Why Nigerian military has difficulty getting arms from America — U.S. govt.

James Entwistle, U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria. Image: American Embassy

By Austin Ajayi

The American government has given insight into why the Nigerian military is facing difficulty procuring arms from the United States to combat the extremist Boko Haram sect wreaking havoc in Nigeria’s North East region.

Nigerian government officials had on September 17 told PREMIUM TIMES that the administration opted for the controversial discreet purchase of arms in South Africa as a desperate measure after the American government allegedly blocked all legitimate arms order made by the military. ‎

Since then, the matter has been extensively reported in the Nigerian media, with some Nigerians accusing the Americans of undermining the country’s war against terrorism.

But in what is the American government’s most elaborate response to the controversy so far, the American Ambassador to Nigeria, James Entwistle, said cases of human rights abuses by Nigerian troops in the North-East in the past years have stood out as a sore thumb as the United States considers the Nigerian military’s request for arms.

Mr. Entwistle spoke in Yola, the Adamawa state capital, while answering questions from journalists during a working visit to the American University of Nigeria, AUN.

“Before we share equipment with any country, whether it is a government to government grant or a commercial sale that requires government approval, we look at a couple of things,” the ambassador explained. “Does it make sense in terms of that country’s needs?

The second thing we look at is the human rights situation in that country. And as we look at equipment transfers, we look at the situation in those countries in the past few years. And as you all know, there have been instances (I’m not saying across the board) of human rights abuses by the Nigerian military in the North-East.

“So the kind of question that we have to ask is let’s say we give certain kinds of equipment to Nigerian military that is then used in a way that affects human situation. If I approve that, I’m responsible for that. We take that responsibility very seriously.”

Mr. Entwistle however described as inaccurate claims that the U.S. had completely cut military aid for Nigeria, saying on the contrary, the two countries had continued to share training and equipment.

“Some of the newest vessels in your navy came from the United States. So the idea that the United States does not share equipment with Nigeria across the board is untrue,” he said.

The ambassador promised that the United States would continue to partner and support Nigeria in the war against the Boko Haram insurgency, saying he gave President Goodluck Jonathan that assurance on his arrival to the country a few months ago.

“I had the honour of sitting down and talking to him (President Jonathan). And the first thing I said to him is ‘Mr. President, I want to be very clear, the United States stands with Nigeria on the war on terror’,” he said.

Mr. Entwistle however admonished Nigeria not to think that the war against Boko Haram could be won only by buying hi-tech equipment, saying to achieve result in the campaign, the country must take the welfare of its troops even more seriously.

“I would say as we support the military in the struggle against Boko Haram, obviously equipment is part of the equation but I think it’s more than that,” the ambassador said. “It bothers me when I talk to soldiers in the North-East and they say they are in the frontline with only a few bullets.

“I think what’s more important is the basic needs of soldiers on the field, making sure … they are well trained and they have ammunition for their rifles. If you don’t focus on taking care of welfare of soldiers on the ground, buying hi-tech equipment does not solve anything.”

Before speaking to journalists, the ambassador had addressed staff and students of the American University of Nigeria at an elaborate reception ceremony marked by flag procession and speeches.

In his speech, he commended the university for its support for some of the kidnapped Chibok girls who escaped from their abductors, and for setting up the Adamawa Peace Initiative, which is working to entrench peace and tranquillity in the state.

Also speaking at the event, AUN President, Margee Ensign, said the institution, just 10 years old, is well on its way to becoming Africa’s best development university.

Ms. Ensign said students of the university are trained to understand the challenges facing their country and the world, and develop solutions to them.


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  • Ashibogu

    Yet some people will compare Atiku to Jonathan. By their fruits we shall know them. By American University of Nigeria, Yola we know the kind of fruit Atiku can bear! I don carry waka to go drink coffee!

    • Joe

      Yet Atiku cannot visit US. I will sponsor Atiku’s ticket to and fro if he dare go and come back successfully.

  • Naija go beta

    this to me is a lame excuse, US is not sincere, they want bh to spread so that Nigeria will divide and they will hv a reason to keep a base in Nigeria, d US comitted and still comit human right abuse in guantanamo bay, they arm rebels in syria now they r talking abt human right, abegi

    • Wähala

      Where is the American military base in Nigeria, biko?

  • Smith Scott

    I fail to believe. America that have killed score of Pakistan civilian with drone is talking about Human right. You simply tell us two things: You don’t like Nigeria banning gay marriage and you want to frustrate the current administration because of Atiku – He own the school you visited in Yola – the sole called America University

  • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

    Was it also human rights abuse by Nigerian soldiers that made USA not to designate Boko Haram as a terrorist organisation for almost 3 years. We know who you are working for Mr Entwistle. This too shall pass.

  • James

    We should stop blaming USA, they do not sell Nigeria because of our Army human right abuses, America is country that follow laws, There is a law called LEAHY LAW, it affect so many countries not only Nigeria, Please read: this is from From Wikipedia, below

    The Leahy Law or Leahy amendment is a U.S. human rights law that prohibits the U.S. Department of State and Department of Defense from providing military assistance to foreign military units that violate human rights with impunity.[1] It is named after its principal sponsor, Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont.[2]

    To implement this law, U.S. embassies and the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor and the appropriate regional bureau of the U.S. Department of State vet potential recipients of security assistance.[3] If a unit is found to have been credibly implicated in a serious abuse of human rights, assistance is denied until the host nation government takes effective steps to bring the responsible persons within the unit to justice. While the U.S. Government does not publicly report on foreign armed force units it has cut off from receiving assistance, press reports have indicated that security force units in Bangladesh, Bolivia, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Nigeria, Turkey, Indonesia, and Pakistan have been denied assistance due to the Leahy Law.

    • Chima

      Very lame. Do you know inarticulate or deliberate America is in promoting human right abuses arround the world? If you are pathologically American do all right then Ambassador’s reasons will make sense. In a global world as you can see America has created blunders in whole of Middle East. DOnt think ISIS is an AMerican creation. They want to see how Boko Haram will overpower the Nigerian State.

    • the truth

      you are the biggest scam i have seen in a while. do you hear yourself? america follows laws.lol. what are you smoking? can you count with your fingers human right abuses from america? nigerians and inferiority complex and believe everything the white man tells them

      • james

        Usa is country of Law and Order not like Nigeira

        • the truth

          lol boy i rest my case.believe in what you believe, you have been watching too much movies

      • endingNaija

        Mr. “Neutral” “the truth” I can see that you are really “neutral”. Anyways, can you REDEEM the names of the two Nigerian money launderers you people in Aso Rock sent to South Africa to launder $9.3m?

