N3.3billion New Govt. House: “You’re wicked, insensitive”, Fayose tells Fayemi

Ayodele Fayose, Governor of Ekiti state

The immediate past governor of Ekiti State, Kayode Fayemi, on Tuesday again came under fierce attack from his successor, Ayo Fayose, who accused him of living in opulence while the people of the state wallowed in poverty.

Mr. Fayose alleged that his predecessor purchased two beds worth N50 million for himself and his wife in the new Government House he (Fayemi) built.

Mr. Fayose of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, was sworn in as governor of the state last Thursday. He had defeated Mr, Fayemi, the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in the June 21 governorship election.

On his inauguration day, the new governor had alleged that the former governor left a debt profile of N57 billion. Mr. Fayemi has since debunked that claim, stating that he took N25 billion Bond out of which N14 billion had been paid.

‎The new statement by Mr. Fayose’s Special Assistant on Information and Social Media, Lere Olayinka, said while Mr. Fayemi furnished his room with a N30 million bed, that of his wife was bought for N20 million.

It said apart from the beds, their toilets and bathrooms cost about N100 million.

The statement titled “N3.3bn new Government House Is Fayemi’s Show of Wickedness To Ekiti People,” said nobody would see what the former governor did with the funds he borrowed and be able to hold back tears.

“Between Fayemi and his wife, what was spent on their bedrooms, toilets and bathrooms will be in the region of N100m,” the statement said.

“How can a responsible government use borrowed funds to provide this kind of luxury for the governor and his family alone in a state where a lot of people cannot afford to feed more than once in a day?

“People should ask the former governor what was really wrong with the abandoned governor’s lodge used by his (Fayemi) predecessors?”

Mr. Fayose argued that such funds expended on the hilltop edifice should have been used to resuscitate the moribund textile factory in Ado-Ekiti that was turned to lock-up shops to provide employment for our teeming youths?

Wondering if Mr. Fayemi was living in that manner of opulence before he became governor or sleeping on a body-massaging bed and bathing in an electric-controlled Jacuzzi, the statement said the former governor could not pay salaries and yet was living in such opulence.

It said, “Here is Fayemi, who could not pay workers salaries, owing them two-month salaries before he left. A Fayemi, who out of sheer wickedness refused to pay pensioners N2.4bn pension and gratuities; N400m workers leave bonus, N700m subventions to parastatals and tertiary institutions and remit N2.4bn four months’ cooperative society’s deductions from workers salaries preferring to use N3.3bn borrowed funds to provide luxury for himself, his wife and children alone. This is wickedness!’’

The statement claimed that‎ the governor would prefer to sell the property and use the proceed to provide basic amenities and employment opportunities for the people.

The statement also said Mr. Fayemi had planned to purchase a helicopter if he had been voted back to power.

“That’s also the reason he (Fayemi) refused to renovate the Governor’s Office, leaving it in a state of disrepair because he knew that he was not going to use the office during his second term,” the statement said.

“Also, contract for the maintenance of the property was already awarded for N150m per annum. When we visited the Government House for the first time yesterday, Mr Governor was like; how I wish I can sell off this place or turn it to commercial use? It is simply wicked for a governor to be more interested in this manner of ostentatious comfort at the expense of the people.”

The statement wondered “if the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, whom Fayemi and his so-called progressives claimed as their role-model, lived in any government house, much less of building an Emperor-like house for himself.”

It also asked if the late Adekunle Ajasin, former governor of the old Ondo State, built a monarchical government house for himself or Lateef Jakande, former governor of Lagos State live in any government house?

“These are great Yoruba sons, who recorded landmark achievements as premier of the old Western Region and governors of Lagos State and the old Ondo State respectively.

“The duo of Ajasin and Jakande were able to impact tremendously on their states because they did not like to waste public funds on the provision of luxury for themselves.”

According to the statement, Mr. Fayose, who governed the state between 2003 and 2006, would have preferred not to live in the Government House build by Mr. Fayemi because it was a symbol of oppression.

It added, “He(Fayose) will prefer to live where Ekiti people can easily see him, touch him, eat with him and discuss the progress of the state together.

“But abandoning it would amount to colossal waste of public funds; but Governor Fayose will not hide himself from the masses.”


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  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    • Don Messi

      *Just wondering it took PT this long to share this ‘good news’ with us. Abi is it BAD NEWS To them?? This gist has been in circulation for a long time. If it ws a PDP govrnmnt, this would have been ‘BREAKING NEWS’ For PT.
      Some of us criticize when we see a need to..be it PDP/APC. Yet for the APC minions/pretenders, it’s a case of see no evil, Hear no evil, speak no evil. They will pretend to be in a coma now!
      I dey LaffooooO!

      • akinola

        I cannot for the life of me believe how ridiculously gullible and unthinking some Nigerians are to swallow hook line and sinker the lies being peddled about by that thug and thoroughly corrupt rigged-in ‘governor’ called Fayose. How can two beds cost N50million? It is palpably a monumental lie from the pit of hell! Fayose should sit down and think sbout good governance that will improve the quality of lives of Ekiti people – who unfortunately will have to endure 4 years of hell and pain. Fayose stop the mudslinging and get down to work!

        • Dana-ija

          If it were GEJ, the rest of us would not have appeared “gullible” to you. But because it is a born again thief in gap-toothed Fayemi, we are all “gullible.” Double standard!! You APC guys are duplicitous and impulsively dishonest. Your are all pathologically hypocritical. You are doing more to destrouy your party than PDP could ever do. It is a shame that the world is seeing the APC as unreliable and “holier than thou” kleptomaniacs with unfounded “righteous indignation” against GEJ.

