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  • Chief Ovie Obaro (JP)

    Huge weapons bunkers were discovered in Kano…in a state governed by one of the Presidential candidates from APC. From expert reports,
    the weapons of mass destruction were of high caliber meant for battle in war situation and capable of a firing range of over 3million Kilometers. Till date, the locomotive propaganda machine of APC oiled by Liar Mohammed has made no noise about such illegal cache of arms found in Kwankwankwanwkwanmanso’s backyard. Why then are they after South African deal? Weapons no be weapons? Abi na the $9.3m be the attraction? Nonsense!

    We run a full blown continent as though it were a country.We all pretend over the defective political structures and political fault-lines
    of dangerous landmines and dangerously dormant volcanoes. How did those cache of weapons, some of which had gone into corrosive state, get into Kano country of continent Nigeria? How? Who were or are at the borders? Who has been sacked or arrested? …abi the matter don enter under carpet? Were those weapons meant for hunting in the Kano grassland & desert forests?

    …and you expect the other parts of the continent of Nigeria to feel safe and forget…and the state Government of the day remains silent. The
    so-called political leaders of the state remain silent over the issue…and gradually people will, and have forgotten…but what if other bunkers exist?…recall the threat of making Nigeria ungovernable and spilling of blood of Chickens & Fowls? APC where are you? Nonsense!

    By the way, what do the APC Governors contribute to continental reserves? What is their IGR ratio juxtaposed with the other states? apart from maybe Lagos, all others are perennial current or contingent liabilities.What have they done with the little they have? Pure & Simple. Nonsense!

    • femi1_a

      Stop the rant and tell your oga at the top to prosecute the culprits. It is one of his neglected duties.

      • Dana-ija

        Yes, I agree with you. Jona should start with Tinubu!

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          As long as the job is done.

    • Leslie

      3 million kilometers. My guy,stop typing rubbish a beg.

      • Chief Ovie Obaro (JP)

        I used English simply bcos I know if I used Urhobo you will not understand. Now even the English is causing confusion in your brain. You never hear wetin Oyinbo dey call ‘hyperbole’? Pls stop spending all your time on Facebook & twitter abi na instrgram. Common simple English u no understand how then can you speak your Yoruba? Nonsense!

        • Darlington


        • George

          My brother tell them Yorubas are bastards any where they goes

          • Leslie

            Goat.Continue following rubbish.Obviously you’ve got nothing to contribute.

          • Chief Ovie Obaro (JP)

            George or whoever you are, learn to behave with some measure of civility no matter how atomic or infinitesimal. Even in the animal Kingdom, there exist some decorum…a civilized thing to do is withdraw your comment or I take it personal with you. Nonsense!

          • Dana-ija

            Don’t insult all Yoruba. Simply because Tinubu is a bastard does not make all Yoruba bastards!

          • GbemigaO

            God. You guys are unimaginable!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Dog George, Chief Obaro says he is not your ‘brother’ because he is not related to a dog!


            Can you now please withdraw your hare-brained comment?

        • Leslie

          It would be nice to exaggerate not only when it comes APC matters,but also PDPs.

      • George

        mumu you

        • Leslie

          Is that all you’ve got to say on the above!Who’s the mumu here?I bet you know the answer.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      “…the weapons of mass destruction were of high caliber meant for battle in war situation and capable of a firing range of over 3million Kilometers.” – Chief Obaro.

      Haba, Chief.

      Abeg, sofry, sofry o!

      3 million kilometres ke?

      Not even transatlantic?


    It is high time we stop depending on the Central for funds. Look within for what you can contribute and stop taking, asking, for funds. Each state should start now to be self sufficient. They are pointers that Nigeria is approaching that period with the falling oil price and the pollution ticking towards 200 millions. And for those that STEAL OUR PUBLIC FUNDS, leaving the people to suffer your story shall be like that of the RICH KING in the bible who had so much while on earth but yet poor after his DEATH. BE CAREFUL. THE POOR NIGERIANS ARE RAINING PRAYERS ON YOU. AND GOD IS WATCHING.


    APC, shine your eyes! This is part of the strategy by the PDP-controlled FG to win next year’s general elections. If you do not have access to funds, can you deliver dividends of democracy or spend money on electioneering campaign? Meanwhile, TAN is awash in flush money… thanks to the missing $20 billion.

    Nigerians are taking note though. They will eat any money offered them and still vote their conscience!

    • Johnson

      We didn’t see your comment on the Fayemi extravagance exposed earlier.
      Na only you waka come? Your alter ego Tundemess nko??
      Fake hypocrites!


        Good comment. You are right. Here is my comment. Fayemi was wrong and Fayose was right. How can a state without a functioning industry waste money sourced from the bond market on government house? This is indefensible! We must be fair to be just.

        • egbjnr

          is the house 4 him or the state?

          • TRUTH MASTER

            Is a government house the priority for Ekiti?

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        “Fake hypocrites”?

        Only Mr. Johnson!

  • Bakura Goni

    My heart bleeds whenever I hear people like Borno State Governor, Kashim Shettima sit around with others to discuss stealing knowing fully well that there is no bigger thief of public funds more than them. Borno has received more than N500 Billion in the last three and a half years yet nothing to show in terms of development. Kashim spends our money on women, drugs, property and Boko Haram at the detriment of genuine development. God save Borno state from the claws of looters, killers and vagabonds.

  • MushinSpeaks

    Leaving our economy with GEJ to administer is a disaster. That a state is considered an opposition state doesnt give you the room to starve it of allocation.

    Jonathan should understand that power is transient and PDP may tomorrow be the opposition party.

  • Dana-ija

    Another APC fabrication again! Where is their proof? This group of traumatized kleptomaniacs, compulsive liars, pathological hypocrites, impulsive fraudsters. Awon ole!