    • sharp shape

      This is what the slave said to his master ! Massa are we happy ? Massa I love the last law you made and reduced my daily flogging to five times a week oh massa I love you ! Your sound so silly its not funny !

  • vTrigger

    Wonders shall never end. Guantanamo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia, vietnam, Libya, Syria and many more. Americans have been bombing, killing innocent citizens in ten of thousands, destroying infrastructures, arming terrorist groups from Hitler, Mujahid, Al Quida, Libya, ISIS and many more that the world could never imagine. Now, they are saying Nigerian military should no chase boko haram that kills thousands of innocent citizen and abducting and raping young children and school girls. If America system is for democracy and human right, why do the sabotage efforts of their so called “allies and friends”?

  • Jakadiya

    I blame the Nigerian govt for inviting the Americans to help fight BH knowing that there is sour relationship on arms sales. Again, if Nigeria had gone to China, India, etc, the Americans wouldn’t have had the opportunity to ridicule us. Can’t we do without America? Buhari and Abacha did away with them and we were better. The truth is that the Nigerian leaders have skeletons in their cupboards and are being blackmailed.

    • Joe

      No leader from southern Nigeria can turn it’s back against US and the western world, save leaders from the north. US and Europe are in the blood and bones of southern nigerians. That was why even when their wives wants to give birth, they rush to US or Europe to have their babies. It’s a shame.

      • Jakadiya

        They don’t have the liver to face up to reality and jettison personal interests. They look upon the West and America as role models and always ready to give their right arm to be there while feigning love for Nigeria.

  • chukzee

    Bullcrap. Isreali bombed UN shelters, u still give them arms, u carryyout drone strike in other peoples territory without their approval, and u talk of human rights? Do we go into history of all the rebel forces US armed during the cold war? Or even tribal organizations in iraq? We say we need this stuff, we r ready to pay, u say the tech is 2much 4 us? JUST like we defeated ebola without ur help, same shall go 4 BH. Thank God 4 Russia n China, if na only una we 4 don kpeme since!

  • Chris1408

    Let the Nigerian military make it’s own arms. They can’t make common bullets. Iran and other countries are making millions and drones. Must be last in everything.

  • Abel Wariboko

    America is very economical with the truth? In war situation it is very difficult to talk of 100% human rights

  • MrFesh

    I said it here that South Africa is only being a puppet at the hands of some western nations in embarrasing Nigeria on the seized cash for arms. But some folks keep bad mouthing our county naively.

    The insights are rolling out one by one.

    Imagine American ambassador speaking of human right abuses where we have Guantanamo, and serial drone attacks. Abegi!

  • Wähala

    While it is cheap to dismiss the US arms embargo on Nigeria with anti-America rhetoric, how about the EU? Why are their member-nations also refusing to sell armaments to Nigeria for the same human rights violations? What about Nigeria’s Military Defense Industry that we fund with huge budgetary allocations, how come they’re not producing even bullets to warrant us going all the way to Zulu land to source arms from shady characters? The problem with Nigerians is we love to blame and deflect serious issues with finger pointing. Gen. Ihejirika alone pocketed N40bn meant to arm our military, bought China-made GriGri tanks and cork-n-shoot rifles that jammed after two rounds… instead of blaming our corrupt leaders, we’re blaming a man who refused to sell PDP arms to continue killing us senselessly. Na by force? Haba! The US came in and discovered that it’s Dumbo & PDP behind the BH. Add to that, the Nigerian Military had committed heinous atrocities by executing captured Boko Haram against the rules of engagement. The ripple effect is that Dumbo cannot find the BH leaders Shekau needs for a trade-off with our kidnapped Chibok girls. That’s why terrorist Asari was sent to procure arms to continue with their mayhem… simple puzzle. To keep abusing the US quite frankly is like a dog barking at a sleeping lion… when the noise wakes the lion, that dog is breakfast. Keep mouthing-off… na when Dumbo declare una go know themeaning of ‘super power’. Clowns!

    • cc

      U no get any sense in ur head. Neo colonialism is eating u up even without ur knowledge. Mtcheeeew.

      • Wähala

        Are you not a slave under the PDP ?
        Exactly why are you happy with nothing ??
        Shameless monkey like you. Iran, Brazil, Pakistan and many others do not rely on the US to supply them weapons for self defense yet, you’re here mouthing-off even after your defense industries cannot design a bullet. Some Nigerians should be gathered and sold into slavery indeed, you qualify. Aborigine drunkard. Ode!

    • Sword of Damocles

      Breakfast indeed! I am grateful that at least one person is able to THINK clearly on this forum

    • Abel Wariboko

      I can see you are hilarious that the US is not selling arms to the PDP.My worry is you will turn around to say the PDP is not protecting you

  • Rommel

    Based on what criteria was Nigeria asking for permanent membership of UN security council? shameless country populated with fools who are now exporting foolishness,ethnic based sycophancy everywhere,how can a government exist just to sell raw materials and import everything? Nigerians are the strangest species on earth,a country where people are proud of stupidity.Today,the government will send people out in private jets carrying cash junketing for weapons after 50yrs of independence,what a shame!

    • Wähala

      My broda, I tire ooh!
      Seems like the stupidity is infectious if you read the retarded comments against a man who refused to sell them weapons to annihilate themselves… we fund a defense industry that produces only prototypes, we budget N1tr annually for security yet, our soldiers are ill-equipped, we even gave a special N40bn for equipment to fight the BH and one man pocketed every shishi for his Guber ambitions… Yet, read the comments and weep not for Nigeria. Kingpin of Third World… tufiakwa!

    • Ibm

      I must confess that you are very objective, rational in perspective.
      Continue to tell them the truth.

  • Okey

    The crap being mouthed by this man is most annoying. Imagine, the United States of America is more concerned over Boko Haram members killed without trial (“human rights abuse”) than over the protection of innocent civilians Boko Haram massacre on a daily basis. No friendly nation can ever take this stance.

    I have said times without number that it is high time we reconsidered our relationship with the United States of America. While America has not yet committed an act of aggression against Nigeria, America is certainly a hostile nation to Nigeria. I am not unaware that at the beginning of our civil war strife, America hesitate to stance which would have forestalled war. But s soon as war broke out, America came in, supplying deadly ammunition with which we killed ourselves and reduced our population. America designed a script for the dismemberment of Nigeria come 2015, they are doing everything including proxy hostility through South Africa against Nigeria. Nigeria has got reconsider her relations with America.

    • Olusegun Olawonyi

      My sentiments, exactly. Thank you, Okey.

  • bolaisaac1

    Wherer is DIC of Kaduna?DEFENCE INDUSTRY CORPRATION THAT in the eigthies that specialized in the manufacturing of military wares for Nigeria.This is where we need to think not to depend on any foreign country.It is a thing we can do on our own.

