Oritsejafor is finished; CAN is damaged – Cardinal Okogie

Former Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Olubunmi Okogie. Image courtesy: Daily Post NG

In perhaps the most stinging criticism of the leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), by a past leader of the body, the former Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Olubunmi Okogie, said the current president of the association, Ayo Oritsejafor is making a mockery of the association by his closeness to President Goodluck Jonathan and the ruling Peoples Democratic Party.

Describing him as “fallen from grace to grass”, Mr. Okogie said Mr Oritsejafor’s has also lost grip of the leadership of CAN.

Mr. Okogie, who spoke during an interview with the New Telegraph newspapers, said Mr Oritsejafor “unrighteous” quest to remain in power and his “romance” with politicians have finished him and derailed the once respected Christian body from the lofty dreams of its founding fathers.

“My brother, I must tell you this; CAN leadership today is zero. CAN has no leader,” he said.

“Thank God you are talking to one of the founders of CAN, and I was there as their leader for eight years. Then, the whole country knew that CAN had a leader, not by my own might, but by God. Because what we were doing then, we had only one voice. But the problem we have now is that people are struggling for power in unrighteous way. And because he is struggling for power, he can do little or nothing.

Ayo Oritsejafor CAN president
Ayo Oritsejafor CAN president

“And we didn’t buy the position. But this time around, because they are rushing to be in power, nobody obeys them. And look at how they are making mockery of themselves and making mockery of “religion”. Is that religion? Today, they are with the federal government. We saw the writing on the wall when we left. The very first person that took over started romancing with Obasanjo. Then one or two CAN presidents tried their best before it got to this present CAN president, Oritsejafor. This is not right. Look at how Oritsejafor has fallen, from grace to grass.”

Mr. Okogie took a swipe at the CAN president over his link with the $9.3 million smuggled abroad purportedly to procure arms and seized by South African authorities.

Two Nigerians and an Israeli were arrested at the Lanseria Airport in South Africa on September 5, 2014 as they tried to enter the country with the cash conveyed in a private jet owned by the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Ayo Oritsejafor.

Mr Okojie said if Mr Oritsejafor is indeed a man of God as he claimed he should rely on God and should have no business getting involved in the $9.3 million arms scandal.

“They are ready with their moneybags. Where did they get the money from? Where did they get the $9.3m that has been seized by South Africa from? They said it was to buy arms. We have to be very careful in this nation. What is the man (Oritsejafor) looking for? If you call yourself a man of God, then you should rely on God. Why should he be jumping up and down? But because he was not elected, not chosen by God, that is what is happening. Today, he wants to build a university, tomorrow he wants to be something else, next tomorrow he wants to be like other people.
He said Mr Oritsejafor is a sinking man and might take President Goodluck Jonathan down with him.

“And he is not going down alone; he is also staining the name of the Head of State. Of course, why not? If you eat with those with dirty hands, then you must be dirty.”

Criticising the House of Representatives for electing not to investigate the botched arms deal, Mr. Okogie said the deal was a clear case of money laundering and that President Jonathan and Mr. Oritsejafor should be prosecuted for their involvement in the deal.

“In fact, if I have a lawyer, I would sue them. And I am telling you that I will win. If you can tell me that if I carry huge sums of money without declaring it, that you will arrest me for money laundering, then what is this one. They were carrying all that money and it was not declared. It is a clear case of money laundering. Yet, they are the ones making laws against money laundering.”

The Catholic priest also spared some stinging words for private jet flying mega preachers in the country describing their taste for finery things as unbiblical. He said rather than surround themselves with material things; they should instead spend the money to take care of the needy in the society.

“As far as I am concerned, why are they men of God? I asked one so-called religious leader, and you know what he told me? He said, “My God is a rich God. So if yours is a poor God, that’s your business.” Imagine! So you can even see that this one can’t be called a man of God. And these are the people that tell you they can work miracles, that they have a direct telephone line to God.

“They say they can do this, they can do that, and God is watching all of us. If it were to be in the Old Testament, they would all have been struck down by God. But God is a patient God. We have to be praying for this kind of people, for them to have a change of heart. What are they looking for with jet? Another one said, “Jesus said go into the whole world and evangelise, so how can I go into the whole world, with what? I need a plane to be able to go to the whole world.”

“Even the devil can quote scripture. But did Jesus Christ say you should go and steal to go and buy plane? But now they are claiming that they were given the jets as gifts. But why can’t they spend that money on the poor? There are many Nigerians who are begging that they have nothing to eat, and yet you say you’re preaching. Preaching for what? Are there no pastors where they are going? May God not punish us according to our sins.”


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  • Isaac Azor

    This is the finest interview I have read in recent times. Rev Okogie has made my Sunday a great one. CAN has been striped of its ropes in the market place. Cultists have hijacked CAN and Lord has deserted it. If one may ask, in whose footsteps are they following? Jesus never even one day rode on a horse. I want to believe that all these so called Men of God are only using the holy name for their criminal and selfish benefits. The living God will exposed them one after another to sanitize His house. Once more, thank you Rev. Okogie.

    • Salim


    • redeem

      what else do u expect from an Ibo man most of whom are Catholics——————————————–is to support their clergy man——————abi————-yet the same Ibo could not back Ihejirika- was he was crucified by the sultan and his people———————–

      • Wähala

        Ndigbo are no sycophants like Aborigines…
        If one of us errs, all of us will condemn him… kapisch?

  • Gideon Orkar

    Okogie was always happy to visit the sultan and tke pictures anytime Christains were massacred in the North. Okogie was a lackey of the Caliphate.

    • femirobinson

      Your name says it all. Just another dumbo from the creeks

      • redeem

        No man of God fromm the Creeks would dare behave like this turn coat———————–if the fulanis had not started the war there would have been no arms deals

    • Maria

      It is more honorable to stay silent when you have nothing to say. You have made no point, you just showed your idiocy

      • redeem

        tell yr socalled bishop to confine his thought to protecting Christians in the fulani north

        • Maria

          The protection of Nigerians is the responsibility of Nigerian government… I thought you are enlightened, never knew you are brainless.

      • Gideon Orkar

        My opinion has riled you and I will keep expressing them, all you have to do is click next.

    • Garba lawan

      A blinded mind full of sentiment will never see the light! I am sure you would give the same treatment to Jesus Christ if he were to come back and criticize GEJs policies and corrupt practices!
      If Jesus were to come back now and be the head of CAN don’t you think he will build a bridge between Muslims and Christians in Nigeria at least for peace to reign in the land just like Okogie did?

      • redeem

        before Jonathan was corruption in Nigeria–even when Zik was caught stealing–we were told it was a set up—————————–separation is the answer————-would we have spent over 10b on arms purchase if the fulanis had not cloned boko haram——————–Jonathan should keep dasuki as his NSA—————the biggest mistake his government made was the appointment of gusau ati dasuki in his administration

        • Garba lawan

          Hahahaha! Neither dasuki nor Gusau were part of this daylight monkey business to spill blood of innocent Nigerias and sadly in a private jet owned supposedly by the No 1 man of God in Nigeria. That’s why no private jet belonging to the ministry of defense, or belonging to SSS was used and non of the 2 came to the defense of Pa Ayo and Pa Ayo is so timid to implicate them if they were culprits in this case!
          God will continue to expose you guys as you will have no hiding place and wait for Jesus Christ’s anger for using the jet that was meant to spread his message now turned to money laundering,arms smuggle,to spill blood of innocent people in maiduguri and Damaturu. May God treat your life as GEJ treat Nigeria or as Pa Ayo treat CAN, say Amen if you are truthful !

      • Gideon Orkar

        Killing of Christains in the North was a yearly event and Okogie did and said nothing. If he had half the zeal that Pastor AYO has things would have been different. Day in day out your sons invade MB villages and kill them and you say we should not rally round a man that is speaking against such atrocities?

        Shame on you, we will not go quietly into the night

    • redeem

      that 419ner has never never spoken again the ibos often killed by boko haram———————–in the north–ask him to tell u when he spoke last against the murder of ibos————————–this are the type of people we call abokin kura———————–who bow and worshi the sultan ati the emir of kano

      • Gideon Orkar

        Don t mind Okogie. From 1957 they have been killing people like chickens. Until the minorities in the North arm themselves they won’t stop. Arm and defend yourselves and don’t turn the other cheek. We can all be mad

        • Wähala

          Ayodele is a creek wetback and nothing more. A thief who translated the Holy Bible into Warri “pitakwa pidgin” without God’s permission… the ‘quittung’ is what he’s receiving in today’s disgrace. Wait until the SA authorities commence trials, the names of the two no-name Nigerians will dry your slimy balls. Ode buruku!

          • Gideon Orkar

            Why then did they release the plane?

          • Gideon Orkar

            You have started again…a wetback is a derogatory slur for people of Mexican descent. Is Pastor Ayo from Mexico?

          • Wähala

            A “wetback” is someone who steals… be it is across the border or from ships at the wharf, that’s a different matter. I use the word to refer to Ijaw thieves knowing them to be wharf-rats who steal property from ships at Apapa and swim ashore to sell the stolen goods. That’s the origin and reason for my calling Aborigines ‘wetbacks’… just like I coined “Dumbo” from a cartoon character, ‘Dumbo-Dumbo and the kitchen rats’ whom I equally call, “crumb-catchers” to suit my lyrics. Diction is what you make of it and creativity is God’s gift not a genetic hand-down. I call you fuuls, ‘Aborigines’ bcos of your primitive dressing and disposition to ogogoro, are SS people for Papua New Guinea? Kapisch?

          • Gideon Orkar

            Aborigine is not an insult. It simply means people originated from area in question. So you use of it amounts to ignorance and I repeat it is not an insult . A wetback is a racial slur for people of Mexican descent.

          • Wähala

            Neither are “Bushmen of Congo” an insult… it is a primitive race deep inside impenetrable jungles of Congo Basin. It also simply means people originating from a specific area in question… but, wouldn’t you protest if I called riverine peoples of South-South, ‘Bushmen of Naija Delta’ ?? Aborigine is a compliment not an insult… kapisch???

          • Gideon Orkar

            You coined “dumbo”. What else are you going to claim? That you invented slice bread? A beg make I no laff too much. Delusions of grandeur!!

          • Wähala

            “Dumbo” is English for a ‘chump’ but there was a cartoon character so stup*d he couldn’t chase away kitchen rats even when his master bought him a pet cat… Don’t blame you, I was born in Eko and we had constant electricity to watch “Different Strokes”, “Sanford & Son”, “The Crumbies” and so on. I referred to ‘GEJ’ as “Dr. Dumbo” in response to a retarded comment @Deri left about my people Ndigbo in a Shahara Reporters article years before you murdered whoever you did for the stolen laptop you’re now using to mouth-off at your superior. No gainsaying I can refer you to specific iconic comments but that’s akara for another day’s akamu for a mumu like you… dindirin!

          • Gideon Orkar

            I googled Sanford and son as I did not know it. I was not born yet as it started in 1972. That makes you 50years plus. Uncle it is a bit worrying that a man of your age can be exhibiting such rascality and rudeness on line. What do you teach your children at home?

          • Wähala

            It ran well into the eighties so your permutation is wrong… keep guessing!

          • Gideon Orkar

            Sorry uncle

    • endingNaija

      Oh my God! Gideon Orkar, did you mouth this falsehood! So Interfaith dialogue for peace and unity taught us by Jesus Christ and which Arch Bishop Okogie championed on earth is playing lackey to the Caliphate in your imagination and the imagination of your sponsors-PDP and President Jonathan? Is this the way your party-PDP and President Jonathan see Inter Faith Dialogue? Can this be the basis of the complete disunity our country Nigeria now experiences under President Jonathan? I am disappointed at the lack of knowledge and deliberate mis-chief you exhibited here on behalf of PDP and President Jonathan. Yet this is the man that wants to come back to power. We do not want those who will disunite us again. Think Gideon. Think. Interfaith Dialogue is not playing lackey to anyone. It is seeking peace and unity on earth as commanded us by Jesus Christ. And that is what Arch Bishop Okogie did. If you disagree with the faith injunction of Christ about Peace and unity, then that is another issue entirely. And we will understand. But stop spreading illiteracy and hate.

