EXCLUSIVE: No Nigerian detained in South Africa over seized $9.3million arms money

Contrary to belief that two Nigerians and an Israeli are being held in South Africa‎ for smuggling $9.3 million cash into that country, no one is being detained over the matter, the South African Police service has told PREMIUM TIMES.

There had been widespread reports that two Nigerians and an Israeli national were arrested and detained in South Africa after they attempted to smuggle into that country US$9.3 million apparently meant for buying arms for the Nigerian intelligence service.

The men landed at Lanseria International Airport, Johannesburg, on September 5 in a private jet owned by the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Oritsejafor, with the money stashed in three suitcases.

At the time, the South Africa Revenue Service, SARS, said customs officers became suspicious when the passengers’ luggage were unloaded and put through the scanners.

The National Prosecuting Authority, NPA, in South Africa said there was an invoice for helicopters and armaments intended to be used in Nigeria.

Two black plastic suitcases, filled with 90 blocks each containing US$100,000 in notes, with combination locks, were seized, as well as two pieces of hand luggage also containing US currency, according to City Press.

The Israeli national, Eyal Mesika, had the combination to open the locks.

Under South African laws, a person entering or leaving the country is expected to carry cash not exceeding US$2,300, or the equivalent in foreign currency notes.

The identities of the Nigerians on the plane remained unknown and most Nigerians believe they and the Israeli were still being held as investigation continues.

But responding to PREMIUM TIMES enquiry, Paul Ramaloko, the spokesperson of the country’s police service, said no arrest was made after the arms money was intercepted and confiscated.

“No one was arrested on this day,” Mr. Ramaloko, a captain in the South African Police, told this newspaper. “We only seized the money.”

The police spokesperson however wouldn’t divulge the names of the other passengers on the plane.

“We can only name people who are criminally charged,” he said. “In this matter, no one has been charged. We are only talking about one person who checked in the luggage.

“The other people were allowed to go soon as they were cleared.”

When asked whether the person who checked in the luggage was the Israeli who had the combination to open the locks of the suitcases containing the U.S. currency, Mr. Ramaloko said he was not sure.

On the progress of investigation into the matter, the police service’s spokesperson said, “The investigation is continuing.

We will be guided by the outcomes on the investigation if anyone should be held criminally accountable.”

The South African authorities have since confiscated yet another US$5.7 million arms money from Nigeria.

As with the first deal, South Africa’s Asset Forfeiture Unit of the National Prosecuting Authority has seized the funds for allegedly being the proceeds of illegal transactions, reports say.

The second transaction was between Cerberus Risk Solutions, an arms broker in Cape Town, and Societe D’Equipments Internationaux, said to be a Nigerian company based in Abuja.

The deal, according to reports by South African City Press newspaper, fell apart after Cerberus which had earlier received from Nigeria R60 million (N1.02 billion) in its account at Standard Bank, tried to repay the money as it could not resolve its registration formalities with the South African authorities.

“Cerberus was previously registered as a broker with the National Conventional Arms Control Committee (NCACC), but the registration expired in May this year,” City Press said.

“The marketing and contracting permits also expired at the same time. The company has since applied for re-registration, but the application lay in the NCACC’s mailbox for more than two months.

“Sources told Rapport that Cerberus apparently tried to pay the money back to the Nigerian company, after which the bank became suspicious,” the paper reported.

The paper added that while the NPA’s Asset Forfeiture Unit subsequently obtained a court order in the South Gauteng High Court to seize the money, the NPA spokesperson Nathi Mncube, said there were no indications the two transactions were related.

The Nigerian government has since claimed ownership of the seized funds, denying the deal was unlawful and warning South Africa of its investment in Nigeria.

In a terse reaction to what appears a potential diplomatic spat between the two countries, the Nigerian government denied the second transaction was illegal and reminded South Africa of how Nigeria has provided a beneficial environment for South African companies like MTN, DSTV and a host of others to do business unhindered.

“It is our hope that South Africa would reciprocate this noble gesture,” the National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, said, with a vow to eradicate Boko Haram regardless of the antics of “fifth columnists”.

Mr. Dasuki, named by the South African newspaper as the official who signed off the first controversial deal, confirmed the second transaction occurred as reported but firmly denied it was conducted illegally.

“We want to state clearly that a business transaction actually took place between a legitimate company in Nigeria and another legitimate one in South Africa through the bank,” said Mr. Dasuki through a spokesperson, Karounwi Adekunle.

“In the course of events, the South African company could not perform and decided to refund the money. What is illegitimate in this transaction done through the bank?” he queried.


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  • Otile

    Shame on APC rumor mongers who have been pointing fingers on some people without any validity.

    • Muhammad

      shame to you when they have been clear so he run to saudi to clear him self from the issue God is there soon they will be espoused

      • Otile

        Don’t just answer Muhammad, follow Nabi Mohammed to hell.

    • endingNaija

      Mr. otile, since you are a member of PDP, and since this happened under a PDP govt and since there are two unnamed NIgerians involved in this criminality and illegality, can you truthfully inform Nigerians of the names of these two Nigerians please? This will help Otile.

      • bugwu

        Stop this rubbish and Face the facts. Issues here are security related so it must be treated with caution and not on pages of Newspaper as your Lie Mohamed is doing and off cause nobody is guilty until proven otherwise.

