Nigeria set to launch Social Security package for millions of poor citizens

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

The Nigerian government is set to introduce a social safety net that would allow millions of poor citizens enjoy cash backups to meet their basic socio-economic needs, the Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, announced Tuesday.

The minister, who disclosed this in Abuja during her appearance on the Ministerial Platform to brief the media on the programmes of her ministry, said arrangements towards the take-off of the scheme were being finalized.

Unlike several other countries, Nigeria presently runs no social security package for either the poor, unemployed, aged or women. Only a few states, such as Ekiti and Ogun, provide monthly support to the aged.

The outgone Fayemi government paid N5,000 monthly to the elderly.

In South Africa, for instance, social services for the citizens forms a significant part of the country’s annual budget.

Bills pushing for government support to unemployed and aged Nigerians have remained stuck in the National Assembly for years.

Details of the new plans announced by the finance minister are not clear yet.

Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala merely said the proposed Social Safety Net would be specifically targeted at the rural poor and would serve as a financial support to help beneficiaries send their children to school and access primary health care, amongst others benefits.

The minister said already the scheme has already undergone experimentation in Kano State to see how useful it would be in sending the girl-child to school.

The result so far, she said, has showed remarkable leap in girls’ enrollment in schools in the area.

Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala said the government would expand the scope and extend cash access to poor families to enable them to move up from the poverty trap to get their children educated and get their health index right.

“Government has asked an Inter-Ministerial Committee headed by the Ministry of Finance to work on this issue,” she said. “So as we speak, we are looking at what is called a Social Safety Net, which is designed to bring people at the bottom in poverty up. We are looking at various mechanisms, the biggest social safety net is jobs.”

She said the government would also be focusing on sectors that were not creating jobs fast enough, to replace them with other programmes capable of supporting the Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme (SURE-P) to create jobs for more people to save Nigerians from hand-outs.

The minister, who used the opportunity to review the performance of the economy and the budget, said the government was committed to sustaining the macroeconomic stability achieved so far by adopting appropriate fiscal and other measures to diversify Nigeria’s revenue base and improve the level of prudence in the management of available resources.

According to Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala, despite the downturn and serious uncertainties about the growth prospects of many economies globally, the outlook of Nigeria’s economy remained bright.

She cited the rebased Gross Domestic Product, GDP, figures, single inflation rate and a robust foreign reserves profile as well as increasing opening up of the economy for private investments.

She assured that government was ready to do everything to ensure that the economy was not exposed to the current shocks that may be occasioned by the dwindling oil export revenues.

To ensure that declining revenue flows did not affect ongoing programmes targeted, the minister said plans had reached an advanced stage to create mechanisms to protect the economy against likely shocks from the current dwindling oil revenues from crude oil exports.

She identified the Agricultural, Housing, Telecommunications, Entertainment, Water, Health, Works and others as sectors enjoying substantial support of government in terms of funding over the past two years.

Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala disclosed that about $14.1 billion had been raised from various global multilateral and other financial institutions to support the various sectors.


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  • Bhadmos Taiwo

    All because of 2015? Political gimmicks. Stomach infrastructural development?

    • Alcindo Satori

      You celebrate all negative news from/about Nigeria, but cry about positive accomplishments. Useless filth you are.

      • [MMXV]

        Few words..but u’ve said it ALL!!

      • Bhadmos Taiwo

        You will soon run for cover due to shame when your sponsors let you down. This Govt has nothing positive to give to the poor Nigerians. Early 2012, we demonstrated against the fuel price increase, your sponsors promised to use the excess on the fuel price to develop the infrastructural defects in the country. But alas! our situation is getting worse than they met it and you’re there lambasting me. Shame on you and your sponsors.

    • the truth

      so other countries with a social security set-up too can be classified as giving their citizens stomach infrastructure? Do you even know what the social security plan entails? The mere fact that any good news is always criticized is baffling

      • Omo Odua

        It seems you are the one who doe’s not know what social security is. How do you going identify who is a Nigerian and who is not? We don’t have any form of identification as a nation. The so called national ID card is still as good as trash. Beside the President, Vice President, ministers of finance, petroleum, and the first lady, nobody, I mean nobody in Nigeria is in possession of his/her national ID card. Thus you want provide Social Security!