      • Gideon Orkar

        I am sure even when you cant get it up at night you blame GEJ. This issue pre-dates GEJ and will continue long after him.

        In the history of the North, every inconceivable excuse was used by these sons of Satan to kill and maim Christians and other minorities. They always did this safe in the knowledge that there wont be repercussions, there wont be any punishment. The likes of Okogie kept turning the other cheek and paying solidarity visits to the Satan..Sultan.

        in Jos they killed Christians every year from 2000 and the tide only changed when Christians stopped turning the other cheek and fought back ferociously. That stopped the annual carnage. The Islamists only understand force and you need not look further than Israel who would have been wiped out if they practised the doctrine of Okogie.

        You may not like him but Ayo is the first CAN President to stare at the Islamists and tell them the truth. Enough is enough. To my brothers and sisters in the North and MB: arm yourselves or die

      • Otile

        There is no such thing as interfaith with Islam. You are either a moslem or you are not. Go to Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia to practice your interfaith.

  • Okafor

    God allowed the South African incident to happen so that Nigerians will know the type of people they have as leaders. Believe me, this is just one out of a million of such criminal/unlawful/corrupt activities that happens daily in Nigeria without the knowledge of the public. You want buy arms? What is the functions of the Military Tenders Board? What is the functions of the Ministry of Defense? Where is the Procurement Act? Honestly if I were South Africa, I will never return that money, because this is a country that has so much yet decides to be wasteful, a country that is blessed yet the citizens are poor. All these are to the detriment of the poor Nigerians.

    • kazim

      Every country in the world patronise black market arms deal especially during war. Do u want Nigeria to wait until Boko boys over run us. If u must have arms in a genuine way u must pre order for years and we needed fire powers to combat BH. Even US does that but diplomatic romance wasn’t used for that aims. Let’s pray for Nigeria and command that all sponsors of terror groups in Nigeria shall have a financial dryness and may plague of the old testament befall them speedily.

      • Wähala

        Shut-up dia biko!
        Why didn’t they declare the money at Customs? Why were they trying to buy from a non-licensed dealer… what if they skipped with our money who are you going to sue? You come here and make generic assumptions as every country is as corrupt as Nigeria… only outlaw countries behave like your creek crook did in SA so just keep quiet if you don’t understand the magnitude of the offense we’re discussing here. It’s not about PDP ati APC, it’s about international money laundering and violation of sovereign country’s laws… Mumu!

      • Otile

        With all the oil money why can’t Nigeria manufacture their own weapons instead of dabbling in illicit arms deal only to land in utter embarrassment? Is Nigeria not richer than South Africa where they went begging, wheeling and dealing in indecent trade of weapons to kill off their fellow citizens?

    • redeem

      How old is Nigerian——————–from the oil deals in Halliburton who even involved the likes of atiku and obasanjo–to the 53 suitcases——–of the buhari fame—————————among a host of other corrupt activities in Nigeria——————————-its a shame that we have such a man in the church—who instead of praying for sinners——————-is adding petrol to the burning fire———————

  • Serita

    A great piece, as always, from Okogie. @Nicholas Ibekwe: Please the Okogie you are reporting on, is not a ”Mr”. You can so easily find out the right TITLE or designation, or leave off his title entirely.

    • redeem

      rubbish——————————————the church was established for sinners————————and not saints—————————

  • Maria

    I knew Bro Ayo was a fake man of God in 2005. Bishop Obembe, must be laughing now. Ayo is a thief.

    • redeem

      judgement belongs to God and not man————————-or the catholic church with its tonnes of sin-

      • Wähala

        Ayodele is nothing but a criminal…
        He stole Idahosa’s car and was expelled from that gathering back then…
        Only to end up in the embrace of your creek crook, a moron famous for romancing any and every shady character in Nigeria today. Thieves with the same guns… hunt together!

        • Otile

          Go soft on him, please. You know he suffered brain damage from ogogoro, and cannot think well. He does’t know what he is doing.

  • Ette

    Judgment time is here and all fake pastors will be exposed and be made to account for their evils. Light and darkness have nothing in common. Did we hear one of them saying that Jesus was not sincere when he told his disciples that though they were in the world, they were not of the world. Anyone that preaches any gospel that is different from the laid down good news from Jesus Christ is an accursed.

  • Pastor Jones

    Dear Editor Premium Times:

    Do kindly publish my views on Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor. He committed the alleged offence of money-laundering but only in his private capacity as a businessman. No aspect of this scandal touches the Christian Association of Nigeria. The aeroplane belongs to Pastor Ayo Orisejafor in his private capacity. It is not the property of a church.

    The air-plane lease arrangements he made to make money by renting the plane out were done in Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor’s private capacity as a businessman; not as the current President of the Christian Association of Nigeria [CAN]. I expected Cardinal Olubunmi Okogie to have drawn this correct distinction.

    Not every act of a public official is attributable to official capacity conduct. The organized Christian church has no part in this alleged offence of money-laundering by Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor in his private capacity. The Christian Church in Nigeria should be less defensive. Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor did not commit this alleged moneylaundering on behalf of the Chrsitian Association of Nigeria [CAN].

    • Cypo

      A Pastor, A preacher, a man of God, an ordained clergy, is now a businessman? Some people can defend what is defenseless.

    • kwango

      You are foolishly clever by less than half. The purported lease agreement was hurriedly arranged and backdated when the plane was caught in South Africa. Like the dubious money laundering cum illegal arms purchase the lease agreement was cooked up by this scaly wag of Corruption Association of Nigeria (CAN) presidency.

  • redeem

    Okogie himself is not talking like a man of God————————–more like a politician than a clergy man—————was he told by any that it was Ayo who took the money to south africa———————————————there is no secret about the move to purchase arms from abroad————–the leader of a political party Aminu——–kanao was asked by Gowon to buy arms for Nigeria during the biafran civil war—Okogie is talking as a biafran and not a man of God———————————————that because we have catholic priest who turned little kids-put into their custodian to gays and lebians has not forced mankind to leave the catholic church————————-did he steal the money————————————–the answer is No——————————————–dasuki and co should leave the church alone and face their boko haram–issue—————–

    • Almightygodalmightygod

      Your case is a lost one , thats why sane people hardly read your comment or reply to it,conscience less man, may your live be unfolding the way GEJ and his criminal gang are ruling Nigeria .

    • Intrepid

      Deri is OLUBUNMI Igbo? Censure yourself properly before you write. Or is it that the word Ibo has become comon in your mouth?

  • Scalywag

    It is just the begining. God will expose all of them. The other one called TB is a sorcerer aka Sangomba. That is why South Africans were flocking to his ‘synagogue’. By the way a synagogue is a place of worship for Jews or followers of Judaism. Now that scores of them were trapped and killed in his illegal structure, and their relations are going to take legal action. I am sure the government of Nigeria will be joined in the action, their eyes will clear. They will now be left with Witches and Wizards that have endorsed them for 2015. These are their rightful companions, to whom they feed human flesh recovered from bombing sites, or even the ‘synagogue’

  • Valentine

    There is no other reason why Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor has not been arrested.
    He is free only because Nigeria has no thinking federal attorney-general.
    This is a clear-cut case of criminal money-laundering bordering on stealing.
    South African government is urged to prosecute this theft case to conclusion.

    • redeem

      even drug addicts like tinubu——————-who was charged with operating a foreign bank account was not nabbed———————–by he police———————–innocent until proven guilty————————————–

    • abeem

      Any wonder corrupt government appoint corrupt AGs? -To cover up and not have their shady deeds exposed. Clement Akpamgbo, Michael Andoakaa (notorious and infamous former AGs) and Mohammed Adoke are birds of the same feather.

  • redeem

    Its seems this man is a full fledged supporter of the activities of boko haram——————He really believes in the accusations that the fulani north brought against Ihejirika—————–cause we never heard his voice for one second—as a man of God————-if he can denounce one of his own——-in public—————————then one is not shocked that he sold Ihejrirka cheap to the sultan———-Ihejirika is an Ibo man like him and they are being accused of financing boko haram——————————-that was why 9ja decided to buy the arms————but those powerful boko haram agents in the government of jonathan———– like dasuki and gusau———————————-said nay—————-and yet an Ibo man is saying the fulanis were right to have accused ihejrika of backing boko haram——–what a shame———–j

    • Scalywag

      The cardinal is a retired soldier, a former military chaplain who was at the war front during the biafran war. Also it was not fulanis that accused Ihejirika of sponsoring Boko Haram. He was named by Rev. Dr. Davis. It seems that as far as you are concerned, nobody from your ethic group can be wrong. Afterall it is your oil that is used to fuel the sleaze. Thus you continue to descend into the abyss of absurdity on this forum

      • redeem

        keep quiet mumu—————————–was it Davis who threatened to cage Ihejirika like they did to one of their own–umaru dikko———– to the Hague for trial——-?——————-u the ibos have a way of shocking people—————none of u were able to defend ihejirika————when the malams from the fulani noth went after him——————————–but anytime its about issues of the SS——————————–u are always quick to lend yr usual blind support to it————he fought on the side of biafra——ke—————————–i laugh——————his job was to pray for the dead—————now I can understand his anger against the SS— and Ayo————————————————-part of it is the yet to be forgotten relics of the Nigerian civil war——————–what a shame

        • Oladapo Adesope

          Your statement clearly summarises the kind of person you are…nuthead!

          • Wähala

            He’s nuts!
            Search the whole wide web and you will not see any other person who draws lines in-between sentences because his loses his memory and derails constantly. I’ve been managing his case for 5yrs now and there’s no cure for “manic depressive” wackos like him… a cross-bred animal he truly is.

          • checkmate

            That’s True. I don’t think he will ever be organized.

          • Otile

            He’s trying, but that is the nature of the beast.

          • Otile

            He’s from Nembe, mami wota, part fish part man, maybe cross-bred with donkey too.

          • Wähala

            Hahahahahaaa…mami-wota ke? who dash monkey mami let alone fish? I thought na banana dem dey use catch monkey… they was cross-bred with Chimp, look at their wide noses: Alams, Dickson, Alaibe to Dumbo…

          • Otile

            He is worse than useless.

        • Naija

          You are talking of point

        • shehu

          Please type like sane and organized people though i know it will be difficult for you because of ………., but give a try.

      • Abdussalami

        Scaywag, Don not waste your time replying that mumu and his like. Just refer him to the beautiful article written by Prof. Pius Adesanmi, captioned “General Buhari: A whole Former Head of State”. The Prof. was referring to people like him.

      • Otile

        Don’t mind him, he is doing his duty as a tribalist. You know, the devil must do his own work too.

    • Naija

      This man is from Edo state not an Ibo man

    • Checkmate

      Where is the big smelly mouth Asari Dokubo? Has he been apprehended in South Africa as one of those two Jonaharam’s errand boys? It’s really surprising not to hear from with all the drama unfolding.

  • Patrick

    President Jonathan wines and dines with corrupt individuals, no wonder he said corruption is not the problem of Nigeria

  • Fred Okonofua

    “Perhaps, we are expecting too much from President Goodluck Jonathan.

    For, it may be that he is not, by natural disposition, imbued with an ardour
    to initiate revolutionary change in the purpose, pace and tempo of governance,

    and that he is not naturally fitted to lead the social and ethical revolution that the country

    so desperately needs to take it out of the messy quagmire. If such be the case, should he

    not make way now, or, in 2015; for someone so imbued – since such a revolution is Nigeria’s

    best hope for salvation in the present circumstances?”

