EXCLUSIVE: Shocking details of how Nigerian soldiers shot, tortured El-Zakzaky’s sons, followers to death — Report

Nigerian soldiers used to illustrate the story.

The United Kingdom-based Islamic Human Rights Commission, IHRC, has released a damning report accusing Nigerian soldiers of indiscriminately shooting and killing defenceless members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria in Zaria between July 25 and 26.

The report said 34 defenceless members of the group, led by prominent Islamic cleric, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, were murdered in cold blood as they marched through the streets of Zaria, in Kaduna State. More than 100 others were injured, it adds.

The report, compiled from interviews with victims, their families, witnesses, found that contrary to the Nigerian army’s account of the killings, the protesters were peaceful and did not provoke the attacks.

The IHRC fact-finding team, led by its Chair, Massoud Shadjareh, also obtained a video footage of soldiers firing at unarmed civilians at the end of the procession. The report said bystanders were among those killed by the rampaging soldiers.

The IHRC also said that it has unimpeachable evidence to prove that many of those arrested died in military custody, unable to withstand the brutality they were subjected to by the soldiers.

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July 25: first day of massacre
The report titled: “Zaria Massacres and the Role of the Military” observed that on July 25, after Friday prayers, followers of Mr. El-Zakzaky embarked on the traditional Al-Quds procession done in support of the Palestinian Cause following the same route it has followed in the last 33 years.

It stated that the procession ended at about 4:30 p.m. and participants were already dispersing after a collective prayer had been said at the meeting point. But due to the number of people that turned out for the procession, the line stretched about three kilometres from the meeting point before soldiers attacked it.

Trouble started after soldiers confronted volunteers managing traffic at the PZ Junction on the criteria they were using to give priority pass to cars. According to the report, the confrontation appeared to be an excuse by the soldiers to start the attack because despite allowing the truck they were in to pass, the soldiers started shooting at protesters indiscriminately.

“This appears to have been a smokescreen for the attacks, because even as they were being given priority passage, the soldiers started shooting at demonstrators from a very close distance. Ishaq Abdullah was shot and bundled into the army vehicle. The soldiers then sped off, went around the block of shops and cut off a large group who were at the tail end of the procession from the main body. They took positions near these shops and started to shoot at the crowd. The volunteers and other non-partisan eye-witnesses stated that the volunteers did not have weapons and did not instigate the violence,” the report noted.

The IHRC said it obtained video footage and images that “clearly show the soldiers walking calmly towards the crowd while shooting at it.”

“There seemed to be no obvious danger to the soldiers as they took no precautions against being attacked. They were not seeking protection behind objects, nor wearing helmets and were walking directly towards the crowd while shooting. Had the crowd posed any danger to them they would not have taken such a casual approach,” the report stated.

According to IHRC, stewards and traffic volunteers approached the shooting soldiers screaming “Allahu Akbar (Allah is great) and Ya Mahdi (O Mahdi) adding that they “placed themselves between the soldiers and the crowd and also to rescue those who were lying injured on the road.”

Many of them were instantly shot for this brave act, the report found.

According to a testimony by the family of 20-year-old student, Ridwan Musa, who was killed in the shooting, he stood between the soldiers and a group of women the soldiers had taken aim at and challenged them as to why they were shooting at unarmed civilians. Mr. Musa was shot in the head and he died immediately.

The report also noted that the indiscriminate nature of the shooting meant that bystanders and non-sect members were also killed and injured.

“Julius Anyanwu, a 68-year-old Christian man, was shot and disembowelled as he sought to know why the soldiers were shooting unarmed civilians. He died before arrival at the hospital. In an adjacent shop, a Christian woman was shot and injured as she sought shelter in the shop she worked in. A number of stray bullets tore through the front of the shop and into her hands and chest. IHRC obtained pictures showing damage done to shops and other property.”

“Bullets pierced metal doors. One physically handicapped victim recounted that she had been in the area begging for food. When the shooting started she dived for cover as she was unable to run away. A soldier approached her, shot her in her good leg and walked away. Her leg had to be amputated.”

