CAN leadership: Christian group condemns Cardinal Okogie for criticising Oritsejafor

Former Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Olubunmi Okogie. Image courtesy: Linda Ikeji

A group, the Christians United Against Boko Haram, on Sunday in Abuja attacked a former Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Olubunmi Okogie, for criticising the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Ayo Oritsejafor.

The relatively unknown group asked Mr. Okogie, a Cardinal, to “be mindful of his words and avoid being used by enemies of the Body of Christ”.

Mr. Okogie had in an interview with the New Telegraph newspapers said the current CAN president had “fallen from grace to grass,” after it was confirmed that Mr. Oritsejafor’s private jet was used to ferry $9.3 million in cash to South Africa.

Mr. Oritsejafor has admitted owning the jet, but said it was managed by a private company who leased it to another company.

The money has been seized by South African authorities, who said bringing such cash violated the nations laws.

In what can be considered the most scathing criticism of a much maligned CAN leadership under Mr. Oritsejafor, Mr. Okogie said, “CAN leadership today is zero. CAN has no leader.”

“Thank God you are talking to one of the founders of CAN, and I was there as their leader for eight years. Then, the whole country knew that CAN had a leader, not by my own might, but by God.

“Because what we were doing then, we had only one voice. But the problem we have now is that people are struggling for power in unrighteous way. And because he is struggling for power, he can do little or nothing,” Mr. Okogie added.

But in its criticism of the Catholic cleric, the Christians United Against Boko Haram warned that “those who live in glass houses should not throw doyens at the undeserving”.

The statement was titled “Okogie: Those who live in glass Houses”, and signed by Olusola Oyedokun, a deacon and Executive Secretary of the group.

Mr. Oyedokun said Mr. Okogie’s attack on the integrity of the current CAN President was hypocritical and unbecoming of a man of his personality. He expressed disappointment that Mr. Okogie could compare his tenure to that of Mr. Oritsejafor.

“As CAN President under whom a secular Nigeria was taken to the Organization of the Islamic Conference, Okogie has very little moral grounds to stand on to attack the integrity of Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor whose name invokes apprehension in those who wish to entrench one religion over the other in Nigeria.

“We are surprise(d) at Okogie for criticizing Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor for opening a University and wonder whether Cardinal Okogie considers education as Haram. To recall that if opening universities was wrong, then the Catholic Church has participated in the wrong doing by being behind Madonna University. It is double standards for Cardinal Okogie to close his eyes to Madonna University and attack Pastor Ayo’s University.”

Mr. Oyedokun, son of a former Deputy National chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Shuaib Oyedokun, urged Mr. Okogie not to act on rumour regarding the $9.3 million scandal.


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  • Otitokoro

    Mr. Oyedokun, I have done the following. (i) I have read ArchBishop Okogie’s interview-very carefully and PATIENTLY. I read it many times in order for me to engage it properly (ii) I have read newspapers on these issues for the past three weeks. (iii) I have read your press statement as posted here in Premiumtimes. Based on (i) -(iii) I therefore say the following. Please I am dealing with facts.
    a. CAN President -Ayo Oritsejafor-owns a company or companies that were used to ferry $9.3m to South Africa.
    b. The transfer of $9.3m ILLEGALLY to South Africa was done against all laws -Nigerian and South African. It therefore amounts to money laundering IN LAW.
    c. Ayo Oritsejafor a Christian Pastor and President of Christian Association of Nigeria is VICARIOUSLY LIABLE AND RESPONSIBLE for the ILLEGALITY, FRAUD, CRIMINALITY IN a and b.
    d. Two Nigerians and an Israeli citizen were involved in the criminal money laundering in a and b. Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor’s companies MUST TELL US TODAY THE NAMES OF THESE NIGERIANS. WHY IS THEIR IDENTITY BEING KEPT.? WILL REVEALING THEIR IDENTITY NOT SHED MORE LIGHT ON THE FRAUD, CRIMINALITY, AND ILLEGALITY IN a and b? Is there a connection between these two Nigerians whose identity is being kept secret and Pastor Oritsejafor and his companies and some PDP people?
    e. Pastor Oritsejafor turns a plane he claimed was donated to him for Godly duties to a commercial business. Pastor Oritsejafor similarly establishes University PURELY FOR COMMERCIAL BUSINESS.
    g. CAN UNDER Pastor Oritsejafor has behaved in a most unchristian and unethcal manner. CAN has been made and turned into the public relations office of PDP, a laughing stock in our country, and one of the campaign offices of President Jonathan’s 2015 election campaign. And I think this is a shame because it is un-ethical. Fundamentally, it is un-ethical to make CAN an arm of PDP. Secondarily Ayo Oritsejafor a christian has done this for PURELY PECUNIARY AND ECONOMIC REASONS.
    Based on a-g, the following deductions are legitimate
    (1) it is sound, valid and legitimate to EXPOSE THE UNCHRISTIAN AND UNGODLY BEHAVIOR OF PASTOR AYO ORITSEJAFOR if we must save Christianity in Nigeria.
    (2) In order to stop the continuous desecration of the Body of Christ, as it is being done by Pastor Ayo Oristsejafor, It is a FAITH AND RELIGIOUS DUTY of all Nigerian Christians to EXPOSE THE UNCHRISTIAN AND UNGODLY BEHAVIOR OF PASTOR AYO ORITSEJAFOR, the present president of Christian Association of Nigeria.
    Now to you Mr. Oyedokun, I invite you to reply to my post here. But in doing that be (a) systematic, (b) FACTUAL, (c) TRUTHFUL. You must draw your conclusions from verifiable facts and reasoned presentation and not some junk thta has been coming out of CAN of recent.
    thank you.