        • endingNaija

          otile, bugwu, redeem, mani_kay, mpitikwelu, ireti, the truth, peter 2000, akpos1, I know it was security concern that made our loving President Goodluck Jonathan RUSHED to free his friend, Asari Dokubo from detention in Republic of Benin. In the money laundering case of $9.3m by two Nigerians and one Israeli, it is that same “security concern” that made the “presidency” DISCLOSED the name of the Israeli. Hm? So, we are saying what is good for the geese is good for the gander. So the “security concern” that trigerred the DISCLOSURE of the Israeli name should also TRIGGER the names of the two Nigerians. Ireti, GREAT EXPECTATION (In Yoruba language) can you and “the truth” REDEEM this truth? That will be soooooooo Kiiiiinnnnnndddd of you all! I go laf tire. God dey!

      • Otile

        Don’t be childish in your reasoning. When did I tell you that I am a member of PDP or APC for that matter? How can I inform Nigerians of the alleged two people you said are in prison in SA? Ask you master L Mohammed who pretends to know, I have no I idea of what deal APC and the government made in the aborted arms business. Shame on you crude politicians, a plague on both your houses.

        • endingNaija

          I know that the name of the Israeli WAS DISCLOSED. I am only asking your party, PDP and the president of NIgeria-Goodluck Jonathan to be CONSISTENT. if you release the name of the Israeli, why not release the names of the Nigerians. See what I mean redeem?

          • Otile

            You need to see a psychiatrist.

  • awesom combk

    Joke of the millennium. What is the gain on snatching money without it’s carrier? Remain small you’ll claim no money is seized.

  • Mr. Abdin

    Atiku remain committed towards the development of the country. the unveiling of the policy plan is a welcome development we hope that other politicians will learn from him.

    • concerned9ja

      TK God, someone has clearly come out with carefully planned proposal on the way forward. If he won, we would hold him to something. The Clueless One was sold to us on the altar of deception and he did not disappoint. He promised nothing and delivered nothing. Even Shagari was not as shocking to this level.

  • Mr. Abdin


    Atiku Abubakar has raised some issues
    that bother on Nigeria and the way
    forward at the unveiling of his policies and programmes.

    He talked about the youths because
    they are the instruments of change in the country.

    To modify the way the machinery of FG
    works with the states and local Governments.

    Employment Generation &

    Niger Delta & North East

    With all these policies and plans, i have the
    confidence that he is an individual that has ideas, competence and good
    intentions for Nigerians.

    • bugwu

      politicians have always said the same thing so there is nothing new. Remember Late Bola Ige said he will turn Stone to Bread with Reference to old NEPA. But fortunately it was only GEJ that was able to sell PHCN. JONA Carry Go

  • the truth

    apc is a party of lies and deceit.
    for all who want to know tinubu is
    a confirmed drug dealer with his wife remi. it is on united public
    records (pacer site) the website is pacer dot gov.
    secondly login, register if you havent, thirdly click on case locator,
    fourthly click on actual url pacer case locator, fifthly put in tinubu
    in the party name tab dont click exact, sixtly click on url link that is
    next to bola tinubus name.seventhly click on tinubus case file. i
    wondered why obasanjo once called tinubu a drug baron. this case is
    revolving fast, more to come. if you haven’t checked it hurry to that us
    site before they are pressured to take it off.

    • endingNaija

      Given that the transaction happened under your party PDP, and given that the private jet of a member of your party (Pastor Oritsejafor’s jet) was involved, then you should know the names of the two Nigerians. Mr. “the truth” can you please in the name of truth inform Nigerians truthfully about the names of the two Nigerians involved in this illegality and criminality?

      • Wähala

        He’s a fraud. He won’t answer because Doyin has told us they were involved in illegality but fake pastor is not to blame for hiring out his jet. They think we are all stup*d like them… @the truth is Deri Orbuka, Redeem, Mani_Kay, etc. A career fraudster and drunken criminal. Olosi ni !!!

    • Kay Julius

      I guess you don’t really have much to do or nothing really going on in your life or perhaps you’re paid for all these posting. you alone have posted almost half of the contribution.

      • KD

        @ Kay Julius, thank you and God bless you. This irritant called “the truth” is becoming really annoying. He’s working hard at convincing himself more than anyone else. What is it!!?? He has to have a reply for every anti Jonathan/PDP comment. Obviously, he’s getting paid. ‘the untruth”, hush and get a life! You’re becoming a nuisance. Very petty, like a woman without a job.

        • The Last Don

          Mehn! You APC Guys can lie sha! While I do not agree with a lot of views ‘the truth’ has, truth must be told that he/she usually makes a comment before some of you guys fall over yourselves to attack him. Makes me wonder WHO REALLY ARE THE PAID PEOPLE HERE??
          Oga, scroll up, truth made his own comment, see how many of you rushed to attack.
          From the look of things, you guys are the paid agents here.
          Nawa o!!

    • Nigerian

      Mr. “the truth” I am trying to see your “Neutrality”. Since you know a lot about the Nigerian political parties, Can you help us with some facts about PDP, the ruling party? What kind of party is it?

  • Ireti Olasope

    Dear Editor,


    This is a shame on Lai Mohhamed of the APC party for telling lies to mislead the general public on this matter.
    Lai Mohammed had said Asari Dokubo and another Nigeria have been in detention since September 6th.
    Even when Asari Dokubo posted his own photo as a free man on Muslim pilgrimage in Mecca, Saudi Arabia,
    Lai Mohammed did not relent in deliberate lies-telling but instead said Asari-Dokubo’s rebuttal ‘has no weight’.
    But now that the South Africans themselves corroborate Asari Dokubo, what can Lai Mohammed say now, other
    than do the needful and now promptly tender a PUBLIC APOLOGY for his lies-telling on this case of $9.3million.

