South Africa busts another secret Nigeria arms deal, seizes $5.7 million

Sambo Dasuki formal National Security Adviser

South African authorities have confiscated yet another US$5.7 million arms money from Nigeria, nearly three weeks after seizing $9.3 million in cash transported by two Nigerians and an Israeli for arms purchase, South Africa-based City Express reported Monday.

As with the first deal, South Africa’s Asset Forfeiture Unit of the National Prosecuting Authority seized the $5.7 million (about N952 million) for allegedly being the proceeds of illegal transactions, the paper said.

The news came more than two weeks after two Nigerians and an Israeli national were arrested in South Africa after they attempted to smuggle US$9.3 million apparently meant for buying arms for the Nigerian intelligence service.

The men landed at Lanseria International Airport, Johannesburg, on September 5 in a private jet from Abuja with the money stashed in three suitcases.

At the time, the South Africa Revenue Service, SARS, said customs officers became suspicious when the passengers’ luggage were unloaded and put through the scanners.

The National Prosecuting Authority, NPA, in South Africa said there was an invoice for helicopters and armaments intended to be used in Nigeria.

Nigeria-SA-Money-Laundering-2Two black plastic suitcases, filled with 90 blocks each containing US$100,000 in notes, with combination locks, were seized, as well as two pieces of hand luggage also containing US currency, according to City Press.

The Israeli national, Eyal Mesika, had the combination to open the locks.

Under South African laws, a person entering or leaving the country is expected to carry cash not exceeding US$2,300, or the equivalent in foreign currency notes.

The news of the first transaction sparked anger in Nigeria after it emerged the private jet involved belonged to the head of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Ayo Ortisejafor.

Mr. Oritsejafor, a close ally of President Goodluck Jonathan, said the plane had been leased to a third party and he could not be blamed for its schedules.

The Nigerian government later admitted it was behind the arms deal, claiming it acted out of desperation for arms to defeat extremist sect, Boko Haram.

An investigation planned by the Senate into the transaction has yet to begin while the House of Representatives threw out a motion seeking a probe.

The South African newspaper, City Press, said documents in its possession show that the first consignment was personally signed off by the National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, who issued the end-user certificate for the transaction.

An entire “shopping list” was supplied with the certificate, which included everything from helicopters to unmanned aircraft, rockets and ammunition, it said.

The latest transaction, according to the paper, was between Cerberus Risk Solutions, an arms broker in Cape Town, and Societe D’Equipments Internationaux, said to be a Nigerian company based in Abuja.

The paper said the deal fell apart after Cerberus which had earlier received from Nigeria R60 million (N1.02 billion) in its  account at Standard Bank, tried to repay the money as it it could not resolve its registration formalities with the South African authorities.

“Cerberus was previously registered as a broker with the National Conventional Arms Control Committee (NCACC), but the registration expired in May this year,” City Press said.

“The marketing and contracting permits also expired at the same time. The company has since applied for re-registration, but the application lay in the NCACC’s mailbox for more than two months.

“Sources told Rapport that Cerberus apparently tried to pay the money back to the Nigerian company, after which the bank became suspicious,” the paper reported.

The paper added that while the NPA’s Asset Forfeiture Unit subsequently obtained a court order in the South Gauteng High Court to seize the money, the NPA spokesperson Nathi Mncube, said there were no indications the two transactions were related.

“However, both are now the subject of a criminal investigation and all possible information and connections are being investigated,” Mr. Mncube was quoted as saying.


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  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    What else can’t we get right?

    This is what happens when official businesses are reduced to personal levels.

    So, procuring arms and armaments have now been reduced to the same level as Mama Taofeek needing “soup money” to take to the local market to buy kponmo for Kayode?

    The earlier we get rid of those who seek, constantly, to put our country to shame, the better for all of us.

    • Chris1408

      This administration is rotten to the core.

      • Otile

        Suka duka taya, no exception in Nigerian criminal governments. All of them should be condemned.

        • williams

          why are Nigerians complaining about Jonathan when we all voted him to power. When they say vote Buhari to fight corruption some people say Godforbid, he is a muslim, he is a fanatic, he is from the North. well Jonathan is not any of these so nigerians ENDURE AND STOP complaining if u don’t believe someone can deliver don’t vote. your power is you vote not some lousy comments on social media.

          • Otile

            At least you can agree with me that if voted Buhari is going to close down schools and convert them into prisons. Who want’s that kind of leadership?

    • Wähala

      You forgot to put on your lawyer’s wig with this your comment oo… na laff!
      Think about it, what is procuring “arms and armaments” to ex-Militant terrorists who now guard our territorial waters instead of the official duty of our navy being left to the Navy… eh? If they can reduce our Navy to that, haba! what is buying a few bullets by ex-thugs? The rush for the gold is why CAN thug, Oletsejafor got into the game of arms smuggling. However, there’s no trust among thieves that’s why only the Jew had the combination to the moneybox… Dumbo doesn’t trust Oletsejafor, and Ayo doesn’t trust Asari and CAN Sec. Gen. But since Dumbo ati Oletsjafor can play safe from Abuja… Asari ati Secretary cannot, that’s why they’re now sitting in Zulu jail awaiting investigation ati trial. And, that’s why Dumbo may not accept his PDP Party nomination and run for re-election… bcos the scandals will keep coming, Atiku is running, remember?

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Seriously, Wahala.

        Are you stating that the two “unidentified Nigerians” are Asari and the CAN Sec-Gen?

        If that is true, wahala dey o!

        • Wähala

          CAN’s S-G, yeah… Asari’s name just popped up. Still working on my human assets in Naija. Stay tuned!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Many thanks, bruv.

            This revelation more than confirms my previously expressed opinion that there is treason; all the way up to Aso Rock!

            A deliberate weakening of the military and the arming of MEND against the possibility of GEJ being outsted in the 2015 elections.

            Seems we are in for a rough ride; piloted by those meant to protect us.

          • Wähala

            Check it yourself, if Asari were not under lock & key, he would have blamed OBJ ati Buhari cum Atiku for setting up Ayo Oletsejafor in South Africa… his name is the reason the “two Nigerians” remain nameless. Another gunrunning bust involving the obese clown after the “Cotonou Affair” would enrage Nigerians into calls for immediate impeachment of Jona Dumbo… that’s why his PDP hurriedly adopted him for 2015 before Atiku via Zuma struck again. That’s why also, Dr. Dumbo has not accepted an invitation to run for re-election… he’s now hedging with “national interest” and all that politically correct crap he vomited lately. For him sha, it’s catch-22… accept and deal with more scandalous revelations, or take Baba Iyabo’s advise to follow the path of honor. Finally, that’s why David Mark visited Baba Iyabo lately! Again, remain tuned…

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


            All shall be revealed in due time!

