Again, Jonathan snubs #BringBackOurGirls protesters

President Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday ignored the BringBackOurGirls campaigners who marched towards his office to seek the release of more than 200 Chibok schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram.

The snub was the second from the president since the girls were seized six months ago.

The protesters announced Monday they will meet the president Tuesday after their first attempt in May failed as police barred them from reaching the Aso Rock presidential villa.

The team was halted at the Eagles Square before a presidential delegation, led by the government’s secretary, Pius Anyim, addressed them.

This time, October 14, exactly six months after armed insurgents burst into the Chibok school compound and took hundreds of girls hostage, the campaigners said they will “engage with” the president and urge a speedy rescue of the girls.

Early Tuesday, the government stepped up security around the villa with armed officers stationed at strategic locations to wade off protesters.

The march was scheduled to begin at Unity Fountain, located close to Transcorp Hilton Hotels, Maitama, and to proceed to the State House through the Federal Secretariat.

But by 8.20 a.m., the government deployed a large team of armed officers at the two major gates leading to the Villa, apparently to forestall possible breakdown of order.

At the gate approaching from the Fire Service side of Asokoro, armed policemen and soldiers were stationed at the traffic light junction before the usual security checkpoint.

There were similar deployments at the federal secretariat end of the entrance.

Armed police officers and soldiers from the Brigades of Guards were stationed at a spot between the Villa Gate and the access road that leads to the National Assembly.

By late afternoon, campaigners marched through streets to the president’s office but were stopped at Yakubu Gowon Crescent where the president again refused to meet them, merely despatching his female ministers to address the group.

In the team were the Ministers for Women Affairs, Zainab Maina; Water Resources, Sarah Ochekpe; Environment, Laurentia Mallam, and Lands and Housinf, Akon Eyakenyi.

More details later..


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  • Beachcomber

    “You may for political reasons say you are attacking the office of the president,
    but don’t insult President Jonathan. If you try to ridicule President Jonathan,
    i am not likely to be nice to you at all. If you throw a punch, i will connect you
    with an upper cut and maybe a kick to the groin.”

    ………..Reuben Abati

    (October, 12, 2013)

    • Psalm 35


    • Wähala

      Apparently, he did not even come out of his corner to throw any punches… a clown indeed!

    • Ologbonlolode

      Abati doesn’t know what he is doing anymore. History will not be kind to him and he should be assured of paying for all this rascality and sins against the common man when in 2015 he is thrown out of Aso Rock Villa.

      • Felix Angu

        Mr. Ologbonlode:

        So very true. Reuben Abati will stammer and stutter to prove he ever believed anything
        he wrote in his previous incarnation as a journalist when all this frolic is done next June.
        A Press Secretary’s job can be intelligently done without trading principles for sycophancy.

    • True Nigerian

      Reuben will go down in history as a man of hypocrisy with no character, no principles, no ethos, no patriotism, no personal moral values, no iota of consistency, no credibility and, worst of all, no professionalism, even though he is a professional. His job is not an easy one, but a real professional could have done that hard job without looking as dirty, conscienceless, hypocritical, corrupt and offensive as Reuben. Overall, Reuben is an abysmal failure in character and credibility. It is sad! Millions of the young people (like me) who read his column every week to learn something and improve their understanding of patriotism and national consciousness must be looking back now and wondering whether there is truly any man that believes in the values they speak of. It is a disaster on the task of inspiring the next generation. May Nigeria never have again a journalist like Reuben who would rise to such prominence in the job of inspiring the nation and then prove afterwards that he has been lying about his own true convictions. Reuben was a monumental fraud on the intellectualism and patriotism of citizenship and national consciousness.

  • Nobeme Akpan

    So this one no be ‘rented’ crowd? If to say na rally to support Jona, una for say na rented crowd…..bcos all crowd gatherings meant to praise Great Jona are ‘rented’ crowd in the eyes of bad belle online media, while all crowd gathering to protest against the Jona & his wonderful Govt are supposedly ‘authentic’. Haba PT, bad belle journalism no be work o! …and remember- ‘There is God o!’. Nonsense!

    If to say continent Nigerians dey protest against those useless oil companies when they spill oil & pollute my Niger Delta, they would have long conformed to global ethical safety & environmental standards as opposed by their present rrabid pollution and denials thereof…by the way, why not protest against Boko haram & their sponsors? Nonesense!

    • Tunde

      You are so blind. If this Jonathan that you are stupidly defending is wonderful, why hasnt HE done something about the pollution that those same useless oil companies that have polluted and decimated your Niger Delta?
      Wake up and stop this sycophancy, he does not care about the niger delta or you for that matter, and the sooner you get it through your thick skull, the better. These girls were kidnapped under his presidency and he has done absolutely nothing. And you are here talking nonsense.

      • True Nigerian

        Exactly my question to tribal bigots who support incompetence in the name of supporting their “son”. Even with a Niger Deltan as President, the people of the region are still condemned to seeking justice from London, rather than from Nigeria. And yet someone thinks it is okay to support such state of decay and injustice simply because the person perpetuating the rot is from his own tribe. It is disgusting when you consider the squalor of the mentality of most Nigerians. The thinking pattern in this country is more worrisome than the fact that the country has horrible leaders like Jonathan.

  • Olutola

    He cannot see you now. He is busy packing his things from Aso rock. If he cannot rescue those girls, then he is not ready to be president and commander in Chief so no need to contest any election.

  • adegbola

    He is clueless, so if he comes out to meet them he has notting to say. So it’s better for him to hide Jare.