    • the truth

      they wouldn’t apologize, they will never apologize, that is the kind of dirty politics they play. remember he told nigerians he got his info from a gossip paper nairaland.

      • endingNaija

        Two Nigerians and one Israeli took $9.3m illegally from Lagos, Nigeria to Johannesburg, South Africa. “the truth” since you are very closed to the corridors of power in Aso Rock, can you kindly REDEEM the truth about these two Nigerians? Who are they? Can you,as a PDP member and an associate of Aso Rock under Goodluck Jonathan – name them (the names of these two Nigerians) please?

        • the truth

          don’t you know an investigation is going on. didn’t you once insinuate nigerians were locked up, now what are the south africans saying? you should know when investigation is going on we shouldn’t run to conclusions. lets believe the gossip paper nairaland as quoted by your national publicity secretary lie mohammed, it was asari dokubo in the plane and he is in jail. have you taken your time to go confirm that it is on public records here in the states that tinubu was a brug baron. do you want me to direct you to the site so you can read more about your national leader tinubu and his wife remi. it is public records you and i can ask and get it

          • endingNaija

            I know that ireti ati redeem ati the truth ati otile know the names of the two Nigerians. Can you be so “patriotic” and “nationalistic” enough to help REDEEM “the truth” about the name of these two Nigerians? This is our EXPECTATION- what we “reti” . Thank you sooooooo much guys!

      • Wähala

        Apologize for wanting to know the identities of those Dumbo gave our common wealth abi?
        Keep wallowing in sycophancy! People like you are the real problems hampering the fight against graft and criminality in Nigeria… does the above report in any way exonerate Asari or anybody from being on the plane? SA police let them off the hook because they were hoodwinked by your deceitful moron in Aso Rock… this is why I get angry with you: You read the Bible standing on your head!

        • the truth

          wahala i thought we had a deal, let’s forget the curse words and abuses, make your points without abusing me. how am i the one hampering criminality, when from day one i have insisted that investigation should be carried to the latter. remember when asari was mentioned and you guys were abusing and stirring up the pot i emphasized patience and let the investigative process take its course, come to find out that mohammed got his info from a gossip website, did he apologize to u and i for misleading us? when the same mohammed talked about kwankwaso been stopped to travel to ekiti by security forces only for kwankwaso to say that was a lie did mohammed apologize to u and i for misleading us? when mohammed came up with faceless security forces in osun election and how fg are militaralizing the election, when it was indeed rauf and apc which requested for security operatives for the smooth conduct of the elections, did mohammed apologize to u and i? i can go on and on. keep taking as gospel the words of mohammed

          • Chima

            @nimikemuel:disqus, I dont want to believe it that “Lai Mohammed (Esq) is reeling out his press releases courtesy of GOSSIP online newspapers”. That is why some of his followers their only response to any query is to abuse, insult and bully fellow compatriots here.

          • Wähala

            Any rumor (gossip) not denied within 24hrs is truth… US adage!
            Who are the Nigerians if Lai is peddling rumors?

    • Wähala

      Stop misinforming the public…
      Lai Mohammed said, “news reports” claimed Asari was on that plane… and went on to cite Nairaland among others. He also said since those outfits did not retract their stories, it stands to reason that they were probably right. Then, reiterated his call for the names of the Nigerian passengers. Again, stop lying… learn to live a clean life!

    • endingNaija

      Ireti (expectation in Yoruba) , since you are close to ASO ROCK we want you to live by your name Ireti-so? we EXPECT you to kindly REDEEM “THE TRUTH” about the names of the two Nigerian money launderers involved in this criminality and illegality. Please live up to your name as WE EXPECT you to give the names of the two Nigerians. Thank you so much in advance IRETI ofr we EXPECT that you will REDEEM “the truth”.

      • Hassan

        Walahi, believe me, “Ireti” in my own dialect means ‘enemy of change’.

        • endingNaija

          oh my God! Thanks anyways!!! God Bless you Mr. Hassan!!!

  • Wähala

    This is bologna!
    I’ve since explained what happened and it’s Gospel…
    The Govt. of Nigeria (GON) pledged to authenticate the deal thus, there was no need to arrest the money launderers…
    the paperwork GON furnished after 5days showed the arms dealers were fakes, thus, the on-going investigation. Once charged, let’s see if they won’t name them and issue warrants for their arrests. The magistrate ordered the seizures as “proceeds” from illegal transactions. If South African laws prohibits naming people who have not been charged with crimes, does Nigerian law prohibit naming who our President entrusted with our common wealth? There is no doubt Nigerian procurement and money transfer laws have been broken, but the key question remains what Lai Mohammed posited: “who and who were on that plane?” No sense playing with words… this is easy as switching-on the light, who were the passengers?

    • the truth

      but i put it to you wahala you once said two nigerians were in jail in pretoria chilling with henry okar.remember when i said instead of jumping to conclusions we should wait and get this matter investigated to the latter before jumping to conclusion, and what did i get, abuses and curses. wahala you should know by now that it is best to investigate cases before jumping to conclusive statements.

