We can’t return Nigeria’s seized $15Million arms money without due process – South Africa

President Jacob Zuma

The South African government has indicated that it cannot return the $15 million arms money it seized from Nigerian arms dealers unless “due process” is applied in pushing for a refund.

Speaking on an African Independent Television (AIT) news programme on Tuesday night, the South African High Commissioner, Lulu Mnguni, reportedly said his country had no intention of keeping the seized funds but would only release it to Nigeria after due process has been followed.

“Well, obviously we also in South Africa don’t want to keep Nigeria’s money, but we want to follow due process to address it. It’s their money and so they would like to have their money back,” he said in response to questions about the controversial transactions that have sparked diplomatic row between the two countries.

The high commissioner did not indicate what that “due process” entails. But Nigeria may need to challenge the ruling of the South African court which gave the South African National Prosecution Authority the authority to freeze and seize the funds.

He also said South Africa has no reason not to sell arms to Nigeria adding that Nigeria has a long history of buying arms from his country.

“We’ve been selling arms to Nigeria for many years, so we don’t have a problem. Why should we not sell arms to Nigeria? If Nigeria needs arms to protect its citizens and its peoples, so we have to assist them.”

The high commissioner commented on the controversial transaction few hours after PREMIUM TIMES reported that no Nigerian is being detained in South Africa over the deal contrary to widespread reports that two Nigerians and an Israeli national were arrested and detained after they attempted to smuggle into that country US$9.3 million apparently meant for buying arms for the Nigerian intelligence service.

Paul Ramaloko, the spokesperson of the country’s police service, said no arrest was made after the arms money was intercepted and confiscated.

“No one was arrested on this day,” Mr. Ramaloko, a captain in the South African Police, told this newspaper. “We only seized the money.”

The police spokesperson also refused to reveal the names of the passengers on the plane.

“We can only name people who are criminally charged,” he said. “In this matter, no one has been charged. We are only talking about one person who checked in the luggage.
“The other people were allowed to go soon as they were cleared.”

On September 5, border authorities seized $9.3 million allegedly meant for the procurement of arms for the Nigerian intelligence services from two Nigerians and an Israeli who arrived the country in a private jet owned by the leader of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Ayo Oritsejafor, allegedly meant for the procurement of arms for the Nigerian military.

The money stashed in three suitcases was discovered custom officers after the suitcases were put through airport scanners. The money was concealed in two black plastic suitcases, filled with 90 blocks each containing US$100,000 in notes, with combination locks, were seized, as well as two pieces of hand luggage also containing US currency, South African National Prosecuting Authority, NPA, said.

The NPA said it found an invoice for a helicopter and armaments meant for Nigeria with the suspects.

While the furore created by the cash seizure was yet to settle, South African authorities again seized another sum of $5.7 million transferred by Societe D’Equipments Internationale of Nigeria, to South African arms company, Cerberus Risk Solutions, for the procurement of arms.

South African investigators said as at the time the deal was signed, Cerberus Risk Solutions’ license to deal in arms had expired.

Meanwhile, Femi Falana, a senior lawyer in a statement Tuesday said from the details of the arms deals the Federal Government was not implicated in the seizure of the N15 million.

According to Mr Falana, the office of the National Security Adviser carelessly dragged the government into the embarrassing affair by its amateurish handling of the issue.

Mr. Falana said instead of accepting responsibility for the botched deals, the Federal government should have indicted the its arms contractors and seek to recoup its money from them for patronising unauthorised arms companies in South Africa.

“Contrary to the mismanagement of information traceable to the office of the NSA the Federal Government did not place any direct order for the importation of arms from South Africa,” he said.

“The fact that the NSA signed the End User certificate for the arms importation is not a license for the companies involved in the deal to breach the laws of South Africa.

In other words, the Israeli and two Nigerians who were arrested last month for smuggling the sum of $9.3 million and the Nigerian company involved in the transfer of the $5.7 million to South Africa are not public officers.

As independent contractors they were awarded contracts for the supply of arms by the Federal Government and paid accordingly. It is indubitably clear that the suspects were negligent for failing to conduct due diligence.

“Since the Federal Government cannot be held vicariously liable for the alleged criminal activities of the suspects the office of the NSA ought not to have embarrassed the nation by giving the erroneous impression that Nigeria had breached the law of another country.