        • the truth

          bro it is been rolled out and all those measures will be sorted out with years. Do you think all these will appear tomorrow just because they are launching it. How many years did it take America to master the social security scheme. My brother these are policies which subsequent govts will use. When franklin rosevelt engineered the scheme it had its flaws, but subsequent american presidents carried on the policy which we now se today. Even as we speak it has yet to be mastered since its creation by the act in 1935

          • Omo Odua

            Bro, you need to understand we need to start talking about the foundations not the infrastructure!
            If the federal authority is sincere, they suppose to be talking about proper national identification, then criminal data base etc. How felons are going to benefit from this if it is rolled out right now? What of the political patronage? As one one commentator said, even streets data base is not available in more fifty percent of the country! How are they going detect multiple recipients?

          • Leslie

            Please thanks for trying to make him see reason.If ordinary pension scheme cannot be managed then what’s the point.Another avenue to loot as usual.Just like building on air.

      • [MMXV]

        cease to be baffled my brother.
        Theirs is NOT Politics of issues but politics of BITTERNESS.
        Even in a debate, no one is awarded marks for the length of time spoken, BUT FOR VALID PIONTS MADE.
        All they do is blab blab blab. Any sane person would weep at their pettiness.

    • True Nigerian

      My brother, the deepest truths can be quite unpopular in a dishonest society.

  • Mamapikin

    Impractical. A country that cannot count itself, a country whose ministry of finance, according to this same woman, is populated by ghost workers, cannot seriously speaking, be talking of social security payment. A country in which streets have no names, houses have no numbers and people’s data are not captured anywhere cannot be taken seriously on the issue of social security payment. A country in which electoral registers are 80% full of ghost voters cannot maintain any serious social security scheme. And by the way, how would it be funded? By ever changing fortunes of oil windfall? And when prices plummet as the case is now, you run to UBA and Zenith banks for loans? According to Mr Lucky Igbenedion, as Edo State Governor, he borrowed a lot from his father Gabriel, and Godfather, Anthony Anenih, to pay salaries of stare employees. Never mind the controversy necessarily engendered when the important question is asked, “at what interest rate?”
    So the Gabriels and Anthonys of Nigeria will again be mobilized by madam “Afedi” when the time comes?
    Quite frankly speaking, this lady talks balderdash almost all the time!

    • Nameoh!

      GOD BLESS YOU Mamapikin for being so sensible. Perhaps there is hope in Nigeria – people do understand the fundamental problems we face. Please educate those around you – many (most?) are still lost in ignorance and foolishness!

    • Spoken word

      we have pension funds being looted with no consequences. dont want to imagine what will happen to the so called social security package.

      • Tunsj

        I couldn’t agree more. Gimmick to win the election in 2015.

    • Omo Odua

      Straight to the point. You said it all. And this is the celebrated woman that is taking our economy to the promise land. When you talk, they will tell you she went to one of the Ivy Leagues! If this is what the thought her the Ivy, then Ivy leagues are as good as Coconut head. In a country that the can’t even identify who is a citizen or none, then how are you going to provide welfare packages? Just for 2015! To deceive rural dweller! God save Nigeria from this woman and her likes.

    • Igbo Mandate

      Did you re-read what you have just written? From your diction, people like you are urgently in need of a social security package to help you get a sound education and manners. And “this same woman” will provide it.

  • the truth

    This calls for celebration. As long as the poor benefit it is a welcome development. Nigeria as a country is heading for greater heights.

    • Otile

      You are right, my brother.

      • the truth

        watch how the nay sayers would come here and criticize it. The abuja-kano rail will be launched in december, the first of its kind. I was reading a paper and i was baffled at what i read. Hyundai just lunched made in nigeria cars, 141 almajiri schools built in the north, 9 federal universities built in 4 years 6 of which are in the north, nigeria has the largest economy in africa, rail road functioning, just yesterday the dutse airport commisioned. u want me to go on? lol

        • True son of the soil

          Why do turn any sensible discussion to political campaign ,listen my friend all we the people wanted is just a descent living nothing more nothing less and whoever deliver that to us is our hero for life,full stop.

          • the truth

            i share that point with you, and can’t u take a laugh for once. i ended my sentence with lol that should tell u it shouldn’t be taken so serious. Every nigerian wants the best for nigeria.

        • Otile

          I want my Biafra where things can happen to the deserving people. In continent Nigeria the benefactors are ingrates. Despite what the federal government is doing to improve the lives of these people corrupt politicians and Yorubas see Jonathan as the cause of all evil in Nigeria since 1914.

