Nigerian govt admits ownership of $9.3 million arms money seized by South Africa

The Nigerian government has opened talks with South Africa after an aircraft conveying $9.3m cash from Abuja, allegedly for arms purchase, was seized by the South African authorities.

Two Nigerians and an Israeli aboard the airplane were detained and are facing investigations for transporting the huge amount into South Africa.

It emerged on Tuesday that the jet is owned by Ayo Oritsejafor, who heads the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN.

Mr. Oritsejafor denied knowledge of the arms deal saying the aircraft was managed by another company, Eagle Air Company, which in turn, leased the jet to a third party, Green Coast Produce Limited.

The two firms confirmed that claim in separate statements.

Details of the transaction remained vague beyond the revelations that the sum was meant for the purchase of arms for an unnamed Nigerian security agency.

In what appeared the first official confirmation of the deal, security personnel were quoted Tuesday as confirming the order and saying it was a normal practice to procure arms with cash.

Also, the Federal Government has released data and documents on the transaction, telling the South African government the transaction was “legitimate”, according to PRNigeria, an agency that regularly disseminates media statements for the military, police and other security agencies in Nigeria.

The report said talks between the two countries were at the governmental level and between the intelligence services of the two nations.

PRNigeria quoted a senior government official as saying that the South African Government only faulted “non-declaration” of the cash by the delegation from Nigeria.

“Nigeria and South Africa are getting closer to diplomatic resolution of the row over the $9.3m transaction. The two nations have opened up discussions,” PRNigeria quoted the official as saying.

“The Federal Government has submitted relevant data and documents on the transaction to South Africa and insisted that the transaction was legitimate.

“It also clarified that the funds were not laundered or smuggled for any covert manoeuvres. No launderer will be audacious to fly into a country in a chartered jet with such a huge cash.

“The technical details on security matters, which necessitated the desk, had been availed South Africa for screening.

“Based on initial scrutiny of the documents, the Challenger Jet has been released pending the conclusion of a full-scale investigation by South Africa.”

The source said South African authorities impounded the cash because of “procedural error”.

“There was procedural error at the airport, the team did not declare the $9.3million contrary to the aviation and customs laws in South Africa,” he said.

“So, there was an oversight on the part of the delegation that went to complete the transaction.

“Nigeria is trying to complete the formality and we are confident that the cash will be released for the purpose it was meant for.

“Movement of cash for strategic purchase of security equipment by intelligence service is not new; it is a global trend. The FBI, KGB, MOSSAD and others do it,” the statement said.


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  • the truth

    now the whole story is unfolding. let’s still press for more information, it is wrong to rush to conclusions at all times.

  • Maria

    Ayo Oritsejafor and Inherika… the boko haram arms contractors…. armed robbers on the pulpit. I knew that man called Ayo is a criminal long time ago…I am not surprised at this revelation of his gun running.

  • mib

    If the government is involved in arms purchase! Why not declare your total amount and go through d due process of procurement of the arms. And why use a private jet of ayo. When there is a presidential jet. What so ever the evil once are preparing it will surely fall on them and there children, so help us God.

    • Maria

      Ayo’s jet used to be part of the presidential fleet before it was converted to private use by the armed robber called Ayo through his co militant, Jomo Gbomo.

  • arewethishopeless

    So the Nigerian military now buys weapons in same manner terrorist organisations do? Weapons are controlled equipment and their transactions are always with the approval of the governments involved. NO, this is a weak attempt at a cover up and I don’t believe it for one second.

    CAN president is a BOKO haram sponsor. CONFIRMED.

    • Sword of Damocles

      words of wisdom!! they used cash so nobody would know ANYTHING. They are COMPELLED to admit, only because this is an INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT(where a sitting government has willfully broken the laws of another government). Even space aliens & martians can now see the animals/crooks we have running Nigeria!!!

    • Gideon Orkar

      Sweet! I did say Abokis have no sense, a man from Warri has been able to get them to slaughter themselves like chickens , up Warri man!!!!!


    The next person that God will expose and thoroughly disgrace is one Reverend Emmanuel Bosun a pastor of the Redeemed Church. This man participated in the national conference as a delegate. He has just released an audio message which is currently circulating among Christians in the south west and the middle belt. In the message, this evil pastor pretended he was defending the interest of Christians in Nigeria but ended up campaigning for PDP. The shameless pastor claimed he was exposing the plot of Muslims to islamise the country. He talked about how Islam conquered Turkey and how it can also conquer Nigeria using the ignorance and complacency of Christians. To cap the message, he specifically called APC an Islamic party and urged Christians not to vote for the party. Now, if there are two major parties in the country and Reverend Emmanuel Bosun urges Christians not to vote for APC, he’s invariably campaigning for President Jonathan and the PDP. Reverend Bosun is ethically and morally wrong to drag the Nigerian Church into partisan politics.