      • Wähala

        I’m not the official vuvuzela for any Party, religion or region…
        Yeah, you’re right, I may have gone a bit over the grey line but that’s me being me… you didn’t expect me to allow you win the argument did you? Why do you think Judges strike out a sentence after a smart lawyer had sneaked it in? The court’s stenographer must strike it from court proceeding but, she can never strike it from the minds of the jury… pal, it’s called “psychological war or words” used in shifting sentiments. Read Lai again, he lifted my conversation with @Kay Soyemi and forced Asari to “out” himself. In that exchange I said, “I was sure of CAN’s Sec. Gen. but Asari I was still waiting on my human assets” to confirm his whereabouts. Learn the ropes, it will help you swing home like the monkey you are… punk!

        • the truth

          With every statement you make, you callously contradict yourself and as such expose who the real identity of wahala. You just infered that “Yeah, you’re right, I may have gone a bit over the grey line but that’s
          me being me… you didn’t expect me to allow you win the argument did
          you?” This portends one thing in order not to lose an argument or stand for the undiluted truth you chose to toe the path of falsehood.You should have learnt by now that your insults, abuses and name calling doesn’t affect me but portrays you as an egocentric thug and gangster popularly called agbero’s who pummel their victims into their whims and caprices. I wouldn’t be surprised by your stance because it is the same wahala who was caught lying to forumites and when i did correct you, you agreed to lying but will never apologize to forumites. You insisted on abati apologizing to nigerians before you apologize. I still respect you as a man and would continue to educate you on the need for conclusion to investigations before jumping like market sellers to fallacious conclusions like lia mohammed who told the whole world that he came to his conclusion from a gossip online paper nairaland. stay blessed and have a good day mr wahala

          • Wähala

            I’ve told you, I’m not here to banter about irrelevant things. The topic is on our seized monies is SA and who took them there, shikena. Pocket your “respect” for me as that will not earn me a bottle of odeku. I am confident in my analytical skills and can reference you all you want if in doubt. For me, thematic issue is who was on that flight as I strongly believe their identities will go miles in unraveling the legality of the deals. Already, it’s clear the NSA was out of order in authorizing the arms deals for any branch of our security forces, the pertinent question to discerning minds therefore is, are the two Nigerian also out of place in ordering them? That’s why their identities matter… kapisch?

          • Jefia

            @ Wahala the parasite working very hard to please his paymasters! You can still be man my brother so please get a proper job! Useless parasite!!

          • Don Messi

            I am a witness of the encounter u had with him and he trapped himself but refused to apologize ‘until Abati will apologize to Nigerians’!
            That was wen I realized the kind of fellow we are dealing with.
            So vulgar, uncouth and lacks civility. At the drop of a hat, he doesn’t fail to announce he resides somewhere in Europe. Yet se the gutter behavior he showcases here everyday!
            Don’t waste yur time with that tout..at best reply him once, if u see he goes into his favorite ‘denial mode’ even in the face of facts & figures, please and please, let him be.
            *i have read and re-read the accounts of the second seizure, and frankly, I can’t see anything wrong with the deal. Yet the day the story broke, Naijas wer shouting all over the place without even being able to see anything wrong in the deal.
            It’s sad, the way Naijas dump their thinking caps out of silly sentiments. So sad.

          • Wähala

            Thug, happy to break out of kirikiri ba? You will soon be back where you belong! How can a crook see anything bad in a deal gone awry? Why are the Zulus not only holding on to the money, but investigating your riverine wetbacks for “proceeds from illegal transactions”? They’re waiting for Dumbo to accept his criminal nomination before Atiku switches-on the light under the Bunsen Burner. Ask your corrupt moron to accept nah? Blockheads!

        • Olusegun Olawonyi

          I had actually thought the idea was to get to the facts and not “to win the argument”?
          Oga sir, you are simply unbelievable!
          Instead of saying you made a mistake, look at the volume of grammar you deployed to shield your error?

          • endingNaija

            Bobo Sege, how now? you ati “the truth” ati redeem ati otile ati mani_kay, ati bugwu seem to know a lot about this case. Can you kindly tell us the names of the two Nigerian money launderers on board PASTOR Ayo Oritsejafor’s jet-those who were caught pants down laundering $9.3m-can you please tell us their names?

          • Olusegun Olawonyi

            For the records – I really do not think any politician in Nigeria is clean. I do not know the names of the guys on that flight. Quite frankly, I am not aligned to any one or to any interests. I merely comment on news as it is reported. I have no access to “human assets” and stuff. And when I read of things that sounds credible, I flow with it, until a superior argument is presented. I’m a free thinker, bros, and easy to win over – just present credible argument based on facts and I’m sold!

          • endingNaija

            I just hope that we are not messi (ng) up the truth about these two Nigerian money launderers. That is crucial because we have to redeem the truth about them. Can you help?

          • the truth


          • endingNaija

            oh no, it is redeem na Mani_kay na mpitigbitkwelu na “the truth”_ na Akpos1

          • the truth

            lol slowly we are beginning to see what some people have been saying on this forum. there are some people on here with different aliases. i will be exposing each and every one of you hassan, are you surprised i found that out.easy, computer schematics. you know what i am saying, but i would keep it on the down low hassan

          • endingNaija

            ah no keep on “exposing” them . But also try to EXPOSE THE TRUTH about the two Nigerian money launderers!!! That is THE REAL EXPOSURE we are talking about-abi the truth-Mr. “neutral”!!! Dis laaafu no go dabaru person sha for naija!

          • Kamal

            Guy, you are beginning to sound like a broken record sha.
            Anyone who dares to think differently from you must be a PDP supporter, and must be redeem or truth or Otile, etc etc.
            I advise you not to take everything you read online as the absolute truth o. Better analyze reports for yourself.
            Liberate yourself from lies bro.

