EXCLUSIVE: Seized $9.3 million: Nigerian officials blame U.S. for secret South Africa arm deal

The Nigerian government opted for a discreet purchase of arms with cash as a desperate measure after the American government allegedly blocked all legitimate arms order made by the military, ‎high ranking military officers and top administration officials have told PREMIUM TIMES.

The Nigerian government had on Tuesday admitted that it owned the $9.3million cash smuggled into South Africa aboard a private jet and seized by the authorities of that country.

The administration also confessed that it was trying to use the money to buy arms and that it had already opened talks with the South African authorities on the matter.

But multiple military and administrative officials told PREMIUM TIMES on Wednesday that the government adopted that subterranean strategy to procure arms after American officials continued to stand in the way of legitimate arms order from America, Israel and other countries.

They claimed the U.S. government has blocked orders placed by Nigeria for arms and ammunition, thereby frustrating the country’s effort to defeat the extremist Boko Haram sect.

“We did it in desperation,” one of the officials said of the $9.3million cash-for-arms controversy. “All our efforts to procure arms, tanks and ammunition have so far been frustrated by the U.S. It is a trying time for our country and we needed to do something to defeat this insurgency.

“America has kept posturing to the world that they are helping us to fight Boko Haram. But that is far from the truth. We have money to buy all the arms we need but the U.S. has continued to stand in our way. They won’t let us buy arms and they are also discouraging other countries from selling to us. They are saying we stand accused of human rights abuses by human rights group and that we won’t be allowed to get arms.”

“Just recently we placed orders for tanks and jet fighters and it was ready to be delivered. Suddenly the Americans again came in the way. So we were left with no choice than to explore ways to get arms in the best interest of our country and its people.”

Another official said, “We are convinced that the U.S. is playing out a script. They are desperate to demystify Nigeria’s armed forces and make it incapable of defeating Boko Haram. And they have an international network to frustrate our effort to get arms from alternative sources. It is even possible that they were the ones who tipped off the South Africans on this failed deal. They want their prediction that Nigeria will collapse to come true.”

All the sources declined to be named, saying the matter is “too diplomatically sensitive for names to be mentioned at this time”.

The United States Government could not be reached for comment at this time.

Contacted by telephone Tuesday, a spokesperson for U.S. embassy in Nigeria, Sani Mohammed, requested an email enquiry, which was sent to him on Wednesday evening.

Mr. Mohammed was yet to revert as at Wednesday night when this report was published.

In what appeared the first official confirmation of the controversial deal, Nigeria’s security personnel were quoted Tuesday as confirming the order and saying it was a normal practice to procure arms with cash.

The Federal Government has also released data and documents on the transaction, telling the South African government the transaction was “legitimate”, according to PRNigeria, an agency that regularly disseminates media statements for the military, police and other security agencies in Nigeria.

The report said talks between the two countries were at the governmental level and between the intelligence services of the two nations.

PRNigeria quoted a senior government official as saying that the South African Government only faulted “non-declaration” of the cash by the delegation from Nigeria.

“Nigeria and South Africa are getting closer to diplomatic resolution of the row over the $9.3m transaction. The two nations have opened up discussions,” PRNigeria quoted the official as saying.

“The Federal Government has submitted relevant data and documents on the transaction to South Africa and insisted that the transaction was legitimate. “It also clarified that the funds were not laundered or smuggled for any covert maneuvers. No launderer will be audacious to fly into a country in a chartered jet with such huge cash.

“The technical details on security matters, which necessitated the desk, had been availed South Africa for screening.

“Based on initial scrutiny of the documents, the Challenger Jet has been released pending the conclusion of a full-scale investigation by South Africa.”

The source said South African authorities impounded the cash because of “procedural error”.

“There was procedural error at the airport, the team did not declare the $9.3million contrary to the aviation and customs laws in South Africa,” he said. “So, there was an oversight on the part of the delegation that went to complete the transaction.”

But as Nigeria tries to justify the deal, investigators in South Africa are insisting the Nigerian government’s explanations are “flawed and riddled with discrepancies”.

The Asset Forfeiture Unit (AFU) of the National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa (NPA) has obtained a court order freezing the money.

The NPA said the manner the money was brought into South Africa breached the country’s laws that deal with the transfer of foreign exchange of such proportion.

The NPA added that the transaction did not follow normal procedure in the procurement of such equipment it was allegedly meant for.

But a top government official who spoke with this newspaper said the administration acted in the best interest of Nigeria and Nigerians.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures,” the official said asking not to be named because of the sensitive nature of the matter.

“Terrorists are killing our people and it is the duty of this government to do all within its powers to stop the carnage and protect of territory. We acted in the best interest of our country.”


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  • alao

    America will know.

  • ND

    This’s just the whole truth

  • Adoki

    This people are not telling us the whole truth. How come we didn’t hear this one since the insurgency has been raging? Other countries would usually scream to high havens about America using their might to deliberately undermine the national security of another nation, especially in this period of heightened terrorism. And it is difficult to believe that the Americans would be able to muscle the Russians and the Chinese (with massive economic interest in Nigeria at the moment) not to make some money from legitimate arms sales to a legitimate government. The could not even stop the Chinese and the Russians in Syria that is carrying out genocide on whole populations!

    • longben

      You are probably one of the few people in Nigeria who dont know what the Americans are doing to frustrate Nigeria’s fight against boko haram. They use their so-called human rights policies to scuttle every legitimate attempt by the Nigerian govt to purchase arms from most countries. Nigeria was supposed to start taking deliveries of 40 attack and transport helis from both Russia and Isreal (American tech imputs) from the end of last month. The Russians kept their side of the deal while Obama scuttled the Isreali/ American deal. I hope that son of a Kenyan goat-herder is having the time of his life watching boko haram unleash terror on innocent Nigerians. I spit at the mention of that fools name everytime i hear it. A typical house N***a

      • Efe1

        Man of little mind. You are infinitely feeble minded.

      • arewethishopeless

        MUMU. You can imagine how we feel when Jonathan’s name is mentioned ….. Near convulsion …

        • Nnaemeka Emma Chikezie

          Dis proves wat longben said learn to seperate ur interests or logic from ur emotions or else u cant grow up.U myt hate gej bt when it cmes to our national security,reason constructively

      • 2015 president

        So longben, your statement above is false,every body in Nigeria knows that the money was to be laundered in South Africa ,that story of arm purchase is all lies.

        • longben

          Take my advise young man, learn to separate issues of national security, you own very security from you dislike of one man or his party. Assumptions are not facts and i guess you are old enough to know that.

          • zygote

            You have a long way to go my brother. Even if you live for another 200 years, I doubt if you can reach your potentials.

    • redeem

      u do not go to russia to buy arms or china—————-without their consent——-this is an international issue—————-it will be seized——how can Nigeria shame the US Under such a deal—-do u understand the implication of what is happening—they are accusing members of our armed forces of human right abuses————aka ihejirika and co———————-as presented to them by the sultan of Sokoto and some janjaweed human right bodies like the ones headed by Sani shehu ati falana———————————————–this is more than serious—my friend——what a country what a people

      • endingNaija

        so this is why Goodluck Jonathan ati Ayo Oritsejafor took $9.3m to south Africa and REFUSED TO DISCLOSE IT AT THE AIRPORT UNTIL THEY WERE CAUGHT!!!! I just dey laaaafu ooo! Wonder no go end for Dumbo Jonaweed Presidency!

    • zygote

      Dont mind the liars! Do South African produce tanks? One military tank cost approximately $8.8 million. Are they saying a whole Nigerian government is flying $9 million in cash in a pastor’s private jet to buy one tank?

  • sanees

    Nigeria government should have seek south Africa cooperation b4 embarking on the transaction still it’s not in our interest to be at a crossroads with the US.lets seek for diplomatic way out through the US strategic partners

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    Cock and bull!

    What about Russia and the Chinese?

    If the US is interfering in our internal affairs in that manner, why haven’t we summoned its Reps and given him a kicking?

    • redeem

      u do not go to russia to buy arms or china—————-without their consent——-this is an international issue—————-it will be seized——how can Nigeria shame the US Under such a deal—-do u understand the implication of what is happening—they are accusing members of our armed forces of human right abuses————aka ihejirika and co———————-as presented to them by the sultan of Sokoto and some janjaweed human right bodies like the ones headed by Sani shehu ati falana———————————————–this is more than serious—my friend

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        irredeemable, you always seek to defend the ridiculous with even more ridiculous opinions.

        Both Russia and China belong to different ideological blocs that does not give a hoot about Western sensibilities.

        They supply arms and ammunitions to rogue regimes and thumb up their noses at the US and the West whilst they do so.

        If you are not enlightened, go ask Syria, North Korea, Iran and a host of others.

        But please stop misguiding people who may not be aware that you are a paid sycophant.

  • Bode

    I am proud for the first time in recent years to be an African.
    Nothing else made my day than this cheering update that:-

    · “The Asset Forfeiture Unit (AFU) of the National
    Prosecuting Authority of South Africa (NPA) has obtained

    a court order freezing the money.”