    …….Professor Ben Nwabueze

    (June 12, 2013)

    • Aso Rock

      “The World Bank statistics show that Nigeria is among the five poorest countries.

      Our problem is not poverty. Our problem is re-distribution of wealth.

      Probably, wealth is concentrated in very few hands
      and a number of people do not have access to it.”

      “I visited Kenya recently on a state visit and there was a programme

      for Nigerian and Kenyan business men to interact and the number of
      private jets that landed (from Nigeria) in Nairobi that day was a subject of discussion
      in Kenyan media for over a week. If you talk about ownership of private jets,
      Nigeria will be among the first 10 countries, yet they are saying that Nigeria
      is among the five poorest countries”.

      …………………..President Jonathan

      (May Day Address, May 1st, 2014)

    • rift

      and tell him to goand first settle the rift between him and his Ibo brothers

      • Otile

        Odua people cannot wish their flaky brother away. They know very well that he is a Yoruba fella, not Igbo.

  • Outraged

    Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor is a criminal, gun-runner, money launderer, 419 fake man of the money. God will judge him for dragging Christianity into disrepute..Thief

  • The Revolutionary

    “Government” as a term is now a by-word for a den of thieves in Nigeria.

    To stop that rot, history insists on just one solution. Only a bloody revolution can save Nigeria.

    The criminalization of governance means there’s no one left to report to,
    since Nigerian governments comprise the same thieves complained of.

    Whenever a society enters this decadent phase of rot, the youths must plan and rise
    to take their country back; vanquish the official criminals, lay them in perfect peace,

    retrieve the loot, and start the hard work of building a new country. There’s no other solution.

  • Wähala

    @Nichola Ibekwe or what’s your name…
    If you don’t know, an Archbishop is addressed as ‘His Eminence’ and he is a ‘Prelate’ not any “priest” in the Catholic church. You must be on odeku while writing this otherwise, beautiful piece. You didn’t even bother to refer to Bishop Okogie as Olubunmi Cardinal Okojie which is his full regal and a rare title in our faith, next time you write about the Catholic Church, get someone to proof-read your piece before going public with whatever bulldung you want to say. Today na Sunday, I would’ve had some harsh words for you to swallow your jollof rice with and forever remember that Höly Wähala is a hardnose Catholica. Nonsense…

    • Olutola

      Olubunmi na Cadinal Okojie ooh. Tell them.

    • Otile

      This is what I hate about apostasy. You switched from Catholicism to Boko Mohammedanism, that alright for everybody, no wahala kuma ba magana, but if it was the other way round you would face fatwa from the Mohammedans. Enjoy oo.

  • Vandu


    “The only way to stop us from stealing is to stone us. The Nigerian followers are
    as guilty as the Nigerian leaders. The Nigerian institutions are all compromised;
    and there is no alternative to them as it is. Nigerians appear not to be against stealing
    and corruption but only against how long you stay stealing and being corrupt.
    Don’t ever expect those in public office to fight corruption on these facts.”

    ….…..Governor Rotimi Amaechi (Rivers state)

    (June 30th, 2014)

    • Uncle Garry

      @ Vandu:

      Kai, haba! Has it come to this in Nigeria – where a state governor now says publicly that he’s stealing?
      And then pleads to the almost retarded citizens to pick up arms to save themselves from official thefts?
      Ah, ah. Now there is no longer any doubt in my mind that Nigeria is no longer a country but a failed state.
      Just put these same words of Governor Rotimi Amaechi into the mouth of President Barack Obama,
      and i bet you that in ten minutes 50 million Americans will take to the streets, firing guns to stop the mess.

  • Peter Irene

    Jesus Christ was a very poor and humble person. He was born in a manger. He borrowed a donkey to enter into Jerusalem, he was buried in a borrowed tumb before he went to heaven. Oyo and his master are not God’s people. They are Devils who are breaking the law of both God and man. They were taking the money that belong to all of us to South Africa to purchase properties but telling us lies. This is a clear case of money laundering and in a saner clime those involved would have resigned their positions but they are busy to extend their tenure in their positions. Surely nemesis with catch up with them. It is only a question of time. Mark my words.

    • Mohammed.

      Though am a muslim,but i honestly know that Reverend Okogie was,and still well respected by the muslims in this country.He was not comtroversial during his tenure.A direct opposite of what we have now.

  • felix

    d president has reduced poverty by 50 percent dat not my words mr president said so yesterday in benin so u be d judge if he is tellin d truth

    • George

      Is this not the same Okogie his girl friend once broke his head with coke bottle.

      Bad belly will kill him that is how they sold MKO to the North lying priest is OKOGIE.

      • Umar Dendi

        Go check your figures George.
        without the North, MKO would never have won June 12th.
        even his daughter was honest enough to admit it!!


          Lying tongue———MKO won the June 12 election with votes–from the minority zones of the country—in the north and south–even -the Fulanis rather than allow him rule 9ja, assassinated him and his wife-kudirat—that is why atiku, buhari and tambuwal has no moral rights to plead for our votes again——through APC -Okogie is a disgrace to the ibos

          • abeem

            Okogie is not an ibo man. He is born by a Yoruba wowan – Olubunmi is his name.

          • Umar Dendi

            And supposing he is Yoruba?
            So what?
            he isnt of the chosen ones?
            the almighty Ndigbo??
            You are sooo pathetic!!!

          • Bigzy

            The man made a mistake by saying that “Okogie is a disgrace to the ibos”, when he is not. Is it a sin now to correct an error?

          • Otile

            Don’t mind him, the Dendi fella is full of falsehood. For the boko Muslims fair is foul and foul is fair.

          • Otile

            How you wish the tribalist clergyman was Igbo, you would be in ecstasy, euphoria and frenzy by now. Sorry, someone stole your thunder.

          • Umar Dendi

            When will learn to read>>>> before you Comment?
            what you just wrote makes no sense at all!
            Well,maybe it does to your friends at the who** house! do us a favor and keep it to yourself!

            of all the people in the world!
            you have the audacity to accuse another of being a tribalist!
            Not everyone is a slave to the same diseases as you, Sucke*

          • Otile

            It may not make sense to you because you are mentally ill-equipped to recognize reality. Accursed be your mallam, the deceiving imam who schooled you. What a waste.

          • Umar Dendi

            Didnt you hear me! i’m not one of those demented idiots in your tavern
            So of course it wont make sense to me!
            Waste! like we wasted Biafra?

          • Benny

            Point of correction,Nigeria never wasted Biafra.If the two countries were left one on one with each other without Britain’s support and coercion and some Nigerian traitors Biafra would have far excelled Nigeria in every comparable field.Take for instance Anambra State has repeatedly clinched the first position in Waec for two years now.With the little that Ibos were left with aft the war( 20 pounds) from Awolowo,the opportunistic Nigeria’s war Finance Minister.You can even see the levels of most Igbo Businesses around the country.

          • Otile

            You know most of them are blind over there, they will never see the development Igbo is bringing to them. We must continue to develop and civilize them, if we leave them in their natural crude form they will be making wars on us till thine kingdom come.

          • Otile

            The present day waste is how boko boys are wasting you idiots over there. Are you not demented by begging us to came and rescue you from boko haram? Does this make sense to you?

          • Umar Dendi

            You mean how that hate mongering Southerner is trying to enact vengeance??
            I didnt day anything, the Australian you hired did!

            I personally don’t remember anyone begging a bunch of crooks for help!
            hell, all we need do is Balkanize the fede**** and we’ll leave the Bokos to you!
            Hell, we’ll leave you with Mend, Massob and the next crazy thing you idio** decide to do!
            You know..like voting for a drunk and laundering millions on a private jet!!
            not to mention my favorite…Chai! DeresGod!
            who does that??

          • Otile

            Why not for once make reference to a reasonable point, why do you continue babbling, fuming with insults whenever I nail you down?

            Is that Australasian man, the Devis fella not a Northern hireling? Can you people do anything without running to a whiteman or arab to do it for you? During the genocide you people sold Nigeria to the Arabs, Russians and Great Britain to fight for you. I know you will quickly deny it. Mind that denying reality does not change reality.

            MEND kuma MASSOB are there to defend people, but your Boko Haram is there to destroy people including your own. What is your twist on this one, yaro?

          • Umar Dendi

            wow, hate to break it to mongrel, but the person doing the nailing isnt you!
            but, i suppose the dementia will make you think otherwise!
            Thats probably why you think Massob and Mend are some heroes!
            well, its always been the disease ravaging your people!
            for you Kidnappers, thieves and murderers are heroes!
            I for one am sick of talking to fools like you
            so, soo long Sucke*
            you know, we Northerners have lives beside living on the net; sending spam; emails about prices and duping innocent folks

          • Otile

            Who kidnapped 256 innocent school girls? Who kidnapped the Madaci, Bature among others. Don’t wash your hands out of kidnapping, the innocent girls are not free yet. In short don’t deny kidnapping, it has became a way of life for northerners nowadays.

            Who’s doing the bank robberies, robbing police stations, sacking civilians in the North East to steal their belongings? You people are dishonest to the bone. Talk of murderers, how many innocent people have you murdered in the North this year alone?

            If you claim that Northerners have no business on then internet, what are you doing here then? Why is everybody reading your trash/spams? Continue contradicting yourself out of stupidity.

            Yes, you can say that MEND kuma MASSOB are heroes. They are defending lives. Your own Boko Haram people are destroying live. It seems Alzheimer got you early. You can’t think again. For you, your murder are Allah’s fighters, defending their god.

          • Umar Dendi

            And who is this mysterious Fulani??
            Gowon, IBB?, Abacha? or Abdulsalam??

            How Southern Nigerian of You!

            The only Fula to ever rule Nigeria were Buhari- 20 months and Yar’adua!

            Whats it with those pinny little brains of yours that constrain you folks to such ignorance and ineptitude? i could ask you to do some research but if history is anything to go by; that plum of flesh up your head will tilt you further down the abyss!
            Well, i guess i should no blame it all on you. its what you’ve been conditioned to do. hate, blab,curse and drink!
            Save it for your friends at the tavern!

          • Otile

            He is a disgrace to Odua people not Ndigbo. You cannot wish him away by disowning him or using taquiyya deception.

        • Otile

          The vote was a foregone conclusion. Who else ran against him? The evil genius hand-pick MKO and Toffa. Nigerian voted in line with their numerical composition; the North voted for Toffa, the South voted for MKO crushing Toffa 5-1, just as GEJ crushed M Buhari, you know by what ratio. This is not in doubt. Understad?

        • Otile

          The vote was a foregone conclusion. Who else ran against him? The evil
          genius hand-picked MKO and Toffa. Nigerians voted in line with their
          numerical composition; the North voted for Toffa, the South voted for
          MKO crushing Toffa 5-1, just as GEJ crushed M Buhari, you know by what
          ratio. This is not in doubt. Understand?

          • Umar Dendi

            Oh, I see. re-writing History again?
            No worries! at the end of the Day not even Emeka could stench the North!

            GEJ Wining without the North!
            I suppose Abdullahi Adamu’s Nassarawa , Idris Wada’s Kogi or Murtala Nyako’s Adamawa are not in the North?
            You disappoint me! you of all people should know! They are all Northern Soldiers oh and yes, they kicked your asse* in the Civil War!!

          • Otile

            There was no civil war in Najeriya. It was a calculated attempt at genocide, and you know it. Despite the worst efforts made by Ingila, Russo kuma Arabanci people still live in Biafra today. Most of all, many good Northerners are joining us there. We will accommodate and save them from the swords of their brothers back home. They are glad the brazen genocide has abated. Yaro ka ji ko?

          • Umar Dendi

            So says the loosers.
            the no good blood sucking diaspora ridden clump of idiots
            Keep telling yourself that!

