No Governor can take credit for winning Ebola War – Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan

Nigeria’s President, Goodluck Jonathan, on Thursday said neither he nor any governor in the country can claim the credit for winning the war against Ebola.

Rivers and Lagos are the two Nigerian states hit by the Ebola outbreak.

The federal government said the two states are now free of the deadly virus.

According to Mr. Jonathan, the government could not have succeeded in ridding the country of Ebola virus without the cooperation of the Nigerian masses.

The President said these at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, during the launch of Elumelu Nigeria Empowerment Fund, ENEF, to support victims of terrorism in the country’s North-east zone.

He used the occasion to thank Nigerians for buying into the Ebola campaign, saying that no government could have performed magic to rid the county of the deadly virus without the peoples’ support.

Mr. Jonathan, however, commended Nigerians for following the health guidelines set out by government, some of which was a departure from the norm.

He said, “When government said we must be mindful of gatherings, of handshakes and that we should not move corpse unnecessarily,” Nigerians heeded the advice.

He noted that even churches that he thought would resist the directive by still using a single cup to serve the Holy Communion to its members suspended the practice during the Ebola war.

Continuing, he said, “Nigerians became mindful. Friends stopped embracing themselves saying until we get out of Ebola.

“So it (Ebola campaign) had the buy-in of the populace and that is why we succeeded so fast otherwise we couldn’t have.

“There is no magic government could have used to solve that problem. No President or state governor will claim any credit. The credit should go to the ordinary Nigerians for the cooperation and their buy-in,” Mr. Jonathan said.

By his comment, the President appears to be reacting to remarks by top members of the All Progressives Congress, APC, including Governors Babatunde Fasola of Lagos State and Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State, who have said the Federal Government did very little to contend the deadly virus and should therefore not claim credit for winning the war.

While speaking at the formal declaration of a former Head of State, Muhamadu Buhari, for the APC’s presidential ticket at the Eagle Square, Abuja, on Wednesday, Mr. Amaechi, said Nigeria’s flaunted success in the fight against Ebola is a fallacy.

He insisted that the Rivers State Government spent a whopping N1.4billion to stop the outbreak of the disease.

He faulted claims by Mr. Jonathan’s ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, that the Federal Government successfully contained the outbreak.

He said, “I hear PDP and Mr. President claiming the glory of having fought Ebola. I asked one simple question: Rivers state government spent 1,406 billion to fight Ebola, the Federal Government brought N200m just last week. If we were waiting for that N200m, Ebola would have spread round Rivers State,” he said.

He said his colleague, Mr.Fashola, was also “fully in charge of the Ebola drive in his state”.

Further deriding the Federal Government, Mr. Amaechi said “Apart from announcing the number of patients, what did the Federal Government do for us? So, why did they politicise Ebola.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Jonathan said the Federal Government has made a donation of N250 million to the ENEF, saying that the government will continue ‎its sustained security operations to eliminate insurgency and restore law and order in the country.

Mr. Jonathan noted that the prolonged case of insurgency in the zone has led to the displacement of the population, destruction of infrastructure and the collapse of the economy in the area.

The rehabilitation of communities affected by the crisis, the President said, would require not only government’s intervention but also that of the private sector.

“I have realized over time that government alone cannot solve human problems. There is always a difference when the government involves the private sector and the civil society in what it does,” Mr. Jonathan said about Mr. Tony Elumelu’s involvement in helping victims of terrorism in the country.

Also speaking, the founder of the Elumelu Foundation, Mr. Elumelu, said his foundation and Heirs Holdings had made a N1.5 billion donation as seed money for the ENEF.

He said the Fund will partner citizens to transform communities that have been ravaged by natural disasters and conflicts into thriving as economically sustainable communities.

Mr. Elumelu said, “It (Fund) will also create opportunities and empower people in affected communities across Nigeria to rebuild their lives and businesses, and instill a sense of economic empowerment for the long-term.”

He added that social investments and grants would be given to select communities and individuals to create enabling environment for a new generation of entrepreneurs to emerge from the affected communities.


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  • Oleku

    That is our amiable president–don’t mind the janjaweeds APC ati Amaechi–the traitor has taken advantage of the Ebola crisis to shortchange the people of Rivers state in the tune of 1.4billion naira–that’s the janjaweeds for you–they want to take credit for doing zilch–health minister professor Chukwu who was on top of the situation is a member of your cabinet–not Tinubu ati Fashola ati Alhaji Abubakar Amaechi–but as a true democrat and a transformer you gave credit to the masses–the man of the people your transformational strides is being appreciated by well meaning Nigerians regardless of the violence campaign up north by the Islamic APC to destabilise your administration–keep your heads up for Nigerians will show appreciation of your good works at the 2015 polls. Daluu rinne agu Nwoke

    • eni

      Ebola victory was easy because of the doctors strike as at that time that culminated in the closure of all federal and states hospitals. If the index patient had visited LUTH or LASUTH nobody would have been making so much noise. The sad aspect is that nobody seems to think in that direction.