    • Omo Odua

      Tell us the criteria for distribution the package? How foreigners are going claim this packages? How do you identify who is a Nigerian and who is not? Please open your eyes, we are in 21st century

      • the truth

        i know the logistics must be worked. But if it is channeled in the right way millions of the poor will benefit. but my bro the naija factor(corruption) is a major source of concern. This may be an honest initiative from the fg but it may be saboteured by component units. we pray God delivers Nigeria

        • Omo Odua

          Since you know there is corruption, why don’t we deal with the corruption first? Dealing with it, will helps a lot, to the extent many people will not even think of social security, not to even wait for. And yourself admit by saying “but if channeled in the right way….” Provide the federal authority is honest, if doe’s not even arise here.

          • the truth

            my brother corruption is me and you. corruption is the akara seller in the market, your barber, the big belle politician, corruption is pdp, it is apc, it is the imam, it is the road side pastor. Until the psych of the country is changed corruption will prevail. Let nobody deceive you he can fight corruption on his own without the nigerian people. It is a rot that has eaten deep. Until nigerians as a whole change our orientation we would continue to wallow in this problem. Do you sincerely think only politicians are corrupt? wont many nigerians abuse their relation if he goes into power without uplifting his pocket, friends and relations?

    • Maria

      Its a way to win the election, after next year… that is the end… since mr dumbo knows ” I have no shoes campaign” cannot sell this time… then the gimmick of social benefits!

  • Concerned Citizen

    This is all rhetoric for 2015, non of it is real. Nigeria does not have the infastructure to conduct such a program. Already we have so much ghost workers recieving all sorts of social safety nets. Besides the system is just too broken with corruption for these funds to actually reach the intended beneficiaries. Lets not decieve ourselves listening to these ministers for hope. The only people helping nigerians are nigerians, who work and toil everyday.

    • Guguru


    • the truth

      how do those infrastructures come in play, if we dont start somewhere. Someone must lay the pipe right? Do you think America as a country have social security figured out, even it been in place since 1935. My brother policies must be started to get there.

      • Concerned Citizen

        I understand what you are trying to say but the U.S did not wake up one morning and have social security. And you cant build a house without foundation. Nigeria does not even have credible statistics. So if you dont identify the people that the money will go to and can’t gaurantee it will reach them then why have program? And btw Stats are just one problem. If you say it will at least benefit some people then we must way the cost benefit of spending billions on a program that will reach only hundreds rather than millions and probably worsen our already increasing debt and strain depleting reserves. Its just not worth it until you have necessary infastructure in place.

    • Tawandah incommunicado

      @OTILE, THIS IS FOR YOU,IT WAS MISTAKENLY POSTED TO @concerned citizen. Can you name one country where social security is in place without a verifiable ID Data-base,a verifiable Deaths and Births registration and census figures ?
      The Sharia northerners do not want census figures or a compulsory ID card system because in their world,more people live in the arid Sahel than the Rainforest green region and Kano is more populated than Lagos !

      • Otile

        Soc Sec Services are working to same extent in 9ja, specifically in Ekiti and Ogun. These are exemplary states that the rest of 9ja can learn from.

        Let us not allow Hausa Fulani backwardness prevent our progress. We can move on without them. In the first place they never wanted independence, they still insist that boko is haram. There is no innovation that could lift Nigeria that Dauda Mark has not opposed recently.

        Each time we talk of separation so that people can move on we get abused, ridiculed, and at times attacked by shortsighted groups who want us to stay together in darkness because of oil.

        The North will never allow us get an accurate count of their people for obvious reasons. We should go ahead with ID card system, anybody who does not want it will lose out to his own detriment. Kapisch?

        • Tawandah incommunicado

          It is better to face reality and solve our problems,no address database,no criminal database,fake census figures,no births and deaths database,no ID card database. If the government can initiate all the above you will see a jump in revenue collection, tax avoidance and tax dodging will be a thing of the past. ONE WHITE FRIEND OF MINE ONCE TOLD ME THAT NIGERIA WOULD BE THE RICHEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD IF ONLY EVERY NIGERIAN WAS MADE TO PAY TAXES ACCURATELY. ONLY THE POOR PAY TAXES AND RATES,THE RICH JUST DODGE AND AVOID THROUGH FRAUDULENT MEANS.
          We do not need to use oil revenue to fund a social security system,it MUST be tax funded like in most of Europe.The oil revenue must be directed to infrastructure and job creating investments in all sectors of the economy .I am an Igbo man,if Nigeria allows someone like Peter Obi to run this country,we will be rubbing shoulders with the Asian tigers in no time.The Yoruba like high life and the Fulani are lazy so this underlying behavioural habit influences their policies.

