Jonathan fumes over publication he’s worth $100million; threatens legal action

Former President, Goodluck Jonathan

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan threatened legal action Wednesday after he was listed as the sixth richest head of state in Africa, calling the report baseless and an attempt to incite Nigerians against him.

The United States-based publication, Richest Lifestyle, ranked Mr. Jonathan alongside King Mswati III of Swaziland, both men reportedly worth $100 million (about N16.5 billion).

The richest African president, the magazine said, is Angola’s Jose Eduardo dos Santos, with a net worth of $20 billion.

The Nigerian presidency condemned the publication, and described it as another attempt to unjustifiably portray Mr. Jonathan as a corrupt leader.

A statement by a presidential spokesperson, Reuben Abati, said there was no factual basis to the report.

The presidency demanded a retraction of the “libellous” publication and an apology, vowing to institute a legal action within and outside Nigeria.

“We have noted with consternation the listing of President  Goodluck Jonathan by a website – – as the sixth richest African President with an estimated net worth of $100 Million U.S. Dollars.

“The Presidency condemns the totally unwarranted inclusion of President Jonathan in the publication titled “Africa’s Richest Presidents 2014” as another attempt to unjustifiably portray the President as a corrupt leader and incite public disaffection against him.

“We therefore demand a retraction and an unreserved apology from Richest and all those who have reproduced the offensive article.

“Otherwise, they should be prepared to substantiate their libelous claims against the president in courts of law within and outside Nigeria,” Mr. Abati said in the statement.

Since coming to office, Mr. Jonathan has maintained a firm lid on his wealth status, and has repeatedly made it clear inquisitions or speculations about his worth would not be entertained.

The president, till date, has not publicly declared his asset.

When asked during an interview in 2012 why he has refused to disclose his assets to encourage transparency, Mr. Jonathan famously retorted: “I don’t give a damn”.

As vice president, Mr. Jonathan managed to declare his asset, apparently prodded by then President Umar Yar’adua.

In the assets he made public at the time, the then Vice President Jonathan said he had not bought any car of his own even after serving as deputy governor, governor and vice president. 

The only car Mr. Jonathan admitted to owning, was a gift.

The vice president also listed other properties, including a boat.

Richest Lifestyle did not state how it arrived at its figure of $100 million.

For President Jonathan, the paper merely stated that “Goodluck Jonathan is the President of Nigeria. His net worth is estimated to be around $100 million. He launched a ‘Roadmap for Power Sector Reform’, launched the Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria and launched the Transformation Agenda. He is a member of the ruling ‘People Democratic Party’.

The presidency said the report was flawed and without basis.

“We categorically assert that there is no factual basis for ranking President Jonathan as the sixth richest African Head of State with a net worth of about $100 Million U.S. Dollars.  

“As is well known, President Jonathan has never been a businessman or entrepreneur, but a life-long public servant.

“The President has held public office since 1999 and has regularly declared his assets as required by Nigerian laws.

“He has had no personal income since 1999 other than his official remuneration as deputy governor, governor, vice president, acting president and president which are matters of public record.

“There has been no significant variation in the totality of his personal assets as contained in his last declaration to the Nigerian Code of Conduct Bureau in 2011 which, as can be verified, was a very, very far cry from the $100 million figure now being bandied about by Richest and other irresponsible, copy-cat publications.

“The clear and unacceptable imputation of the claim that President Jonathan is now worth about $100 Million is that the President has corruptly enriched himself while in office which is certainly not the case,” it said.


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  • Tonnero

    Softly, softly Reuben Abati. If the people vex and dig, it may turn out to be more than the $100 million and this time, with proof o!

    • Wähala

      Why are you whistling so loud… abi you wann the odere to fly away? Allow Abati and Dumbo to sue, it will be like the wind blowing open fowl nyash. No dey give unsolicited advise biko… leave them to sue. Abi, you no read that book, “You Can Always Sue” by James Hardley Chase? Leave Abati alone, joor!

      • Screw-em

        You guys are too much!!!!….you all have me… Rolling On the Floor Laughing…..just too much!!!!

  • Ashibogu

    Mr President, how much are you worth? Simple! Chikena!

    • Tunsj

      I won’t tell you and it is not your business. That is the response that you will get from Jonathan.

    • lala

      I don’t give a damn

  • eduetok

    Premium Times,there is no law in Nigeria compelling the President to declare his assets publicly.

    • Maria

      Are you literate at all? Abati said Jonathan has always “declared his assets as required by law”, you are here blaming PT. Are you sane?

      • eduetok

        Maria,i wouldn’t want to exchange words with you,but can you kindly read the report again? If you are patient enough to do that you will surely see where PT is accusing the President of refusing to declare his assets publicly. And young lady,refrain from insulting people,especially people you do not even know.

      • eduetok

        Maria,i don’t wish to exchange words with you here because it is obvious you lack manners and good upbringing! Try and read the report again,you will see where Premium Times accused the President of refusing to declare his assets publicly. Young girl,stop insulting people,especially people you don’t even know!

        • Onike24

          Maria please ignore this person, two different names, almost the same comment. Obvious lack of iQ

          • eduetok

            You are obviously more blind than an Ebola bat.

  • Dr Chukwudinma Prime

    Chicken change! Jona is worth more than 20billion dollars.. Abi na for toilet he dump the all the money he has been stock-piling, including the $20 billion he stole with Ms Madueke & co, plus the #1000 each he taxed the unemployed immigration job seekers, and also parted with some of their dear lives..

  • Sahara

    Please forgive those people that says you are worth that amount.
    $100 million is ridiculous. Something you can carry in one small Oritsejafor jet.
    Tell them your true worth . Even madam peace is worth more than that.

  • Maria

    What Jonathan is saying indirectly is that the news media did not publish his true worth. How could President of Angola worth 20 billion dollars and Nigeria president is paltry 100 million? I am sure Madam Patience will be kicking in the aso villa all day that her husband has been devalued!

