Mainok Attack: Nigerian soldiers battle Boko Haram; 68 feared killed

At least 20 people were killed on Friday as members of the Boko Haram attacked Mainok Village in Borno State, witnesses and security sources have said.

Soldiers, who arrived Mainok after the insurgents had wrecked havoc on the community, then chased the attackers, killing about 48 of them, PREMIUM TIMES learnt.

The Mainok market was attacked on Friday at about 1:30 p.m. as traders planned to suspend trading to go observe the Friday ‘Jumat’ prayers.

More than a dozen traders were killed in the market while others who were fleeing were either injured by stray bullets, or knocked down by vehicles as they ran across the Kano-Maiduguri highway.

Alloy Ikechukwu, a traveller from Lagos to Maiduguri, told journalists on Friday that he was lucky to survive the attack. He said a luxurious bus conveying him and several other passengers was passing through Mainok when the insurgents attacked the market.

“We boarded a luxury bus from Lagos and as soon as we arrived Mainok at exactly 1.30 p.m., we heard heavy gunshot from the western part of the market and sporadic gunshots followed,” Mr. Ikechukwu said. “Hundreds of traders and residents fled the market in confusion, running to cross the highway to the other side while vehicles passing through the town were also making attempts to flee the town. It was such confusion.”

Mr. Chukwu said he saw many of the fleeing residents hit by vehicles speeding off from the area.

“Vehicles were hitting one another and the Boko Haram kept shooting,” he added.

A police officer in Maiduguri who was also travelling through Mainok narrated his experience.

“From the sound of the first shot fired at the market, I knew there was problem because the attackers first fired Rapid Propelled Grenade (RPG) into the middle of the market before they started firing into the midst of the confused traders,” he said.

A senior security official in Maiduguri, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed that at least 20 people were killed in the Mainok attack.

The official also said at least 48 of the terrorists were killed by soldiers who chased the terrorists while the latter returned to their base in Damboa town.

He blamed poor service by telecom networks for the late arrival of the soldiers.

“Due to the poor telecom network around Mainok town, troops (from 7 Division in Maiduguri) could not get the alert on time, until they (Boko Haram) had attacked and killed some of the traders – about 20 or so – and even stole money and food items from the poor traders”, the official told PREMIUM TIMES.

“But as soon as the message got to us, troops arrived Mainok and tracked them towards the direction and were able to intercept them as they were taking some rest or attending to a broken down vehicle.

“It was another tough battle but within hours, our gallant soldiers subdued them, as we counted 48 corpses and recovered several weapons and vehicle abandoned by some few others who fled.”

Friday’s attack was not the first by the insurgents on Mainok, a community 56km from Maiduguri along Maiduguri – Kano Expressway.

On March 4, at least 38 people were killed when Boko Haram gunmen attacked Mainok at night. The insurgents also set several property ablaze.

Since the March attack, a large number of Mainok residents have fled the village, but would come on Fridays to observe the weekly market there.


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  • BlackieUmukoro

    Let the markets be guarded hencefort since that is one of their soft target

    • redeem

      The ibos can form vigilante groups————-

      • Otile

        They can form vigilante groups while the ijaws loot and steal, abi?

  • jamesbond3

    “Alloy Ikechukwu, a traveller from Lagos to Maiduguri, told journalists on
    Friday that he was lucky to survive the attack”

    My only question in this report is why is an Igbo man still travelling to a God forsaken place like Maiduguri? He said he was lucky to survive the attack. Is he going to do it again and hope on luck to survive the next attack since the whole of Borno state is a Boko Haram infested territory? Some people like looking for trouble.

    • Gar

      Jamesbond3, please be informed that there are still thousands of Igbo traders engaging in legitimate business in Borno. You seem not to know how big Borno state is. Borno is not a Boko Haram infested state. There are many areas that are peaceful.

      • redeem

        borno is not a boko haram infested state?———————-na waya for this wahala tribes men————-hope they are not searching for that special meat being sold at———————-onitsha bridge head————

        • Otile

          Haba ogogoro mouth, listen and learn something, bastard.

    • mahd deen

      @ jamesbond..go to MAIDUGURI and see plenty Igbo are still living there.My brother there is no where the angel of dead not know.It is just a matter of time.So don’t waste your time keeping away,better count on luck.