          • Otile

            You know that Nigeria is never going to admit the contribution of an Igbo man let alone being a president. The only solution would have been a peaceful separation whereby Igbo would be on their own and develop at their own fast pace. Unfortunately they will not let the Igbo leave the federation. Igbo people do not depend on oil. If left alone, oil or no oil Igbo nation is bound be become a developed nation in a short time.

            Imagine a situation where Igbo will have their own country, with embassies, negotiate trade deals with developed countries, acquire the kind of technology that can lift mankind, bring in their well educated, well trained manpower in diaspora. With all these goodies, infact good Nigerians will migrate into Igbo country to live and work.

          • Tawandah incommunicado

            Well Nigeria cannot continue to subject Igbos to a stone age dysfunctional state just because of the Sharia north. The hand-writing on the wall is clear,we will be headed for violent disintegration because the prospect of one’s offspring not having equal rights to the Presidency or coping with the northern Jihadists forever is not an option !

          • Otile

            Boko Haram will solve this problem for everybody in Nigeria, they too want to leave and run their own country according to their culture. The biggest obstacle we face in breaking up is the crude oil in SE SS. People benefiting most from the oil will never let go, they would rather kill off the owners of the oil.

  • Otile

    God forgive sin. Ignorance is bliss in continent Nigeria. How can a sensible person oppose social security benefits? There is no civilized country that does not have social security benefits in abundance. Social security benefits help the masses to live longer, healthier lives. If you live in a social security country you will always be grateful to your country, become patriotic, and go as far as to pray for your dear country. Folks, the alternatve to social security benefits is destitution for the poor and elderly.

    God bless you, Dr Ngozi Iweala. This why I miss Biafra, this kind of people would be lifting Biafra by leaps and bounds. Here in one Nigeria they are maligned, threatened and envied. Biafra, the brain is a terrible thing to waste. Almighty God, give us Biafra.

  • tensiond

    Why are they always announcing before doing? Just do it. Stop announcing and releasing statements. This is all they do and at the end, they do nothing.

  • Mrs. Alarape

    Dear Editor Premium Times:

    Neither Goodluck Jonathan nor Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala has the requisite honesty or the mental ability to run or manage social security for 150 million Nigerians on a weekly basis to the last person. The duo could not save or secure 2.7 trillion Naira from less than 50 persons who stole it through fake bills of laden presented to this same woman (Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala) for oil subsidy payment, and approved all the way to the Central Bank by Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. That is a nutshell of the tragedy of how incompetence and roguery rolled into one at all echelons of President Jonathan’s government aided the theft of 2.7 trilllion Naira in the year 2012, representing one-quarter of Nigeria’s annual federal budget.

  • Rabiu musa

    Campaign gimmick, Nigerians are wise enough to read between the lines!

    • True Nigerian

      Well, you can’t really say. Don’t take the naivety of Nigerians for granted. They can always hit a new level in gullibility. I’m surprised you don’t know that already.

  • True Nigerian

    The people who are questioning this are already being called “enemies of progress” for raising important questions.

    Sometime ago in this same world, some people were executed for opposing a popular view that the earth was flat. They were killed for saying then that the earth was spherical. Today, those who killed them don’t even want to be associated with the fact that story. When state of emergency was declared in the North-East, nearly everyone in this country hailed it and hailed those who saw it as the end all and be all of the solution to the insurgency. I was a lonely voice who questioned the emergency as a solution, considering the missing role of effective intelligence. I was immediately villified and called all manner of names. I kept quiet. Today, 2 years later, the horrendous failure of the state of emergency is often cited as concrete proof that boko haram has nonplussed Nigeria and its government. Boko haram has killed more under state of emergency than it did before the state of emergency. And the people that hailed it as an answer have all gone quiet and silent, and carried on with another set of sycophantic or myopic approval for the government.

    It takes boldness, great wisdom, deep foresight and insight to say an unpopular truth when lies, deceit and gullibility are having a field day. If you speak divergently in such times, you will be criticized, maligned, and vilified. But in the end, you will be proved right. When you’re proved right, those who became heroes by attacking you and the truth you spoke will feel so common and cheap when you are cited as a man or woman of great insight and foresight, and that will be the reward for your foresight and your honesty in seeing and saying the truth which a million other so-called intelligent people cannot see.