  • Olu Ade

    Mr. President, you gave the room for this, did you remember saying, “I don’t give a damn” when you were asked to make your asset declaration public.

    There is no need for all these cock and bull stories as released by Abati, simply declare your assets publicly, end of the story.

    Also, take responsibility, even for once rather than your usual way of pointing fingers at perceived enemies. Anyway, thank you this time around for Abati falling short of blaming APC, Boko Haram or 2015 election issues.

  • Wähala

    One way to take what Germans call, “A Pontius Bath” (translation: wash his hands clean) is to come clean and put the issue of his assets declaration form on the table for Nigerians and the international community to be certain he’s not a crook… In the US they’re quick to compare Nigeria with, Donald Trump challenged Obama to publish his birth certificate and although there’s no law requiring the American President to prove his nationality cum date of birth, Obama made public his birth certificate. But in Nigeria, not even with the so-called FOI Act could be accessed to use in giving Nigerians clue as to how much they’re paying their presido… we sign blank cheques. ‘How much is Dr. Dumbo worth?’ is a good question any day… UMYA forced him to declare his assets publicly but after he climed the throne it has become top secret, why now? It’s not prudent to threaten or use agbero gra-gra to dismiss every scandal… if he sues is when Nigerians will dismiss the report. Shikena!

    • Abel Wariboko

      Somebody said let’s know what all our top politicians are worth. That should be the call,because if Abacha were to be alive he would probably be calling Gej corrupt and ever so gullible Nigerians would be clapping The man declared in 2011 and said no significant change from that.what one would expect is for people to unearth the excess. Anyway we are in an election year.perilous times.The battle is for the presidency.If he leaves that seat today, his travails would end,for then the next pres.would have to be pulled down rightly or wrongly

      • Wähala

        I said that to @truth in our little exchange… let them all declare, “from agbada, khaki and cassock politicians”. I don’t agree that if he leaves his travails will end, they will send him to The Hague. But, if he insists and wins a rigged elections, the scandals will keep coming until he’s impeached. A catch-22 he’s in… that’s why he hasn’t accepted to run for re-election. It’s a tough choice !!!

        • Guguru

          Very very well stated. Yes, he is in a catch-22. And yes, why has he not declared to run? I have been saying the same thing for a while now. I do think he will be prosecuted at some point.

          • Wähala

            My anger and hatred for him started with the death of just one boy three years ago…
            Today, over 20,000 innocent Nigerians have died in a senseless pursuit of political ambition. That’s “mass murder” a crime against humanity… the blood of the innocent departed will get justice, now or later. There is no statute of limitation on murder! Look at President Kenyetta of Kenya, he committed his crimes as a civilian but not even as President is he immune before the international court of justice. Dumbo is in deep sh*t… wallahi !!!

          • Guguru

            I agree.

          • Onike24

            And Kenyetta went to the ICJ as a civilian, because he said he did not think it was right for the representative of the Kenyan people to stand before a court! If it was Jona he would have gone with an entourage of 100!

  • Guguru

    Mr Jonathan is about to meet the USA head-on. If he tries any law suit, I guarantee you that the consequences of his actions will be even more stiff. Jonathan needs to stand back and stop trying to see how far the USA will go to establish transparency about his dark government.

    • Tunsj

      He will not dare sue them because the Richest Lifestyle has top attorneys that will expose GEJ big time.

      • Guguru

        I agree.

  • Tunsj

    I support President Jonathan to bring legal action against the Richest Lifestyle for saying that he’s only worth $100 million. They lied because they did not publish the right amount. The right amount is $100 million plus the $20 billion missing.

  • Shahokaya

    What we are witnessing today is the complete unmasking and unraveling of Goodluck EBELEMI Jonathan. This is a man God lifted up and placed on a national pedestal but he decided to challenge Him after a sumptuous meal at the Aso Rock dining table.

  • Otitokoro

    Dr. Goodluck Ebelo Jonathan, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, can you recall one thing when the news broke out that Mr. Buruji Kashamu, (the leader of the PDP in South West and the coordinator of your 2015 election campaign in the South West) is a wanted alleged drug dealer? It was alleged that Buruji Kashamu is wanted in the United States of America for drug trafficking. Mr. Buruji Kashamu your fellow party, PDP man disagreed and kicked and cursed and said the allegation is false. Nigerians disagreed with him. Nigerians ignored his kick, curse and abuse. Nigerians gave him a test. Nigerians said “okay Mr. Buruji Kashamu, you said you are innocent… this is a PRACTICAL test, that has no cost. Go to the embassy of the United States of America either in Abuja or Lagos. Ask for a visa to the US. Buy a ticket and travel to the US. And let us see what will happen. We will take it from there…” Mr. Buruji Kashamu your PDP soul mate, the alleged drug dealer and the cooridinator of your 2015 election campaign in South West DID NOT AND HAS NOT RESPONDED TO THE CHALLENGE OF NIGERIANS TO HIM. So? the allegation against him stands. Sir, Mr. President the same test is applicable here. The test for you is even a local test. You do NOT need to travel. This is the test Sir. : DECLARE YOUR ASSETS BOTH HIDDEN AND OPEN BEFORE APPROPRIATE LEGAL AND JUDICIAL AUTHORITIES AND MAKE THAT DECLARATION OPEN TO NIGERIANS. Sir, Mr. President if you do not do this, the news remain true until you controvert it. Thank you sir. You are worth NOT less than $100m and you are the 6th richest African head of state until you disprove this with facts OPENLY BEFORE the LAW and make that PROOF available to Nigerian tax payers who employed you and who pay you as the President of the Republic-PERIOD

    • Guguru

      If he sues, he will be asked to declare his assets. If he declares his asset, the US will produce evidence of all the money he has stolen in Nigeria. The embarrassment will be bigger then. Recall that the a day after he gave Abacha an award during the centenary celebration, the US came out with a list of funds laundered by Abacha which no one knew existed, in order to embarrass Jonathan.

