Nigerians express divergent views on Boko Haram ceasefire

Nigerians on Friday expressed divergent views on the ceasefire agreement between the federal government and the Boko Haram insurgents.

The respondents made their feelings known in interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria.

While some of the respondents commended both parties for the agreement, others advised the government to be wary of the group as its members were capable of flouting the terms of the pact any time.

Okey Bernard, an Abuja based writer, commended the agreement but said that the two parties should be sincere in its implementation.
“If it is true that the dreaded group has agreed to lay down arms, it is commendable but the government should be wary of them,” he said. “How come this ceasefire is coming weeks after the Federal Government committed about $15 million to an arms deal in South Africa.”

Mr. Bernard said that while the army could be suspecting that Boko Haram may want to use the “ceasefire” to build up its arsenal, the Boko Haram will not immediately believe that the army would play fair.

“This is similar to Niger Delta Amnesty and also the truce between the Spanish Government and the Basque Separatists,” he said.

Deji Ayoola, a resident of Abuja, commended the agreement, describing it as a Godly intervention.

“If it is true, then it is a big relief and I see it as God’s intervention to solve the problem of terrorism,” he said.

Another resident, Ann Ogunye, also advised the government to be wary of the agreement as Boko Haram cannot be trusted.

“The government should be a bit careful because for groups like the Boko Haram, ceasefire is usually not easy.
“A faction may come up tomorrow to reject the agreement,” she said.

In his reaction , a federal lawmaker, Dakuku Peterside, said the ceasefire should be done with sincerity.

Mr. Peterside, (APC-Andoni/Opobo/Nkoro), said in Port Harcourt that the truce was a step in the right direction and a welcome development.

“If the ceasefire is done with sincerity it’s a good development. A good General is one who reviews his strategy from time to time without losing focus of his objective.

“Whereas, we believe that it is good to root out Boko Haram but, we need to review our strategy from time to time,’’ he said.

Mr. Peterside said the ceasefire agreement was good but that government should ensure that it was reached with sincerity because the security of the country was very important. He said insecurity had wreaked havoc in the affected states, stressing that there was need to ensure peace and security in the country.

On the abducted Chibok schoolgirls, Mr. Peterside urged the government to ensure that the girls were released and re-integrated with their families without delay.

“The top most priority of government should be the release of the girls. Their abduction should not have happened in the first place. It’s unfair and unjust to have kept them this long.

“Government should ensure that the girls are freed and re-united with their families,” he said.

In his reaction, Makinde Adekunle, the immediate past President, Nigerian Institution of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, said that the agreement was the best approach.

Mr. Adekunle said that the government ought to have taken the decision long ago, considering the havoc of the Boko Haram on lives, property and economy.

He said President Goodluck Jonathan had once again proven that he was a good leader and had the interest of the country at heart.

Sheyi Gambo, a former National Publicity Officer of the oil workers union, PENGASSAN, urged the government to find out the grievances of the insurgents with a view to maintaining peace.

“This is one of the best things that ever happened to us,” he said. “Government has taken a wise decision by reaching a ceasefire agreement to end all forms of senseless and barbaric killings of innocent Nigerians.”

An economist, Titus Okurounmu, also said that the Federal Government’s decision to sign the ceasefire agreement was a welcome development.

Mr. Okurounmu said that no country could move forward with such insurgency.

According to him, bringing to public knowledge those involved in the agreement is for credit purposes and will make the present administration dispensation transparent.

Mr. Okurounmu, a former Director, Research Department, Central Bank of Nigeria, urged the government to be more specific on how soon the Chibok schoolgirls would be released, following the agreement.



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  • Why the sudden change in attitude by the Government to resolve the #BringBackOurGirls# issue now?