          • Don Messi

            ‘You APC Guys are duplicitous and impulsively dishonest’.
            ‘You are All pathologically hypocritical ‘

            Sir/Ma’am, you are too much!

            God Bless you real good!

          • Lala

            So u are not sure of who he is? Olooooshi! Oloriburuku!

        • Don Messi

          ‘how can two beds cost N50M’?
          The same way Stella Oduah bought two bullet proof cars for…….!!!!
          I guess you have never heard about ‘over pricing/invoicing’??
          Don’t you realize these charlatans can spend millions on things as little as toothpicks if they choose to? Especially knowing your likes will jump out to defend them out of ‘party loyalty’?
          Do you hold brief for these guys masquerading as ‘leaders’??

    • Okemute1

      Weda it is the change or not, Nigeria is Ebola free, we will also be Ebele free soon.

    • Wähala

      Who swallows N1bn on food and beverages alone? How much was in our national budget for renovation of the Banquet Hall in the Presidency… did you know that amount has been a regular in the budget? Sha, waste is waste no matter by whom.

      • Dana-ija

        That should be the issue. Fayemi is a serious embarassment.Obviously, he is a dishonest man. You should all accept that. Stop defending him. Condemn him like you would condemn GEJ.

        • Lala

          Plsease tell Fayose to institute a probe.

          • Dana-ija

            Why are you in a hurry?

    • Lala

      Fayose in his 1st coming spent 1billion on a poultry. Not one egg was produced!

  • walejohnson

    Fayose, you have the choice to either live in the building or sell it. He invested the money in Ekiti State, he did not store it abroad for his personal use. Look at your other pdp governors and Jonathan what they are doing with our money. If they use the money on developments in the country, things would not be as bad as this. You believe in stomach infrastructure but Fayemi believe in some basic amenities of life. Ask your boss Jonathan to pay Ekiti State the amount his government is owing. You can settle down and do some work. We will access your performance after 100days. But be warned there is ICC in the Hague watching.

    • Captain Haddock

      ‘we will ACCESS Your performance’????

      Nawa for these APC people oo! Una go school at all???

      • walejohnson

        In answer to your question, yes, I have a very good education, thank you. Common sense would tell you that it is Printing error and should be ASSESS. Does your education permit you to please respond to politics being discussed, and have some sensible political debate?

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Probably not!

        • Dana-ija

          Then you should be more careful next time! You brought this on yourself.

          • Lala

            If u are sure of your facts then please advice Fayose to institute a probe. Grandstanding will not pay at this moment in time.

          • Dana-ija

            Yes. You are just in a hurry. Omode bu iroko, o nwo eyin………….!

      • Lala

        Why are you Phee Dee Phee apologists afraid of instituting a probe in this instance?! Na wah for una o. Fayemi says he is ready for probe. Are u afraid the truth will be revealed?!

    • Jojo

      @ Walejohnson:

      Your type is in the majority in Yorubaland. You are utterly amoral. Now if i were a state governor and i divert state revenues to buy series of luxury yactch for the cruising pleasure of the governor’s office and family members, is this
      what you would say, that: “….i invested the money in the State and did not store it abroad for personal use.”?

      • Goodluck_Nigeria

        That is APC’s Barkin Zuwo theology ……… “government money in government house”

    • Bayo

      Bayelsa state govt house cost 33 billion naira.

      • Lala

        Abi o. Dem no see dat one o.

  • omololu

    The best way to answer fayose is to ask, what did he achieved during is first tenure as the governor of Ekiti state and compare that with fayemi’s. And where did he put the billions that were stolen during is first tenure.

    • Captain Haddock

      ‘what did he achieved’????

      Nawa for these APC people o! Una go school so???

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        But you got the gist of his message, didn’t you?

        Forget the shadow, chase the substance!

        • Captain Haddock

          The substance is the amount spent on a bed.
          If the guy above had been objective enough to address that, I might have turned a blind eye to his ‘shadow’.
          I would like to see more balance from you APC minions..not a case of everything PDP is bad and everything APC is perfect. That’s the impression you guys create.. which is hypocritical.
          I am quite certain if it was a PDP governor being accused, that ‘omololu’ guy and even you would have been singing a different tune.
          Be balanced oga lawyer..be objective no matter whose Ox is…

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            I asked for a probe, whilst you guys have been dancing the can can!

            I think I am being more rational and objective here than you.

        • Dana-ija

          The substance here is that didn’t the APC know that this man was impeached when he was governor while he was campaigning for Fayemi to be governor? Didn’t the APC know he was an “undesirable element” while they enjoyed his support? Now that he changed camps, contested against them and defeated them they are weeping like crocodiles!

          When will the APC stop being duplicitous and hypocrites? When would they stop lying to Nigerians and stop pretending to be “better” than others?

          Segun Oni was amuderer until he joined APC to become a SAINT. Oyinlola was a thief and a murderer until he joined APC to be a SAINT. Isiaka Adeleke us a thug until he joined APC to becoem a SAINT. Mimiko was a SAINT until he dumped Tinubu. Ribadu was a saint until he dumped Tinubu and the APC?

          Why can’t the APC be straight forward? Why are they so dubious? Why are they deceiving Nigerians that Buhari is a SAINT when they know what he did to Nigeria and Nigerians in 1984/85?

          Why? Why? Why?

          • Captain Haddock


          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Louder hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Will tell you once you can explain why stealing by public officials is not corruption!

            When the list of beneficiaries of national honours given by the current FGN is no longer a roll of dishonour!!

            When the PDP stop fielding known criminals for public posts!!!

            Why? Why? Why?

          • Dana-ija

            My answer to you is very straight forward. You are a lawyer and you are supposed to know better! The PDP is not claiming to be a party of Saints. There are good people there and there are bad people there.