All those interviewed said the soldiers did not issue any warnings. They told IHRC that the soldiers shot randomly and indiscriminately at the crowd.

According to the testimony of a farmer who was wounded in the attack, soldiers chased people into his farm and shot at them. He said he saw another soldier who took position in his sugarcane field, shooting those who ran to the field for cover.

Some of those who were arrested and taken to the nearby Basawa Military Barracks said they went through a harrowing four to five-hour ordeal at the hands of the soldiers.

Mr. El-Zakzaky’s three biological sons, Mahmud, Ahmad and Hamid were killed in the attack. A fourth son of the cleric, Ali, was shot in the leg. He survived.

One of those interviewed also explained in detail how the three sons of Mr El-Zakzaky were killed.

Mahmud was a student of Al Mustapha University, Beirut; Ahmad, a Chemical Engineering student of Shenyang University, China; and Hamid, an Aeronautical Engineering student of Xiang University, also in China.

He said soldiers accosted Hamid, Ali, Ahmad and other volunteers at the PZ roundabout. The trio were chanting songs while lying on the ground as the shooting became intense. According to the witness, soldiers did not stop shooting, so Hamid and Ahmad decided to get away but Ali remained on the ground.

Most of those on the ground were already dead or injured. As the soldiers approached, Ali screamed and one of the soldiers shot him in the leg. The narrator said a soldier also pointed his gun at him and was going to shoot, but he grabbed the gun and was wrestling with the armed man when another soldier shot him in the leg.

He and Ali were dragged to the side of the road where they saw Hamid and Ahmad being shot by soldiers. “They were shot twice in the back and once in the leg,” the report said.

While all these were happening, Mahmud had been shot and his body left on the street for volunteers to retrieve.

Ali, Ahmad and Hamid and others that were injured were piled on top of one another in the back of a truck and driven to the Chindit Barracks.

According to the unnamed narrator, during the journey, Hamid pleaded with the soldiers that Ahmad was badly injured and needed immediate medical attention, as he could no longer breathe freely. The narrator told IHRC that Hamid’s entreaties only attracted vicious response from the soldiers as he was kicked and hit with the butt of their AK 47 riffles.

The soldiers were not allowed into the Chindit Barracks so they turned and headed to the Basawa Barracks that was five kilometres away. At the Basawa Barracks, a senior military officer, on seeing how injured the victims were, ordered that they should be put in an ambulance and taken to the Teaching Hospital in Shika, the report said.

But the commander of the unit that arrested them, S.O Oku, a Lieutenant Colonel, stopped the ambulance at the gate of the barracks and ordered that they should be put on the ground. Mr. Oku allegedly asked that the sons of El-Zakzaky identify themselves and he proceeded to separate Ali, Ahmad and Hamid. Soldiers took pictures of the captives while “insulting and taunting” them.

“The soldiers were also insulting and taunting their captives, and every time they said something Ali, who is only 15, would respond with a comment. One of the soldiers decided to attack him for his response and went to hit him, at which point Hamid tried to shield Ali with his own body. Hamid was hit on the head twice with the butt of a rifle. That was the last time anyone heard Hamid speak or move. Ali mentioned that he saw Hamid’s eyes rolling and he died soon afterwards.”

By the time they were taken to hospital, Ahmad’s body was starting to get cold while Hamid body was already stiff. They were both dead.

The report said that evidence by Gilbert Uwadia, the medical Director of St Luke Catholic Hospital, confirmed that the victim had clean laceration on their bodies which probably had been inflicted on them by the bayonet on the AK 47 rifles the soldiers carried.

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July 26: second day of massacre
Not satisfied with the bloodbath of the previous day, the report said soldiers in three trucks approached a gathering of sympathisers outside the Husainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, resident of the sect leader, and without any warning whatsoever started shooting the crowd at close range.

Two people were killed and seven others were injured in the attack.

IHRC said the police were not involved in the incident of July 25 and refused to take the captive from the army. It wondered why the army was involved in an incident it itself tagged a civil disturbance, which was a responsibility of the police.