      • Otile

        Many Arabs and some Europeans are still living in Maiduguri, why not Igbo? The problem is that you idiots worship Arabs and Europeans but despise your fellow Africans because of your inferiority complex. Shame on you.

        One can see you kneel prostrate to that mutum ture kuma arabanci saying sanu da zo rank ya dede, Allah ya yi zamani, then you stand up and turn to the Igboman and you fume kai, nyamiri tofi gidanka cikin Biafra.

    • Efe1

      Because he believes in Nigeria unlike our president and most people from the south east.

      • redeem

        stop that rubbish an Ibo is no longer interested in his biafra again abi—its because he believe in one Nigeria———–tell that to rogues like wahala————————he is the one who acts as informant——-to boko haram

        • Efe1

          Your comment is as useless as you.

        • Otile

          Must you interject your ogogoro damaged brain in every comment? If that keeps you happy continue to display your stupidity, as your biological father would say, ba ruwana.

    • Wähala

      How daft can you be? How low can your punch get? You Colo!

      • redeem

        this abagana———-Ibo/fulani rat don reach here again——————–escaped from the orphanage again— worry-not———– the catholic priest who have been smoothing yr backside—————-will come fetch u very soon

        • Wähala

          May the devil continue to smoothen your mama’s back portion in her rotten grave… oloshi!

    • redeem

      because of greed———-period————no other reason————–its greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

      • Otile

        Who id greedy, those who loot other people’s belongings shouting abandoned properties or the victims? This is the case of of a thief calling his victim the bad guy. Deri, you are very dishonest indeed.

    • Samuel Okezie

      It is people like Ikechukwu that made man the most successful species on earth. The black race needs more of them.

    • Otile

      Business cannot come to a dead end because of Islamic terrorism. In the midst of every war it is business people that supple materials to the wounded and the needy. Others must learn to appreciate Igbo bravery and can-do attitude. What do you think made Ndigbo to survive genocide? Not cowardice, not at all.

  • Dankasa

    I believe Ikechuku went to Borno to buy beans and other food items (although they, Igbos keep saying north has nothing) otherwise his people (who brags at all the time that they have all what it takes to curve their own country called Biafra) will die of Hunger Haram. By the way, my question here is; are these Boko Haram still faceless without defined territories (as always claimed by Mr Jonna and His God Orithsajafo)? with all these captured Caliphates of Danbuwa, Gwoza etc (of course rules by their appointed Emirs who are daily raiding and abducting women for sexual pleasure) and all the Bases Mr. Jona is still with this believe? I think once your enemy has a defined territory you can easily bombard him with no civilian casualty (though our Jets have started missing and don’t know whether it is another Gimmick to link BH with the Synagogo Church collapse in Lagos as claimed by the big Pastor). These guys have already ransacked everybody in those towns therefore are now vulnerable to any aerial attack, so what is the govt. telling us? My friends, this is a State-sponsored-terrorism aimed at destroying the land and people that feed the nation. All these are calculated attacks to weaken the north for 2015, period!

    • Kornelson

      You reason like goat indeed. What prompted President Jonathan to say Boko Haram has no face and territories was because your northern elders were compelling him to discuss with them and eventually offer amnesty. The case now is different. It is a full scale war, there anything still being said about amnesty or negotiating with the terrorists? Wake up!

    • Otile

      Dankasa, Ikechukwu was on his way to Maiduguri to supply food to the needy made destitute by you know who. Your prediction of Biafran children dying of hunger will not happen again because Britain and Russia have discovered oil in their countries and have no need to fight your war for you again. If nothing, when Biafra brakes away gallant Biafrans will produce food in abundance to feed your starving refugees. Remember that the Muslims bragged that Israel has no land and no seaport that the State was therefore going to starve to death. Guess what, today Israel is producing food in abundance, selling to Europeans, and feeding needy Arabs. Use your brain, aboki.

    • onuigbo

      From your written words, you are a sympathizer of jihardists insurgent Boko Haram, even though more Muslims than Christians are being killed, also most of these people are indegenes of the “northern Nigeria. You wish Boko Haram, like the ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Quiada etc to be doing the same carnage in your country, while you profess being a believer of one Nigeria. You can not have it both ways. Why not work hard by example to make where you are now a better place for all human? If you do that, Allah will receive you with open arms in heaven. Religious bigots are not going to win any where on earth, you better get adjusted to the changing world, you can not set the hand of the clock back to 4th century for sure.

