Why I will remain inactive in PDP — Obasanjo

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo

A former Nigerian President, Olusegun Obasanjo, has told leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, that although he remains a party member, his commitment to Nigeria’s unity and success supersedes that of the party.

Mr. Obasanjo stated this on Sunday in a statement made available to journalists in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital.

“My interest and commitment to Nigeria go beyond partisan politics,” he said. “’Under no condition will my commitment to Nigeria be diminished.”

“For me, it is commitment to Nigeria first and any other commitment can only follow in second or third place. Where any other commitment is in tandem with what I see and understand as commitment to Nigeria, such other commitment will share a pride of place with Nigeria.”

The former PDP Board of Trustees chairman said Nigeria was at a crossroads and needed everyone to join hands to salvage it.

“Today, Nigeria needs all hands on deck to deal with our pressing problems of security including the issue of Chibok girls, widening inequality, infrastructure, impunity, corruption, poverty and youth education, skill-acquisition, empowerment and employment.

“These are issues of concern to most Nigerians. We all need to join hands to move Nigeria forward. I don’t need to be begged for that,” he said in a reaction to repeated pleas by PDP leaders for him to return to the party.

Mr. Obasanjo, who explained that he had no grudge with anyone within the party, narrated how the pleas for him to return fully to the party had been sustained.

“During last week when I was in South Africa as the Chairman of AU Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan and while with my fellow Commissioners, we were deliberating on how to help that new country out of its problem of security and violence, I received avalanche of news and cacophony of appeals and pleadings from some quarters of PDP leadership,” he said.

The former Chairman of the PDP Board of Trustees said it was wrong for anyone to ask him to return to the PDP as he had never left the party.

“Talking of inviting me back to PDP is wrong and it is a great misrepresentation as I have never left PDP and I will never leave PDP,” he said. “I have said it before and I will say it again, I rose to become the President of Nigeria on the platform of PDP and for that reason alone, I will remain a card-carrying and ward-active member of PDP for as long as I have to be a political party member.”

He added that “nobody has personally offended me as a result of my membership of PDP. If, however, anybody or group feels offended by my continued membership, I will offer an unreserved apology but continue to remain in the party.

“I have had occasions to say to the President, the Senate President and the Party Chairman separately that I have no quarrel with any individual or group in the Party.”

The former Nigerian leader restated one of his reasons for refusing to play an active role in the PDP, saying it was an issue of principle and morality.

“For instance, as a former President of Nigeria, the Chairman of West Africa Commission on Drug and a member of Global Commission on Drug, I cannot accept that the Zonal leader of my political Party and, worse still in my zone, will be an indicted drug baron wanted in America. How do I explain that to friends outside Nigeria?” he said in reference to Buruji Kashamu, a PDP South West leader and ally of President Goodluck Jonathan.

“This is only one of the many issues that I have pointed and still pointing out,” he said.

Mr. Obasanjo said he would, however, remain active at the PDP ward level. He explained that he had raised his concerns with leaders of the party such as President Jonathan, Senate President David Mark, and PDP National Chairman, Adamu Mu’azu.

Although Mr. Obasanjo did not specifically mention Mr. Jonathan’s presidential ambition for 2015 in his statement, the former leader had in the past queried Mr. Jonathan’s decision to contest.

In a letter published earlier by PREMIUM TIMES, the former leader had said by deciding to seek re-election, Mr. Jonathan was going against all the agreements they had in 2011 when Mr. Obasanjo was the president’s chief campaigner across the country.

The former president believes that by their agreements in 2011, the PDP presidential ticket for 2015 should go to a northerner.

He has since been courted by the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC, and some of his loyalists in the PDP already joined the APC.

In what appears a restatement of where his support would lie in the 2015 presidential election, Mr. Obasanjo advised those begging him to rejoin the PDP fully to “realize that we must put Nigeria’s interest above politics – party or personal – otherwise, we will all be judged at the bar of history if not the bar of current affairs. In addition, we must preserve, sustain and deepen democracy and democratic practices.”


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  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    The main reason Buko-ole Saraki will not run for President in 2015 is because he got the message sent to him in 2011 by the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani >>>>> that he is not a “Northerner” in the born-to-rule category …….. he is at best a “Northerner” in the geographical accident category !!!



      • Enemona

        Stop this thing you’re doing, don’t abuse others’ sensitivities. It’s not fair. You’re abusing who others hold dear to their heart, I don’t think you’d like it when others curse out your father or mother. I am appealing, please desist for God’s sake or whatever you hold dear to you. Jesus Christ is well respected in the two main religion in this country, I really do not understand where this unwarranted insults are coming from. Please stop!

        • YES.JESUS.IS.GAY


        • Truth

          Ignore him. He does not deserve a response otherwise you will make him relevant. You should be smarter than this…………………….fill in the gap.