    • redeem

      cause the money did not come from cocoa abi—————-

  • Rabiu Abubakar

    Russia? China? Why didn’t we go to them through the right channels. This deal is fishy and the FG will find it hard to sell us these stories

  • Efe1

    It is clear now that GEJ and all his advisers and lieutenant are brain dead! So you actually believe this story when you told it to yourself and decided to sell it to the public. How about Russia, China? How about addressing the human right record assuming your story is true. Which is easier? Addressing the human right record or a FG becoming like a criminal.

    • longben

      A clever chap aint you? Maybe you should go to Borno/Adamawa states and help tell boko haram to suspend operations until we fix the human rights issues. Nigeria has a lot of weapon systems that require western munitions and spares to operate and these materials cannot all be sourced from Russia and China. Unless you and those like you who make reckless political comments on forums such as this are suggesting that Nigeria gets rid of all her western weapons systems acquired over the last 3 decades and somehow raid the stores and shelves of the Russian and chinese armories and find a way to transport their loot overnight to the north-east, then your contribution here makes no sense!!

      • Adoki

        But these munitions which you say are based on western systems can be sourced from South Africa, abi? See your logic!

        • longben

          Maybe you should read a bit about South Africa’s defence indutries and their capabilities. I promise you will whistle in disbelief about what they manufacture and countries fielding made in South Africa’s weapons systems. Better than jumping the gun and talking about what you know nothing about!!!

          • Adoki

            My friend stop confusing yourself. The issue is not about capability of military or industrial technology but COMPATIBILITY of weapons systems, which you yourself raised. So let me spell it out for you like this: if munitions produced in Russia and China are not compatible with the Western-based military equipment that we have, is it South African munitions that would be compatible with Western systems???

          • longben

            Who built the South African defense industry?
            Europeans (westerners)?

            you can pick and choose or just do a bit of reading!!!!!

          • Sword of Damocles

            none of the above sir. Try the star of David

          • Efe1

            So were they going to by the weapon through a back door in SA or how is it that the SA govt does not know of this plan purchase of weapons? Tell me what was Nigeria doing when SA was developing it weapons industries?

          • Adoki

            They we busy becoming the largest economy in Africa.

          • longben

            If you read my post correctly, you will see where i stated that the “South African govt was not immune to a bit of arm-twisting” They were ready to do business albeit secrectly with Nigeria until the Americans got wind of it most probably through a mole in Nigeria and applied the pressure on South Africa to blow the deal open. This is 2014 and you cannot simply put 10 million dollars cash on a private jet and fly into another country, any country without some form of approval from the host country. It is neither logical nor possible in today’s world. Lets just pray that the failure of this deal will not cause us more casualties, both civilian and military.

            By the way ,the Boer overlords of South Africa had nuclears weapon even into the early 90’s. GEJ was probably still a student then.

          • Efe1

            So you seriously believe the tales by moonlight story from a dilapidated brain in the FG?

          • zygote

            …too much knowledge and no intelligence.

          • Mosaku 147

            Abi.longben talks too much without thinking.

          • Mosaku 147

            I can imagine how smart you would have been if only you took some time to reason with yourself before posting.o ma se oooo.

        • Nubian Prince

          IF you knew anything about South Africa Defence Industry , u ill know it is controlled by Jews. Nigeria delegation was led by an Isreali !

      • Efe1

        You have not answered the question posted. We are not talking about the human right of boko haram members, they have not human right as they are not human. What we are talking about is the human right of Odi, biam, and scores of other human right abuses in the north east of Nigeria. You have to be on the ground to see it. My argument therefore is that Nigeria govt will do well to respect the right of the ordinary Nigeria rather than try to circumnavigate insurmountable obstacle.

    • redeem

      u do not go to russia to buy arms or china—————-without their consent——-this is an international issue—————-it will be seized——how can Nigeria shame the US Under such a deal—-do u understand the implication of what is happening—they are accusing members of our armed forces of human right abuses————aka ihejirika and co———————-as presented to them by the sultan of Sokoto and some janjaweed human right bodies like the ones headed by Sani shehu ati falana———————————————–this is more than serious—my friend

      • Wähala

        You don recover from OD of ogogoro at the news your CAN thug has been busted? Where have you been?
        However, you’re right! This is more than serious because before long, America will declare your moron wanted for human rights violations. He will get some backing from AU mumu Presidents but like Al-Bashir of Sudan, he will live in hide-n-seek until the Law catches up with him. No one cuts the throats of 59 school boys and goes home to finish his ogogoro… not to mention grabbing-for-rape, 300 school girls while telling us it was Gov. Shettima. The moment the Americans came to aide in their search-n-rescue mission was when I knew your moron’s cup has filled to the brim. Let him keep bombing Sanusi ati Kwankwaso, the US believe Gov. Nyako that’s why they allowed him to escape from Abuja. When the time comes, their drones will be dropping on our Boko Haram sponsors, na dat time ya eyes go clear… keep gulping Og! Hahahaa chei !!!

      • Ide4u

        Did Asari Dokubo go to Russia or China to buy arms? Were their weapons sized? Were there no human right abuses by Niger Delta Militants?

    • Nnaemeka Emma Chikezie

      Mr efe if u are waiting for dis human rights issues to be sorted out den i assure u u will wait till enternity.Human rights violation although regrettable is a constant k in warfare.Even America dat keeps pontificating killed and still kill hundreds of middle easterners via drone strikes in pakistan.So wats d biggie.Go on BEEGEAGLES blog and get d full scoop on d scuttled arms deal btwn nigeria and the united states.Fg had to use anoda means legal or illegal.Remember due process stops when lifes process is threatened.

    • zygote

      My brother I wonder! $9 million cannot even buy one military tank, this is clearly money being stolen by Jonathan and his cronies. I dont know of any primary school pupil that will believe this, except people suffering from some kind mental disease.

  • King Carlos

    See market story o, US is blocking our arms deals. And we were not bold enough to make legitimate dealings with South Africa , abi South Africa is now USA? Because, on the international scene, SA and USA are not really on the same page because SA leans more towards Russia, (BRICS).

    On the hand, even though the USA is not a saint in international politics, Nigeria is far too important for America, to be working against the progress of the nation. From my own understand, I believe the Americans are wary of the widespread corruption in the country. America will never allow a country that acquits criminals like Bode George, Alameiseygha to procure arms. A preseident that publicly romances suspects like Ali Modu Sherrif and co. A government that has participated in all manner of human rights abuses. A country that stinks of corruption, whose president said on live tv that corruption is not a big deal.

    Just like Jonathan said on the same live program that “America will know”, in reference to the missing billion $. My message to our president is that America now knows about everything, so, they can’t allow his government to procure arms. Because no body can tell on whose hands the ammunitions will end up. Not even with the revelations of Obasanjo. And don’t also forget Asari Dokubo always threatening fire and brimstone. Americans have ears every where so they know what is going on.

    • longben

      Comments like yours and the 2 above yours shows clearly that most of you have ABSOLUTELY no idea about international politics and how it is run by the big players!!! Ever wondered why Iraqs order for American F-16 fighter jets where not delivered to the Iraqi airforce 3 whole years after the orders were placed and the planes ready for delivery but left to sit on the tarmac awaiting whatever approval from whom ever? Ever asked yourself why America will prefer risking the lives and limbs of their pilots along with billions of dollars worth of military equipments to intervene and bomb ISIL instead of simply handing the F-16 to the Iraqi airforce? Souh Africa is not immune to a bit of arm-twisting by those who own the world and run internatioanal politics. That Nigeria secretly wanted to acquire whatever needed weapons systems or spares from South Africa is just plain, old common-sense. Too bad the Americans got wind of it and scuttled the deal probably with the help of moles in the Nigerian security hierarchy.

  • arewethishopeless

    Na wa ooo for this reasoning.

    Now the American are to blame so the Nigerian government turned to Pastor Ayo to solve the problem. So why did you not do the deal with the South African government? Why use Pastor Ayo for the deal with companies in South Africa not authorized to make such exports? Or did Pastor Ayo encourage you to ignore the America’s concerns about your Human Rights abuses and instead make the purchases through himself!

    Lies, lies lies. Stop killing people. Don’t think your attempt at carnage in Kano will make people set aside your role in this murders. Pastor Ayo, STOP THE KILLINGS ….

    • sirjoka

      Exactly my brother. Thats the way this government attempts to divert our attention. Whenever a scandal breaks out, BOKO HARAM launches an attack to divert our attention and take the front page news.

  • redeem

    sack dasuki ati Gusau————until they are removed——–we will be wasting our time with boko haram—————–b4 the US will embark on such efforts–somebody in the presidency such as Gusau who has been working for the CIA———– Obj ati dasuki must be in the know—————examine this against he backdrop of the activities of the courage with which boko haram———has been operating in abuja——ati the Davis story—————aware most of the fulanis work for the CIA——–from ribadu ati a host of others——- this news to me–does not come as a shock—sha———-aware of the way madam Cliton worked to frustrate efforts at tagging boko haram as a terrorist organisation————————-where are the yankeees searching for the chibok girls –where are their drones————————————–

    • Ide4u

      What happened when the former NSA, your Ijaw brother, Patrick Aziza told GEJ the truth about Boko Haram? Was he not sacked and killed? You are here blaming the failure of another Ijaw born Chief of Army Staff in taming Boko Haram on Dasuki and Gusau. Common sense should have told him that he cannot successfully wage war on thousands of Boko Haram insurgents with 500 troops. You want the Yankees to clean the mess of your brainless paymaster? Hard times awaits all of you without any viable cell in their brains.

