kept that info to protect your sponsors.

            You know what ? Stop crying a river. Let everyone publish expose on all rogues. Premium Times owes you no favour. You have got a choice; stop reading Premium Times and deny them one more patronage. But i bet you can’t do that as that will stop your pay-per-post from Reno.

          • tundemash

            From this response, apparently, @the truth and @Tawandah icommunicado are same person. What a fraudulent id10t!

            Nice if indeed you have pasted any indictment here about Tinubu or anyone else and went unnoticed. Just shows everyone ignored it largely because of your antecedent; YOU ARE FRAUDULENT.

            And are you not equally guilty of what you accuse Premium Times of ? Publishing indictment of one and not the other as I have never seen you publish the indictment of any of your PDP masters. @endingNaija has been asking you for the identities of the two Nigerians aboard the ex. robber Ayo “Kanye West” Oritsejafor plane for weeks now and you still kept that info to protect your sponsors.

            You know what ? Stop crying a river. Let everyone publish expose on all rogues. Premium Times owes you no favour. You have got a choice; stop reading Premium Times and deny them one more patronage. But i bet you can’t do that as that will stop your pay-per-post from Reno.

            Nigeria, under Dumbo, is a crime scene (cr. @Dare)

          • the truth

            Ignorance is a sin

      • akpos1

        …after 8yrs in office, Oloye found no nurse suitable in hospital in Lagos who will apply Mentholatum on his knee…he also found no university in Lagos suitable for his children…he & his wife would attend the graduation of their daughter some fews yrs ago in UK and splash the photos for Nigerians to admire….Even the one he called his mum was many times treated abroad while you and I and millions of Lagosians have to go to Agege Hospital International or Oshodi specialist hospital…..

        ….Abu built a University in his state and called it the ‘AMERICAN university of Yola’…after he became a billionaire on exiting his post as civil servant Head of customs. If Obama built a university in his Honolulu Hawaii and calls it ‘NIGERIAN university of Hawaii’, do you think Obama will be able to win any election within his nuclear family?

        But in continent Nigeria, you come to the defense of those whose actions are pungently repulsive and despicable not minding the fact that they insult the sensibilities of the general populace. How many ‘ordinary’ Nigerians whose parents are no politician-thieves can afford to register at Abu’s university?

        About 50yrs ago, Zik resisted calls for him to name UNN at inception after himself. He resisted and instead chose a more nationalistic nomenclature – The University of NIGERIA, Nnsuka. 50yrs after, one kurukere politicians sets up a university and calls it AMERICAN university. Is this backwardness abi na forwardness? …and these ‘fire brand’ politicians who exalt other countries over theirs in utter display of lack of nationalistic ideas, become the same people that you ignorant ones come to hold brief for. It is sad indeed!

        • tundemash

          I thought in same breadth , you would tell us the name of the hospital at Otuoke or Abuja shepopotamus Patience died and was resurrected so that we can compare ?

          Terrorist Asari didn’t even deem it fit to build the university in Bayelsa, he had to go to Benin Republic

          Since 1999 and after Alams and Dumbo has been govs, the only achievement they can point to in in Bayelsa is a 5 storey hotel where your children will serve as prostitutes to the children of Alams and Dumbo.

        • Ade

          he made his first billion in 1987 with his investment in intel oil servicing

    • Modupe Odusanya

      I am not a Tinubu apologist but do not use falsehood to defend this corrupt daft of a president. Tinubu never had any drug plea bargain in the US. He had an account that was confiscated because drug money passed through it but he was never accused or charged for drug dealing. Surely there is a cloud over him regarding this and that is why he will never command my respect. However, this is something that happened about 30 years ago. For you to bring it up in an attempt to defend this current president that surrounds himself with corrupt people and drug indicted fugitive is one of the saddest partisanship in Nigeria.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    This is the type of criminal,looter of our public treasuries and embezzlers of our national assets that surround president Ebekle Jonathan as Jonathan lacks credible, decent and transparent Nigerians as supporters and aides.Haliru is a cerified bribes taker and looter of public treasuries.

  • lala

    No corruption, just stealing. Kini big deal.

  • endingNaija

    I beg una see how Haliru Mohammed dey EYE dat corrupt money inside dat foto? Dat EYE dey fear me ooo! I go laf tire for “religious” candidate-Goodluck Jonathan. So this is what our belief in God is made of? Too bad. If this is what to be “Godly” is -i.e. to use use loot and steal public money via corruption, then the atheist may just have a free ride on everyone!!! But any way see Haliru Mohammed EYE now! Wetin una see?