        • YES.JESUS.IS.GAY


        • New Nation

          Thanks Bro.

      • New Nation

        You need to get your head examined if at all you are human. JESUS THE CHRIST IS FOR EVER LORD. He loves you still.

        • YES.JESUS.IS.GAY



      Forget about Bukola and address the grenade that has been lobbed at your party and hero by Baba OBJ. Don’t distract us

      • Wähala

        He has forgotten, “Baba, come and lead us…”
        Hahahaa chai!

        • Truth

          So is your Tinubu calling OBJ APC’s navigator. APC and PDP are the same, only different in mode of operation and nomenclature. APC’s thieftains went to Ota cap in hand to beg OBJ to lead them. They went to IBB to do the same. That is why I said earlier that you are not a principled commentator but just another APC’s e-rat.

  • Tufiakwa

    “I have said it before and I will say it again, I rose to become the President of Nigeria on the platform of PDP and for that reason alone, I will remain a card-carrying and ward-active member of PDP for as long as I have to be a political party member.” How on earth has Propaganda Times come up with the headline: “Why I will remain inactive in PDP – Obasanjo.” Those who, as “journalists,” preach responsible national leadership should practise responsible journalism.

  • Chief Badmus


    What has the Aremu of Otta said here now? Just bunkum. Who told him he has a commitment to Nigeria close to that of anyone else on the street doing honest work without fleecing the treasury by tricks? Where did he get this supercilious impression that he, as individual, is the meaning of patriotism – when in fact all openly corrupt persons in Nigeria are willing to have him on their side – suggesting that he is the Capone of corruption?

    Or, why would all corrupt want Olusegun Obasanjo around them? It can only be for the purpose of facilitating the deed.

    For indeed, on August 5th, 2010, the Senate of the federal republic of Nigeria declared Olusegun Obasanjo the grandfather of corruprtion in Nigeria. What better proof can there be than this declaration of the parliament of federal republic of Nigeria? In a sane country under the rule of law Olusegun Obasanjo would, in consequence of that parliamentary declaration be in the dock (not grandstanding) to account for seven [7] Nigerian oil blocs pocketed in his regime under the guise of oil-for-infrastructure deal with Asian companies, which Chtam House in England has investigated and found reeking of round-tripping criminal fraud.

    • endingNaija

      Chief Badmus, OBJ said it is wrong for President Jonathan to make an alleged wanted drug dealer a leader of PDP in South West-in Yoruba land. Are you deaf? If PDP and Goodluck Jonathan want drug dealers as their leaders, this a reflection on their(Goodluck Jonathan and PDP) own (including yours) ethics. What do you think Baba Chief Badmus!!!

    • Dr. Whyte

      Nigerians are too inured to sufferings to have the natural ability to conceive freedom.
      Nigerians are in fact the only oppressed folks on earth who praise their oppressors; and,
      decorate those robbing their country with garlands as ‘master-strategist’ or ‘statesman’.
      It is a much a psychiatric ailment as a holdover of the slavery the country suffered for 400 years.

    • Wesley

      “Once the oil blocks had been awarded to the Asian National Oil Companies [ANOCs]

      the initiative passed into their hands. Nigeria was thereafter trapped by a set of
      expensive promises with no mechanism to force the ANOCs to deliver on them.
      There were no legally binding agreements that would have tied the development
      of oil blocks to the simultaneous delivery of the infrastructure.”

      ………………Chatam House Report

      (August, 2009)

      • Derinsola Peters


        Wow! And what did Nigerians do to Olusegun Obasanjo for this gross incompetence or fraud or both?
        At the end of the day Nigeria’s family silver was sold off for a song through Obasanjo’s incompetence!

        • Tonnero

          Are you mad? Obasanjo did the bid round in 2007. By the time he left, it was up to Yar’Adua to enforce the MoUs that were duly signed. By 2009, OBJ had already been gone for two years! You really should go and watch your cartoon TV. Serious discourse is not for people like you.

    • gwangwala

      Only a moron will refuses to learn from history. @ chief mischief makers can deliberately turn 9 upside down and call it 6.

  • I Hate Sycophant Truly

    I love Baba for something, he’s always a man of his words 2015 is a year of surprises.

    • Wähala

      From the time he wrote his letter to now is a long rope…
      Knocking on his door on election eve is abuse of prerogatives…
      Now, they’ll know how the cookie crumbles and hope dies, who fought for 1-Nigeria and took a bullet in the butt…
      Clowns! Thought they said Baba Ota is expired warlord, between druglord and warlord we shall know who’s got clout!

      • I Hate Sycophant Truly

        Everything Baba said have seen the light of the day and more on the coffin.


    This is bad news for PDP, bad news for GEJ 2015. The die is cast. Read baba’s lips!