          • endingNaija

            until the truth about the two Nigerian money launderers is REDEEMED without being broken , we will continue to search for dem my broda! I just hope that this is not messi (ng) up the truth about these two NIgerian money launderers!!! abi wetin you tink Kamal na mani_kay na ireti na the truth ati otile na Sege Olusegun Olawonyi!

          • MrFesh

            Broken record it is. Once people lose all logical grip on issues they go that way.

          • Olusegun Olawonyi

            True, MrFresh. Very true. But we all must stand up to uncivilized online behavior, because it is not the way to go.

          • Olusegun Olawonyi

            My Oga, I really do not know the facts of the case other than what you and I read from the media reports. I do not know their names. And I do not hold briefs for them or endorse them. My comments are drawn from the news report. First, I was furious when I heard that Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor was involved in the mess. But when news report came up that the federal government as well as the NSA claimed ownership of the money and the deal. It would be wrong for me to still hold the man as guilty of laundering money, given his own defense. Now, this is just my views, and I expressed them as I saw fit. But what do I get? “Wahala” went on a personal attack on me and call me names, ostensibly because we share divergent views.

            It would seem that we are all in the same age bracket. And if that is the case, this is not the way forward for us as compatriots and contemporaries – regardless of where we live and ply our trade. We should learn to accommodate the opposing views of others and when we disagree with them we do so with superior argument, and not with vituperations and insults in an uncivilized manner. Those are the hallmarks of weak minds and people with inferior intellect. Many Nigerian politicians display these tendencies, and am afraid I see this in “wahala”, and no one should reinforce his negative online behavior. This is my beef. I have even left the issue of Pastor Ayo, the NSA, the FGN and the what looks like a messy saga. My concern is that we treat each other well – particularly people we do not know and have not met. That’s all! Is that too much to ask?

          • Wähala

            I clearly told @KaySoyemi that I was not sure of Asari being on the plane…
            Winning the argument is secondary as no one has ever won any medals for Best comments…
            Also, I said I went over the grey line… that’s admitting error in the height of debate. What else do you want me to do… bend over backwards? Again, the facts are: A) Oritsejafor’s jet had no business being used for profitable venture capital. B) The NSA has no right authorizing arms purchases. C) Two unidentified Nigerians were arrested with a Jew, Eyal Maseki. D) A second trench of $5.7million was seized as SA bank tried returning it to Nigeria. E) A Magistrate ordered the seizures for being “proceeds” of illegality.

            Now, connecting the dots…
            Proceeds are from business ventures, ba? Simply put… those Zulus are not entirely stup*d. They were duped by Dumbo into believing the trio were there to buy arms for Nigeria. Upon scrutinizing the supporting documents sent by GON (after 5days!), they noticed: 1) That the first deal was with an unlicensed arms dealer. 2) The 2nd. deal was also with unauthorized dealer. Therefore, it was child’s play connecting the dots and realizing that the second deal was an after-thought to justify the first. Mad, they seized all “proceeds” and are investigating them criminal violations. Conclusion: The fact that the money was undeclared and the body language of those entrusted with it pointed to criminality, the suspects can expect jail terms for bringing above-limit money into a friendly country, and lying to law enforcement officers. This is straight logic… no need attacking Alhaji Lai for asking legitimate questions, no need claiming glory for won an argument on Premium Times… the unanswered and still burning question, perhaps the last piece of the puzzle remains: “who and who were on the plane” with the Jew? SHIKENA!

          • Don Messi

            Hahahaha! Talking of long grammar, abi dogon turenci, see the looong epistle he has written for u below again!
            Simple ‘I goofed’ wuldv been it. Problem is, they abuse anyone with a view contrary to theirs, thus making a simple apology IMPOSSIBLE!
            I Dey LaffooooO!

          • endingNaija

            Don Messi, you have been resurrected!!! Wonda no go end for naija . Where have you been? Hope you have not been “messing” around the two Nigerian money launderers we are looking for. “the truth” is not being cooperative. Will you help? We need someone who can quickly REDEEM the truth about these Nigerian money launderers without messi (ng) the truth up! Naija dey funny person too much sha!

          • Wähala

            Didn’t you read about the prison break at Kirirkiri? Thugs are on the loose!

          • Olusegun Olawonyi

            Welcome to my world…You spoke my mind…he’s very unrepentant.

          • Wähala

            What you think doesn’t matter…
            I’m here to enrich your diction if inferiority complex is the prognosis from your shriek. Olodo!

          • Olusegun Olawonyi

            Calling someone “Olodo” does not make them one. It only shows your frustration and intolerance of the differing views of others.

            Anyone who does not agree with you, gets bullied, insulted and castigated. I’m not the one on trial here, but you. Lazy people resorts to insults and the bully-pulpit when they experience a flight of reason. You seem to manifest that symptom. Sometimes, you talk and would not want anyone else to have a say – because they do not agree with you. Please go take a look at yourself in the mirror and change your ways. The tragedy is the up votes you get by your likes. And that is unfortunate – because no one should be reinforcing your bad online behavior. You can only alienate fair-minded observers with your motor-pack “agbero” approach, and in the process, you end up destroying what ever the argument is that you were “hired” to “win” at all cost.

            In a civilized environment, after speaking, you allow others to air their views. And if you disagree with them, you say so in a civil and polite manner. When you are wrong, you accept and concede defeat. That is how intelligent, educated and mature folk respond to the unprovoked comments of others. I’m done with you!