  • Scalywag

    In that case why did they not use an Airforce C130 or even one of the aircraft in the presidential fleet? Why Oritsejafor’s private jet? Does America know what nigerians don’t know about Boko Haram? Could the failure of government to investigate SAS-Boko and company, massive corruption and other factors not be responsible for this? Why was the president of ‘Africa’s biggest economy’ relegated to that fringest position in that picture taken at the White House. Please let us remove the log from our eye so we can properly see the speck in the eye of America. God bless Nigeria

    • Wähala

      Why C130… don’t you know it’s a cargo-hauling aircraft? Your “God Bless Nigeria” is questionable if you’re insinuating they should have filled a C130 with dollars-for-arms deal. Na wa oh! Sha, on a more serious note… Americans darn sure know more than Nigerians about the Boko Haram, they froze their source of funds. My bet is, Dr. Davis did not name the CBN money man bcos the “on-going investigation” is by the US… and that’s seconded by Prof. Wole Soyinka’s mention of his contacts in a foreign embassy already engaged in investigating the same man. Americans have been fighting against money laundering from the days of Noreiga to Taliban pipelines… Boko Haram and the corrupt Nigerian system is a piece of fruit cake to them. Finally, your moron was shoved to the far end in that group picture because quite frankly, like Sen. John McCain said… “some guy named Jonathan who runs a non-existent government in Nigeria” simply does not exist in American eyes. That’s just the gospel truth!

  • Wuntidavid

    Whoever believe this writer should examine his head again. The writer failed to mention the sources of the quotes. I seriously doubt this article because it failed to mention the sources of this story. Somebody or group with sinister motive is behind this article.

  • Jizzle

    The US will only oppose the kick backs you may have attached to such deals. A transparent arm purchase will definitely be supported by the US. the US loves to sell

    • Wähala

      Was Haliburton transparent?
      The US has tolerance for certain crimes… but genocide, human smuggling, kidnap-for-rape, drugs and arms running, are some rather serious infringements they bone at. Transparent or not, the US knows this Dumbo’s Govt. is using the arms to kill her own citizens and that’s got to stop asap… shikena!

      • Gideon Orkar

        US Govt against drugs and arms dealing? I beg make I laugh. Pls google Oliver North or Iran – Contra affair.

        • Wähala

          Shut-up dia… I knew Col. Oliver North and the Iran-contra-Sandinista drug deals…
          Google will not tell you the role IBB, Orji Uzu Kalu and Gloria Okon played there…
          bet you’ve never read about that link! Punk!

          • Gideon Orkar

            I see now. So Oliver North is not American? Now juxtapose his deeds with your earlier claim that US don’t get involved in drug and gun running!

          • Wähala

            Was Oliver North not punished for his crimes?
            I said the US takes certain crimes more seriously than others and that’s true…

  • 2015 president

    Those that the gods want to destroy, he first make them bananas,by implying the USA is antagonising boko
    Haram fight.

  • Wähala

    Dumbo never runs out of fingers to point with. Now, it’s Obama’s fault ba? For weeks I’ve said Gen. Ihekirika’s much taunted bashing of Boko Haram thugs was nothing but human rights abuses… he raided villages and annihilated survivors of BH attacks after accusing them of being sympathetic to the insurgents. That’s why AI, UNHRC and others are investigating the NA, that’s also why none of the foreign countries who rushed to send aide after the Chibok kidnappings offered bootlegs… they were sensitive to getting their names soiled with the gutter mud that is the reputation of Nigerian security forces viz; JTF. Forget the big boys! Iran, Pakistan ati India, Brazil, South Africa or even cash-strapped North Korea would salivate at the opportunity to sell arms to Nigeria with the legitimate justification that we are fighting terrorism. If Dumbo is not lying, why process his ‘oluwole papers’ through a firm not authorized to deal in arms by SA authorities? Why the conflicting stories at the port of entry? Oh well, let’s wait for the American rebuttal bcos for sure, Dumbo has bitten more than he can chew by thumbing his wide nose at the Amies. The US has her “human assets” on the ground who must have told them the NA is channeling the arms to the insurgents for political dividends, else, why was Ihrjirika suddenly relieved of his duties? If truly there’s a discreet arms embargo on Nigeria… kudos! to the credibility of Dr. Stephen Davis, he must have appeared more believable than Dumbo and his gang of killers. The noose is tightening, mouthing-off at American will at best earn him an international warrant of arrest for crimes against humanity. We’re getting… wallahi, ma’sha Allah, we shall get there!

    • longben

      If the president of your county is a “dumbo”, pray tell the world, WHAT ARE YOU?

      • Sword of Damocles

        Someone who screams to the world that we have an ARMED ROBBER & HIS GANG running the largest black nation in the world?

        • Wähala

          Nigeria doesn’t have a government… ask John McCain!

      • Wähala

        Answer that!
        Do I come across like Jona Dumbo?
        I can think faster than all the goons in the Presidency piled together…
        To answer your quiz:
        I am Höly Wähala, the man whose oracle is never wrong!
        Nothing that is happening today that I have not written about… and I can refer you, just pick any topic!

      • Mosaku 147

        Wahala is a genius,and I mean it.how else can a man reason and knows so accurately? Your dumbo will soon be exposed for who he is.why do you think he is so scared of declaring his second term ambition five months to elections? The Americans are waiting to expose him.this is the beginning of his end.

  • Goodluck_Nigeria

    I am surprised that Nigerians are ignorant of what is going on and why US must do everything possible to frustrate the fight against Boko Haram.

    Obama the Muslim in the US white-house is determined to ensure the success of Islamic Jihad worldwide and Nigeria is considered vital in Obama’s calculations …. period !!!

    • Abate Dokpu

      You are simply insane.

    • Richard

      You are not only insane you are really a lunatic. Every politicians that harbors this type of propaganda in US lost their elections . This is because the populace believes such politicians have nothing to offer. It is only in Nigeria that smear propaganda thrives. Just look for another justification for this childish action of your incompetent President .

    • Maria

      See how a mad man reasons… hahahahahahahahaha…. you are a moron.

      • Alcindo Satori

        …and you’re the offspring of a moron!! hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tunsj

      You do not know what you are talking about. First of all, President Obama is not a muslim and Obama is fighting terrorists around the world unlike GEJ.

    • SBBify

      Did any psycho enter here just now? Guys make all of una take cover o. Trash!

  • Dankasa

    Yes, US is blocking or frustrating Nigeria on arms acquisition as claimed by these so-called security guys. this is concocted because they (US) disagreed with GEJ on his gimmick campaign against the so-called Boko Haram. Has this govt. or country ever been blacklisted as terrorist government/country by the US? We are not fools men,but time shall tell. I kept telling people that this guy (GEJ) exposed Southerners to a greater danger he don’t know because when he leaves power only God knows what will happen in this country.

    • Steven

      The same type of comments SS make about APC. My friend tell us something different

  • Damilola Coker


    Is anyone bound to accept this cock-and-bull story by President Goodluck Jonathan and his gang?
    I don’t buy it at all. In fact i believe they had no intention to buy any military hardware in South Africa.
    It is all an after-thought. They spun this cock-and-bull story only after they were caught by Customs.

    I rather believe the $9.3million is stolen money planned to be laundered in South Africa. That is what i believe.
    So far the three Nigerians caught cannot tender a signed contract by a South African arms exporter for $9.3m.
    It should not take four days of detention for a honest person to tender his signed contract, but they can’t tender.
    South Africa should now treat this as moneylaundering with international dimension and apply criminal laws severely.

    • Pelumi

      “It is no secret now that Nigerians hate their rulers; but when Nigerian “prayer warrior” masses

      now start to curse and pray for the death of their rulers, then there is a crisis. There is always euphoria

      and jubilation whenever a member of the Nigerian “thiefocratic class”; i.e.; President, Governor, Senator,

      House of Reps member, Minister, or, local government chairman, dies.”

      “When the plane of Governor Danbaba Suntai’s of Taraba State crashed, i placed a call to

      several friends i consider somewhat “God-fearing” and decent. The first response i got from

      each and every one of them is ‘make them all die, we are praying for the next one to die’.

      Surely there is justifiable un-precedented hatred for the ruling class like never before
      in the history of the country.”

      …………………Paul Omoruyi
      (December 30, 2012)

  • Nnaemeka Emma Chikezie

    What a wonderful column.Pls to fully understand what dis article says,go to beegeagles blog nd get ur information.D nigerian airforce ordered for over 40 choppers from both America and russia.America scuttled theirs thereby putting us at a disadvantage while d russians kept to theirs.Their argument was dat nigerian army was guilty of human rights abuses.pray tell me which army on earth doesnt violate human right in war time?Even d americans did it in iraq and afghanistan.Their whole rationale is cock and bull.Afta what d egyptians did to their citizens on live air dey still sold weapons to dem.what of d saudis?Nigeria just had to find a way around dis trash.