            Anyone on this thread recall what bra Tortoise said when he was asked about overstaying his welcome at his in-law’s place?

            “Not until I have been disgraced!”

  • Dan Fulani

    I like this Sambo Dasuki.
    Remain inside, do their biddings and leak it to S African Govt.
    This C.A.N and its Sect Gen now in S.A jails have under estimated the intelligence of the Northers.

  • akin

    If this is true; Don’t you think APC is at work again? Or what do you think; PDP/Jona advocates?

    • wode

      What an illogical conspiracy theory!

      • Vin Kay

        U didn’t get it. He meant the opposite

    • Sam young

      Yes you’re right! It’s apc and the detractors at work. Lol. It’s apc that pointed it out to South Africa. It’s apc that planted the money there and signed for the illegal arms deal in the govts name.

      Bunch of scoundrels. Come 2015,we will show those PDP thieves the door. Inshallah and insha Jesus.

  • Innocent

    These are just the few you may ever know.

  • wode

    Once bitten, twice shy!!!

  • Shola

    #sackdasukinow For Christ’s sake what is col sambo dasuki doing on that seat. G E J sack him now FM’s replace him with a more competent general before more damages

    • Deltans

      And who will sack GEJ? You or Me?

      • Sam young


        • Deltans

          Yah! I concur with you. WE should all put hands together and VOTE DUMBO OUT.

    • Dan Fulani

      If Dasuki were not there who would have leaked this to S.African Govt?

  • Trend




    • kick ’em out

      Or Really? GEJ is the biggest saboteur of security in Nigeria with his cluelessness, dumbness and wickedness.

    • Jo zaza

      You’re such a phool. That rubbish talk isn’t valid anymore. If this is your best defence to your paymasters gaffe, return your salary.
      No matter how much you e-warriors try, Nigerians are wiser now. We say no to mediocrity, corruption and tribalism.

  • Mamapikin

    Nigeria is a failed state. Its government cannot procure arms properly. Resorting to the blackmarket all the time to buy simple things. Shows the government is a pariah. Nobody wants to do such business in Nigeria because the politicians are thieves, terrorists, gun runners, etc. That is the long and short of the story. Under the PDP government, the Nigerian state cannot claim to have responsible agents. Look at the so called NSA office. It cannot tell between a company that has license to export arms and one without. They are throwing money about like drunken sailors, which is all they actually know how to do. From pillar to post, disgrace after disgrace. The west do not even want to share information on terrorism with the Nigerian government, because as we know, Boko Haram exists in Aso Rock. What kind of disgrace is this? How they cover the Nigerian state with mud.

  • Maria

    Administration of thieves.

    • Otile

      Maria, who are all these people voting thumps up for you? They must have seen you in person and are impressed. They are not voting for what you are writing because you don’t contribute more than us. We are for peace, but sometimes you are belligerent, calling people names, and unkind to me.

      • Wähala

        Na people like us… #DieHardest!
        “unkind to me” says it all… if you want to toast, toast! Stop beating about the bush!!
        Ever heard of ‘Mariacron’ oti? Add one drop to odeku and you will know why @Maria is a legend…
        It’s not about her looks, it’s about her mind. It’s neither about who contributes “more” like you think…
        It’s about who makes ‘more’ sense. Maria makes more sense than you that’s why she has No Time to be kind to you. Bury your fantasies and go choke a chicken… kapisch???

      • Maria

        You cannot deny what I have said…Jonathan runs an administration of thieves.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Permit me to add, Maria.

          …and brigands!

        • Wähala

          Biko, na…
          administration of thieves by thieves…
          he’s also a very wicked Ijaw wetback who uses terrorism to weaken and destroy Nigeria so his ND can bolt with our oyel wells… that’s why he awarded our coast guard duties to ex-MEND terrorists so they can amass weapons in preparation for their Aborigine Republic of Sou-South (ARSS). That’s why bug-eyes, Diezani lifted a whopping $20bn from our NNPC for “start-up costs” of running their fantasy country while bunkering continues to be a booming illegal business… that’s why we’re still losing 300,000bpd of crude to the creek crooks. That’s why, that’s why… I can go on for hours, my dots are connecting beautifully. Stay tuned!

  • tsunami1earthquake

    The only comment I have here is that a nation deserves the type of leadership it has. When the first disgraceful act happened, nothing happened in Nigeria; not even the National Assembly raised a finger! The citizen remained quiet. The citizens should and must remember that acts like this are what stick a dirty smudge of discrimination against Nigerians all over the world. While the ordinary citizen suffers this kind of humiliation abroad, this same thieves and rogues who caused this calamity travel free all over the world and are given first class treatment wherever they go! That’s the anomaly. And the citizens continue to bemoan their fate. Somebody commented that Dasuki should be sacked. Dasuki did not do all these things without the President’s knowledge or say-so. To be candid I am sorely tired of Nigeria’s civilian regime. I don’t know about any other form of government that would come to save Nigeria from these shameful deeds. People are rooting for APC to take over but the question is: are APC members different Nigerians than those in the PDP? Nigerians are Nigerians and when the APC take power they would do even worse. I don’t smell any whiff of performance of the so-called APC in areas they hold sway.

  • Maria

    How did we sink to this level? How, how? You get this kind of thing when morons are allowed to lead a country…seems we are in for bigger troubles in days ahead.

    • Otile

      You are right, all the administrations from Gowon to present
      have robbed Nigeria silly. South Africa should repatriate the money
      back to the rightful owners, just as President Obasanjo recovered part
      of Abacha’s loots.

      • checkmate

        And the Dumbo return some to them (the Abachas). What a thief and custodian of corruption!

        • tuco

          your right, coz they are all bunch of looters.

  • Truthometer

    Money laundering in motion by Dumbo and his wrecking crew. Anytime their agents are busted, the whole dirty deals suddenly turns to money for arms. We have seen this movie before. This is part 2.