      • Otile

        The world is a global village. Ebola injuries are not yet history all over the world. So learn from my brother Wähala that you should never praise your dick until you hold a woman’s laps fast in your hands.

        • vTrigger


  • Wähala

    Of course, those who reacted quickest must take the credit…
    Dumbo’s much taunted N200million grant only got paid last week, imagine! Had Fashola ati Rotimi waited for the oloti to down his ogogoro and wipe his mouth with the back of his hand, half of Nigerian States would have fallen victim to the deadly virus. Even the confused Health Minister was dishing out conflicting figures on daily basis while TAN and the Uba brothers ignored all known discretion against large gatherings including in affected states to hold their Atiliogu Dance for the re-election of a corrupt crook… this same double-talking drunkard who was there to gulp ogogoro and dance skelewu. Oloshi. Never a word of truth from the deceitful Clown Prince of Otuoke… oloti buruku!

  • emmy

    Mr Otuke, we would throw back to creep where you belong. Ole!!!!

    • Oleku

      He will go with his oil abi? See your head–parasites

  • Chris1408

    Can someone please tell this Otuoke Creek master that Ebola is still a very dangerous pandemic. Nigeria is still not out of the woods yet. He should be working with states and local governments on what to do when it hits again.

  • the truth

    Nice job Mr president. Even the international community is proud of nigeria. With all the facilities, the usa is struggling with ebola. It is by the grace of god we conquered this monster. This just shows how nigeria will be a better place if we all come together in peace and unity.

  • Otile

    Whereas the President has done a good job tackling the disease, Nigerians should not be fat and happy hoping that Ebola is a thing of the past. But as my brother
    Wähala can vividly remember, never praise your dick until you hold a
    woman’s laps fast in your hands. Who knows, one muslim woman from Guinea harboring the disease can cross into Northern Nigeria, before you know it her infection kills more people in the North than Boko Haram.

    • the truth

      which kind of analogy is that.i never knew wahala can coin such.really funny lol. it’s time we nigerians grab the gorilla by the waist

      • Otile

        My brother Wähala is witty indeed, he is fantastic. My only problem with him stems from how he insults the President. I want him to change, the President is lifting Nigeria from past malaise.

        • the truth

          na mama ojo’s odeku dey cause wahala gri-gri. i have adviced him to try hot blended cofee instead of mama ojo be prepared for more wahala because winter is coming and u know how guys get paranoid around that much respect

          • Otile

            No, I think it is that burukutu they offer him for debriefing whenever he visits Arewa from Deutschland.

          • the truth

            i wonder if that burukutu is nafdac registered we can’t continue letting wahala divulge this burukutu.

          • Otile

            It s a special kind of burukutu brewed in Gwandu, served to special guests and valued relatives.

  • Charles Akin

    Oleku, may your life be like the lives of most Nigerians under Jonathan.Amen

  • Godfrey Etokebe

    ”Rivers state government spent 1,406 billion to fight Ebola” THIS MAN (AMAECHI) is a THIEF!!!!

    • the truth

      my brother that is dividends of democracy amaechi style. amaechi must take a bow.

    • @Amuwospeaks

      Is that what your PDP votrons told you? Then you need to know more

  • N.Dee

    “Say what you may about President Goodluck Jonathan,
    i.e. his legendary aloofness, his awkward speaking style,

    his insularity, his penchant for embracing certified rogues
    and hugging convicts — he has a way of getting his way.”