    • longben

      I have a feeling we are both wasting our time trying to educate some knuckle-heads here!!! They read or hear something and like zombies, pick it up and run with it without pausing to think like normal humans for a second. When they are shown how ridiculous and illogical their arguments are, they run into the gutters and try to pull you in too. What a shame.
      Nice to know you visit beegaeagles blog too. No wonder the informed and common-sense comment!!!!!

    • uduakomiri

      Blame our spineless leaders. If the Americans are threatening our survival as a nation then we have to fight back. Yes, there is one big thing we could do: revoke all crude oil licences issued to Euro-American firms and sell them openly to the Chinese. I’m telling you even before we finish implementing this the Americans will come asking for talks. It is very silly of our government to always attempt to negotiate with western countries from the point of weakness. It never works. We have tried it several times before and it never worked and will never work. International diplomacy only values strength, deterrence and economics any other thing that does not give a country advantage in such situations has no bearing other the other nation instead it exposes the opposing country as weak and exploitable.

      • DecodeDaRiddle

        My brother, gone are the days that you can use such leverage. America with fracking has become arguably the largest produce of crude oil. Why do you think they have abandoned the middle east and the Saudis and others are weak now? The game has long changed. Even Russia a major oil producer could not hit back at USA because they are now more self sufficient. The issue is our country has not shown leadership…we raised 1.9 billion for ebola and needed the same USA to donate 300 thermal cameras for us before we can start screening passenger and even at that , they are still turning our citizens back in China, Bahrain, Qatar etc. We have let this impunity go on for too long that our government is not engaged in doing 419 like common criminals. When a serious government does a plan, they have an escape strategy….we have none here and all we can do is blame it on the Americans? They have more information and all the faceless people claiming to be spokespersons had better hide as such because if the truth should come out, we will be further dragged into a disgrace of no dimension.

    • Guguru

      Shut up.

    • Paului

      Good thinking. USA is full of it.

    • Alex

      Just imagine the kind of view you hold on this glaring case of illegal importation of arms into Nigeria with the fully support of the Nigerian government.I shake my head for the likes of you

  • Roberto

    I will not normally like to associate a self-described man of God with either stealing or money-laundering.
    But the facts of this case compel that conclusion and implicate Pastor Oritsejafor as accessory as well.
    President Jonathan does everything else except the sensible thing – which is; show an invoice of $9.3million.
    Where is an invoice issued by a South African Licensed Arms Exporter for the amount of $9.3million?
    Without invoice there’s no existing contract to finance, and so, stealing was sole purpose of ferrying the cash.

    • By popular demand

      “So far the three Nigerians caught cannot tender a signed contract by a South African arms exporter for $9.3m.
      It should not take four days of detention for a honest person to tender his signed contract, but they can’t tender.
      South Africa should now treat this as moneylaundering with international dimension and apply criminal laws severely.”

      ….Damilola Coker
      (Septer 17, 2014)

      • Alagoa

        @ Roberto:

        Well, i think you have a point. I take it that President Jonathan let himself down badly.
        He has just totally disgraced Nigeria worldwide. If after 5 years in office he did this,
        then, it means he’s not fit for purpose and has learnt nothing on the job, and even if
        he was merely commandeered in 2007 to do a job above his head, he should know better by now.
        I am ashamed of the low thinking demonstrated here by President Jonathan on this $9.3million.
        Anyone who’s been to school would not do such a thing, knowing there’s global law against it.

        • Pere

          Nigeria earns more money from crude oil but 50 million young men, like myself,
          still walk the streets; without hope – without money and without a future – due to the
          painful spells of un-employment caused by massive thefts of public funds by states
          and federal government officials.

          I am not threatening, but if this chronic situation persists i shall not go down alone.
          I shall form or join a violent revolutionary movement to bring extreme pains and sorrows
          to the families of the government officials who’ve ruined our lives.

        • Tunsj

          You got that right.”He has just totally disgraced Nigeria worldwide”. GEJ knows that Nigerians will not rise up and protest and that is why he doesn’t care.

        • Guguru

          Many Nigerians are still not yet knowledgeable about who Jonathan really is. They think he is a pussy cat.

  • guvnor1

    I am surprised nobody on this forum know what propaganda is or understand it. This report is bull@#$%. Nothing but a propaganda by agents of Abuja. For your information, Russia and China, Iran, North Korea and India does not have a working agreement with US with it comes to Arms. Right now because of Ukraine crisis Russia is doing everything to piss off and get back at the USA. My opinion, I repeat my opinion is that the USA have Intel the weapons will fall into wrong hands and probably going to be used by wicked elements for the coming elections. the less weapon we have, the less damage. Lastly where is book haram getting their weapon from.

    • Tunji Olarewaju

      Well reasoned argument

    • Guguru

      Well said. Guvnor1, I love your mind so much.

  • amazing2012

    Lies can easily be told but it’s color must show. If USA block some countries from selling weapon to us, what of China and RUSSIA ? It’s a cover up lies. The money is either for Loundary or illegal arms deal for Boko Haram.

    • Mike udi

      Our military ve rejected china Arms cos many soldiers die wear made in china bullet proof vest

  • Gideon Orkar

    The plane has been released and the money will be released end of story!

    • Sword of Damocles

      says who? a dead man?

  • Gbegi

    You guys have just been sold a dummy. There is no agreement to buy any ammunitions.
    Stop following a red herring to talk about Russia, China and Iran. This is not arms’ sales at all.
    The money, $9.3m, was just taken from the treasury to be laundered overseas as private funds.
    Can’t you guys reason out of the box? Which ammnititions were agreed to be bought and sold?
    Who agreed to buy and who agreed to sell, when, how, and at what price, to be delivered when?
    Where is a signed memorandum by the contracting parties detailing all these necessary details?
    Think, Nigerians, think, your country is being stolen away wholesale by un-masked thieves at noon.

    • Tunsj

      You said it all. They think that Nigerians are fools and they know that Nigerians are timid.

  • Maria

    Liars…Jonathan and Oritsejafor desperately looking for means to clean up the mess… “wind don blow open the fowl yansh … yeye government.

    • Alcindo Satori

      …and you will live another 4 years under GEJ’s watch. Like it or not

      • Wähala

        Shut-up dia…
        She knows what she’s talking about. You think America’s response will be in the newspaper pages alone?
        Wait for their “human assets” to land Abuja… Remember Hugo Chavez???

  • Truthometer

    This is a clear case of attempted money laundering and gun-running, at the highest level. They can cook up as much story as they want to cover their filthy asses, Nigerians knows better. They want to blame the Americans for their criminal ways of life. If their corrupt and criminal madness has pushed them to the American’s territory, they would have forfeited everything, including the crooked money and the holy aircraft, while their agents would have been jailed for a long time. Dumbo and his party, PDP, together with their holier than thou partners are operating criminal enterprise, which they erroneously called government. Shame on all of them!

  • Bayo

    “Time is running out for peaceful well-managed change. In order to avoid the horrors
    of descent into very bloody and destructive anarchy, there is immediate need
    for a revolutionary change. Perhaps, we are expecting too much from President
    Jonathan. For, it may be that he is not, by natural disposition, imbued with an
    ardour to initiate the revolutionary change in the purpose, pace and tempo of
    governance, and that he is not naturally fitted to lead the social and ethical
    revolution that the country so desperately needs to take it out of the messy
    quagmire. If such be the case, should he not make way now, or, in 2015 for
    someone so imbued – since such a revolution is Nigeria’s best hope for
    salvation in the present circumstances?”

    ……Professor Ben Nwabueze

    (June 12, 2013)

  • Guguru

    The weight of the lies from this administration is crushing the back of this nation.

  • Maxwell Okonkwo

    Must our government carry cash to buy arms? How has she bought arms in the past? Must they empower Ayo by hiring his Jet? The Airforce has Jets that can be used. The presidency also has fleets of Jets. Why is this one different? Jona is wasting our money. People are hungry, no jobs, no light, no Medicare, no proper schools. Wasting our resources in the name of TAN and other paid agents of bringback Jonathan 2015. Can we see that our Nation is at the verge of collapse? Oh God help us. Is it because the man bears JONATHAN that makes him a Christian? I think this government has an agreement with dark world to succeed through shedding of blood. Christianity in Nigeria is having a trying moment in the history of this nation.

    • SBBify

      I thank God the truth is coming out gradually. There are more to come. I am a Christian. I admit this very exposure is shameful. Let’s even assume that CAN president knew nothing about the deal. Is his private
      jet meant to profit the gospel or commercial gain? I personally read the interview where he said the
      private jet was needed solely for his ministerial
      assignments. I believe more revelations are coming. Let Jehovah be praised. When HE fights, HE needs not the help of man. Hallelujah.