    • KokoBaresi

      God Bless you my brother. Let the likes of Ayo Oritsejafor and his co business men continue to use the name of God to enrich themselves & flaunt their wealth to the detriment of all morals and exemplary living. They will surely reap what they have sown.


      Mr. Intellect, you may need to up your reading, so what is your proof that it is purely for commercial purposes. You seem to know it all. Your findings are obviously unfounded.

      • Wähala

        @Deri redeemer… Shut-up dia!
        His presentation is methodical and with facts… Oritsejafor’s private jet was seized in SA for money laundering! His conclusions are valid, irrefutable and systematic. Counter him line-for-line and prove to us that your are… Mr. Dumb!

    • Most Nigerian Pastors are into Christian-Occultism.
      I encourage you to read my article “Beware of Christian Occultism”.

      The time is coming when deceitful Pastors will actually be doing real supernatural things (not fake).
      The Scriptures already forewarned, so that anyone who truly wants the true-Christ must not follow Preachers
      WHOSE TEACHINGS ARE NOT EXACTLY SCRIPTURAL, no matter what real signs and wonders they perform.
      For example, read the following online right now: 2Thessalonians 2:9-12, Matthew 24:24-26, Deuteronomy 13:1-11,
      1John 4:1

      Isaiah 8:20 “… If they do not speak according to this Word, it is because there’s no light in them.”

    • Like most churches in Nigeria, the Roman Catholic church contradicts the Scripture
      on many teachings and practice of theirs.

      I encourage you to read my article “No Images”.

  • Denis_NG

    This Oyedokun and his fellow travelers are not followers of Christ but worshippers of Ba’al! How on earth can anyone in good conscience justify Oritsajefor’s lifestyle??

  • fundamental

    Oyedokun u must be high on something. We don’t know this so called group and if we don’t know u God doesn’t, if u are justifying a corrupted and polluted Ayo, u must be in the same boat with him. $10m was stolen to buy arms to continue the killing spree in the North u see nothing wrong?

  • KokoBaresi

    Its a shame that Ayo Oritsejafor and many other Pastors of his kind have turn Christianity to a business enterprise.

  • Remmy

    Mr. Olusola Oyedokun,

    We are not talking of a university here. We’re talking of money-laundering $9.3 by Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor.
    The point is there is no reason to even believe this money was legitimately withdrawn in Nigeria to start with.
    So it means there is an underlying case of outright stealing implicating Pastor Oritsejafor as criminal accomplice.

    • Vin Kay

      the funny guy was even comparing a university owned by Okogie’s church- Catholic with that owned by that money launderer. Wonders shall never end.

      • Bitrus J.Danladi

        Correction:Madonna University is owned by Father Ede and not the Catholic Church.Mr Olusola Oyedokuns assertions are typical of the falsehoods we are being subjected to in Nigeria.God saves us from lying and thieving leadership.

        • Truth

          Who is father Ede? Hypocrites. Check again the write up on the website introducing Madona University. How come you have never criticized the fees being charged by that University. How many Catholics can afford the fees being charged by that University. It’s easy to target the usual suspects. Every strong position attracts strong opposition truly.

        • Vin Kay

          Noted. Thank you

  • Johnson Omale

    Who are the members of this ‘relatively unknown CAN group’ His Grace said the correct thing and if they are not happy, they should go to heal. Ojitsejafor finished himself and messed up the Christian Association. In the middle of this mess, he should resign as a President of CAN, otherwise a mechanism be put in place to remove him. That way Christians would be telling the whole world that Christianity is a religion of peace no matter what, more so that CAN did not send him to procure the so called war items.


      In 2years time we would know between Pastor Ayo Oritsejiafor and your Cardinal who is finished. You may wish to take a look again.

      • Contact Point

        Dis moron, are you a robot, why repeating ur dummy head every second?