“As a sovereign entity the Federal Government can place orders for the purchase of arms either from another government or from independent arms dealers.

“But when the office of the NSA decided to award contracts to private corporate bodies for the supply of arms it could not have clothed them with immunity or license to breach local or foreign laws.

“Instead of exposing Nigeria to further ridicule the Federal Government should stop accepting responsibility for the alleged criminal actions of the suspects indicted in the alleged laundering of the sum of $15 million.”

Mr Falana said by threatening to go after South African investments in the country over the controversial deal, the Federal government threw its moral authority out of the window.

“By asking South Africa to reciprocate the gesture of allowing MTN and DSTV to operate in Nigeria is the Federal Government saying that both South African companies are allowed to breach the law of the land?”

He also chastised the National assembly for its shoddy handling of the issue.

“Regrettably, the National Assembly treated this matter of urgent national importance so cavalierly and in the process left many questions unanswered. Otherwise how could both chambers have failed to examine the statement of the NPA that the official explanations for the suspicious transactions are riddled with contradictions?”

Mr Falana said the Nigerian government should call the NSA to order and apologise to Nigerians for dragging the country into the embarrassing affair.


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  • B. Messi

    The propaganda and cocktail of lies have collapsed..like a pack of poorly stacked APC cards.
    A lesson to the gullibles.

    • endingNaija

      Who are the two Nigerian money launderers? Why was the Israeli named and the identities of the Nigerians hidden. Why was the plane of Pastor Oritsejafor used? Why did the govt rush to claim ownership? We will get there. Cards Falling? Fallen Cards? Before cards fall, can B Messi tell us the names of the Nigerian money launderers please? Cards will not only Fall, Aso Rock will sweat!!!

  • Wähala

    @Premium Times… “Due process” is criminal investigation as ordered by the magistrate who ordered the cash seizures. Despite your screaming headline yesterday, the quality of your coverage of this issue highlights the issues I have with Naija Journalism… the art of submissive reportage. When that SA police said they don’t name people who have not been charges with any offenses, and that no one has so far been charged in this matter, why did your reporter hang-up the phone without pointedly asking why Mr. Eyal Maseki was named? Today again, Femi Falana is basking in the limelight after misinterpreting the Law and no one called him to order… who does the NSA work for if not GON? Falana carefully side-stepped the first illegal deal with a contractor not licensed to deal in arms yet, none of your reporters called him with probing questions. Falan is a fraud who is expandable with little inducement, corrupt Dumbo could’ve greased his hands to sit on the fence with his ignorant interpretation of International Law… viz: if the $9.3million were for legal deal, why was it not declared at home & abroad? Finally, this statement from SA Govt. is a bait. They want the Nigerian Government to appeal and “due process” which will inevitably go thru the courts will blow like a hurricane and all & sundry involved in the dirty deals will have to appear in court to clear their names… over to Dr. Dumbo!

    • ZigZag

      Falana is a massive fraud coming to light gradually. On this matter though, I blame Premium Times less. I think they are reporting what they are hearing. I don’t expect so much of a top-class investigation of this international scandal from a budding online paper without foreign reporters as of now. So I guess they resign to phone stuff, which as you know, anyone can lie through.

      • Gbolahan

        The nonsense ‘legal opinion’ Femi Falana wrote on this matter actually has no head and no tail.
        That is one senseless statement he’ll forever wish he never made as if paid to launder image.
        He’s ended up looking very dubious in public and now most folks will look at him with distrust.
        Whatever possessed him to do such permanent damage to himself in the public domain, really?

        • Ette

          It is the stirs of lawyers to cause confusion, and I guess Falana is looking for contract from agents of government. This was pure money laundering.

    • endingNaija

      Thank you wahala: My questions for the past five weeks are these: Who are the two Nigerian money launderers? Why

      was the Israeli named and the Nigerians left un-identified? I am not a lawyer. I do not want to be one. But I ask very very very very simple questions that may smoke Aso Rock. Who are these two Nigerians? Anyone with an answer? At least human beings are not needles in hay stacks!!!

