Obasanjo holds closed-door meeting with David Mark, Tinubu, others

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo

The Senate President, David Mark, as well as notable politicians from the All Progressives Congress, APC, and Accord Party, AC, on Friday held separate closed-door meetings with former President, Olusegun Obasanjo.

Other visitors to Mr. Obasanjo’s residence in Abeokuta were Bola Tinubu, Rasheed Ladoja and Segun Oni.

‪The senate president, who was accompanied by Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta and Josephine Anenih, arrived at Mr. Obasanjo’s home at about 2p.m. and left at about 3.45p.m.

Speaking with journalists, he described Mr. Obasanjo as “the father of the nation,” and key to the progress of Nigeria.

“That’s why I’m here to pay homage,” Mr. Mark said.

‪On his exact mission, Mr. Mark said, “We have come to discuss with him and raise some basic issues that affect both the party and the nation at large. They were discussions that would move this nation forward. You know his passion for this nation is unquantifiable; so, we have really had a good discussion session with him.”

‪On the Ogun state Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, crisis, and whether it was part of the meeting’s agenda Mr. Mark said, “We are working as a party to make sure we put everybody who wants to be on board, on board and congresses are coming up; so, I think this is normal.”

‪A chieftain of the APC, Mr. Tinubu, after his session with Mr. Obasanjo, said he was there to discuss because “we cannot know it all.”

‪”We need to consult. Equally, we took an observation of his former boys, who are running for presidency in our party, and sought his opinion about them,” Mr. Tinubu said.

He, however, insisted that he would not disclose exactly what the meeting was about.

‪Asked to comment on Nigeria at 54, Mr. Tinubu described the country as an “invalid baby in the incubator.”

He called for a “common sense revolution.”

“With a common sense revolution to overhaul our security, the army will respect the people; with a common sense revolution in job creation, there will be better conditions of living for everybody,” he said. ‪”It is high time we take our country back from corruption and replace the clueless leaders with the purposeful, revolutionary leaders that will rehabilitate this country and fix everything back. It is a rescue mission; we must take our country back from mismanagement.”

He stated that Nigeria did not have good leaders. “They are clueless, while the followers appear sadistic. We like being punished,” he said.


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  • Alapanla

    The APC sell out for 2015 Presidency begins!

    • Wähala

      With Tinubu in the picture anything is possible…
      Never trust a cock-eyed man because it’s hard to tell which direction he’s looking… Igbo folks mouth!

  • Chris1408

    They are about to deal Nigerians a bad hand again. Watch out people. Guard your votes. Resist bad candidates that can’t improve your life and community.

  • Ojukwu Chukwudi

    I know Obasanjo called them to tell them that never allow Buhari to rule, because if he rules, we must account for our stolen wealth. So to keep stealing which is not corruption lets force Jonathan on the masses again.

    • Abel Wariboko

      Please stealing is worse than corruption. Check your dictionary

      • ifebuche

        That is one thing they have all failed to grab till date.

    • Wähala

      I agree with your first line of thought but…
      Baba Ota is vehemently opposed to a return ticket for Dr. Dumbo as evidenced by his advise in his infamous letter to the Otuoke Clown Prince to, “take the path of honor”. With Dumbo still frolicking with a wanted drug baron, Buruji Kashamu in Baba’s backyard, I don’t see the Ota Gorilla supporting the Otuoke Chimp for 3rd. Term which he (OBJ) could not achieve… kapisch?

  • Otile

    Is Ogogun going to defect to APC? Olonwu maje.

    • Wähala

      You corrected by Hausa…
      Now, read this: is Ogogun going to defect to APC? Olorun ma je!

      • Otile

        How did you pick up good Yoruba? You know more Yoruba than many of us part Lagosians. Ore mi o ga oo.

        • Wähala

          Otu nne,
          I’ve told you that I was born and raised in Eko…

          • Otile

            Then why to you own unshakable allegiance to the North, but despise us good Igbo people? Kil’o se?

          • Wähala

            I keep telling you, I have no best friends. I deal with individuals the way they come and not ethnicities. What makes you think I owe allegiance to any section of the country? I went to school in Kano and I’m a redcap fluent in all three languages so, that makes me more Nigerian than your avg. next door neighbor… kapisch?

          • Otile

            You also speak Turenchi and a few Old European languages. That’s awesome, bro. But I am not sure whether you are Igbo or Hausa. Amma don’t tell me you are a Nigerian. Nigerian covers many things including Munchi, Nupe, Shawshaw, Igala, Gwari, Ogoni, Filanci etc.