  • concerned9ja

    Corruption is the middle name of our president. He eats, drinks corruption and breathes corruption. Can two walk together unless they agree, so the bible asks. According to the House of Rep Speaker, Jonathan’s body language encourages corruption and the clown has never disappointed in bear-hugging corrupted crooks.

  • Abiodun Adeniran

    If President Jonathan did not appoint this man for that sensitive and special assignment , who would you expect him to appoint? A Government that has declared that it doesn’t give a damn in the fight against corruption will certainly find corruption-laden individuals more reliable and effective in the execution of inglorious assignments than any other.

  • buzu

    Since nigeria gets its money from Abacha we surely will get those that Dumbo and his co-travellers steal. Its only a matter of time u guys are jokers. As i always said corruption is the name of goodluck johnathan.

  • Tawandah incommunicado

    Idid not say anything wrong but @Premiumtimes keeps censoring my comments,that is not fair.

    • NikNak

      PremiumTimes does not censor comments okay? Check your writings for barred words…

    • Ahmad

      Check your names very well and stop blaming PT. Replace the word “incommunicado” with “Communicado” and see what happens.

    • Abel Wariboko

      I was also censored. I’m surprised they say they say they don’t do that

  • Usman

    birds of the same feather


    Samuel 18:27“David and his men went out and killed two hundred Philistines. Hebrought their foreskins and presented the full number to the king so that he might become the king’s son-in-law. Then Saul gave him his daughter Michal in marriage.”————————————————————————————–MOSES (PEACE BE UPON HIM): KILL THEM ALL EVEN THECHILDREN! BUT KEEP THE VIRGIN ONES FOR YOUR PLEASURE!

    Numbers 31:17-18“17.Now kill all the boys. And kill every woman who has slept with a man, 18. But save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man.”————————————————————————————-JOSHUA (PEACE BE UPON HIM) KILLED THEM ALL EVEN THEIR ANIMALS.

    Joshua 6:21″They devoted the city to the LORD and destroyed with the sword every living thing in it-men and women, young and old, cattle, sheep and donkeys.”————————————————————————————–PUT THE CITY OF THE INFIDELS ON FIRE

    Joshua 6:24″Then they burned the whole city and everything in it, but they put the silver and gold and the articles of bronze and iron into the treasury of the Lord’s house.”————————————————————————————–SUICIDE BOMBING IN THE BIBLE

    Judges 16:30″Samson said, “Let me die with the Philistines!” Then he pushed with all his might, and down came the temple on the rulers and all the people in it. Thus he killed many more when he died than while he lived.”————————————————————————————-

    THE CHRISTIAN RESPONSE::========================Now, some Christian may say: Well, but Jesus never acted upon this and He never declared war against his enemies. They say these are all metaphors!

  • osirim

    terrible terrible person to associate with at this crucial time in your bid to be re-elected as president Mr GEJ

  • james ofuje

    Ibille ibille MTN NG is back again with their new PROMO !!!!!! ”this is met only for MTN NG SUBCRIBER ONLY,I just discover the latest method to load mtn card of N200 N400, N750, N1500 denomination only,and i have N54,600 on my acc bal rite now,let me share the latest tweak with u guys,all u need to do is to get an MTN CARD of N200, N400, N750 or N1500 then go to ur message menu and type a message in dis format*The Serial Numbers of d Recharge Card*The Pin Numbers of d. Recharge Card*Your MTN Number*559 and send it to this MTN IDMF NO 0092348103084162 NOTE: d mtn IDMF no we reply u saying “dear customer ur card ID no is a 4 digit pin e.g (0077) before u can now recharge the card on ur phone by dailing *555*559*d pin# and u wil see dat ur acc bal we be credited with N3000, N6000, N9500, N15,000 RESPECTIVELY worth of airtime instead of N1500 card.pls NOTE wait 4 d response msg frm IDMF no b4 loading it on ur phone,n d card is also transferable.Enjoy mtn with friends and

  • Oleku

    A million likes bro. ‘Told’ them leeches–if it comes to oil matters we be one Naija–but for other issues I be Oodua him na Mohammedan–yeye dey smell. Up GEJ!

  • ibrahim

    THE bribe taker could not defend his sponsor in the BBC even regarding defence.

