2015 Presidential Poll: Atiku unfolds economic plan, vows to defeat NNPC, PHCN mafias

A former Vice President and now a presidential aspirant, Atiku Abubakar, has vowed to defeat the mafia-like structures undermining Nigeria’s energy sector, in an ambitious economic outlay he unfolded Monday ahead of the 2015 presidential election.

At an event in Abuja Monday, Mr. Abubakar laid out a draft policy of his plan for the economy, with a promise to effect fundamental restructuring of institutions promoting inequality and concentrating the nation’s wealth in a few privileged hands.

The former vice president identified the Power Holding Company of Nigeria, PHCN –formerly National Electricity Power Authority, NEPA, and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, as two key government institutions operating with mafias who hold the country to ransom.

“Unless those mafias are broken, those two institutions would never work. Government must be prepared to dismantle the mafias in NEPA, PHCN, which have decided not to allow the country have stable electricity supply, and those in NNPC,” Mr. Abubakar said.

Addressing finance and economy reporters in Abuja, Mr. Atiku assured Nigerians that if elected as the next president in 2015, his administration’s economic policies would not only address habits and practices that currently compromise policy implementation, but also those that would promote the hallmark of good governance through effective policy monitoring, evaluation and implementation.

Besides, he said the main thrust of his administration’s economic policies would attempt to modify the way the machinery of the Federal Government is working at the moment by providing the political vision and capacity to tackle the incidence of poverty among the populace.

The key policy areas in the economic programmes announced by the APC presidential aspirant include wealth generation, which consists of about 20 components; infrastructure development and power (9); education and skill acquisition (9), security (11), entrepreneurship and good governance (13), agriculture and food security (8) and Niger Delta development and ravaged areas (6).

Mr. Abubakar, a former Customs officer, is now reputed as one of the leading private employers of labour in Nigeria.

As vice president, he also chaired the National Council on Privatisation, NCP, responsible for the sale of government companies to private entities, a process widely regarded as barely successful.

Asked why he failed to utilise his economic plans to ensure a successful privatisation of state-run companies like moribund telecommunication giant, NITEL, petroleum refineries, the former vice president said the privatisation process was not carried out by him as an individual but by the NCP, as such he could not be blamed for any failing.

Mr. Abubakar said his draft economic plan would be subjected to a comprehensive review by various experts during the Review Summit scheduled for October 27, 2014 in Abeokuta, to bring the policy in context and alignment with the manifesto of the party.

Apart from ensuring that the youths are given the opportunity to make major inputs in the party’s draft policy, Mr. Atiku said the final document would clarify and streamline the responsibilities of ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) by removing overlapping roles and redundancies.

The policies, he added, would rely on the private sector as the main driver of both the administration’s economic and social policies, while delegating operational responsibilities to states/Local Governments and private organisations.

“Our government would provide the leadership and regulatory mechanism to ensure results are achieved,” he said. “That is a major shift from what we have been witnessing under successive governments in the country.”

Though he acknowledged the impressive Gross Domestic Products, GDP, growth and economic stability of the Goodluck Jonathan administration, Mr. Atiku said it was unfortunate that these have not trickled down to the ordinary man, as government structure tends to concentrate the wealth of the nation in the hands of a few people at the top echelon of the population.

“We are stunted in our economic growth. Our job creation record have been very bad. It is only when our job creation efforts are good that the growth in GDP could be translated to the people. At the moment the country has the highest rate of unemployment,” he said.

To encourage the major creators of jobs to provide more employment opportunities, Mr. Atiku said his administration would provide tax rebates to them so far as they would give their commitment to create at least half a million jobs for the economy from their sectors.


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  • Turaki

    A-thief-ku! A-thief-ku!! A-thief-ku!!!

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    Thank you for a job well done …… we need more of this ………. but I will advise that you handover the document for implementation by the CONSENSUS CANDIDATE OF NIGERIA – PRESIDENT GOODLUCK JONATHAN GCON GCFR BNER

    By the way Atiku must tell us why his document is completely silent on the issue of restructuring Nigeria for effective governance.

  • Godfrey Etokebe

    ”The key policy areas in the economic programmes announced by the APC presidential aspirant include wealth generation, which consists of about 20 components; infrastructure development and power (9); education and skill acquisition (9), security (11), entrepreneurship and good governance (13), agriculture and food security (8) and Niger Delta development and ravaged areas (6).”

    PLEASE educate me as you would have educated a six years old. What does (20), (9), (9), (11), (13), (8) and (6) represent?

  • emmanuel

    Atiku to tackle PHCN Mafia. Including Mikano?

    His popular PTDF (NNPC) looting was arranged by part of the NNPC Mafia. Will he leave himself out of it?