  • Ette

    This is how the unrepentant corrupt GEJ and his cohorts are stealing Nigeria blind and when God exposes them, they blow blatant lies that it was meant for arms. Have they not stolen enough, have they not shed enough blood of innocent Nigerian?. Must they empty everything before packing out of Aso Rock. They must not be allowed to go and enjoy the stolen resources, so Nigerians must demand that they account for all the stealing of our resources. May God Almighty treat GEJ and all his sycophants the way they are treating Nigeria and its people. Amen.

  • Mosaku 147

    They want to buy helicopter gunship with $5.7mdollars? Nigerians have become fools in the eyes of these scalawags abi? What kind of arms can $9.3M+$5.7m buy? Not even one gunship.
    Meanwhile,Russian made Antonov (c-130 type) cargo aircraft has being landing both in Abuja and kaduna discharging military hardware (I saw it with my koro koro eyes) for our armed forces and yet they still want to buy from South Africa what Aunty Ngozi has paid for directly from ministry of finance.
    The earlier they come out to say its chibok girls ransom money the better for them. Lie lie government.

    • Dan Fulani

      This has nothing to do with Chibok girls. This is purely South South,GEJ and CAN affairs.
      Where are Asari Dokobo and the CAN Sect Gen today? They in South African jails.

      • Wähala

        I know of the CAN Sec. Gen… but are you sure of the obese one?

        • Nigerian

          The Obese Big mouth must be the other one. I haven’t heard his dirty mouth for long.

  • Dare Obafemi

    Nigeria, under Goodluck Jonathan, is a crime scene.

  • Otile

    No financial accounts are rendered in Nigerian governments right from
    the time of Gowon. One could imagine what Abacha, IBB, Abusalami stole
    because nobody was watching them as everybody is watching Jonathan now.
    Ogagun himself was the sole oil minister cum presido, people were ok
    with his humongous looting. Invisible hands were at work when Yar’Adua
    was in the morgue. Nigeria has been robbed silly by criminal heads of
    states and presidents all the times. I guess this is the last straw that
    broke the camel’s back. The outrage it welcome, let us start probing
    the thieves from Gowon era to present. Does any Nigerian want to leave
    out any past administration in the probe, and for what reason?

    • Mbukar

      None should be left out. However, these ones were not exposed because Nigerians are watching. It is exposed by foreign agencies and yet the powers that be in Nigeria are trying to cover up. The previous governments are either more honest or clever than this government. The government that accuse opposition members of money laundering is trying to legalise it. God save Nigeria

      • Otile

        You don’t say that a their is clever and therefore a good thief. Suka duka taya.

      • Otile

        You don’t say that a theif is clever and therefore a good thief. Suka duka tay

    • Dr. Kay

      No we don’t and I agree totally with you on that. We will even go further and probe all governors, local government chairmen, ministers ,commissioners, permanent secretaries ,central bank governors, etc etc . All who have been given the mantle of leadership and fiscal responsibility in all spheres even plus including the military. And they must all pay back all the money stolen , misappropriated, lost , given away, their children any where in the world must be tracked and made to pay their parents debt . After they must all be prosecuted and jailed .No one is a sacred cow, be you Hausa ,Igbo, Yoruba, ijaw, whoever you are ,no ethnic bias ,if you are a thief I don’t care if you are from my village, you must pay for the consequences of your greed.

      • Otile

        I am 100% in total agreement with you . Non of them should be left out. This concerns every Nigerian irrespective of ethnic group. Corruption has robbed millions of Nigerians good living. I have never supported stealing in Jonathan’s or any other administration, all I am saying that GEJ should not be the sole scape goat. Suka duka taya.

        • Chris1408

          True, but GEJ and his band of thieves took it to extreme height. No country in the world can survive this level of looting.

          • Otile

            What degree of looting is pardonable, practically none. All the looting even the ones you people want to pardon have done incalculable damage to millions of Nigerians.

          • Chris1408

            None should be pardoned. Stealing or corruption, regardless of how they qualify it should be punished. What I meant is, it gets worse with subsequent administration.

      • Chris1408

        It’s really sad we refused to hold these people accountable. They’re emboldened to siphon our commonwealth because we’re too docile to do anything about it.

        • Otile

          Right brother.

  • ofonime Daniel Imoh

    The South African government may be doing all this as way of repaying Nigeria for the death of their citizens in SCOAN. This embarrassment is becoming too much to bear. But come to think of it, why is GEJ not saying anything about all this insult? Is he not suppose to educate Nigerians about the happenings of this country? Oh! Because the first one happened and our yeye national assembly did not say anything that’s why they have the guts to take us for a ride, abi? Sometimes I wonder if this so called Efcc still exist in this God forsaken country. Everything here is do as you like!!!

  • sammyctu ode

    All these on line discussions are okay but when we docile, coward, bigot Nigerians based on ethnicity, religion and tribal sentiments will not come together to fight all the looters and evil leaders, they will continue to do whatever they want because they know that we as a people can never agree on anything. If South Africa continues to embarrass Nigeria all the time, they should remember that without Nigeria’s moral, financial and physical supports, they will still be in chains. This statement does not absolve the jonathan administration to be looting our money under the guise of buying arms and helicopters. It shows the total DISRESPECT BY JONATHAN FOR THE NIGERIAN PEOPLE.

  • Rofina

    What are all these illegalities going on in this country for goodness sake?

  • Scalywag

    The government of Goodluck Jonathan must be flushed out of Aso villa come 2015. Enough of these embarassments to our nation. First he ‘didn’t give a damn’. Then he pardoned Alams. Then Oritsejafor became ‘Jesus Christ’, all in the name of 2015. Some people will come to this forum and tell us GEJ is the best thing to have happened to Nigeria since jollof rice was discovered! Do we have any sense of pride as a0nation? Or do we have any sense of shame? Why are all these things happening under his watch? So as a country we can’t legitimately buy weapons to defend our territory except through the black market?

    • Sam Young

      Bless you! You have said it all. Please spread the word, enough of GEJ. 2015 his contract with us expires. Even PDP. All. Enough of all this backwardness and international shame.

  • kwango

    Yes we CAN import arms through the back door; yes we CAN lease a ‘missionary’ private jet to for money laundering. Yes we CAN preach in the morning and cheat in the night; yes we CAN live above the law; yes we CAN deceive the gullible followers; yes we CAN get 2nd or 3rd term. Yes we CAN con the citizens. Are you recording. I am Ayo the CAN DJ.
    This is the reason Obasanjo met with Mark and Tinubu, and Buhari postponed his declaration.