      • Wähala

        He will not sue. Neither will he take the litmus test. However, he could not remain silent to the report that went viral within hours of release so, Abati had to say something… case closed, other scandals ahead to deal with.

        • Guguru


  • the truth

    wouldn’t it be nice if the lid is taking off to show how much our leaders are really worth? from past leaders to present, from pdp chieftains to apc chieftains. nigerians want to know how a public figure who was worth nothing moved into billions from 1999-2014. we are watching

    • Wähala

      Sometimes, you bring popcorn. Truly, Naijas deserve to know how much we dey spend on those politicians. Did you know that in this year’s budget, there is unexplained N150bn for NASS members to share? And that’s not part of Jumbo-Pay. OBJ went from jailhouse N20,000 to N20bn as ex-Presido… pelu pension, poor Nigerians are still bleeding for him and other ex-Goons. Me-ma follow dey watch. Kudos! for your good angle… albeit, a rarity!

      • the truth

        wahala u should know i have always been neutral. but you should know this paper is like gossip paper, u know when you go to wallmart and on the cashier shelves those kind of papers. they didnt provide any proof but speculations. dont get me wrong it is fair for us to know how truly our leaders are worth.wouldn’t it be fair for all politicians from jonathan to tinubu to show us what they are really worth from 1999-2014. what do you think

        • Wähala

          Gbam! …and if they’re worth more than we budget for and paid them, na stolo money! Methinks, every politician alive, agbada, khaki and cassock politicians. Gbo-gbo eru!

          • the truth

            wahala let me ask you a personal question. if you were in this politicians shoes with all these enticing contracts and money to be made on the side will you be enticed to even syphone 1 naira?

          • Wähala

            What’s personal about public service? Let me refer you to…
            Dr. Peregrino Brimah’s article, “The North is ready…bla, bla,bla” with map of Nigeria greedily split in favor of his North, on SR. With my comment there, you will know my idea of public service! FWI, here lies three letters of appointment from Govs-2-Senator that I declined… cue: I’m Dominican Cahtolica. Go figure!

      • Tunsj

        Everyone knew what OBJ did, but Nigerians are too timid to say anything about it. They are worshiping him now. We always worship thieves.

        • Wähala

          OBJ was a PDP President who murdered critics or tossed them into jail…
          Dumbo is a PDP President who murders Nigerians in their thousands without discretion via Boko Haram his goons sponsor. Different folks, different strokes… same pdp, same evil. Unfortunately, Nigerians have been traumatized into worshipping evil, even Abacha had people demonstrating for him to rule forever. That’s how damaged Nigeria’s collective psyche is down yonder… sad, indeed!

          • the truth

            don’t stop at pdp wahala, make it collective. this is where i always disagree with you. we are always in a hurry to crucify pdp what about apc politicians

          • Wähala

            I never condemn without trial…
            I thought we were talking about leaders of our Great Naija? Didn’t you read my earlier post at you about… “agbada, khaki and cassock politicians”? That part was making it “collective” so we can at least agree on one thing, men no be cats & mouse. But, since the infant APC have not been tried at Presidential level… wouldn’t we be unfair to make our blame collective as you suggest? Biko, name one ex-President now APC member who you think stole Nigeria dry? Caution: remember, TY Danjuma recently paid Gen. Buhari’s rent so the general could have a roof over his head…
            Oya, carry-go!

          • freeborn

            Liar! Buhari owns a massive mansion (actually an estate) along Sultan Road on the high rise Ungwan Rimi Area of Kaduna town. Why does he need to pay rent. Taqiyya fools!!

          • ThinkNaija

            If that Buhari house in Ungwan Rimi is what you refer to as an estate, then it is either you came from the waterfront or you are very much unintelligent.

    • Tunsj

      They will never declare their assets because they already have plans to steal as much as possible. If they declare their assets and leave office, most of them will be in jail right now.

  • ofonime Daniel Imoh

    He(GEJ) ran out immediately to condemn it, but we have been clamoring to hear an explanation about the 9.3 and 5.7 dollars arm deal from the presidency, but to no avail. What a president we have that pay attention to things that are of no use to us. He has been behaving so suspicious lately

    • Abel Wariboko

      What of the explanation from the NSA?

      • Alcindo Satori

        well said my guy. see how these other guys are still stuck with slave mentality??!!!

  • Screw-em

    Deri aka redeem, where you dey for this convo now? e bi like say the mouse trap wey i place for Aso Rock gate don catch a big slimmy rat… finally!!!!.. where the hell is my cat for gods sake……lol



  • Ovie Obaro E (JP)

    When these idiots in America publish any nonsense, ever gullible, undiscerning, brainwashed and white washed continent Nigerians who have failed to take the chains of mental enslavement off their necks, take them serious.

    The pertinent question is: Why don’t these agencies, transparency this or translucency that, not publish a contra ‘list of top 10 countries which accept stolen/corrupt monies and investments from Africa? Wouldn’t such a list be interesting to look at? Over 65% of stolen funds from Africa and the investments thereof find their way to US & Europe. Why not publish this?

    The environmental terrorists in Africa are all foreign companies from oil to mining to gas flaring. Una think say we no know? Nonsense! By the way, do you expect Bros Jona to be poor? Publish the atrocities of Exxonmobil, Cheveron as they decimate my Niger Delta with toxic and morbid pollutants and not so-called list of nonsense. Spiuuuuuuussssshhhhh….

    • Screw-em

      Deri aka redeem, your cousin stole your oil money you have been crowing about for ions now, and you have the freaking nerve to throw grenade at the Europeans and Americans for exposing his dirty ass?

      • Ovie Obaro E (JP)

        Behold, one of the whitewashed brains!…

        Though seemingly futile, I will like to remind you that; ‘slaves who love their chains remain slaves forever’….You no hear say the first person to die of Ebola for US is an African? He died while 2 other ‘whitee’ survived. Yet, the black man was strong enough to travel by himself while the whites who who survived were transported in special ambulances bcos they were already too sick. Boy, open & shine your eyes very well…better still, take some Sapele water wash your head and drink some so that u go dey see & reason well. Nonsense!