      • Wähala

        E se gan man mi… !!!
        My suspicion remains Asari ati Sec. Gen. awon CANi. Reason being, since those that identified them have not retracted their stories, and Dr. Dumbo has not threatened legal action (as in Richest Presidos), given that Aso Rock has been mummified on the thema… my view is that “every Nigerian is free to believe what they please”, was how I put it far backi. Na my prerogative! Asari was last sighted in Saudi and the CAN thug was first seen on 28th. of Sept… those dates do not fit with the timeline of the seizures in Zulu land, SA. I’m certain, the case is why Dr. Dumbo has not accepted his gold-plated nomination… that’s when the fireworks will begin. And, that’s why Zuma of the Zulus, a friend of Atiku’s is positioning to light the Bunsen Burner for the crackers to get cracking… kapisch?

        • endingNaija

          Catch ya! Thanks wahala. These guys must not be given any breathing space. They are too cancerous. We have to follow this to the end. Who are the two Nigerians on board the jet of Pastor Oritsejafor CAN president , when $9.3m was laundered to South Africa! Who are they? Why was the Israeli mentioned and the Nigerians remain anonymous? Who dem be? Why is President Jonathan keeping quiet after the govt claim ownership of the so-called deal?

  • Mr. Abdin

    There is the need to follow due process for the Arms struggle in SA, hope that Nigerian Government will explain very well about the money.

  • bulltron10

    Jonathan should stop embarrassing Nigeria Internationally, How can you send a known criminal terrorist like Asari Dokubo to buy Arms for the country. Dokubos lack of common sense explains why he feels the need to take raw cash to buy weapons. Why wont the government delegate any of its defense experts either serving or retired. This explains why many other countries chose not to sell to Nigeria. If you keep surrounding yourself with such criminals you will loose all credibility. The presidency should be off limits to the likes of Dokubo (Militant terrorist), Buruji kashami (Drug dealer), Ali Modu Sherrif (Boko Haram chief financier), Ihejirika (Top Commander) and co.

  • Okey

    “The high commissioner commented on the controversial transaction few hours after PREMIUM TIMES reported that no Nigerian is being detained in South Africa over the deal contrary to widespread reports that two Nigerians and an Israeli national were arrested and detained after they attempted to smuggle into that country US$9.3 million apparently meant for buying arms for the Nigerian intelligence service.”
    With the above comment from Premium Times, one may, why was Lai Mohammed deliberately releasing lies, lies and loads of lies to the Nigeria public ? Why can’t a political party cherish character and honesty ?

  • dudu

    After reading this story, why do I feel I ‘ve just been conned by the Nigerian government? Is Falana now the new laundry man on block? somethings just don’t add up or perhaps, I’m just been unreasonably skeptical

  • Miss. Ama Vaughan (London)

    Dear Editor,

    Please, why is President Jonathan afraid to direct his attorney-general, Mohammed Adoke, to file affidavit in South African High court to show the court that Nigerian laws were complied with on this $9.3m freight matter? Why is President Jonathan hiding from saying in an affidavit that he, and the agents he nominated to buy arms worth $9.3m dollars, complied with the laws of South Africa? I am not proud at all as a Nigerian citizen to see President Jonathan’s back to the wall like this. It diminishes me as a citizen. It gives others out there an impression of me as an unfortunate person being misruled by criminals. I do not wish to be seen like that, please. Thank you.

    • Roberto

      @ Ms. Vaughan:

      Good thinking, crisp, concise and straight from the heart. Well done!
      It is a pity Femi Falana was either too ignorant or too compromised
      to see these points when he wrote arguing that ‘Nigeria is not implicated’ in
      this $9.3million illegal transaction. A thinking law student should know better.
      An agent nominated to buy arms is not the same as ‘an independent contractor’.

    • Otile

      Knock off this kind of sentiment, Miss. Hear her: “It diminishes me as a citizen. It gives others out there an impression
      of me as an unfortunate person being misruled by criminals.” How are you diminished? You are there in London enjoying, still claim that you suffered ugly impression resulting from some distant arms sale in Kwazulu Homeland Africa. You did not suffer anything. Over here nobody has lost a hair as a result. Listen to South Africans whose land was used in this deal, none of them is losing sleep, besides their government has cleared the Israeli man involve, also promised to hand back the money to us.

      Miss, you have nothing to fear but fear itself.