    • Wähala

      The topic is fake pastor Ayo Oletsejafor and Cardinal Okogie’s reactions to their brand of evangelism…
      Whatever is giving you hangover hasn’t left you to your senses, go back to sleep and come back later when you must have detoxed yourself from that stuff. Clown!

  • Ilesanmi Dunjoye

    The no-nonsense Cardinal Olubunmi Okogie is right. The life styles of some of the so called men of God is really worrisome. If the trend is allowed to continue then Christianity may extinct. Going by the FGN explanation on the $9.3m cash for arms DEAL pastor Ayo may be an innocent in this matter, but my concern is that the jet involved in this case was said to be a gift to be used to facilitate the work of God, Why did he convert it to a commercial plane? You can see the unguided crave for materialism.

    • Wähala

      Fake Ayo Oletsejafor is not innocent in this matter at all, at all…
      The company to which his jet was leased in the money laundering dirty business belongs to him. So, he leased his plane to himself at taxpayers’ cost for laundering of taxpayers’ stolen wealth. It’s called “double jeopardy” in Law and “double wahala for dedi bodi” in the African Shrine…kapisch?

    • Like most churches in Nigeria, the Roman Catholic church contradicts the Scripture
      on many teachings and practice of theirs.

      I encourage you to read my article “No Images”

      • Benny

        Truly the imbecility that runs in ur family is generational.You are as mad as the mad people that brought you into this world

  • Peter Irene

    If Obama makes a declaration or an assertion he backs it with statistics. This our President makes statements without giving example or statistics to back it up. The level of employment we have in this country today has never happened before. There is no power anywhere. We are still running generator economy. I check the Business Day on a daily basis and the power capacity is still less than 4000 mw, Curruption is unchecked and private Jets have taken over ferrying raw dollars overseas. How can we be richer when parents now take over the feeding of unemployed graduates above 30 years? Abba Moro Stadium unemployed graduate crowd is a tip of the iceberg.

    • Ishani

      @ Peter Irene:

      I think it was Seyi Olu Awofeso who warned Nigerians that once their country’s politics is equated with stealing,
      as it is today – where no public accounts are rendered to the people – the effect will be deadly violence,
      because “stealing is a violent activity”. I actually see mass killings in the wake of the politics of thefts in Nigeria.

      Political parties in Nigeria, without exception are comprised of career criminals intent on stealing the treasury.
      In that contest of rogues, the voters are invited to choose their preferred thieves. Nigeria then declines and falls whichever gang of thieves is selected at the polls. This is not democracy. Nigeria is now fully under the rule of thieves.

      • By popular demand

        “Nigeria is no longer a country. It is not a country where people can live
        to survive. Nigeria is a place ruled by criminals and thieves,
        as well as by those who believe in plundering and looting.”

        …….. Mbazulike Amaechi (Nigeria’s first Minister of Aviation)
        [September 14th, 2014]

      • Mafeni

        “Stealing kills a country faster than cancer kills an individual”

        ……………Seyi Olu Awofeso
        (2nd July, 2011)

        • Dele Omowale

          Just as example, sir, Raji Fashola – Lagos state’s most dubious governor – will be quitting office

          next year and leaving not less than three (3) billion dollars behind in state debts; after blowing
          away seven (7) billion dollars in federally allocated revenue since 2007, plus, another eleven [11] billion dollars in taxes and levies, totalling 18 billion dollars, but with no justification for this amount
          on the ground, and without his ever transparently disclosing the state’s post-budget accounts to the people of Lagos state.

          • Banjo


            Any government that cannot formally educate its next generation is not worth having.

            Raji Fashola is ignorant because he does not know how to educate the next generation
            of Lagosians, despite that he “…..got 7 billion dollars as federally allocated revenue since 2007
            plus another 11 billion dollars as internal revenue in the same period – totalling $18billion”.
            That amount of money should have produced a first-class, low-tuition university if Raji Fashola
            were honest with Lagos state funds.

            It is better to shut down this pretensive Lagos state government than allow it run roughshod over the people. Sovereignty belongs to the people – not to Raji Fashola whose poor understanding of
            governance is limited to public works department (PWD) functions of road re-surfacing without thinking that it is the missing transport links in Lagos state that are the ultimate purpose of roads, rather than road for road sake.

          • Shade Ajeromi

            @ Banjo:

            Alhaji Raji Fashola is not a thinker. He’s just an impulsive person; brash and uncouth,

            who takes un-thinking short cut in reflex action as quick-fix solution. But short cut reflex

            can’t solve poverty.

            Trying to sweep poverty under the carpet, by getting rid of poor people, is not governance but idiocy.
            Getting tough on the causes of poverty is instead the intelligent way to govern but that’s exactly what’s been missing in Lagos. That’s why Lagos has degraded in the latest Economic Intelligence World survey as the third [3rd] worst city on the face of the earth. Two years ago,

            in 2012, Lagos was rated the 4th worst city in the world. In effect, with more revenues
            coming in, Lagos deteriorates further and further, all because of Raji
            Fashola’s thoughtless and make-believe governance.

          • Otile

            Don’t say that Rajiv will be leaving the state in any kind of debt. What is he doing with the humongous oil money allocation second only to Kano state? Six month’s Lagos oil money allocation is larger than a year’s budget for North and South Sudan plus Somalia combined. Allah, we have been robbed. These people are fighting the same Islamic terrorism as we are doing. Allah.

        • Patrick Asabe

          Nigerians are in bondage. The people of the country are captured. Official oligarchs
          steal the country blind. There are no credible forums to bring thievish
          government officials to justice. Faced with similar crisis in France, the French people

          decided that the retributory justice warranted for such rogue officials is death by the guillotine.

          The French quickly formed revolutionary committees and beheaded their own corrupt officials.

          Nigerian youths must form revolutionary committees in each local government to decide
          the punishment for Nigeria’s roguish officials. Nigeria should not exempt itself
          from the currents of progress in history. Progress begins by insistence that no man

          shall oppress or exploit another man in a democracy. State assets are not

          anyone’s personal property.

          • Seemeseetrouble

            “What is about to happen is going to be like a film show.
            Something greater than the Justice Oputa panel will be set up in Nigeria to try
            corrupt politicians. God will use this crisis (Boko Haram/insecurity) to raise
            up a leader who will cleanse the society. The person will have the heart of a
            lion, like Jehu in the Bible. Most of these politicians, if they are not dead,
            will end up in prison. This is what God is saying.”

            …….…….Primate Olabayo

            (Head of the Evangelical Church of Yaweh)

            [April 29, 2013]

          • sultan

            tell that to tinubu and rogues like buhari and dont u know most of the pastors and imamas are in the pay roll of APC

          • Factual

            Are you serious? The OLETSEJAFORS, OYEDEPOS and TUBERCULOSIS JOSHUAS are PDPigs members?

          • Sword of Damocles

            Tell them my brother! these looters, by their lunacy & treasonous actions(even today) are making this narrative INEVITABLE. I have read extensively on the French & Russian Revolutions. i do not wish it on Nigeria, but you know the idiocy, vanity, and unremitting TREASON of Nigeria’s “leaders” have COMPELLED this course of action. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!

        • darlinton jumbo

          What Nigerians are stealing or have been stealing for the past 54 years, is the oil revenue of the uncaring stricken people of the south south where the president comes from in Nigeria. One is even wondering why they have refused to fight for their rights.

      • memu

        stealing did not start with Jonathan in 2011. Go and tell Tinubu to tell us how he got his planes from the spirit world

  • kammykazee

    Papa Okogie, one of the very few ‘men of God’ around, he is never shy of speaking the truth no matter who is at the receiving end of the chastisement, he lives, walks and talks with uprightness, I just pray we have more religious men like him. May God grant you long life in good health, sir.

    • Eroli Reuben

      Cardinal Okogie should shut up and seat his ugly ass down somewhere …when do these guys realizes that the battles CAN face today are not the same battles of 35 years ago that he and others fought. .

      • Mosaku 147

        What are the battles today mr know all? I am sure if this useless Orisejafo had told Jonathan the truth from the unset,BH would have been a thing of the past by now. Mumuson.

      • tulampa

        May God forgive u

    • biri

      He is a confused homosexual ibo man. That is why he worships the emir and sutlan of sokoto—because of d money they often give him and his lover boys

      • Bigzy

        Cardinal Anthony Olubunmi Okogie was “Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Okogie was born to a royal family of Uromi in Edo State. His father was Esan and his mother was Yoruba.”. Why mumus like you always tries to drag the Igbo into the quagmere, only God knows.

      • Otile

        True to type, as your name goes so are you. Biri is Hausa word for monkey. No wonder.

  • By popular demand

    “Nigerian youths must form revolutionary committees in each local government to decide
    the punishment for Nigeria’s roguish officials. Nigeria should not exempt itself from the
    currents of progress in history. Progress begins by insistence that no man shall oppress
    or exploit another man in a democracy. State assets are not anyone’s personal property.”

    ……Patrick Asabe
    (September 28, 2014)

    • Battle Ready

      @ Patrick Asabe,

      Death is the wages of sin and stealing is a sin.
      There’s no other punishment to decide for thievish politicians.
      The decision has long suggested itself.
      Those in government who steal or stole take the risk of being killed.

  • Deboy

    Who was the CAN president when IBB was in the saddle. I learnt that man of God was shown a video how he was frolicking with a daughter of Eve thereafter his mouth was shut. The same man of God got his head broken by a whore, a prostitute. all through the tenure of Maradona IBB this so called man of God could not say ha. He who stays in a glass house should not throw stone.
    We shall soon hear all the sin and evil of immorality that this ex -man of God has committed..

    • OKOOM

      that man na yeye HE GOAT

    • Otile

      He is talking now because IBB is out of the county, but we have not forgotten.

  • Bisi Ademola


    It took 7 months for President Jonathan to (reluctantly) remove Stella Oduah as Aviation Minister.

    Since her removal on 13th February, it took President Jonathan another 5 months to replace her.

    In other words it took one-quarter of President Jonathan’s term in office just to remove and replace

    an obviously corrupt and thievish Aviation Minister.

    It then took President Jonathan another 15 months of letter-writing

    to remove an un-accountable Central Bank Governor – Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.

    Except for the overlap of these two cases, removing and replacing Stella Oduah;
    and, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi took exactly half of President overall Jonathan’s term in office.

    Yet, President Jonathan has no remedial result to show for both cases of stealing.

    Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, on his part, has slipped into Kano palace and donned the toga of Emir,
    so as to scuttle further criminal investigation of over 650billion Naira missing at CBN un-accounted.

    Stella Oduah is herself freely prancing around as a newly-elected Market Women Leader

    of Anambra state – without facing criminal any criminal arraignment for her audit-proven thefts.

    Little wonder then that Nigeria is without a doubt a failed state under President Jonathan?

    • Historian

      “When Mr. Goodluck Jonathan said he did not “give a damn” about declaring his assets, some people pretended
      not to understand the implications. The truth is that a man who does not give a damn about leading by character or
      accountability cannot inspire success or productivity. As a result, Jonathan leads a system where his key people are free to pursue their own conquests; a system where merit does not count and evil is not punished”.

      …..Sonala Olumhense
      (April 20th, 2014)

    • Nigerian

      What of the $20 Billion stole by the Petroleum minister? What of the Abba Moro, the corrupt who collected billions of Naira from applicants of jobs in NIS which ended in the death of Nigerians? You forgot to mention them.

      • Mr Igbo Sanity

        No Stolen by Jonathan!

    • By popular demand


      “The only way to stop us from stealing is to stone us. The Nigerian followers are
      as guilty as the Nigerian leaders. The Nigerian institutions are all compromised;
      and there is no alternative to them as it is. Nigerians appear not to be against stealing
      and corruption but only against how long you stay stealing and being corrupt. Don’t ever
      expect those in public office to fight corruption on these facts.”