      • Victor

        Lets be careful about conclusions we make. What if this story is true? What if America is frustrating our efforts to buy weapons legitimately? Dont allow prejudice to becloud your reasoning pls. I ready a few weeks ago that some tanks the govt imported where painted in UN colours as a disguise. Our soldiers lack arms and we were losing the war, if BK haram gets weapons illegally and are winning, what stops us from doing the same? After all what matters is who is winning and not the source of weapons. Look America can do this through their global financial payment system, such that even russia, china etc cannot sell to us. Lets be wise, the truth will alwys prvail. If this turns out to be true, what will you do, can you eat back your insultive words? God help GEJ if he is sincere in this. As for CAN president, the jet is his but has been leased out to another coy from whom these guys hired it. How does that connect to him?

  • True Nigerian

    In such a sensitive moment, the first thing a government needs is CREDIBILITY, and Jonathan’s government doesn’t have any credibility left in it. That is one of the most important reasons Nigeria needs a new government in 2015. A serious war against terror is not something you go into with a government whose words are not believed by anyone in the international community and at home.

    Even if the claims from these government sources are true, will these cock and bull explanations by Jonathan be enough to beat the possible stories that the US may like to offer in its response to this hugely discredited Nigerian government? Given the horrendous records of Jonathan’s government on corruption and governance, if the US responds now by claiming that the cash was stolen from Nigeria and the Nigerian government wanted to launder the cash, most people are likely to believe that version.And if the US says that the weapons to be bought with the cash were stopped because Jonathan’s government aimed at delivering weapons to the wrong people for some wrong ulterior motives, again people are more likely to believe that.

    In short, most people are likely to believe whatever damning story the US comes up in its own response to these bunkum from Nigeria’s headless and brainless statecraft under Jonathan. So in the end, this useless story from Nigerian government was churned out without giving any thoughts to the credibility of the government that is trying to sell it and the possible counter arguments that may come from those against whom the stories are peddled. I’m sure that the same thoughtlessness is also the precursor to the decision to conduct the transaction in the horrendous way they went about it.

    In any case, for a government that is not intelligent enough to see the insensitivities of using #bringback Jonathan in its campaign, an appreciation of the intricacies in navigating serious issues of international arms politics is an impossibility. If as a government you have unscrupulous fellows like Obanikoro, Gusau, Olisa Metuh, Godswill Akpabio, Diezani Madueke, Doyin Okupe, Abati, etc as your closest advisers, you are not likely to get even the most basic calculations right. This is why Nigeria’s rot in the last 5 years have somehow surpassed the rots that occurred in the two decades preceding the last 5 years.

    John McCain was right when he made his controversial observation – that under Jonathan, Nigeria has no government.

    • Alcindo Satori

      Really? Well get ready for another 4 years of GEJ!!!

      • True Nigerian

        I just hope you don’t go home thinking that you have just made a threat to one of GEJ’s so-called haters who protested on the streets in 2009/2010 to demand that he should become the President. So if you are happy that you’ve made one good threat, you are wasting your time; firstly because I think that Nigerians truly deserve the horrible accident and international embarrassment called GEJ and the company of disreputed shameless clowns that surround him. Secondly, because I am not constrained to live in Nigeria if it gets any worse than it is already. I am more than capable of settling in a peaceful country in the Western world, and I won’t need a visa to arrive there on a first class ticket. I hope you are in the same position too before you start your journey to tenure extension for GEJ believing that you are threatening someone that is not even there to be threatened.

        • Scalywag

          My brother, its attitudes like his that have brought America into the mix. But we that have no other place to go are also waiting to see who will unleash these failures on us again! The unemployed graduates are waiting! The masses are waiting! We all are waiting to see how the GEJ shall return “wether we like it or not”! But gennerally I want to believe Mr Satori was being sarcarstic. Most nigerians may be illiterate but they are not mad

  • DecodeDaRiddle

    This government is ridiculously bereft of intelligence. Several arms cache have been intercepted at Lagos port, I recall the former NSA Aziza made a show of it. If common criminals have successfully made arm deal and most have been successful hence why BH is better equipped then a government that has all legitimate need for such importation howbeit covert could have done better.
    What happened to the fact that a diplomat could have been involved and would have prevented the money from been searched or declared as they intended? All these lines are nothing but tissue of lies and the more they try to cover it,the more we shall all be enlightened.
    The incompetence of this government is pitiful, they cant fight corruption,they account account for missing monies, missing fighter jets, etc and now missing intelligence,,,, what a waste of the last almost 6 years of a nation based on parochial sentiments.
    Why wont we be blocked from all legitimate arms purchase? The Americans came and found out that the whole BH issue is political and their intelligence showed that its like a switch, they turn it on and they flick it off, hence why oga was dancing Skelewu and madam was denying at first. They know the next move will be to purchase arms story and they have vehemently blocked all channels. My suspicion is that the government created a shell company to run this arms deal and clearly it has back fired and since they have admitted involvement, the senate and house of rep should come alive to their responsibilities and unravel all the actors and if possible deal appropriate sanctions from the top to the last man. This was most like a private cash laundry arrangement or towards 2015.

  • BlackieUmukoro

    These stories are far apart

  • Steven

    The whole world knows that this government is an expert in blaming other people for her own actions and woes. Funny enough, when the story broke out initially, a friend had told me that this government will surely look for someone or somebody to blame for her own criminal activities. For now the blame goes to US, next Pa Clark and Asari Dokunbo will try to link OBJ and APC to the shameful act.

  • Adam Noma

    US Government might truely frustrate Nigeria’s procurement of arms, but for the fact that it ended in the hands of the terrors. Let the security source explain the involvement of the CAN head private jet. And please assume its Sultan jet that was involved, to be objective how do you guys yhink would be the reaction of most Nigerians.

  • Ahmad

    Dis lie no sweet at all. Cook another one please. Shameless and irresponsible elements.

  • Dan Fulani

    What brought CAN into this matter?

    • Ade

      If can is sponsoring boko harm, who’s sponsoring fulani herdsmen?

  • Rudeboi

    Nigeria is not in the middle east. This is not Iraq or Pakistan. The hate we are promoting will ruin us all. The black nation is an endangered race. By the time Hiv/Aids and Ebola finish you people, you fools will finally cement your fate with religious war. Africa is the promised land. You mumus don’t know. You have lost the whole of North Africa to Arabs, gradually you are losing East Africa and Southern Africa to Indians and Europeans. I feel for Una, O blind people.

    • Ade

      True talk. Mumu people!

  • george

    I can’t understand why illegal means should be used in buying arms. This shows the world how the PDP government are into irregular ways of doing things. As far as am concerned, this lame explanation can’t suffice and is not convincing enough, moreso coming from ananymous fellows

  • Yakubu Ibrahim

    If U.S isn’t interested in supplying arms to Nigeria govt via legitimate means; has South Africa govt decline your legitimate order too?
    I refused to be bought with this cheap excuse….Their home made mannerism as been exposed internationally.
    and why couldn’t you follow basic procedure: declare your cash once it’s above $10000 or its equivalent.
    who says $9.3m isn’t part of the allegedly missing $20bn as relayed by sanusi. Emefiele is there to do their bid….loot the treasury.
    What do you think will happen when $1bn loan request is granted?
    Lets pray:
    May God deliver us from EVILS ruling this country in the name “men of God” and “I had no shoes”
    …spare not your wrath on them…Amin

    • Solveig

      Sensible talk

    • Shola

      So Emefiele printed the dollar mints? Bigot

    • Daniel Adams

      All this Ewusa people think with their anus

      • Dr. Kay

        And you think with your dick ! Oloshi , oniranu, oponu ode.

        • Daniel Adams

          Oloriburuku didirin ekpa Omo ale Anuofia

  • Okikiola Beckley

    This is bull crap. If I can remember properly the only time Nigeria has ever been sanctioned and blacklisted for arms purchase from most western countries was during Abacha’s era when Saro Wiwa was executed. If the U.S. govt is to sanction us it is not something that’s done covertly,it will be deliberated upon by congress and passed into law. Even if we are under sanction by the U.S. there are dozens of countries we can buy arms from and saying that we are constrained in the fight against the insurgency because U.S. will not sell arms to us is too pedestrian an argument and an explanation fit for the beer parlours. Another crazy argument is that cash transaction is faster than electronic payment,I guess they are addressing their people back home in their villages.

  • Musa Aliyu

    Liars! A lady in First Group in Dubai once confessed to me that a Nigerian moved in $50 million to Dubai, in a private jet to buy houses. He was apprehended by customs and was released after doing away with 5% of the sum.
    So we now all know that Oritsejafor is behind those wanting to cause civil strife between Christians and Muslims on Nigeria. God Hasexposed them. They will never meet their intention. We are all eyes seeing we douse all tensor in our locales.

    • Shola

      You are all eyes seeing what you want to see. What has the man if God to do with this story as is. SMH for you and your mumu people

  • Thompson |Ighalo

    If indeed US is standing in their way, why not approach other countries like Russia and china. Russia is the 2nd largest exporter of arms after the US. Russia is not a country the US can dictate to. The Russians will readily sell weapons to us.

    • Tukur

      That means you believe their story

  • Abiodun

    There is no arms to be purchased, the invoice is just a cover up in case of possibly being caught just like dis one,that money must be meant to be laundered or for the purchase of big properties and malls by some ogas at the top. useless people. na who no sabi una una go dey deceive with these crap of a story.