        • Screw-em

          I knew sooner or later you will crawl out of your Dracula coffin when exposed. Ebola is off topic. My question to you is how do you resolve or explain this bastardization of your oil money by your revered cousin Humpty Dumpty Dumbo GEJ now?…the South Africans and the Americans are gunning for his ugly ass. Where is he gonna hide when the Brits and the Francophone gendarmes come for this scrotum?

          • Wähala

            A He-Goat has no hiding place for his scrotum! Hahahahaa chai !!
            I guess you don avenge your rolling on the floor with laughter we caused you…
            Me-ma dey roll over my head with laffta for kalabari… you forgot the Italians are also investigating his ugly ahss. Americans say, “when it rains, it pours”…e never begin rain yet on his mugu ahss. Drunkard!

          • Screw-em

            Squeeze in the Germans ati chinco and Russians…i swear this moron in done like a sweating potato……lol,

    • Omo Akin

      USA seized Alams money and house in their jurisdiction, ditto for Abacha’s loot in US. USA prosecuted their citizens involved in the Siemens bribery and urged Nigeria to do the same with Nigerians involved but Nigerian Govt refused. The USA is very strict when it comes to bringing loot into the country.
      On the question of President Jonathan’s worth, if he is not worth $100 million, what then is he worth? What is the worth of his estate in Otuoke (which is like an elite university campus)? What is the worth of Madam Jonathan? Remember that they are one.
      The lesson here is this: When you refused to what is right, it may well catch up with you. If the President declared his assets publicly as the late President Yardua did, this may not have happened. In this defense of the President, Abati still cannot say what the President is worth.

      • Alcindo Satori

        Here’s from Wikipedia; “[Marc Rich] …indicted in the United States on federal charges of tax evasion and illegally making oil deals with Iran during the Iran hostage crisis. He was in Switzerland at the time of the indictment and never returned to the United States. He received a controversial presidential pardon from U.S. President Bill Clinton on January 20, 2001, Clinton’s last day in office.” And I bet your dumb ass would believe Clinton never received a kickback from Mr. Rich for his actions ha?! Now what does this “seemingly” new information make you? A Neanderthal I suppose?

    • Wähala

      Stop making noise. Ask your moron to accept his Party’s nomination make we read more juicy revelations. He’s done, the risks are too many… where is Asari tru-true? I hope it’s not him in Zulu jail. Clark is accused of stealing $30 million; Oletsejafor is accused of stealing $9.7mio, very soon the forensic report on NNPC will be released and we shall know how much Bugeye truly stole according to Dr. Madam Ngozi Iweala… Aborigine Ship Capt. Dumbo will declare, ‘All Man On His Own’ and try to save his ahss. These are the people who stole your oyel wealth. They are the people I call, “wetbacks”…thieves!

    • akin

      Since you know all these; PUBLISH them for the world to see; don’t mind the magazine.

  • the truth

    Asari’s response to lie lie mohammed.Asari’s
    reply to lie lie mohammed. nigerians don’t run to conclusion. if there
    is something lie lie mohammed has taught us, is to be patient and don’t
    run to conclusion

    But reacting to the APC’s statement,
    Asari in a telephone interview with journalists from Saudi Arabia where
    he is presently performing the 2014 Hajj, said the last time he visited
    South Africa was in the 2002 and could not have gone to any country
    without a visa.

    He said, “Can you enter any country
    without a visa? No person can enter any country without a visa.
    Presently, I am in Saudi Arabia performing my Hajj as the Amirul Hajj of
    Bayelsa State and this can be confirmed. I flew Flynass from Kaduna on
    the 27th. So, it is really a shame that Lai Mohammed who has defiled the
    name of Allah has become a pathological and award-winning liar.

    “Nobody enters any country without a
    visa and I have not been to South Africa since 2002. My passport is
    present. I flew Arik airline from Lagos on the 27th and went to Kaduna
    where I flew Flynass airline and came to Saudi Arabia.

    “APC has reduced itself to a party of
    liars just the same way their presidential candidate, notorious liar and
    confirmed dictator, General Buhari, stage managed an assassination in
    order to gain cheap popularity and where more than 100 people were
    killed and he has not been put on trial. The evil they wish me will be
    visited on their home.”

  • lala

    This president is rocking free international publicity. He can add this to his election campaign in addition to getting new shoes

    • Tobibs


  • Mani_Kay


    All the people behind this false allegation ……. thunder fire them

    All the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani behind this false allegation …. thunder fire them.

    Premium Times, Sahara Reporters, Vanguard , Punch, all useless APC media that published this false allegation …. thunder fire them

    All the APC people behind this false allegation ….. thunder fire them

    • Ahmad

      You can pour whatever garbage you have in that your awful smelly mouth. We don’t give a damn.

    • abdul

      Thunder fire the person that is protecting looters.

      • Tunji Olarewaju

        Amen to that

    • Mark Nsikan

      1.) May God run ur Life the way GEJ is running this
      2.) May God give u and ur family the kind of peace GEJ
      gives to this country.
      3.) May God subsidize ur blessings the way Jonathan
      subsidized the Nigerian Oil.
      4.) May God secure u and ur entire family the way GEJ
      secures this country.
      As a good supporter of GEJ all u have to do is to
      type”Amen” and
      disgrace the General public that he his God
      Sent. *Be brave to type Amen* Thanks!.

    • Mark Nsikan

      plz say amen!!

  • Ngozi nkele

    This is so yesterday! $100million is only his share of this months windfall in all their business deals

    • Mani_Kay

      Thunder fire you !!!

      • endingNaija

        Mpitikwelu na Mani_kay na redeem Mr. Peter2000 you don come? Long time mpitiwelu na Mani_kay. We no miss you because we dey read you inside redeem. Anyways welcome. dem don get Oga . Eh? I go laf tire mani_kay. Oga don finis!