  • Mosaku 147

    GBAM! Dis na big talk oooo. God no go let ologogoro get hypertension for villa this night.I hereby declare the floodgate of insults open on obj by bootlickers. Oya now,over to PDP spokespeople,Metuh,Doyin,Abati,Marylyn,Udenta,Badeh,Orisejafo etc. Weh una dey?

    • Wähala

      Akuko Ibadan!
      Make dem carry come… we full ground to return fire for fire!

      • Truth

        Sometimes it’s difficult to make sense out of your line of thought. You really not cold or hot. You are far from being principled but blindly biased. You are nothing but an irritant. Your nuisance level is unimaginable.

        • Wähala

          Linear logic is not for everyone…
          You would love to see me as sycophantic as you and other miscreants ba? Keep waiting. I’m apolitical and only speak the truth as it comes without deference to name, party or region. Only the poor matter… kapisch? I’m no fan of Baba Iyabo but will defend him if he’s right. Try going a day without reading my comments and see if you can… I’m here to enrich your mind, chump!

  • Wähala

    Greed is why a monkey is caught with a fistful of groundnuts in a bottle…
    The PDP love dirty money no matter whose sokoto it leaks from. I said it before that they cannot plant Buruji in Baba Iyabo’s garden and expect the ol’ fossil to be happy about it. Baba never forgets nor forgives, pastor he is but he’s no Catholic priest, no Holy Communion to miss for not forgiving others who have forgiven him his sins! OBJ’s tacit indictment of this Govt’s in, “Security (Chibok), Infrastructure, Corruption with Impunity, Youth unemployment ati Skills acquisition, Education, Poverty” etc, are his verdict of FAILURES of this government and a vote of no confidence on Dr. Dumbo. Finally, his decision to remain in the PDP is in tandem with his principled position to the then G7 to “fight from within” advise. RESPECT! to Baba Iyabo, biko…

  • Madiba

    Baba’s ill feeling is because the president and his boys are indirectly calling him a liar. If President Jonathan has come out clear to say yes I agreed for a single term with Baba and Co but due to situations on ground I want to go for a second them, the ”agro” would have been manageable. Elders hate been called liars especially in the public. Well na their wahala (apologies Wahala)

    • Wähala

      No hard feelings ol’ boy…
      However, if they’re calling him a liar, how come they trooped to see him with all the heavies in David Mark, Mu’azu, party dis-n-dat? The fact is, if Baba had called all hands on deck for continuity and rescue of Nigeria… Olisah Metuh would have run to the bank with it as a blank check of approval of Dumbo’s Govt. Face reality, this is bad news regardless how you try to spin it. It’s no longer a “Battle for the West” as in ol’ Texas movies, it’s a battle for Naija… start counting your losses if I were you!

      • Taster

        There is nothing heavies about mark n fellow travelers for they are mere fagots leeching this nation to death.

        • Wähala

          Obviously, you do not understand my usage of “heavies” relative to PDP Chieftains… and, the meaning of the word ‘faggots’ relative to homosexuals. Intellectual discourse is not for everyone, wherever you have been all these days, biko, go back there… I didn’t miss you one bit!

          • deji

            Kudos to you my brother. You are “firing on all cylinders” this evening. Those PDP e-rats can be very annoying sometimes with their irrationality

          • Wähala

            Respect D-boi!
            Sha, I’m saving the best ICBM’s for when the moron accepts his undeserved adoption—

          • Taster

            Hmmm, you must have gotten a better job baby-sitting for the likes of your grade – when you can`t get through a sentence without putting on your brain but your glass.

  • lala


  • Valerie

    Dear Editor Premium Times:

    Nigerians do not really desire progress. They accept to be wretches of the earth.
    If Nigerians desire progress they’ll not look at the rear-mirror to icons of yesteryear.
    All the past failures will make it worthless listening to the excuses those failed icons
    tender as excuses for incompetence, fraud and for past failures – whilst still clutching
    to the loot they made away with in office and whilst living on the public treasury for free.
    The solution to a wretched past can not be a wretched operator of that same sordid past.
    The future of Nigeria can’t ever depend on General Obasanjo and those who robbed Nigeria.

    • Newsday

      “The Court of Appeal will on October 20 hear an appeal challenging the adoption
      of President Goodluck Jonathan as the consensus presidential candidate of
      Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) ahead of next year’s general election. The
      application was filed by a former PDP governorship aspirant in Adamawa
      State, Dr. Umar Ardo, who has indicated interest in contesting the presidential election

      on the platform of the party.”

      “Ardo is urging the appeal court to grant him leave, as an interested party, to be
      joined in an earlier suit decided at the high court between one Cyriacus Njoku,
      a member of PDP, and Jonathan, so as to use the particulars of the case to
      challenge the president’s emergence as PDP’s sole candidate.”

      • Supo

        @ Iala:

        But what if the Court of Appeal declares Jonathan ineligible to contest in 2015?
        Do you think those opposed to him in northern Nigeria are not pressing that button?