    • checkmate

      Nice one my friend, That’s what they CAN do. Over to you CAN and OLETSEJAFOR’S sympathisers.

  • Nairalanders

    Are they trying to let us believe the previous $9.3m is truly for arms? Is that why the invoice indicated it? I believe they are only trying to play with our intelligence again….

    “I don’t think any Government/body can be do stewpid to expose his buttocks twice”

    But then again, it is GEJ’s Government, anything goes or happens!

    I think there is something we dont know about this. Its either the story is false or some people are trying to play tricks using this as a cover up. This “mistake” is too cheap to carry out like that. Those carrying the suite cases and those who sent them should be well-informed in this matter to make this kind of error.

    I believe the first money($ 9.3 Million) wasn’t about no arms deal neither is the ($ 5.7 million). The $ 5.7 million is just a decoy so that everyone can believe that there is/was any genuine arms deal in the first place. This is a pure case of the more you look the less you see. Without prejudice the Nigerian Government has just shown how desperate it is to cover a very glaring case of Money laundering. Nigeria! i hail thee .

    This one was done deliberately, “misdirection” to make it look as though its a business deal that could be done with or without the pastor, I think they sacrificed this amount and made sure it was caught so that we all will stop talking about the first incident, looks like it’s working too, with $20billion what is $5.+million in the grand scheme of things?

  • Ha

    Only God knows the amount of successful deals conducted before. No wonder boko haram is getting stronger by the day.

    • MrFesh

      Getting stronger by the day? Are you standing upside down?

      • Sam young

        Nigga shush! The incompetence of the govt gives the insurgents a field day to grow and be more powerful. Rather than dealing with problems head on, the likes of u and PDP thieves will rather politicize everything

        • MrFesh

          Keep shouting. The real people are putting in work.

          • Nigerian

            Putting in work of stealing and laundering our money, isn’t it?

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Lol, Ifebuche.

        What is with the change of handle?


    • MrFesh

      Getting stronger by the day? Are you standing upside down? Smh

  • Emma

    GEJ is simply preparing for his exist. His knows with the bad news Nigerians can never allow him continue

    • meee

      If the process of procuring arms is fraudulent, then we shd ask question on how Boko Haram are bringing in their weapons into the country. Hmm, are they truly sponsored by those in govt? Let the Presido proves this? He is to be questioned. But, those who are to do that couldn’t arrive at a conclusion for pension and oil subsidy’s scam. Lobatan.

  • MrFesh

    No matter what the West does with their cronies to stifle the effort to equip our army and defeat insurgency, we will get round it.

    Talk all the thrash you want. America and the rest by this token keep making Russia and China more and more relevant in world power politics. Naive kids can think this day out. They keep talking like kids they are. Nigeria had demonstrated ability to handle stuff the West thoughts she will run along begging them for.

    • Joe zaza

      Do you really believe the crap that comes out of Ur mouth? U will conveniently blame anything, even a dog for GEJs corruption and mediocrity. Do you think people who listen to u are as dumb as u both?

      • MrFesh

        I think you are afraid that they will see reason with me. Sorry. Blame GEJ also for your tasteless soup in the house.

      • MrFesh

        You small minds will eventually catch up. You will say one guy said this somewhere but we were insulting him. But then morning is whenever you woke up.

    • Abate Dokpu

      Do you hear yourself? Why will America that is leading the global effort against terrorism want to frustrate Nigeria from defeating Boko Haram? Think! Think!! Have you been infected with dumbolaria? Talking about China and Russia, where are they in anything good? Ebola is ravaging West Africa and America has deployed their troops, mobile hospitals, and other resources to Liberia to help fight the rampaging disease. Where is Russia? Where is China?

      • MrFesh

        I think you are the one bit thinking. We thought the slight Americans will come into the search for the missing girls and it ends fiam. Since they promised a team of intelligence people and support what has come of it? I bet you have already forgotten. It’s months now and nothing. Wet are left to fend for ourselves and that we will and are doing. No going back.

        • Joe zaza

          Again, do you hear urself talk sometimes? Do you make sense to you?
          Is US obligated to help out? Did we vote Obama in?
          How has Ur govt helped itself? How has it cleaned up its house first, before it gains international respect? How has it acted in ways that other African nations will respect it?
          You need sensible people who will read and edit Ur comments before u post them. Unless they’re as dumb as u, of course

        • Joe zaza

          “It’s months now and nothing” you say. Who should u rather hold and complain to? Is it usas fault that our president is more concerned with politics than with proper leadership of Nigeria?

          • MrFesh

            Don’t rush to respond to a single line my friend. That’s how confusionists and confused people like we have in our media do. Take things in their context. Isolating things and talking thrash. I don’t need you agreeing with me in order to make my point.

            I’m not blaming US. I’m making a case for Nigeria to go out on their own add the ‘messiah,’ have Other agenda. Sandastand?

    • The Young

      Out of context!!! Stay in the darkness blaming the west for your president’s stupidity. Jonathan is a big mess to Nigeria.

  • Emma

    Two scenarios are playing out in Nigeria at this Moment. First . Steal the funds and give me your votes come 2015. Second: steal what can last you a lifetime, it possible we might not return to power, Nigerians have suddenly awaken to the meaning of corruption during my tenure.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    President Ebele Jonathan has proven to be a serious curse on Nigeria Worldiwde with countless embarrassments and disgrace to the office of the president of Nigeria.Ebele Jonathan lacks the stature and requisite leadership qualities to continue to occupy Nigerian presidency beyond may 29,2015.I am ashamed anytime i read any news from Nigeria with all traits of negativity and disgrace to all Nigerians home and abroad.Nigeria urgently need extensive revolution to clean massive corruption stains and restructure our nation for the present and future generation.

    • Chris1408

      Well said, very well said. It’ll be a great blessing if he’ll leave sooner.