    Individual Christians are free to participate in politics; they can stand for elections and and take part in electing leaders of their choice from any party. But the Church as a body should shun partisan politics, otherwise politicians and greedy pastors will bring shame to the Church.

    It is time for Christians to be wise. Don’t be deceived by political contractors who call themselves pastors.

    • Femi

      The man will soon be exposed. Useless pastors who gallivant in private jets and enjoy the best of life, while deceiving their followers to remain downtrodden.

    • Gworoman

      Can you pleas circulate this pastor’ massage over the social media?

  • amazing2012

    Story story and story

  • Maria

    “Movement of cash for strategic purchase of security equipment by intelligence service is not new; it is a global trend. The FBI, KGB, MOSSAD and others do it,” ….Hahahahahahahahahahah! Where do FBI, KGB and MOSSAD buy their arms in cash from? From Nigeria or from Ghana? Now I know those in charge of Nigeria today have fools and think the rest of us are like them.

    • arewethishopeless

      From Ayo am sure ….

    • Mosaku 147

      This statement must have been made by our one and only PDP spokeswoman Marilyn Ogar.she is the only one who will know where and how KGB,FBI,CIA,Mossad,C15&C16 purchase their weapons in Sudan and Somalia.

      • Wähala

        …with cash!
        Hahahaa chaei !!

    • Wähala

      …from Nigeria with cash in Ghana-Must-Go hand-luggage!
      Hahahahaaa chei… lwkmd ooh!!
      FBI ati MOSSADi… pelu, KGB!!!
      All dey into, “movement of cash for strategic reasons”… Hahahahaaaaa, Abegi!

  • Slosh

    They call this huge embarrassment an ‘ Oversight ‘ so unfortunate

  • Mosaku 147

    SPOT THE DIFFERENCE: Orisejafo,Ekpeyong,Ogar,Akpabio,Badeh,and Jonathan.all BH sponsors.

    • Ssama

      Loud and clear!

  • kamal

    They are only tryin to cover up the arms deal involvin the CAN President, but it’s too late. We all know he is one of the BH sponsors, theit time is fast running.

  • Obinna

    …The Jet loaded with cash made a tactical maneuver into South Africa!!!! One day, monkey go go market, e no go return!!!


    So the GEJ Administration is now gun-running???

  • Mamman

    Where is REDEEM? Blackiemukoro,nko? Why is there such loud silence from the ss front?

    • Sword of Damocles

      Dont forget the minion who goes by the moniker “the truth”. He was on her just yesterday swearing that it was APC. The question is …. In a New nigeria can these traitors be a part of it?

    • Olu Ade

      Redeem is out of circulation, he is drunk with Ogogoro.

  • Femi

    You people must be crazy for thinking we’re fools, that you can just feed with gibberish.

  • Truthometer

    It is only Nigerian PDP government under Dumbo and their collaborators outside the government, that can call such a huge cash transaction without any paper trail, “legitimate”. How much more has gone out of this country without any trace? God just use this incidence to expose them. Now, Nigerian legislative body (if we actually have one), need to swing into action. Nigerians are interested in knowing if this money is part of any budget. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the Finance Minister must explain to the whole country whether this is the mode of transaction by our government, and who approved the movement of such money. CBN must tell us how this amount came out of the national treasury. Also, we need to know the bidding formats for this so-called “legitimate” transaction. How many people/companies bidded (both nationally and internationally)?; Who won the contract; What criteria were used? Which intelligence service requested for the security equipment?

  • djay

    Ayo is a gun runner, the govt is trying to cover up for him as usual.

  • Ibrahim Muhammad Yunusa


  • BlackieUmukoro

    Now that the necessary explanation has been rendered, the case is closed. Whoever is not satisfied is at liberty to think anyhow

    • Island man

      you are back, you have seen the shame your big brothers has dragged this Nation to,shame to all of you. Shameless things

      • BlackieUmukoro

        Which shame. It is a normal thing. It is just that some idiots read satanic meanings into everything Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

        • Island man

          Pally your big brother has destroyed the image of this country, using man of God for ammunition deals for who? run to the forest in shame, shame to you all, posterity will judge Jonathan Generation unborn for what he has selfishly done on this Nation, blood of people that died unjust fully are on his hand, those that support him also will not have peace in their entire life.

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Explanations have been made and you are still dwelling in irrelevances instead of posting informed opinion Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

      • Micho

        They don’t have shame. Do you think that have shame? Their petroleum polluted water has damaged their . brains. They l are all the same.

    • Maria

      Hahahahahahahahaha… moron has kissed the dusts….your ogas are the boko arms contractors…God is unmasking them… Your disgrace is steadily unfolding.