          • MrFesh

            You can see the stuff some folks and lines of argument here are made of. Very pathetic.

        • MrFesh

          On this account toy should hide your face forever in shame. You are worth no single felt after I state this.

    • Truth

      A man of honour would have kept quiet given your documented outpouring of vituperation. You accused people without facts and you are here blabbing. You need to get a life.

      • Wähala

        Same Deri wishing I will vamoose…
        No way, Jose! I’m here to give you a heart attack… drunkard!

  • Truthnodeydie

    What is exclusive in this staled news? Our media are so poor and wreched that they can,t afford to carry out any investigative journalism.

    Why will it be difficult to get the identities of guys who went through our airport and were cleared by immigration officers, may even have sat in the VIP lounge. Were seen into the plane by human beings.

    It was easy to identify the plane because Oritshejafor was involved but not those who boarded the plane except the Isreali.

    • Chris1408

      The journalists are product of Nigeria failed educational system.


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    These cars were seized by government officials at border and the time duration given to the owners to claim their cars has elapse so they are been sold in a give away price.All you need do is to call 08062474131 to place an order of your choice.


    Prices of cars below..call MR OWOLABI JOHNSON ON 08062474131 FOR YOUR CHOICE OF CAR.


  • djay

    After issuing treat to south africa the story has changed.

  • the truth

    Premium times you ran a report on buruji accused of been a drug dealer. If you guys aren’t really biased and pro apc please investigate and do a report on my claim that tinubu is a convicted drug dealer in the usa. If i am wrong in my claim i would never ever post on this forum, block me. I wonder why an independent paper like premium times applauded for investigative journalism hasn’t fact checked this. it is simple it is on united public
    records (pacer site) the website is pacer dot gov.
    secondly login, register if you havent, thirdly click on case locator,
    fourthly click on actual url pacer case locator, fifthly put in tinubu
    in the party name tab dont click exact, sixtly click on url link that is
    next to bola tinubus name.seventhly click on tinubus case file. i
    wondered why obasanjo once called tinubu a drug baron.

    Please premium times verify this. How can a major drug dealer who was busted with his wife remi tinubu is on the us drug list and nigerians don’t know anything about it. i see why lie lie mohammed didn’t hover over buruji’s news.

    • endingNaija

      Mr. ‘the truth” given your closeness to President Jonathan and Aso Rock, you seem to know a lot about the $9.3m money laundering case. Mr. “the truth” can you tell us the names of the two Nigerians involved in this criminality and illegality? That will be helpful

    • Femi Badejo

      @ The Truth:

      But Bola Ahmed Tinubu does not deny that he is plea-bargained, drugs-running criminal.
      The United States court records make that fact clear and permanent beyond all arguments.
      Why enlightened Lagosians chose to be led by the nose by such a shady character is a mystery.
      Bola Tinubu is not at fault for taking advantage of a majority immoral populace queuing up behind him.

      • the truth

        i wonder why nigerians dont know about this. who has been shielding this report from making front page news. how can a major leader of the opposition party be a convicted drug dealer. is that the change we want. drug lords running the country

      • No Comment

        “Bola Tinubu has become the most hated politician in the South-West.
        Association with him is increasingly as politically contagious as leprosy.”

        ……….Femi Aribisala
        [July 1st, 2014)

  • GoodCitizen

    Kudos to premium times for your unrelenting efforts in getting to the roots of this matter. You have remained professional and measured in reporting on this case. Sahara disaster should learn from you. Thump up guys. Everyday APC keep proving to be a party of barefaced liars, propagandists, rabble rousers given to rumour mongering and beer parlour gossip. People like @Wahala should forever cover his face in shame forever over this report. Asari Dokubo is not even in SA what a shame.

    • Wähala

      Why are you wasting “kudos” on Premium Times? Were their reporter/s not there the day obese Doyin Okupe got away with half truths… why didn’t they ask logical follow-up questions pointedly asking for the names of the two Nigerians arrested with the Jew, Eyal Maseki? Today, I’ve given them a pointer… forget Asari for now, let them find out the whereabouts of CAN’s Sec. Gen. during the timeline in question. Better still, flip thru his passport pages to ascertain if there were any SA entry stamps on them… at least, we’re sure he too did not go to Mecca!
      Thinking is not for everybody… some people should be banned, you qualify!

      • GoodCitizen

        Typical and true to type. Going round and round like a broken record. Being egomaniac is not a name it’s an attitude.

        • Wähala

          Impeach me on points… where was CAN’s Sec. Gen.?
          No inferiority complex in me… ask your moron to name the Nigerians he gave our dough, simple!

          • GoodCitizen

            You are a liar Mr Oibe the CAN sect. was in Abuja on the 28th of September. I saw him at the ecumenical centre physically. Tell us another story. You can confirm this from live broadcast of NTA that day. Stop deceiving people. APC internet e-rat you are. Anyway let me quote your bosses BAT/liar Muhammed and what they believe.
            “when a lie is repeated enough it becomes the truth!”― Eric Jerome Dickey, Dying for Revenge

          • Wähala

            Asari was also in Saudi on the 27th of September…
            Phoool, did you flip thru his passport pages? Thief supporting thief!