    This is a government that repeatedly claims the creation of millions of jobs but repeatedly refuses to show where the jobs were created and those who are working on the jobs, even though we have a tax system that should already tell us how many new tax payers were added to the personal income tax record. Hahaha!
    If this social security plan is genuine, the lengthy planning process required for it means that it is not likely to happen until after May 29 2015, because Nigeria simply doesn’t have the data infrastructure needed to do this without another long story coming into it. But if this is about deceiving gullible Nigerians for 2015, this policy will fail in an embarrassing way. Any plan to rush it will also be another fiasco just like Reno Omokri’s botched online Poll. You don’t need to look far to find one example. The hurriedly announced ceasefire with boko haram became another bloodbath in less than 24 hours. The hurried announcement of a new 2nd Niger bridge by 2015 was later denied 3 times by the guy who promised. After much pressure, the bridge construction has been awarded at more than 3 times its actual cost and will also not be completed before 2019. Realism is always better than false hope!

    Most state governments are currently getting by far less than their allocations. And that is because this country is on the throes of financial death because of mindless government corruption. And somebody is here promising social security. Those who have called this policy announcement a lie will be vindicated, and those who call them naysayers and cynics will do as they often do – hide their heads in shame and inferiority and pretend that they were not proved utterly gullible and horribly wrong.

    I wish Nigeria and Nigerians the very best. But a government that is bullishly bent on extorting money from its poor unemployed graduates/national service corpers just to allow them to view and print off a call-up notice is simply not psychologically, morally and politically ready for entrenched social security policy. You can take it or leave it! What you do with my opinion which you just read is not my business; my business is to write it and leave it to you.

    • lala

      Always on point my brother. This Jonathan Presidency will go down in history as the most deceitful of all times.

  • _akpos1

    I hope the resources to facilitate such Social Security will be sourced of the basic terms of our beloved principle of ‘Federal Character’? No matter how pathological, this principle MUST be maintained so as to keep tempers cool.

    If there is no special arrangement to end the suffering of the people of the oil producing regions by systemic regeneration of destroyed flora & fauna occasioned by endemically senseless pollution by the oil companies in connivance with past Govts, then it becomes a direct affront to set up social security of any sort for the generality of people when the primary source of such income is left in perpetual state of squalor.

    A research carried out sometime ago reveals that the ND people have more cancers than any part of Africa ostensibly due to polluted air, water & land by the irresponsible oil companies. Just see Youtube for evidence. Why is FG not setting up special Hospitals & free medical care for people who fall sick due to toxins they inhale or ingest? What special social benefit exists for these regions which bear the burden of the criminal pollution without clean up as practiced by the environmental terrorists (Oil companies)?

    You only hear of SS&SE when the freedom fighters react, but you care less about the systemic annihilation of a people & their ecosystem as long as they remain mute. The time for silence was yesterday. Clean up my rivers, air and land…then build Hospitals, roads, space station, moon station etc…then you can talk about & ‘guarantee’ your Social Security for all.

    You destroy the world class inventions of the South South Engineers who have invented perfect refineries of our crude even in terrible conditions of the wilderness, which should have generated employment for budding scientists & ‘sharp’ minds and then you turn around to present Social security. This is grotesque ignorance. Nonsense!

    • lala

      Your brother has been President for 6 years now. What has he done about the environmental degradation and blinding penury in the niger delta? What has he done to clean up ogoniland that has been devastated by decades of oil exploration? And yet you come here to spew nonesense! Go and sit down on your poh jare!

  • DD

    Haha. Another scam by the 419 govt. Believe this at your own risk. It’s going to be abandoned immediately after the 2015 elections.

  • Femi

    Scam! Where is our missing $20 billion?

  • kwango

    2015 election PROPAGANDA. An attempt to replace I HAD NO SHOES. It has become clear to the saTAN (THIEVES ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA) campaigners that they will loose in 2015 hence the gimmick of social security even before the law us passed. Government is a continuity. Pass the law and let Buhari implement it. Period.

    • lee

      See am not a politician or a friend of any govt but as a statistician I draw my analysis from differential observation and too me this present govt has done credibly well compared to the last govts in terms of the current infrastructures going on in the power, Roads, agriculture,and financial sectors etc I think we should give more four years to access them completely.