    • Olusegun Olawonyi

      Good question!

    • Joe

      I agree with you, absolutely.

    • Abubakar MB

      They are manufacturing salt

  • Tawandah incommunicado

    TALES BY MOONLIGHT !! The Egyptian security forces massacred thousands of protesting unarmed civilians and carried out a military coup……..BUT SOON RECEIVED APACHE ATTACK HELICOPTERS IN A FEW MONTHS…HA HA HA !

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    The only reason Nigeria is unable to get arms from the US is because Nigeria under the leadership of President Goodluck Jonathan is not what Barack Hussein Obama wants.

    Barack Hussein Obama wants a Nigeria that is under the leadership of a Muslim ……… a right fit to Obama’s STEALTH Jihad

  • the truth

    i wouldn’t say much because????? but haba america we all know the game been played here

  • Ebikeme

    Why is America killing Civilians in Syria now,they are playing double standard

  • Corruption within the Government and the military are the main issues he refusef to disclose directly.

  • NazirJos

    US denial to sell Nigeria military equipment does not mean UN embargo on that matter. Why not turn to Russia or China. I believe they would be more than happy to do that business with Nigeria. I have a hunch that there’s a bigger reason which you can’t hear from the media, only if you can see the big picture.

  • Joe

    This man is truly an American. Half truth. Most of the weapons terrorist are using against innocent citizens are from US. How did terrorist got those hi tech weapons. US double standard is too much.

  • Okporoko

    First, I hope it’s now clear that the arms deals were by the Nigerian government and not as reported in the media with so much speculations. Live long by not believing everything the media tells you. Secondly, the U.S. is so hypocritical on this issue and the evidence abounds. Thirdly, the ambassador is confused – the US is with Nigeria on the war against terror and at same time your government and all your allies cannot supply us arms and ammunitions. Finally, I hold our governments especially past, accountable for keeping our military in such poor state where even morale of men are low while officers steal.

  • Slim

    “So the kind of question that we have to ask is let’s say we give certain kinds of equipment to Nigerian military that is then used in a way that affects human situation. If I approve that, I’m responsible for that. We take that responsibility very seriously.” Mr. Ambassador WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE WEAPONS USED BY ISIL TO TERRORIZE THE MIDDLE EAST? . Your government. So please dont tell us about responsibility sir. A high ranking official of the States Department predicted Nigeria will break up by 2015 so i guess the Arms embargo on a government fighting to protect its territory from terrorist is all part of the grand ploy.

    • the truth

      many people actually forgot about that.

      • endingNaija

        “Neutral” “the truth” when will President “the truth” Goodluck Ebelo Jonathan tell us the names of the two Nigerian money launderers he and Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor sent to launder $9.3m in South Africa in the private jet of Pastor Oritsejafor?

        • the truth

          ask the south african government. those individuals are currently locked up in their cells

          • endingNaija

            But your party Leader President “the truth” Goodluck Ebelo Jonathan sent them. You are a Nigerian, your party PDP leader Goodluck Jonathan is a Nigerian-he sent the money launderers. Since you all belong to the same party, you must know. So tell us “the truth” and help REDEEM the truth. I remember you said you are “neutral!!!” But forget about that one first. Just first REDEEM the TRUTH about the identities of the two Nigerian money launderers-okay?

          • the truth

            if you claim i am neutral why accuse me of been a pdp member with the same mouth. bro we don’t need to go back and forth, lie lie mohammed said asari dokubo is part of the people on the plane. lets take it asari is in prison in south africa. lie lie mohammed has no history of lieing and as such i am staking my life on his nairaland gossip paper and his insinuations. asari is part of the launderers

    • Nigerianunity

      Very true!!!

    • greatguy999

      But it will be better that Nigeria breaks up. I totally support that idea.

    • Wähala

      A prediction does not start with ” if ”
      My bet is you’re just repeating what you heard at the barber shop that American said this and that…
      That infamous prediction said “if Nigeria breaks up due to election violence…” and was made when PDP under Baba Ota introduced do-or-die politics with the senseless murder of Sen. Bola Ige. Today, Fayose has not been sworn-in but do you need the porphets at CIA to tell you what the future looks like? Dumbo has deliberately destroyed a section of the country for political gains, won’t you expect rioting if tomorrow PDP claims Chibok voted for Dumbo to continue leading them? Instead of questioning your defense industries corporation in Kaduna and your corrupt leaders who burnt N1.2trilion annual security budget, you are here shameless saying America refused to sell weapons to your moron bcos of some intelligent guess their Govt. agency made. If so, China ati Russia nko? Those Godless and immoral countries sold Ihejirika GriGri which broke down after 100meters… nonsense!

      • samba.

        The game plan is becoming clearer now. Nigerians being killed by boko haram can die. But killing of boko haram fighters is considered a human right violation, meaning that boko haram killing of innocent Nigerians is considered a right for them and their backers. Who are those petitioning the west about human right violation in Nigeria? These are our enemies and supporters of america dream about Nigeria breakup come 2015. We can now identify the common enemy of our existence. Let us be wise and this rubbish.

        • Wähala

          Mumu, ask Chidi Odinkalu why he petitioned against the Nigerian Army’s violations of human rights. Dumbo is a wicked, evil and murderous Ijaw criminal, he must end up in Den Haag… shikena!

      • Leks

        ” you remind me of the famous Ihejirika Igirigi” hummnnn

  • sharp shape

    The ambassador gave very flimsy reason ! One the us is the biggest arms suppliers to Egypt and Saudi Arabia ! The two biggest human rights violators in the middle east ! Also the new naval vessels that the us is talking about was probably as a result of the oil fields in the ND ! The us is making the same mistake with Nigeria as it did forty seven years ago ! Prodded by Britain she sided the oligarchs to the detriment of the masses in the north ! However this might even turn to a blessing in disguise because we should be developing our own technology ! During the civil war the biafran developed the ogbunigwe a locally made anti-personal self propelled missile and the red devil the igbo version of an (APC) ! If the biafrans could achieve these things almost half a century ago I see no reason why we cannot now ! The clueless octogenarian Mafia from the core north and their southern collaborators will fade away as Allah has reserved the hottest part of hell for them and their descendants ! Insha Allah they will pay dearly for their treachery ! Enough said !

    • Nigerianunity

      Very true!!! The US is full of double standards!!

      • Tony

        Double standards, the war they are fighting in the middle east is their human rights issue not worst than that of Nigeria. I think Nigerian’s refusal to grant them access to our oil is the root of this issue.

    • greatguy999

      And is the US the only country on earth where arms could be purchased? How about China? France? Japan? Russia? and even Iran or Pakistan?