  • Wähala

    Again, looking at the timeline…
    The plane arrived SA on 5th. of Sept. The story broke on the 17th. Asari claimed he took off from Kaduna on the 27th for stoning of the devil in Saudi. Question: who can answer the question as to how long the plane was grounded in SA? I know (from reports) that GON submitted “Oluwole paperwork” after five days our money was seized… and, that under most laws, a suspect must be charged to court or released after 72hrs. maximum (US) in gulag. Assuming man-n-machine were all released after our Govt. lived up to their pledge of showing proof, that would put it at Sept. 10th… more than 2weeks before Asari’s Hajj to Mecca ati Medina. Asari flaunts two passports one of which does not need entry visa to South Africa (nullifying his watery visa alibi) but, his suspected co-traveler and Sec. Gen. of CAN doesn’t. A flip thru the passport pages CAN’s Sec. Gen. will go kilometers in telling us if he was one of the passengers on that flight… that is a starting point. Sha, all these are tidbits, mind-numbing speculations that can be avoided if Dr. Dumbo simply comes clean with the names of those he authorized to use his Presidential Wing to buy weapons for us… just like Alhaji Lai said!

    • the truth

      my brother why have you decided to toe this path again? Do you have undeniable facts before making this statements?. Why not toe the path of decency and factual posting. Why not wait when the investigation is over before you make statements like this. The only way asari’s name was mentioned was from a gossip online news nairaland( lie lie mohammed) I as yourself want to know the identities of those individuals, but the difference between myself and yourself is i would never make a non factual statement based on hear say or assumptions. I leave in a country where a statement like this can get you sued for defamation of character.

      • Wähala

        Like I once wrote, “unless the Govt. tells us who were the Nigerians on that plane, every Nigerian is free to draw their own conclusions”. Translation: If you can’t accuse, you can’t acquit… kapisch?

      • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

        waste of your time. He is an idler.

        • endingNaija

          ah! mgbitikwelu your name has been resurrected just as they resurrect don messi!!! ah ah ah dis PDP boys no go kill person for naija. your name don come back! welcome sha mgbitikwelu na mani_kay na akpos1

          • Don Messi

            Stop getting paranoid and showcasing yur presumptuous folly.
            I hav said severally on this forum I AM FROM THE NORTH AND NOT SOUTH OF NAIJA.
            The guys u mentioned are obviously from the south south.
            I hav given my word on that b4..sadly for most of u APC Violent men, truth and a man’s word means nothing to u.
            Repent of yur lies!
            Ok..say this prayer after me;
            If I (messi) is any of the guys listed above, MAY GOD PUNISH ME..BUT if I (messi) am NOT any of those guys, MAY GOD ALMIGHTY PUNISH ‘Ending naija’..Say amen..

          • the truth

            He won’t respond to that prayer.if u don’t share their view you are abused and cursed at.where is civility,maturity and decorum.I am amazed that most of this people claim to stay outside the shores of Nigeria.

          • endingNaija

            mr. neutral the truth-you still dey? I tink say you don go Aso Rock don go report us!!! Okay now tell us the names of the two Nigerians who Oga Jona used to launder $9.3m togeda with Oga Pastor!

          • the truth

            My brother your Oga liar Mohammed say in be enter one gossip site for aproko people wey dem call nairaland.for that aproko site them say na asari dokubo dey inside the plane and how sa worksheet put them inside sanko

          • endingNaija

            eh he you are now talking. Let us talk. O ya now . wetin una talk 4 Aso Rock today about di 2 nigerians Pastor Oritsejafor and President Jonathan used to launder $9.3m to South Africa? What is the latest move to cover them? Tell us please. I like this kind of straight talk. You are PDP. You are sent to cover things up and pretend to be “neutral” You make better points when you show who you are PDP online hirelings. So tell us the latest from Aso Rock on the two Nigerian money launderers. How is Aso Rock hoping to cover them?

          • endingNaija

            stop messi(ng) around messi!!! redeem the truth about the two money launderer Nigerians. You know them. -period!

          • Currentaffairs

            Say amen or you forever hold your peace. You have been exposed for who you are.

      • endingNaija

        the truth na redeem, you are closed to Aso Rock, like mani_kay na redeem na akpos1 na mgbitikwelu na Awusa, in the name of anything you believe can you please tell us the names of the two Nigerian money launderers?

        • the truth

          i am now redeem. can you prove that again? i have been educating each and every one of you,that you never say anything that you can’t prove. but i don’t blame you, when your national leader is a convicted drug dealer in the usa and your publicity secretary can tell you he got his information on a critical matter like this from a gossip online news outlet “nairaland” who am i to expect much from you

          • Nigerian

            Yes Mr. “truth” tell them and show them your “neutrality”. You are “neutral” always. You don’t take side. When you are “neutral”, you are ALMOST saying “the truth”.

          • endingNaija

            No no no oooooo Yes yes yes the truth is that “the truth” does not take side. And the detail of the issue is that “the truth” DOES NOT TAKE SIDE WITH THE TRUTH!!!

          • endingNaija

            redeem na the truth na mani_kay na mgbitimgbatikwelu na Jonathan Goodluck na akpos1 na Peter 2000 na otile ati Uncle Sege Olawonyi na bugwu abi wetin be dat one name again !!!! I go laaaafu tire.

          • the truth

            this is not a laughing matter, continue laughing. believe what you believe, but i know deep inside you, you know the truth. the truth will set you free.