  • redeem

    sack dasuki ati gusau and badey————————No news about the missing plane–abi———————–na waya————————at least oil revenue from the SS dey to purchase new ones——no trouble

    • Issei

      Why don’t tell your brother to do so.but before then let him answer the questions ask by barrister keyamo,about the smuggled money to south Africa Throu CAN president.

  • Maxwell.

    The Igbo has more invested in Nigeria than any tribe. We are not going no where. Biafra is dead. Nigeria is our country anyi ga hu ish ya.

    • Issei

      Maxwell you said it all,we all need each other,assuming the Ibo’s went back to the east who will buy all the merchandise they ave?vis viz Hausa where will they see all the merchandize they buy from the Ibo’s.Nigerians are like siemens twins we will swimm and sink together.

  • Obaro E. Sawyer

    Those who still believe that Continent Nigeria will survive as a country should as a matter of utmost exigency, see a Psychiatrist without further delay.

    Scotland just decided and no bullet was fired. Why can’t there be independence referendum in Continent Nigeria? Do you really believe Nigeria will survive? …

    Luggard was a disaster. E no go better for am. If not for uninvited Britain, what on earth and outside the earth would have brought a Warri man like me together with someone from Sokoto or Bornu? Let’s be frank, Nigeria is not a country.

    Lets go the way of India and Pakistan who were wise to separate those two nations almost along the lines of religion and carefully keeping all the fanatics on one side. How many times have you heard the Taliban or Islamic militants behead someone in India?

    Lets have secession or independence referendums. This is what the Niger Delta, the other regions and perhaps useless& idiotic Boko haram need now….By the way, Dasuki & Gussau deserve commendation and a continental award. Since these Fulanis took over from Comrade Azazi, the security situation of our continent have not been the same again. Nonsense!

  • adeyemi

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  • Dankasa

    Those calling for Biafra are just making mouth, why don’t you go, go and produce the food.. Abi on which land? Soil erosion or gully erosion? Leave our north if you can and see who will survive. We are Boko aram yet your Igbo brothers are still excarlating our wealth and with all the destruction yet we are producing what you survive on. Why don’t you go? Israel produce food on whose land? Even US called that land occupied territory, waging war on Aran to expand their land grab? do you think you can survive a living like Aran Palestinian who is under siege for decades? Have British sided Arewa during the Biafran war because of her oil or your oil? Was there oil in the north then? If I were Igbo ( God forbid) I will never even look at the direction called north talk less of traveling to north. Biafra.. Empty barrel! Why don’t you go, go gooooooo and feed yourselves, go! Check the most hatred tribe around the world and see, who are they? Igbos. Go to South Africa, even here Ghana, they hate you most not Hausas, UK, Germany, China, why? Ask yourself, because everybody know, but in the north you will soon know who you are when Dumbo leaves, we will surely force you to sing Biafran national anthem!!

    • warawara

      You a wasted bullet, shame on you…

  • Triskwamshikuri Nangu


  • Sanmi Falae

    We are not all God’s children but God’s creation, as God knows His own children or Sheep. Also God’s children know themselves because we keep Christ’s commandment. When we say you African leaders are not intelligent, you take offence. For example, monetary reparations would only be looted back to the West, where it comes from and all the money Nigeria ever made from her oil reserves is looted by you African leaders! Whereas if it was Africa that treated Europe and America the way they have always treated us (courtesy of you senseless African leaders), their intelligent leaders would never seek the good of Africa. Fani-Kayode, corruption has robbed you of your credibility and respect a long time ago. No serious minded African would pay you any attention now, let alone trust you with any responsibilty. The saying that ‘a good name is better than riches’ will always hold true. Perhaps you and your crew -i.e Saraki are not so smart after all, as corruption is now having the last laugh, having robbed you of an entire life’s calling or mission. So sad………….and this is just the beginning!

    • Alex

      Right on point Sanmi. He is trying to be relevent again when he has destroyed himself.
      Get it right, corruption is currently frowning seriously and not having the last laugh as you suggest.

  • Afeez Amure

    This is a thought provoking piece from chief FFK, I have seen the movie 12 years a slave. If truly that was how our African forefathers were treated, then the Whites ought to killed everywhere they are but we got to move on and forgive.

    • Mockme

      Who sold their brothers into slavery?