      • Mike udi

        Is not the only country but can block any arm deal between country except China whose equipment our militAry re complaining of , Russia nd iran .

      • tonireal

        There is a reason they wont go there. It tells you there is a lot they are not telling you.

  • Nwokolo

    The Ambassador is rigmaroling and talking tongue in cheek. The whole stuff is getting interesting and complicated. If we were not getting arms from America, EU, Russia etc all these years., What were we spending the HUGE defence budget on year in year out? So the military boys that claimed they were starved of arms were right afterall even as government claimed otherwise. And we are court martialing them for refusing to fight though ill-equipped. Gov Shettima re-echoed the rumbling within the rank and file and he received abuses. I still praise Dr Stephen Davies who opened the foul door of the fight against Boko Haram terrorists. We should learn to encourage our troops and listen to them. Lets all condemn evil and ineptitude when we see it no matter whose ox is gored.

    • Musty

      Not only the military, but, Borno state Govern Shettima, when he said BH are using highly sophisticated weaponry than the Nigerian Army, was called all sort of things. He is vindicated

  • Mr Igbo Sanity

    Hear jonathan I run the “largest economy in Africa” but i cannot produce a single military equipment or provide electric light in nearly 6 years of office except I can loot public funds to the tune of billions of naira”!

    • Abel Wariboko

      Producing your weapons like any other aspects of human development takes concerted efforts over a long period of time. It cannot just be done bcos you have money.you must develop capacity. Logical reasoning is scarce in this country. Emotions and sentiments everywhere

      • Tony

        My brother it is a shame that we have degenerated to this state in Nigeria, logical reasoning is actually scarce, people only think with emotions and sentiments.

      • tonireal

        How many years, how many decades, how many centuries is enough! Somehow, you sound to me like the sentimental person you accuse others of being.

    • Tony

      For Nigeria to produce it’s own weapons the facilities should have been put in place over the last 20 to 30 years. It is not an over night action.

      • Olutola

        You are wrong, we have arms plant in Kaduna and was functioning very well and well refurbished by OBJ and at some point Abubakar Rimi was in charge as he managed the two (including the Mint). This is a thieving govt and all western countries are on it’s trail to expose it. We also have some Nigerian security experts have a factory where they manufacture APCs located in Ekiti state. Most of the police APCs are coming from this factory especially the ones funded by the South West govts. They have capacity to manufacture tanks if they get an order from your govt but as you well know, these will be too late, but if your GEJ ordered three years ago it would have been delivered by now. They have huge capacity but we will import them so that kick backs can come in and ensure we dont buy directly so the middle men contractors gets slush funds for their masters. Remember the Air beetle? Donier still have capacity and could have by today been supplying military aircraft.

        • Tony

          Tomorrow you will tell us that Nigeria has functioning refineries and vehicle assembly plants that were well refurbished by OBJ and Abacha. The fact remains that you lots only want to here and believe what is negative about Nigeria.

          • Olutola

            I wonder why you will refuse to see what is right in front of you. If the Fed Govt Arms manufacturing plant cannot do a thing, what about the private one in Ekiti state? At any rate the one in Kaduna rolled out guns that compares to anyone in the world 2004. See MINT, rather than print Naira, they will order from De-La-rue and the last one cost Nigeria 1.2Trillion Naira in had currency only for paltry 2.1Billion Naira produced to be declared missing within a week of arrival in Nigeria. Your GEJ is a leak of treasury.

          • Tony

            My GEJ?? i feel sorry for people with holier than thou sense. GEJ is not mine and neither do i have any relationship with him except that he is the president of the federal republic of Nigeria. But the fact is that people like you are not more righteous that that man, all most all of you would do worst that him if you are there and i bet in your current capacity you aren’t any clean. Until we all change our “nature” it will be difficult for Nigeria to vote anyone that doesn’t have that “nature”. As a country, you get what you are. tell me, what have you done for your community, what has your ward Councillor done for your ward with the allocations he receives monthly, or your local government chairman, or fellow representing your constituency at the state of federal level. Who is asking questions, are the questions being answered????? The problem of Nigeria is not caused by 1 man but by over 160 million people. Cheers

        • tonireal

          You are so right. Those who know you should be proud of you!

        • Otile

          Tell them bro, they don’t get it.

      • Wähala

        Again, I’m not the first mentality. DICON has been there long enough to be producing more than prototypes still. Look at it this way, What kind of weapons were Oritsejafor et al, going to buy in South Africa with $15million that can’t be produced in Nigeria? Even the infant Innoson Motors can manufacture such hardware if re-constituted. Face the fact, corruption means everything to our leaders, nobody is there for you… kapisch?

        • Tony

          Then why have we not been producing the weapons over the years. You are not a security expert so you probably think arms/weapons mean only guns. Do you know know how much a drone cost? Or maybe you think weapons cost the same amount with your cigarettes. You think weapon manufacturing is same with vehicle manufacturing and assembly. Too sad there are people who still think like this in the 21st century.

          • Wähala

            Get someone to read my comment for you again, no time for ignorant argument with diehard sycophants today. OBJ was in the corpse of engineers centuries ago, engineers manufacture guns… not kites drones! Go-siddon, biko!

          • Tony

            Do you know how old the arms manufacturing plants in Nigeria are. Why do we have ignorant people so much in this great country of ours. You have an arms manufacturing unit that can only manufacture dane guns and riffles and you want to use that to fight boko haram that are getting their arms from middle east (equipment supplied by the Americans). It is very unfortunate that people like you still exist in that country.

          • Madiba

            So Boko Haram was more sophisticated afterall. My brother you people make everything in this country aside ”stealing” look so tough. Whats so special about small arms and ammunition. DICON was established in 1964. Government budgets billions for them. What has been the outcome? If its traceable to stealing, who has been punished. At a stage in Kaduna where I lived they where doing so well both in production of military and civilian wares. But they have been killed by corruption. The western cpountires once made everything look so so difficult until China stepped in and demystified all. Believe in yourself and access your progress and performance dispassionately. We are not doing well.

          • Tony

            The question you are asking should be posed to the army generals why there has been no improvement in their capabilities. What was the plan for DICON when it was established in 1964. The rot started over 40 years ago, and you expect that with years of neglect this facility will wake up in 2014 to manufacture modern warfare ammunition??? My friend you must be kidding me. China had a plan which was developed several years ago, what is our plan in Nigeria??

      • tonireal

        The “it cant be done overnight” mentality and excuses again? One size fits all

        • Tony

          It is not a mentality, it is called planning. Our leaders have failed to plan since independence, and this is the fruit of that failure to plan.