It also added that the fact that senior military officers were not aware of the attack indicated that it was a special operation carried out by a select few.

The report also noted that despite the army’s claim that soldiers were fired upon, no soldier was killed or injured in the attacks.

IHRC said that judging by the history of extrajudicial killing by the Nigerian military, a third party independent of the Nigerian Government and military should investigate the attack with the aim of unravelling what happened.

Download the full report here.


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  • DD

    This is very very bad. When another insurgency starts, everyiyne starts blaming the muslims. Why murder peaceful protesters for God sake?

    • Eroli Reuben

      Islam and human rights. …mmmmm that’s an oxymoron. .an unnatural combination

      • DD

        There is a very thin line between a terrorist and a peaceful citizen, and it all starts from the heart. Statements like yours are borne out of a similar intolerance that the terrorists have for the rest of us.

        • Eroli Reuben

          It was just a neutral factual observation……my friend

          • Arewa

            Killing is number one agenda of Jonathan. The Northerners are finished if Mr. J. comes back next year. The northerners will become minority

          • Eroli Reuben

            That will be a reversed uthman dan fodio jihad…isn’t it?

    • Guguru


      Great questions.

  • The Nationalst

    Which one is Islamic human rights ?. If you want to promote human rights, then let it be for all, not just Muslims. Good job on the report, just try to be less partisan in the future if you want credibility

  • Gideon Orkar

    These Islamists have started again….let’s wait for the report by ISIS

    • tundemash

      mor0n, it is the muslims killed now and u are supporting the injustice. When they finish with the muslims and no one else to kill, they would come for your mama and sisters (Christians). Do you remember Odi at all? An injustice to one is an injustice to all irrespective of religion, ethnicity or political belief. Remember your terrorist brother Asari is also a muslim just like Dumbo co-looters Sambo and Muazu ! Think outside the religion box mugu !

      • Gideon Orkar

        What about the harl0ts you have at home that feed you and your father? Are you not ashamed that your sisters and mother sell themselves to feed you all?

        • tundemash

          Clown .. you have run out of ideas. you are empty ! Stop whatever you sniff, it’s frying your brain.

          • Gideon Orkar

            I have not even started with you. Let me know if you want to hve polite discussion or trade insults

          • tundemash

            empty head u can’t start nothing. I just threw you one dice; when they finish with the muslims and no one else to kill, they would come for your mama and sisters (Christians). Do you remember Odi at all? An injustice to one is an injustice to all irrespective of religion, ethnicity or political belief; and since then you have been blabbing ! F00ll , how polite was your first statement ?

          • Gideon Orkar

            I blame your mother and sisters who open their legs everyday to feed a mumu like you and your worthless father. What good has come out of that your evil cult apart from the rape of minors?

          • tundemash

            rants of a lunatic.

            Do not digress from the issue;

            Do you remember Odi at all? An injustice to one is an injustice to all irrespective of religion, ethnicity or political belief. Remember your terrorist brother Asari is also a muslim just like Dumbo co-looters Sambo and Muazu ! Think outside the religion box mugu

          • Gideon Orkar

            What did you do when OBJ ordered soldiers to kill over 2000 defenceless people at Odi? What did your likes say about Zaki Biam? You all started this injustice with the genocide against Ibos. Thank God providence is paying the Muslim North back!

  • NigerDeltan

    Continent Nigerians should grow up. This idea of believing and accepting anything from UK , US etc hook, line and sinker is sickening. Honestly, I am always maniacally bemused at how gullible and malleable we have become. It smacks of lack of self esteem and inferiority complex….How come the British who came uninvited into the sovereign Republic of Benin in December 1897 and went ahead to burn the city to ashes after looting its most priced antiques, are now the ones teaching us ‘Human Right’? …

    Colonization was by no means democratic and protective of human rights…not to talk of slavery. Cleverly, in those days of mass violations of even our existential rights, they knew too well not to have an amnesty, transparency or transluscency international. Today, it is ICC for the african leaders only.