          • Wähala

            What or who is “Amma” to determine my nationality? Again, I’m not fake Anambra who can’t pronounce ‘R’ in Ibo, neither am I Ikwerre or Asaba or any of those peripheral Igbos with funny accents… I am from core Igbo land and like Joe Igbokwe na Pius Anyiam, I never leave home without my redcap. Klar?

          • Otile

            Amma is Hausa word for but. Just like kuma means and. I thought you were fluent in Hausawa, Fulfude, Kanuri and Arabanci.

          • Otile

            Knock off your discrimination against Ikwerre and Ahaba people, we are all one despite your ijekebee accent.

          • Onike24


  • Garden-City Boy

    With this meeting….Hmmmmmm…..I see Buhari and Atiku in trouble. Atiku can only be president over Obasanjo’s dead body. Atiku needs to kill Obasanjo NOW to have his way, Abi-O? Watch out for Tinubu shifting support to Atiku to perfect this grand ati-APC JANJAWEED plan. Trust Obasanjo for his wicked intrigues.

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    It is only in Nigeria that a worthless like Obasanjo presents himself as a person of “importance” in democracy matters related to nomination of candidates.

    The right and proper thing is that in democracy matters related to nomination of candidates …… the people or those who command electoral influence like Bill Clinton in USA decide …….. not those who cannot win a single legitimate vote in their native ward/polling unit.

    Sadly, here in Nigeria we have an Obasanjo who cannot win a single vote in his native ward/polling unit attempting to impose himself in democracy matters related to the nomination of candidates.

    But thankfully, Obasanjo days are over ………


    Who is Obasanjo ……….. A man who cannot win his native ward/polling unit.

    Knowing this …….. I am convinced that Obasanjo is completely irrelevant as long as we continue the march towards credible free and fair elections (Kudus to Jonathan) ……. now it is the electorate that decides not a cabal of the type that Obasanjo represents.

    David Mark should stop wasting his time visiting Obasanjo !!!

    • Otile

      Wallahi, this comment look’s like it was copied and mangled by Deri Orbuka Redeem The Redeemer Mace.

      • Wähala

        It is him alright. Just ignore the Aborigine. By his lines we shall know him… a zebra never loses his stripes.

        • Baba Messi

          Abeg allow Goodluck/Redeem/Deri jor. We need him here jare. Your problem is u are not democratic. You just want to wish him away so you can run amok with yur wild postulations like the one below ko??
          He brings a lot of drama jor. Spices up the discourse with his wierd but humorous tangents. Same as u..uve got some real dumb-A*s ideas..but gaskiya, some make sense I can’t lie..quit the ‘odeku’ and u will make more sense!

        • Otile

          In other words you are saying that no matter how many times you straighten the tail of a monkey it still come out crooked.

        • Enemona

          Deri has been promoted, he now escorts stolen cash on board private jets. He’s probably cooling his feet in a South African prison.

          • Otile

            You cannot close a rat-hole with corn sheet .

    • Wähala

      Who is Edwin Clark? When your moron visits Clark for consultations it’s all good and dandy to a bigot like you…
      Now wearing a fake capi does not remove the stench from the stock fish. Like I said, open your mind and we can smell you like soaked stock fish from a mile away. Keep drinking, your ogogoro days are numbered. The heat is on your mumu and I won’t be surprised if the coward trades his freedom for the presidency… it’s all man to himself, that’s when you’ll learn to gauge your shots of the poison drink. Ol’oti buruku. Dindirin!

      • KV

        Calling Dumbo a moron is an insult to morons everywhere.

      • Allahu akbomb

        Clark might be a nobody to you but he has got big electoral value in Ijaw land. Now can you so the same about OBJ ?

        • Abubakar Magaji

          and how many are the ijaw’s?

          • Allahu akbomb

            The 4th argest ethnic group in Nigeria. Go to he population commission and get the answers you seek.. they might even have more population than you alhamajeris ..