  • Ette

    This government is so desperately wicked that day by day God is making them fools by exposing their depth of evils done against this country. Imagine them confirming through this statement that the arms were to be delivered to boko haram to continue their destructions which is why the US can block such arms that will end up in terrors’ hands. Sure this government is active sponsor of boko haram destructive activities for whatever political advantage they think such evils will confer on them. GEJ and PDP are busy destroying Nigeria and posterity will not forgive them. May God do to them what they are doing to Nigerians.

    • Daniel Adams

      You must be one of the useless servants in the animal Kingdom.

      • Shola


    • agu

      I suggest you read the news before you comment .

  • djay

    Lies lies and lies, always looking for something to blame. I wonder why they are yet to blame APC

  • awesom combk

    Bullshit and careless story. Federal government is just not serious, is CAN part of government? Why should government in it’s shame sink in Nigeria’s respected bodies into it’s illegal deals? Do you government know the amount of damage you did to CAN as a body by using it’s crook crocodile leader? CAN good memebers are not happy with this crazy M.O.U.

  • Umar Dendi

    SAME OLD TRICK. when anything goes Wrong- Blame America!
    Blame the CIA!
    The problem of these seasoned liars is, when they keep telling their lies they forget the rest of us still have Neurons Left in our Brains!
    well, I Suppose, America Did Know, America Don Catch Am!!

  • Salihu Ibrahim

    Strong ears never learn

  • Mosaku 147

    Believe this,believe anything.i just said it today that PT is now the official media of the PDP or why else would an editor allow this cork and bull story on his medium. Rubbish.america stop arms deal ko,America stop arms deal ni.awon oku egbe oshi.

  • J. B. Ayeni

    It is difficult to find that a legitimate Nigerian government would do such thing as this. Exporting $9.3million raw cash to S. A. to buy arms?
    We need to know from which Ministry’s account was the money drawn, what documents were completed and submitted to CBN, if any, before they could be permitted
    to move the money like they did.
    The CBN should tell Nigerians if they permitted such, at all. There is definitely, something sinister about this large movement of cash. We have not heard the last.
    Whether America or , even, Benin Republic revealed the information with which they apprehended these people, it would not matter. The important thing is that these government
    officials or should l say party officials should know they were Involving themselves in illegality. Anyway this is not the first time, sometime ago, during Obasanjo’s regime, an official was caught in the US with large sums of dollars, which was meant to purchase farm equipment for Oga’s farm. We never heard anything about it, till date.
    The presence of an Israeli in this saga is more baffling. What does he want in the company of Nigerians, smuggling so large amount of dollars into South Africa?
    The connection of Oritsejafor to this shady deal, is surely, not too good for his reputation, as the president of CAN. He is supposed to be a “Man of God “. Any business that could smear
    his integrity or cloud his impartial judgement, should be avoided. Bishop Okojie would never have involved himself in this type of deal.Then, he was very critical of any erring government.
    Oritsejafor is too close to Jonathan. For the sake of your followers, please limit your closeness to the government of the day. Not all your followers are convenient, seeing you being lampooned, left and right.

    • Leave Bishop Okojie alone..too much of his own gaffes during IBB era to talk about.The SSS have his tapes!

  • wode

    All this story is just nonsense. The Government and all parties involved are just getting themselves entangled in this messy issue? Why would US block all sources to procure weapon? Where is China? and what of Russia, etc. This strategy and attempt to hoodwink Nigerians is bullshit and ridiculous. This doesn’t work.

  • Yemimaps

    This Federal Government is a complete disaster. Let us even assume without conceding, that America has been blocking legitimate arms procurement by Nigeria, how on earth did we now expect South Africa to allow a flawed transaction? Please, plead guilty and get a light sentence.

    • seyi

      thank you, some months ago they lambasted borno governor when he complain of lack of military equipment, that army are not well equip , they told the man to shut up, now telling us that ,they have difficult in purchase an weapon. china is there, Russia
      will be more than happy, this government continue make a riddle of this nation as we are bunch of iliterate

  • Lawrence

    They are criminals that money is stolen they are looking for a way out of the crime you are buying weapons and young man and woman have no job not even food to eat the so called Nigeria government claim responsible for the stolen because a criminal pastor is involved so pastors are now Nigeria military is that what you are telling us?


    This is crazy, one would have expected the Nigerian government to have firm out details with the south African government before setting out, with this all parties involved would have been on the look out for the transaction. I personally don’t believe this story

    • stop lamenting

      South African economy is being dominated and protected by the western white supremacy (OYINBO) and it’s ready to betray Nigeria so to secure its own country! NIGERIA IS THE WORLD CASH COW!! WE ARE IN BIG TROUBLE.

      • Stingo

        Welcome to the world of the enlightened, bro. Shame, not many folks realize this and have their brains too fuddled with nonsense.

        • stop lamenting

          Thank sir/ma

    • stop lamenting

      Niran! I have said it times without number on this forum that president Jonathan policies will liberates us from 600years of Oyinbo slavery if implemented! and Nigerians think the west will fold their harms and be watching, 80% of our youths knows nothing about history and they are too lazy to research on why we are BLACK N BLESS with so many natural resources and we are still this POOR.

  • Sams

    We are not fools. The US cannot stop China and Russia from selling weapons to Nigeria.

    • Nour

      Exactly what I thought! We are not under sanctions so why can’t you legitimately buy arms from China or Russia? who can stop it? This story in bullshit! @Eobrat, we are not ready to move forward with the world! Our defence industry now manufacture TOP CLASS furniture I heard while it’s counterpart which was made around same time manufacture variety of weapons in Saudi Arabia!

      • eobrat

        You are right. Maybe, just maybe this time around we will learn our lessons and invest in our defense industry instead of depending on imports that can be blocked by the powers that be for their own selfish reasons. The human rights abuses they cite as reasons for blocking sales to us makes me laugh. They seem to have quickly forgotten Abugrab? Water boarding? And other abuses perpetrated by their troops during the height of the Afghan and Iraqi wars. No be their fault though. Na our leaders who have become disasters to our national aspiration

    • Stingo

      Wake up, bro. Na today?

  • eobrat

    Those who have no idea what international politics is about are here talking Nonesense. Anyway, it’s our fault as a nation when we refused after the civil war to develop our own defence industrial complex. That is the solution to this rubbish. Produce your own arms and then no one can dictate to you how you fight your wars

  • Frank

    It is not surprising that the USA is back stabbing Nigeria. Our stand against some evil practices encouraged by the US government coupled with the fact that Nigeria have all the resources that will make Nigeria stand up one day against these evil practices as promoted by the Evil “Dragon” – USA ….It is this same US that started the Al Qaida and Bin Laden in Afghanistan. The US have no good plans for Nigeria. So come sun come rain, We will defeat the Islamic militants no matter by what ever name they are called.


      Pls replace ur name wit LIAR instead of FRANK.Why will the US allow Boko Haram Sponsors to procure Arms?

      • trippi

        LIAR MUHAMED ?

        • Frank

          Hope you are aware that the United States sponsored and started the most dreaded Al Qaeda, in fact it may surprise you to know that as the Osama Bin Laden’s family where dinning with President Bush in the white house on the 9-11 while the world trade center was on fire. The US have so many evil past dealings in Nigeria including the suspicion in the toppling of Gen. Murtala Mohammed and in which one of their stooge in the person of Gen Obasanjo took over. Of the recent past, we are all aware how MKO Abiola died after his tea drink with the US diplomats and visitors all to forestall his eventual swearing in to pursue his avowed commitment of repatriation for Africa’s 400 years slavery…My brother I can real out volumes to prove the US evil plots against Nigeria. And how are you so sure that the US is not the real founder of Boko Haram

          • lekky

            Bros no need to tell lie here. President Bush was in primary school sitting among school children for a school programs when 9-11 happen.



  • Umuabor

    What happened to arms and equipment that can be purchased from China, Belarus and Russia? The US has no influence over them. This is another corrupt deal gone wrong. Nigeria cannot afford Western tanks, aircraft and weapons. Chinese and Russian ones are readily available so why this nonsense? Did a Russian transport plane not fly in two Russian Mi-34M Attack Helicopters into Kaduna last week? We are making useless arms deals while Boko Haram is wiping out our people.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    I am not taken in by this woeful cock-and-bull story. Even if one charitably grants that the transaction was (or is) legitimate (which is highly unlikely), the payment mode has money-laundering written all over it. How can a government be moving loads of cash around like the Medellin Cartel in Colombia? Goodluck Ebola Jonathan is running an Administration that is egregiously corrupt, abundantly aimless and prolifically pathetic. Jonathan himself has been a choreographed catastrophe and an unmitigated disaster. I am an unrepentant supporter of PDP. However, I can’t wait to see the end of Goodluck Ebola Jonathan’s government.

  • Nour L.S

    I said it! If $20b Sanusi money is missing, America will know!lol. So how did America knew all these money you are sharing is in the aircraft and told SA? See Jonah, we are not as retarded as you are…you moron!!!

