• Stephen Ogaji

    The writer clearly articulated the problems and issues with the Nigerian state. In Nigerian politics, there is a phrase that says “no permanent friend but permanent interest”. The national divides are onerous. There are no ideological frameworks for the parties hence the plethora of decampings. When the issues are understood, maybe a real democratic institution can be birthed.

  • Edphil Kenneth

    Insightful article! ” this may not happen, if one does not have a good appreciation of the other interests and their complex interactions, which often mask and masquerade as ideological interests.” The writer nailed it here.

    Without a sincere appraisal of the truisms in Nigerian politics, the foundation to theorize and idealize will not be laid. The Country is in dire need of
    intellectual capital built around these inherits; what i believe a reformation in citizenship education can solve.

    The spasms of politics, economy and culture requires a high Level of civic literacy; one that can form an intermediate space in the triangle of the state, market, family or clan, i.e.
    among the political regime, economic interests and the civil community. One that will serve as a social incubator and preserve the balance between the public and the private, the individual and the group, and between freedom and authority, to prevent despotism of the state or greed of businesses and a specific clan.