Governor Fayemi says Fayose behind Ekiti crisis, accuses police of bias

The Ekiti State Governor, Kayode Fayemi, has accused the in-coming governor, Ayo Fayose, police and other security agencies of fuelling crisis in the state after political thugs descended on two state courts in a week attacking staff and judges.

The government ordered the closure of all courts Thursday, following a second attack. A curfew was imposed by the governor on Friday.

In a state-wide broadcast, Mr. Fayemi pointedly accused Mr. Fayose of hiring the thugs who broke into the courts and unleashed violence on judges and judicial officers in Ado Ekiti.

“I am advised incontrovertibly that thugs acting on the command of Mr. Ayo Fayose, who was also present to lend his clout to the travesty, brazenly assaulted a senior judge and urged his thugs to beat him up and tear his clothes,” said Mr. Fayemi.

He said the brigands, whose action exceeded the limits of acceptable behaviour, carried out their scandalous attacks in the “full glare of law enforcement agents”.

Mr. Fayemi said when the crisis started, he was in touch with the heads of security agencies in the state and at the federal level, urging them to act fast and decisively to preserve public law and order.

Unfortunately, he said, the response of the security agencies was slow and inadequate, thereby leading to the escalation of violence in the state.

The governor said since an earlier assault on the court did not meet strong response from appropriate security agencies, the miscreants were emboldened to unleash terror during the sitting of the state Election Petition Tribunal.

He said, “Since the beginning of this development on Monday, which is unprecedented in the recent history of our state, I have been in touch with the heads of all security agencies at the state and Federal levels, urging them to act quickly and firmly in the interest of public law and order.

“It is worrisome that the slow and inadequate response has occasioned the avoidable escalation of violence in our dear state.

He urged all indigenes to work together to ensure that the state comes out stronger from the delicate situation.

“During periods of transition, vital partners in progress adopt a cautious posture, watching for the slightest portents of the possible discontinuity of the regime of peace and tranquility, amongst other factors that have made our state conducive for investors and development partners.

“We must not disrupt our very bright prospects for sustained development in our state. Considering the cases that have triggered the recent spate of violence are politically related, the political elite in our state from all disparate quarters must exercise caution.

“We must rescue our state from the precarious slippery slope that some have desperately pushed us to. We should not imperil the very people we seek to serve by resorting to violence and brigandage. One does not burn down his homestead to establish his claim of ownership or leadership,” the governor advised.

To forestall further attacks on the courts, Mr. Fayemi said he has directed the attorney general of the state to issue a legal advisory to the chief judge and all parties to existing cases in the high court and Election Tribunal to seek alternative venues for hearing such cases outside Ekiti State.

He said the state can no longer afford to witness the bizarre sight of beating up of judicial officers and wanton intimidation of lawyers and court personnel.

Since security operatives seemed to have brought the situation under control, Mr. Fayemi called on them not to relent in performing their constitutional role of protecting lives and property in the state.

Violence broke out in Ado Ekiti on Monday when thugs believed to be sympathetic to the PDP stormed a court and attacked the judge, O. Ogunyemi, who was hearing a case concerning the eligibility of Governor-elect, Ayodele Fayose, for the recent governorship election in the state.

The court sitting was disrupted; litigants were beaten while the judge was ferried to safety by police after he was threatened by the militants, the state chief judge explained on Thursday.

On Thursday, another set of political thugs backing Mr. Fayose descended on another court, attacking a judge and other staff.

The assailants attacked Justice John Adeyeye, beating him up and ripping his clothes for being allegedly rude to Mr. Fayose.

The pandemonium that ensued scuttled the Ekiti State Governorship Election petition Tribunal sitting billed for the day at the High court, Ado-Ekiti, as judicial workers abandoned their duty post and ran for safety, witnesses and the state judiciary authority said.

In response to the attacks, the state Chief Judge, A. Daramola, ordered all state courts to remain closed until adequate security measures are in place, according to a statement by Chief Registrar Obafemi Fasanmi.

By Thursday night, a former chairman of the Ekiti state chapter of the NURTW and a core loyalist of Mr. Fayose, Omolafe Aderiye, was reportedly killed.