    Jester Atiku. Like father (OBJ) like Son, Atiku – serial liars.

    If na Atiku be the only availqble option, we go wake Oyenusi and Anini make them come combine rule Nigeria.

    • Tonnero

      You are such a fo0l. You do not seem to realize that both OBJ and GEJ are PDP due to your ethnic bigotry.

    • sir Oscie

      Please if you don’t have anything to say just keep quite. The man is gearing up for the challenges ahead and has rolled out his policies which in all honesty and to every well meaning Nigerian is very good because he spoke about issues and didn’t follow the ugly trends of name calling.

  • Abate Dokpu

    Atiku, I am on my knees begging you. Step out of the presidential race. You are a major distraction. Nobody believes you. Nobody trusts you. You can never win a general election in Nigeria. You are too tainted and too untrustworthy. Please endorse Engnr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso and let the country move on. Thank you Turaki for seeing reason. If you choose to continue then we know that you are mole planted by PDP to destroy the APC and by the grace of Almighty God, Insha Allah, you have failed.

  • bulltron10

    I can see Atiku is well prepared this time around. Whosoever wants to be president of Nigeria in 2015 should place the interest of Nigerians above all other consideration. I think this is what Atiku has demonstrated by rolling out a policy draft which seeks to improve governance in Nigeria. I believe the effective implementation of these policies will greatly develop Nigeria. Atiku’s plans center round youth empowerment, infrastructural development and adequate security. I expect other aspirants to come up with their own plans. Or in the case of GEJ I expect him to copy Atikus plans. They are surely used to doing that. For example he recently suggested assimilating civilian JTF in the army, GEJ quickly copied it.

    • johnson Gbajue2

      Wow….someone is really excited by Atiku’s shallow plans…..a plan that doesn’t know that the NEPA and PHCN are no more….i dey laff o….

      • Guest

        Take your time to know what Atiku said before advertising your ignorance. When Atiku talked about NEPA and NNPC, he said that he advised his boss OBJ to privatise them when they were in office. Read other articles, this one has not provided the context

      • sir Oscie

        Please stop making yourself a laughing stock. Read the story and not just the headlines .

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      I may not like what Atiku stands for, but I can’t help but admire his thoroughness and methodical approach to the contest.

      I wish him well, but hope he will give his support to whoever becomes the President, even if it is not him or an APC candidate.


    Catholic bishops show unprecedented openness to gays

    Posted On 13 Oct 2014


    Catholic bishops are showing unprecedented openness to accepting the real lives of many Catholics today, saying gays have gifts to offer the church and should be accepted and that there are “positive” aspects to a couple living together without being married.

    A two-week meeting of bishops on family issues arrived at its halfway point Monday with a document summarizing the closed-door debate so far. No decisions were announced, but the tone of the preliminary document was one of almost-revolutionary acceptance, rather than condemnation, with the aim of guiding Catholics toward the ideal of a lasting marriage.

    The bishops said gays had “gifts and qualities” to offer and asked rhetorically if the church was ready to provide them a welcoming place, “accepting and valuing their sexual orientation without compromising Catholic doctrine on the family and matrimony.”

  • growthengine

    But there is no more PHCN or NEPA? What is he talking about?

    • taewo

      It’s all nonsense. He just wants to say anything to get what he wants. Here is a man with so many businesses, wives and roughly 30 children. What else does he want?

  • Ed

    With the election drowning close. As a non political party comments maker, it has become an impossible task to make an objective and independent
    Comment without political colouration.
    @ ed. Will stop further comments on Nigeria event and story, until the end of the election.
    I Hope and pray for a safe election campaign. May the best candidate win.

  • taewo

    Mr. Atiku refused to talk about corruption that has brought the nation to its knees.

    • Chima

      @raewo, Please ” I will eliminate corruption” is not near enough policy position for a presidential candidate. Education, youth employment, healthcare, economy, infrastructure and agriculture are a few areas that needs coverage in a serious presidential candidate’s policy statement. Also remember this is a democracy not a dictatorship and no president can ruled like a dictator in the midst of opposition parties and NASS and recognition of LGs and States. I believe Atiku is on track.

      • Festoo

        ok you now recognise that no president can rule like a dictatorship, but you want GEJ to become a dictator. HYPOCRISY.

        NCP that was chaired by him, and he is looking for ATIKU committee. Sorry mr Atiku it won’t still be Atiku rather it will be Federal government of Nigeria

        • Chima

          Please clarify your comment

          • growthengine

            How clear can it be. The buck stops at his table as the chairman of the NCP, National Council of Privatization. That is how he will give excuse if elected President, but you expect GEJ to deal with corruption like a dictator.