  • Guguru

    I don’t get Nigeria: If I am the largest economy in Africa and I have that much pride making me feel too big, then I should be producing my own weapons. Pointing to America as the cause of Nigeria’s problem with respect to acquiring arms seems ridiculous and lazy to me. Assuming there was no America and there was no South Africa, while Nigeria had the BH issue, will Nigeria point to itself or look for another nation to blame for its failures? Why is Nigeria not building the capacity to build its own weapons? Very sad.

    • Otile

      Why are you asking thee questions as if you don’t already know the answers. Don’t you see who has been rulling Nigieria for donkey years, or are they not the same people in charge of most of the important posts in 9ja today? If you excuse Murtala Mohammed, Buhari, IBB, Abacha and Abusalami on the grounds of illiteracy can you also excuse Dauda Mark, Tambuwal, Badeh, Dasuki, IG, Immigration Boss, and a whole host of Northern elites who are rulling Nigeria today? Yeah, shift power back to the North and continue complaining of backwardness. Born to rule my foot.

      • Guguru

        I made no assertions about shifting power anywhere. I was simply providing a logical response to what seems obvious.

  • True Nigerian

    Do Nigerians ever understand, appreciate or perceive the state of their country? Do we ever look at facts and relate them to their connotations and denotations? Do we ever look as evidence and link them to the facts that they clearly establish? Do we ever look at issues and see their significance and consequences on own personal lives, survival, safety and individual potentials? Why do we have so many educated people that are bereft of critical thinking? Why do we have so many people that can read and write English but cannot apply logic that is clearly written in plain and simple English?

    This guy is saying what many Nigerian soldiers have been saying: that they have no idea what is happening to their salaries, allowances; that even when they are killed or badly injured in a battle, their rightful slaraies allowances (already in arrears before they are even sent to battle) would still not be paid to their poor families; the soldiers have been saying that their bullet proof vests and helmets are fakes or substandard ones imported from China; our soldiers have been saying, quite verifiably too, that they are being sent without bullets into fiery battles against ferocious enemies armed to the teeth; the soldiers are also saying that their generals have been feeding fat on the allowances and budgets that should be used to take care of these things.Now, how do you reconcile all of the above with the fact that they are happening against the background of annual budget of $5b dollars since 2010 to date?

    So the question is simple: where is the money? What happened to the funds in these budgets? Ukraine, which has been fighting insurgents effectively have never had a defence budget of $5 billion in any year. Even when Ukraine announced 2 months ago a new plan to transform the defence and offence capacity of its troops, the Ukrainian government said it would do this with an injection of $3b over the next 3 years. Just imagine that. Yet, some how, the Ukrainian army has not been a walk in the park for its Russian-backed separatist insurgents.

    Nigeria does not have 200,000-strong army. Nigerian troops as of today are less than 110,000 in number and their salaries are peanuts – a salary that makes mockery of the job of a soldier. So it cannot be argued that the $5b which Nigeria has been budgeting every year for defence was spent and exhausted on overhead expenditure.

    All manner of people have called for a probe of the army budget expenses to find out what exactly has been happening in the army bank accounts and procurement. But Mr President and his generals have maintained a noisy silence on the calls for probe, insisting that all is well with the army fund management and accountability. Yet, despite a taciturn refusal to make inquiries into the mindless corrruption in army budget, they are quick to tell the entire country that unless they are allowed to put a debt of additional $1b loan, the enemy will defeat the country. It points to a fact that should worry every sensible Nigerian – that people are beginning to make money from the deaths visited on Nigeria by boko haram; that some of our generals and politicians are now feeding their greed with funds for the war. When people start making humongous amounts of money from war, you are looking at a war that may never end until and unless it eats those who are feeding from it or destroyed the avenues from which it is being fought. Charles Taylors diamond war in Liberia and Sierra-leone are examples.

    With the above glaring facts, Nigerians still cannot see what the problem is: that corruption and horrendous leadership killed Nigeria before boko haram started feasting on the carcass and that even whilst the war on boko haram is going on, the same corruption that destroyed the capacity of Nigeria before boko haram is continuing to make the country a meat for its enemies. And yet, Nigerians think they are punishing someone else by standing behind horribly corrupt politicians and governments. We may soon wake up to what we deserve – as refugees in foreign countries. And I can tell you that, with the exception of Sierra-Leone which cannot even contain itself, I don’t know any country in the world today where being a Nigerian is a popular idea among the locals, even when the Nigerian is doing well legitimately, let alone when we arrive in droves as refugees.

    Nigeria is on the brink as a result of horrible leadership manifested in mindless corruption and incompetence and supported by the idiocy of the ethno-religious bigotry of its people. You either do something about it NOW or get ready for the comeuppance for carrying on with the usual hypocrisy.

  • Ade#

    “Fighting with few bullets”. I pray for our soldiers.

    If nobody is selling arms to us as claimed by the government what do they need the $1 billion that was just approved. Nigeria Leaders are heartless..

  • Dan

    Newest vessels in the navy to safeguard the oil vessels but no weapons to fight Boko Haram , what a joke!

  • Saidu Aliero Yusuf


    • Tony

      You are an empty vessel if you think that way. Why am i even surprised, when you name shows that you are one of the Boko Haram apologist.

      • Olutola

        He is telling the truth after all three officers and many more soldiers are now on the list of the latest court martial for exact reasons this gentleman posted. Leaving their post without a fight!

        • Tony

          People like you will only believe what is false even if the truth is staring right into to face.

          • Olutola

            I think you are a laggard. This information was in the news both print and TV. Lawyers defending the officers were in attendance at the inauguration of the court-martial, so what is your problem? How would any imbecile believe Boko will confront Nigerian Army if not been manipulated by insiders with low IQ folks clapping to cheer them on!

      • tonireal

        If America continues to supply Nigeria weapons, all those will end up in the hands of Boko Haram and in a few months, Boko Haram will be in Lagos, Onitsha and Port Harcourt. Nobody has more information on terrorism as the Americans.

        • Tony

          Keep deceiving yourself. Nobody has more information on terrorism as the Americans. The same Americans arming the terrorist in the middle east? Double standard America, people like you will believe everything america churns out but will not even believe what your parents tell you.

      • Jika

        I think you are not fair to the gentle man.Simply because he has a Muslim name you have branded him a Boko Haram apologist?He raised some issues,dispute them with superior argument(s) as opposed to name calling.If any one is an empty vessel here,I think that description fits you.