Mr. Aderiye is believed to have led the thugs who assaulted the judges on Monday and Thursday.


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  • redeem

    Fayemi how many more hours do u have to leave EKITI STATE–GOVERNMENT HOUSE————? why hand–over blood tears and sorrow–to the very people u ruled for 4yrs—————and u call self educated————————-behaving like a motor park———tout———————–u people in APC swore u will not go to court–that was what u told the world—————-u even congratulated the man————————now u want to leave ekiti with 100 human heads abi————-u are a disgrace to the ideals that Awo stood and died for———No wonder most 9jas say–APC is like ISIS of iraq- if not worst———————————————–THART MAY BE WHY THEY ALINGED SELF WITH THE VISIONS OF BOKO HARAM————

    • endingNaija

      redeemweed, we are still looking for the two Nigerians Goodluck Jonathan and Ayo oritsejafor used to launder $9.3million to South African and were caught. Are you one of the Nigerians? Please say ‘the truth” and let the devil be ashamed. Nigerians are waiting for you and PDP ati Ayo Oritsejafor ati Goodluck Jonathan to inform us on this. Thanks so much.

      • change 2014-2015

        Fayose have started with his problem again.

        • redeem


      • redeem

        KEEP QUIET———-Ibo man without conscience————-U ARE NOT EVEN ASHAMED OF SELF———————-WHAT DO U MEAN U ARE LOOKING FOR AYO—————–DONT U KNOW WHAT HAPPENED IN THE PRESIDENCY—–?———–DASUKI ati Gusua wanted to handle the purchase–of—-arms by themselves——but that was not to be————-if Jonathan wanted to launder money———with Ayo would he have involved an Israeli—-and gone on to———-allow Dasuki into the movement of the money–mumu—————–its was gusua and dasuki who set Nigeria up via south Africa——————that is the way the fulanis operate———i have called for the sack of dasuki ati gusua–but Jonah would not hear–let him continue to appease the fulanis—-i mean the tripod————at the expense of my oil wells———in d SS————monkey

    • change 2014-2015

      Your comment is a disgrace on here you have no meaningful comment ti talk about.

      • redeem


  • the truth

    i think fayemi is a honorable man, but joining forces with tinubu has soiled his hands. u congratulated fayose for god sake we all praised u, to make a complete u turn because of lie lie mohammed and tinubu is disheartning

    • endingNaija

      “the truth” when are you going to help redeem “the truth” about the $9.3m Goodluck Jonathan and Ayo Oritsejafor laundered to South Africa. “the truth” should not be swept under the carpet. “the truth” about this $9.3m the PDP leader Goodluck Jonathan and his religious counselor Ayo Oritsejafor should be redeemed. Nigerians need to “redeem” “the truth” about this hazy $9.3m that is being covered. Is it because Ayo oritsejafor is friend and counselor to Goodluck Jonathan? e no good oooo. Diaris God ooooo! Let us “redeem” “the truth” about this thing oooo!

      • the truth

        My brother I commend u that was funny.I hope u know I am non partisan I fight for Nigeria.the truth has already been redeemed in the 9.3 million case lets move on.we need to put hands and support jonathan because he is the solution

        • endingNaija

          And what is the “redeemed” “truth” about the laundered $9.3m by Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor and President Goodluck Jonathan? What is the “redeemed” “truth” about the two unknown Nigerian launderers Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor and Goodluck Jonathan used? If these two Nigerians are unknown launderers but if the Israeli citizen (Co-launderer to the Nigerian launderers) Mr. Eyal Mesika is known then what is “the truth” that has been “redeemed”?

          • the truth

            If you can’t prove that this money was laundered don’t make conclusions and assumptions.the money was meant for weapons.u know that.unlike you I am non partisan.I don’t support any party or individual I say the truth.leave this apc propaganda machine called lie lie Mohammed

          • endingNaija

            Can you “redeem” “the truth” of the names of the two Nigerians who assisted in the laundering?