    • sharp shape

      Be careful how you accuse anybody without proof ! Allah has a way of punishing rumour mongering ! Live a righteous life and may you be given wisdom to find the reason why you are here on earth ! Because when you expire just like anyone else me inclusive ! We will face our creator and render an account of our lives !

      • Mark Nsikan

        taaaa…gullible she lying?…wat oda proof du u want?…am sure u wld buy kerosene 140 perliter dis evenin…mumu…..amazing hw dey introduce religion tu everytin…..even comonsense is lost

        • sharp shape

          Curse not but bless ! I say God bless you ! God heal you from hatred and poverty Amin !

          • Mark Nsikan

            and God heal u from ur ass leaking

          • sharp shape

            You are very uncultured ! Mwy Allah grant you peace Amin

  • D1

    If money is lost, America will know……….. GEJ 2014

  • True Nigerian

    The unthinking African and his folly! President Obama is probably worth more than this. Bill Clinton and Tony Blair are certainly worth more than this. But here is the difference, we all know how they got to that amount – speeches, book deals, biographies, consultancy work, and appreciation of value in their pre-existing investments and assets. We also know that they were all accomplished professionals in their fields before they became national political leaders. Better still, nearly everyone in the world can accurately guess or verify the hourly wages on the jobs that these men did before they came to power. In Nigeria, people’s wealth cannot be reconciled with their salaries and investments, and the churches call it “blessing”. In other places, it is called corruption. So you can see where the problem lies: Nigeria is in deep social anomie, but people do not know that. This country is culturally rotten in its values.

    The unthinking President Jonathan does not appreciate that what he is worth would not be an issue if he is clear and open about the figures and the process by which the figures accrued.

    Instead, when Nigerians – his own citizens and voters – repeatedly asked for a declaration of his assets, he told them on national television “I don’t give damn”. But somehow, in his neo-colonial mentality, he “gives damn” about the same questions if the debate is kindled by a foreign source; exactly the same thing he did on Chibok abduction – ignored the people, their cries and even denied and ridiculed them. And then, as soon as John McCain and US newspapers suggested that there is no government in Nigeria, he started running from pillar to post, and even committed millions of public funds in Just look at the arrogance, the rudeness, the breath-taking idiocy, impudence and impunity! In no other democracy will the people accommodate a leadership that disrespects and insults the voters in that manner. So we certainly deserve a squalid leadership like his. In reality, what is $100m for a leader who operates in an atmosphere where nobody checks him, where many of his ministers and closest confidants are officially indicted as horrendous thieves, where the senate and House of Reps are obsessed with regime protection at the expense of quality leadership, where the judiciary is corrupt to the teeth? What is an unmerited $100m Presidential wealth in a social order where every pastor and church goer curse anyone that questions the source of money for private jets owned by those who do not own any major legitimate business? What is $100m theft in a society where most of the people respect or insult you based on how much money they see you throwing around? What is $100m Presidential theft in a country where most of the people assess a home-coming citizen from diaspora based on how much cash and cars he advertises, regardless of his skills and whatever his experience is worth to the society? What is $100m in a climate where mindless political and economic robbery by politicians are defended mostly by the victims based purely on ethno-religious bigotry? In such a climate, what is $100m for an impudent presidential greed when Diezani-Madueke alone abusively spends approximately that same $100m on her travel expense in a single year and yet gets defended on live national television by this same President? What is $100m for Jonathan when his closest confidant, Tony Anenih, once disappeared N300b (approximately $2b), got an official criminal indictment for the crime, and yet eventually got a presidential accolade in a letter in which this same President Jonathan described him as “a guiding light for the nation”. What is a presidential networth of $100m for a President whose government is reckless and corrupt enough to withdraw all criminal charges pending against a family that stole more than $7b from the country?

    When you look at all of the above, you’ll know that Jonathan is likely worth more than $2billion in undecalred financial interests, mostly stolen or converted from the public funds. But then isn’t that what impoverished Nigerians want in their conscienceless leaders? Isn’t that what most of our people want – a wasted, despoiled, robbed and raped country and populace? When you meet the people and see how and what they think despite their embarrassing and avoidable pauperism, you’ll know that most of the people don’t deserve any better.

    • Sword of Damocles

      God bless you for your eloquent postulation of the deep fundamental malaise facing this nation. We are deep doo-doo. When I think of what we must to attempt to repair the unspeakable damage, i just shudder. The work needed is HARD, PAINFUL, LONG and DAUNTING. But as a long departed mass-murderer once noted, even a journey of a 100 miles begins with just one STEP. Continued Strength & Honor Compatriot!

      • Sword of Damocles

        that would be a 1000 miles (correction)

    • Wole

      How I wish GEJ could live true to his word and sue the publisher of the said report. I will be happier if you could help the publisher defend his position in the court with the facts you have got.

      • Mark Nsikan

        how i wish tu…..abati,plz sue dem,lets open d yansh of d chicken…sue dem!!

    • Alcindo Satori

      Did you forget that Clinton was friends with marc rich? Here’s from Wikipedia; “[Marc Rich] …indicted in the United States on federal charges of tax evasion and illegally making oil deals with Iran during the Iran hostage crisis. He was in Switzerland at the time of the indictment and never returned to the United States. He received a controversial presidential pardon from U.S. President Bill Clinton on January 20, 2001, Clinton’s last day in office.” And I bet your dumb ass believe Clinton never received a kickback from Mr. Rich for his actions ha?! Now what does this “seemingly” new information make you? A Neanderthal I suppose?

      • Think Naija

        That Clinton was guilty of such “controversial” decision does not make GEJ excusable for his actions.
        I ask you, would you say the Police should let go of a mugger who raided your house and raped your daughter simply because he can point to another mugger that is still roaming the streets?

        If you can’t answer YES, then please carry your dysfunctional self and pack for one side. That others are guilty has never excused a crime.