      ….…..Governor Rotimi Amaechi (Rivers state)

      (June 30th, 2014)

    • Mr Igbo Sanity

      First there is no proof or evidence that Sanusi stole one naira otherwise jonathan would have jailed jim after he revealed and the pdp-led senate confirmed that jonathan has carried out the LARGEST ROBBERY in the history of the planet, and that is STEALING 20 BILLION DOLLARS OR 3.3 TRILLION NAIRA of unremited oil revenue!

      Note if every Nigerian was to share in that jonathan’s single LOOT of 3.3 Trillion Naira evey one of us will get 2 billion Naira in our pockets! Now deal with that!

      • Otile

        Show proof.

        • Olutola

          Which proof? Something they worry you? bribe no deh get receipt now, abi you no know? You no see how dem wan buy 9.3M Dollars Arms for cash! They are “armed robbers”

          • Bigzy

            If this is not stupidity and conjecure turned into an art form, I don’t know wha is.

          • Otile

            Were you deal when the deal was made? Don’t sacrifice innocent people oo.

  • Pelumi

    “Nothing is working; the worst corruption is in Nigeria. There has never been corruption as worse as this.

    The name of Nigeria is now corruption. We are sitting on a keg of gunpowder. Something worse than Boko Haram

    is about to happen. We are looking at total darkness in the nation. There’s going to be a revolution.

    The poor will overtake the rich. You’ve not seen anything yet. You’ve not seen the real Boko Haram.

    A worse Boko Haram is about to happen”.

    ..…Primate Olabayo

    (June 30, 2013)

    • By popular demand

      “When Mr. Goodluck Jonathan said he did not ‘give a damn’ about decalaring his assets,
      some people pretended not to understand the implications. The truth is that a man who

      does not give a damn about leading by character or accountability cannot inspire success

      or productivity. As a result, Jonathan leads a system where his key people are free to pursue
      their own conquests; a system where merit does not count and evil is not punished”.

      …..Sonala Olumhense

      (April 20th, 2014)

    • Bleeding heart

      Excuse me, i don’t like too much bloodshed. If this revolution you people are saying will be well-managed,
      I will support it, but provided that no more than 10,000 crooks will be devoured by the revolution. Anything above that figure will be excessive and un-acceptable to my soul. Just 10,000 financial criminals. That’s all. I don’t like too much blood, please!

      • Andy

        He, he,he!!! Which revolution have you heard of starting with a limit of casualties in mind?
        You must be an elderly person to suggest 10,000 official thieves to be taken out of action, but the
        goal of a revolution is not to fulfil a number, but to cleanse the country of ALL OFFICIAL THIEVES.
        If they exceed 100,000 they will all be laid to rest in perfect peace, and come to think of it,
        there may be no bloodshed if the revolutionaries roast all the official thieves to ashes on the streets!

    • WHEN will this happen? VAGUE prediction just like Adeboye and other crooks.

      In 2008, Adeboye gave the following “prediction” as special revelation from God:

      “Internationally, there will be scientific breakthrough this year.”

      We are living in the 21st century; that vague prediction is no special
      revelation at all, but high probability of the 21st century.

      DECEITFUL and CONFUSED Pastors.



    • shehu

      REDEEM has transformed to SULTAN. I got you. Try another name. DRUNKARD!

    • Umar Dendi

      Wow. you must really be on CAFENOL!!
      did you take with Ogoggoro??

      • Otile

        How about your very self, did you gulp nunu with burukutu? Kettle calling pot black.

        • Umar Dendi

          Oh, you mean like that freak who was so Drunk he couldn’t talk to the AU?

          Thankfully, my people arent that infamous!
          unlike some…you know- bush meat eating freaks!

          • Otile

            You mean that Katsina illiterate man campaigning to be VP. I am glad I understand Hausa when federal character makes him president I will still understand him. Gworo chewing freaks.

          • Umar Dendi

            Well, i suppose thats all you guys are ever good for!
            hiding behind our shadows!
            Lucky for you we Northerners are not a pack of Racists!

          • Otile

            How are you Northerners not racists? Saduana hated Igbo with passion, even his British masters were so much embarrassed when he voiced it out in public. Col Murtala Mohammed hated Igbo so much that when his vandal troops were heading for Onitsha he packed 2 trailer loads one full of koboko, another full of short ropes to tied and behead civilians and children abducted in Biafra. When M Buhari illegally overthrew the govt, he chauffeured the Hausa president to his home, but shackled the Igbo VP into Kirikiri prison. When a man depicted the portrait of Nabi Mohammed in Europe the Northerners started slaughtering Igbo people living their midst in the North. We have not forgotten, yaro.

    • hummm

      @Cafenol, paracetamol, and tynenol ,thanks for sharing your being present at the scene of the 53 suitcases and witnessing Buharis corrupt practice.

    • shehu

      You changed from REDEEM to SULTAN and now to CAFENOL. Continue changing names. I got you, DRUNKARD!

  • ojati

    Its like the man is no longer interested in biafra he now want the Ibos to team up with the Fulanis in the North of Chad and Cameroon to form the United States of ALAMAJIRI-IBO. What is left for him to do is to urge the ibos to carry arms again as they did in 1966 against their perceived enemies in Edo, Plateau, and the Niger Delta for the Fulanis in the North. Without caring to count the number of Ibos slaughtered by the fulanis in the north through bokom haram.These are the types of people who urged Fashola to send Ibo beggars back to the east

    • Mr Igbo Sanity

      First its IGBO not Ibo. Stop insulting a nation of over 50 million people. Just so you know their is no TRIBE called “nigeri delta” As morons like you may not know, so called “niger delta” comprise states of IMO with 99% Igbo, ABIA with 99% Igbo, DELTA with over 50% Igbo, RIVERS with over 80% indigenous Igbo, Edo, Bayelsa, Cross River, Akwa Ibom, all with at least 5% to as many as 20% or more indigenous Igbo populations!

      The Former Republic of Biafra has for major tribes namely: Ijo (now Ijaw), Efik, Ibibio and Igbo, and scores of smaller tribes that have intermarried and share the same culture for thousands of years! Now moron like you can shut the “F” up with your divide and conquer mentality!

      • lawiri

        Ole (thief) ! Niger Delta now a part of ibo tribe?

        • redeem

          are u ok–the ibos claim they own asaba-that is why they do not want them to fight for anioma state–and u are asking if Niger delta is now part of ibo tribe–who yearns for such

    • Otile

      You very much sound like a Yoruba tribalist hoping to pit Igbo against other ethnic groups. Why not allow Biafra to secede and see whether Nigeria can stand?

  • Comfortkay

    Thank you Bishop Okogie for talking to the heart of Nigerian at least we have some that is saying the truth. We need to write it in Nigerian Constitution the separation of religion and Politics.
    Just because our Pastors cannot stand our dirty airport and because of their PRIDE, wear costly Gold Chains, have many body guards just like the politician, doesn’t speak against the people that are suffering and they refused to speak against corruption. Nigerian Pastors have friends in Politics that donates money for tithing and offering.

    • Like most churches in Nigeria, the Roman Catholic church contradicts the Scripture
      on many teachings and practice of theirs.

      I encourage you to read my article “No Images”.

  • Nicol Roland


    Nigerians are only belated coming into the light of truth
    just about when their country is ruined. The problem with Nigeria is not a
    section of any law or a clause in the 1999 Constitution that a clutch of
    wrongly-educated and un-enlightened charlatans had said in misleading the
    un-wary people of Nigeria these past years. A national conference or otherwise
    is moreso irrelevant to the actual problem that’s torpedoing the country into a
    failed state.

    The problem with Nigeria is stealing. It is stealing that makes
    all else impossible to do in the country. Stealing diverts national attention
    from all honest endeavours. That’s why schools fail. Stealing is what makes
    order impossible because stealing leaches the legitimacy of a country’s

    Stealing is more insidious for creating the worst type of
    government by crooks who wangle themselves into power with the monopoly of
    stolen funds which no legitimate salary can challenge. So unless stealing is
    brought to a swift end – with necessary violence and punished severely with
    hanging, revolutionary justice or public execution – honest Nigerians will
    continue to risk un-necessary deaths in the hands of the millions of paupers which
    official stealing creates in the country by deprivation of jobs and housing.

    • By popular demand


      Lagos state government has earned $40 billion in revenues between 1999 and now.
      The money – less salary and running expenses – was partly shared between Bola Tinubu,
      and Raji Fashola under corporate guise in the worst scam ever in modern Yoruba history.
      Lagos state last year floated a loan bond of about 80 billion Naira and got public investors

      to subscribe for repayment with interest but once the bond was fully subscribed, Raji Fashola took

      40% of that money – about 35 billion Naira or so – and handed it over in cash to Bola Tinubu, via a bogus corporate front.

      This patently corrupt deal was ostensibly to buy back Lagos state ‘concession rights’ on the Lekki

      tolled Expressway, according to Raji Fashola. But what the corrupt and clever by half Raji Fashola did not say
      is that the land at issue belongs to Lagos state and was never sold to Bola Tinubu’s company in the first place.
      Or did Bola Tinubu’s company invest 35 billion Naira developing the road. In other words, by sheer fraud,
      Raji Fashola gave Bola Tinubu 25 years profit upfront without any further work.

      A lien was then imposed on Lagos state allocation of federal revenue for the next three [3] years
      to pay for this 80 billion Naira debt by all Lagos residents. This transaction must count as the worst fraud
      ever in Yoruba history since Nigeria became independent on October 1, 1960. In fact, On May 21st, 2014,
      the Lagos State Commissioner for Finance, Ayodeji Gbeleyi, confirmed that Lagos state debts, as at May 2014,
      stood at N435 billion – including N275 billion in bonds – equivalent to 2.7 billion United States dollars. Now, discounting monthly interest rates on the commercial portion of this debt, and given another one billion dollars
      that Raji Fashola borrowed this month, the gross Lagos state government debt is now equal to all of the expected federal revenue allocation to Lagos state in the next two and half years – standing at $3.7 billion dollars –
      without the equivalent benefits on the ground to show for it – dollar for dollar.

      • Deroju Adedamola

        @ By Popular Demand:

        So what is the difference between James Ibori and Raji Fashola?
        As far as i am concerned i don’t see any difference between them.
        I think Raji Fashola should get the same treatment James Ibori got.
        Justice demands that same conduct be treated with same consequence.

        Raji Fashola must face severe justice and be stripped of any and all stolen wealth.
        He’s been insulting Lagosians by saying he will never render Lagos state accounts.
        Then, like a crook, he said Lagosians have no right under the Freedom of Information Act.
        All this just to hide away the whereabouts of 18 billion dollars Lagos earned under his tenure,
        and to avoid demonstrating to the public why Lagos state should now be owing $3.7 billion debt.

      • WALE

        We can see the projects in lagos state.Talk about 20 billion dollar stolen into private pockets of P.D.P led federal govt in abuja.

        • Mr. Caulcrick

          Mr. Wale or whatever,

          Can you read at all? Lagosians are asking for account of the $40billion dollars Lagos state got as revenue between 1999 till date and you are talking of seeing some projects. Are you okay? Which projects did you see that is worth $40 billion in Lagos state? Or is it that you don’t know what 40 billion U.S dollars can do?

          With 40 billion dollars Fashola records 80% school cert failures every year. With 40 billion dollars no primary or secondary school in Lagos is fitted for learning and staffed with trained teachers. And you say you see some projects? Ah, oh, you are talking about flowers Raji Fashola planted, right?

          But how much are the flowers you saw? We all know the price of flower. So don’t kid us here. There’s no question that massive theft of funds; un-precedented in Lagos state history, has occurred under Raji Fashola. He must be brought to justice to face un-precedented punishment to deter any crook in future from following his type of irresponsible frittering or pocketing of other people’s money.