  • the truth

    Sahara Reporters has obtained original copies of a judgement in the case of United States v Bola Ahmed Tinubu,
    the former governor of Lagos State, in which Bola Tinubu was charged
    (along with other defendants) in a case of massive drug trafficking and
    money laundering. This judgement directly relates to (and further
    documents) the September 16, 2008 “How U.S Federal Agents succesfully Linked Bola Tinubu to drug Trafficking Ring in Chicago” report by Sahara Reporters

    Snippets of the case and subsequent judgement are presented below. The complete document (VERY LARGE pdf file – 4mb) can be downloaded at the end of this report.

    The United States of America, by its attorney, Michael J. Shepard,
    United States Attorney for Northern District of Illinois, for its
    verified complaint of forfeiture, states as follows:

    1. This is a FORFEITURE action under 21 U.S.C , ss88 and 18, ss 981…..

    2. The DEFENDANT funds are located in the above-described accounts and were SEIZED pursuant to PROCESS ISSUED BY THIS COURT….

    4…. beginning as early as 1998, Adegboyega Mueez Akande, WITH OTHERS OPERATED a organiszation (sic) which DISTRIBUTED WHITE HEROIN, a controlled substance under Title 21 of the United States Code.

    5…. this DISTRIBUTION OPERATION was conducted on a LARGE SCALE and the PROCEEDS of the operation SUBSTANTIAL. The defendant funds represent proceeds of this OPERATION of property involved in MONEY LAUNDERING.

    6…. the defendant funds represent proceeds of NARCOTICS TRAFFICKING … and … MONEY LAUNDERING….. the funds are therefore FOREFEITABLE to the United States….


    j… Neither a claim nor answer has been filed on behalf of the defendant funds …. accordingly, it hereby
    ORDERED that the funds in the AMOUNT of $460,000 in account…. in the name of BOLA TINUBU represents proceeds of NARCOTICS
    or were involved in financial transactions in violation of 18 U.S.C ss
    1956 and 1957 and therefore these funds are forfeit to the United

    • No Comment

      “Bola Tinubu has become the most hated politician in the South-West.
      Association with him is increasingly as politically contagious as leprosy.”

      ……….Femi Aribisala

      [July 1st, 2014)

    • Onike24

      Why are you lying? yes Bola Tinubu was ACCUSED of having more money than his salary could provide and yes the DEA was interested in his activities but he was not charged and the DEA entered into an agreement wherein half of the Monies was seized but the other half was returned to him. I hold no brief for him and I personally belief that Jagaban is far from ideal, but in comparison to Jonatham…

      • the truth

        do you say accused? do you say money was returned to him? have you taking a minute of your time to go to the public records commission to read the judgement? please if you haven’t please do and stop this defense you are putting in.if you havent go to pacerdotgov, register and login to view tinubus judgement and rap sheet. after reading the judgement from the us judge and the us government i would need you to apologize to me

        • BabaLegba

          I am interested in this news about Bola Tinubu. In which country is the Public Records Commission are you referring to bros? And what is “pacerdotgov”?

          • the truth

            pacerdotgov is the united states public records outlet. where you as a citizen or any individual can check any case that had any legal undertone. i have given step by step process to see the judgement against tinubu. u can check it yourself

          • Wähala

            Deri, quit lying…
            I’ve told you, your traits and tricks stink like soaked stock fish. Why are you diverting the focus of discussion? The same nonsense you did by listing oil company owners during the fuel-subsidy demonstrations. I’ve studied you too long to smell your dirty aura from a mile away… stay thematic!

          • the truth

            where is the lie? point it out to me. i don’t have to defend my identity to you. please point to my lie on this matter. if you can’t point out the lie i stated, from today henceforth our conversations would be cut off as some individuals here are not principled enough or can’t have matured discussions. i am waiting

          • Wähala

            Remain thematic… that’s all.
            I’ve told you severally, go on strike! Let’s stop responding to each other’s comment… deal?

          • the truth

            mr wahala we would always have disagreements, and i respect you for having divergent views sometime. but there are cases where we have agreed and mount Kilimanjaro did not fall. the only thing i observed is your use of abusive terms on people who may have different views. ceasefire.

          • Onike24

            @Wahala this man is sinister and evil, he takes an atom of truth and mixes it with a bucket load of lies! Bola Tinubu survives forsenic audits as treasurer at Mobil twice but head office knew that he was making money on the side, they had no proof! I read the document, asked my husband to read it( we are both lawyers) just gave it to a silk who does criminal law and he agrees with me. Why do these people continue to play with fire? Why must we all go to hell in a hen basket, because one man wants to hold on to power.