  • True Nigerian

    I welcome the ceasefire and I don’t know any Nigerian who will not welcome such news. But I must not hide my reservations about the whole conduct of this government on this whole traumatic experience for Nigerians. It is really, really curious that this ceasefire is occuring just weeks after someone (a top central bank official) was identified as a financier of boko haram and his identity remains a top secret that Jonathan and his ill-advised govt continues to keep from Nigerians. That is in addition to the fact that the ceasefire is also happening just weeks after Ali modu Sherriff was named as sponsors of boko haram. We knew that one long time ago, but it began to matter to Jonathan only after the man jumped into PDP and therefore turned PDP into the real face of the boko haram sponsors which was what they have been manipulating gullible bigotted Nigerian Southerners to believe that APC was. Again, I am also concerned that all of a sudden, the people Jonathan described as faceless suddenly had identifiable faces which enabled government to negotiate ceasefire with them. Meanwhile, this deal is happening shortly before Jonathan declares for a 2nd term (not that this makes him a winner) ambition, which is obviously what he must be thinking. There are so many unanswered questions, even to the mind of neutral person like me. I feel that someone has been building an altar of his political ambition on the blood of innocent impoverished Nigerians.

    Put simply, I just cannot trust a government like this one. And I believe it is of monumental risk for Nigerians to retain such a government even for one more day beyond may 29, 2015. There is simply something suspicious about the conduct of this government on the whole boko haram thing over the last 5 years and more so in the last few weeks and months.

    If my suspicions hold true, then may God give a due recompense to any government official or politician that has leveraged the President’s political ambitions on the innocent lives of thousands of Nigerians that were senselessly murdered by boko haram who may now go scot free after mindless murder of thousands, destructions, rapes of mothers, female children and beheadings of innocent young men in schools in Yobe.

    May God never ever permit a leadership like Jonathan’s to mount the saddle of leadership in this country ever again. My eyes have seen enough evil and consciencelessness in this country. And the saddest part of it is that both the perpetrators and their victims wrap the evils in a cloak of piety whilst making excuses for the evil perpetrator.

    Why did Jonathan bother about finding these girls? Is it not simply because outsiders in New York, Washington, UK, Australia, Canada, Asia and the rest of the world unanimously made it clear that his incompetence was more than an eyesore? Which was what many of us have been saying since 2011, but were ignored and abused for declaring the obvious. So, if John McCain and Hilary Clinton didn’t say openly or insinuate that there is no government in Nigeria under Jonathan, this President and his uncouth wife would still relax and focus on their Aso Rock ambition whilst the rest of Nigerians live in utter fear, bloodletting and chaos? When you think of that as a Nigerian, you will know how worthless you are to those whose criminal leadership you defend with your energy in the name of defending your tribe, religion and region. The question is, are corruption, stealing, incompetence the values that your tribe and religion promote? Nigerians often regard themselves as smart. But I don’t know any outsider that would look at the quality of our debate and opinions on our leaders and still think that we are not the most “FUULish set of people in the world. I can’t count how many times I’ve asked God why I was born into such a Godless, Godforsaken and conscienceless country where the same Bible that I read is also used to defend stealing, mindless lies, deceit whilst egotistic pastors turn themselves into demi-Gods in defence of or silence to the same evils that Jesus lived his entire life trying to condemn.

    • Troublesome

      This is thoughtful!

  • Wähala

    According to other reports, the girls are expected to be released on Monday. This is no ceasefire to me, it is rotten politics using innocent girls as pawns. Everyone is not a victim of Boko Haram… some are casualties. Those who fought against evil are the heroes and heroine… while those who perpetrated evil on Nigeria are the acolytes of Satan. To me it’s no coincidence that Modu Sheriff hooked-up with Dr. Dumbo and led him to President Idris of Chad who is now negotiating freedom for our Chibok girls after doing same for the Cameroonian captives of Boko Haram. It is no coincidence that the Bokos have run out of arms after the US choked-off their arms links via South Africa and Western nations, after blanking Dumbo and his officials on sensitive information. It is no coincidence that everything points towards South-South after the arrest of Tuaregs in Bayelsa Govt. House, Lagos; pardon of DSP Alams to “contain ex-militants”, arrest of Bayelsa doctor treating wounded BH fighters, arrest of Asari for “terrorism-related activities” in Cotonou… and the unforgettable late NSA, Azazi’s warning to Nigerians. While we looked up North, the culprits gulped ogogoro down down South. Finally, it is no coincidence that concerted efforts for freeing the girls is coming now that Dumbo is about to declare his acceptance to continue looting Nigeria blue-black. But, first things first: Biko… #BringBackOurGirls!