  • Amunega Victoria

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  • ofonime Daniel Imoh

    After America promised the Nigerian government heaven and earth about terrorism, they still went behind us to thwart all legitimate arm deals we made with them. Here is James Entwistle using human right issues to cover up for his yeye country and some Nigerians here are stupidly believing him because he is white. I bet James Entwistle has never been informed that even the world human right commission exonerated the Nigerian military of any human right abuse. This exoneration was broadcast in all the tv station in Nigeria but, I wonder why some Nigerians still agree to bow to unprofitable imperialism from the u.s. Now that we are being disgraced by South Africa, i hope it will be clear to the Nigerian government that we need to create our own manufacturing firm that will help us manufacture arms. Buying arms from other countries exposes this our dear country to insecurity and foreign domination. I cry for my country every day because our corrupt leaders wouldn’t make good things be.

  • Madiba

    It has been lies and lies all the way. We need a purposeful government that can chart total development of the people so you can have some level of independence and self sustanance. China and the Asian Tigers worked for this and succeeded. Brazil is running a manufacturing economy. Ours is buying and selling. So the Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria (DICON) since 1964 cannot make simple arms and ammunition and we keep budgetting heavy sums for them. Out of curiousity I just went to their website and see what I saw
    Mission Statement
    ”To operate the ordnance factories for the manufacture and supply of arms and ammunition as well as inspecting, testing and recommending ordnance materials intended for use by the Armed Forces and other security organizations while using theexcess capacity to support the development of local industries”
    Vision Statement
    “A Corporation BUILD on a sound commercial footing to continuously produce and constantly improve on the quality of arms and ammunition needs of the Defence, Security and foreign policy of Nigeria with the best international standards”.

    Since 1964!!!!!!

    My brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen, ARE WE SERIOUS AT ALL AS A NATION. WHO ARE WE?

    • Nwokolo

      Yes my brother we are running a system programmed to crash. The leaders keep sowing seeds of discord so they can contiue milking us. This has always been the case. Anybody we try to entrone freely, they bring in all sorts of division for their own selfish gains. Look at Peter Obi whom Ojukwu thought he groomed to nuture APGA to greatness. So all these while of Koko-ro-Ko was just drama. And they were telling us APGA this APGA that. Its a shame. We have to decide what we want. Gani, Pat Utomi, Ojukwu all contested for the highest office of this land. They were shot down and the cabal as usual sold all sorts of excuses while they can’t rule Nigeria and many bought it. Is Goodluck Jonathan not ruling now. Who would have thought he can rule for one month. Lets take our destinies in or hands. Period. Choose your candidate and don’t complain. I have chosen mine.

  • Onyintare Cedric Anthony


    • Wähala

      First bus stop: Fayose Roundabout… in the PDP’s Do-or-Die Enclave!

  • James

    I think Nigeria and alike should wake up from slumber and take their/our destiny in to our hands……….what were we doing when other countries like china, india, iran and even south africans were developing their military might…….what is DICON doing?………we should just swallow our shame………and begin to look inwards and start developing capacity to secure and protect ourselves…………to our american brothers and the united nations security council…..i will say it is a shame that we like to react instead of being proactive………….why should rebels be able to acquire arms and ammunition and use it to terrorize the innocent populace…..are they not equally committing human right offences…….i sincerely think that the americans and the united nations alike should concentrate their energy on how to block arms deals from unconstitutional authorities like the rebels and militia groups instead of claiming to support Nigeria’s war against terrorism and yet they deny the Government arms to fight the same terrorist….. after all in all their operations against terrorism they can not deny 100% that they did not violate human right of persons and communities………..Selah.

  • Mr. Abdin

    Kudos need to be given to Atiku Abubakar for his effort towards the establishment of the AUN Yola, the American Ambassador has said it all in respect of the reason why they are not selling ammunition to Nigerian government.

    • Tawandah incommunicado

      Why then can’t Atiku travel to the USA ?……..because he was indicted in an American government report for heavy scale money laundering and may be arrested. OBJ challenged Atiku to travel to the USA but till date he has not taken up that challenge.

  • Chiotu Nnamdi

    Your excellency this is deception with due respect.American govt pledged to support the fight on terrorism.The human right component does not arise at all.B.H.has killed more innocent people and are still killing.The Nigerian Army needs support of all.

  • dankasa

    Tony, of course, every Hausa/Fulani Muslim is an empty vessel and Boko Haram Apologist as regarded by you and your people, but the American Ambassador to Nigeria, James Entwistle, here refer to cases of human right abuses during Ihejerike in particular when he said “cases of human rights abuses by Nigerian troops in the North-East in the past years have stood out as a sore thumb as the United States considers the Nigerian military’s request for arms” . Can you, Tony defend your brother, Ihejerike or cleared him from this assessment and of course the Davis claims that he was active member of Boko Haram, can you? My belief Tony is that, very soon you people will know whether you are ready for Biafra Republic or not, because your brothers will be forced out of the north as it is coming clearer their involvement in killings and destruction of the people that feed them. Yes! we are Boko Haram apologists, so what???

    • tsunami1earthquake

      Dankasa, please listen to yourself, do you want to hijack the import of this publication in order to score some empty point? So because the US Ambassador said ‘in the past years’ it must then mean during Ihejirika’s tenure? What a way to think and analyse! The Boko Haram had existed prior to Ihejirika’s tenure and even during the time of Yar’Adua as president when Ihejirika was not in charge of the army! Was one of the reasons given by the Boko Haram for starting this warfare not the killing of their leader and many of their followers? Were those killings done during Ihejirika’s tenure? Again, don’t hijack this important publication for a mess of porridge. The fact is that the Nigerian military and police have always been brutal to civilians under any circumstance. And their brutality does not stem from whoever has been the overall commander. This is the important point you should look at and not this form of parochial view you want to espouse here. And so the question arises: how do we make the Nigerian military and Nigerian police to respect civilians and uphold the tenets of human rights? Ambassador James Entwistle has thrown the challenge at the Nigerian nation.

    • Buddy

      Dankasa, lets try and objective in our response to matters concerning Nigeria, the truth is that Americans wnt Nigeria to split, everything is being plotted by them,

  • bulltron10

    Nigeria under GEJ is now a rogue nation, we are now barred from buying arms from the U.S and are not any different from North Korea, Zimbabwe, Belarus, Iran, Syria. This is now our excuse for misbehaving other countries by breaking International arms treaty and also laundering money all-over the place. For a country that claims to be a giant of Africa, this is a shame.

    • Buddy

      My brother don’t reason it that way American don’t like Nigeria, they want us to split as the predicted, just wake and realize the plan on ground. but no matter what they plan Nigeria will come out even stronger.

  • Dave

    This is what shale oil has done to Nigeria.