        • Onike24

          First, I had to wait till the end of the day as I cannot use my office IP address to access public documents that do not relate to my work. I have read the document, I implore you to do the same. I hold no brief for Bola Tinubu and have always expressed my issues with him, but I have been called a bloody liar for reading a public document cross checking the statute, yes he was served with an asset forfeiture notice because he could not account for monies he had in his account. Drug law enforcement in America would still be going after him today but they are not why? clearly you don’t understand what you read. please take time to read it throughly. I refuse to be intimidated but I take great exception to being called a ” bloody liar”.

          • the truth

            Please I posted the judgement.I guess it is in Chinese how u can clearly see white and u call it black.please go to pacerdotgov and check the case file youeself

      • Peju Adekanbi

        @ Onike 24:

        You are a bloody liar who should not be allowed in a public forum!
        Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s dollars trove was forfeited forever in plea-bargain,
        for being a drugs-running criminal in U.S.A. No cash was ever returned to him.

        • the truth

          i was called a liar for standing for the truth. u and i, including onike can go download and read the judgement from the judge, its a free world. he is a criminal. full stop

        • Onike24

          Drug running is a crime, the United States not only seizes your assets, you go to prison. Are you saying he entered a plea bargain? But there are no records of a plea bargain? Before you start throwing abuse around, make sure you understand the nuance of the issue. Lastly please don’t reply to my posts again, if you cannot be civil.

  • Encore

    Editor, Premium Times:

    Femi Falana wrote an ignorant legal opinion on this $9.3m scandal that should not have been published.
    Nigerian laws actually set out rules for independent contractors. Those
    rules involve tender process supervised by the Ministry of
    Defence. No such process preceded this $9.3million fiasco. And so, no
    independent contractor status is implicated in understanding the gross
    illegality deliberately undertaken by President Jonathan here; by his
    selecting agents to air-freight $9.3million in cash abroad on a plane he
    designated, to be accompanied by three (3) persons he nominated and
    approved via the office of the National Security Adviser [NSA]. In
    effect, since both Jonathan and the NSA are agents of the federal
    government of Nigeria, the duo fully implicate Nigeria in this clear case of smuggling and money-laundering, without a doubt.

  • endingNaija

    There is a subtle thing happening here. Everybody is talking law, big grammar, big International politics, economics etc. But the simplest thing is BEING MISSED. I also notice that when this SIMPLE QUESTION is asked everyone runs away. This is the the question: WHO ARE THE TWO NIGERIAN MONEY LAUNDERERS ON BOARD THE PRIVATE JET OF PASTOR ORISTEJAFOR WHICH WAS USED TO LAUNDER $9.3M TO SOUTH AFRICA? This is not law. This is not big grammar. This is common sense and about offering TRUTHFUL INFORMATION TO NIGERIANS WHO ARE THE OWNERS OF THE MONEY. So as you all talk your big grammar, can someone provide answer to this harmless question?

    • Gideon Orkar

      I confess. It was myself and AIG Mbu that were on the plane with the Isreali! Any more question?

      • endingNaija

        Let Pastor Oritsejafor the owner of the plane and President Jonathan who gave out the “contract” confirm this!!! GRAAAAAAAMMMAAAR for Naija. I go laaaaafuuuu tire for obodo Naija!

        • Gideon Orkar

          My confession don cover everybody!

          • Wähala

            Who you be sef… maff ?
            Are you that Al Capone’s goon who pleaded, “not guilty” for himself and, “the broad” ??

          • Gideon Orkar

            you dey wear green?

          • endingNaija

            wahala , you dey ask who Gideon orkar be? You don forget these names -mani_kay/mpitikwelu/akpos1/redeem/peter2000, dem dem. check them properly you will see. they convulse each time you think they are dead!

          • endingNaija

            No the main launderers behind the scene, president Jonathan and Pastor Oritsejafor must confirm your confession!

      • Olusegun Olawonyi


      • Wähala

        Mbu Josef Mbu… Hahahahaa choi!
        Bros, you funny ooo!!
        Mbu… AIG?