      • sirjoka

        Dude, most of the infrastructure projects that you think his government has done weren’t initiated by this government. We all know must projects in Nigeria dont get done in time, its a way both contractors and gov officials connive to get the costs extended especially if a new government comes in.

      • kwango

        If you need 4 years to assess incompetence, you need a life time to find a solution and in the grave to apply the solution. Please count me out. An alcoholic calls mirage swimming pool. That’s how I see your ethnic statistical analysis where failure is benchmark. Advise yourself and your family. No be by force.

        • lee

          I think this forum is not a platform for abuses,but rather to share views as Nigerians, no one has the exceptional gift of constructive abuses and I am not prone to react but to respond my friend, I am too much for that am sensible enough to respect everyone’s opinion and that is common sense after all this is when you know the sense is not common to some.

      • Abubakar MB

        “Without security, there is no government. So it is not debatable, it is something we have to addressed and we are working towards that with vigour. But if I’m voted into power within the next four years, the issue of power will become a thing of the past. Four years is enough for anyone in power to make significant improvement and if I can’t improve on power within this period, it then means I cannot do anything even if I am there for the next four years.”
        Jonathan said this while interacting with Nigerians mainly diplomats working in the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, UNECA, and the African Union, AU, in Addis-Ababa

  • owolabi

    Greetings to the general public,


    These cars were seized by government officials at border and the time duration given to the owners to claim their cars has elapse so they are been sold in a give away price.All you need do is to call 08168332450 to place an order of your choice.


    Prices of cars MR OWOLABI ON 08168332450 FOR YOUR CHOICE OF CAR.


  • Maria

    “In South Africa, for instance, social services for the citizens form a significant part of the country’s annual budget.” If Nigeria implemented social security, how would politicians get enough to steal and loot? Wicked leaders! However, its a way to win next election, after next year… that is the end… since mr dumbo knows ” I have no shoes campaign” cannot sell this time… then the gimmick of social benefits!

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Well! i am not a fan of other anti-people policies of the finance minister,Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, but if she would at last be coming out with this type of social safety net for the poverty stricken millions of our citizens and under-age-[under-eighteen] years old children,it would be the first people oriented policy/program of the regime’s that i will support.
    Other vital sectors are focus on power,roads and subway-under-ground-train for Abuja, and Lagos,Nigeria.Education quality need revamp to up-grade our education curriculum in order to make it more professional and self-employable with small and medium scales businesses-loans bank account accessible to all graduates applicants.

  • Guest

    I strongly believe that the Finance Minister if now a member of the PDP and we need to remind her of the buses that she and the President promised that has not be deliver up till now.
    I think it is high time the electorates get out of foolishness and Vote in 2015 politician like in democratic Countries on Credentials and not on promises.

  • Comfortkay

    This Social services exits long ago in Western Europe and it is very sad that the most respected woman in the cabinet of PDP is talking about what Millions of Nigerian know, during the fuel crisis she and the President GEJ promised Nigerian working class that they would supply buses and up till this day there is no single bus on our road.
    PDP can check out how some APC governors gives monthly allowance to Elderly but the best social service would be to have a seminar service like in Europe . Nigeria has no problem with Money but how to manage and spent it.

    • Bishop

      Exactly My brother, well said

  • kwango

    A government that is in love with corruption cannot manage social security. A government that practices division and plays ethnic and tribal cards on national programmes cannot deliver social security. A leader that has not lived in a social security environment will find it difficult to understand or implement social security. Social security is about equality, justice, transparency, and accountability. All these qualities are lacking in Dr Jonathan’s government

  • Tawandah incommunicado

    Good idea Maam ,BUT…………..Nigeria does not have a COMPULSORY ID DATABASE yet. It will be another avenue for fraud,this is why we cannot have anything properly done.Nigeria Must make the ID cards (biometric) compulsory in order to ensure that the money does not end up in the bank accounts of politicians and corrupt officials.
    In the mean time,what we need is a worthy health delivery system for millions of Nigerians who cannot afford even the basics of modern existence,we need an organised educational system for the poor,we need free schools for the disabled,we need medical care for the terminally ill and people with incurable conditions,we need medical care for the mentally sick,we need subsidized school meals for poor children whose parents cannot afford three square meals. This is what marks a modern government…….not doling out cash to lazy people. YOUR PROJECT WILL BE ABUSED IN THE PRESENT SYSTEM AND IT WILL FAIL !!