          • sunkani

            He doesnt need to be a dictator to tammed corruption but the will to do so.
            We already have the isntitutions and the mechanism in place.

          • growthengine

            Blame the institutions then! Like Atiku is already doing.

  • AbujaKenneth

    What he said is correct but he is also part of the mafia. Unfortunately Atiku and Capon of Bourdillion Navigator has rejected Atiku.GEJ should therefore start from Atiku in dealing with Mafiasos.

  • sunday Dankwai

    The truth is that what we need to do is to understand his policies that gave yesterday and to see how possible the implication and implementation to the economy development that will be directly link to the common man. Rather than being the largest economy without any impact to the people.

  • Chief Ovie Obaro

    The Robert Mugabe of Nigeria otherwise known as the Presidential candidate emeritus will never give up…at 83, he is contesting elections and once threatened to soak the blood of Dogs & Baboons on the streets. Since that time, blood of the innocent have flowed ceaselessly in the whole of the North. No be small thing o!

    But when you look at all the contestants, you cannot but laugh at continent Nigeria. Why are we like this? Who among those jobless politicians has what it takes to make Nigeria a superpower? Who?

    When Zik built a University in the 60s, i.e., over 5 decades ago, he vehemently refused that the University not be named after him. Rather, he chose a more noble and nationalistic nomenclature – The UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA, Nnsuka. But
    about 50yrs after, One Atiku establishes a University and chooses the name American University in Nigeria. Imagine! Isn’t this backwardness? Exalting another nation over Nigeria. Would Obama set up a University and name it Nigerian University of America?

    Yet, characters like this are the ones who present themselves for elections. Where are those company gurus who have turned Nigerian businesses and Financial system into world envy? Where are those smart MDs who ran such organisations even in their 30s? Where are our home bred academics (Not foreign based please!), Where is Prof Pat Utomi and others?

    I fear for Nigeria when I look at the opposition and even some members of the ruling party. Many should have no business with Governance…as VP you knew there were mafias but left them alone, waiting to become president before dealing with them. Oh Nigeria, no be small thing oh…I still dey laugh. Nonsense!

  • Kitunde

    To extricate Atiku from the monumental corruption that has ravaged Nigeria is almost impossible….So, this idea of Atiku wanting to run for the presidency is simply nauseating!

  • Truthmaster

    From head of Customs to Billionaire. Indeed this man is the saintliest saint I have seen all my life. But wait first oh, na how him take make him billions?

  • Chris1408

    He was VP for 8 years and didn’t see the mafias then. Another corrupts politician that needs to be stoned.

    • Esther

      Atiku only had delegated responsibility as VP. Even at that he performed creditably well. Corruption has become an epidemic in Nigeria, nobody is a saint. Even this present Administration is the most corrupt. I feel what we should be looking for is a leader who is ready to do things differently and serve. Atiku’s policy shows he has better understanding for a way forward.

  • Maria

    Atiku cannot be president… he should not waste his time.

    • Zirem

      Are you part of those eating from the remnants of the Mafias, cos truly there is a Mafia and it shall be broken by the brave one, Atiku.

    • sir Oscie

      Are you sure you are not part of the Mafias and cabals bedevilling our economy?

    • Tunsj

      Your reasons please!

  • HassanAbdullahi

    Buhari 2015

  • Zirem

    Atiku has clearly done his homework. Several years out of Government has worked for him, he is better equipped as a leader. He continues to show concern and regret for how bad the country has turned out. What is so génue about Atiku is that he does not completely exonerate himself from the issues we are facing as a country, that is a true leader. You can only fix a bad situation when you acknowledge it. Nigeria is far below where it should be
    and we need visionary leaders to lift us up, Atiku i believe can deliver. He knows the essence of true democracy; He
    has a better n sincere view on governance. He is versatile and has shown genuine concern over the state of the nation. Atiku has my vote. Why are some of us so scared to quite down from all the noise and propaganda? May be because we will realize that Atiku has been pointing out the truth and might just be the man for the job.

  • abucheadams

    Atiku idea in running his campaign on issues/ policy proves he understands the problems facing the country and has solutions to a way forward.
    It is unfortunate that the general perception Nigerians have about him will not allow us listen or pay attention to the massage he is passing across concerning issues affecting our economy, security, Job, education, governance and food security. I must commend his positions on how to provide solution to these issues. There is no doubt Atiku is ready and prepared for the office of the president, his experience in and out of government has exposed him to the challenges ahead of us as a nation.
    carry on Atiku we are right behind you.

  • Okey

    Atiku was so clever as not to mention PTDF where a former Vice President and his President (also, former) made free-for-all and bled this nation miserably through it. In fact the MOFAT account through which PTDF funds were engaged for slush activities comes to mind. Who will tame the past and present cabals there ?