          • endingNaija

            di ting be say akpos1 na the truth abi wetin again? Why you come vex now. Dis matter go laaaafu person tire Oga redeem na mgbitigbtigbatikwelu na AWusa na otile na mani_kay na wendell!!! You PDP public relations officer are funny. You get paid and you think you can muddle simple issues. You PDP online screed writers have been mutating since 2012-mani_kay /akpos1/mpitikwelu/peter200o -all kinds of rubbish names masquerading as :the truth”! Just inform us-where are the two Nigerian money launderers Pastor Ayo Oristejafor and President Jonathan used to launder $9.3m? Mr. Neutral “the truth” where are they? Answer.

          • endingNaija

            sorry i forgot the truth na neutral!!! dis matter e dey laaaafu me plenty!!!!

          • endingNaija

            No vex now. O ya tell us the names of those two Nigerian money launderers-$9.3m- wey una dey hide.

      • Don Messi

        Sued for defamation of character! Hahaha!
        That’s y i laff wen the clown is alwys quick to announce he is somewhere in ‘europe’!
        His disposition and mindset can mean only one thing;
        I can bet you the pimp is under a bridge somewhere in Eko!

    • NazirJos

      Dokubo went to Mecca to stone the Devil. The Devil stones back the pebbles at Dokubo so Devil hits Devil. That’s why these revelations are always coming out.

      • endingNaija

        Is that “the truth”? has “the truth” being redeemed now? Na wa ooooo Dokubo stone devil, devil stone am back-you guys no go kill person with laaaaafu-anyways thanks sha! make we see wetin neutral “the truth” ati otile go talk for dis one wey una talk now!

  • the truth

    neutrality, common sense, independence, love for everyone irrespective of divergent ideologies, peace and justice, those are all hallmarks of progressive minds do you belong?

    • endingNaija

      belong to what? To the group of people laundering $9.3m to South Africa using Pastor’s jet?

    • Henry

      He can’t answer. Simple.
      Some of us hardly comment, but we are watching some people make serious Fo*ls of themselves here.
      Very pathetic.

      • endingNaija

        eh eh eh eh see me see trouble oooo see PDP and President Jonathan campaign managers dey pretend say dem tink! eh eh eh eh na wa ooo, anyways Henry na the truth you have commented thru otile na bugwu abi wetin be dat one name? Why should you say you hardly comment when you comment thru many resurrected names mpitimgbitmgbatikwelu na man-kay na bobo sege Segun na wendel himself gan gan na redeem. See what I mean. You PDP guys, you Goodluck Jonathan hirelings you started this. So you need to be engaged with your medicine and with your own turf. Remember mpitikwelu? Please tell me the difference between mpitikwelu ati ‘the truth ‘ ati redeem ati akpos1? I can go on. But Just tell me. So Bring it on and you get it back.

  • Olalere Yusuf

    Oga of DSS Maryln Ogar, please assist us with the names of the two Nigerians on Papa Oritsajefor’s arm ferrying/ money laundering aircraft to South Africa. We do not need this APC AND PDP counter accusations on this matter, it is the right of Nigerians to know under FOI act. We know the deal is shaddy, no matter the sugar coated explanations of those justifying the abberations

  • krakra

    The All Propaganda Congress will not like this

  • Olalere Yusuf

    Please who are those in this picture

    • Musanga


      • kiliminati

        hahahaha! your mind’s playing tricks on you….lol.
        that aint photoshop muan… it’s real.

      • Shehu Monguno

        This picture was taken in 2008 in Aso Rock during a meeting called by President Yar’Adua during the Niger Delta amnesty negotiations

        • Checkmate

          Were you part of the meeting? It seems you know everything about it.

  • the truth

    Sahara Reporters has obtained original copies of a judgement in the case of United States v Bola Ahmed Tinubu,
    the former governor of Lagos State, in which Bola Tinubu was charged
    (along with other defendants) in a case of massive drug trafficking and
    money laundering. This judgement directly relates to (and further
    documents) the September 16, 2008 “How U.S Federal Agents succesfully Linked Bola Tinubu to drug Trafficking Ring in Chicago” report by Sahara Reporters

    Snippets of the case and subsequent judgement are presented below. The complete document (VERY LARGE pdf file – 4mb) can be downloaded at the end of this report.

    The United States of America, by its attorney, Michael J. Shepard,
    United States Attorney for Northern District of Illinois, for its
    verified complaint of forfeiture, states as follows:

    1. This is a FORFEITURE action under 21 U.S.C , ss88 and 18, ss 981…..

    2. The DEFENDANT funds are located in the above-described accounts and were SEIZED pursuant to PROCESS ISSUED BY THIS COURT….

    4…. beginning as early as 1998, Adegboyega Mueez Akande, WITH OTHERS OPERATED a organiszation (sic) which DISTRIBUTED WHITE HEROIN, a controlled substance under Title 21 of the United States Code.

    5…. this DISTRIBUTION OPERATION was conducted on a LARGE SCALE and the PROCEEDS of the operation SUBSTANTIAL. The defendant funds represent proceeds of this OPERATION of property involved in MONEY LAUNDERING.

    6…. the defendant funds represent proceeds of NARCOTICS TRAFFICKING … and … MONEY LAUNDERING….. the funds are therefore FOREFEITABLE to the United States….


    j… Neither a claim nor answer has been filed on behalf of the defendant funds …. accordingly, it hereby
    ORDERED that the funds in the AMOUNT of $460,000 in account…. in the name of BOLA TINUBU represents proceeds of NARCOTICS
    or were involved in financial transactions in violation of 18 U.S.C ss
    1956 and 1957 and therefore these funds are forfeit to the United

  • Unknown

    People in the Pic: Mohammad Yusuf(boko haram leader), Asari and The Pastor.