  • Mike

    Election time and we hear social benefits plans, shameless governement

  • MushinSpeaks

    The Federal Governmetn has finally tapped into the idea of Governor Amosun and Ex-Governor Fayemi to provide welfare services for the people.

    Well, rather than tap from wealth of ideas, I believe we should give room for the original writer of the script to occupy the position and direct the affairs of the country.

    We will stand to gain more if we follow the APC roadmap where N5,000-N7,000 monthly direct cash payment will be provided for 25 million poorest and vulnerable people in the country.

    Jonathan’s government is full of broken promises and this they have announced, I bet sure will never be implemented.

    The Federal Government is yet to return the N1,000 NIS applicants paid for recruitment.

    Federal Government is yet to settle bills of the Nyanya bomb blast victims

    The victims of the failed NIS recruitment exercise are yet to be employed by the Ministry of Interior

    The Malabu Oil report is there unattended to

    Abba Moro is still occupying his office after he masterminded the death of 20 NIS applicants

    For this to be written as history, its best we vote a credible candidate in the next general elections. The presidential election should be about competence, integrity and professionalism rather than religion or ethnicity.

    • Bishop

      To support your point, Do we still even remember that it was the Federal Government that failed as the promised the return of Chibok Girls and end of the insurgency
      They failed to achieve the so called “cease fire” business

      They need to tell us what happened to $20 billion that went missing in March
      Not to talk of the $9.3 million
      There is not truth here, There is no truth in This Social Security package. how many times are they going to let the end populace down with their promises and lies? LET all come together and Change this situation by making sure we all partake of the next general elections. IT’S A DEAL WE ALL HAVE A STAKE IN.

    • Abubakar MB

      “Without security, there is no government. So it is not debatable, it is something we have to addressed and we are working towards that with vigour. But if I’m voted into power within the next four years, the issue of power will become a thing of the past. Four years is enough for anyone in power to make significant improvement and if I can’t improve on power within this period, it then means I cannot do anything even if I am there for the next four years.”
      Jonathan said this while interacting with Nigerians mainly diplomats working in the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, UNECA, and the African Union, AU, in Addis-Ababa in 2011

  • Rommel

    How can anyone introduce social security benefits in a country that has no accurate census,I was looking up information about Chibok and I am told that it is both a local government and a community with an estimated population of 60,000 according to last census which I find scandalous,how many other schools exists in that local government area? what other verifiable facility exists in that place to justify it as a local government area? I can bet that the place is so sparsely populated that no one lives several kilometers around that school hence,Boko Haram could do such a think with no help,what happened there cannot happen anywhere in the south where there is genuine population and not the political population of the northern Nigeria,my point is before introducing such social safety measures laudable as it is,a credible biometric identification must be in place.

  • Ette

    Imagine what this blatant liar about our dwindling economy is saying at this elevent hour. How can this corrupt woman wake up now and talk about social security all because of 2015. Nigerians are no fools to be deceived by agent of western interest and corrupt power drunk Nigerians. Let her tell Nigerians about the beautiful document on which the now corrupted Sure-P was drawn: how many of those beautiful projects and programs have been implemented over three years down the line. Sure-P fund was to be used to build refineries, rehabilitate health institutions, transportation system, educational institution. and generally alleviate poverty in the land, but Sure – P fund has been shared among PDP looters, and now that they are facing Nigerians on what they had done some deceptive voice is talking about social security safe net. Did she just wake up to know other countries have social security programme for their citizens. She has been in office for 4 years now and such concept never crossed her deceptive mind though she has always been aware that other nations have such programme. What a jaundiced set of people feeling that they can always take us for a ride. Lack of what to point to as concrete achievements is making them beat about the bush. May God treat them the way they are treating Nigerians.

  • mike


    These cars were seized by government officials at border and the time duration given to the owners to claim their cars has elapse so they are been sold

    in a give away price. All you need do is to call 08037590258 to place an order of your choice.tt66

  • taewo

    Another election gimmick. At a time when crude oil is fast losing its value, where is she going to get the money to implement her social security plan? Why didn’t she implement it some 4, 8 or 12 years ago?

  • Gideon Orkar

    Why Kano? The share of the North has been spent on BH. Pls do this in MB and South only

    • Ha

      Yes my friend, because Kano votes are equivalent to the votes of about five states in the South (such as Bayelsa, Ebonyi, etc), and they want those votes.