        • redeem

          which part of lagos ajegunle

    • Pastor Jones

      “A life based on corruption is varnished putrefaction.
      Parents who earned through bribes or corrupt practices have lost their dignity
      and fed their children with unclean bread. Receiving bribes is like a drug, as
      the receivers become dependent on the habit of bribes. Those involved in
      corrupt practices are like whitewashed tombs which appear beautiful from the
      outside, but inside, are full of dead bones and putrefaction. It would be
      better if a millstone were put around their necks and they be thrown into the
      sea, because where there is deceit the Spirit of God cannot be.”

      …….…..Pope Francis at the Vatican

      (November 12, 2013)

      • Like most churches in Nigeria, the Roman Catholic church contradicts the Scripture
        on many teachings and practice of theirs.

        I encourage you to read my article “No Images”

  • bami

    that is why his head is so small. Ashawo don hit am tire

  • www.staemti.com

    First, Pastor Ayo Oritsejiafor has his rights a s a human being and please so long as politics is involved, the church has an active role to play.

    Its so sad that for years, we as Christians have left politics to the “world” in quote, and when we have bad leaders we come back to church to start raising prayer points- “God forbid” not 2015.You might as well request that as the CAN leader he should not vote, so as not to take sides.

    You know the funny thing about it all, until proven guilty, the man remains “spot free”. Christians are their own greatest enemies, the thing about the CAN is that most people have refused to accept change. It is what you sow you will reap. You can not pull out of CAN for no just reason as far as am concerned and say all sort of things without a single proof, and tomorrow when a catholic is elected as CAN leader you say, let us all come together as Christians to support each other. With which mouth? Would you feel bad if the Pentecostal’s and the Methodists etc. give you a thousand and one reason why they would not be a part of it? A word is enough for the wise.

    • Chinny

      Christians should do what? Join and rape Nigeria? God is really a patient daddy, but he will judge all of us.

    • Contact Point

      You are a total disappointment and disgrace to your generation and nation. Imagine turning truth upside down just to support evil? CAN is non-partisan and should be seen to be so. Pastor, Ayo Oritsejafor (i doubt his calling anyway) should stay off politics because he is no GEJ’s PA the way and manner he is visiting villa in every single moment, making mockery of the office he represents.

  • Public Policy Group


    In the eyes of the law Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor is a criminal accomplice.
    The two offences of smuggling and moneylaundering are in bold relief.
    But there’s the other matter of due process withdrawal of the $9.3million.
    Was the money taken out of the treasury or just wangled out of a parastatal?

    Either way, was the withdrawal of the money backed by law and due processed by approvals?
    If not, another layer of offence will get added to the duo of smuggling and moneylaundering.
    That additional offence is THEFT under the Penal code of Nigeria and under the EFCC Act.
    On this potential offence of theft, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor could be implicated as co-conspirator,
    for providing the means of escape, via an aeroplane he’s admitted he owns all by himself.

  • Thepeople

    Thank you Cardinal Okogie. You speak for the people. One great philosopher states: For evil to truimph, all it takes for good men to nothing-

  • Jizzle

    Hope still dey be that. Some of us were beginning to wonder whether we still had Christians in Nigeria. Thank you cardinal for restoring my faith

    • Like most churches in Nigeria, the Roman Catholic church contradicts the Scripture
      on many teachings and practice of theirs.

      I encourage you to read my article “No Images”

  • WALE

    Cardina Qlubunmi Okogie is truly a man of GOD.He speaks the truth and nothing but the truth,thank you sir to making us tall like a christian,since some never speaks the truth like you

    • Otile

      Has he ever condemned Islamic terrorism ravaging the North? You are praising him because he is a sycophant of Sultan Sokoto.

      • cookie


      • Strong System

        So you can’t even see what’s wrong with the current CAN leadership?
        So you assume that religion is no different from thuggery?

        • Otile

          What do you say abou Suntai, Fashola, Pastors, Imams and Marabouts owning fleet of planes, do you know what deal they do with those planes in private? It will be a good idea to know how they acquired those planes and what shady deals the run with them. It so happened that Gen Dasuki betrayed Rev Oritsejiofor and now he seems to be the only criminal arms merchant since Col Yakubu Gowon’s underground arms sales.

      • Nwokolo

        Yes he has even in a sermon just recently. When the deeper life church was attacked in 2012 Gombe Cardinal Okogie literally curse Boko Haram.

    • Like most churches in Nigeria, the Roman Catholic church contradicts the Scripture
      on many teachings and practice of theirs.

      I encourage you to read my article “No Images”.

      • Benny

        You have said this repeatedly on all fora and I have also enlightened you.Its is either you are sick or you need to visit the YAba psychitric hospital

  • cookie

    came across this article and thought to share….

    I am not sure you understand the context of CAN or Christianity in Northern Nigeria. Let me explain:

    1. Anyone who knows anything about Christianity knows that it is not the natural state of things for Catholics and Protestants to stay together under one roof. They usually do so when they perceive a common threat like Abortion/Gay Rights in the United States/Europe. as a matter of fact, Ecumenism as a philosophy is the principle or aim of promoting unity among the world’s Christian Churches… it is particularly difficult amongst Nigeria’s many distinctively different christian denominations.

    Usually, theological differences keep them apart (e.g. Catholics were never part of the World Council of Churches).

    2. The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) is a response to the religious politics of Northern Nigeria and the refusal of the Northern ruling elite to separate Mosque and State. Burning issues like the political Sharia and Boko Haram will still persist whether Catholics are part of CAN or not.

    3. CAN is a POLITICAL organisation, it has been from inception. CAN presidents have usually been outspoken. Classical examples are Okogie, Akinola and Makinde.

    4. The focus of CAN has always been Northern Nigeria. There is little need for CAN in the more religiously tolerant South. Most Northern Christians are not bothered if “Ayo Oritsejafor is too close to government”, provided that he works to prevent congregations from being blown up on Sunday mornings. They also know that his private jet is not used to bomb anyone on Sunday morning.

    5. You remarked on “Catholics being a powerhouse in Nigeria”. Let me also remind you that the most Catholic part of Nigeria (Igbos from the South East) is also one of the most likely to suffer from religiously motivated violence in Northern Nigeria.

    6. Gideon Akaluka, who was beheaded for “desecrating the Quran”, was Igbo and most probably, Catholic. If Catholics are no longer in CAN, they will still require a pressure group to protect their interests in Northern Nigeria. As you know, religious zealots make no distinction between Catholic and Protestant Churches when they go suicide bombing.

    7. Catholic Bishops have taken pains to explain that this is strictly an internal matter and that Oritsejafor has agreed to meet them. The truth is that Catholics need CAN a lot more than CAN needs the Catholics. As I earlier pointed out, it is all about Northern Nigeria. besides they are still a part of CAN

    8. CAN as a body has several distinct organisations within it which all vote to produce the CAN president.. they include the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria (CSN) the TEKAN/ECWA, the baptists, the Organisation of African Instituted Churches, the christian council of Nigeria and the pentecostal fellowship of Nigeria

    9. The Northern CAN was very instrumental to electing pastor Ayo Oritsejafor as he is considered more vocal than the past presidents when it came to the plight of Northern christians who were being killed regularly by islamic fundamentalists in Northern Nigeria infact Oritsejafor actually defeated Cardinal Onaiyekan in the race to become CAN president

    10. Oritsejafor is the first CAN president to testify at the US Congress. Many Nigerian Christians actually like his advocacy skills and the job he is doing to mobilise Nigerian Christians in the US to form a pressure group.

    11. In the meantime, Sheik Gumi made a series of inflammatory remarks. I am worried, but not surprised that this blog chose to ignore them.

    12. Finally, this is a sad commentary on religious politics in Nigeria. We cannot make up our minds on whether we are a secular, multi-religious (whatever that means) or a one-third Sharia state. As long as this persists, there will be space of religious advocacy groups like CAN and JNI.

    • Nwokolo

      So in all honesty what has Oritsejafor achieved over these years as CAN President as far as the safety and well being of Christians in Kaduna,Taraba,Nasarawa,Plateau,Taraba,Benue etc is concerned? I live in the north and statistically the past years have been the worst for Christians in the north especially in Kaduna. Oritsejafor as a ”Waffi” man just makes mouth with very little action. Most of the affordable structures taking care of the poor people in the north and elsewhere are still owned and serviced by the Catholic Church and they are establishing more. The Cardinal has spoken the truth which is bitter.

      • redeem

        what did okogie achieve with the sultan of sokoto

      • cookie

        like i pointed out… you will never know the extent to which the Northern christians suffer if oritejafor wasnt president… he single handedly brought the attention of the world to the plight of the Northern christian. he was even invited to the US congress to address them and basically inform them on what was actually happening. it was on his account that boko haram have now been labeled a foreign terrorist organisation… something all the past CAN presidents were either unable or not sufficiently inclined to do.

        please check to see how CAN under his leadership is helping victims of terrorism in the north east.

        • Nwokolo

          There has always been attention on the plight of Nigerians
          not only Northern Christians in the hand of our leaders what we lack is action by our leaders including the present leadership. Action is not by MOUTH. CAN has not achieved much under the leadership of Oritsejafor and it is verifiable. You can’t achieve much by aligning with a political party and more so as the leader of a religious group. So many nigerians have addressed congress of so many nations including Lai Mohammed, what we need is unbiased and dispassionate action for the good of peoples of Nigeria. Most of the infrastructure in rural poor is still provided by the Catholic Church. I’m not taking about occassional cups of rice.

          • cookie

            i take it that you are a catholic… and defending your sect… i just told you that he made loud enough noise for the international community to sit up and take not and you are talking about lai mohammed…. what does lai mohammed have to do with this discussion…. oritsejafor has sooo irritated the people who are opposed to the change in status quo that he has been labeled public enemy no 1 by certain ethnic cleavages and some daft christian folks….. the times when you turn up and kill christian northerners with impunity while catholic priests shamelessly remain mute/passive or try to maintain a politically correct posture in order not to offend the aggressors is over. the world is watching now.

    • Scalywag

      Thank you very much for your enlightened contribution but please don’t miss the point. The issue here is the use of CAN president’s private jet for ferrying $9.3million to South Africa to ‘purchase arms for security agencies’. Cardinal Okogie weighed in on the controversy by averring that given the poverty afflicting ordinary christians, Mr Oritsejafor ought not even own a private jet; ought not nurture the ambition of owning a private university which will even not be affordable to children of his congregation. Now you have introduced the Catholic-Protestant dichotomy into the mix. The Pope does not own a private jet, nor does the Archbishop of Canterbury. But Oritsejafor does. And he ‘leased it out’ for profit to be used for unwholesome ends. Most of his pentecostal peers do own jets but they are not CAN presidents and this is the crux of the matter. For a proper perspective please

      • redeem

        may be the pope also travels around the world on the back of a camel—————yes the church I mean the Catholics have no right to own a bank—-abi——-may be if Jesus returns this time around he would not even flay by air

        • Otile

          Do you ever make sense in your life?

      • cookie

        i recall that madonna university okija is owned and run by a catholic priest… maybe that escaped his memory…. there are catholic schools all over the world run by catholic individuals or communities… maybe that also escaped his memory….

        on if oritsejafor should own a jet its rather amusing to me… in the past people trekked before others started using horses… then bicycles… then motor bikes… then came cars… now most people have cars… then planes… in the future it wont even be an issue if you have a plane… most pentecostal pastors you know have planes… if you dont have one.. dont beef period

        now i also mentioned ecumenism… certain people posture as though they are the globally recognised standards on christian values… and as though they are the only authorities on what is right or wrong… oritejafor doesnt take directives from the pope, the pope isnt the global reflection of christian values… maybe except to the catholics alone… he isnt bound to live like the pope and vise versa… they can have different values which are actually both correct in principle.

        on the issue of the $9.3million dollars if the CAN president leased out his plane to a company which then sub-leased it to another company which then gave it too the party that carried out the transaction he has actually no liability… and even if he does… taking into account recent stories making the rounds that our ability to procure arms in the international market has been vetoed by the US… id rather have a government that does every thing possible… and takes every possible step even if it includes buying arms from the black market to protect the lives of its citizens… than a government that finds excuses bordering on legality as to why it cannot defeat our common enemy….