  • Wähala

    He was busy gulping ogogoro and floating in a helicopter like he did when a lone inmate bust a balloon in nearby Yellow House detention facility. He ran under the bed at the sound of Turai’s footsteps until late Prof. Dora Akunyili pulled him out and made him Substantive President… A coward who has not celebrated Independence Day at the Eagle Square 5yrs running. Big Mumu, he can run but for how long? The faith of those girls is inextricably tied to his political faith in 2015 whether he meets Oby’s unarmed Army or not. Wicked, heartless and very callous Clown Prince of Otuoke… oloti buruku!

  • TOG123

    He has nothing to say…

  • Tunde


  • I have said it before that the president is a puppet on a string. His actions depends on who pulls the strings. If Malala was around perhaps the puppeteer would have pulled the right strings that would turned Jonathan’s attention to the protesters. The protesters should have known their president better by now.

  • Buhari is an Islamist

    ! GEJ should please bomb both Boko-Haram and Chibok girls all together in Sambisa forest.

    Then bring back their body bags to Alhaja Oby and BringBackOurGirls group. With that this whole fraudulent march of Chibok protest will end. It now make sense for Boko-Haram to kill their kidnapped victims than keep them alive.

    I know some Muslims and APC E-rats on this forum will accuse me of being heartless simply because I have no daughter among them. I don’t care. GEJ must stop BringBackOurGirls group.

    • Tunde

      There are different levels of animals, the lowest being pond life. You ARE WORSE than pond life. And I can see why do not have a daughter, you do not deserve to be a parent. You know sometimes its better to shut up and keep your insanity hidden rather than this obscene post you made. Just remember, what goes around comes around and you will definitely get what’s coming to you.

    • MushinSpeaks

      It is a shame that likes of you have access to internet enable gadgets. With the trillions spent on insecurity, where are the results? What has the Federal Government done with 48.4 trillion since the year 2000 and you asked him to bomb the kidnapped girls?
      Posterity will judge you.

      • Buhari is an Islamist

        Yes , let posterity judge every one that is playing politics including you with Chibok girls. Chibok girls are victims of Sharia and Islam. GEJ did not invent sharia. A group of Muslims decided to implement sharia which abhor Western education. Chibok girls were abducted while attending a western school as against Islamic school( a crime in Sharia). Northern Muslims overwhelmingly adopted Sharia not GEJ. Boko-Haram are Northern Muslims fighting to implement sharia. What are Northern Muslims doing to rescue the Chibok girls who are paying a deadly price for Sharia? Nigeria situation is not an exception. Afghanistan Taliban government operating under sharia law, abhor western education, thus ban girls from such schools. Malala, a Pakistani Muslims was recently shout by Taliban Muslims for seeking western education. It is all about Sharia(the evil law). The hatred towards her stems partly from religious conservatism and opposition to female empowerment(in accordance with sharia law). Instead of joining GEJ towards everlasting solution and the eventual release of those young girls, you are here playing politics. You have two options to chose one from, either rescue them alive or rescue and bring them back in body bags. Since you are so desperate to see Chibok girls back, I think the body bag will be best option.

        • trulynigerian

          It is the governments duty to provide security. That is why the outrage is channeled against the president. Perhaps if he does not want people to protest may be people like you should push for state police and may be “state army”. FYI it is not the state governors that are asking for 1 trillion for security loan. It is the presidency!

          • Buhari is an Islamist

            All along, northern Muslims had rejected every moves to create state police but was quick to form Hisbah police(Sharia Police) in the north to make life difficult for non-Muslims. The government of Jonathan has being doing everything possible to bring the situation under control. But the fifty columnist(some northern Muslims) in his government sabotaged his effort. These fifty columnist( still did not know who they are) were force on him going by the political party structure and law not his choice. This same fifty columnist are still the ones sponsoring the protest. No president want to be a war time president. Say No to Sharia rule.

        • MushinSpeaks

          Its a big shame on you sir that you derive joy in seeing the death of these gls.
          I wont join issues with you but will open you to the fact that while you accuse the Muslims of sponsoring attacks, Oritsejafor, Asari-Dokubo were an accomplice in illegal arms procurement in South Africa.
          Oritsejafor is a close official to the President while his jet was also used for the terrorist act.
          Dokubo on the other side is GEJ die hard fan and enjoys FG’s protection.
          Who then is sponsoring the insurgency? Remember also, Ali Modu-Sheriff, financier of Boko Haram was welcomed into PDP by President Jonathan; Late Andrew Azai was killed days after he mentioned that PDP has hands in the insurgency.
          Dear sir, open your eyes clearly and dont because of cash sell your conscience.

          • Buhari is an Islamist

            You have just said nothing.

  • Otile

    This #BringBackOurGirls protesters are not helping matters. Marching to confront the President of the Federal Republic is sedition. If left unchecked a wild riot may ensue, how does that help us? This is exactly what APC is hoping for. In the event of such ugly scene APC chieftains will accuse the President of mascaraing a support group who came to rescue the girls, as if Sambisa Forest were in Abuja.

    This kind of march is the work of the devil, but we shall overcome.

  • bulltron10

    Our Dear G.E.J is still clueless on this Chibok girls issue. I am convinced he still thinks this abduction is a hoax by the APC and he is determined not to be April fooled. As the girls continue to suffer in the hand of their abductors, he stubbornly ignoring the matter with the hope that it will go away. The best solution is to invite Malala who seems to know how to convince the president to act.