  • Yakubu Ibrahim

    If Nigeria government prepares an invoice as big as Theraja (Electrical Engineering book) in order to support these looting/laundering, majority of Nigerians can’t be fooled.
    Lest we forget that the senate as APPROVED the borrowing of $1bn in EXCHANGE of arms & ammunitions. There’s therefore NO JUSTIFICATION for moving/looting/laundering/stealing millions of dollars to South Africa. What’s in this south Africa?
    Could it be to free Presidential bomber?
    In gearing up for 2015 polls?
    If God used Nigeria to free south Africa, it doesn’t means south African must be enslave to Nigeria!
    You ain’t expected to do me a favor & still demand to do your bid… Both religions preaches so.
    If Nigerians allowed themselves to be fooled, don’t think same for south Africans!
    ILLEGALITY is ILLEGAL…. It means know your boundary



    • GoodCitizen

      In case you don’t know Nigeria is a good neighbor unlike South Africa. Nigerian companies are systematically ‘killed’ in SA. They just put obstacles and hurdles that makes it difficult to compete with indigenous companies. Couple with the fact that Nigerian likes to patronize foreign goods for a God knows what reason. But for determination and doggedness of Mike Adenuga Glo would have been a dead dream. For political reasons Glo dream was almost frustrated. There is nothing to be ashamed about. If you have a company go to SA and just try to register it. Standard bank blocked money from being sent to Nigeria company but accepted the money when it was paid to SA company? How about that? Nigerian bank officials help all South Africa companies mentioned above to ship billions back to SA without qualms. What about that?

      • Enemona

        I am sorry to use this analogy but I hope you don’t get offended. If you’re careless with how you handle your affair, how is that anybody else’s concern. In international finance and economy, no sentiment is involved, it is all about give and take, deals, deals and deals, that is the name of the business. If you don’t keep your house in order to negotiate better deals, you would receive peanuts. That’s the case here.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Sadly, very true, especially in International Relations – where nothing is given and everything is taken – a zero sum game!

          SA is simply outplaying Nigeria.

  • Wähala

    “Nigeria, under (Dr. Dumbo) is a crime scene” – Dare Obafemi: RESPECT!
    Where is Sec. Gen. of CAN… eh?
    Like Asari under Cotonou Genderme, he’s chained to the floor in a dingy Zulu jail awaiting investigations & trial. Has anybody seen the Secretary General of CAN lately biko? This is just another proof Dumbo runs a criminal cartel as government. NSA, Sambo Dasuki personally signed-off on the illegal deal… another Dumbo-Sambo ba? Maybe, we should get rid of all the arid “Sambos” before tossing Dumbo into the soakaway he belongs in 2015… this gangland robbery cannot be allowed to continue for too long, tomorrow is even too late. The President of Kenya headed to The Hague with a battalion of thugs and hangers-on, our Dumbo must follow suit before his PDP rigs him back to power in which case, Nigeria will have No Low to sink to… better to remove monkey hand from the pot of soup before it becomes human hand. The damage control button must be pushed…
    Dumbo must be impeached for running a cabal of crooks as Government of Nigeria!

  • Enemona

    It’s simple, it’s just a hoax. It’s like this, the first transaction was a full money-laundering but a real arms purchase deal was then transacted to clean up the first deal. This would eventually make it all look like a genuine attempt to procure arms but went awry as a result of company registration. Dem don start!

  • Uloho E.P

    Wetin? Wetin?!!! ….. I say weting? Una no go let Bros Jona get rest of mind? Shoooooo! So, Fisherman pikin no go rest again bcos him be president? Na wao!

    The intractable illusion that Robert Mugabe of Nigeria otherwise known as the presidential candidate emeritus, will have any chances at Aso rock has reached unprecedented levels of dementia. Even so, such intoxicating state of misguided ecstasy should not be the driving force in seeking to report everything about Jona in a negative light.

    Do other countries make it public when the deal on arms? The US & UK which you like to mention are still around. Why not juxtapose policies in this case? Until Edward repented people did not know that Angela’s conversions were listened to in NY. But when Jona attempted to get some
    Israeli security company to implement surveillance, all the bad belle media houses like PTimes shouted as if other countries don’t spy. This is Journalistic Double standard.

    …as a young Journalists growing up in Warri in the early 1920s I wawere thought that there is something called “National Security Interest” Does this mean anything to PTimes? Nonsense! God bless the Niger Delta Republic

    • Enemona

      1920, with due respect sir, it is the existence of people like you that has led the country down this inglorious lane. I am really ashamed of you. If it is true that you’re that old and still think this way, you might as well just retire and keep mum in your backyard.

      So if US and UK do wrong things and throw ethics to the wind, Nigeria should tow their lane. Good, if I accept that fact then you should also accept the fact that Nigerian government should provide first-class infrastructure, reduce unemployment to 6-7%, provide unemployment benefits, etc to its citizens just like US & UK. Why do we always want to learn the wrong things and never strive to pick up the right thing? It is this type of ‘cherry-picking’ that has perpetuated the state of inertia in this country.

      You, sir, should just retire and let those with better thinking take over. You’re due to cross over to the other side, you know. Typing this cos I know you’re lying about the age.

      • the truth

        what do you call wrong things. when have you seen us trying to deal on arms that they make it public. its called national security interest and as such secretive. the moment you start telling your enemies your next move you are finished. don’t u think with this everyday news of arms purchase been leaked boko haram is strategizing knowing the fg’s every move. you would want anytime the country wants to get arms to prosecute war, they air it live on tv.

        • Wähala

          Na Deri Redeem… forget him!

          • the truth

            wahala u know i am not deri redeem so stop this joke. i challenge you to tell me any country in this world who at war with terrorists make weapons purchase open before they are purchased? do you know what national security and secrecy really means for national defence? who gains by this leaks? do you think boko haram is not strategizing by every news of the kind of weapons that are to be purchased and the sequence of the nigerian military next move?

          • Chris1408

            If members of NASS were human with brain, they would have impeached GEJ long time ago, but they are probably worse than him. Hence, GEJ is still flying high.

          • Wähala

            So, why are you using a fake handle, @Uloho E.P(JP)?
            Nigerian security forces have never published their sources of weaponry and had in the past procured arms from legitimate dealers… why is Dumbo’s Govt. buying from unlicensed black market dealers using private, Pentecostal jets instead of our C-130 Air Force planes? Pocket your yeye challenge, didn’t this same Govt. recently announce that we’re purchasing helicopters and arms from Belarus… if that’s not public information, I wonder what you’ve been gulping to challenge a superior mind. Forget about when the news broke, the Oletsejafor deal went awry that’s when this Cerberus people tried to return the money they already cashed. The bubble has burst, give up on Dumbo… the creep is a crook, shikena!