    ……………..Sabella Abidde

    (Punch; September 24, 2014)

  • Contact Point

    In all the directives that was obeyed, only those seriously campaigning for GEJ were neither stopped from their gathering nor did the even listened. TAN were happy junketing everywhere because the were aware that the governors of Lagos and Rivers were truly on top of the Ebola situation. Goodluck did absolutely nothing than dishing out figures through Dr. Onyebuchi the Health Minister who is now been compensated for that with governorship slot in Ebonyi. Clueless people riding on clueless wind with clueless transformation

    • @Amuwospeaks

      Goodluck did absolutely nothing… The two APC governors ( Fashola and amechi) will never be forgotten in the history of Nigeria for saving and restoring hope to Nigerians at large. APC is proud of them

  • @Amuwospeaks

    Fashola will, he won the battle even when the FG stood aloof. Fashola proved to the people of lagos state and beyond that his a true leader… so the FG should not claim what it’s not. FG should stabilise our power sector Boko Haram so the glory can be thiers, but for Ebola? It’s fashola’s govt and the world knows that

  • Preco01

    Is this president a retard? Gov. Fashola gave credit to front life workers who lost their lives and those who survived, never once did he mention self or his government, who matter of fact saved Nigeria. When will these idiots, Dr. Jonathan and his paid idiots get out of my face and stop their brain damaged whining in the face of positive results oriented actions from real leaders who care!

    • Maria

      He is worse than a retard…

  • taewo

    N250 million to Tony Elumelu, nothing to the poor as mass youth unemployment ravages the land. What a president!

  • Ayelala

    Fashola and amaechi take the political glory for combating Ebola.
    Till today ,the Jonathan federal government does not even have a kiosk to use as quarantine centre.
    They only just gave rivers state some money a few days ago. Imagine if amaechi and fashola sat on the asses and waited ;without acting. Ebola would have been killing millions today.

  • boliatepa

    First, Nigeria has not been declared free by WHO.
    Secondly, Jonathan was the very first person to boast about containing it, not any of the state governments.
    Thirdly, Jonathan was so boastful that one of his officials said the United States needed to ask for Nigeria’s help to contain Ebola.
    Fourthly, the state governors, who did most of the job, were never commended by the FG.
    Fifthly, Jonathan never visited any of the patients, hospitals, states or governors about Ebola.
    Sixthly, Jonathan is just an empty-headed Nigerian, who has nothing to show for his so-called PhD, except the paper it is written on.

    • Alcindo Satori

      …and you’ll have him (Jonathan) for another 4 years. So get ready to jump into the ocean!!

      • Maria

        We will have him for another years in prison.

    • Johnson

      His hypocrisy is so nauseating.

    • Maria

      Have you seen the paper? That man does not have Phd… not even masters judging by the way he opens his mouth and spitting out garbage.

      • Otile

        Maria, don’t cast any favorable vote for him. You know he does not like the President.

  • qudus

    n Ameachi contained Ebola in River State with N1.4B! So u dey take style announce give EFCC so dat when dem probe u c dat kind amount dem nor go shock? ur thieving days r numbered ooo, if u like go stand for heaven’s gate shout!

  • sammyctu ode

    Without the efforts of Lagos and Rivers State governments, Nigeria will now have been an Ebola Red Country. Who is Jonathan, his government and so called pdp claim any credit for the Ebola success in Nigeria? They are so shameless because everything to them is about naked power, lies and evil. On CNN, the Ivory Coast Prime Minister told the world how they PREVENTED Ebola into their country despite being surrounded by ebola stricken countries. He said immediately the disease broke in neighbouring countries, they started monitoring all their borders, trained all their health officials, bought all the PPEs’ and many other sustainable strategies but what did the jonathan administration did in Nigeria?- They went to sleep for months without taking the preventive actions. THANK YOU LAGOS & RIVERS STATES GOVERNMENTS, THANK YOU LATE DR. ADADEVOH, THE DEDICATED STAFF OF FIRST FOUNDATION AND TO THE HEALTH WORKERS OF BOTH LAGOS & RIVERS GOVERNMENTS. SHAME, SHAAME SHAME ON JONATHAN AND HIS PURPOSELESS FG.

  • Maria

    Fashola never took any credit… he openly gave credits to the doctors and nurses who lost their lives trying to contain the virus… Jonathan has demonstrated beyond every doubt that he is a moron… he talks like a drunken agbero. This man is a retard.

    • Otile

      Well if he did, it would be like a crowing cock taking credit for sunrise.

  • I Hate Sycophant Truly

    But Mr. President bluntly flout the directive by refusing to stop the activities of TAN campaigning for his reelection, even his party. APC also flouted the directive as a party. There were also some exodus and pocket ingathering of religious members in some locations without restrain. Well, the progress on EBOLA virus containment is to GOD and not man, not even ordinary citizens bcos they themselves flout the directive. It was just by God’s mercy and compassion.

  • John

    Assuming Jonathan was the governor of Lagos or Rivers state as at the time Ebola broke out, by now Ebola would have been killing everybody. His sluggishness and lack of ideas is the reason the Chibok girls are still in bondage today. It’s either you wake up from your slumber or you keep quiet. Shame on you, GEJ.