  • Guguru


    You seem to be suffering from some level of cognitive dissonance born from your internalized rejection of the fact that Jonathan is no longer in power. I am surprised at how vociferous you have been against the very west where you have lived a good portion of your life because you believe the west was responsible for escorting Jonathan out of the position for which he was qualified but unfit to handle. Why do i think your comments silly and completely without merit? Take a very good and long look around Nigeria and many other despotic African nations. Do you mind telling us how the white man encouraged the deep corruption and lack of empathy towards fellow Africans seen among African leaders and their ilk?

    Before you go ahead displaying your deep ignorance about history, please know that many citizens of western nations we know today, were once slaves to the Romans who once ruled a good portion of east and west. Slavery has remained an intractable human condition since the beginning of time. Slavery is a human problem and not a western problem. Slavery was even part of the African culture well before the white man ever showed up in Africa. What the white man did, as they have always done, was to convert activities that had always been with us in Africa or elsewhere, into an economic activity that served the economic interests of both the white man and the ruling class (plutocrats) who allowed some of their citizens to be kidnapped and sold into slavery to the west. The same slavery continues in this day and time under a different guise called corruption, which is operated by the same plutocrats as history has rightfully documented.

    Today in Nigeria and in many parts of Africa, the ruling class in African nations, to include the Fani Kayode and his family, probably had houseboys and housegirls (indentured serfs) when growing up who were probably treated as inhumanely as slaves. Femi Fani Kayode, being a member of that same ruling class served as Minister of Aviation without distinction, to the extent that a probe of his office and activities led to EFCC charges of corruption, which were eventually adjudicated in court without his conviction and incarceration of Femi. A citizen of Nigeria with little means and lesser charges would have ended up in jail. Or, can Femi vouch that he has never been involved in one form of corruption or the other, at any point through out his time as Minister of Aviation? Corruption is the new shackles of economic slavery the plutocrats in Nigeria and Africa have thrust on their own people. Corruption, just like slavery, has led to the death of many many untold Nigerians. Corruption kills more Nigerians everyday than Boko Haram coudl ever hope to achieve in a single year. Femi is part of the ruling class who have allowed corruption to reign without boundaries in Nigeria. Femi served an administration in a political capacity (Goodluck Jonthan) that is now arguably known as the most corrupt since the independence of Nigeria. Femi, for reasons related to his incapacity to engage in thoughtful prose seems incapable of understanding that corruption is a form of enshrining economic slavery on hardworking people of a nation.

    What is sad is how consistent the plutocrats in Nigeria and Africa are quick to point to the west as the source of their problems while failing to ask why these African nations never really took responsibility for their actions and decisions? Femi joins that long list of plutocracy which encourages Africans to point to the west as the source of their problems while deceptively ignoring the many missing elements in many African nations and in Nigeria that could help prevent corruption while encouraging the necessary economic development required in creating progressive societies. Remember, when you point one finger to the west, three fingers will be pointing back at you.

    • Ngo Baby

      Just too good. What a brilliant analysis!! I doff my hat to you Mr Guguru.

      • Guguru

        Thank you.

    • IbadinEphraim

      Thanks a lot for the perfect response to FFK! I know he’ll read these commentaries. The choice of the west as his latest opponents cannot immediately atone for his been a member of the corrupt elite, as well as having dined with the rank and file of the corrupt elements this country has had in her recent past. FFK be aware that the days of ‘mass amnesia’ by citizens of this nation are over!

      • Guguru

        Well said.

    • isbelloimam

      Thank you for this in depth analysis and for pointing us in the right direction regarding where our problem started and who is responsible for our woos. The sick African mentality of blaming others for our inadequacy must stop. We don’t expect the white man to come and build and be running our refinery and airway for us. The black man will have to understand the need to start to take responsibility for his life and his progeny. A long time edition of the Economist magazine describes slavery as a black man’s problem as it involves the black man catching another black man and sell to white. The white man did not come to steal our oil but we did and sell the stolen good to them at rock bottom price in exchange for dollars. I hope FFK will digest this message and perhaps serves as a turning point in his life.

      • Guguru

        Thank you.