    ….at the time Nigerian forces have fought some Terrorists to point of surrender, that is when the Oyibos decided not to sell weapons so as to sabotage the efforts at stopping the militants…But trace the source of the weapons of the militants and you might be amazed where they are manufactures- Ofcourse from the same Europe or US.

    The UK group should keep its report to itself and leave Nigeria alone. The useless amagamation was by the British, so they are the remote cause of the ethnic divisions and sharp heterogeneity of the continent Nigeri. Failing to unite with France, Spain and Portugal but coming to unite Oduduwa, South South, Biafran & arewa republics was criminal. Leave Nigeria to deal with its problems like it did to Ebola. Period.

    • True son of the soil

      My brother you better believe them oh,because Nigeria government has no single credibility

    • Guguru


      The world has changed. Today, Human Rights matters. Why are you struggling with this? For example, if you are a Christian, why are you not riding donkeys and horses as Jesus Christ did, to your current workplace since you want to bring the past into the present? You cannot pick and choose when you want to apply parts of the past, can you?

      • MrFesh

        You are sure a Muslim suya why you keep killing people like mohammed did, wantonly.

        • Guguru

          Thanks. I usually hear that from those who lack depth in thought and actions.

          • MrFesh

            Talk about ‘paid back in own coin’ now suddenly you have grown ‘a depth in thought’ mtcheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew

          • Guguru


  • Oleku

    Where is the video? The janjaweeds are at it again–boko haram and her allies must be crushed regardless sponsored ewedu reports like this–sorry Premium Times ati janjaweeds APC media this won’t fly. Nonsense

    • Ade

      It appears your kidnaping brothers of Niger delta have kidnapped your brain. You no longer reason like a human being.

  • GbemigaO

    Useless and cowardly soldiers. If you ask them to face Boko Haram, they will mutiny. The government needs to be proactive and ensure that these soldiers are punished.

  • George B. Alabi

    I will like to ask the Nigerian Army High Command to redo the investigation of this case, not because the United Kingdom-based Islamic Human Rights Commission, IHRC,has reputation for honesty, but because my humanity
    is violated by these deaths. The investigation requested is to ascertain if operational commands were obeyed.
    I understand that the army has its operational rules in a conflict situation and those rules will immunize soldiers.
    But immunity of the soldiers is a secondary question to a primary question of whether those rules were obeyed.

  • Rommel

    Anyone who has been at the receiving end of Nigerian security forces knows that what was described is consistent with their modus operandi,this is infact why they were unable to crush a militia force like Boko haram,the expertise of the Nigeria armed forces and security agencies is the harassment,extortion and intimidation of the hapless civil populace

    • Guguru

      Well said.

  • MrFesh

    The army get to the junction that the prayer procession was on and theirs controlling traffic. They are given priority to pass and they then began shooting at the procession at close range after passing. Story for the gods. Even a demented brain can see through the absurdity.


    • Tonnero


      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Can’t stop laughing, Tonnero.

        Clearly Mr. Ifebuche (above) is inebriated and completely out of it.

      • MrFesh

        Yea. You obviously didn’t read the piece. That’s what you have in there, for your information. Plus other fantastical stuff.

    • Mosaku 147

      Demented brain like yours.that’s why you have seen through the absurdity abi?

      • MrFesh

  • sammyctu ode

    Nigerian soldiers have never behaved like human beings. They are stack illiterates, not fit to live in any decent society and most of them are worse than brutal lions. What the constant denial government of jonathn does not realize is that incidents like this bred BH and this particular ugly barbaric incident will bread another type of Islamic fundamentalist groups. Instead of this useless government to discipline the soldiers, they are always defending evil crimes committed by various security forces in Nigeria. During the last fuel crises, I personally witnessed a Nigerian soldier in Delta beating people who wanted to buy fuel just because they tried to buy fuel. While Western countries discipline any of their armed forces who commit crimes against civilians, successful Nigerian governments especially this clueless unproductive jonathan government continue to turn a blind eyes to the brutal atroticies being committed by these less than animals Nigerian soldiers. Now that the Nigerian military has been exposed, we now know that they are not one of the African best but African worst. When people say that Nigerian soldiers are very professional when they go for International duties, it’s because they MUST COMPLY WITH THE UN RULES AND REGULATIONS AND UN HUMAN RIGHTS CHARTER.