  • Modibbo Adamu

    fighting without bullets is like barking without biting

  • paul preston

    OBJ sold Nigeria to USA when he entered into a phantom security pact of which Victor malu screamed to the high heavens for which Malu’s village i think zaki biam was destroyed.We have become so little that America can now decide what we buy.I have no doubt that the dissolution of nigeria a desire america has is at the root of this blockade what human right is america talking about.Who establish and operates Guantano bay?america invented all manners of torture skilss from water boarding to genital insertions including anal rape now they are telling us human rights abuse.What do we call this abuse is it imperial abuse,balkanisation plot abuse etc It is very sad that we have come to this sorry pass.No wander shekau could boast the way he has been doing there those backing him with sophisticated weapons while the Govt cannot have access to the weapon market yet america wants us to believe them.Finally I want to say that america is on her way to downfall as the christians in this country will come together to pray against the enemies of Nigeria.We Nigeria always conquers nomatter what ask ebola,ask aids,ask poverty etc

  • Gideon Orkar

    Does the US consider human rights when it buy’s oil from Nigeria?

    • tobilade

      thank u jare
      dey r bloody deceivers
      dey’ll rather frustrate our attempts to acquire arms
      and den start frustrating every other channel of supply
      no wonder d devil called Putin is seriously dealin wit dem

    • tonireal

      US no longer buys oil from Nigeria

      • Ceejay

        How long ago did they stop? They stopped because they are having money problem and have run to China to borrow money and then decided to open up their oil wells.

  • Justice Ovie O.E

    How can Nigeria still be buying guns after 100yrs of existence? This is a calamitous thing indeed. How long did it take US to begin to manufacture guns after independence from Britain? Where are Nigerian engineers? Where are the ‘Ogbunigwe’ inventors? ….This is why I am praying & fasting day & night to get my own Republic where manufacture of guns will be democratically privatized…so that we can begin to profiteer from wars by selling guns to warring parties in line with preservation of human rights to life just as US is doing. Nonsense!

    • Truth is Bitter

      Selling guns and still preserving human rights to life? Wonderful.

  • Emeka Austin Ndaguba

    its not as easy as it seems, the reason why there is war in Afghanistan is not because of terrorism or related circumstance. It just that the US suspects that these guys were developing weapon (which have not found till date) and the world was fooled to supporting them. Be careful of what you see and hear from the media (hologram exist Tupac can still be alive) cos must of it are bunch of lies, even Malcolm X agreed to that. The US is bent on ruling the World by false (reminding me of one political party in Nigeria) propaganda. One currency for trade and investment wat bullshit. Everything that happens must start with them. I take exception to anyone directing my destiny but me. US and its pretentious act of crying more than the mourners is something the world should look at critically. Take for instance, the issue of Ebola in Nigeria. Where the US was criticizing Nano-Silver and refusing to supply ZMapp to Nigerian government on the excuse that the death toll is still very minimal (gross disregard for human life and dignity). what a pity. now the table has turned lets watch and see!!!

    By the way who says Slavery is over should ask Thomas Eric Duncan’s family… Life is too short to lean on the wrong for too long. I see China at the end of the Tunnel

  • Comfortkay

    The Ambassador is very correct in his statement because the Law makers in Washington cannot be compare with their counterpart in Nigeria, they look at every issue differently to the way and manner we see things here. Nigeria has human right problem and no one cares or respect the right of Nigerian, even many do not like our comments on Newspapers.

  • Tawandah incommunicado


    • Mohammed Haruna

      Thank you, the only brainy one! All Northerners are block heads and the Igbos are the jews of Nigeria! Transform your States economically to showcase your ingenuity. I have lived most of my life in the East and I am yet to discover any spectacular breed of Igbo, the like that has not been produced in the North. Get to read your history books, if you have any, to brighten and expand your horizon about your perceived knowledge of the North.
      Your ingenuity? is all about FAKING products, including the medicals, that have sent many people to their early graves. Is this what will engender ‘ECONOMIC INDEPENDENCE’?
      Next time you intend to contribute to the National Discourse, pull out issues and stop projecting your ethnicity as if you are anything better than other ethnic entities in the country. Not the Igbos that I have read much about and also lived with for years. You may never have even travelled to the North! to know the Land and the People.

      • Tawandah incommunicado

        I am not afraid to categorically state that the Hausa-Fulani paranoia has obstructed technological development in the SE through the retrogressive policies designed to retard Igbo technological progress since the end of the civil war. I vividly remember a case of one Igbo business man who wanted to open a car plant in the eighties but was delayed and frustrated by the IBB administration because northern interest groups advised the administration that such a plant could be used for the production of arms.
        All federal roads in Igbo land were abandoned and federal infrastructure left to rot awayall sorts of bans designed to obstruct progress were put in place,even foreign exchange was restricted to the northerners who actually did nothing but trade with it on every street corner….please do not provoke me !

      • Simon Takwama

        The truth shall set you free. keep couching them the truth. let them keep feeding the world lies all the time because sooner than later their lies catches up with them.

  • Ette

    Americans are not fools to allow wicked government to buy weapons from them and use to kill innocent Nigerians in the name of boko haram because this government is the violent boko haram. People have seen helicopters drop weapons and food for boko haram for the killing of Nigerians so the rogues may hold unto power. Azazi has said that PDP is boko haram which was confirmed by their master GEJ that his government is breading boko haram. Okonjo Iweala has brought in weapons for the army yet this wicked government engaging in money laundering in South Africa is busy lying about buying arms. May God treat them the way they are treating Nigerians. Amen.

    • Alhaji yusuf

      close your rotten mouth if you have nothing to say.

  • robo

    Kuwait was not the most Human rights respecter when America rushed to her aid in 1990. Whom to blame if not our leaders who ruined Defence Industry Corporation, Kaduna and it producing salt instead of arms and yet they were in Abuja sharing national honours to themselves for ruining Nigeria. Somebody shout Rawlings, no Alleluia!

  • Otile

    I hate when some continue to bemoan that 9ja people are not manufacturing weapons. Give the
    devil his due, the Northerners are doing their part. They are building
    their own bindigas, poisoned arrows, charms and amulets for protection.
    Can you survive poisoned arrow attack? I do not believe they imported
    those sharp machetes they use to behead people, they are all home made.

    The Northerners are far ahead of us in arms technology. At
    first they invested a lot of money in amputation machines until they
    discovered that those expensive machines are no more effective than the
    sharp machetes that can sever heads and limbs effortlessly. Today you don’t
    hear about those monster machines anymore.

    Most of you think the
    only weapons Boko Boys are using to defeat our troops are the imported
    weapons our troops abandon while fleeing. This is not so. The
    Northerners can kill their enemy by kicking hard, by slapping the enemy
    unconscious with takarda. If every other thing fails they can always shout
    Allahu akbar, and sure victory is on their side.