            The problem with APC is that they have been deceiving Nigerians that they are better than PDP. Well, may be in STEALING! It is now very obvious that you guys in the APC are pathological liars, compulsive kleptomaniacs and obnoxious hypocrites!

            Ashiri yin ti tuuuuuuu!!!! Ole ni gbogbo yin!!!!! Eletan ni yin. Afefe ti fe, a ti ri furo adiyeeee!!!!! Oleeeeeee!!!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


  • tsunami1earthquake

    I thought Fayemi was APC? Is this how this party would want to administer Nigeria if its presidential candidate won the election? I’ve always said that no party is good enough to administer this country; they are all bunch of insensitive thieves. Maybe when the country has Independent electoral candidates things might come out better. And we hope the National Assembly is not pressured into reversing the already approved Independent candidacy.

    • Wähala

      How much is the budget for feeding alone for Villa dwellers? Who swallowed eba worth N1bn… you’ve forgotten abi?

      • tsunami1earthquake

        Yes, PDP steals, APC steals; and any other party would steal! That was why I said no party was good enough to administer Nigeria.

        • Wähala

          So, that makes you an anarchist at best, one can safely conclude. In the absence of the two-party option we now have, who should administer Nigeria then, Dr. Prognosis?

          • tsunami1earthquake

            No, I’m not an anarchist; rather I should be considered a nihilist as far as party politics are concerned in Nigeria. My diagnosis, not prognosis this time, is to have an Independent candidate who would rather want to make a name for himself/herself in good governance than kowtowing to the whims and caprices of political party hawks whose intent has always been to steal with both hands and feet.

          • Dana-ija

            At least it will not be the duplicitous APC who have become known to be more dangerous than the PDP. This is why they are trying to sell us a born-again thief in Buhari as “honest and disciplined” to once again deceive us! No waaaay!!!

          • Lala

            Phe Dee Phee apologists! Go ahead and probe cos come 2015 they will all be probed. Since 1999 sixteen (16) PDP Governors have undergone corruption trials with 3 convicted by PDP controlled EFCC. Not one opposition Governor has been convicted, except for the botched trial of Tinubu. And yet you want us to believe that all politicians in Nigeria are the same?! Nobody is a saint but some guys are ‘badder’ than others!

          • Dana-ija

            This is why I call you APC people duplicitous and dangerous. If you know that PDP members are thieves, why are you welcoming them into the APC? That means that just like Thievenubu, all of you in the APC are armed robbers too! Atiku is a certified thieve and he might end up being your flag bearer. Nyako is a baptised armed robber, he is a preeminent member of your party. Buhari is a born again thief, he is likely too to end up as your presidential ticket bearer.

            According to the APC, Segun Oni was a thief and murderer, but now he is a SAINT that he is in the APC. Oyinlola was a killer, now he is a leader of APC. Isiaka Adeleke is a thug, he is a prominent member of APC who helped sourced fund to pay the salaries of Osun Civil Servants. You are shameless and morally bankrupt. Just like Tinubu who attended schools that never existed.

            If your conscience is not dead, you should be hiding somewhere covering your face! It is this same APC that is begging the DESTROYERS OF NIGERIA in IBB, OBJ Abdulsalaam to give the “solution” for the problems of Nigeria.

            I wear the badge of PDP apologist with a honour. It is the APC thieves like Fayemi who try to deceive the people that they are prudent when they are not only prodigal, they are born again kleptomaniacs!!! The secret is out. APC is more corrupt and more dangerous to Nigerians than the PDP!!!!!

      • Lala

        Lol. They have selective amnesia. Fayemi has said before that he is open to probe. If they have there facts let them go ahead.

  • Wähala

    From budget of N1bn for feeding to opulent and the unnecessary annual repaires to the banquet hall at the Villa , these people are indeed wicked. The picture of Fayemi’s (ati iyawo) ugly bedrooms are on other news outlets. Quite frankly, Gov. Fayose should probe Fayemi’s dis-service to Ekitit people, because the APC will certainly probe the PDP at federal level should they win the general elections next year…

  • The Revolutionary

    Since Nigeria’s educated ones who can write in English language itterly fail to
    give direction to the Nigerian society so as to know right from wrong, it follows
    that Nigeria’s university graduates become legitimate targets for slaughter by
    assorted mobs in Nigeria – killing and maiming to impose a solution on Nigeria.

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    Oga Fayose, if we want a comedy show, we would have gone to the circus!

    Ekiti people voted you into power to govern, not to entertain us with ludicrous jokes!!

    It would fall into line with governance if you simply probe the last government and bring the actors to the law if they are found culpable instead of these agbero tactics aimed at lowering the bar of your office.

    Dignity is inbred.

    • Captain Haddock

      Spending that amount on a bed is a ‘ludicrous joke’.

      Wow, so funny I forgot to laugh!

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        You have seen the proof of purchase?

    • Hah!


    • Enemona

      I agree, he should just carry out a proper probe. The showmanship is just a waste of time.

      • Dana-ija

        It is not showmanship. We the people NEED to know and MUST know!

    • Dana-ija

      Yes. The kind of dignity that was used by Fayemi to loot our money and pay commission to Tinubu in Lagos. You hypocrites!!!

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Name calling is a recourse usual for people who are bereft of fact and or proof.

        Ask your man Friday to probe instead of playing the loony tune and you guys giving us a parody of the mad dance.

        The whole thing cacophonous and unedifying.

        • Dana-ija

          It would be cacophonous because it is not what you want to hear. It would be unedifying because you are being exposed by Fayose. It is everything you detest because it is embarrassing to you that one of your saints is found out to be an armed robber. That is the crux of the matter.