    @Premium Times…
    Everyone is no victim biko… Höly Wähala is a warrior on ten toes still fighting the establishment!

  • djay

    A cease fire just like that, all of the sudden boko haram that the govt claimed was a faceless group they can’t negotiate with now has a face.Nigerians don’t know details in terms and condition of the cease fire. Is it for just the release of the girls? who were the boko haram representatives that negotiated on their behalf? is the govt also going to release boko haram members in captivity? is bokoharam going to lay down their weapons and give up their ideology to accept peace? was there any international body represented in the deal? see I can go on and on cos a lot of fundamental questions are overlooked here. I thing is only clear to me and that is the presidency is just looking for political gains using the release of chibok girls as a way to declare for 2015. it had been possible all along to go into negotiations with bokoharam but refused to thus letting over 10,000 people to lose their lives at the same time seeing it as avenue to launder money from security funds. The blood of those Gej led pdp deliberately let to shed will surely come back to hunt them. AMEN

  • Oko Joseph Ogar

    I really don’t know were to start, from the killing of innocent citizens and bombing of government infrastructures to kidnaping and unleashing mayhem on the good people of Nigeria. All we have been praying for is an abrupt stop to the instabilities of peace and security. If you said Jonathan and his cohort are the sponsors of boko haram that means the north allowed themselves to be deceived, and if you question why the sudden surrender by book haram it means you are not an advocate for peace, rather, the one hell bent in babbling over political issues to gain popularity. Think about it.

  • Concerned Citizen

    So did Boko Haram suddenly change overnight. Did western education end? Is there now an islamic caliphate running nigeria, as they demanded? Or am i missing something? Although i welcome the break from d carnage they have caused i do not think it is a victory. What did we give up in exchange for their release? Where is Shekau in all this?

  • Otitokoro

    I have the following comments. (i) The Chibok Girls must come back. They must come back to live with their parents and live normal lives like my children and your children (ii) Boko Haram and all forms of terrorism must end. (iii) President Jonathan must END AND STOP using religion to divide Nigerians. For example, It is under PDP AND PRESIDENT JONATHAN’S WATCH that we hear for the FIRST time in our lives the COINAGE “YORUBA CHRISTIAN/YORUBA MUSLIM”. Under the false belief that it has “captured” the South South and East, and KNOWING that the Yoruba voters are voters who will ask him serious questions during campaign and at the polls given their own long democratic traditions and education regardless of their religious faith, It is obvious this dubious binary. dichotomy, and division was CONSTRUCTED to divide the Yoruba and for Goodluck Jonathan to so-called go after so-called VOTES OF “YORUBA CHRISTIANS” It is towards this end that Bosun Emmanuel an RCCG Pastor was raised to do what he did before Pastor Adeboye JUSTIFIABLY STOPPED Bosun Emmanuel merchandising the Christian Faith on behalf of President Jonathan towards 2015. This is nothing BUT DIVISIVE POLITICS OF THE MOST EVIL AND WORST ORDER by PDP and President Jonathan’s campaigners. Any Yoruba will be rudely shocked at the phrase “Yoruba Christian/Yoruba Muslim” We say what? “Yoruba” Christian/Muslim ” in Yoruba culture and land? ALIEN AND STRANGE!!! But that is President Jonathan’s DESPERATION for you. But people in the Western-Yoruba- part of our country are smart enough to throw the garbage(the Christian/Muslim binary and dichotomy) out of the window. (iv) Finally, as we wait for our girls to come back, as we all wish that the cease fire is true and faithfully implemented by ALL sides to bring to an end once and for all the rape and capture of our Girls and the attendant terrorism, I remind you of the $9.3m LAUNDERED TO SOUTH AFRICA ON THE PRIVATE JET OF PASTOR AYO ORITSEJAFOR. It is obvious some people want us to forget this. So my question is: THERE ARE THREE MONEY LAUNDERERS ON THAT PRIVATE JET OF PASTOR ORITSEJAFOR-One Isreali and TWO Nigerians. The name of the Israeli is known . The Nigerian govt REFUSED to DIVULGE the names of the two Nigerians. Please ASK President Jonathan to DIVULGE the names of the two Nigerians even when we wait passionately with joy for the return of our Girls!. Let us put these in our minds as we hold our breadth for the arrival of our Girls and end to the evil called Boko Haram and other terrorisms lurking in other parts of Nigeria depending on the outcome of the 2015 elections. Remember what Asari Dokubo ( a known terrorist) said abut the outcome of 2015? I am stating FACT here-i.e what Asari Dokubo SAID. REFUSE TO BE MANIPULATED. ASK these evil rulers that dot our landscape CRITICAL questions no matter how HARD and UNCOMFORTABLE . MAKE THEM uncomfortable with your questions. You and I as common voters OWN Nigerian and NOT these so-called extremely CORRUPT and EVIL RULERS. ASK. It is the job of any President -no matter who he or she is to secure the land after he/she collects his/her salary from our sweat and taxes. We pay you-as President- to work for us. It is NOT the other way round. SO my fellow Nigerians ASK very hard and difficult questions that make these looters of our treasury uncomfortable. DO NOT STOP in asking them questions that COMPEL them to work for us before they earn their pay. I commit these to you as good country women and men. God Bless you. God Bless Your families. God Bless Nigeria.