      • BlackieUmukoro

        It is a pity you cannot comprehend matters like this. Your brain will snap, should l try to educate you on the intricacies involved in arms importation Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

        • Efe1

          My guy you are getting worse.

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Was I good before?
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

    • Wähala

      Hahahaa chei…
      you’re no longer sending from Blackberry MTN in motion ba… dem don ground you like Oritsejafor jet?
      biko tell us their explanation for not declaring the kudi for customs nah? Oloshi. Thug Oritsejafor’s juju don gas…
      Hahahaahahaaaaa tufia! Na laffu for Abakeleki. More explanations are coming don’t worry… Una neva see Oba!

      • BlackieUmukoro

        Na our opponents cause am
        Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

        • endingNaija

          broda blackieUmu yu don come. No mind dis people. dem just dey talk wetin dem no know say una wan use una oil money buy. Now answer jare. Which una opponent cause am jare? Yu mean APC? Tabi APC ati…? And wetin una wan take dat ting do sef?

        • Truthometer

          It’s APC. Right? You guys are kissing the dust, this time around. Criminal enterprise, operating as a party (PDP) and government (Dumbo’s administration)

          • Tonnero

            Actually, I think Jona and his goons have hijacked the PDP. The bad was bad but never this bad.

  • Stalingrad

    A supposed leader who has no qualms palling around with terrorists!! By thier fruits you shall indeed know them. Anyone who has interacted withthe snake oil salesman Ayo Oritsejafor on any sort of level would not be surprised by this.Only the gullible fall for his covert deceit and pastoral ‘shock and jive’ routine masking his blind ambition,arrogance and unrivaled greed.

  • Harris Jubril

    To all in the house. This is what I will like to call “SECONDARY PROTOCOL”. I mean a contingency or back up plan by the south-south, in preparation for any strike from the North. With the fact that the North is invariably laden with hardware of ammunition in Nigeria, it is expedient the South has to prepare for any eventuality. So what do you expect them to do, sit down and fold their hands like the Ibos did during the break out of the civil war? I think it would be a big “N” and a small “o”. Please watch-out as events unfolds.

    • kkk


      • Emmanuelbanger




    • Tonnero

      This is more serious than just money laundering. For government agencies to be buying weapons clandestinely raises issues of what those weapons will be used for. If they are to re-stock the regular security agencies, they have no need to amass dollars and start shipping them in private, hired jets. They would transact through banks and other regular channels. It would be faster, safer, more audit able and would have a trail. I think the trail part is what these guys are trying to avoid.

  • Spoken word

    Kai.orgainised crime.A government doing official business with cash in foreign currency.can this government go lower than this.

    • body language

      Yours is the most rational question to ask: CAN this govt go lower than this? The answer is yes. They are already going lower by trying to justify a glaring act of criminality by obviously dense, dim-witted criminals.

    • tobilade

      do u think its not easier to do online transaction?
      why would dey go tru so much stress wen dere are easier ways to do things?
      and would u rather buy arms with naira?
      lol big time
      did u even ask urself why d ISRAELI was involved?
      emotional people cannot rule dis world
      dont be one of dem

      • Spoken word

        This country is run the same way mafia dons run their organizations

      • Tonnero

        You are joking, right? This had better be sarcasm. If not, you are really loco.

  • Teju

    clowns everywhere, wonder who they are going to name next as boko haram sponsor. i wont be surprised if these shameless revisionists starts bandying names like Aguiyi Ironsi, Nzeogwu, Ojukwu , Victor Banjo et al as boko sponsors

    • Wähala

      Your joke is in bad taste pal, this is serious genocide we’re discussing here…
      Why don’t you go back to your bottle of ogogoro and leave national security matters to sane minds?
      59 sleeping school kids had their throats cut-off by people Oritsejafor et al are funding and arming and your moron self thinks it’s about dead warlords, these warlords are alive and killing so biko just shut-up dia! Animal. Dumbo’s evil… Shikena!

  • fayrouz

    I think nigerian government to be ashame of them selves cause they are the main sponsors of boko haram. I know can president will go for free him, ali modu sherif and iherjiraka cause the government are fully behind them. Is this the type of government we would trust?

  • lotanna

    We shld comment abt things we knw, once buying of arms is involved it normally done in cash any where in d world. Dont knw y some just open their mouth n be commenting on things dey dont knw abt. Oya makr una go ask george bush y he flew in 20billion dollars in cash frm america to iraq during the fall of saddam. Pls people always say something constructive here,not this hate game.

    • Mustash

      When did you become government spokesman? Shut up.

      • Sword of Damocles

        u forgot dia! after shut up. Dont mind some of our brainless citizens who purport to know, they are like mindless animals(@lotanna). Yes some secret agencies(CIA, Mossad) procure weapons with cash, BUT NOT FOR THEIR OWN countries. They usually do it when they are clandestinely trying to help a foreign entity(i.e. Free Syrian army, or some other entity trying to overthrow the govt in power. Here is a case where a government allegedly is trying to buy arms for their own security agencies with CASH. SIMPLY UNHEARD OF!!