          You all are shameless hypocrites!!! You have no moral right to criticize PDP in any shape or form. You are even worse than the PDP. It is because of death of conscience and lack of shame that you people are able to come out and defend this reeking acts of Fayemi!!! It is a shame. Big shame!!!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            I have already come to the conclusion that “although you appear to be well educated and precocious, your mental development was arrested shortly before you reached the age of puberty”.

            On the basis of the above, I shall proceed to ignore further vituperations from you until I discern a modicum of intelligence emanating from your odious person.

            So long, Dana-ija.

  • 15721_14421

    The antics of a so called progressive government, shows one the hypocrisy of Nigeria’s politicians. APC and their loquacious Lai Mohamed should tell us where they were when so called progressive governors were buying N50m beds to sleep in.

    • Captain Haddock

      They are in a self induced coma.
      And have left the dirty job for their hirelings to defend the indefensible!
      *some of them are trying so hard though. I think they deserve commendation for blind loyalty.

  • Anyaoku

    APC is not a political party. APC is a criminal organization. Stealing is the ideology of APC.
    No APC state ever rendered financial accounts to the people. No APC state complies with
    Nigeria’s Freedom of Information Act binding on all states, federal and local governments.
    APC is by-word for stealing in the name of Islam – a criminal organization of thievish outlaws.

  • Mr Igbo Sanity

    Fayose the RIGGED in unelected “governor” shall be impeached by the peoples house. Guaranteed!

    • Dana-ija

      This will not be like the last time. This time around, it will be fight to finish. Those who may try it and their spnsors will smell reall pepper. We will not kill anyone like Fayemi murdered the Ifaki 4. But we will let them know that Ekitiis not part of Tinubu’s empire!

  • concerned9ja

    This is nothing but grandstanding. PDP and Fayose are only accusing, let them investigate. First, they said the ex-gov left over 57b Naira debt, but the man exposed their illiteracy and they shut up. Now, it is N50m bed purchase. Thus is the same Fayose who built plank poultry for N1billion almost a decade ago. So unbelievable was the scandal that OBJ could not hold back cursing him publicly at a reception organised by Fayose himself. Surely, you can’t buy class.

    • Dana-ija

      Yes. You can’t buy class such as Kayode Fayemi’s. It is the ruse he used in deceiving us in Ekiti. He stole our money and paid his mortgage to Bola Tinubu leaving the whole Ekit worse than it deserves. Class, class, class is all they trumpet why they teal our money. May Eledumare never let you guys go unpunished. Ase!

      • trulynigerian

        The price of building the government house is absurd. but why is fayose crying foul. @least fayemi didnt build this government house for himself. he built it for Ekiti and as he left he didnt take the house nor the bed out of government house.

        • lawiri

          A ” befitting State house” is not what Ekitians need. People there are angry and hungry : nothing seems to work. This is not confined to Ekiti state alone but to all the federating units of the baby called Nigeria. All politicians (in and out of government) in Nigeria are thieves . All of them : God will punish them including their children , grandchildren and those benefiting from their loots at the expense of hungry Nigerians.

          • trulynigerian

            My brother easy on the curses. the problem of Nigeria flows from top to bottom. as a Nigerian citizen do you cheat in the market place? did you cheat in your WAEC? in your office do you inflate contracts? are you honest? Integrity and morality are almost extinct in Nigeria today. Ever wondered why all these prayers for curses have not been answered? because the oppressed are oppressing others, the cycle of oppression continues. So demand for your right without raining curses. Nigeria would be great again It begins with you and me.

          • lawiri

            Obviously, you are one the numerous beneficiaries of the treasury looters. I rest my case.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Counter his logic with well reasoned thoughts, not some form of vacuous verbosity!

          • lawiri

            @ Patrick Kay Soyemi Obahiagbon. Reply unreasonable comments from a birdbrain? Not my way !

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Lawiri, anything worth doing at all is wort doing well!

          • trulynigerian

            lol. take a chill my brother. the truth is better. I am not and by the grace of God, I would not be. fact is, it is easy to castigate people up there without checking your own self. God would judge you for every “little” way you have treated or cheated others, he would judge me too and judge all these politicians. Imagine you, me and the rest of the masses obey God’s word? then like Elijah if we pray for fire to consume all the wicked and corrupt leaders, God will answer us.

        • Dana-ija

          Your logic befuddles me. Why won’t cry foul? Fayemi borrowed money and put the State in debt. He did not pay salaries of poor workers and you are wondering why Fayose is crying foul? So, until he has taken things to his own personal house, Fayemi should not be called to order? So, if Fayemi bought jets why the people go hungry, it would still be alright as long as he did not take the jets with him? I am just asking!

          • trulynigerian

            well whilst he cries foul let him act. Action speaks louder than words. Let him prosecute fayemi in our courts of law for every inappropriate deed. What does the mudslinging do for Ekiti people? they know all this that is why they voted fayemi out in the first place!

          • Dana-ija

            What does the mudslinging by the APC crowd against GEJ does for Nigerians? Is Kwankwanso not a governor? Is Aregbesola not a governor? Is Amaechi not a governor? Are they not mudslinging the president on daily basis? Why are you guys in love with double standard? Why can;t you guys be fair? How do you know he is not governing? All you guys want is for Fayose to sweep this Fayemi’s dirt under the carpet and all wil lbe good and well! Well, I hope he does not listen to any of you. The people have the right to know and must know what Fayemi did with their money!

  • Chief Ovie Obaro (JP)

    O yes! Thief thief thief thief & quench…and come back to speak ‘English’ and tell us you have a degree from Oxford. Some idiots described this fellow some years ago as someone with an ‘impressive’ CV. Nonsense!