    • Salim

      Please forgive Goodluck_Nigeria or skip the post completely if you don’t want to throw up

  • deji

    This is how votes are won by the PDP:

    https://www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=Xylm1DO-jmM

  • Wähala

    With Dumbo still dragging his feet after being presented their ticket on a platter means:
    a) Ota Gorilla is about to anoint Mark to replace Dumbo in case the Aborigine develops cold feet in light of the slew of negative reports and international investigations of him and his cronies currently going on…
    b) A meeting of Baba’s “former boys” can only be convened to stifle Buhari’s ambitions given that Buhari once said all looters can leave the country or face firing squad if he were to become president of Nigeria…
    c) Baba Ota is cooking another cauldron of poison Nigerians must resist since nothing good comes out of a spiteful man…
    What about APGA and LP? I guess those fringe parties have tacitly been absolved by the PDP otherwise, if Baba Ota wanted to carry everybody along he would have given token invitations to representatives of those parties. Sha, my gut feeling is they’ve realized that Dumbo will be a hard sell to Nigerians & international investors and are now plotting another sell-out deal given the presence of treacherous Bola Tinubu. One thing is certain, if Northerners and Easterners unite against any evil machinations of the Ota Gorilla and his “former boys”…there will be No Nigeria for anybody to lord over. For instance, a Tambuwal/Dr. NOI ticket would be impossible to defeat. Nigeria belongs to the youth, Baba Iyabo should concentrate on his PhD Thesis and leave politics for good… enough of this monkey business with failed fossils mapping the future for us. Nonsense!

    • Baba Messi

      What I would rather call BS is yur amalgamation of Tambuwal/NOI! Haba! Tambuwal??
      The guy who presides over the CESSPOOL OF CORRUPTION called the House of (Mis)Representatives??????
      Haba Mallam!
      A dream ticket for me wuldv been NOI/Ribadu..or Ribadu/NOI..but I’m beginning to perceive yur ‘aunt’ is getting gradually tied to the apron strings of the powers that won’t ‘let my people go’.

      • Salim

        Ribadu is a Judas.

        • Baba Messi

          But which of them isn’t???
          If defection makes one a judas, both parties are overflowing with ‘judases’!
          Nigeria politics has nothing to do with ideologies but personal interests. That’s y u see them politicians executing cross-overs and Leg-overs.
          Ribadu being a shrewd man realized he didn’t feature in APC’s immediate nor future plans and had to opt for where he would be offered at least a federal appointment if the governorship thing doesn’t work out.
          Don’t be deceived..They are all in it for the chedda..

          • Salim

            I completely agree with you everyone is in it for themselves.

            So if Falana joins PDP tomorrow to run as a senator. Will you find it as a betrayal to the common folks who he has been fighting for?

            I remember meeting Falana at his house in Abuja (Games Village) I wanted him to advise me after being unjustly sacked from my job. He did without asking for me for a single kobo. Not many lawyers will do that. I went to his office a couple of times, even his staff became my friends. But if he joins PDP or APC today, I will call him a traitor. I will not vote for him

          • Baba Messi

            Hmm..i get yur point..but the problem is anyone who wants to run for an elective post needs a platform to actualize that dream.
            PDP/APC have the structures. However, I have serious doubts a good person will remain so if he/she joins either of the two fraternities.
            Damned if u do..Damned if u dont..

          • Salim


      • Igbo Mandate

        NOI has many things going for her. Being delta igbo and a woman, she has the backing of the SS and SE and would be more acceptable to the moderate Southwest and part of the north, who are afraid of the igbo man. She will bring purposeful leadership, competence and world class governance to Nigeria. Ribadu being perpaps the most enlighteened from the North and moslem, will reassure the north while protecting their interest to the fullest, without antagonising the rest of Nigeria. She will protect and ease out GEJ, who, all the years had lacked in rhetoric, did not seem to be endured with brillance and vision for Nigeria and had failed to realise the importance of fighting corruption, even if sympolic.

        • Baba Messi

          I like this…i am really liking this.
          But WHO will give em the ticket??
          Therein lies the ‘koko’..

        • Lorddaniels

          NOI will never compete against Jonathan. Social media politicians take note.

          • Baba Messi

            What if Jona keeps to his word?..*Straight Face*

      • Bigtin


  • King Carlos

    I sha want Oby Ezekwesili as a vice president.

  • Mr. Abdin


  • Enemona

    I thought this man was supposed to be studying. Where are the profs at NOUN? Please increase his work load immediately, an idle baba is a dangerous one!

  • Conscience

    I am sure so many people have lost their lifes fighting / supporting either Obasanjo against Tinubu and verse versa – See now Tinubu is consulting Baba because “we cannot know it all.”

    I do tell people, stop fighting as these people you are fighting for will remain alive together with their children (who are either living abroad or studying in Havard, Aberden etc), it is those that died that lost – some of them were bread winners of their respective families but today they left them in penury.