        • ibrahim bida buhari

          A government cannot be denied the rights to buy arms by the international community until they fear its abuse. And we are beginning to be sure that indeed the fear of abuse of arms purchased by FG are indeed being abused. It is no longer surprising that the donors ofthe jet to the ‘man of God’ remain un named till date.
          Who would be surprised that such complicated lease arrangements was made to ferry the money?
          Who knows the number of times that such complicated leasing arrangement of the jet has been made to ferry mighty sums to buy arms for the “security men”? Nemesis has its way!

          • cookie

            please note…. not the international community…. the US… they dont represent the international community. after all…. some papers now say the country has turned in the direction of russia. like i said… it is the duty of the government to protect its citizens…. weather the US choose to sell us weapons or not is secondary and if weapons need to be bought to arm our security men to protect Nigerians… so be it

            i only wonder why you guys are having issues with it… obviously most of you hate this man oritsejafor who has confronted head on the fundamentalist ideology that fuels boko haram and jihadism. now its time to turn logic on its head by branding him an arms dealer while you ignore the role most of your clergy played in encouraging doctrines of hate and superiority over other creeds

          • ibrahim bida buhari

            no. no! Evidences are beginning to show that they (he and–) are arming the BH. This clandestine attempt to buy arms is a strong one. As every sensible person knows that arms purchased this way are not for the regular security men.

          • cookie

            oh hell yeah… it is much easier to believe that oritsejafor went out of his way to conive with NSA sambo dasuki and Minister of Defense Aliyu gusau … all hausa/fulani muslims to go buy weapons to dash boko haram…

            ignore sanusi lamido sanusi giving out money as though he is president for projects we that were not appropriated… or stephen davis claiming that opposition politicians who want power at all cost… (read hausa folks) are the main sponsors of boko haram…

            its a hell of a lot easier to believe the man that brought the attention of the world to the extremist ideology prevalent in your towns is the main sponsor…

            una well done eh

          • bib

            While dont we keep our discussion on what is evident. FG admitted owning the over 93 .million dollars and it was for clandestine purchase arms from black market.. pastor Ayo Oritsejafor agrees owning the plane used. Anybody knows that arms bought this way are used toarm insurgency. Please give me the last line of this logic.

          • cookie

            sue him….. since you know the arms were for insurgents … since you have declared him guilty… sue him

          • bib

            Well ICC is watching keenly.

          • cookie

            no wahalla… remind ICC to also look out for sanusi lamido sanusi as well… in addition to all the governors that confirmed funding boko haram at the start… bauchi… kano… yobe.. maiduguri and adamawa

            that would be an interesting sight

          • cookie

            The South African newspaper, City Press, said documents in its possession show that the first consignment was personally signed off by the National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, who issued the end-user certificate for the transaction

          • bib

            That doesn’t remove its criminality.

          • cookie

            this is a sad reminder to the honest truth about this insurgency….
            you can even call your governments failed attempt at purchasing weapons to fight an insurgency that is in reality self inflicted as a result of your encouraging extreme jihadist ideologies…
            it is now killing our troops and ravaging your communities and has messed with your economies…
            yet you call our attempt at helping you criminal….
            God will judge you guys who have become closet supporters of Boko haram

          • bib

            Exactly what your masters want it sound. “Helping you”. Is protecting the lives of Nigerians notbthe constitutional duty of your elected master? But they took over a problem, expanded it and allow it to faster for may reasons best known to them. But at least we now know that filling their pockets is one of them while innocent blood continues to be ‘shared’. By the way, is it true that Doubt was on that ‘private’ plane?

          • cookie

            wow… and what if he is…. i thought you should make it your business to wonder where shekau is…

          • bib

            Is it us who want to make Nigeria ungovernable or somebody who has the ulterior motive of wanting to use the war provision in the constitution to continue to rule Nigeria without elections. Have you forgotten the 1st October bombing at Eagle Square which Mr President, as soon as it was dropped, said he knew the culprits? Thanks to MEND who insisted to own up among other things. Don’t also forget the resolution which a group from ND wanted to smuggle into the National Conference wanting elections to be postponed for six months because of on going war.

          • cookie

            ulterior motive.. since when do you qualify to assume someone else has an ulterior motive?
            you guys toyed with the constitution and made old kano have more LGAs than lagos… have consistently toyed with the census… established policies to place your emirs children and the blue bloods or those of hausa fulani muslim affiliations at an advantage over others

            you suffer from lack of trust its however the onus is on you to prove your allegations… but answer this… how come its mostly the far north who assume this…. Nigerians dont believe these assertions… we all know its the “BORN TO RULE EGO” that has suffered some bruises and is desperate to raise all sort of propaganda.

            as for MEND, at that point.. there was the main MEND and then a group of boys who tried to break off mend… and assume the same toga MEND. even the main MEND disassociated itself from the bombing and worked hard to apprehend the people behind it. your propaganda theorists know this but deliberately refuse to inform you. and what if the group from ND tried to propose… not smuggle? what if they did?

            you guys and your ilk have put the country at war… actually a civil war… it was suggested not smuggled.

            GEJ , Oritsejafor and others where very instrumental to meeting the militants and asking them to drop their agitations and lay down their arms in the interest of One Nigeria… you guys are expected to do the same to your kith and kin which you havent even tried to

            Nigeria has only asked one thing… keep your communities peaceful.. place a lid on extremist ideologies mainly taught in your mosques… we cannot continue like this

          • bib

            ‘Keep your communities peaceful ‘like you did b4 Yaradua launched Amnesty for the Delta insurgents and established Ministry of Niger Delta.

          • cookie

            i wish i can humour you by comparing your menace boko haram with MEND… they both are extremely different expressions

            so what do you want GEJ to do? form ministry of sharia and jihadi afffairs?

            yaradua needed to pacify the ND militants… the years of injustice, barefaced cheating, neglect and environmental degradation had to be sorted out immediately too.

            keep your communities peaceful.

    • africa

      Thanks for the insight you have shared. God continually keep the CAN President for us

  • Strong System

    True men of God can’t afford to keep quiet when rascals are exploiting the name of CAN to behave ungodly.

  • Mary Laja-Payne (England)

    Dear Editor Premium Times:

    Lagos state is the headquarters of corruption at state level in Nigeria. I travel home regularly and i see a mis-match between state income and expenditure. I am convinced that only theft will explain the gap. Lagos state is being governed by a cabinet of look-alikes in ignorance. With good thinking and cognate knowledge, more finances should NEVER be inversely proportional to improvements in theory or practice.

    Whenever more resources worsen a state of affairs, ignorant people are at the helms of affairs.

    What is to be done? Well, the first thing to do is to compel accounts by force from all Lagos state Commissioners and recover all stolen money, plus all stolen lands, shares and all other overseas assets from Raji Fashola. The second step is to haul these malefactors into jail-houses in their own interest lest they be brought to mob justice by the people. The third step is to enact a law in Lagos state forbidding the example of Babatunde Raji Fashola, by making it a criminal offence henceforth for any Governor of Lagos state to refuse to disclose public accounts quarterly.

    • Andy Umole

      “It would come as no great surprise if Bola Tinubu’s boasted great wealth did not derive from any
      stupendous inheritance – ancient or modern. I have also become aware that he too is a beneficiary

      of most of the lucrative contracts in all the (Yoruba) ACN/APC states without exception”.

      …………Chief Tom Ikimi

      [August 26th, 2014]

      • Femi D.

        @ Mary:

        A state government that can’t run a good school system is a mess.
        A government that can’t run a city transport system is a tragedy.
        Those are the two vital duties of any state government in Nigeria.

        A state government that fails in education and fails in public transport

        has failed overall, just like a student who fails English and Maths at WAEC exams.

        • Biodun Oshodi

          Guys, leave Lagos state fraud alone for now and deal with Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor!
          There is a more pressing issue of $9.3million moneylaundering case in South Africa.

      • Figaro

        Theft has created a crass elite structure in Nigeria having no sensible member

        a Nigerian youth can look up to as innovative and morally upright role model

        amongst the treasury thieves prancing around in criminal garb as politicians.

    • Tire

      “The January 2014 global study of cities in the world done by the British Economist
      Intelligence Unit has ranked Lagos, Nigeria, as the 3rd worst liveable city in the world.
      Lagos has degraded further from its awful status in 2012 as the 4th worst city.

      On a scale of 100 Lagos now has the third poorest score of 39.0 of all cities in the world assessed.”

      “The study titled ‘livability’ assessed particular characteristics of each city, such as its crime levels,

      the threat of conflict, the quality of medical care, the levels of censorship, the city temperature,

      the quality of its schools and its transport links.”

      ………Reported by British Telegraph

      (January 2014)

      • K.K

        My People:

        I am sorry i can’t defend a governor who does not account to the people.

        I can’t defend Babatunde Raji Fashola. I can’t allow my state to be run like

        private property of a few people. This is no longer about political party – this is
        about responsibility. All Lagosians in all parties must pull together and
        demand Lagos state accounts from Babatunde Fashola.

        We don’t want official roguery in Lagos state. We see the signs of official thefts
        already. We see certain mansions acquired by state officials under Bola Tinubu
        and Babatunde Fashola. We see hotels said to be owned by Tinubu.

        We are not fools. We must fight against these ills. We fought against Sani Abacha
        to have a clean and accountable government. We wanted democracy and a
        government answerable to us the people. What we are getting now is far from it.
        This is not democracy. It is instead the same mentality of personal ownership
        of government assets by a few Lagos state officials like the military had.

    • PeterPaul1

      Thank you for trying to move the conversation from the illegal money transfer, troll. You have other ways of exposing corrupt governors than posting on this forum. The good thing is that this $9.3m scandal will not die easily, at least in the short run.

  • cookie

    i also came across this write-up on the social media… which to my mind seems a bit more credible in a twisted sort of way
    either way we must keep asking questions… no matter how crude.

    Col. Sabo Dasuki, the National Security Adviser, is a SABOteur. He is working against President Goodluck Jonathan. He is the Number One Fifth Columnist in the Presidency. His disloyalty is evident.

    There are questions which Col. Sabo Dasuki must answer:

    1. Why did Col. Sabo Dasuki engage arms dealers and pay them $9.3million in cash to purchase arms?
    2. Did Col. Sabo Dasuki keep the President in the know regarding the transaction?
    3. What did Gen. Aliyu Gusau, the Minister of Defence and a brother-in-law to Col. Sabo Dasuki, know about the transaction?
    4. There are over 300 private jets in Nigeria and several airplanes in the Presidential Fleet, why did Col. Sabo Dasuki choose to hire the private jet owned by Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), which was being operated for charter services by a leasing company, to transport the arms dealers and the $9.3million cash to South Africa for the botched transaction?
    5. Why did Col. Sabo Dasuki leak the transaction to the Nigerian press?
    6. Why did Col. Sabo Dasuki not inform the South African authorities that he was sending people to purchase weapons for the Nigerian Government?
    7. Who is Col. Sabo Dasuki REALLY working for?

    Nigeria is bigger than Col. Sabo Dasuki and his treachery. He has proven his gross incompetence and ineptitude.