      • Gideon Orkar

        Biometrics will show the lies about population in the North. Cows and goats don’t do biometrics!

        • Ha

          Likewise pigs, dogs and palm trees don’t. Most of you have never crossed the river Niger, that’s why you don’t know what’s the population of the north. But your leaders know and they dearly need those votes.

          • Gideon Orkar

            Mallam na yeda, say all you want, but we can argue this till the cows come home but ba abun de je ka shei to change my mind that the Figures of the Muslim North have been highly inflated.

          • Gideon Orkar

            Lets look at some salient facts…

            2006 census says Kano has a population of 9.4 million, Jigawa which was carved out of Kano has 4.3 million people. Lagos on the other hand was “allocated” a figure of 7.9 million. Even the world bank and other institutions have projected more than double this for Lagos, the true population of Lagos is somewhere in the 18 million mark. But lets park this for now.

            Kano has 44 LGs, Jigawa = 27 LGs meaning that these 2 states that existed as one same time as Lagos have a total of 71 LGs. Lagos on the other hand has only 16 LGs and we saw how OBJ the lackey of the North fought Tinubu to the point of withholding their allocation because he wanted to readdress this bare faced injustice.

            What is the big deal about LGs one may say. Well 20% of Federal revenue is distributed to to LGs, not just that 25% of VAT collected by the Fed Govt is also given to LGs. Meaning that majority of VAT collected from economic giants like Lagos, which by the way includes sale of alcohol (I wont mention the beer bottle breakers) is now given to the desert and disease infected Muslim North.

            I am hopeful that with time and technology, your lies will become manifest to all

    • amazing2012

      Loser from cursed tribe, Igbo !

  • Bishop

    Why won’t the crude oil exports dwindle? When folks are busy stealing out of it YES! That is the real reason. And Why Now? what happened? or is this just some shadow games for 2015?

  • makewedance

    Look at this silly government. Now they want to do a meals plan and social security. Nonsense. PDP government is just useless. What was holding them before? All these are just political ploys. APC should come and clean up this mess that PDP and Jonathan have made.

  • odia

    That Jonathan is desperate for 2015 and ready to do anything to win is bad,. But worse still is the fact that this woman is ready to deceive Nigerian and this is despicable and abhorrent. It is very painful that Nigerian masses have become puns in the political chess game . With all their PhDs , they could not run the economy in a peace time. I recall that during the Civil war, the one that occupied Iweala’s position was a mere graduate while the Head of State then had not even seen the four walls of the university, but they prosecuted the war without borrowing and the people did not go a sorrowing.Economics according to Professor Alukoo is a commonsense made difficult. Therefore , an average , discipline people with common sense would turn our economy round and not these bunch of PHDs. Ngozi Go!. Jonah Goooooooo!

    • ade

      do not mind them. Not until we start stonning them they would not know the game is up! We know those who can do it. Not those who have failed this far.We are voting for those with proven integrity and not thieves and friend of thieves.

  • DecodeDaRiddle

    Safety net my foot. The same government that is having belt tightening measures, not paying state government their dues, same for LGs. They are looking of a list of things to present to the electorate as campaign material. Another failed project that we can see through from the beginning. The SURE-P, YouWin and other projects have failed to deliver even with a world known expert at the helm of affairs. The woman dey use us do thesis for her next appointment. A country where reliable data is not in place, subsidy targeted for the less privilege is misappropriated by the elite, corruption is simple stealing, how then can we say we are using a program to create safety nets?
    The to do list sent by the president may be in order but we will ask for how past projects have helped the masses they want to target now simply for 2015 votes.

  • Abubakar MB

    Madam is just giving stomach infrastructure (bribing voters) a technical name.

    • growthengine

      Its actually a very good idea, with technology, the govt can assist Nigerians directly and stop the middle men like the ministers and subsidy saboteurs from milking the people.

  • mike


    These cars were seized by government officials at border and the time duration given to the owners to claim their cars has elapse so they are been sold

    in a give away price. All you need do is to call 08142710826 to place an order of your choice.nmnv

  • Abubakar Sfada

    TNX for the story madam.

  • Ajanaku

    Why does the govt always pronounce good intentions for the people when election draws near?

  • Mark Nsikan

    poor citizens?..i tot dey said poverty was reduced by 50 pacent!!!……oh…so we av new set of poor citizens….impressive!!