    It is high time Nigerians woke up to reality. May it be PDP, APC, LP, etc – we are all Nigerians born of thesame mother called Nigeria – Let us stop fighting for these politicians instead come together and fight for the unity of Nigeria and release from the self slavery

    • Aminu Dayyyabu Mamuda

      Weldone i concour

  • Concerned Citizen

    As far as i am concerned out of all the presidents we have had in the 4th republic OBJ remains the best. That does not mean he is/was perfect. But of all the so called “bad leaders” we have when obj lead the country you could tell he was commander in chief and definately not weak or clueless

  • Enemona

    The meeting, in my view, is for two different but related purposes. The one with David Mark was for the stealnator to beg for baba to support Jonathan when he declares, this is because he had stated clearly in his letter that Jonathan should not run.

    While the one with Tinubu is to warn him of the danger of presenting the ‘wrong’ candidates. The wrong candidate being Buhari and Atiku. OBJ will never want Atiku to be president for obvious reasons, they’re political enemies. As for Bihari, the whole Nigerian thieving political elites would do anything within their powers to scuttle his presidential ambitions and the reason is not far fetched, he is a threat to their interest of ensuring all past looting are kept under wraps and that their stolen wealth remain protected. Baba is acting on their behalf, remember those he named after signing off his letter to GEJ? They’re in cahoot to ensure Buhari never becomes president, they know him and are scared of him. He would have probably told Tinubu, ” you know we are in this together, you’re also no safe if that man becomes president, now that you have the power, do the needful, it’s your interest” He would have suggested Tambuwal, remember Tambuwal’s visit recently?

    • Salim

      Excellent analysis.It is all guesses

    • Igbo Mandate

      This is plausible! But all that scheming leaves the ever growing and elightened Nigerian masses who would cast their votes in 2015 out of the equation. Too bad. This is not 1999. Obj is probably the most overrated politician in Nigeria today.

      • Dr Obim

        You may discard your misrepresentation of facts :For the records, OBJ’s impactin the Democratic system of Nigeria is very significant in that (1) No threats of Military coup de tats. (2) US support as a
        reliable and dependable Ally .(3)Gradual transition to US -type Democracy will make Nigeria, most lovable in the whole world.

        • Igbo Mandate

          Why do you think the US and the rest of the developed world have lost sight of all the corrupt practices under OBJ for which numerous companies in Europe and US have been charged and fined?The indictments and verdicts from New York to Munich, Germany are all in public domaine and there can be no doubt that OBJ led a very corrupt regime that enriched a few and empoverished the masses. I do not know how you think that the developed world would under such circumstances support and respect OBJ as a reliable and dependable ally.

  • D-ONE

    we hope for the best in 2015!!!!!! but with these crop of politicians!!!!! hmmmmmm! a hen cannot come into the den of snakes without luking lyk them!!!!! its really difficult to get a good person come out from both parties!!!!!!

    • Chris1408

      You’re absolutely right.

  • Dr Obim

    Mr Tinubu does sound like a friend to have but should I buy his rhetorical demos?Has he made special plans to Address Corruption and Quality Healthcare?

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Everything is left to Nigerians to make a complete drastic change in Nigerian leadership for peace,security and progreess with vigorous anti-corruption fight to ensue in order to move Nigeria forward.With massive corruption practices of PDP in the last fifteen years and decaying vital public infrastructures,Nigerians must vote out PDP Ebele Jonathan and allow the Nigerians to choose and elect another capable,competent and focus leader from may 29,2015 upward.

  • paul preston

    whoever can discuss with OBJ but he cannot single handedly make anyone president,he wants to stop GEJ but like others he will fail

  • deji

    Jonathan is a cheat and a thief. Watch the video of how Jonathan won the 2011 election:..

    https://www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=Xylm1DO-jmM

  • Prof. Ango Abdul-South

    I am waiting for Speaker Aminu Tambuwaal to ask Prof Jega to appear before the House of Representatives and tell them why he should not be sacked for attempting to create 30,000 additional dubious polling units in the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani States.

    Why is Aminu Tambuwaal over-looking this serious matter ……. I cannot count how many times Aminu Tambuwaal would have summoned Prof Jega ….. if Jega was a Southerner and if the issue in question is in the interest of the South ….. the records are there to prove my observations.

    The most annoying thing is that it is this parochial and nepotic Aminu Tambuwaal that some are saying he should vie for Presidency ……. this nonsense must stop.

  • Obende Blessin

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