      • ace

        Mustash continue chasing shadows while your land is being razed by your political leaders in order to maintain status quo that has enslaved you to them. Its your funeral boy. Go on and believe any trash you want to ok.

    • Olu Ade

      You never pass Ikeja, you are talking about “around the world” use your sense, don’t just broadcast they yeye talk by your govt. only Naija govt buy ammunition in cash in Black market.

      fela was jailed for not declaring less than $10,000 at the airport.

      • tobilade

        is fela supposed to be a security intelligence officer?
        dont be so myopic and feminine in ur responses
        were u out of dis country wen FG conplained about US protocols in arms purchase?
        didnt u hear dat we were about shifting d source of ammunitons to d China from US?

        • Olu Ade

          Hi Mr, A pig will always be a pig even if you put lipstick on it. This ia an irresponsible government. There is no need for them to buy ammunition from the black market using a private jet (Oritsejafor jet is private, not commercial) that they now claimed became a charter jet 6 weeks to their crime.

          Nigeria is more than qualified to buy ammunition from open and legal ammunition market/trade if only for the fact that we are fighting terrorist. We have a bunch of countries pledging assistance following Chibok girls abduction.

          And listen to their numerous excuses since they were caught:
          …They forgot to declare $9.3M at South African airport
          …Private jet turned Charter 6 weeks to crime
          …Black market arms purchase is no big deal, they dont give a damn.

          On Fela, I was only saying that not declaring money at the airport is a crime, no matter who is involved, individual, corporations or country! Did you get it Mr.

    • Sahara

      Bush brought 20 billion dollars to Iraq to do what? Buy sand or?
      You don kolo.
      Or are you talking of our $20 Billions?

      • tobilade

        Bush transfered even much more dan 20bn dollars to financee d marines operating in IRAQ…….talk less dat of AFGHANISTAN sef……. dat was one reason dey stoned him pepper wen he was leavin d white house becos d citizens said he was fighting war at d expense of deir economy
        i doubt if u even reasoned before passing ur comments and responses

        • Olu Ade

          SHut up you dont know what you are talking about…that money was used to bribe local people and their informants so as to brake the backbone of the terrorist…dont stretch the truth.

    • Tonnero

      You only buy arms with cash when you do not want to be traced. For a government transaction, this is HIGHLY irregular, to say the least. Arms sellers are not hidden people. In fact, they announce to the world when they get huge legitimate orders. Please stop defending bad behaviour in our country. Think of your children and the legacy you are leaving for them.

    • Olu Ade

      It is you commenting on things you don’t know…the cash you said America flew to Iraq then was used in their strategy to bribe the local people and their informants to get to the terrorist…simple, it was a military strategy in a war zone…don’t compare that to Nigeria buying arms with cash in the black market…only criminals do that so that the arms cannot be traced. For the fact that we are fighting terrorists, Nigeria is more than qualified to buy or get assistance for ammunition from Western countries and the open arms market…we all heard about the western world offers to assist when Chibok gilrs were kidnapped…
      …So, this is just an illegal deal becoming exposed…Rogues in Robes…Never has Nigeria gone so low…Dia ris God ooo.

  • Wähala

    Allahu Akbahu… God is Great!
    After Ali Modu Sheriff ati Gen. Ihejirika were fingered as Boko Haram kingpins, CAN thug, Oritsejafor, is next to be exposed as a member of the criminal cartel of oyel-theft-for-arms racket running guns to terrorists and destabilizing our country. This is: Organized crime! But with a genocidal element to it that calls for an independent international body to investigate and unearth, then punish those behind the senseless murders of innocent Nigerians for political dividends. If the cash is legitimate, the blunder is this Govt’s inability to explain why the dough was not declared on arrival… customs forced the Jew to use the combination after suspecting the passengers’ body language, remember? So, it was their surreptitious movement that attracted the attention of eagle-eyed Zulus to Oritsejafor’s team, since birds of the same feather recognize each other. The question they still didn’t answer is, Who are the two Nigerians chained to the wall while diplomatic efforts are being made to free them… Niger Deltans ba? Defintely not Mohammed… a Muslim! We’re getting there! From the moment Alams was pardoned to coordinate ND militants ostensibly, toss-in Al-Mustapha’s sudden freedom and Baba Iyabo’s letter of training snipers (terrorists); Tuaregs were soon arrested lodged in Bayelsa Govt. Guest House in Eko… FF to when Asari was arrested and chained to the floor by Cotonou goons, the pieces certainly fit like gloves to a acute minds. Na Dumbo! My oracle is never wrong! Said so four years ago on Sacred Sahara Reporters… I reported it myself! Dr. Dumbo will eventually be nailed, my suspicion is fifth columnists are revealing things to Nigerians to avert further senseless blood bath… the choice is ours!