  • Kwango

    CAN of worms! Nigerian do not know that the so called lease agreement was hurriedly put together and backdated as the plane and loads of cash was seized in South Africa. The two Nigerians in that aircraft are known PDP members. The amount involved was more than $10 million. £9.3 million was agreed to limit the damage. Those in the know hurriedly arranged adoption of the president for 2015 before USA steps in to investigate how that amount could be ferried between countries or indict the actors. South Africa agreed to freeze the money to allegedly prevent internationalising the money laundering issue. The freeze will stay in place until dumb Nigerians re-elect Dr Jona.

    • Wähala

      Quite brilliant take…
      The paperwork for the illegal cash deal was put together after 3days the plane was seized, that’s why they blundered in investigating the company’s background else they’d have known that the company is not licensed to deal in arms. Unless there’s no statute of limitation as per prosecution of the no-name Nigerians, I doubt that adopting Dumbo has any significance to the criminal case… if anything, Atiku is using his friend Zuma to embarrass this Govt. thus far.

    • Church Leaders will be punished more severely than Muslims and other non-Christians
      because Muslims and non-Christians don’t have the truth but Christians have the truth
      (in the Jewish Scripture: Old and New Testament) and therefore will be held to that HIGHER STANDARD and
      Judgment for all the deceit and PERVERSION OF TRUTH “Christians” HAVE PROPAGATED by which many
      “Christians” are now headed for the Wrath of God but have been deceived by their LYING Pastors, thinking they are
      going to Heaven.

      In Luke 12:47-48, Jesus said: “(the) servant who knew his master’s will, and did not prepare himself or do according to
      his will, shall be beaten with many stripes. But whoever did not know, yet committed things deserving of stripes,
      shall be beaten with few. For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required, and to
      whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more.”

  • olu

    Just like the politicians, Christians now have factions. Sorry!

    • You say: “Christians NOW have factions”

      Are you kidding me? It’s been like that from the very beginning.
      Even God divided light from darkness when he created all things.

      Genesis 1:4 “And God saw the light, that it was good, and God DIVIDED the light from the darkness.”

  • Wähala

    Whenever there’s a bombing scandal involving Dumbo and his goons, a fringe group always springs to the defense of the accused, why? If it’s not some derailed “Kaduna-based Northern youth Group” it’s another son of former PDP did-n-dat group “warning” a true man of God for preaching gospel. Fact is, those two no-name Nigerians are Naija Deltans and close friends of Dumbo ati Ayo… and they were involved with money laundering for arms to Boko Haram terrorists, shikena! Unlike Baba Iyabo whom every tout with a pen wrote gibberish about after his letter, let those with a grudge about Cardinal Okogie’s brazen criticism take their beef to the Zulus and insult them into dropping all charges… as if we’re dealing with AGF Adoke ati Muhktar’s corrupt justice system. Clowns!

    • alhamadu

      why is it that this man never post anything sensible. He is everytime abusing people. Where is he from. Is he a staff of PT

      • Wähala

        Which man are you asking about? Premium Times is not about abusing people, I use harsh language to fend-off miscreants and paid bloggers in your mold with fake Aboki names always picking on me… No! I’m not a staff at PT, similar accusations were made at Sahara Reporters which prompted me to shift seats. Now, here we go again… Go back to your ogogoro, Aborigine with Aboki name like you… Ode buruku!

      • Contact Point

        Shut up, read the message and let the messenger be. Is his message not reasonable enough for your tiny brain to comprehend? After GEJ, he and Ayo Oritsejafor must be tried.

    • Chuks

      please can someone tell me if the missing air force jet has being seen.

  • Answer Always

    This Oyedokun fellow is not a Christian, nor does he know anything about Christ or Christian tradition. His father Shuiab is a Muslim, and so is Sola. His father is a top PPD man, and so is this Sola fellow. It’s a shame that Jonathan. And PDP are willing to destroy every institution in this country, including our Christianity. So who is islamizing Nigeria now?

  • Olalere Yusuf

    Sola Oyedokun, you are just like your father, always defending abnormalities

  • bimbo

    when expired APC hires thugs to defend them and even take government to court, they are praised by the same APC rats here, This was the man that some women break his head with cocacola bottle or is he not the one again? Wonders shall never end in Nigeria

    • Wähala

      You’re a “bimbo” indeed in American slangs… your brain has nothing to display. Dindirin!

    • amin

      tHAT MAN IS A useless yoruba man. That is how they often behave. Why him no save Abiola and Kudirat

      • Wähala

        The names, Tinubu, Abiola and Kudirat, have blown your fraudulent cover…
        This is @Deri aka redeem, using his patented fraud to blow hot-n-cold. Oloshi. Ayodele Oletsejafor has finally misled your moron and Atiku will make sure he uses his closeness to Zuma to bury your drunk in the gutter… ode!

