PDP begs Obasanjo for forgiveness

President Goodluck Jonathan (left), ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo

Nigeria’s ruling party, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, on Wednesday begged former President Olusegun Obasanjo to ‘forgive’ the party and return to its fold.

The National Chairman of the PDP, Adamu Mu’azu, made the appeal on Wednesday while receiving former Ogun State governor, Gbenga Daniel, who returned to the party after leaving in the build up the 2011 elections.

Mr. Daniel had while announcing his return to the PDP begged Mr. Obasanjo for forgiveness.

Disagreements between both men was one of the major reasons Mr. Daniel left the PDP. Mr. Obasanjo, who was then the chairman Board of Trustees of the party, is also from Ogun State.

Mr. Mu’azu, while receiving Mr. Daniel, also begged the former president to return to the PDP to ‘lead’ the party to victory in 2015 general elections.

“I want to join Governor Daniel to appeal to our Baba, President Olusegun Obasanjo, to forgive us,” he said. “We are your children and we have been making mistakes; we had made mistakes and so we apologise. Please Baba, we apologise, come and lead us.”

The party chairman said President Goodluck Jonathan was also expecting Mr. Obasanjo to come lead the party again.

“Even the president is waiting for you to come and lead us,” he said. “You are our leader, we appreciate you, we thank you for your leadership and your courage.”

Mr. Obasanjo had withdrawn from PDP activities after a letter to President Goodluck Jonathan where he accused the latter of, among other things, being a betrayer, and splitting the country along ethnic lines.

PREMIUM TIMES had published the letter whose content became a major public discourse due to Mr. Obasanjo’s influence in the polity. Mr. Jonathan later replied the former leader denying the various allegations against him.

Both the PDP and the major opposition, All Progressives Congress, have been making moves to secure Mr. Obasanjo’s support for the 2015 elections with both groups dispatching various party leaders to Ogun to discuss with the former president.

Since his emergence as PDP chairman earlier this year, Mr. Mu’azu has pledged to ensure the return of leaders who left the party.

At the party’s secretariat on Thursday, Mr. Daniel, who governed Ogun State on the PDP platform for 8 years, announced his return.

The former governor, who has since vacillated between the Peoples Party of Nigeria and the Labour Party, was received by Mr. Mu`azu and Senate President David Mark.

While declaring his new loyalty on Wednesday, Mr. Daniel said, “On this day, I return to my base, the PDP, where I rightly belong.”

He, however, said that the country was tilting towards a one-party state, adding that it was about time the smaller parties “began to think of either moving to the right or the left’’.

The former Ogun governor, said that the PDP must not give the opposition a chance it did not deserve, adding that the party had a formidable structure in Ogun State.

He said President Goodluck Jonathan was the best performing president the country had ever had and should therefore be supported for a second term.

In his reaction, the senate president expressed the hope that the return of Mr. Daniel and Governor Olusegun Mimiko of Ondo State to the PDP would ensure the defection of other South West political leaders to the party.

“I believe that with your home coming, the PDP is assured of victory in Ogun and the South West,” he said.

Mr. Mark, who is also the Chairman of the South West Integration Committee, said that it was only the PDP that could guarantee true democracy in the country.

He assured that the party`s leadership would continue to ensure a level playing ground for all members as promised by its national chairman.

He, however, advised members to persevere and remain in the party even if their political aspirations were not immediately met.

In his response, the PDP National Chairman commended the former Ogun governor for openly appealing to former President Obasanjo for forgiveness.

Mr. Mu`azu said that power and glory belonged to God who made all decisions.

He said that Ogun was a PDP state, adding that there was no reason the party would not reclaim the state in 2015.

Ogun is presently led by the APC.

The party chairman said the PDP, under his leadership, would ensure a level playing ground for all party members, adding that equity and justice would also be ensured in the party.

He added that President Goodluck Jonathan and the PDP were committed to ensuring that the needed assistance was given for the victory of the party in 2015 general elections.

Mr. Daniel was accompanied by Mr. Mimiko, South West PDP stakeholders and political stalwarts.



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  • simon tor gideon

    PDP will insult their leaders who most of the times disagree with their unfriendly principles,only for them to come back and start begging them when elections are at the corner.Is it now that they are realising electoral value of OBJ whom GEJ rediculed in his reply to his letter to him?Why did they ask GEJ to soft-paddle in his reply to OBJ? Selfish individuals.

  • Johnson Omale

    Baba, don’t mind these people. It is not about you but about millions of Nigerians you want to loose from this corrupt Government. GEJ does not see anything bad about corruption in Nigeria, dont go and rubbish yourself with the ongoing mess in this government Your support for credible person to lead this country is what we want.

  • GoodCitizen

    The ebora owu dey laugh now. What Daniel did is called common sense. APC IS A SINKING BOAT. You need a nationwide structure to win at the centre. Baba beware of use and dump sha. I know you are smart. Where is Edwin Clark that wrote OBJ a stinker? Jonathan buoyed by ego and childishness brought Tony Anenih back to spite OBJ. He surrounded himself with sycophants and Yes men. They are all somersaulting like a drunk. Where is that mumu called Reuben Abati who said Jona does not need lecture on security from OBJ. Iyabo Obasanjo also quickly joined to rubbish her father openly. Alaileko omo lasan. You have to resort to open begging after you have all run your mouth against the old fox. On your way up don’t stamp on those you meet on the way because you may need them tomorrow. Don’t say never, don’t say lailai. No man is God.

    • Hatejona Withpassion

      Obasanjo is smarter. Leave them

      • Wähala

        …and wiser!