  • Buhari is an Islamist

    An incest advocate. Having sex with daughter in-Laws. Your sons should deactivate you manhood for life. Useless man. You are politically irrelevant.

    • pm

      premium times, pls stop showing immature comments like this

    • babansasda

      You need to see a psychiatrist to examine your head!!!


      A biafrian calling himself buhari. Cursed Ibos

      • Otile

        Odale shut up your rotten mouth if you have nothing to contribute.

        • BABUYANMA

          Don’t tell me you are now Tinubu?

  • mr johnson

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  • Mazi

    “Today, Nigeria needs all hands on deck to deal with our pressing problems of security including the issue of Chibok girls, widening inequality, infrastructure, impunity, corruption, poverty and youth education, skill-acquisition, empowerment and employment. These are issues of concern to most Nigerians. We all need to join hands to move Nigeria forward. I don’t need to be begged for that”.

    OBJ have summarized GEJ administration as quoted above.

    GEJ is working? IMPUNITY:

    1. Never in history of Nigeria have Thugs or an individual slap a Judge in the court premises. Fayose

    2. Never in History of Nigeria have four House of Rep sit with police escort to impeach a Governor. Amechi

    3. For over six years of this administration, nobody have been prosecuted for corruption. Despite the obvious facts of corrupt practices going on. And we all know that corruption and development don’t go hand in hand.

    4. Nigeria has the highest number displaced persons in the world

    5. Apart from civil war, Nigerians have not recorded the kind death we are witnessing now.

    6. Oil Theft have increased drastically.

    etc etc etc..

    • Mr. Abdin

      My brother you need to not that Nigeria has already become a laughing stock before the International community and i believe that Nigeria need change now.

  • bulltron10

    Excellent stance by OBJ, It is very wrong to be seen hobnobbing with indicted corrupt individuals, drug dealers, militants terrorist and other forms of criminals who have exclusive access to the presidency. It is very wise to stay away from them since they “say show me your friends and i will tell you who you are “, so for the sake of morality and integrity OBJ will stay away.

  • emmanuel

    Obasanjo, active at the Ward level? Where he never won a single election since 1999? The man is a joker who has been actively retired from politics by the boys.

    I nor know why dem dey homour am with those visits. Obasanjo is the one who made Nigeria politics a battle field where killing to win election was promoted, election winners were replaced brazenly without bothering about what the International community he now represent in Sudan said about such election.

    In his days, Party men only became his heroes and paddyen if they helped eliminqte those oposee to him. The list is endless, but Jonathan first demobilsed the killing machines of the Obasanjo days and today politicians could sleep with their eyes closed

    • Chris1408

      The Otta monkey that destroyed democracy in Nigeria should be hiding in shame, yet he still speak openly as if he’s the savior. Something is wrong with this old shameless man.


        Ojukwu is the one that looks like a monkey.

        • Wak

          My brother have respect for the dead. If you must respond to the insult placed on OBJ, then insult the person in concern and not Ojukwu who is late and never ruled this country to inherit such an insult from you.

          • BABUYANMA

            Ojukwu looked like monkey and a goat. He was the worst Nigerian that ever lived.


      So the guy must support a worthless president?

  • Chris1408

    Obasanjo planted Jonathan, now he reaps lack of Security (Boko Haram, etc), Infrastructure, Corruption with Impunity, Youth unemployment, Skills acquisition, Education and Poverty. All these vices were there when Obasanjo was President for EIGHT years. Obasanjo is not crying for Nigeria, but seeking relevance in his dysfunctional party. May the stones of Nigerians rain on him.


      The guy is saying he cannot support Jonathan bcos he is a joke. Can’t he have his opinion?

      • Chris1408

        No, he should go somewhere and bury himself in shame, he placed GEJ on Nigerians.

        • BABUYANMA

          He did that with best intention. He does not have to continue to support him.

  • ZULU

    I dont know why OBJ would always project himself as a saint and patrotic Nigerian. Infact he midwifed the bastardization of Nigeria including the political process. If his third term agenda had scaled through, he would still have ben in power by now. We know how much he wasted on the third term project and he is here talking about agreement not kept with Jonathan.

  • Garden-City Boy

    The best for the party is to expel the man. He has outlived his usefulness. No aspirant would like for his negative values to rub off on him. An APC-JANAWEED mole cannot be allowed to stick around. Rocket him from the Party now

  • Ette

    This government is eating the dust as even corrupt people like OBJ shudder at the level of corruption, impunity and serial lying of this jaundiced government that he does not want to associate with them openly. This man still has some respect quite unlike all the sycophants dancing the evil dance of bad for you, bad luck for them. May God treat them the way they Re treating Nigerians.

  • MUkintu

    This individual may be inactive in PDP but really active in APC.