  • the truth

    there should be investigation on this matter and we want the undiluted truth to rest this matter once and for all

    • endingNaija

      BIG GRAMMAR!!! There is a simple question BESIDE YOU!!! That question is:WHO ARE THE TWO NIGERIANS INVOLVED IN THIS CRIMINALITY? We DO NOT need “investigation” to be told that especially when the Israeli HAS BEEN NAMED!!! O ya grammar, grammar, grammar, GRAMMAR!!!

      • the truth

        my brother i am not here today to go back and forth with you . investigation is ongoing and we should calm down and let due process take its course

        • endingNaija

          GRAMMMAR! So why was the name of the Israeli released and the names of the Nigerians hidden?
          GRRAAAAAAAMMMARRRR for Naija,

          • Wähala

            …while investigation is still in progress!
            Don’t mind him, the Zulus have set the trap… let GON go through due process to recover our money!

          • the truth

            my brother by now with all my posts you should know i am neither pdp or apc, unlike some people here. I stand for the truth and ask questions when the case be.i have criticized pdp statements and apc statements. It is a shame anytime i make comments against apc i am cursed at,but when i criticize pdp i don’t get abused. I believe in due process and investigation before conclusive statements are made. That has been my motto right from day one and i was abused. i have neither voted in my life for pdp nor apc (anpp, cpc or ac(ad and acn)). i have only voted republicans or democrats. i have always maintained that all this politicians are one and the same, who don’t have our interest at heart but there personal gains. i only state the obvious. keep going

          • endingNaija

            You are PDP, I beg go sit down. You are a PDP party man who pretends to be “neutral” in order to confuse and subtly sell the cancer called PDP and Goodluck Jonathan’s cancerous 2015 campaign. Tell your “truth” to the marines. You are a confirmed PDP party man.

    • checkmate

      Mr. ” the truth” I thought you say you are the truth, so what undiluted truth do you want. Besides, Okupe has confirmed everything.

      • the truth

        i thought lie lie mohammed told u and i that he got his information on who was on the plane from a gossip online paper nairaland. he said from the gossip paper asari was part of the nigerians on the plane. why not believe lie lie mohammed

        • checkmate

          Mr, “the truth” you say you know everything about the truth of the matter, so why bother yourself with a diluted truth. You have already diluted the truth. Just forget about “the diluted truth” of money laundering and gunrunning by your Loving Oga and your Darling party.

  • Olu Ade

    Our president “does not give a damn”, he doesn’t know what “due process” is. May be we can use this as a teaching moment for him to understand that not every thing goes in other countries as shown by this South African Arms debacle!

  • Ette

    This confirms the thinking of honest Nigerians that this government was engaged in pure money laundering and behaving to type in telling lies. South Africa has no problem selling arms to Nigeria, and rather than buy from official and authentic sources, they stole money to hide in other countries and when God disgraced them through the arrests, they resorted to what they know to do best – lying. See wicked government and man of satan called Oritsejafor openly engaged in stealing raw cash from our common resources. May God treat them the way they are treating Nigerians. Amen.

    • Mike udi

      Who told u South africa ve no problem selling arms to Nigeria ? Deplomatically, no nation will tell another nation we won’t sell arms to u. U believe the south africa ambassador but refuse to believe nigeria authority. No matter how corrupt a country might b there re still millions of dealing that re corruption free. Devil don’t do evil all the time.

  • taewo

    Na wa o! Mr. Falana has jumped the boat. I’ve noticed with regularity how he defends the Jonathan government on various issues. It’s amusing to hear from him that the govt isn’t at fault, it is the office of the security adviser and the private arms contractors! So, how did such a large amount of cash leave the Nigerian borders without violating the money laundering law? Perhaps we should blame the customs not the FGN. Is it the practice that a govt would buy arms in another country without informing that other govt about the transaction? Again blame South Africa, not FGN.

  • Konkolo

    Lots of Nigerians are just damn too corrupt and “money worshippers.” Reading from some of the comments on this forum, it will appear that some insane Nigerians are ready to give up their lives defending this clear acts of money laundering. Our leaders are all too corrupt and insensitive to the plight of the people. The Senate, House of Representatives and all the so called Excecutive Council are just in government to ENRICH their pockets. A big national embarrassement of this magnitude is being treated with a non-challant attitude by these arms of Nigerian government. Nigeria is a failed state and unfortunately, we do not have any one to rescue us.
    @Wahala, please keep up with your good and qualitative work you have been doing on this forum/Saharareporters.

  • abiola

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