          • the truth

            Let us show patience and calm while the matter is investigated.leave party affiliations aside and support your government

          • endingNaija

            Since you claimed that the laundered money was meant to buy arms, and since this is your “truth” Mr. “the truth” can you please “redeem” this your “truth”, by disclosing to fellow Nigerians the names of the two Nigerians on board Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor private plane used to ferry the money? Now if you REFUSE to tell us the names of these two Nigerians, Mr. “the truth”, your “truth” remains PDP TRUTH, IT REMAINS GOODLUCK JONATHAN’S “TRUTH”. And we Nigerians know that PDP and Goodluck Jonathan “truth” =FALSEHOOD!!! Please redeem yourself Mr. “the truth” PDP megaphone and Goodluck Jonathan’s spokesperson”!!! Me I just dey laaaaafu oooo for obodo Naija!!! Dis naija sef under Jonathan don become anoda ting! abi wetin yu tink unredeemed “truth”?

          • the truth

            Let us face the matter on ground on fayemi and ekiti.lets not divert the matter.thanks

          • Timi

            Why don’t you answer his question if you truly belong to no party?

          • change 2014-2015

            Your useless pdp e rats have started with your nonsense talk again.

          • Chris1408

            My brother, GEJ has ruined the country ooooooo, Nigeria has never been this bad. I think it’s time for me to carry my bed and pillows to one Oyinbo country to seek asylum. Even mosquitoes are running away from Nigeria due to hardship

          • endingNaija

            Gbaaaam! You got it. I go laaaf tire. Thanks!!! If Goodluck Jonathan destroyed Naija such mosquito come begin dey run from Naija-wetin human being dey wait for again? Gbaaam! Gbaaam!!!! You got this one right my broda!

          • craig

            Laff wan scatter my head ooo. Make una take am easy with Mr “The Truth”.

          • endingNaija

            Take am easy ke? No oo. We no go take am easy with Mr. “the truth” until di man “redeem” the TRUTH about the money-$9.3million wey im Ogas Ayo Oritsejafor ati Goodluck Jonathan wan do “something” with and until di man “redeem” di truth about di two Nigerians wey dem use launder di $9.3m!!! Make Mr. “the truth” talk THE TRUTH! Dis laaaafu go scatter person sef. Me I don tire for laaaf.

          • Enemona

            Names have to be investigated? Names do not need to wait for investigations, names only have to be named. We are not babies, even babies know there is something fishy about this. This has the signs of money-laundering written all over it.

            The company that raised the invoice is not registered to deal in arms in South Africa and investigations have shown that the funds were actually meant for another company in Cyprus, a well-known haven for money-laundering. If this was about arms, the South African govt. would be willing to cooperate and there would be no need to ferry such amount in cash. All the talk of buying weapons that way is bulldung.

            Expect more scandal before the election, your principals are desperate to get money to fund their elections. The go-ahead to borrow for security has lessened their burden a bit. In serious countries, we should all be in the streets by now but we won’t leave our crumbs. Shio!

          • endingNaija

            Wait a minute unredeemable Mr. “truth”. You said we should support “your government”. Which government? When you Mr. “truth” cannot redeem truth, you now turn around and ask us to support “your government”. Is “the truth” about supporting a government, party-PDP , president-President Jonathan that makes a drug dealer Buruji Kashamu the leader of PDP in the West? Is “the truth” about supporting a President-Goodluck Jonathan-that is behind a thug like Ayo Fayose as governor? Mr. “the truth”, answer me: Is that the kind of “truth” you want me to support? Supporting a wanted drug dealer-Buruji Kashamu and a thug-Ayo Fayose? Ah na wa for you ooo. Which kind “truth” be dis sef?

          • abeem

            We are only interested in the “truth” and nothing but the “truth”. The shoeless man must surely “redeem” himself and not be allowed to sweep this criminal act by the Oletsajafor (no be my word oh – abi no be thief in thief the $9.3 million cash wey em want use go buy arms and ammunition before dem South Africans seize the money).