    Oh continent Nigeria? Is this what you have become? So our leaders are chronic pathological thieves? Haba! But how can someone be sleeping on a N50m bed? Which kind of dream will he dream on such a bed? But wickedness plenty for Nigeria no be small o!…and these ragamuffins will sleep and wake up on such a bed when some families take turn to sleep on the only tattered mat in the house?

    May the generations yet unborn of all those currently behaving like this ex-Gov, and those who ‘intend’ to behave like that, sleep tonight and not wake up. Amen!….I am volcanically angry now. I wish I could see this useless Gov right away and give him some non refundable hot backhand slap. What a thief! …Wasting my hard earned oil monies on frivolities? This is wickedly wicked. May the hottest parts of hell be reserved for all those who steal or misappropraite state funds while the masses wallow in abject penury. Nonsense!

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Maybe he does deserve your ire, but what would you give GEJ, Oduah, Deziani, Uduaghan, Orji and Akpabio in that case?

  • Dr. Kay

    A drowning man will clutch at a straw with everything he has because that may be his saving grace. All the PDPigs apologists that have clambered into the bandwagon of this mere accusation that shows no iota of substance , I sorry for una oh. You were voted in to govern , instead you’ve turned your governing into mudslinging and grandstanding. Remember the first accusation of debt left that was defended and Fayose’s and co are loudly very quiet and now this? If they have any proof will they not be showing the world , but , o tio , the area boy in this thug is riding him like a wild horse at a rodeo. You have the mantle of governing Ekiti now , why can’t you probe Fayemi with facts and paper trail instead of basing all accusations on mere conjecture and fallacy. I think this man has nothing to offer and this is a ploy to divert people’s gaze from his ineptitude and concentrate energy on chasing shadows of his deluded hallucinations about what Fayemi did or did not do during his tenure. Mr. Area boy Fayose ,abeg ,abeg ,abeg , remove the log from your eyes before concentrating on other peoples speck. Remember what your non poultry issue made Baba rain curses on you , imagine you claiming your predecessor spends 50 million Naira on beds and you can’t show us the receipt that substantiate your ludicrous claims . To make matters worse some gullible and brainless goons are buying this cock and bull story. Aso rock occupant spends 1billion Naira on food , lots of million of Naira on ict(computer)every year, what kind computer he dey buy and he is not wicked only Fayemi is wicked via a badly hatched plot that is so phoolish even a one year old can see through it. You see as they say empty barrel makes a lot of noise, when you come to power via stomach infrastructure , there is little more you can do in governing if you are out of your depth. Fayose is a disaster, and this is just the beginning , all the rice and kerosene don finish , giving that on monthly basis is unsustainable , so why not throw mud and see whether it wil stick unfortunately , we have grown wiser and that kind ojoro and smokescreen will not work ever again.

    • Dana-ija

      Yeees o my brother! Fayose, just like Fayemi is a DISASTER! The only difference is that one is a gap-toothed PHDied DISASTER and the other is the PEOPLE MADE DISASTER. If I am going to make a choice, I will go with Fayose. My reasons are as follows:

      1. Fayose is a man of the people, regardless of what you call him or say about him. He is not like Fayemi, an inflated egomaniac who thinks he is better than the rest of the people because he has two for a penny PHD. PHD is two for a penny in Ekiti and it means nothing special.

      2. Fayose is not a pretender. He has never claimed to be a SAINT. Unlike Fayemi who wants us to believe that he is prudent but he is a born-again thief and prodigal son of Ekiti.

      3. It is evident that Fayemi, just like other APC kelptomaniacs, is not honest with the Ekiti people. He has deceived them, insulted them, humiliated them and was not allowed to get away with it. Fayose knows he is not perfect. He pleaded for forgiveness and his people listened to him.

      4. Regardless of how you spin it, only a wicked, mean-spirited, cruel, unfeeling and dubious crook would build a 3.3 billion government house, equip it with 50 million naira bed and award a contract of 150 million naira annual maintenance and not be able to pay months of salaries of poor workers. Fayomi should not be able to sleep well wherever he isnow.

      That being the case, those of you who are trying to deodorize this stinking episode and doing everything in your power to demonize Fayose, I wish you good luck. If it worked before now, he would not be in government house in Ekiti. People have found out the tricks of the APC and its apologists. We have come to realize that APC godfathers and their godsons are impulsive liars, compulsive hypocrites, pathologically duplicitous and very untrustworthy.

      It is their belief that since they control the media, they can destroy anyone. But the people have woken up. No amount of lies by The Nation, Punch, Premium Times, Sahara defrauders or any of their noxious affiliates would deceive people any more.Some of us will continue to come here to debunk your lies in our little way.

      Fayose is the hand of God to rescue Ekiti people from the stranglehold of the Boudillon thief called Bola Tinubu and his errand boys.

      2015, we are eagerly waiting!

  • TEMI

    Your Excellency, Please with all due respect can you get to work and start thinking of strategies that will position Ekiti State and your government positively rather than complaining about what was spent by the Fayemi administration. GET TO WORK AND LET SEE YOU CAN ACTUALLY DO BETTER LIKE YOU HAVE ALWAYS SAID. LESS TALK MORE POSITIVE ACTIONS….

    • Dana-ija

      Disclosures disturbs no governance in any way!

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Disclosures without proof is as useful as urine against the wind!

        Let him probe the last government if there is substance to his claims.

        Anything else is mere rumour mongering.