        • Bigzy

          What an imbecilic thing to say. You actually think that President Zuma of SA would be naive enough to interfer in the internal politics of Nigeria? It would jeopardize his good relationship with GEJ and some of his country’s business interests in Nigeria. It is wise to look before you leap. In this case it means, think before you speak.

          • Wähala

            What is imbecilic is your assumption that laundering money into South Africa is Nigeria’s internal politics. You are actually too stup*d for further responses from me since you can decipher the magnitude of your moron’s undeclared millions flown in a pastor’s private jet into a friendly country’s territory. Zuma hates Dumbo even more than I do, so I don’t know what you’ve smoked to come to that conclusion. Drunkard.

    • EWU


    • folarin

      Doro ode

  • atia


    • Wähala

      She must be your mother for you to know who she is and why she broke a bottle on his head as you claim… drunkard!

      • Nigerian

        Why are you angry? Why can’t you have intelligent discussion without insults? It’s a simple question that requires answer. Don’t just be abusing people except you are confirming my suspicion. Honestly you need to calm down.

        • Wähala

          Which is a greater insult, his against a respected Cardinal or mine against him for his insult? I know who I’m responding to so please stay far away with your unsolicited advise, you hear? Quite frankly, I don’t care one shishi about your minion suspicion and I hope you are right… happy?

          • Like most churches in Nigeria, the Roman Catholic church contradicts the Scripture
            on many teachings and practice of theirs.

            I encourage you to read my article “No Images”.

        • Bigzy

          Wahala is an internet rat with a compulsion to comment adversely on the Government. He gets angry when people don’t taking him seriously. One day he is in Switzerland, the next day he is in Germany and soon he would travel to the US. Sadly, it is all in his mind.

  • Ette

    Does this man know what Christianity stands for or he is one of the mammon worshippers. Is he aware also that it is under the wath of oritsejafor that GEJ attended a meeting of the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) and he is the first head of the Nigerian Government to have attended such meeting. Judgment of God is exposing all those doing all manner of evils in the name of God, and they will not go unpunished.


    2 years from now, we would know who is finished between Pastor Ayo and the Cardinal. smh! I can already tell from what I see.


    2 years from now, we would know who is finished between Pastor Ayo and the Cardinal. smh! I can already tell from what I see.
    Pastor Ayo Oritsejiafor remains insurmountable with all this challenges, so quit trying Cardinal.

    • Wähala

      Stop posting the same crap multiple times, everyone knows your traits by now so forget it. Using Aboki name to defend the indefensible is a fraud I’ve warned people to beware of, give it up, like I once said… “you stink like stock fish” from a mile away. Drunkard, go back to your ogogoro. Ayodele Oletsejafor is a common criminal, no amount of noise will save him when the Zulus begin the trial of his gang members for money laundering… the Americans who tipped-off Zuma via Atiku are not blinking on this, Dumbo is a sitting duck! Animals!!

    • WALE

      This man called Orisejiafor,said that the whole churches in Nigeria are under his feet,in one of his preaching i attended.He is a very proud man,and GOD ALMIGHTY will humble him.

    • Contact Point

      Maybe you are Oritsejafor but hiding under a shadow name, well, let it be known to you that your days as CAN president are over, and you have already fallen from grace to grace as the Cardinal curse you.

      • Wähala

        No! he’s @Deri Orbuka aka, redeem d redeemers… or redeem!
        He initially posted all of his above comments under @Alhamadu but I pounced on him and he’s now hiding now under a different handle after the steam I put on his slimy ahss got to him… only a clown repeats “Tinubu, Buhari ati Kudirat” with all his comments and expects different reactions from people who have since learnt to ignore him… so, ignore him!

    • Church Leaders will be punished more severely than Muslims and other non-Christians
      because Muslims and non-Christians don’t have the truth but Christians have the truth
      (in the Jewish Scripture: Old and New Testament) and therefore will be held to that HIGHER STANDARD and
      Judgment for all the deceit and PERVERSION OF TRUTH “Christians” HAVE PROPAGATED by which many
      “Christians” are now headed for the Wrath of God but have been deceived by their LYING Pastors, thinking they are
      going to Heaven.

      In Luke 12:47-48, Jesus said: “(the) servant who knew his master’s will, and did not prepare himself or do according to
      his will, shall be beaten with many stripes. But whoever did not know, yet committed things deserving of stripes,
      shall be beaten with few. For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required, and to
      whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    My dear Christians, one very important attribute of a wise person is the gift of self-introspection and self-criticism; this is very important since it is the only way to know yourself better, know your faults and strategise on way forward. The present CAN President is an abysmal failure. No Christian or Christian group should extol his vices or cover them up. I don’t know of other infractions he has committed but when a CAN President is inextricably linked to a serious crime of money laundering amounting to a whopping sum of 9.3 million dollars, it should dawn on any right-thinking person that this man has done something very wrong. When a CAN President has got himself involved in such a crime, thereby tarnishing the image of Nigeria, it should dawn on anybody that this man is a square peg in a round hole. And when these things happen it should dawn on anyone that it is time all Christians were united to push this man off the seat of the CAN Presidency because he is a disgrace to Nigerian Christendom. This is not a time to begin to quote outlandish texts like, ‘speak no evil of the anointed one’ or something like that. This man is not fit to head the CAN, pure and simple. He is a PDP man and must be let free from Christian practice to go and practise politics with his mentor, President Jonathan.Trying to cover up this man’s faults or shoving them under the carpet makes whoever does that an accessory to that evil; and this person must answer for it before God.