      • Chris1408

        Obasanjo is part of the problem in Nigeria today. From his time as military head-of-state to civilian president. He laid this bad foundation twice. Good he’s alive to see and enjoy the seed he planted, which has grown to a forest. People should be stoning this Otta monkey, and not praising him.

        • dudu

          But I disagree we stone him, methink being alive to witness his undoings will make him right those wrongs, i.e.if God permits

    • Wähala

      That’s exactly my view… “Never say lailai” is the catch-phrase. Respect! man.
      Baba is no phool, that’s why he invited Tinubu on the same day the PDP went to shed crocodile begging on him.
      Not only Clark, Asari and all the criminals they pardoned must prostrate full length before Baba so they remember that wisdom belongs to the old and gifted. Imagine! Even Iyabo… whose name is forever embedded with Baba’s was recruited to write and disparage her father against all known cultrues and traditions in continental Nigeria… tufiakwa!

      • Tawandah incommunicado

        Who are you to take sides ?……..OBJ daughter is a woman of dignity because she exposed the truth !
        African culture respects old age but when old men turn rogue,become cruel and manipulate the younger ones for selfish reasons,it becomes a dignified duty to STOP them !

        • Wähala

          After all your sermon, guess who’s begging?
          OBJ can make it a prerequisite for peace that those who twisted Iyabo’s hands into writing that twisted letter bring her along on her knees to atone for the gods she offended, not even Baba! Again, look who’s shamelessly begging in public, swallowing their vomit while you’re here vomiting shit for dirty crumbs…

          • Tawandah incommunicado

            RUBBISH !! This is politics,Madam Iyabo is a University professor,stop insulting her intelligence through your silly assertion that her arms were twisted.

  • buzu

    Joint of selfish individuals i wonder how they sleep at night.

    • Vin Kay

      …with their 2 eyes wide open.

    • larry

      They sleep with their wives .

  • Wähala

    Permutations of Phools who have forgotten that Baba Iyabo never forgives…
    “Please Baba, we apologize, come and lead us… we thank you for your leadership and your courage” – PDP
    Apologies are words in the wind if you do not make amends for the sins you are apologizing for. Baba Iyabo was not born yesterday and will not allow himself to be exploited by political gladiators for partisan dividends. Baba’s major grouse is Kahamu Buruji, a wanted drug lord and fugitive from the Law whom Dr. Dumbo planted in OBJ’s garden, have the PDP de-frocked Buruji before their crocodile begging for forgiveness? Baba is an ex-President with tons of international reputation to protect, he simply cannot be seen on the same dinning table eating with people with dirty hands… to borrow from Cardinal Okogie. Baba’s letter has proven prophetic and unless those who directly insulted him for standing truth upright apologize, I would advise Baba to appreciate Mu’azu’s candid efforts and achievements thus far with a “peace process”…nonetheless, to remain aloof until candid and visibly veriafiable efforts are made at fighting all that he complained of in his letter, elections or no elections… before arriving at his decision. On the other hand, Baba Ota should consider Sen. Bola Tinubu’s offers on the table since they are all “his children”…PDP ati APC.

    • Tawandah incommunicado

      At his age ,he should retire from partisan politics and play the role of elder statesman like Mandela did. Why does he enjoy running around with “small boys” young enough to be his grandchildren?
      The man has out-lived his usefulness in partisan politics,all he does now is cause chaos and anarchy due to greediness. H eis said to be reading for Masters and PHD as well……..which lecturer will fail him?…the guy is too greedy !!

      • Wähala

        @Deri Tawandah…
        If Clark, Anenih, Tukur et al, are running around with small boys young enough to be their children, why is what’s good for Anenih ati Clark not good for Baba? Your bigotry is what stinks like stock fish and gives you away from miles off. Baba did not go to the PDP…the PDP came to Baba!

        • Tawandah incommunicado

          You cannot figure out that DERI is a guy I really dislike….stop insulting me,does my style of writing tally with DERI’S?

  • Chris1408

    Begging the master of “Do or Die” election to come back, because it’s “Do or Die” time for GEJ. Shameless and heartless people. These wicked people have ruined Nigeria.

  • Tawandah incommunicado

    The PDP are on a path of self destruction. OBJ does not have forgiveness in his DNA,he relishes revenge,he is very vindictive so get rid of the old cargo and move on . He took a visit from Tinubu recently but declined to see Gbenga Daniel so he has made up his mind to fight Jonathan’s presidential ambition……..

    • Wähala

      Deri Orbuka,
      the question to answer is, ‘can the PDP survive without Baba?’…guess who’s begging!

      • Ken

        The PDP does not need Obj. I just wondered why beg him; but in politics you don’t need to underrate and ignore anyone. Pdp will win 2015 election with or without Obj. He cant stop GEJ.

      • Tawandah incommunicado

        I am not DERI,stop insulting me and stop the cowardly attitude…….

      • Otile

        So anyone you don’t like his comment must be Deri Orbuka Redeem the Redeemer D Mace, or your other perceived enemy Otile. Man, learn to be open-minded.

  • Psalm 35

    Why is everyone begging this man for forgiveness ? How many votes does he have as an individual or is there ‘something’ he has we dont know ?

    • Vin Kay

      Im sure there are. Those guys know better.

  • Otile

    If FDF wants Ogagun to return to their fold they should reimburse APC the bribe money my Ogagun pocketed from the Islamic Party. A plague on both their houses.

  • onuigbo

    I beg God that Obasanjo never dies. If God can do that, then it will be a prove He exists.

  • lala

    Stone age drama and cave men politics.

  • Mr. Abdin