  • Chris1408

    GEJ government should tell Nigerians what was given to the ghost Boko Haram. Are Nigerians paying another criminal group, same way we’re paying the Niger Delta criminals, while our graduates and law abiding youths roam the streets without jobs.

  • ogechi

    The worst of GMB is far better than the best of GEJ ….don’t write alone, get ur voters card, don’t sell or lost it!!!…let’s join hands to vote out this govt nextyr so we can stat afresh….

  • Otile

    There is no doubt the deal will work out. After all during the genocide Col Gowon and his partners in crime decimated 2m innocent children, he pretentiously declare no conqueror, no vanquished. Biafrans being good people, moved on and came back to rebuild Nigeria again.

    Smilarly, after the evil genius annulled the June 12 election, we raised hail. Abacha stepped and Odua people fled, when Satan called the General back Abubakar murdered Mashood and appointed Ogagun to appease Odua people. Then peace broke out again.

    The Northerners know how to get their ways in 9ja. This too will come to pass.

    • Unanaija

      Just wondering Otile if Nigerians were not “eating” and whether Nigeria was not built before “Biafrans came back to rebuild Nigeria again…” And until we have the idea of Nigerian Citizenship such that we put aside our ethnicity politically, the owners of the Oil are the owners of the Oil, the Yoruba will validly be tenants in SOUTH-SOUTH and SOUTH EAST just as the Igbos and the South South people will validly be tenants in Yorubaland from Lagos Down to Ekiti and Kabba in Kogi state. So my innocent question is: why do some tenants like to claim that they “build” other peoples’ land for them? Just a question Otile!!! The issue is that build your part-whereever that is. if it is Biafra, build your Biafra and your East-Full stop. If you are in Portharcourt, you Otile are a tenant there under the present dispensation. if you Otile are in lagos, you are a tenant there- Likewise, the Yoruba in owerri is a tenant. If the Yoruba likes let him delude himself that he is building Owerri-but he is a tenant-at the appropriate time he, the Yoruba will be made to leave and he will leave-So in the present Nigeria, tenants should not stretch things too far and claim they are building! You do not build other peoples’ land. You build your own land.