        • Dana-ija

          Just like APC is always shamelessly mongering rumours about their opponents. They engage in barefaced lies all of the time. And good for them, they have a LIAR as their spokesman.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


  • trulynigerian

    The price of building the government house is absurd. but why is fayose crying foul. @least fayemi didnt build this government house for himself. he built it for Ekiti and as he left he didnt take the house nor the bed out of government house. Let Fayose get to work jor.

  • lawiri

    A ” befitting State house” is not what Ekitians need. People there are angry and hungry : nothing seems to work. This is not confined to Ekiti state alone but to all the federating units of the baby called Nigeria. All politicians (in and out of government) in Nigeria are thieves . All of them : God will punish them including their children , grandchildren and those benefiting from their loots at the expense of hungry Nigerians.

  • DecodeDaRiddle

    I never subscribe to the leaders shortchanging the electorate but that is what is happening here. Fayose wants to reduce things to personalities rather than governance. In one stroke he says he will not be vindictive, on the other he is doing so.
    There was a budget that was initiated, passed by the state house of assembly(some which Fayose have converted) so the house he talks about was a clear case of government process. Was the cost necessary? Very much not in my view. It appears that Fayose seem to be sending a lot of half truths and his plan is to use mob mentality to prevent his ouster should incase that happens. He says Fayemi has not paid in 2 months, NOI has said that payments are not as regular and it is on record that governors have returned empty handed from Abuja in the last months or at best not what they were to get. I suppose as the governor, Fayose should proceed to make good the payments because governance is a continuum. The picture he paints is such that Fayemi decided to punish the civil servants by not paying as against no money to pay them and truth is most states are in the same boat. Some will say am i defending Fayemi, absolutely not but let the truth be said, Fayose is using a strategy that will work initially but may backfire soon. It will get people to look at Ekiti closely and some of the facts are already out. The repayment of the loan that is already past half from 25 to 14 Billion is proof that the repayment that Fayose claims cant be done till 2020 can actually be done while he’s in office because if it took Fayemi repaying 14B in less than 4 years, Ekiti can be in the clear.
    Honestly, Fayose should face governance for Ekiti to move on. Fayemi did well by setting up a transition between the outgoing and the incoming and o greater transparency than that. I am surprised that Fayose is yet to say that monies are not accounted for….it means Fayemi either was thrifty or a smooth criminal. Well if there are issues, let Fayose refer to probity but let him deliver what the people want. The fear i have is that Fayemi already did most of the things that Fayose should be doing hence why he has time to complain instead of rolling up his sleeves and deliver.
    He is yet to put proper roots in place other than adviser for stomach infrastructure and the mouth piece. He should realize that propaganda did not work for Fayemi and may as well turn out not to work for him also. Fayemi initiated a social security for the elderly in the state and that didnt save him….Fayose, beware!

    • Dana-ija

      I disagree with you. Why are you jittery? There is no need for you to be. There is need for the people to know how their money was spent. Fayose must expose those who called him unsavoury names when they themselves are reeking dangerously. Why would Aregbesola, Fashola, Amosun Ajimobi, Amaechi and the rest of the APC gang not face their governance and found time to criticize GEJ all of the time?

      Please, stop this doublestandard!! Fayemi was a prodigal son. It would have been better if it ends there. But it is obvious he is a born-again thief. You should not blackmail the governor. Let him tell us what Fayemi and his gang of bandits did with our money. It does not stop him from governing.

      • DecodeDaRiddle

        My brother, I am not the victim here but the people of Ekiti. If the best that happens is they keep recyling insensitive leaders…good for them. What is at stake here is that let Fayose stop showing off these images because the day he enters that house and lays his head, he becomes a hypocrite. Let me say clearly that this is not a party thing but governance. If we reduce it to party then we never get benefits, if we make it governance, then the people benefit. Fayose is yet to show the substance we desire as far as i am concerned, let him show the contracts were tainted and we all will join him to blacklist Fayemi, let him show that items paid for were not delivered or are now missing or packed along the outgone governor’s loads then we shall castigate and recommend relevant bodies to prosecute Fayemi. Failure to do such is just mob tactics that some of us are aware of. His long objective is to incite the people against Fayemi should incase he is impeached or the court declares him unfit. I can assure that all these are political and the truth is that i am sure that Fayose will move into the same building after all these noise. He should move to the old building since he says nothing is wrong with it and make the new building a 4-5 star hotel that Ekiti may benefit from. If he moves into that building,remember this day that i said so.

        • Dana-ija

          My brother, I still disagree with you. You must understand that this is politics. The APC have used all their media outlets (including Premium Times) to demonize Fayose. He needs to expose them so that we will all know that Fayemi is not as clean as he is being projected.

          Secondly, he owes the people, whose money has been spent and who have suffered deprivations in the hands of Fayemi all these disclosures so that they would know why they have not been able to feed their families and pay the school fees of their children.

          Also, we do not need to see the accounts to know that Fayemi has defrauded Ekiti people. We all build houses. We patronize the same markets. So we know that somebody has stolen our money.

          This has nothing to do with governance. I am just so tired of the DOUBLE STANDARD! How come you are not advising Aregbesola, Amaechi, Kwankwanso, Fashola, Amosun to face governance and stop criticizing GEJ?

          Is the people not losing while they are doing such? Let us be fair. Fayose has the right to criticize Fayemi and we should let him. It does not disturb the act of governance.

          Thank you.