    • tobilade

      wat is dere to cover up?
      i think u shld simply call for d ban of private jets in d country instead of cryin wolf
      i can feel d slavery in you

  • Sunny

    Enough of dragging Christianity in Nigeria into mud. Please Mr. Oyedokun find something else to do instead of being used as PR for Pastor Oritsejafor. We are talking about high level corruption cum money laundering here, you still have gut to defend these kind of people that are using God’s name to enrich themselves. May God forgive all of us. You and your paymaster are embarrassment to Christianity in Nigeria.

  • Contact Point

    Mr. Olusola Oyedukun, you are a disgrace to your family, nation and generation. We are talking of NGN1,488,000,000.00 (160 to 1 x 9,300,000.00), yet you have gut to challenge the man who have decided to speak out? So NGN1.488Bln is not huge enough for Nigerians to march on the street? Who is sure this is not part of the money Sanusi Lamido Sanusi complained that was missing which earned him a sack? Nigerians should rise up, speak out otherwise it will be late before they realize it.

    • Olusegun Olawonyi

      Oga, Hear yourself! Listen to yourself sir. Why have you chosen to close your eyes to the truth? Is it not true that the security agencies of this country and indeed the federal government has claimed ownership of the money and the transaction? Perhaps Pastor Ayo’s only sin here is that he is the owner of the jet that was used to ferry the funds – even though the jet was on a lease to a third party when the transaction occurred. Be fair when you make criticisms. Be fair – even to your avowed enemies!

      • KokoBaresi

        That sin of allowing his Jet to be used to ferry the money makes him an accomplice to the crime (if indeed the money has some criminal undertone). That jet we were told was meant for evangelism and for the jet to now be on lease and be used to ferry suspicious money is against any christian morals and against the purpose for which the jet was given in the first place.

        • Olusegun Olawonyi

          You have a point here…we were indeed told the jet was to be used for evangelism.

          • tobilade

            wat point?
            d jet belongs to a company owned by d man
            is leasing rather a problem?
            would u rather park ur jets at d hangers and kip payin monthly fees?

        • tobilade

          would u rather park d jet at d hangers?
          do u av any idea watsoever about maintaining aircrafts?
          do u think we r talkin about cars?
          wats d crime in leasing out jets wen u r not using it?
          or do u think its like ur car dat needs constant warming so as not to kill d battery?

          • KokoBaresi

            That means the jet is not an absolute necessity as we were meant to believe. If the usage is not often enough then he can as well fly commercial jets; sell the jet and use the money from the sale of the jet on the poor people of his congregation. The transit time at the airport can equally be used to win souls and also be regarded as sacrifice in the work of God. This will attract more blessing from God rather than being linked to a suspicious money transfer. Of course we don’t know the extent of the Pastor’s involvement in the whole brouhaha; its all about denial and face saving but there are some questions that need proper clarification. There is one publication by Paradigm newspaper about one of the Nigerians involved in the money transfer (Felix Idiga — You can google it and see) being a board member of two companies where Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor is also a board member. This in effect means Pastor Ayo knows one of the guys involved in the money transfer. How can he now exonerate himself completely from the transaction. We need to get better explanation than just this lease story.

          • tobilade

            oga dis jet was donated to him now
            and his church doesnt av too many branches all over d world
            he even flies commercial transports all around
            d jet is mainly for international flights and visits to occassions where time and privacy is of value
            or for other personal means
            people like Pst Adeboye,Oyedepo av churches in more dan 100 countries and dey dont need to lease it out to ameliorate costs cos dey r always on d move
            or why is no one talking about d catholic empire in Italy?
            do u even know how many official jets d catholic church has?

          • KokoBaresi

            This where your ignorance runs high. The catholic church as a body can have a jet or jets but the Pope does not have any private jet. The Nigerian pastors are very different. Oyedepo has 4 jets, Adeboye and Ayo has private jets that’s their personal property and passed to their children. The church is more less their personal business that they pass on to their children and wives when they pass on.

          • KokoBaresi

            The Catholic church does not even have private jets as I thought. I google it and discovered that the pope fly on a chattered Alitilia plane when he goes outside his country on evangelism. I don’t know where you got your information about the private jets of the Catholic church.