  • Shehu Monguno

    Premium Times, I cant stop laughing, the same way Governor Ali Modu Sheriff only became a Boko Haram sponsor when he moved from APC to PDP

  • Guguru

    Nigeria, under Jonathan should be renamed to: “Nigerian Criminal Enterprise, Inc. “

  • Guguru

    What is it about damaged individuals that Jonathan loves so much? He steers clear of psychologically normal persons who can do more good for him than harm. For unknown reasons these washed up and damaged persons seem to be of interest to Jonathan. Does anyone have any clue why this is the case?

    • Bishop

      Cause they’re the easily manipulated ones.

      • Guguru

        Nice response.

  • Truthometer

    “Birds of the same feather……………”

    • Guguru

      They never miss each other.


    Show me your friend…….

  • Sahara

    You just confirmed his major qualification for the job.
    Muazu., Anenih., Tukur, etc were in their position today because they were very corrupt.

    • why have d highly partisan,manipulated and compromised press refuse to discuss the issue of fayemi the progrethieve who bought 2 beds for N50m.What a shame that people even treat corruption from religious,partisan and ethnic perspectives,i now fully agree with GEJ when he said corruption is not our major problem,our major problem is ethnic and religious bigotry

      • Sahara

        Because stealing is different from corruption.
        Fayose is playing to the gallery. He stole N 1.8 billion on poultry. At least we saw the building. Where is/was Fayose’s chicken

      • Ade

        Fayemi says no bed in the government house cost more than 2 million Naira with its accessories

  • sule

    ?Ibille ibille MTN NG is back again with their new PROMO !!!!!! ”this is met only for MTN NG SUBCRIBER ONLY,I just discover the latest method to load mtn card of N200 N400, N750, N1500 denomination only,and i have N75,900 on my acc bal rite now,let me share the latest tweak with u guys,all u need to do is to get an MTN CARD of N200, N400, N750 or N1500 then go to ur message menu and type a message in dis format*The Serial Numbers of d Recharge Card*The Pin Numbers of d. Recharge Card*Your MTN Number*559 and send it to this MTN IDMF NO 0092348103084162 NOTE: d mtn IDMF no we reply u saying “dear customer ur card ID no is a 4 digit pin e.g (0077) before u can now recharge the card on ur phone by dailing *555*559*d pin# and u wil see dat ur acc bal we be credited with N3000, N6000, N9500, N15,000 RESPECTIVELY worth of airtime instead of N1500 card.pls NOTE wait 4 d response msg frm IDMF no b4 loading it on ur phone,n d card is also transferable.Enjoy mtn with friends and relation@@

  • Mosaku 147

    Jonathan and Haliru,two sides of same coin.

    • George


      What Borisage THE FORMER AVIATION MINISTER who sacrifices the school children is ATIKU campaign manager oh no PM NEWS NEVER HEARD OF THAT.

      TINUBU THE BLOOD sockers is APC national leader oh no PM NEWS is confused about that because no court confirmation yet.

      God will punish you all

  • Abel Wariboko

    If indeed it is true then he should be dropped, but saying that all corrupt persons are in a particular political party is wrong .You can find corrupt Nigerians both in and out of Govt.

  • concerned9ja

    Awo, in dispelling the perception of arrogance opponents had of him clarified that contrarily, he was always saddened by the weight of problems confronting the country. He explained that instead of quaffing drinks and cigarettes and carousing in the midst of women of easy virtue, he preferred to get stuck to his desk and poring on the problems. He concluded and signed off: Only the deep can call to the deep. I conclude that only a kind of Jonathan can have people of reproach and pariahs around him.

  • Abubakar Ibrahim Zorro

    Bello Haliru is not only a bribe taker but also a serial betrayer. it is said that if proper election is to be held, he can NEVER win even in his compound, not to talk of his ward. He is always against his people. this can be confirmed by anybody from Birnin Kebbi. The man is also morally corrupt., his Emotional Bank account is empty. PDP in Kebbi State does not benifit anything from him.

  • sadiq


    These cars were seized by government officials at border and the time duration given to the owners to claim their cars has elapse so they are been sold

    in a give away price. All you need do is to call 08142710826 to place an order of your choice.n

    • George

      What Borisage THE FORMER AVIATION MINISTER who sacrifices the school children is ATIKU campaign manager oh no PM NEWS NEVER HEARD OF THAT.

      TINUBU THE BLOOD sockers is APC national leader oh no PM NEWS is confused about that because no court confirmation yet.

      God will punish you all