          • DecodeDaRiddle

            I respect you right to disagree and i am responding because no name calling has started between us. However, you are bringing GEJ and APC governors into it now and they are not the focus so i will not want us to digress. This is about Ekiti and your assertion of deprivation is not factual if i may add. Up till 2 months ago, he paid all due to civil servants and he built infrastructures and ensured that social security was done in Ekiti, i dont know Fayemi but all he did are both there for us to read and see. I will take the stand of governance because that is what benefits the electorate and will not stand for persons. Governance is an institution and that is what people get irrespective of military or democracy. it is what they get either APC or PDP, it is what they get either physical or stomach infrastructure. The issues here are not about demonizing anyone. An eye for an eye make almost everyone blind. If it was about demonizing people, Ekiti would not have disdained all that was said about Fayose and voted for him. Conservative or progressives as politicians may call themselves are branding as far as i am concerned. All indications show that Fayose will stay in that house, else he wouldnt have asked that prayers be held in the house, so his hypocrisy is such that he will ENJOY all those things his predecessor enjoyed with his family.
            The more urgent issue is governance and Fayose should get to it. Governance may include a probe if he so desires not putting pictures of where he potentially will rest his own head too very soon. The people of Ekiti deserve governance than name calling by their leaders so he should respect them and help them get all you say Fayemi may have deprived them, then shall the people know the difference not in the opulence he plans to enjoy also.

          • Dana-ija

            My dear brother you are missing the point. My point is this – The GOVERNANCE you are advocating is not in any way impeded by the exposition of the wrong deeds of Kayode Fayemi by Governor Fayose.

            The reason I am offended by those who are criticizing Fayose include the following:
            1. They want the dirty clothes of Fayemi to be kept in a dirty closet so that his reputation as a “clean and prudent” person will remain when this obviously is not true.
            2. They are upset that this is an embarrassment to APC’s image and are willing to crucify Fayose for causing them headache regardless of the good intentions that Fayose might have for the Ekiti people.
            3. They are pretending that he is leaving the task of “governance” in abeyance while he is exposing the dirts on Fayemi.
            4. I believe their motive for No.3 above is unclean and the act very hypocritical because we have APC governors who criticize Jonathan all of the time and no one has told them that they should face the task of “governance.”

            So, your focus on the issue of “governance” can not be done in isolation of the panoramic scene of politics in which is encapsulated the act of “governance.”

            My position is this, before you throw a stone to a bird, try it with yourself. Before you criticize your opponents, make sure you are not guilty of the same issue. Otherwise you will become an hypocrite and lose credibility.

            I believe the issue of governance is just a diversion by the dishonest APC apologists. Fayose has embarrassed them via an issue they did not contemplate. Instead of them to accept that what Fayemi did was wrong and condemn him, they are looking for a way to make Fayose look bad and unserious. But I refuse to buy that. That is the crux of the matter.

          • DecodeDaRiddle

            I believe that almost everyone has advised Fayose that the most appropriate thing to do is to initiate a probe where the “sins” of Fayemi will be enumerated and made public. It is wrong for Fayose to pander figures of bed and bathrooms without providing the purchase order and contract values of other things. He has resulted to speculations and the objective is to tarnish the image of Fayemi. In as much as he wants to play politics, i do not blame or hold him from doing such but he should do it properly for the sake of the future of Ekiti people. We are all witnesses also to someof the good things that Fayemi too did. The people of Ekiti deserve to know how the commonwealth was spent but as educated people, let the information be available in a gazetted format for generations unborn so that it will not be “dem say” to them. OBJ who attacked Fayose during his first term went ahead to ensure that EFCC did a follow through, i do not mind if the EFCC is called into this, let Fayemi face the music is what i advocate, provided he has done anything shady. In the absence of a constituted and verifiable means of evaluating this contracts, Fayose should stop the mob tactics and be seen to do what he campaigned for….governance. Governance also ensures that the people get updates in a proper and constituted manner, they can make reference in a proper manner than coming to premium times to search for articles. The reason most people have escaped justice is because most allegations are never substantiated and we the citizens suffer for it. Fayose can make a difference this time as he represents the people of Ekiti. I still insist my brother that Nigerians are wiser and their choices are better informed, GEJ is not on the plate here and when the time comes, his defense on any allegation will be what will make or mar his return to office.

          • Dana-ija

            I hope you will extend the same parameter to those in the APC who criticize others. Let them come up with the evidence before we can believe anything. SLS never gave us any proof, but APC is all over the place badmouthing Jonathan over his baseless and confused allegations!

            It is the double standard that riles me. It makes me lose any hope that Nigeria can ever make it if this is the way APC is going to rule Nigeria if they get to Aso Rock. It is scary. The more I try to resist GEJ, the more I am pushed into his camp by the hypocrites in the APC!

          • DecodeDaRiddle

            We need to force leadership to do the right thing all the time. They cant reach out to us for votes and dispense justice personally. The courts are there and Fayose also has all means at his disposal to make a fact finding befitting the Ekiti people. I can assure you that the cost for those contracts exist in the archives of government, he should resist laziness and dig them out, he should establish infractions and publish and if he chooses prosecute. The good thing is that Ekiti people are learned so reading the information as put forward by a legitimate government should not be an issue. I will advise that our role is to redirect leaders to do the right thing and not as they deem fit. It would be wrong for anyone of them(APC-PDP) to use the trappings of government to prosecute personal vendetta as some are. The APC-PDP feud you mention is standard politics, they use such antics world over to woo voters but when it comes to personal castigation, i suppose party leaderships have done such and not individual. I dont recall Fashola, Amosu, Oshiomole, Aregbe etc calling out the person of GEJ. Neither has GEJ called out any of them. Lai and Olisa have at different times used unsavory names to make allegations stick. The difference is what i try to point out and all in proper perspective. Nigeria is greater than us all and accountability must start from the top or we reiterate such using the people’s will.

          • Dana-ija

            It means you have not followed news as religiously as I thought. Google the names you mentioned above and see what I am talking about.

            And by the way, why don’t you preach to the APC hypocrites? Are we operating with different standards for everyone?