      • Otile

        You are right everybody living in the geographical expression called Nigeria is a citizen of his particular ethnic group. As you said: “The issue is that build your part-whereever that is. if it is Biafra, build your Biafra and your East-Full stop”. Fashola has also succinctly told Igbo people to go home and build their land. Can the rest of Ngeria allow Igbo to secede and build Biafra, for they are capable of dong so? It is an open secret that Lagos and Abuja were built with oil from SE SS, but Fashola did not tell them to use their oil to help themselves. There is no Federal presence in Igboland, yet everybody looks at them with jaundiced eye in Lagos and Abuja. Is this fair to Ndigbo?

        In Congo for instance a man from Bandundu in Central Congo is free to build and settle in Lumumbashi South without being asked to go back and build in his place of birth in Kasai Region.

        It is no secret that Nigeria is not one, the only bond holding Nigeria is the oil in SE SS. To say you are only a true citizen of your place of birth, therefore you should only build there negates the idea of oneness and one citizenship. Anybody telling you otherwise is a hypocrite.

        Nigeria is the only country in the world where an Igbo or Ogoni man cannot get a government job outside Rivers or SE. Unanaija agree with me that Nigeria is not a true country, and that the Hausa Fulani who created states, indigene vs non-indigene paved the way for eventual disintegration. It is a matter of time everybody will be a citizen of his place of origin in the real sense. But let cheaters not wait until the oil is no more as they always allude to.

        • Unanaija

          Otile, whatever is your part, go and build your part. That is the bottomline. Do not wait. And do not talk of how you built other peoples parts. That is the lesson for you. You do not need to talk about other people not allowing you to build your part. You cannot sit down in other peoples part and complain that they do not allow you to build your part. See? GO TO YOUR PART and build it. Nobody will stop you. And please ask those who do not belong to your part and who are pretending to be building it to LEAVE-FULL STOP. They should not deceive themselves that they are building your part just as you should not deceive yourself that you are building other peoples part. They are tenants in your part if they stay and you are tenant in their part if you stay. You hear Otile? This is just to put it on your face that no one ca shakara anybody for naija anymore. Dat time don past. Each part can live CONVENIENTLY without the other parts.

          • Otile

            Don’t steal my resources and lecture me to build my part. Did you build your so called part without Federal Government doing it for you? You sound like a parasite, use Igbo resources and tell them to go. We shall continue to be in your face until you let us go in peace. Why not let me secede peacefully and watch whether cannot build? You pretend to speak as if you have the power to dictate for anybody. You have no say at all, your problem is xenophobia. You don’t even know the meaning of tenant. For instance a Yoruba man builds in any part of Nigeria, say Abuja and PH and rents one house to a Gwari man, the 2nd one to an Okrika man. If you still call the Yoruba landlord tenant you are a lunatic. Stop reasoning like a child.


    I have always read and listen 2 most Nigerians on the method and manner 2 which dey make comments. It seems more all r always partisan not objective. We try 2 ask questions with thorough thought. If ur asking qustions such as “how come boko haram dat govt said was faceless now has face” the question u should ans is ” does it mean that boko haram will never come out in the open one day? Is there any thing hidden that will not be in d open one day? What if that day u r thinking is 2day? Why do we keep being more partisan dan being Nigerians? All the while it has been Govt must end Boko haram n bring back the missing girls. Now the process is on the way, we start another question of disagreement. It is either there is more 2 all this bringback our girls thing than 2 really bringback the gilrls 2 unit with their families. We have become like the proverbial king that says carry me up, when u do he will shout No No! Bring me down, when u do he still complain! What is dis all aabout? Is it 2 occupy Aso rock? Some point GEJ n and even insult Nigeria in the process. GEJ is just a president. When u insult the Govt, u insult urslf even in d face of other countries. That is the way d outside world see u cos u r also a Nigerian. We should put Nigerian interest above personal interest. I pray that Almighty God reveal n Open d mastermind n sponsors of all these insurgency. When it happens so many of us will cover our faces in shame. Don’t just follow bc u don’t just li in Aso rock 2 mock ur country. D way u mock dis Govt is d way anoda will mock it even with ur own saviour in office. Don’t follow d. Crowd or judge from partisan point of view. Make ur own logical clearity free from any of these.