          • redeem

            mum u how can he redeem the name of the two Nigerians is he a security officer———–or———-are they his kids————-mumu———————that u want him to vouch for them————————

          • endingNaija

            “the truth” said the “truth” is that PASTOR Ayo Oritsejafor’s plane which was meant originally for God” work was being used to buy ARMS and AMMUNITION. Because “the truth” wanted to spin the issue and make us believe that our Pastor friend of Goodluck Jonathan was not into MONEY LAUNDERING then “the truth” said “hey Ayo Oritsejafor’s plane was being used to BUY ARMS.” And which means this is the PDP and Goodluck Jonathan “truth” -abi? I said Okay, if that is the case then “the truth” you know the “truth”-abi? If you know that the plane was being used to BUY ARMS, then you must KNOW THOSE TWO NIGERIANS WHO WERE BEING USED TO BUY THE ARMS. Is that rocket science for you redeem? If it is rocket science for you then we need to examine you properly and your state of mind!!! Redeem yours is a bad redemption of “the truth”! This kind of “redemption” of “the truth” is what you get a criminal and corrupt politician President and criminal “Pastor” are in league to commit a brazen illegality and criminality with impunity.

          • redeem

            Is that what yr insane mind told u that the money was laundered with the aid of an Israeli? Was the NSA DASUKI–not aware of the transaction——–? Is that what he told u——————see why i have been calling for his sack———–dasuki wanted to go at it alone—————–every security operative in Nigeria was aware of the deal——————–because we have to resort to doing what we did–since most of the arms often find their way——————————back into the hands of the janjaweeds in boko haram—————————–the arms dealers in APC are very powerful people————————yet u refuse to ask how tinubu was able to corner more than 1.7 dollar oil deal————-abi————-thieves———————-

          • endingNaija

            The name of the Israeli who was part of the laundered money is Mr. Eyal Mesika. Please tell us the names of his two Nigerian collaborators. This will help Nigerians. At least you know. So tell us these names now and “redeem the truth”. At least “the truth” should not be hidden! “The truth” should be “redeem(ed)”!

        • Factual

          Please check the meaning of the word “partisan” in the dictionary before using it. Or is this how the Ijaws define it. We came to know that Stealing is not Corruption from an Ijaw shoeless fisherman. Support the SHOELESS FISHERMAN to continue STEALING and MESSING UP because he is the solution.

          • redeem

            ICPC Chairman, Ekpo Nta

            CONTRARY to the popular thinking that Nigeria is corrupt due to the incessant stealing of public funds by a few persons, the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission has said that stealing is not corruption.

            According to the commission, most acts credited to corruption have no relationship with stealing.

            The ICPC chairman, Mr. Ekpo Nta, said this when a delegation from the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria visited the commission in Abuja to forge inter-agency partnership against corruption.

            Nta noted that most Nigerians, including the educated, did not quite understand what constituted corruption and stressed that it was wrong to classify theft as such.

            He said, “Stealing is erroneously reported as corruption. We must go back to what we were taught at school to show that there are educated people in Nigeria. We must address issues as we were taught in school to do

          • Factual

            Mr. Ekpo Eta + Jonathan = Corruption while Redeem + Jonathan = Rubbish

  • Gideon Orkar

    APCcausing mayhem as usual. I said it before, contrived crisis. APC killing escalated this

  • Okey

    No matter the partisan coloration of the matter by the press, I hold Governor John Kayode Fayemi responsible for this crisis. It is obvious that since he congratulated Ayo Fayose on his victory, there has been tremendous pressure on Fayemi to mount every roadblock on the way of Fayose. If Governor Fayemi is not creating new local governments, he is employing more civil servants. If he is not awarding more contracts at outrageous costs, he is in the state high court through mischievous elements and corrupt judicial officers working to stall a smooth transition.

    It is obvious that his masters are berating him for being “weak” and urging him to “act like the Nigerian politician.” But Governor Fayemi should know and realize that his place in our hearts is quite lofty; he should make that enduring by resisting the pressures of the “normal Nigeria politician.” Governor Fayemi should act and be seen like the urbane, polished and sincere man his look and speeches portray. He alone has a greater role to play at his juncture.