  • Olalere Yusuf

    Who will believe this Gridlock Ebola James-Bond story. Sponsors of Boko already unmasked. Late General Azazi Owoye said before he died in questionable circumstance

  • Goodguy

    These northern parasites and their yoruba muslims slaves talking nonsense here are all fools. you are saying why FG didn’t buy from Russia, have you all forgotten that Nigeria Armies are crying that Boko Haram are using Sophisticated machine gun while they are using AK47? Russia is only selling AK47 that’s why FG was going to buy from Israel since America blocked them from buying there. i’m sure America and their allies are the one helping Boko Haram and their northern supporters with ammunition. No wonder they sent Ebola to cause confusion here.

    • Ewaen Idemudia

      Russia sells on onlyAK47 were did you get that idea from? They Russia developed AK 47, China has their own version of the AK and I am sure America does too. The fact that we use AK 47 doesn’t mean they all came from Russia. Now we are not talking Guns alone but Tanks , Helicopters, armored Vehicle like the one purchased from China recently

  • If this report is true, then we must rethink our approach to defeating BOKO HARAM. It is strange to “learn” that US will be frustrating Nigeria in its efforts to route BOKO HARAM.

    • stop lamenting

      Nigerians don’t have any idea of the kind of EVIL befalling them from the west! This is a serious WAR against black race.

  • ola

    This a cooked up story. The arms were not intended for fight against Boko Haram but for politicians in preparation for 2015 election. This is very simple. If the transaction was for the government why was it done using a civilian’s private jet? Nigerian govt is just trying to cover there mess.

    • omo9ja

      Oose. Thank you. Simply, that’s the truth

    • Ewaen Idemudia

      Tanks, Helicopters with advanced weaponry for his election bid? O lord the way we think. Then he should buy atomic bomb now…LOL

      • lekky

        Bros there is no where in the world u buy helicopter 5 million dollars or 9 . Get the facta right. D deal is for something else

        • Ewaen Idemudia

          My friend I am sure you did not understand my comment. Anyway it was not helicopter or tanks. I was mainly responding to Ola’s comment that the arms where not intended to fight BH. I was referring to the deal with America that they refused us which were tanks, Helicopters with advanced weaponry. But the deal with South Africa were assault Rifles and ammunition.

  • Kola Adekola

    Many Nigerians do not understand what is happening. The same US loudly offered us help with the Chiboc girls, today where is that help? It never turned up.
    We tried to purchase helicopters from the US, they refused. We tried to purchase advanced Merkava tanks from Israel, the US blocked it etc
    We are just a small country to the US, wetin we do dem?

    • AChosenOne BySheerGrace

      The Americans begged Jonathan to allow them get involved in the search for the Chibok girls “from day one” (in the language of the American Embassy Spokesperson). This was at a time when Chibok girls escapees still walked home. That is they were then just a few kilometers from Chibok. Jonathan refused pretending that the Americans wanted to spy on Nigeria. It was after the #BringBackOurGirls group sensitized the world on the goings-on in spite of Jonathan attempt to sweep the matter under carpet, that Jonathan was forced to accept minimal involvement of America in area of supply of surveillance equipment. Now they say America did not want to help.
      If America prevented them buying military wares, it was because they were aware that the purchased arms were actually being passed on to BH by the army commanders who ensure that the Nigeria soldiers flee at the rumour of BH attack leaving the amory for the insurgents. This was the speciality of Ihejerika of SE Nigeria.

      • Kola Adekola

        So, Nigeria has not passed a single one of our ancient T-55 tank’s to boko haram (according to your one-legged argument), but you expect us to pass sophisticated Israeli Main Battle Merkava tanks to boko haram?
        Your argument’s are senseless, bro. Do you even know what a Merkava tank is?

        • AChosenOne BySheerGrace

          No. I don’t know Merkava Tank o. I only know GP Tank for water! Is it one of the things you people went to buy in Blackmarket in SA? You seem to have internal knowledge of the goings-on because no one has placed in the public domain the equipment you went for. I can now understand reasons for your unmitigated defence of the indefensible.
          By the way, do you read me fully? I said you people have been passing to BH our Equipment including (what did you call it?), your ancient T-55. That is why American refused selling you equipment because your purchases are used against “your own” Nigerians. Dieris gourd o!

      • Ewaen Idemudia

        Wait this is funny , FG will buy arms from US and pass it on the Boko Haram yet Boko haram has not taken over the whole of Northern states? Come on …….

        • AChosenOne BySheerGrace

          BH are not trained soldiers. These are boys picked from the street and taught to shoot guns. Do you think that if the Federal Government meant business, BH is more tgan a few weeks job? Most places they captured is not because of their prowess. It was because our soldiers ran away. They confessed that they were often give a round of ammunition as against 15 to 20. Did you not see how Cameroon was killing them. I don’t see them as tough. However what I said was in response to why the FG claim they have to resort to black market to buy arms. They claim that that American thwarted their efforts to buy legitimate arms. I responded that America may have done that when they found that our arms were ending up in the hands of ted may have decided not to sell arms to FG

          • Ewaen Idemudia

            Well than what would you say about Nigeria Armed Force present victories in Konduga, three time Boko haram attacked three times they were defeated and Please don’t give me that Cameroon killing Boko haram . When Boko Haram enter Cameroon in Large numbers chased by the Nigeria out of Nigeria the first time, during which the real Abubakar Shekau was killed did n’t their Army run away. “Kill them any how” where did you hear that, the small numbers of Boko haram that wonder into Cameroon to steal? Nigerian Forces had killed Abubakar Shekau’s impersonator in Kondunga we await conformation from the military as other Boko haram members surrenders to the Nigerian troops. What do you have to say now?

          • AChosenOne BySheerGrace

            Idemudia, I don’t quite get the point you are making. My point is that BH is too small a fry to withstand Nigeria Armed forces. They are young boys recruited with no real military training. If Nigeria actually wants to face them, they will be eliminated within a month. But Jonathan seems to have his own agenda to prevent electorates in the North in general and APC States in particular from coming out en mass to vote for the opposition at the general elections in 2015. That is why he has not been serious in dealing with the insurgents. Now that his aim has been achieved to a large extent and the Northern Elders have given him ultimatum, he is now ready to do what he should have long done. So I believe that from now, BH has no chance against Nigeria army

          • Ewaen Idemudia

            Well I do not agree with you that GEJ was not serious in dealing with BH, why do I say so, when he first lunched a full scale attack on BH , it was the Northern Elders and Buhari that said he had lunched attack against the North. the Northern elders where the ones holding GEJ back , they were giving GEJ hope that they can talk and calm things down. was it not the Northern elders that were canvassing for Amnesty? You are just speculating.
            If GEJ don’t deal with the insurgence it will be of a disadvantage to him.

            It was the Moles in the Army and Government that made things difficult for GEJ Nigeria army would have crushed BH long ago, but for these Mole it was difficulty

          • AChosenOne BySheerGrace

            I believed that we are discussing facts here and not Tombo-bar stories. You certainly can’t show where Buhari and Northern Elders held back the hand of Jonathan for 5 years. Do you recall when eminent persons like Chiroma complained that Jonathan was not doing enough as they see Nigeria helicopters dropping arms in the Sambisa Forest (for the insurgents). They complained how it was possible for a convoy of 60 to 100 vehicles moves through the northern desert without being observed by our security though there was a curfew. It was these complaints that Nyanko galvanized into his popular (or was it notorious) letter that cause him his job. What else do you have to say about the Chibok girls now 170 days in captivity? That said, may I ask if indeed it is these people that held Jonathan back from acting, do you consider him a good president? The President leads and not is not being led. It is statements like yours by his apologists that make people call our President Clueless or Dumbo. Can you ever imagine people holding back OBJ when he descended squarely on Odi Village in Bayelsa State? The insurgents there had only just kidnapped 5 soldiers. Or what will you say to the Prime Minister of Israel who dealt with the Hamas for killing just 3 Israeli boys. The world could almost not hold him down. That’s why I suggest we give someone else that can lead, a chance.

          • Ewaen Idemudia

            “You certainly can’t show where Buhari and Northern Elders held back the hand of Jonathan for 5 years.”…. yes I can, it’s on the dailies, (Nigerian News papers) if you search on-line you see it.

          • AChosenOne BySheerGrace

            I thought I already told you how it will benefit Jonathan if BH continues its terror in the North and particularly APC states. If what is happening in Bornu state whereby BH attacks public gatherings, is in Edo State, will you come out to vote on election day? 80% will not and most of those votes lost are for the opposition. If the situation gets worse and INEC says they cannot conduct elections in those APC states will that not be to the benefit of Jonathan?
            You say international because bodies are watching is the reason why Jonathan will not do something untowardsly? Our president, in his language, does not give a damn. Where else will some people be revealed as sponsours of a sect like BH and the president will not order immediate arrest of such persons for interrogation. Not only that, the president will be seen fratanizing with such a person with the international community watching. Which country will a minister be accused of using N10b to hire pleasure plane and such a minister will not be told to resign. Instead she gets the Presidents protection from being investigated by National Assembly? Where else in the world will a president go to buy dollar in black market and stuffs the cash into a friends plane in an attempt to go buy arms in black market with international community watching? Jonathan Government has been accusing the US of preventing them from buying arms. Gave you considered the reason? It is because the watching international community know that most of those arms end up in the hands of the insurgents. My friend nothing is beyond our Oga O. He does not give a damn. I will discuss this issue no more because you know all these things but prefer to live in denial.