  • endingNaija

    As we continue to expect the end to Boko Haram terrorism and other possible terrorisms, I agree with the view that the way to end all these finally is to be vigilant against any ruler from any part of the country. If we truly want a country rulers who see as us different , who see us as “christian” or “muslim” must be identified and put on the spot. Truly we have seen how President Jonathan and his cohorts have gone all out to orchestrate that in Yoruba land. I am sure if the Yoruba culture and people are not the people they are, we would have started another conflagration among Yoruba “christian” and Yoruba “muslim” as PDP and President Jonathan wants it for his 2015 re-election bid. And on this platform, I have championed the need for us to know the identities of the two Nigerian money launderers on the private jet of Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor. Knowing these two Nigerians have nothing to do with politics, ethnicity, religion or the usual division in the minds of Nigerian polticians and their online foot soldiers. Knowing the identities of these Nigerian money launderers is about the genuine truth especially when the identity of the Israeli is known. I put this in the front burner of our consciousness for one reason. President Jonathan has a history of commiting murder against Nigerians and using new controversies to screen off the previous murder-e.g. the $9.3m cash for arms criminality. So I agree with the views canvassed here that we must be vigilant. As we expect the girls, let us ask a simple question: who are the two Nigerians on board Pastor Oritsejafor’s jet during the criminal and illegal cash for arms flight to South Africa.?

  • Chief Ovie Obaro (JP)

    There are millions of people who do not believe in this Nigeria. Why not give them the opportunity to decide?

    …a ‘country’ that destroys its own technology bcos of mutual suspicion & lack of trust, only to turn around to depend on the technology of foreign countries does not deserve to be called a country and will find development and innovation eternally elusive.

    It is no longer news that the engineers and scientists of the Niger Delta/South South have developed advanced technology in refining their own resources even in very unfriendly conditions in the wilderness no matter how remote. Rather than invest funds in such technology, the uninformed JTF will apprehend such scientists deserving of Nobel prize, and go ahead to destroy the technology by burning or confiscating……and the same govt relies on foreign technology to refine our own crude. Isnt this stupidity?

    …again you hear now & then that a secret gun manufacturing location has been uncovered in the East and some persons arrested in the
    property. Their equipment are destroyed and the men sent to prison without trial…yet the same govt sends $9.3m on a private jet looking for where to buy weapons. If we were manufacturing our own weapons will double standard US be making shakara
    for us & refusing to sell guns to us? Nonsense!

    Give the Aba or Onitsha scientists only $1m and see whether they will not manufacture more than sufficient AK47. In fact, they will even manufacture AK48, AK49 or AK anything. Nonsense! Why are we wasting our potentials? Why? Lets disintegrate and achieve our respective potentials without mutual suspicion. Nonsense!

    • segun

      Thank you! I think we should disintegrate. You are now talking. The Nigerian borders are CLEAR. North stay in your North do NOT eye anybody’s land and say you “build”. Igbo Stay in your East and do NOT eye anybody’s land and claim you “build”. South South Stay with your oil, do not give anyone. If you want to sell, sell. Do not eye anybody’s land and say you build, do not give oil to anyone and claim “oh I m being generous”. Yoruba you know your border. Do not eye another person oil or land. Stay in your land. You know it. Stay there-do not give anybody any land and say you are being generous. To your tents oh yea Israel!!! This is the best solution for Nigeria. I prefer a break up. This is why we will not continue to waste our time insulting one another.

      • Chief Ovie Obaro E (JP)

        Oh God bless you berekete! I am delighted that u have the guts to speak your inner mind. De-amalgamation is the only veritable solution to continent Nigeria’s problem. Nigeria with a population equal to UK, France, Portugal & Spain put together has no business being a country. When you run a continent with national policies what you get is a Nigeria. Pure & Simple.