  • Ahmed Arsenal Abubakar

    Oyedepo is seeing red, T.B. Joshua is hearing voices,, Oyakihlome is consulting lawyers, Orisejafor is selling arms. So who’s worshipping God?

    What’s wrong in this Country? May God see us through. Amen

  • Shetty

    Unnamed government security agency? It’s sounds fishy ,could it be the third BH.

  • Gbo_lee

    Government’s involvement in the Boko Haram sect is no lingerie in doubt with recent events. First SSS quick to absolve Ihejirika without any evidence but simply because he was a former COAS despite a credible claim of him being involved somehow. Then few days after Sheriff is named sponsor,he’s playing around with Jonathan….the mere fact that this man has not been charged to any court says it all despite the world knowing about him already,this same man reportedly visited Borno yesterday with a protection of about 200 soldiers and we ask…does any ex governor move with that much soldiers,does any seating governor move with that much soldiers…if not Then is Sheriff being protected by government and why? Questions that Jonathan never answer.

    • tobilade

      do u prosecute without evidence?
      u sound like u r supposed to be intelligent
      which will make me ask u dese questions
      why is d Australian negotiator getting the news of SHERRIF and IHEJIRIKA’s involvement at dis time?
      why didnt he disclose dat to d world before SHERRIF decamped to.APC?
      or.does he get to be an angel becos he is foreign?
      do u accuse or prosecute anyone without reasonable evidence for doin so?
      be objective my brother

  • Amoke Sule

    Nigeria will surely be delivered from Mafia leaders as God delivered Ghana in times past. Go on corrupting yourselves with all the resources of Nigeria. Go on arming yourselves with all the armouries of these world, the Owner of your soul will soon call you to the great beyond. All your wealth will not follow you, your jet, riches, wife, children etc.will not follow you. The irony of it is that He comes when you do not expect and when He comes you cannot say no. Death is knocking at your door! Repent and ammend your ways. Lay down a good legacy.

  • Dr. Hillary Ekemam

    South Africa should be applauded for showing understanding consiconsidering not only the security challenges faced by its big brother but to reciprocate all effort s of Nigeria during its apartheid years to save South Africa from the painful experience of its majority from the white minority rule.

    • Sahara

      Is your (Dr) also from the zoo?
      In a reasonable clime, this is an impeachable offence!

      • tobilade

        procurement of arms is impeachable?
        dats so dumb
        even d SOUTH AFRICAN government is just questioning why d money was not declared which i duely object to itself
        perhaps u av no experience or idea about how d intelligence operations are carried out
        were u not part of Nigerians blasting d ministry of defence for poor supply of arms to sodliers on ground in d north east?
        were u not part of nigerians blasting OBANIKORO for cluelessness?
        i laff for my generation

        • aladeadekunleoluwaadeshinaola

          Procurement of arms may not be wrong but smuggling dollars out of the country is wrong and leasing out of private jet for commercial purpose has been outlawed in this country, those are what are wrong, the governor of Jigawa’s son was arrested with $50, 000 which he claimed was for the treatment of his daughter, but he was charged to court why would a country break it’s own rule and break other country’s law.

      • abu

        U see Jona will distroy dis country very soon

  • Olu Ade

    So, how do you explain using jet hired from Oritsejafor, what of nigerian military jets or even presidential fleet? Tell us another story, we are not buying this. You will need to tell thousands of lies to cover one. Afefe ti fe, ati ri idi adiye. Dia ris God ooo.

    • tobilade

      Oritsejafor is.a main shareholder of d Owner company
      dey lease out jets to various users allover d country
      why would u use a presidential jet tor militay jet to purchase arms?
      dat will be extremely dumb of any secutity agency in d world
      and are military designed for such missions?
      perhaps av u ever seen a military jet before?
      wen u need arms for toppling a terrorist organisation like Boko haram,are u saying dey r supposed to publicise details of procurements on media?
      funny enough, dey av purchased arms severally in times past?

      • aladeadekunleoluwaadeshinaola

        It is even wrong for private jet be used for commercial use because I remember aviation regulatory body had said so why is this one still flying.

        • Olu Ade

          All their lies can never hold water…Private jet now turned Charter jet just 6 weeks before their illegal black market ammunition purchase.

      • Olu Ade

        “But, here are a few questions keen watchers have been asking. FAAN just over a year ago readjusted the laws guiding the usage of non-scheduled commercial operators. The law according to the Nigerian aviation authorities seeks to regulate and stop the abuse by private jets owners, who turn their planes over for commercial purposes illegally.