          • Ewaen Idemudia

            You talk like the whole of the south south , south west and middle belt is for GEJ. has it occurred to you that we have 36 states, and BH can not be bombing and sending his soldiers of terror around the whole northern state. Has it occurred to you that even in Borno BH only affect a small fraction of the state . What the hell are you talking about? Has it occurred to you that GEJ don’t have 100% support from South South and Edo is not even a PDP state. Boy you yapping is flawed.

            You are trying to tell us that GEJ is behind the terror attack , really? and he is orchestrating the whole attack and giving NAF weapons to Boko haram, and you completely exonerating the statement made by the Northern elders and some Northern Politicians like Buhari who said he will make Nigeria ungovernable for GEJ. you are the one living in denial , you are a serous anti GEJ.

  • Ewaen Idemudia

    Its a shame that most people will not believe the US is involved in messing us up. No worry make them dey do, if we no fight BH with Gun, cutlass dey, any way na way. Nothing the enemy can do we are up to the task. If Nigerians can not make friends with Russia and China , especially Russia and buy arms from them, they are not ready to move forward then.

  • AChosenOne BySheerGrace

    Go tell this story to the marine. When did Jonathan and his government become interested in taking on BH.
    If America actuall blocked Nigeria purchase of arms, what was there to hide in shouting out? Of course there is much because America woukd have revealed that the purchased arms are passed on to BH to kill our people. Ihejerika was in charge of this and from the way Badeh and Minima have been carrying on, a good check will expose them too. America actually knows so much.

    • Kola Adekola

      Thank God that our gallant soldiers are defeating boko haram without external help and despite subversives and traitors.

      • AChosenOne BySheerGrace

        If you read my posts in the last couple of months, I predicted that things will change in September. You know that, to Jonathan, all about governance is “Second Term”. Immediately the Northern Elders gave the October ultimatum, I knew Juno will take it seriously. The first sign was to call for his co-traveller Modu Sheriff with whom he held discussion two days after the ultimatum.
        By the way, do you really see BH as a match for Nigerian army? Cameroon was killing them like flies. Young boys picked from the village without real training.
        The Ihejerika strategy was to stock an amory in a village with our weapons guided by a dozen soldiers armed with catapults. He then starts a rumour that BH is coming to attack them. The soldiers scamper off. BH strolls in and load off our weapons and Tanks.
        For Juno, he has sufficiently cowed the electorate in the APC states who are surly not coming out on election day to vote to his own advantage. Bet me. BH army will be vanquished before end of October but the harm is done already.

  • B. Bolat

    This GEJ administration should stop deceiving Nigerian. We don’t nid all dat to defeat BH. Nigerian Military are has the capabilities to stop BH but until GEJ is truthfully ready to stop BH.

  • ’70

    Lies, lies, lies….

  • ch

    Ooh no we have lost our country to hatred. The West is about to get the best out of nigeria, they will never help our government until boko haram destroy us, they come again with human rights, we are about to enter the same boat as Libya, Egypt and other nations their military is equal to that of the rebels.

  • OkabsPH

    Obviously speaking, I think that the excuses advanced by the Fed. goverrnment is just the truth. There are strict rules governing the sales of arms and ammunition. If a government is deemed to have very bad human rights record, they could be blacklisted in the organised international arms market. That means no arms manufacturing country or company is authourised to sell arms to that govt. There are strict disciplinary procedures that await defaulters. Considering the amnesty international publications on the human rights situation in Nigeria and particularly, how the BH insurgents are treated, I will be shocked if Nigeria succeeds to buy arms from legitimate sources in the international market. This is exactly where democracy is challenging and this is also where human rights issues raises fundamental question. For a country like Nigeria, with weak state structure, handling Boko Haram insurgency with soft gloves like the west will expect us to do is nearly impossible. BH is advancing ferousiously, devoring everything that stands on its path like an angry lion, threatning the very existence of Nigeria. The Nigerian state is incapable of handling it from a civilized perspective at least in the short term, they need arms and brutality to comfront it. So the arms must be imported from unconventional market and by unconventional means. The second question is if the Nigerian govt doest not confront BH from a raw perspective, BH will violate the rights of Nigerians to live and cohabit peacefully. Let SA in the spirit of brotherhood, release the Money so that Nigeria can buy the arms and defend its integrity and people.

    • seye

      Please hogwash bollocks excuse from the Federal Govt. its all lies from the govt. if the Fed govt wanted to buy arms, you dont go to US, Russia and China will gladly and willingly sell to you LEGITIMATELY. even is US and the whole UN bans Nigeria, Russia and China will open up their stock pile to Nigeria and give us on credit sef for weapons. come to think of it, most of our weapons are bought from the East. I stand corrected Nigeria has not been blacklisted.

      its all LIES and LIES
      using unconventional means to source for weapons is self indicting on the nation. it breaches UN member codes for member nation because nation like Nigeria will be considered funding Gunrunning. That in itself is self indicting. If the decision was to go to south Africa to purchase from non government source, it can be interpreted to Nigeria trying to topple the SA government if caught with weapons at the airports. do you know what that can do to the diplomatic relationship between SA and Nigeria if Nigeria is believed to be buying illegal arms on SA soil?. i call it illegal because SA authorities have no knowledge of the this transaction. and i stand corrected it is only the govt of a nation, her agents or agencies that has the sovereign right to sell weapons. what dirty human right abuses, what do you think that US did in their base in Guantanamo bay? , or human right abuses in Russia, or China etc. this is not to deny human abuses in Nigeria, but the magnitude will not a weapons blacklist in Nigeria.

      its all LIES and LIES
      Come to think of it, how many weapons can you buy with $9.3million? small arms (pistols and AK47) maybe but big arms (RPGs, APCs, Jets,Jets cost btw $16m-$380m)-impossible. if the intent was for Boko Haram insurgencies- then it makes no sense. expending $9.3m. Remember we celebrated an AK47 arms manufacturing plan in Nigeria during this present dispensation.

      its all LIES and LIES
      my take is a usual money laundering activity gone bad. the funds were never intended for any weapons purchase. the funds was maybe to buy a house or some other transaction and it was intercepted by the SA Authorities. they borrowed the good friend of Mr President’s jet and they got caught.(whether he CAN president knew or not is another matter) in other save face of CAN president, the FG came out with this story. this is a normal,no big deal, regular process of our people ferrying money out of Nigeria only this time we got caught.

      Please we do not have to swallow all hook, line & sinker. i repeat its all LIES, LIES, LIES,LIES and billion more LIES

  • bello s-fulani

    A govt of compulsive liars! Now that their secret of arming Boko Haram is exposed, the CAN-powered FGN is shedding crocodile tears and blaming others for her gross incompetence. The Muslims in the North knew who their mass murderers were long ago. This episode only serves as a vivid public confirmation for all. We are not fools and never were. We were an educated and well-organized society a whole century ahead of the primitive swamp dwellers of Southern Nigeria.

    • bhadchap

      “swamp dwellers of Southern Nigeria?”
      coming from a dust eating,livestock molesting northern nigerian, this comment is epic in itz high level of stupidity.

    • Obi

      U have a very low IQ. And d tragedy is that u do not know. If u had a little bit of patrotism, u would open your mind & read what govt is saying about d money & d reason they had to do what they did.

  • Ilesanmi

    There was nothing wrong with the DEAL. It is a normal practice in this situation. We have emergency; we are desperately need of arms. The U.S is blocking Nigeria chance of procuring arms, but allow Boko Haram to have unrestricted supply. Nigeria should look somewhere else. The Russia should be willing – we have the resources.

    • Adamu Mohammed


  • Henry

    Any one that believes this story by an unnamed source should get their heads examined. So what about China and Russia, does America control who they sell arms to? Also, in a country as rich as Nigeria, you are telling me that they are only spending $10 million to buy arms? what kind of arms are they trying to buy? Pistols?

  • AdeyeyeAdedotun

    Completely reduced to laughing stock in Committee of Nations. Imagine South Africans saying “Nigerian Government’s explanations are flawed and riddled with discrepancies”. Quite uncharitable statement. But who do we blame, America? I beg to disagree.

  • NazirJos

    Ha Ha…Now more truth on GEJ will be exposed, and now US will start to produce intel reports of his complicity to insurgency they have on him…As a matter of fact, I’m so much glad with this development. I think this is the beginning of the war monger and his cohorts end….Can’t wait to see it happen.

  • Abdullah Musa

    The Emperor can do no wrong.
    Cruise on Selassie clone!

  • rhad

    May be I support the US on this because US is aware that the arms are being purchased for Boko Haram and Niger Delta militants in anticipation of 2015 election. How can we explain a situation where boko haram will attack military formations and barracks, made away with arms & ammunition and use the same weapon to kill innocent citizens.