  • Tonnero

    Welcome to the Republic of Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan. I hope those of you who voted massively for him in 2011 are happy with what you got.

  • True Nigerian

    I am lucky to still be alive. The police once shot me at a close range in Nigeria.What was the reason? They were eager to extort money from me on the roadside. As soon as the gun popped loudly, the police man swiftly moved backwards whilst still pointing the gun at my two friends to make sure none of them reacted. Within seconds, they all scampered into their vehicles and disappeared within seconds, because they thought they had shot me fatally. Strangely, the bullet missed me. I don’t know how it happened since the gun was pointing closely at my belly, but the bullet missed me. I still have witnesses of the incident, as I was with 2 other friends when it happened. I don’t want to provide details here, as people who know the story will immediately recognise who is writing. Three years later, a police team was dispatched for security duty at an event I was hosting. And then just in the middle of the event, they started demanding N20,000 from me and my colleague. I thought they were joking. But it soon turned into a threat. And few more minutes later, they insisted that they were going to leave the venue unless I gave them the money cash. I then told them that I would bring it to their oga’s office in the morning. In addition to the fact that their demnd was unlawful and criminal, this was in the middle of the night and there was simply no way of getting money for them. But they carried out their threat. They left the venue and miscreants and hoodlums descended on the place attacking people, stealing from guests and vanadalised properties to the tune of hundreds of thousands of naira. At the time, I had a business that created 3 jobs. Armed robbers repeatedly raided the office and the shop until it closed down. I eventually discovered the people behind the constant armed robbery incidents and reported it to the police. The police had their addresses. Available intelligence showed that some of the items they stole were still at their addresses. But the police insisted that I must pay them money in order for them to investigate. They criminals did not even get a knock on their door. 3 years later, nearly every business in the location of that shop were closed down by crime. In economic terms, those are jobs lost, livelihoods lost, taxes lost, opportunities lost, social stability lost, potential employers shut down by preventable social decline. But this country is crying about acute unemployment – a problem that only small/medium scale businesses can solve.

    And in 2010 a close relation was abducted by kidnappers who shot her as soon as they took her. They shot her in order to put the family under pressure to bring money immediately or risk the death of the poor lady. She almost bled to death, having bled profusely for 5 days with no treatment whatsoever. Her captors later released her after they extorted huge amount of money from the family. We later found who the kidnappers were and the evidence was so damning that even an illiterate police force or court would secure a conviction on it. But no, the Nigerian police insisted that we must pay money for them to investigate. On one occasion, they were demanding N300,000 in order to investigate the crime.

    But the Nigeria of today, its police force and its army of today are by far worse, more lawless, more reckless and more hellish than the one that existed at the time the above incidents took place. Simply, this country needs a total overhaul. I have often prayed to God to empower people that will bring justice to this rotten country.
    And I pity those who think they are punishing someone else by supporting the reckless unthinking culture of leadership in this country. They just don’t get it. Nigeria is so rotten that it is only a matter of time before it eats us all up. Today may be El-Zakzaki’s turn. But unless we change this country for real, your turn and the turn of your loved ones is coming.

    • Guguru

      True Nigerian,

      My heart goes to you. Well stated. It is already eating them up. The Minister of Petroleum’s sister was kidnapped recently. President Jonathan’s uncle was once kidnapped, and Dr. Okonji Iweala’s mother was once kidnapped. So, the big criminals running down Nigeria are slowly being eaten up by the crimes they perpetrate on Nigeria.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        If only these feckless people at the helm of affairs in our country were to realise that taking care of the infrastructure, needy and the indigent in our society is a better protection for them and their families and properties, they would do what is right.

        What is even worse is when those who could be in the gun sights tomorrow, are here jubilating because it is the turn of someone else today.

        An injustice against anyone anywhere else is an injustice against all wherever!!

        • Guguru


          I agree.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Bruv, I tire for them!

            No matter what we tell them!!