        Therefore one should ask, why was Pastor Ayo private jet leased out for a supposedly commercial purpose since August 2nd 2014 according to him?

        Recall also that private jet owners were not only barred from leasing their planes out for commercial purposes, they were also barred from carrying people other than their family members.

        The above reasons alone are enough to indict Pastor Ayo and his co-travelers.” By Ayobami Oyalowo

  • Olu Ade

    We are not falling for this rubbish excuse, Let me help Oga Jona with another excuse- the arms are being purchased for Asari Dokubo University to train militants and defenders of Otuoke.

    • tobilade

      are u a Nigerian?
      were we not d ones blasting d ministry of defence for poor supply of modern ammunitions to soldeirs on ground?
      why should dis even raise an eye brow?

      • Tonnero

        Old boy, you must be in Junior Secondary School. Your sense of reasoning is very immature.

        • Olu Ade

          You need help, contact a psych hospital.

      • Olu Ade

        Olu Ade sounds like German name to you right…what is it that you dont get. Cash sales in arms market is for people who doesnt want to be traced…such arms can be used for assassinations and murder and a whole lot of crimes.

        Nigeria is more than qualified to buy arms from the open market (not black market or back door) if only for the fact that we are fighting terrorists…We haev a lot of pledge for assistance by western country’s following the abduction of Chibok girls. So, let them be putting lipstick on pigs, pig is pig…Nigeria has never sunk this low!

    • tobilade

      are u a Nigerian?
      were we not d ones blasting d ministry of defence for poor supply of modern ammunitions to soldeirs on ground?
      why should dis even raise an eye brow?

  • Ade#

    The whole issue smells cover up. Nigeria is not a pariah state, why is the government trying to buy arms illegally. The reason is obvious, the arms will be used for sinister purposes and they don’t want it traced to them.

    • tobilade

      did u say illegally?
      would a security agency announce on Channels TV before purchasing arms for use?
      or would a reasonable intelligence agency tell d world every thing it purchases?

      • Zaki

        U guys continue defending illegalities. purchasing arms is fine by any nation. But must it be cash? Something is wrong somewhere.

        • Kasarawa

          Thank you for responding to him the way I wanted to. You have spoken my mind!. People should wake up and realise that this is not about north versus south or islam versus christianity, but rather about felony, conspiracy and political mafia. Jonathan and his cabal are up to something, something very bad for this country. They are like malignant tumor trying to metastasize into every vital organ. I don’t know what the national assembly are still waiting for? They have enough evidence to begin impeachment process against this dumbo president.

      • aladeadekunleoluwaadeshinaola

        Tobi, my issue is not buying of arms but smuggling money to buy arms. It is wrong that is why so much money is being stolen, what is wrong with the central bank sending money to the company’s account in south africa.

        • abu

          This is d right time d Rorubas and Hausas to come together and remove this idiont Jona b4 it is too late n b4 he destroy this country

          • aladeadekunleoluwaadeshinaola

            My brother, I am not a tribalist, I would not vote based on ethnic coloration but competence. I will advise you to do same for Nigeria to more forward

      • Island man

        Tobilade you are a disgrace to this Nation,just take a look at your baseless point? Buying of Ammunition for a Country by a man of God?, the ammunition to do what?, to protect his church members or what? There is serious Cartel in this Govt, other wise the biggest of its secrets would have been revealed if they have not come in claiming its for Govt,but sooner or later every secret will be open to the world, soon……..

        • Shola

          Island man, get off the Island and read the story properly. No man of God bought arms.

  • sadiq

    may God continue to expose all this blood suckers. nigerian goverment and CAN president. there is God ooooooooo.

    • abu

      These pple are diverting Nigerians minds and selling money from Petroleum Fund

    • h laido

      truely, theeeere is God ooooooooooo. there is God oooooooooo.

  • Sani Ayuba

    This is ridiculous and flimsy excuses , why did the Nigerian government failed to declare the money through anybody or diplomat from Nigeria but rather chose somebody from Israel living in Nigeria, I mean non declaration of the cash by delegation from Nigeria and the team failed to declare the cash contrary to the rules and laws of custom of South African government which if the transaction is done lawfully.

    • abu

      This is d right time for Northerners to realise their mistake. This is d result of given leadership to far minority tribe Bcos he can distroy as much as d majority to balance equilibrium with his own tribe

      • Rocket_TV

        You are not in charge of giving leadership to anyone. GEJ is a rascal yes but you do not determine who rules this country when your region dwells in squalor

  • tobilade

    purchase of arms in times of war?
    is dis even supposed to even cause any uproar?
    or should we rather rely on village guns and pistols or maybe IJEBU charms?
    or would a reasonable man rather prefer US ‘ everlasting protocols to black market?