          • Abidemi

            Its a crime according to the Laws of The Federal Republic of Nigeria. The church is a non profit making organization and is as thus registered as that.

      • True Nigerian

        And did you not hear that the company to which the jet was leased is actually partly owned by the lessor, Oritsejafor? Are you also not aware that leases have terms in them? You are the one who needs to examine your reasoning and conscience.

        • tobilade

          do u really think dis is d first time dat jet has been leased out?

          • Abidemi

            The issue is not with the lease. Remember the aircraft was procured strictly for church business. How can a church lease out a jet to another company? Is the Church now engaged in business activities?

    • tobilade

      wat is ur real complain sef?

  • Strong System

    Some people have iota of shame whatsoever!
    How could someone come to defend this mess that Orishejafo has dragged CAN into?

    • Olusegun Olawonyi

      What “mess” are you talking about? You and some others have chosen to see only what you want to see. Every attempt to make you guys see and hear the other perspective of this matter has been rebuffed because it strengthens your narrative to hold the CAN president in contempt even if he may really not be connected to this transaction – particularly when the FGN has admitted ownership of the cash and the transaction. What else is there to explain? It would have been a different scenario if the FGN did not own up to the ownership of the funds and indeed the transaction. But they have. And that is yet not enough for those who must crucify Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor by all means possible. I don’t understand you people!

      • tobilade

        honestly,i find itsm difficult to understand dem at all
        its probably d most difficult task av ever faced
        d man owns d jet
        FGN owns d money
        FGN admits d non declaration at port was d blunder although it was supposed to be covert
        watelse is dere to explain?
        watelse does any skull need to be told?
        d only reason am still droppin comments is becos i dont believe in keepin quiet wen lies are spreadin all around

        • Oskirin

          do u knw d meanin of money laundering and its effect of non disclosure? i knw wht i faced in my office whn i refused 2 disclosed a transaction 2 EFCC/NFIU on a biznes dt came in 2 our company.we were made 2 pay a heavy fine couple with sleepless 9t.

          wht stops d federal govt 2 declare ds money b4 it left our shores n possibly hinting d south africa govt?
          my friend,dere’s sometin dey are nt tellin us.sometin is really really fishy abt ds transaction.

    • Like most churches in Nigeria, the Roman Catholic church contradicts the Scripture
      on many teachings and practice of theirs.

      I encourage you to read my article “No Images”.

      • Benny

        why did God tell Moses to make a ,molten image of the snake so that any Isreali bitten by the strange Serpent is cured.You need to check that your Bible for the complete Bible as it is today was efforts by Early fathers of the Church.There is no church known as the catholic church but Catholic is only an adjective which symbolizes the nature of the church.The Church is not a denomination as you think but the mother Church which is Catholic and Apostolic

  • Bigzy

    The smimy Cardinal is a disgrace to Christianity. He looks like a peodophile in the mold of some other convicted fake Priests.

    • Church Leaders will be punished more severely than Muslims and other non-Christians
      because Muslims and non-Christians don’t have the truth but Christians have the truth
      (in the Jewish Scripture: Old and New Testament) and therefore will be held to that HIGHER STANDARD and
      Judgment for all the deceit and PERVERSION OF TRUTH “Christians” HAVE PROPAGATED by which many “Christians”
      are now headed for the Wrath of God but have been deceived by their LYING Pastors, thinking they are going to Heaven.

      In Luke 12:47-48, Jesus said: “(the) servant who knew his master’s will, and did not prepare himself or do according to
      his will, shall be beaten with many stripes. But whoever did not know, yet committed things deserving of stripes,
      shall be beaten with few. For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required, and to whom much has
      been committed, of him they will ask the more.”

    • Olusegun Olawonyi

      I see your point. Quite frankly, I was disappointed with his comments on the issue. Why do people like playing to the gallery? Why ignore other aspects of the facts of the case? Why do all those who criticize Ayo Oritsejafor conveniently ignore the fact that he is not the owner of the “cash”? Why isn’t it enough for those want him crucified that the Nigerian security agencies actually indicated that this “cash” was meant for some kind of arms deal with a south african company?

    • Ogom

      Tell me: What does a peadophile look like?

      Okogie was challenging Babangida and Abacha back in the day.. Abeg, show some respect.

      • Bigzy

        Respect is earned. So far, he is in huge deficit.

    • Benny

      Ur big head is really good for Nothing.Attack the message not the Messenger even if you are a bastard who was raised in an orphanage.The inglorious oppropium that the so called Pentecostal self made god of men has brought on this country is deafening.hope you can help them clear that out before attacking Cardinal Okogie

      • Bigzy

        Your small head I fear is not big enough to hold a human brain, hence it has driven you crazy. Tell us what credible message this man has put out there if not the usual Nigerian innuendo and speculations presented as facts. You must be the bast@rd son of this man.

      • Baba Fani

        Why do you people love darkness more than light:?