  • Steve Paul

    Mr Femi Fani-Kayode, like his father, Remi Fani-Kayode of yesteryears, has been given a highly undue political and media space, when all and only what they both have got for everyone in our dear Republic is noise, noise and more empty noise, beyond which no single tangible product of their labour, if there ever existed an iota of it, could be felt, seen or touched by the ordinary and common citizenry. In fact, their noise-making and usually non-intellect based garrulousness, has become a dear and peculiar family act. The only other virtue in common with Femi and his late father is the gift of causing political troubles to Progressives with whom they met and antagonise, example of which are Remi Fani-Kayode being a pain in the bottom of Great Obafemi Awolowo, the pioneer Nigerian Progressive of the Western Nigeria and till recently, Femi, the son, being the chief trouble maker and unholy and impudent arrowhead of the last GEJ regime that is now being proven to have caused to Nigeria the greatest economic and financial looting of her resources. Could the Fani-Kayode’s clan has been placed under an earlier, ancient and primordial divine CURSE In a Somewhere yet unknown? I understand their heritage is originally Sierra Leonean and non-Nigerian. No wonder the old speech rhyme,”Like father, like son!” How so just!

    • Enyi Obosi

      The issue here is not the personality of Femi Fani Kayode, but the subject matter of his epistle; Reparations. The personal attack on his person I must say, is uncalled for as far as this message is concerned. His antecedents therefore, does not come into play. I have never been a fan of FFK but there is no gainsaying the fact that a lot of minds have been immensely educated by his message. MKO Abiola in his days, was for reparations for Africa. Today FFK has thrown some more light on the need for it. Let us discuss the message and not the messenger.

    • Abayiarian

      Shut up if you talk nonsense against a nationalist like FFK or I will summon “Amadioha”to strike you down .!!!!

  • Alilat Fadia

    I feel so sad when the highly privileged children from Africa point to the west for all our woes. We’re our own footstool brothers. How can an Africa man with full knowledge of our terrible past in the hands of the west get involved in any form of corruption against his people Mr Femi as you have done with your masters(OBJ & JONA), let alone come out to write this piece pitching us against the west. Time has gone Mr Femi when you fools pretend to stand for us and then turn to bite us. Now the issue is how you privileged children of African decent underdeveloped Africa for your selfish gains in this time . This same man in his defence of his divorcé case with his wife stated that he bought her properties in London. What a hypocrite!! Leave our people alone with your coloured mind. Good for nothing.

  • Alilat Fadia

    I feel so sad when highly privileged children from Africa point to the west for all our woes. We’re our own footstool brothers. How can an Africa man with full knowledge of our terrible past in the hands of the west get involved in any form of corruption against his people Mr Femi, as you have done with your masters(OBJ & JONA), let alone come out to write this piece pitching us against the west. Time has gone Mr Femi when you fools pretend to stand for us and then turn around to oppress us. Now the issue is how you privileged children of African decent underdeveloped Africa for your selfish gains in this time . This same man in his defence of his divorcé case with his wife stated that he bought her properties in London. What a hypocrite!! Leave our people alone with your coloured mind. Good for nothing.

  • redeem

    Goodluck Jonathan: A Man Generation Will Always Remember.
    by Jerry D. Ishaya, Abuja.

    Some people will not understand the contribution of former President Goodluck Jonathan until Buhari also follow the same path or copy that policy. If that is what you are, then you are living in the past. We have gone through that path, until you come.

    Some people did not understand the politics of global purchase and sales of arms during President Goodluck Jonathan not until US refused to sale arms to President Muhammadu Buhari.

    It is was until the US told Buhari in his face, that they will not sell arms or allow them to buy from their allies that Nigerians understand, why President Goodluck Jonathan choose to buy arms in the black market to keep Nigeria safe.

    Some Nigerians will not understand why President Goodluck Jonathan wanted to remove oil subsidy, but they are willing to understand when President Buhari want to remove it.

    Some Nigerians refused to understand why President Goodluck Jonathan introduced Treasury Single Accounts (TSA ) but now said they understand why Buhari is adopting it. In fact some of them pretend as if this is the first time One single Bank account is going to be introduced forgetting that they attacked Jonathan when he introduced it.

    I want to appeal to their consciences that they didn’t need someone else to look into their eyes and call them hypocrites. They should tell themselves. what a shame

  • Abayiarian

    Good one our generation mouthpiece !!!

  • Olabisi Akinkunmi

    he don become pastor????????????????????????????????

  • Bert Young

    What a beautiful people and a fantastic discussion from FFK.
    A good historic and linguistic expression from an unrealistic corrupt hypocrite (FFK) that should rotten in jail for being part of those that destroyed our dear country, Nigeria.