    • Strawbee tati

      Ha ha ha ha!…..you are silly!

  • d don

    Hear America talking of human right abuse! are they not in the forefront of human right abuse directly or indirectly! Truth be told America promised military support that was never given because they wanted it for their selfish gain and in their own terms. They withdrew it because the Nigeria government did not dance to their tune hence thtey block every avenue of legal arms purchase. How are we sure that the Boko Haram is not a child of the America intelligence like the CIA? I am sure they withdrew it because we refused to succumb to their pressure to legalise gay marriage! Also,it is clear that America does not give anything for free,so why should we expect them inthis matter? Their eyes are on Nigeria oil,which they want to control hence they came up with these measures!

  • Umar Dendi

    belittling poor America for saying the truth! these F*** are dispersed wide across the US ripping the fruits of the American dream yet they have the guts to spew insults when she tells them the truth, how 1966 of them.

    • Tawandah incommunicado

      Ever heard of ILLEGAL RENDITIONS,GUANTANAMO,ABU GRAIB, ETC ? These reasons are not the real reasons for this action from the USA. So if the Boko-haram terrorists were to over run our country,the USA has never really treated us as a reliable ally because they consider Nigeria part of the British world. Obasanjo tried to get closer but he was also bugged with allegations of corruption.Our human rights posture is nowhere as bad as Bahrain,Saudi-Arabia,Egypt or even Turkey where protesters are routinely shot by security forces. Nigeria should re-evaluate her foreign policy to serve her national interests, Russia is a country we can buy arms from and they manufacture very good weapons so we need to build ties in case of the future. Can you imagine if we were invaded by another country and this let down from the west happened. A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED !!

    • David Abiodun

      Umar. I am well aware of USA than you will ever be. I know every single one of America founding fathers and I am familiar with you constitution. You want to have a chat?

      • Umar Dendi

        You know 57 names, Big Deal!

  • hillary

    I might be wrong but would love us to look at the biger picture not just what we read or hear. The issue of arms is purely political. In Africa today, the battle of supremarcy has been bw Nigeria nd South Africa, with each trying to get a parmanent sit of the security council if it ever gets reformed.

    Now, how do you aspire for parmanent post in UN security council when you dont have arms? We knw how close America nd South Africa is, how many times have American president been to South Africa, and even spend weekend there? Nigeria has moved as the biggest economy in Africa, but South Africa wants to remain the most powerful country in Africa, and this is what they are doing with the help of America.

    Nigeria always had cases of human right abuse but it never stoped Bill Clinton from visiting Nigeria. There are more that meets the eyes

    • Ceejay

      They want Nigeria to break up by 2015 as they have predicted.

      • idn amin

        Is it not better for Nigeria to break up. What have they achieved since independence?
        I’m not a fan of US hypocrisy but on our own, we’ve done little or nothing to better our lives over the years. Big shame!
        That’s why even fellow african countries are taking us for a ride.

    • vTrigger

      Thank you Hillary, at least I can see maturity and professional assessment in your argument. Many people talk about Nigeria without an iota on common sense. Yes, there are problem, I mean, ,any problems in Nigeria and Africa, but most of them are caused, not without the help of the so called “FRIENDS”, who always try to see Nigeria fall. The criticize, blackmail, sabotage and even finance rebels with their secret services and NGO, all jut to see the fall of a nation. Even Israel buys weapons, India buys weapons, Russia and China buy too from different sources, but Nigeria’s case is always being magnified in a negative direction, so as to politically downplay Nigeria and reduce her influence and deserved respect in the continent in the world. Yet when it comes to serious crises, they will always call on Nigeria for help. It’s a pity that most of our compatriots blindly join their course to sing evil against Nigeria.
      They will be disappointed and put to shame one day. Nigeria is on the rise and on top. No one will stop it because, God is the only one who anoints. And as far as Nigeria is concerned, She is blessed and no one, and other achievements are on the way. It’s just a question of time and even the so called, “all powerful” can’t stop it.

    • Ewaen Idemudia

      Hillary I great you. United state of America’s human right record is worse. If you think I am joking go find out how many unarmed citizen had be killed , how many innocent citizens have been beaten, framed and locked up by the police. Go to Iraq look up the violation of the rights of the Iraq people what the American Marines did there. Murder of many innocent Iraq citizen . America is full of Bulls. They really don’t want us to defeat BH

  • Adeola

    Is there any sins in Nigeria manufacturing her weapons herself? Is America your father that they should spoon feed you on all occasions? Would Nigeria ever grow up? We beg for guns to fight boko haram, we beg for z-mapp to fight ebola, a disease that started from Africa this time, we beg for visa, we beg for Obama to come to Nigeria, I can go on and on. We need to understand how frustrated and sickened the world is that Nigeria refuses completely to grow up in any aspect of life but corruption. The black race ain’t going nowhere till Nigeria wakes up. As we have no pride whatsoever left, Jonathan needs to crawl on his knees on CNN begging for this guns and MAYBE America will consider the plea. ‘guns ko, guns ni.’ shameless leaders

    • vTrigger


    • Ewaen Idemudia

      Nigeria is upgrading. The Nigeria Nave built and battle ship not so long ago. at this point we can not start building weapons , when we have war at hand. The best thing to do is to buy , after we defeat BH , we now start thinking of making our own weapons. For now we just have to acquire our own weapons

      • Simon Takwama

        What kind of smoke you dey smoke? the time to build weapons to defend yourself is the time you are at war. Nobody can buy their way out of life nor matter how rich they are. please think or perish man.

  • Ola

    I have read all the comments and don’t even know what to write. “What a shame”. Though I don’t live in Nigeria, but I cry almost daily as a Nigerian. God WILL punish all these politicians including their dummy head, Jonathan Badluck.

  • Ceejay

    America and their hypocrisy and arrogance. What was your record in Iraq like? Just to remove Saddam Hussein, you accused him of harbouring WMD and you destroyed Iraq. See what has become of Iraq today.

  • onyenduzi

    Thanks Mr. Ambassador, at least now we know on whose side you and your government are – Boko Haram. We shall take them out, without your help and without your support. And deal with them in our way.

  • Ewaen Idemudia

    Yeah , use that as an excuse. Mean while its easy for the US to equip and train ISIS to fight Assad of Syria. They found it easy to equip rebels in Libya abi. Is it not the ISIS that are chopping off heads and trying to create a Caliphate in Iraq? well done O.



  • Strawbee tati

    Nigeria must now manufacture its own weapons, and try and have closer ties with Russia and China……..Ethiopia does try to manufacture its own…..America is engineering all these groups to keep China from Africa….I am an East African and they also engineer Shabab,……God bless Africa.