    • Tom


    • dudu

      methink the president does not have to give a damn over this issue.

    • Kitunde

      Again…Thank you
      In a country where your worth (moral/spiritual/integrity) is valued at the amount of public/private funds you have stolen. Like Okey Ndibe asserted, they will say ‘he is doing well’

  • abdul

    He is worth more than that because he’s a big thief. Oloshi buruku.


    muhammad peace be upon him.

    • Tunji Olarewaju

      Are you sure you’re not going loco?It’s idiots like that make some fools(as you) insult our religion.
      I doubt your being a Muslim, I’m sure no Muslim will call Isa gay

      • JESUS.IS.GAY

        Flesh god Jesus not only gay

        • wode

          Your ID is offensive. You need a much better one.

          • JESUS.IS.GAY


    • Garba lawan

      Thank you the way you rendered the ignorant speechless! But pls don’t insult Jesus Christ again as is completely against the teachings of Islam as you very well know.

      • JESUS.IS.GAY


      • JESUS.IS.GAY


    • Enoch 7th

      Fools walk with hobnailed shoes where angels fear to tread! It takes a false muslim who is either ignorant of the place of Jesus in the Koran, or just a plain religious nitwit-dumb ass, to insult Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and sole Saviour of all mankind. Only fools do that!

      • JESUS.IS.GAY


    • Sahara

      Muhammed piss be upon him.

      • JESUS.IS.GAY

        muhammed peace and mercy of allah be upon him. jesus is FLESH-GOD AND GAY. he is fatherless, and ashawu and prostitute product from baby factories in southern nigeria.

    • SiB

      If truly you believe in Allah and His Prophet, then you may have to change the name of your handle! It offends the sensibilities of Christians. Allah gave an explicit directive in the Quran against such actions (6:108) – “Revile not ye those whom they call upon besides Allah, lest they out of spite revile Allah in their ignorance. Thus have We made alluring to each people its own doings. In the end will they return to their Lord, and We shall then tell them the truth of all that they did.”

  • Garden-City Boy

    What is wrong with this Jonathan? What if. By the way, what does Babanguda worth, Obasanjo, Abdulsalam, Buhairi, Danjuma and all the echeteram, echeteram awusa people who steal all the oil money, not to talk about the master looter, Sani Abacha.. Please save us that crocodile-tear regret. Why must your own presidency be different? If you finish your presidency and don’ come home loaded with $500 trillion, then you will be banished from home. You must make hay now the sun is shining, my dear man. Stop listening to grumpy awusa people.

    • Ray


      If Prophet Mohammed were alive today he would be picked up for genocide and executed.
      In all of history no creature preached as much hatred as Prophet Mohammed did in Arabia.
      None in fact preached genocide with visceral contempt for the right of others to hold different opinion.
      Besides being a paedophile and an irresponsible sex maniac, Prophet Mohammed was a war criminal.

      • u s man

        Some people lack what to say to defend GEJ so the resorted to insulting prophets. What has proh muhammad got to do with this discussion. We muslims we believe in all the Prophets, from prophet Adam down to mosses, jesus (isah) to muhammad (saw)

      • Suleiman Idi

        look at this bastard born out of baby factory, what brings the issue of prophet here. useless man, you are destined for life of destruction and agony, if insulting prophet is what you think is best for you. Be very careful.

      • Enoch7th

        Let sleeping dogs lie. I am not a muslim and will never one even at gunpoint, but taking a swipe at Islam and its prophet is totally uncalled for in this matter of Goodluck Jonathan being the 6th richest African President. The truth is that this is no revelation at all. It’s too well known a fact to create this much furore. From when IBB institutionalized corruption and kleptomania in the Nigerian government, it is a standard accepted fact that Nigerian leader from LGA to State, to Federal, are insanely serial thieves who can never steal enough. The greatest indictment to any man who wants to be seen as honest by the people is the company he keeps. With the likes of Deziani Madueke, and sundry other serial thieves, as intimate bedfellows of Mr. GEJ, no serious Nigerian needs be told that the country is being stolen blind. Nigerian leaders are thieves be it PDP or APC. Both are just different departments of the same band of thieves and crooks. Please leave Mohammed the prophet of Islam out of this, & face the thieving fools we have been cursed with as ‘leaders!’

        • Mathew Alada

          @ Enoch 7th:

          You are right. Religion is a private matter. Islam and Christianity should be respected equally, although that has been the problem in Nigeria – the Muslims are not seen to show respect to Christians but demand reverence for Islam. It does not work that way. Respect begets respect.

          Nigerian Muslims, especially northern Muslims, need to revere a church as a holy place and not as a building to be burnt down at will. Those who express opinion here about Islam or about Prophet Mohammed may be reacting to the others who call Jesus Christ gay.

          You can’t do that blasphemy and expect a Christian to revere Prophet Mohammed in return. It’s only natural. The Muslims are the problem with Nigeria on matters of religious intolerance and fanaticism – both of which manifest in barbarism, as exemplified by Boko Haram’s beheadings of non-conformists.

          • wode

            You may need to get your facts right. I doubt if any Muslim would make any iota of blasphemy against Jesus. Whoever does that and claims he/she is a Muslim must either be lying or completely ignorant about his proclaimed faith. Prophet Isa (aka Jesus Christ) is one of the most revere prophets of God and hold in high esteem in Islam. So, no Muslim in his/her right sense would blaspheme Jesus Christ. It’s most Christians who are guilty of blasphemy that should retrace their steps.

            FYI Prophet Muhammad categorically warned Muslims against any form of blasphemy, simply because of its undesirable retaliatory repercussion.

            Muslims nor Christians are the problem of Nigeria. It’s our leaders (both Muslims and Christians) that are the problem of Nigeria. They use religion and ethnicity to divide us for their own selfish interests. It is what they lead with that followers sees and do. Whoever kills in the name of Islam is not doing so for Islam, he/she does it for himself/herself. There is extremism everywhere but it’s not allowed in Islam.