          • Guguru


            A people so beaten down are less likely to see the truth before them much less fight for the truth. All we can do is keep trying to free their minds. It is our sacred duty to stay on this course.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Very true sha!

            We won’t relent.

          • Jika

            Keep on keeping on.One day soon,we will get to the promised land.Well done bro.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Many thanks, Jika.

          • Guguru

            Yes ooo.

        • Abiodun Adeniran

          I don’t know the kind of blood that is flowing in the veins of those sadists. No matter how hard I tried, I can’t just imagine it, for somebody to find pleasure in and openly rejoice at the misfortune of others? What a people!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Beats me too o!

    • Oleku

      Was great Jona the president of Naija when all these happened? Why the long narration–coz na Ijaw man abi

      • tundemash

        Moron ….. did you read this from the narration ?

        1. “But the Nigeria of today, its police force and its army of today are by far worse, more lawless, more reckless and more hellish than the one that existed at the time the above incidents took place. Simply, this country needs a total overhaul.”
        2. “And in 2010 a close relation was abducted by kidnappers who shot her as soon as they took her. ”

        Who was President on 2010? Or has the drug they give you guys at the Amnesty village finally fired your brain ?
        3. The writer did not put a date on when he was shot so why go on the defensive by claiming it wasn’t when Dumbo was President or were you one of the murderous policemen ?

        Do you remember Odi ? When same murderous soldiers that killed El ZakZaky sons (muslims) run out of people to kill, they would come for your mother and sisters (christians). Warped mind !

    • Abiodun Adeniran

      The God who has kept you from all these past evils will surely keep you and your entirely household to the end. What a world we have in Nigeria! These things that you have narrated are the trademarks of the Nigerian security forces. They are as evil as the armed robbers.

  • Buhari the Sharia Virus

    For the fact that this report came from an Islamic body disqualifies the content.

    El-Zakzaky is an Islamist/Jihadist group and Sharia advocate, thus dangerous to a free democracy(Nigeria).

    El-Zakzaky was protesting against Israel’s right to protect herself from Palestinian terrorist. While they find it not worthy to protest the killing of non-Muslims in Nigeria.

    They also find it not worthy to protest against Boko-Haram’s (Islamist) abduction of non-Muslim girls in Chibok.

    They also concluded its not worthy to fight against Boko-Haram who Muslims claim are Christians bent on tarnishing the image of Islam.

    The fact is El-Zakzaky deserve to die 100 times. El-Zakzak group are Sharia Virus. Thanks to Nigerian army. Say No to Sharia rule. Help stop Sharia Virus from spreading.

    • Obi


  • Haruna Yusuf

    The fact that sheikh Zakzaky did not take the laws in to his own hands ,despite the fact he has willing followers ready for every eventualities . He deserve some sympathy and he is indeed a man of wisdom. How many leaders in Nigeria will have acted the way he did given they circumstances.

  • olamojuba

    Islamic agenda everywhere. Preparing a cause for more boko haram like insurgents all in the name of allah

  • akpos1

    PremiumTimes should be ashamed of itself for giving this report an undeserved prominence of this scale. Imagine if there had been a British army assault on Britons say for example as was in the case of the London riots of few years ago…an then a Christian Human Rights organization in Warri or Port Harcourt, Nigeria came out with a ‘damning’ report indicting the British army. Would any paper, offline or online in London publish such story or give it the kind of cheap prominence that Premium Times has given this story?

    PT should know that Britain or any of its institutions has no moral basis to correct Nigeria or any other former victim of its undemocratic colonial escapades on issues bothering on Human Rights. This is what venerable Fela copiously sang about when he said; ‘Teacher teach me nonsense’.

    Today Mugabe is fired with sanctions because he reversed the illegality of land ownership by white land grabbers…So he is a bad man today. But same Mugabe just like Kagame was praised by the West in the early days because he touched not their stolen lands & property. Let us open our eyes and correct ourselves. To hope on the West and see them as beacons of rectitude can only be suicidal.