        The pretense at nationhood is not only self delusive but criminal. Just imagine the aspirants? …are they the best in the continent? If you were to reduce Presidential elections to regions, you will be amazed at the quality of persons who will emerge. Reason? Bcos choice will neither be largely on the irrelevant divisive factor of Religion nor ethnicity but most likely on the content of character and past records.

        However painful, pungent, irritating or unpalatable to the ear, disintegration will free continent Nigerians from this burden of protracted mediocrity. Those who want to fly shuld be allowed to fly…and those who chose to run or walk should do so without himderance. Let every emergent country from disintegration develop at its own pace and worship whatever it so pleases. No be so? Nonsense!Chief

        • segun

          My friend, there is nothing painful about the disintegration. We should break. If I need your oil I buy from. Since you said people in SS and SE can produce good guns. So If I need your guns after we break or any other thing you sell I buy from you. If you need food from the North, you buy from them. If you need what people in the West have you buy from them. But one thing is clear, please LOOK AT THE BORDERS ati BOUNDARIES of Nigeria. Do not let it cross your mind that “we” own some place together. So please check the boundaries and borders VERY WELL-You hear word? Why? Your failure to recognise the clear boundaries and the commencement of the silly talk of how “we build” a place together is the beginning of another strife. So let us break up, and let each region go its own way. You in SS and SE should therefore be able to stay together and FLY! Abi Chief?

  • Okey

    My worry is that the announcement of cease fire by govt is too hasty. This announcement and details and processes of the agreement should have come upon receipt of the girls.From reactions in the media, there seem to be some who are quite uncomfortable with the idea of release of the Chibok girls. One Governor who was expected to make exhortatory statements encouraging the release of the girls merely issued a statement implying “No Comments”, what a callous politics with the fate of these girls ! Some of these people say the agreement was entered because of the political advantage they think it will confer on Jonathan, as if, were their daughter involved, any consideration for her release would have been unwelcome. My fear is that those behind Boko Hram; those who would score political benefit with continued abduction of those girls, who have links with the terrorist, will pile pressure on them to renege. This is my fear.

  • Amir

    Satanic verses. Another distortion from the oracle of falsehood. A man already eaten up by the incubus of hatred for achievers. A shameful display of morbid internal frustrations and memory haemorrhage.

    • Romberg

      Which of the verses he cited are satanic? What part of this piece contains that… I love to read it. Please direct me.

      • Amir

        Lies and innuendos are satanic. Sift through records and see when Prince Afegbua was Babangida’s spokesman, and check when Adesina joined Buhari’s government. You will prove that the hate obsessed man Femi writes from the pit of hell hence satanic verses.

  • Bobjk

    What is satanic about speaking the truth? Can you dispute any of the issues raised by Femi in this write-up? It is clear that buhari has not changed. He is very vindictive and parochial.

  • Wale

    This fellow’s columns always look like a lecture note– full of sub-topics.

  • SAM .A

    Femi, it will be better for you to concetrate on Church and spiritual stuff, go back and review your write up about politics here in the last one year, you will discover that , you have been writting from a wounded soul, a completely biased man . Were u not the person who stated you will not recognize PMB as your president , but your looser at Otuoke , i think u are now residing in Otuoke to do all these. No matter how u sound now , your write up is that of a wounded lion, a formal e rat and creekmonkey. We shall take it with a pinch of salt. The people who destroyed this economy most are in your party and fold. they will pay for it . Remeber Saraki and formal Adamawa governor Murtala Nyako on the list.

    • Mo Mody

      You are not making sense. Hear you:

      “…you will discover that , you have been writting from a wounded soul, a completely biased man”

    • Daniel

      Dispute his point. Femi is a free citizen, so commenting on issues of public interest does not detract from being a man of God

  • akinwumi komolafe

    PMB government reeks of double standards.1983-85 was not different.He jailed Fela,a notable Nigerian musician, for currency trafficking and allowed scot-free a nothern royal figure trafficking 52 suitcases full of currency.

  • Daniel

    Thank you Femi for seeing through this hypocrisy called ‘change’.