  • Ogom

    “The relatively unknown group.. ”

    There is no end to th sichophants and propagandists that constantly crawl out of the woodwork in nigeria. There is a group of ‘concerned citezens’ pushing every bogus agenda under the sun.. bringbackjonathan group, TAN and now Christians Against Boko Haram. I mean, really?

    As long as you have an idea for how to keep Jonathan in power and a track record for ruthlessness and gangsterism, your ‘project’ will be green-lighted and you will be laughing all the way to the bank.

  • True Nigerian

    True faith in God is awesome and it genuinely saves; religion is a blindfolding fraud clothed in a false sense of piety!

    Just look at the premises upon which the so-called Christian leaders are condemning and attacking Okojie for merely declaring the obvious!
    Is Okojie the owner of Maddona? No!
    Is it reasonable, sensible, logical or even honest to argue that the forceful registration of Nigeria into OIC (a presidential decision by Yaradua) is comparable to a clergy man’s collusion and wilful use of his own private jet for either money laundering or arms trading? The answer is capital NO!

    But that is exactly what some so-called Christian leaders are defending in the name of Uniting against boko haram and in the name of attacking Cardinal Okogie.

    I am not a catholic. I was actually raised in a pentecostal background. But I have to say that I am utterly horrified, ashamed and embarrassed by the leadership of CAN and Pentecostalism in Nigeria. On corruption, manipulation, fraud and materialism, the Pentecostal leadership in Nigeria is as putrid, horrible and shameless as the Western catholicism on Paedophilia.

    Here is a snapshot of Nigerian pentecostalism today:
    Oyakhilome: he has gone from teaching that Masturbation should be encouraged into telling lies to the public about what is already a common knowledge on his personal life; yet, whilst he lies, the whole world knows he was pushing the utterly strange message that couples who are pastors should not be posted to the same branch and should be separated from each other. Tufiakwa! Ewor! Alu! Abomination! Which bible does he read? On top of that, despite the fact that he has spent the best part of the last 20 years in advertising his wife as a co-pastor and co-minister with him, he is shameless enough to be saying now that “the fact that he is called does not mean that his wife is a pastor like him”. What happened to the last 20 years that you and all your members revered her as a co-minister with you? Lies, lies and lies! Manipulations, manipulations and manipulations! All just to suit whatever you want to achieve at a given time in your own narrow interests. It is disgusting Christianity! And people, educated people who can read the bible for themselves are still there swallowing the lies and inconsistencies as if it doesn’t matter to truth.

    Assemblies of God: portrays the irony in the most strange and but convincing way! The current overseer, Rev Paul Emeka, is forcibly and illegally being removed by a gang of monstrous thieves including his predecessor. The trouble in Assemblies of God is that the incumbent who happens to be an exception in a rotten system tried to inject accountability, probity and transparency at all levels of the church institution. And Bang! Little did he know that his good intention would shut down the illegal avenues from which his predecessor and other thieves he left behind have been stealing and robbing the church blind to tune of hundreds of millions. And bang! A battle ensued. They quickly ganged up together and unlawfully and forcefully eject the man from office. In other to achieve their aim, they violated the constitution of the church which says clearly the procedure for removing a General Overseer. They have also refused to conduct election because they know the man would be re-elected by most members of the church who love the great job he was doing on financial accountability! What it means is that thieves, common thieves, have been running Assemblies of God Church for the best part of the last 30 years. It is horrifying!

    Redeemed: You know the story about always prophesying about who would be president and then blessing them. But then keeping their mouth shut when evil reigns supreme from political offices. That one is the worst case of criminal silence in Nigeria today.

    Ashimolowo: You know the story too; dipping their hands into church money to buy Bently for his wife when most Nigerian Londoners that go there are people struggling to give themselves a headstart in life in a very structured and difficult economy.

    Chris Okotie: Well, the fact speaks for itself!

    TB Joshua: He has never looked genuine right from the word go! What is happening there now is a proof of what he has always been which Nigerians should have known, but refused to see. Every year, he announces that a Hollywood actor or actress will die. And
    the idi*ts and empty heads would be flooding into his church with money
    to seek for protection. Yet, the same seer could not see even with
    common sense that erecting 5 storey building on a foundation built for
    2-storey was a certification of a certain death and murder waiting to
    happen. And now, he has come out claiming persistently that he was
    attacked. Meanwhile, he has no shrapnels of a missile or bomb there.

    Henceforth, I will go to church only when a friend is doing something special there (such as christening or thanksgiving) and invites me to attend. I will never go there again to sit down and listen to the utter deceit, pretence, manipulation, lies, fraud, materialism, megalomania, selfishness, and hypocrisy that ooze out from the pulpits in the name of God – the same God (Jesus) who spent most of his ministry on speaking up for fairness and justice for the poor whilst challenging the public authorities of the time on their conduct.