    • walejohnson

      Okey, your allegations might be true but for christ sake should Fayose result into this type of behaviour? When are we going to stop behaving like uncivilised human beings. The mandate has been given to Fayose. Hence he should wait for him to be sworned-in next month. No, he was scared, why?

      • blogNaija

        police continue to do harm to citizens’ trust in the discharge of their duties without taking side. they fail all the time in this test!

    • Otitokoro

      Why did Ayo Fayose-PDP Governor elect lead thugs to Court premises? Why did Ayo Fayose PDP Governor elect lead thugs to attack judges? Why did Ayo Fayose PDP Governor lead thugs to tear judges clothes? Why did Ayo Fayose PDP Governor elect lead thugs to attack lawyers in the premises of the court? can you answer please?

  • Ekiti Kete

    THE TRUTH:Fayose organised thugs led by Omolafe to disrupt court proceedings on Monday&Thurday.He shared 400naira in the evening of Thursday to the thugs…having collected money from Oshoko himself. He is in the forefront of the battle.What no one is sure of is whether he died because of his role in leading the thugs or because of the internal trouble in Fayose’s camp or NURTW camp.
    In Fayose’s camp he has been penciled down for CSO which is not going down well with some people.In NURTW camp.he is been envied as the next COMMANDO bc of his usefulness to Fayose.It is said that Omolafe just need to make a call and thugs will appear instanta.
    The possibility of AC involvement too cannot be ruled out…though it is senseless.They may perceived him as a major player that needs to be eliminated.
    ALL in ALL I think we should all respect the sanctity of life that we cannot create.
    PS:He that killeth by the sword will die by the sword

  • redeem

    Fayemi how many more hours do u have to leave EKITI STATE–GOVERNMENT HOUSE————? jUST DAYS—-ABI—–So why hand–over blood— tears and sorrow—ati a pot of rice–and stew—–4 the very people u ruled for 4yrs—————and u call self educated————————-behaving like a motor park———tout———————–u people in APC swore u will not go to court–that was what u told the world—————-u even congratulated the man—Fayose———————now u want to leave ekiti with 100 human heads abi————-u are a disgrace to the ideals that Awo stood and died for—in d SW—————No wonder most 9jas say–APC is like ISIS of Iraq- if not worst———————————————–THAT MAY BE WHY THEY FREQUENTLY ALIGN THEIR JANJAWEEDS THOUGHTS TO THE BLOOD THIRSTY ISIS LIKE VISIONS OF BOKO HARAM—–MAY BE————-

  • redeem

    Ekiti State Governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi has imposed a dusk to dawn curfew in the state, in a bid to avert crises following the gruesome murder of the former Chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers, NURTW, Chief Omolafe Aderiye, who was an ardent supporter of the state governor-elect, Mr Ayo Fayose.

    Angry reactions trailed the brutal murder of Aderiye, as a large crowd of protesters razed down Governor Fayemi’s private office, the state APC Secretariat, and destroyed properties including vehicles worth millions of Naira. Tinubu ati APC toldf us how he died——————who killed Aderiye? was it Jonathan and Sambo?

  • Ken

    Fayemi has allowed himself to be pushed by the hawks in APC to hold on to power by all means…but now he has succeeded in tarnishing whatever good name he earned while in office. His administration will be remembered for the madness that happened in the last one month rather than the progress he brought in the previous 3 years and 11 months. SMH


    Why is it that killings and brigandage occur in Ekiti anytime Fayose is in charge? Why does he attract thugs and reprobates like a magnet attracts iron? Fayose had better watch his back, because the violence he purveys may have a boomerang effect.

  • redeem

    Ekiti State Governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi has imposed a dusk to dawn curfew in the state, in a bid to avert crises following the gruesome murder of the former Chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers, NURTW, Chief Omolafe Aderiye, who was an ardent supporter of the state governor-elect, Mr Ayo Fayose.

    Angry reactions trailed the brutal murder of Aderiye, as a large crowd of protesters razed down Governor Fayemi’s private office, the state APC Secretariat, and destroyed properties including vehicles worth millions of Naira. Tinubu ati APC toldf us how he died——————who killed Aderiye? was it Jonathan and Sambo?


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