          • Mrs. Hannah Nwanze

            @ Wode:

            Simple question: why do Hausa/Kanuri/Fulani Muslims burn down churches, like animals,
            and, is that how Muslims show respect for Christianity in their own narrow understanding?

          • wode

            My reply is that anybody, irrespective of his tribe or religion, can be misguided. My point is that, Islam forbids destruction of other peoples places of worship and it forbids killing of innocent souls as it forbids blasphemy. Even during war, Islam forbids touching non-combatant females, elderly ones, crops etc. Whoever does this under any guise does it contrary to Islamic teachings.

            There are cases in World history where genocides were committed against Muslims even by some Christians. But that is not to say that it’s the teaching of their religions. We need to learn the religions from the scriptures and the prophets/messengers who brought them,not, all the time, through the deeds of the adherent. They (i.e. the adherents) can be misguided. We need to separate the two and that would enhance our objectivity and broad-mindedness.

          • Otile

            Alhamdu Lilahi, if Islam bans all these atrocities you mentioned, nobody would be afraid of war, it would be like wrestling match. Unfortunately this is not what goes on in pure Muslim countries. Which country can be more Islamic than Afganistan or Somalia? How about the atrocities committed by ISIS, Al-Shabab, AQIM, al-Queda among others? Are you going to say that they are not true Muslims? I hate taqiyya.

  • Bim bim

    They made a mistake. He is worth only 99.9 million. It is not upto 100m

  • King Carlos

    See this useless Abati, they are quick to refute this claim but have been tight lipped on the $9.3 million illegally flown into south africa.

    Thank God they are not even blaming apc, but olisah metuh will still come out with his own statement. Nonsense people, they keep embarrassing us.

  • Mr. Rex (New York)


    The Nigerian presidency appears staffed with slow-thinkers for the most part. Were it not so; Goodluck Jonathan would be better counselled to know what to say, when, where and how, but with mentally dodgy likes of Reuben Abati as presidential aides, Goodluck Jonathan has no reasonable chance of success in the public domain.

    A certain irresponsible theme in fact runs through this press statement, as if written by a small boy caught with his fingers in the cookie jar. A press statement should never be written to strip the president of a country the dignity of office and make him look like a thief on the defensive. It worsens matters somewhat when the press statement is self-laced with arsenic. A public threat to sue is a pledge to sue, and so, President Jonathan must now file a lawsuit or risk being taken for a jerk.

    Should he fail to file this threatened lawsuit no one out there will doubt the report that he indeed (illicitly) acquired 94 million dollars between May 2010 and October 2014, whilst on a basic salary of 21,000 dollars only, as President of Nigeria. It is easier to sit on a gold-tasseled chair in Abuja presidential villa – writing breezily to threaten libel – than to file suit. President Jonathan is a public official and those who published that he is now worth 100 million dollars [Richest Lifestyle magazine] are based in the United States of America.

    The controlling law in America is free speech. In the context of libel, the rule in Sullivan’s case, laid down by the U.S Supreme Court, is the governing precedent. That rule says public officials are not harmed or injured by severe criticism or by intrusive exposures to public odium. Here it is not libellous on its face to be said to own 100 million dollars. President Jonathan will therefore have the burden to prove the innuendo that he’s lived honestly and within his means since taking office and has not overlooked surrounding widely reported corruption dogging his presidency, including the 2.2 trillion Naira stolen on his watch as oil subsidy reimbursement by persons using easily detectable forged documents.

  • odia

    But why the fuss? I think GEJ himself said that whatever happens in Nigeria , the American would know. Now the Americans said he is worth $100 million, he is kicking. Why the fuss?

  • Gogome

    @ Odia:

    Abi o! He even said he doesn’t ‘give a damn’, not so? So, why is he giving a damn now that American journalists have exposed his bums. If he tries this nonsense he’s saying here with American journalists they’ll publish more facts to back their claims and Goodluck Jonathan will be dead in waters.

  • Olalere Yusuf

    Please, our dear President we want information (FOI) on the names of the two Nigerians who were with the named Israeli on Papa Oritsejafor’s arms compliant evangelical plane. We want the names for the record. Forget the bussy bodies alleging that you are the 6th richest African President, we are not complaining. Let us know the arms crew.

  • Ette

    GEJ has stolen Nigeria blind and is worth far more than $100m. Fat sums of money are daily missing from NNPC and the only one that got revealed is $20b and someone is saying he is worth only $100m. This report would have been doctored by the presidency now crying foul. Nigerians know that GEJ is unrepentant corrupt person and infact loves very corrupt people. Is he not dashing national awards to corrupt Nigerians?

  • Thepeople

    Abati is an indolent let down who writes before he thinks. We Nigerians and the rest of te world are waiting with glee, this threatened legal action. If not it would confim what everyone thinks about our Presidency; A complete joke !

  • Tayo

    Richest Lifestyle should be sued by SAN for underestimating GEJ.. ..Lol


    “Otherwise, they should be prepared to substantiate their libelous claims against the president in courts of law within and outside Nigeria,” Mr. Abati . Trouble sleep Yanga dey wake am…….wetin e dey found o?…….Na Palava!!!!
    That is what Abati dey found……….Palava!!!!!!
    Haba we are not fools! No Nigerian President from IBB to date is worth less than N50 billion. Ditto all serving Governors …….i mean all!!!!!!

  • Smith Scott

    Jonathan will sue you for saying he is the sixth richest instead for you to call him the most richest who worth more than $25billions. This is the anger of presidency.

  • Sunday Dankwai

    Very unfortunate that the president is always denying things but he will not do his home work well but rather always defend.