    • aladeadekunleoluwaadeshinaola

      do we need to smuggle money abroad to buy arms to fight boko haram. that is why the Naira is grossly devalued because of smuggling of foreign exchange, we are charging Lamido’s son for taking 50,000$ to Egypt .

      • Shola

        do we have the local capacity to produce arms that are superior to that of the enemies (BH)? Purchase of arms are always covert operations, every country at war does it.

        • AL

          Why thru cash from a country having a cashless policy, and why use CAN jet despite Nigeria Govt’s and Military fleet of air planes? God has exposed you, may he also punish u from this world before u meet him for the grand punishment “HELL”

        • saeed

          arms deals are reached in the open not scretely. is nigeria under an arm embargo that it’ll have to hide money in suite cases to buy arms from the black market? we read about countries buying arms from other countries everyday. anyway i think jonathan is rearming niger delta militants in case he loses next year’s election. bunch of rougues!!!

          • h laido

            Good foresight brother.

        • aladeadekunleoluwaadeshinaola

          Agree that we don’t produce arms but when we buy abroad, we should buy legitimately not source weapon the same way boko haram do

        • aladeadekunleoluwaadeshinaola

          We don’t, even the South African Company we intended to buy arms from was going to buy it from Cyprus, so why take money to south Africa when the real supplier is in Cyprus. Nop, not all countries do it, Nigeria has signed a treating which attempts to stop proliferation of arms and as such as signatory, we have to buy arms in accordance with laid down procedures.

    • owolatt

      We all cannot be morons. failure to follow due process lead to suspicion. If not for God that exposes this, who can tell more that have been swept under the the carpet.

  • Guguru

    Dear Nigerians,

    Do you believe me now when I tell you that
    Jonathan is a criminal? Can you explain why they will choose an
    illegitimate protocol to pursue what they consider to be a legitimate
    transaction with a more law abiding nation than Nigeria—South Africa?
    If this was a legitimate deal then why not declare the money at the
    airport or use a Nigerian government plane to send the money or inform
    the South African government of this potential deal prior to its
    execution? What is so urgent as to require back-door methods of payment
    and equipment delivery? Why is the fight against Boko Haram suddenly
    urgent 4 months to the elections when it could have assumed the same
    level of urgency to Jonathan 18 months prior to the elections? The same
    Jonathan, for almost a year, has been unable to account for $20 billion
    related to oil sales in the NNPC, but is suddenly able to move $9.3
    million with great speeds for arms purchase across borders? What
    happened to wiring the money to South Africa or is South Africa’s
    electronic systems incapable of handling $9.3 million? Jonathan is a
    liar and Nigerians need to wake up to see that these weapons were not
    meant for any legitimate purposes. Thus, South Africa’s concerns.

    cover was blown by those in Nigerian intelligence who knew these
    weapons would be used to re-supply Boko Haram the weapons they need to
    continue the destabilization of northern Nigeria while killing innocent
    people in the NE. This urgent trip to South Africa occurred a day or two
    after Jonathan returned from his trip in Chad with Ali Modu Sheriff, a
    known terror sponsor, and in conference with the Chadian President, a
    known backer of Boko Haram. Jonathan is too deep into this Boko Haram
    debacle. His finger prints, palms, paws, and claws, are all over the
    Boko Haram saga.

    This deal was a temporary truce/agreement between
    Boko Haram and Jonathan to help reduce the killings in the NE while
    enshrining some temporary peace, which Jonathan sorely needs to help run
    his political campaign in the NE. If Jonathan gets re-elected,
    Nigerians should expect more fire power from Boko Haram with these same
    weapons that Jonathan is ordering. Stay tuned for more links between
    Jonathan and Boko Haram. It takes blood to win elections in Nigeria and
    the NE is delivering all the blood Jonathan needs to win elections in
    2015. As Nigerians learn more, they will come to understand that
    Jonathan is a kingpin of evil in Nigeria. If you want to understand how
    Jonathan operates, you need to watch the movie “The Usual Suspects”.
    After watching the movie, you get a better sense of who Jonathan really
    is. LOL!

    • Island man

      You have hit the point bro, Nigerian Army won war against BK just last week and they retrieved a lot of Ammunition from them. Nigerians don’t lets argue over this issue again, this an eye opener and God is still with this Nation to expose this deal not even in Nigeria other wise they would have cover it up. Only God will safe Nigeria as a Nation from the most power intoxicated leader in the history of a country called Nigeria, I rest my case.

      • Guguru


    • Ade

      Please don’t blame GET and others for book harm saga, rather blame the devilish teachings of muhammad which makes it possible for people to kill in the name of god.

      • AL

        @Ade: Blind follower, deaf, dumb and blind and they don’t ever comprehend…… it is too glaring!

      • h laido

        be very careful my monster ade.

      • Guguru

        You sound like you need a nap. Do you plan to take a nap soon?