  • Dana-ija

    Your Excellency, the Governor of Ekiti State, Dr. Ayodele Fayose, I am pleading with you to remember your promise to the poor people of Ekiti State. You must not allow yourself to be intimidated or blackmailed by the Boko Haram Press of the APC.

    There is need for you to expose the dirty linens of the duplicitous Fayemi crowd. Their fake “holier than thou” attitude must be exposed for the world to see who they truly are. WE, the PEOPLE have the right to know how Kayode Fayemi and his gang of thieves raped our treasury in the last 4 years. We need to know what they did with our money.

    If you are reading this or any of your media men is reading this, you must know sir, Your Excellency, that this is the view on the street. We want to know why we did not get our salaries why a 3.3 billion government house was being built and was being equipped wit 50million naira bed? We want to know what sort of consultancy was being provided by one of Fayemi’s schoolmate housed in the government house and wasbeing paid 1m naira monthly. We want to know a lot things. And you owe us the responsibility to disclose everything.

    Please, do not tarry. We, the people are waiting. The disclosures would be therapeutic for our psyche that have been brutalized in the last four years.

    Thank you.

    From your loyal citizen,

    Dana-ija Arogunyo.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


      Haven’t seen or read such sycophancy in a very long time!

      Beg all you want, I can reassure you that Mr. Fayose will not oblige you with proof of such outrageous spendings because there are no 50 million Naira beds anywhere.

      Why are you deluding yourself?

      • Dana-ija

        Yes oooooooo! Charge and bail lawyer. We all know that there is no 50 million naira bed anywhere. That is why we have to cry out for the world to see the fraud committed by Saint Kayode Fa-(Oleyemi).

        The fact that Fayose is exposing your behind and showing the world what fraud you in APC are is what is paining you all. He should continue to expose your lies and frauds. Awon ole! Daguda gang!

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          So Fayose has also asked you to expose your gbegiri, egusi, locust beans and ewedu infested teeth too?

          Ol’ boy, go grab some chewing stick! Your matter don pass toothpaste and brush!!

      • e go beta!

        THANK YOU!

  • Gideon Orkar

    N30 Million for one bed? Haba Fayemi!!

    Fayose please more expose

  • tundemash

    Fayose…… why don’t you just probe Fayemi and bring the full weight of the law on anyone who has corruptly enriched himself. Photoshopping on internet isn’t what we need ….. Probe, probe, probe and bring to justice …. and that is if you are “clean” yourself.

    • Henry

      Oh, you just summoned courage to comment abi??
      Funny when any sleaze is exposed on GEJ or any other PDP member, you don’t realise ‘photo shopping on internet’ is not what we need!
      This is why some of us suspect you guys who heap praises on every Tom, Dickinson & Harry that waves the APC broom.
      It means the value you place on anti corruption is subjective.
      What a shame!

      • tundemash

        Numskull, apparently you look forward to my comment. Show me your comment on this story before mine.

        I have just requested Fayose to go ahead and probe Fayemi, that is the proper thing for a sitting gov not photo album showing on the internet …. how is Fayemi supposed to pay for his crime by this photo album display ? It is called playing to the gallery to get clowns like you excited. Rogues should be jailed wherever they are.
        And for your info, once Nigeria is ebele-free (cr. @Okemute1), just as it is ebola-free now, we will also push for Ebele’s probe. Rogues belong to jail, whether it is a Fayemi, Tinubu, Alams or Ebele and e-rats deserve to go hungry.

        And I fully suscribe to the @Wahala’s sugegstion; Buhari should campaign with his asset declaration publicly declared; Dumbo won’t even bother come out for election. And the tragedy for you is; no more crumbs at the amnesty village. Lo ba tan !

  • Words on Marble

    “APC is by-word for stealing in the name of Islam – a criminal organization of thievish outlaws.
    APC is not a political party. APC is a criminal organization. Stealing is the ideology of APC.
    No APC state ever rendered financial accounts to the people. No APC state complies with
    Nigeria’s Freedom of Information Act binding on all states, federal and local governments.


    [October 23, 2014)

    • Ade

      Nothing is so special or too much about this, after all it is a guest house for the state dignitaries for many generations. Governor Fayose should settle down to govern his people. Mind you Governor Fayemi did not build this lodge for his personal use. Meanwhile, Governor fayose and his team should learn not to expose the inner most of the government house in the name of bitter politics

  • Babatoks

    The House that Fayemi built?

  • austine007

    I, Chief (sorry I mean thief)-Ayo or is it spelt Ole Kayode Fayose is hereby informing all of you people that it is Dr Fayemi who stole all the monies before I took over as governor of this state. So that when I leave office in 2018 and you people ONLY find Twenty naira fourteen kobo (20:14k) in the government account don’t say it is me oooo! Me am already shouting on top of my voice so that posterity will judge me right; Because all of us in PDP (People-Deceiving-People) are very clean and innocent people. Who always tell truth. We hate embezzlement and corruption with perfect hatred. You can ask the abominable OBJ, Atiku, Ibori, Joseph Dariye, Patience Jonathan, Vincent Ogbulafor, And Hon. Dimeji Bank-OLE etc…

    Thank you my people…
    Long live Nigeria!!!

  • e go beta!

    Mr. Dindinrin fayose! Where are you going to stay? What will happen to the government house. Omo ìlè, ti a té si ori béèdì, jijabo lóo jabó.

  • Dandaman

    I shouldn’t be surprised, most people are not serious minded or take anything serious. Unbelievable though

  • Babatunde

    There are no “white lies” in Nigeria, there are “black lies”. A country of the animals, by the animals, and for the animals. Let everybody shout ninety nine hallelujahs!!!