  • Omo Oodua

    No serving or former governor in Nigeria is worth less than N5-10billion, so what is President Jonathan arguing about? Infact i expected the Presidency to just keep mute on the matter like other issues but with this unnecessary outburst, it has given even some Nigerians who didnt give a damn about how he makes his money some reason to doubt him. Even if President Jonathan didnt steal Nigeria’s money directly, there are a lot of royalties and kickbacks he receives from oil companies monthly running into million of dollars. Since becoming the vice President, he has never used his personal money to buy food, clothes, furniture, and other basic necessities of life. All these are included in the yearly budget. We know what many companies, though not forced, pay to the President monthly. Nigeria is a very rich country, so i didint expect President Jonathan to be poor. He may not be corrupt, but definitely he is not poor and even the $100m is a far cry to what he is worth presently.

  • Ken

    The fact are not well presented. GEJ said after obeying the laws of the land by declaring his assets to the Code of Conduct bureau (CCB); he doesn’t give a dawn to pressure to declare it publicly since he has done what the laws says.

  • buzu

    What ever gej said is a lie. He is a lier and corrupt man and God will continue to punish him

    • Abel Wariboko

      If not for our pattern of thinking, we could see that the report was not certain. The people carefully chose their words.they are not sure.In any case if in a position other people went and came out with billions of dollars, he got only that, he deserves commendation

  • Husnaa

    There is no smoke without fire.

  • Mark Nsikan

    i tink i agree with abati….abati should also go ahead and shame those ppl,by announcing the total networth of jonathan!!..thank u abati!!

    • Otile

      Nsikak my brother, which side you dey?

  • rawsilkysmooth

    GEJ’s name has been withdrawn by the online publication proving one thing, there was no truth in the publication after all, especially the inclusion of our President being the 6th richest with an amassed sum of $100 million.

  • Mark Nsikan

    1.) May God run ur Life the way GEJ is running this
    2.) May God give u and ur family the kind of peace GEJ
    gives to this country.
    3.) May God subsidize ur blessings the way Jonathan
    subsidized the Nigerian Oil.
    4.) May God secure u and ur entire family the way GEJ
    secures this country.
    As a good supporter of GEJ all u have to do is to
    type”Amen” and
    disgrace the General public that he his God
    Sent. *Be brave to type Amen* Thanks!.

    • ado

      i have gone through all the comments, no one ask God to answer your prayer. i think you need to remind them.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    President Ebele Jonathan has finally been exposed with his hidden wealth while millions of Nigerians live below poverty line on his watch.Ten presidential jets while Nigerian roads are death traps from Lagos to Ibadan to Ife to Akure to Benin City.No wonder Mr Ebele Jonathan refuses to declare his assets publicly following the foot-print of late president Umaru Musa Yar’dua who was always declaring his assets publicly while in office as president before his death.S100 million dollars without owning any industries or factory? but gains of massive looting,stealing and embezzlement of our public funds and assets by mr Ebele Jonathan.

  • Otile

    The paper sounds like tabloid to me. The only reason they dragged King Mswati III of Swaziland in this story is because he has many beautiful wives. They want him to react by making a public appearance knowing that one of his beautiful queens will be by his side while speaking. They can’t get tired of seeing those queens, Chantal Biya, and our own Bianca.

  • Abubakar Ado

    no wonder, that’s why $20 billion was still unaccounted for. Nigerians are no fools and since sentiments and myopic thinking has prevented us from blowing our own trumpet, civilised citizens from other climes are blowing it for us

  • Jimoh

    Then GEJ should tell us how much he’s worth instead of threatening. Sebi he was asked to declare his assets publicly and he snubbed Nigerians “I don’t give a damn” he absolutely has no moral basis to issue threats. Come out clean, declare your assets. For now we believe the story. Simple.

    • paul preston

      if you really want GEJ’s assets go to code of conduct beareu using the FOI act it is very simple and what’s if he is worth 10bnhow much is OBJ,IBB,Abacha worth?

  • Onike24

    Truth is a defense to Libel. Please please sue

  • Vince Amateri

    But $100m is quite a small amount of money for Jonathan an Ijaw man whose region has crude oil and where illegal bunkering thrives, and more so the president of Nigeria with porous laws and rough government business practices that can enrich even an illiterate diesel and fuel importer or scum bag government contractor over night. I wouldn’t blink an eye if I was Jonathan and quite frankly I would have thought he sould be worth at least $6billion by now. IBB made his billions within five years; Abacha made his billions within three years; Abdulsalimi made his billions within six months; OBJ made his billions within four years. So Jonathan would be a coward an un-Nigerian if he hasn’t made his billions by now, but I strongly doubt it, because those controversial $49billion, $20billion, $10billion or whatever amount it was Sanusi claimed were stolen or got missing (by direct reference to filthy fingers of the Minister of Petroleum that would have had the seal of approval of Jonathan), including several others from grants, fake contracts, kick backs, direct theft were enough to make Jonathan worth $6billion or more by now. In any case, I would worth more than $10billion if I ruled Nigeria as president for just four years. Because even most of our governors past and present could conveniently be assessed to worth $500m to $1billion both in asset and liquid cash in some hidden places and banks. Its our life style and which is not expected to abate at least not so soon until perhaps this crops of leaders are all dead and with psyche and orientation of our new generation of Nigerians is changed for good.

    • Otile

      Well, you are saying this because you think that “chop I chop” is for every ethnic group in 9ja. If my brother Jonathan was Hausa Fulani or Odua do you think people would notice: unemployment, cluelessness and all that? Believe me all these backwardness have been with us since 1914 only that people started noticing them when my brother Jonathan arrived at the scene. Mind you his ethnic group and mine are not supposed to enter Aso Rock.

  • Anyi

    He feels it’s $100 billion not $100 million, so he wants them to correct the error and replace million with billion.

  • Dan maikoko

    I used to think that the way our society is corrupt something has got to give. Suddenly there is BH. Recently I thought that the way people insult islam everywhere something will happen and then there is JESUS.IS.GAY! Insulting as the name sound to Muslims its something we know will happen. My stand on both Boko Haram and JESUS.IS.GAY is the same. I wont join them and I will fight them but knowing fully that I, by omission or commission, created them.

  • chiemex