          • Uzoma John

            Is South Africa the only country Nigeria can procure arms from, if even we should believe it’s arms purchase the monies were for? The Truth, you guys are deluded. Where all these worries me is the harassment and let down we innocent Nigerian citizens will be facing when travelling abroad due to the the type of irresponsible leadership we have in President Jonathan and his criminal team. You tried the first time, it didn’t work, and you went again the second time, trying to cover up the initial seized laundered money. If you guys don’t have shame, this should make you cover your face in shame for trying to justify illegality. They are now using South Africa because the Nigerian Govt is on the watch list of the western world on issues bordering on stealing public funds. Recently, the Italian Police opened up on the Malabu oil deal which saw a whopping $500million plus shared amongst Jona and his crooks in government. If there is truly urgency in procuring arms to fight insurgency, it is still the western world who understand the menace of terrorism that will help facilitate quicker arms purchase. They have come to discover that our government is actually aiding BH by not taking reasonable steps to end it, hence the reason they preferred to share security information with countries like Cameroun and Niger Republic, but not Nigeria. The way we make our bed, so we lie on it. You guys asked for Jona, and this is what we are getting – National disgrace.

        • Enemona

          Crap, buy weapons? Come off it my friend, if the govt does not have brains, many Nigerians do. So it is now so difficult for a country under terrorists’ threat to buy weapons. The last time I checked, there has been no arms embargo on Nigeria. If these deals were clean, why not use the usual legal channels which are mostly clandestine anyway and the weapons would bought silently without anybody knowing.

          The whole world is knowing now because these are shady deals and not about weapon procurement to prosecute the war with BH. These are moves to stash money away and this second deal is an attempt to wash the first one clean and make it look like it’s all genuine weapons procurement transaction. Fa… fa… foul! Afefe ti fe ati ri furo adiye!

        • Nigerian

          Wow! Mr. “the truth” tell them who the real Boko Harams are if they don’t know. Tell them those who laundered billions of dollars in a gunrunning. Tell them about the President’s friends; his pastor friend and sponsors of Boko Haram. Tell them, tell them. You are the only one that can tell “the truth” about this government because you are “Neutral”.

      • Wähala

        Can’t you recognize the stench of a He-Goat? Na Deri redeem so don’t waste your time responding to his lies…
        Premium Times has finally listened to the voice of reason and declared the clown, ‘persona non grata’ bcos of his lies with copy-n-paste gibberish for crumbs from Reno Omokri. If his ogogoro uncle didn’t have shoes in the 70’s Sou-South, how can he claim to be a journalist in 1920’s ??? His reference to Mugabe and Buhari should’ve alerted your mind. Sha, not everyone responds to madness, ignore him!

      • Ha

        Best comment I have read.

      • Chris1408

        Thank you, please tell them

      • Uloho E.P (JP)

        Just imagine the kind nonsensical response you sent to me? I no go blame you at all. Supposing your Grand Papi train your Papi properly, you for understand the necessity of decorum even in times of war.

        But na Luggard I still blame for all this nonsense. Otherwise na wetin concern Agbero with overload? Not to talk of the Driver. Your home work is: Who are these 3 personalities? The Driver, Agbero & ‘Overload’? …If I answer, PT will not publish…but you can ask that your kolo mental brother who suffers from chronic lack of self esteem much than na alien characters him dey use spell him name. How Nigeria go better with Craze boys like that? .

        By the way, how come you are bemused at my age? ….Well I don’t expect less from an indomie product like you. If to say you eat sufficient matured unripe plantain, perhaps you would have had Vitamin D in the right proportions to enable you comprehend being young at 90. Abi u no hear of Robert diet? …make u try log out before your bill go pass money for pocket.

    • Wale

      Parley, I dey for ur side jare! Really, in whose interest is this media noise about arms? Is this not the same Govt we blame for not procuring sophisticated & sufficient arms to fight Islamic Terrorists in the North?

      • Enemona

        The army has always procured arms, no be today. Why is it now so difficult for this government? Shouldn’t that raise an alarm?

        Arms procurement has always been done in secrecy so nothing has changed, just the government doing sinister stuff and wanting to hide behind one finger, we are not f*ols. “We get too eyes too” to rephrase Abami Eda, Fela.

  • the truth

    my people there is what we call national interest and secrecy. there is no country in the world that in time of war or in peace wants to buy arms to prosecute insurgents, make it known to the world what kind of arms they are procuring. there is secrecy to national security. even the us which is the yardstick does covert secret arms sale. the arms provided to iraq, yemen, kuwait and saudi arabia lately to fight isis were done months back but we got to know about it after the deal was done. this is done not to compromise national security and give the terrorists intelligence report. the question i have to ask is who benefits from this constant leak of nigeria’s every move in the purchase of arms to fight boko haram?

    • Enemona

      This second deal is an attempt to launder the first money-laundering deal. We are not deceived, this move has even further messed your boss up.

      What do you get when people like you are employed as public officials. With people like you, the guy is further going to be even more messed up.

      • the truth

        it is unfortunate that your mind is already made up and can’t see from another angle. your hatred for this govt can’t let you see the norms of war. You have not still answered the questions i asked you earlier. I asked you which country from the ussr in their time of war with afghanistan, to recently the yemeni forces fighting militants to the arab block fighting isis now, where have you heard that they make their weapons purchase known to the world before they are purchased. You would only hear the us announcing weeks and months after the deal had gone through that their was a purchase. you do not hear it before the item has been purchased. who really benefits from this leaks?

        • Enemona

          Your question is simple, the only country that made it known to the whole world is Nigeria, under the current government. This is because they are not really doing it, they are not buying weapons, they are laundering money as weapons. When has it been so difficult to procure arms for a national army fighting insurgency, when? This is a country that has not been placed under arms embargo. Please don’t f*ol anybody here, we are well-educated and globally exposed to how things are done. If you want me to send you the UN process for arms procurement, I can, it is actually done in secrecy and nobody announces unless it’s in form of a military aid.

          By the way, I do not hate this government, it’s my country’s government but I hate what they’re doing, I hate the constant harassment I receive at airports all over the world when they see my green passport. I hate the government’s action and inaction that have continually dragged us into the cesspool of underdevelopment.

        • Nigerian

          Yes my friend, Mr “Neutral” tell them they don’t know this government. Let them try to be neutral, not to blame the government for this money been laundered.

        • D1

          Would you please stop this your ‘hatred’ for this government bull crap? Because we ‘LOVED’ the government, should stop us from saying the TRUTH?

    • Chris1408

      How much arms can $5.3m buy? Stop supporting this government that’s disgracing us worldwide. It’s very hard to regain lost respect. This administration has reduced Nigeria to nothing in the international community.