    President Goodluck Jonathan should sack Col. Sabo Dasuki NOW

    • By popular demand

      “In the eyes of the law Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor is a criminal accomplice.
      The two offences of smuggling and moneylaundering are in bold relief.
      But there’s the other matter of due process withdrawal of the $9.3million.
      Was the money taken out of the treasury or just wangled out of a parastatal?”

      “Either way, was the withdrawal of the money backed by law and due processed by approvals?
      If not, another layer of offence will get added to the duo of smuggling and moneylaundering.
      That additional offence is THEFT under the Penal code of Nigeria and under the EFCC Act.
      On this potential offence of theft, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor could be implicated as co-conspirator,
      for providing the means of escape, via an aeroplane he’s admitted he owns all by himself.”

      …………Public Policy Group
      [September 28, 2014)

      • Seemeseetrouble

        “What is about to happen is going to be like a film show.
        Something greater than the Justice Oputa panel will be set up in Nigeria to try
        corrupt politicians. God will use this crisis (Boko Haram/insecurity) to raise
        up a leader who will cleanse the society. The person will have the heart of a
        lion, like Jehu in the Bible. Most of these politicians, if they are not dead,
        will end up in prison. This is what God is saying.”

        …….…….Primate Olabayo

        (Head of the Evangelical Church of Yaweh)

        [April 29, 2013]

      • cookie

        since you caught him with the money…. sue him.

    • Ha

      If ever you believe in the roadside conversation you have cited, fine. You should know that a sting operation is legal anywhere, anytime. The intelligence community use sting operation to catch an underground criminal. Dasuki may have the knowledge that Jonathan and Ayo are serial underground money launderers and illegal arms importers but does’nt have documented evidence, he can use his intelligence to set them up. Didn’t it come into your mind how Farouk Lawan was set up by Jonathan? Is there any problem setting Jonathan and his accomplice up? As a president doesn’t he know what amounts to money laundering and what doesn’t? Should he accept Dasuki’s advice blindly to break the law? Doesn’t he has his own brain and way of thinking and analysis? Is he that dull? Do you need to tell him that the presidency has fleet of jets? Is he a common citizen in the street? And for Ayo, does his religion encourage criminal activities? Why is he not complying with his religion? Is he a common illiterate christian? Sacking or not sacking Dasuki will not change anything. Jonathan and his Soul Director are criminals. Thanks to Cardinal Okogie.

      • Farouk Ankpa

        Thank you Sir. All you said make normal human being to think beyond emotion. By the way where is Asari Dukobo ? and who is the other Nigerian in the misdemeanor?

        • Ha

          Nice one. Asari was held by the Benin Republic govt in connection with boko haram. Jonathan intervened, secured his release and ferried him back to Abuja on presidential flight. Who knows the deal they have striken with Benin to forget about everything?

      • cookie

        so you assume it is a sting operation against his boss?


        then let them come out and say it… so that Nigeria can realise the real saboteurs of government and expose them and move forward …

        i can imagine this headline… oritsejafor launders money to buy weapons in the black market on behalf of the federal government abi… those are the type of headlines that would fit daily trust… looool… you guys get serious please…

        id rather have a government that does every thing possible… and takes every possible step even if it includes buying arms from the black market to protect the lives of its citizens… than a government that finds excuses bordering on legality as to why it cannot defeat our common enemy….

        sting my left ass

  • Mobolaji Ajenifuja

    Please, please, please! Let us be careful in rushing to conclusion on this $9.3m case.
    This case is going to be long and protracted because it is now before a court of law.
    The interim order of forfeiture of the $9.3million has put President Jonathan in a bind.
    To free the money, the law requires Jonathan to come up with complete disclosures of facts.

    Jonathan’s evidence must disclose the source of the money and also show how it was earned.
    The next step is to show authorization for the money’s release in Nigeria and the intended recipient.
    Both the giver and the recipient must then be shown to have been in complete agreement on figures.
    How that complete agreement on the cash to be freighted eluded Pastor Oristejafor will be at issue.

    • Borode

      @ Mobolaji Ajenifuja:

      I feel it in my bones that an impeachable offence has occurred here.
      It is not that i am rushing to conclusion, but this infamy is clear to me.
      Goodluck Jonathan cannot extricate himself from this $9.3m mess –
      or, remain eligible as President at the same time as an accused criminal.
      That is the way i see it because Jonathan can’t explain himself up till now.

      • Ha

        You are talking about impeachment, his party has even endorsed him as their next contestant. TAN is busy gathering signatures for his re-election. His party members at national assembly turned down the motion to debate the issue. What do you expect?

  • NazirJos

    If anyone is wondering how insurgency is funded and replenished, then we have a clear and convincing answer now. After all if the deal had gone successful, then what do you think would the arms be used for? And who do you think would use them? I bet not average Christians who fight their daily means except the mercenaries who purport themselves as MUSLIM (Boko Haram) with all their outfit, and yet no. 1 of their victims is Muslim! Doesn’t this sound intriguing?

    If international community would be anything serious, GEJ and Oritsejafor and their cohorts should be prosecuted in the ICC. We will keep praying and supplicating God to continue to expose the criminals and enemies to humanity.

    • Ol’boy

      “It is a shame that Nigeria’s government would be involved in carrying cash in a private jet

      around the world in this time and age of seamless borders and market integration.

      This is absolutely nothing but a thriving platform for corruption in the country…..

      Now, the suspicion that the whole episode is a monumental case of money laundering
      gone awry is legitimate and it is sad that Nigeria has become the object of ridicule as a result
      of the impropriety and impunity of those who run the affairs of the country.”

      …………..The Guardian newspaper Editorial (Nigeria)

      [September 29, 2014]

  • africa

    Remain undaunted Papa Ayo
    I am not surprised that an EVIL old man in cassock- Okogie can talk like this.

    He was sleeping as CAN president when Nigeria was initiated into OIC. He was also there when metasine took over and killed christians in the North. Onayekan was dinning and winning with muslims when they were slaughtering catholics from place to place.

    Papa Ayo has done well for Chrisitians and Nigerians than any of them. At least he stood as a leader and spoke against the onslaught against Christians even at the perils of his life. All these noise is a calculated attempt by some-including catholic leaders who refused to submit his leadership- to dent his good name. But God will shame all his destractors

    • concerned9ja

      It’s like God is shaming Oritsejale, sorry, Oritsejafor first before shaming his critics.

  • joy

    If not for God I would have told the bishop to shut his mouth and pack is Head full of problems to go die. During his time what dis do sitting in the office and letting the northerners slay people during his time was he able to speak No oristejafor is strong reliable and if u may ask who gave you the right to judge how die you know the hand of God is not on him incase you don’t no it better you find out before Talk lieing mouth of yours

    • Ha

      So Ayo is now retaliating through boko haram?

    • Lucas balo

      Get some sense bro. The Cardinal is 100% correct in his assertion. No wonder your hellhole country is a pit of hell. People hate to hear the truth.

  • Stanley

    When the war against Boko Haram is won and lost and those behind them are revealed we will know why many of these things were happening: We will know why Boko Haram kept 200 girls and continued their killings by thousands thereafter. America and UK with their high tech suddenly left only GEJ to find chibok girls. Nigeria sending army and police to Russia for training and why the West turned down our request to train them. Why un-hired negotiator kept quiet for many years and chose now to talk. We will understand why Known power mongers across the country took strange and entrenched positions concerning the insurgency. We will know why Nigeria soldiers are not able to move one kilometer without being ambushed. We will know why CAN President’s Jet was chosen to go for arms deal. We will know many things. For now we can hardly say who or what is right or wrong.
    For sure, Nigeria has come to stay as a nation. No civil war, Boko Haram, America prediction, power struggle, religious extremism, etc., can break it. We all witnessed how dear the unity of our country is to us at the last national conference. As Obasanjo rightly said: “No one can will leave Nigeria without a fight”.

  • Jayjay

    I am disturb that this is coming from the Cardinal.
    This is not good for the body of Christ.
    I think this is more a personal vendetta than love for CAN or God.
    If what you are questioning is the credibility of the claim that the Jet in question is on lease, that makes more sense.
    to blame Pastor Oritsejafo for what a jet on lease is used for doesn’t
    make sense to me. Why should a landlord be blamed for who a tenant takes
    into his house?
    If indeed the Jet is on lease then please leave Pastor Oritsejafo out of the South Africa money issue.
    Our leaders should learn to separate persons from issues.


      The jet was given to Oritsejafo to spread the words of God, and not to do criminal businesses

    • zanny

      Are you really supporting Oritsejafo for money laundering? The Cardinal is absolutely correct even though the sycophants will call him names and condemn him. We need to have a lone voice for the people

    • Ha

      In the first place, why leasing the jet claimed to be donated to him by church members for religious missions? Didn’t he decieve them for converting the jet to commercial one?

    • Nija pikin

      Bros do Nigerians look like fools to you olodo tanda

    • mm

      U r a complete fool…..and u will forever remain that fool….u cant even see a simple writing on the wall? I wonder when on earth will some nigerians starts to think like normal human, and yet u r all crying for positive change everyday….the problems with nigerians today is dat many people are a complete and full idiots…very annoying people

      • Bonne4paix

        You sound more of a fool,what kind of deceitful writing are u reading, from your witchcraft wall accusing a noble Man falsely simply because he spoke against Boko Haram, he defended the Christain Faith with uncommon Passion he is the Voice of the Voiceless Northern Christians.You think much more like an animal even in the era of change he has not been indicted of any wrong doing either in Nigeria or South Africa,Okogie’s problem is that of envy and senility to divide the body of christ.Change has come and all Christians and muslim must abide by change not confusion,lies, half truth for self gain and recognition.


    I echoed thesame statement as the great Archbishop last week. No man of God in Nigeria should have a private jet. The needs of the children of God are too many for our religious leaders to be wasting money on private jets. Let us all pray for these leaders for a heart like Jesus Christ.


    Ayo , the present president of half population of Christians in Nigeria, has completely changed the definition of that post, he has introduced lying and deceit as per source of the gift of Jet. He has used the same jet to comit Crime , smuggling of dollars or money laundering of $9.3milloin to South Africa to purchase arms, therefore his new baptismal name will be Ayo Oritsejale.
    Food for thought for other non-Catholic Christians of Nigeria, if they have considered a criminal to be their president.

    • ogechukwu Amadi

      Just for your information dear..the jet according to verification is a different one not the first controvial one he said was a gift from the church. Nigerians should face facts and note that if we believers make second mistake it will affect our children. Jonathan is the BK with pastor Ayo and asari as His point men. His doing everything to use religion to blind fold us as many that are not informed are foolishly fulling but thank God for this great man of God.. All hands honestly should be together in love which is the only thing that can bring this evil government down ..the don’t want love among us because love is wise.. The want anger …which brings division. Nigerians I love u all.

  • New Jersey

    Well said Okogie. We remember when you were at mantle of leadership of CAN you always speak for the common man, not minding who it will hurt. Please intervene to bring sanity to CAN.

  • Thomas Akpera

    Good talk but we got to watch the media/forum it is said.

  • xandril

    Exactly what the Islamic people want. Divide the Christian community and spread jihad like wild fire. I really think we should be objective with our criticism and separate personal issues from CAN. This is how Jihad conquered turkey. Be wise ooo brethren

  • cookie

    yes sir…

  • Nina pikin

    No you forgot, it’s the Nigerian Muslims that stole and transported the money to South Africa inside Ayo orisejale’s jet and stick it on the man of God and the two Nigerians arrested were blood brothers of the Sultan of sokoto and the Israeli is actually a Saudi Arabian citizen who spend ten year in the mountains of torabora Afghanistan this Muslims are out to tarnish the name of man of God abi, oloshi buruku dadani.

  • D-ONE

    its well wif naija


    Well i do not like the media at all. I will advice that everyone should pray for one another so that we all will be saved through Christ.