    • tobilade

      kindly say amen to dis prayer
      may u never own any aircraft company tru out ur lifetime
      in fact,may no one in ur lineage ever be rich enough to own a jet or a university

    • D-ONE

      if you like tear your bible! all you do is sit and castigate men of god! where r you before god!!! self righteous man!!!!! I m sorry for your kind! be very careful before you condemn your self wif your mouth!!!!
      judgement if for god!!! leave them to him and you serve him on your own! how will you win the race when you are looking sideways to what your brother is doing?

  • Peter Irene

    No Ayo is not a man of God. He is a son of Lucifer. His characteristics is un-Jesus. Jesus was born in a Manger, had no House, borrowed a donkey for His triumphant entry into Jarusalem and even at death was buried in a borrowed tumb from where he proceeded to Heaven to sit at the Right hand of God. Ayo is a direct opposite cruising in a private Jet and engaging in dubious leases to steal the common wealth of the poor people in Nigeria. What will he profit him if he gains the whole world.

    • tobilade

      why not simply campaign for poverty?
      owning a univeristy is haram
      owning a private jet is haram
      owning more dan a room is even haram
      fighting boko haram is even haram too

      • True Nigerian

        Have you read my reply to you below? Read it will educate you and save you from brainlessness!

    • D-ONE

      kai! bros sorry 4 ur ideology of Christianity! if you serve a god who said silver and gold are his then why do you want to be poor!!!! you can hail those who use govt money to build castles for themselves and marry plenty wives but your own pastors you want them to leave in abject poverty! sorry sha

  • Austop

    Hmm!!! All I know is that when a year old Catholic Priest talks (especially on issues that has to do with our faith & Christ), then be sure Holy Spirit is talking.
    This is a highly respected man of God, a Cardinal of the Holy See (Rome), passing a clear message from the Holy Spirit; “Oritsejafor is FINISHED, CAN leadership is ZERO”.
    Instead of the so called CAN leadership to be so Humble (Spiritually) and pray for God’s guidance, this is all the trash they can “Politically” blab about. May God help us.

  • Benny

    It is only in Nigeria that area boys drag road with vehicle owners.It is only in Nigeria someone wakes up and changes his name to pastor.It is only in Nigeria that someone collates other people’s salaries as tithes and use it to build Private university and also buy up to five private jets saying he will still buy more.I knew the Bible came from somewhere.Christianity did nt just drop in Nigeria.Please I am calling on all decengt Nigerians to ignore the so called ‘god of men’ or pastroprenuers who fly by night .They are as dark as the dark goggle they wear bc they are just plain businessmen hiding under religion

  • Baba Fani

    Mr. Oyedokun is just a small fry of unknown quantity. He is treading where angels fear to tread.


    Haba Oyedokun. Is it by force you must defend somebody, even when you don’t have any concrete defence to rely upon????? You would have just complied with the wise saying that “Whenever you open your mouth you should say something that is reasonable or you just shut up”.

  • Infact, PDP Thugs has infiltrated everywhere in this country……because someone has lead this country the way no one ever did. I dont know how someone managed to rubbish CAN to this extent. If I say what comes to my mind, people will assume I’m being tribalistic. I just wonder how they manage to omit Pastor Ayo’s name from National Awards.

  • Scalywag

    The issue has always been that Oritsejafor’s private jet was used to ferry $9.3million to South Africa. Now Cardinal Okogie does not have a private jet with which he would have ferried Nigeria to OIC. Anybody who is attempting to disparage the Cardinal’s hard earned integrity is only angling for a piece of #OUR$20billion

    • ed

      The point is relativity. Cardinal Okogie’s lay back leadership failed on the Islamic fundamentalist imposition of the Muslim religion on Nigeria under his administration.
      Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor failure to use his association with President Jonathan to stop the daily beheading of Christian in the north is indisputable.
      We’re dealing with an issue that only a United and the determination by all christian is required to win the war.
      Ayo should sell the aircraft and give the proceed to the Kidnapped innocent school girls family and the poor.
      Please start to follow the teaching of the bible. Pastor should not be in the race for material things but for salvation.

  • ed

    Thanks for your comments. The truth must to be told. The only issue I have with your eloquent analysis is the present danger confronting the Nigerian Christian body. Boko Haram Islamic fundamentalist terrorist group are nothing to be ignored.
    Pastor. Ayo made some moves a few years ago to present a response to the massacre of Christian in the north.
    Why he abandoned mobilization of Christian is unknown. Maybe a direct result of the calculations of re-election of President Jonathan is not known.
    We need solution or a way forward in terms of the Boko Haram daily beheading of Christian in Nigeria. The whole world is aware that most Nigeria pastor and church founders are in business to make profit. Only God knows how is worshipping him.
    The attempt to make sharia law, the law of our land on track.