    • humm

      So how much did the govt pay you to write this obvious gabbage mr, “no truth”?

      • Nigerian

        This is “Mr. truth” for you. He is always trying to be “Neutral”. Don’t you see how he writes with “neutrality” and says “the truth” about his loving oga Jona and his government.

  • Femi

    A President that says that corruption is not the problem of Nigeria doesn’t know that stolen funds are used in sponsoring terrorist and stolen wealth cuts shot the wealth from getting to the lower class thereby causing poverty.

  • Olu Ade

    A leader is a reflection of who and how the people are. Corrupt people deserves corruption…Liers deserved to be lied to…Unfortunately, many have truly come to the conclusion that Nigeria deserves Jona Dumbo.

    • Garba lawan

      Hmmm! I don’t know who is a bigger thief between Jona and domestic Rat!

      • kick ’em out

        @Garba, a domestic rat stealS to feed itself but Oga Jonaharam steal to loot and supply BOKO HARAM and MEND with the help of his friends MAD SHERRIF, IHEJERICRIMINAL and PASTOR OLETSEJAFOR as well as his boys ASARI DUMBKUBO and others.

      • Dr Obim

        Truth is that, None is superior because they are one and same.

  • Innocent

    Again? God have mercy!

  • Guguru

    Well, if this sort of disgrace and corruption is what Nigerians want, then this is what they shall get.

  • Sahara

    The Senate and House of Rep will still not discuss this terrible violation of our rights and constitution of Nigeria by GEJ

    • Dr Obim

      Sahara, it’s truly saddening to hear about the degree and extent of Nigeria’s Lawlessness.Now I know why all lawmakers have Bankaccounts in USA.

  • buzu

    Please ladies nd gents what is dis country of our goin into? My heart bleeds for our country. How can we move forward like dis with dis kind of people. Sumone tell me why? My heart is bleedin for our children

  • Madiba

    I have said it severally and saying it again. Even as a child or within your age grade, we all know our capabilities in different things of life. We know those that are bookworms, those good in sports, those good in drama etc. What was the quality found in President Jonathan before been chosen as Deputy to Alamieyeseigha? What really was the quality when chosen as Vice to Yar’Adua over Donald Duke, Peter Odili, Obong Attah etc? Somebody that will not give ”US” wahala!. And you know what that means in Nigeria. The man cannot do more than himself. We are in a real mess. Have you taken notice of President Jonathan reaction once corruption or stealing is mentioned. He fidgets. Compare his reaction to Dora Akunyili’s or Ribadu’s or Buhari’s reaction to questions on corruption. For corruption President Jonathan has no answer worse now that he has been possessed by the spirit of 2015

  • taewo

    Nawa for this country o! It’s a total mess.

  • Gaboski

    You know what? The real voters don’t come online to insult a sitting president. They wait for the polls. That aside. The revelations about US covert activities in frustrating FG’s arms deals with some countries have not been denied publicly by the former. The Naija Senate confirmed it. But nobody has mentioned it in this forum. This $5.7m deal predated the $9.3m transaction. But it’s being twisted here. Naija’s disarray and weakness is SA’s political triumph. Nigeria is a threat to SA’ s continental leadership ambition. But the hate for GEJ won’t let us reason along these lines. Nigeria is in a mess bcos of certain interests. The wolfs in the govt are real threats to our nationhood. I was in the secondary school when Buhari ousted civilian govt. 31 years later he is still angling to rule again having been in the struggle for past 11 years. My Question. Is Nigeria now bereft of leaders? We want change I agree But let it be real change. If APC can present a charismatic candidate without any political baggage, it will have my vote. But with what we are seeing right now, GEJ is still the man. Nigeria is on the path to greatness under GEJ. Let’s forget about the challenges posed by all the people that said they will make Naija ungovernable if he wins But nobody is holding those pple accountable for their threats and they still want to lead us. Are we fools? The only short coming of this govt is inability to sten corruption But who has done it successfully in our age? The thing about corruption in Naija is beyond our comprehension. Every Naija man or woman is guilty. Who works in the bank where mobey is moved? Nigerian. Who works in MDAs where files are moved to loot? Nigerian. Which Nigerian has been given appointment and the person resigns on account of corrupt tendencies in his or her office? None. Which Nigerian appointee returns home after meritorious service poorer than pre- appointment? None. Who criticizes their kinsman for not stealing govt money during service? Nigerians. Who are the LG Chairmen cum councillors that share money monthly instead of fixing the roads and providing welfare services? Nigerians. These are just a few question forumites here should be asking one another. Not insulting GEJ. Let’s push for a better alternative not recycled old men. The Northern men of the ilks of Shagari and Ekwueme who know next to nothing about stealing are whom we need. Unfortunately such good ones are being spoilt by political jobbers who made it look like the good men are the bad ones. They are our problem. I rest my case.

    • Dean

      Gbaboski, you have already made up your mind on who to vote for. GEJ should take responsibily for the present problems facing Naija under his watch. there should be no excuse! If he can fix it then he should leave.

      • Gaboski

        Military officials have come out to provide clarity on the arms deal. What else do You want GEJ to come and say. Must he come to défend everything That happens in govt? Ever country has peculiar problem. Even the US has it’s fair share of challenges. GEJ has at different fora mentioned efforts being made to address the challenges. But the enemies Will keep trying. Saboteurs Will nt relent. Naija’s problème cannot ne resolved in a decade. Govt Is growing the economy so that Nigerians can be empowered and also grow. We should learn to support our own govt in times like this. When the polls start we Can exercise out powers and vote in who we want. But we must vote wisely.

      • emmanuel

        Take responsibility and must not celebrate the end of Ebola, because some inordinately ambitious fellows want to access Aso Villa?

        Nigerians are now bored with their lies and failed propaganda. Wonder why Lie Mohammed has taken the back seat lately? Answer, he has become a liabilty to the propaganda machinery

    • D1

      Gadoski, I can relate with where you are coming from regarding Buhari et al but you should also realize why people are frustrated with these Government, some of them you have stated. No single soul has come out in these government to give a reason for this present SCANDAL. No single explanation or speech has been given, they all kept QUIET as if they don’t owe us any explanation and you want us to WISH it away. This kind of scandal has brought down officials of government in a SANE country.
      Do you know how this rubs off Nigerians in SA and Diaspora? We are also not fools, those that threatened to bring down GEJ government are now his friends, go figure!