    If I may ask, how many times has any British human rights organization written about the abuse of human right to decent life by Shell BP in my Niger Delta as regards their irresponsible ecological degradation? Come to Bodo community and see the ecological disaster which British companies have visited on Niger Delta. If you cant come then just type ‘Bodo oil spill disaster’ on Google or Youtube and see for yourself. PT should remember that slaves who love their chains remain slaves forever. Na parable I give una so. Nonsense!

    • pheliciti

      Hatred is a disease. You obviously need help. Given the opportunity it’s people like you that perpetrate genocide.

      • Conscience

        “If I may ask, how many times has any British human rights organization written about the abuse of human right to decent life by Shell BP in my Niger Delta as regards their irresponsible ecological degradation? Come to Bodo community and see the ecological disaster which British companies have visited on Niger Delta. If you cant come then just type ‘Bodo oil spill disaster’ on Google or Youtube and see for yourself. PT should remember that slaves who love their chains remain slaves forever”

        Dear pheliciti, do you see any sense at all in his comment captured above? I think this is d prroblem with Nigerians & africans in general. Perennial losers in the global war of the mind or if you like brainwashing. He/she was blunt in the comment, but it doesn’t diminish its substance.

        • pheliciti

          Judgement was given for the clean up of the environmentally degraded areas. The President and Minister for Petroleum resources who have the power to compel Shell’s compliance are both from the Niger Delta. What have they done? Yet you all come to blame faceless Northerners who are victims as we all are. We keep victimising fellow victims and sing in praise of our abusers

    • Mosaku 147

      You are a desperately wicked person. God will never forgive you for your comment even when you pray earnestly for forgiveness.Amen. Oloshi.

    • endingNaija

      So Nigerian media should not do their job and publish the FACTS because of your corrupt oil money-right? Sink in your oil holes and use the oil to fry fish if hate that the truth be published and be damned. There are certain things and persons your corrupt oil money cannot buy.

      • akpos1

        Do you have fresh and non contaminated Periwinkles? I am ready to buy them for any amount with my ‘corrupt oil money’. Really, I am serious…Since 1957 the life of fresh fish &that of periwinkles have not been the same again. Each time we manage to catch some from deep the river bed, they always smell kerosene…and this is causing cancers to my people…

        Since 1957 Shell BP has been in Nigeria…For over 52yrs Julius Berger has been in Nigeria…But not one single foreign Electricity company came in. Instead we have Mikano & Co ..and their legion of ‘I better pass my neighbour’ power generating set dealers bcos that is where they would benefit more. Have you read the book, ‘How Europe underdeveloped Nigeria’, I recommend it for you. Buy it. Read it & then I will refund the cost of the book to you. Nonsense!

        We desperately need people who believe in our own people & our values …and not those who attempt to belittle us by presenting to us the idea that UK or elsewhere are the ones who have always gotten it right. No my dear. No. When Dikko was sought for corruption in 1984 for corruption in Nigeria, it was Maggi, the then British PM who gave him assylum. 27yrs after, they jail Ibori bcos he refused to play their game…and no human right oganisation is asking why the double standard. For ur info, over 97% of stolen monies from Nigeria and africa are invested in Europe & US. Have you heard of an annual list of ‘Corrupt Nations which accept stolen funds’? But the disturb your peace ever six months with list of most corrupt nations. We need a Rawlings and a Sankara…these are people the West wouldn’t dare praise…Parley, wake up…and shine your eyes.

        • endingNaija

          Use your oil in your backyard to fry fish and eat it if you hate that the truth be published-period.

        • Obi

          Tell them. I feel so ashamed of some people and organisations, who call themselves Nigerians. Nigeria defeated Ebola, was certified Ebola-free by WHO, became a reference and rallying point for other countries including US. Yet, these cheering items of news were never hyped the way ills are hyped by both the western society and the opposition and their Vuvuzelas.

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  • Tunde

    This has to be thoroughly and independently investigated and the culprits brought to book !

  • olu

    Greetings to the general public,


    These cars were seized by government officials at border and the time duration given to the owners to claim their cars has elapse so they are been sold in a give away price.All you need do is to call 08142710826 to place an order of your choice.


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