      • kessler George

        President Juma is a well known ally of both Atiku and Bola Tinubu who are major financial backers of his political ambition. It will be nice the intelligent organizations investigate the roles of the duo using their connection to frustrate the country from from end the Boko haram crisis

  • Riot50000

    AFRICAN NIGGERS. The only part of the Continent that could have adopted Technological pursuit was silenced by Britain in a War of Genocide, leaving leaches, and anti education morons in charge of Nigeria. The innate Mentality of these people as CONSUMERS ONLY is shameful.
    If you as a Nigerian start an Automotive Manufacturing company or an Arms Manufacturing Company, the Western Powers that be and their Industries BRIBE Nigerians in Power to kill the project. They can always go and buy from other Humans whom, ironically, they have subconsciously admitted to be mentally inferior to.
    Niggers of Africa, arise and move forward.

  • Riot50000

    SLAVE MENTALITY. Have you seen Nigerian Lawyers wearing white Carpets on their nappy heads, calling themselves Professional?
    54 Years after independence, they REFUSE to adopt things in their own Image, and CLING UNTO the Colonial master like super Glue on metal. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME.

  • the truth

    Breaking overnight. daily post ng. october 7, 2014, wale odunsi (
    concerns over nigeria, as countrys media confirms legitimacy of 9.3
    million arms deal) i will be posting more from the south african media
    houses and the aljazeera link soon)

    The South African media have published documents confirming the
    legitimacy of the $9.3million botched arms deals between Nigeria and the
    former apartheid enclave.

    Reports by Rapport and City Press affirmed federal government’s official position that the transactions were legitimate.

    media houses said contrary to insinuations, end user certificates and a
    ‘shopping’ list accompanied the transactions as well as a note from
    Nigerian government authorizing the deals.

    to the reports, documents showed that the earlier consignment was
    approved by the Nigerian government  through the Office of National
    Security Adviser (ONSA), which is officially mandated to issue the
    end-user certificate for such transactions involving the nation’s
    security agencies.

    An entire “shopping list” was also said to have
    been supplied with the certificate, which included everything from
    helicopters to unmanned aircraft, rockets and ammunition.

    A top
    security source in the intelligence service disclosed that “In issuing
    end-user certificate, the ONSA ensures that it carries all relevant
    agencies and stakeholders along. Therefore, such a responsibility is not
    a unilateral development.

    “For security reasons, the chains leading to the issuance of end-user certificate cannot be put in the public domain.

    recent interest in arms purchase was informed by the challenges of
    insurgency which our nation had been grappling with in the last few
    years. This is why the understanding of all Nigerians is necessary.

    is desperate to counter activities of terrorists no matter what it
    takes even when some of our friends are not being fair to us.

    government appeals to the media and all Nigerians, especially the
    opposition, to consider the overall national interest on security
    issues. They should not read negative meaning to every good intention of
    government in tackling insecurity in the country”.

    the source said “The federal government and some top intelligence
    officers are concerned about how some officials of South Africa decided
    to frustrate the efforts of Nigeria at containing the activities of
    terrorists operating in the North-Eastern axis.”

    gathered that there are concerns that despite the leeway given to South
    African companies to thrive in Nigeria, there are still officials of
    the country who are determined to frustrate Nigeria, which in April this
    year overtook South Africa as Africa’s largest economy.

    Government loyalists insist that the botched deal is being used by some prominent persons for political reasons.

    They also accused “vested interests” of wishing the war against insurgency was not won.

    the latest story of seizure of over $5million by South Africa, those in
    security circles say it may just be a refreshment of the old story with
    a new angle.

  • the truth

    premium times when will you publish the official report from Office of National
    Adviser (ONSA) the only body mandated by law to issue end user
    certificate in south africa for military purchases, which showed
    documents proving the 9.3 million dollar deal was legitimate and
    itemizes the price and which equipments were to be purchased of which
    the sa govt was aware. i always said let the facts come out before we
    judge, but i was abused as been corrupt and pro jonathan, now the real
    facts are coming out i wonder where those who cursed at jonathan and
    pastor oritseajafor. i am still waiting for apc and el rufai to
    apologize to nigerians. i don’t know if they will ever do that.

    • emmanuel

      We need to give Cameroun and South Africa Ukraine treatment.

      They cannot be what they are not. It is enough of this big brother thing.

      Please let us clamp down on their economic interest here.

    • A. Lediju

      The report you set store by is actually the Nigerian government, through its PRO, talking to itself as follows:

      “Nonetheless, ONSA in a statement issued yesterday by its media adviser, PR Nigeria,
      said the transaction was legitimate, adding that the latest report by
      the South African media had vindicated the position that the
      cash-for-arms transaction was legitimate and was done with state

      Legitimacy is not a matter of a press statement or about anyone’s opinion once a matter is in a court of law.

      If Nigeria has a legitimate claim Nigerian government should tender an affidavit in South African High Court.

  • shandy

    But where is our civilization ?? must Nigeria buy Weapons via South Africa ? Are there not any other means of transcting this money through ?? We Nigerians are sick and tired of those games called !! come on, lets call a spade a spade !!

  • Tochukwu Tochukwu

    My brother is not God that created Nigerian, is British that created Nigeria

  • naubiko

    Nigerian or whatever we call ourselves have been used to impunity and carelessness right from day one. Our leaders have never been questioned neither do we like accountability in the Nigerian society. A good example is the church, When was the last time a Nigerian church even audit the accounts of their church to their members? without calling you satan,the day you raise such a question. When was has a doctor been stuck of for negligence? or even an banker been prosecuted for stealing deposits? Now we’re complaining about a Speaker of the house making more money than Dangote!

  • Lanre

    Pius. Poorly written article. I don’t care about Nigeria and I have said it enough times. Yorubaland – the land of my birth is more important to me than a mere geographical expression like Nigeria. What you are doing with this article is tantamount to what we Yorubas call “gbe enu agba jo.” To evoke comments just for the sake of it. Why don’t you go and ask Babangida and the other Northern Hausa-Fulani generals and their Southern lackeys like Oladipo Diya who killed the patriotism some of us had for Nigeria. Go and ask Obasanjo who did not think it fit to honour M.K.O Abiola who died in the gulag of Sani Abacha and yet benefited from the democratic struggles initiated by Abiola.
    Bola Tinubu is the latest mugu that will find out Nigeria is a waste of time. Everything is not (oil) money!