    • abu

      That is why we are telling Nigerians that CAN had linked with invisible BokoHaram. Jona, Ihejirika and Madu are prominent Leaders.

      • Guguru


    • Omo Oodua

      You are just a pathetic and frustrated parasitic aboki bastard. You can never come out of these frustrations alive, trust me!

      • Guguru

        Shut up. Lunatic.

  • Rogbodiyan

    “Nigeria is no longer a country. It is not a country where people can live

    to survive. Nigeria is a place ruled by criminals and thieves,

    as well as by those who believe in plundering and looting.”

    …….. Mbazulike Amaechi (Nigeria’s first Minister of Aviation)
    [September 14th, 2014]

  • Otunba Adeoye George

    Dear Editor,

    Please do not censor the opinions of Nigerians on your website. It will be a gross mistake to censor which opinions you want.
    Once an opinion does not libel a third party please publish it. If a Nigerian writes that his Local Government is daft, with cogent reasons adduced, please, just publish it, because that is what freedom of expression means. If a Nigerian holds the opinion that President Jonathan is too local, just publish it, please, because that is what freedom of expression also means.
    Websites that censor opinions have a short shelf in credibility. Do not follow them to perdition. Thank you very much.

    • Phil

      Ha, ha. What is this now? Me i have never been censored here on Premium Times.
      So what is your problem now? If your own comment is not published, check yourself.
      There is no news that Goodluck Jonathan is too local. We all know that very well.
      Jonathan too did not pretend that he is ‘Ajebota’. He is just a rustic village boy and it shows.

      • Omo Oodua

        Then you must be an APC foot licker if you haven’t been censored before by PT.. PT have blacklisted me several times and deleted many of my comments just because they are unfavourable to them and their paymasters APC. Yet they deem it fit to rain insults and abuses on the personality of the President and PDP. Junk journalism.

        • Okodoro

          Stop the lie

        • shola

          stop the lie bro are you blind to see what is going on, is this a government that wants development or they re just stealing and embarrassing the countryt . why cant someone talk against gej his govt and can re deceiving us all. its just too bad and d worst i have seen

  • Tonnero

    The PDP was never great but Jonathan and his SS and SE goons have hijacked the party as well as the Federal Government of Nigeria. They are using these two vehicles for their own private, depraved purposes. I cannot believe that the bulk of PDP people share the outlook of these goons and their collaborators. Unfortunately, a large part of the ordinary people in the SE have allowed themselves to be hoodwinked by these guys. Hopefully, as these revelations continue to surface, they will realize who they have been dealing with.

  • Omo Oodua

    The only route the FG can wire money to South Africa for the purchase of arms is through CBN. And currently CBN is being investigated for the transfer of funds for the purchase of weapons for Boko Haram. By transferring these funds electronically, surely it will surely cause panic and interfere in the on-going investigations in CBN, hence the decision to use physical cash was reached. shikena!

    • Taster

      And then you woke up.

    • Kitunde

      Are you Kidding?

  • Olalere Yusuf

    Pastor Oritsajefor owns the Eagle Height University in Omadina, Warri, and Eagle Air Company. He is really in deep in religion, politics, arms dealing, etc. He covers up using religion. We now know who heads the Christian Boko Haram wing. Shekau leads real Boko Haram, Sheriff leads the political Boko Haram, while Oritsejefor leads the Christian wing. All are destructive. Forget lame excuses they gave. So the Nigerian armed forces cannot procure necessary armament?

  • Usman

    in a space of few days, Sherif and Ihejirika indicted on Boko Haram, yet, the security agents exonerated the later, now, CAN in arms deal and the FGN trying to shield, the shady deals of this administration are getting out of hand, I wish the so called international committee are sincere and will step in

    • Gnwatch

      I won’t be surprise if the PDP and Presidency accuses the opposition or “enemies” of Jonathan Government of complicity in Oritsejafor arm scandal. This government is anything but impunity personified. Rather than take the controversial Bishop into custody for questioning on the illegal arms deal, government will do all within its powers to cover up the mess. Let’s wait and see. After, Oritsejafor is Aso Rock Bishop and campaign DG for GEJ second term campaign.

      • Usman

        that is right, I share your view

  • Vivian Ella

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  • Taster

    This Jonathan`s led government is shamelessly going into the abyss.

  • Bunduma Mohammed

    Mmmm……. CAN president involved in importation of armed for government through the black market? This is a big problem for Nigeria.

  • Okodoro

    There is nothing left in the search for who are the sponsors of Boko Haram and the source of their arms; one by one they are exposed the political pastor is helping to purchase arms and Modu Sherif, Jonathan’s Man Friday provide funds. This is the most irresponsible and despotic government that we have had in the history of my dear country.

    • bello s-fulani

      Quite well said. A govt of rascals and compulsive liars.

      • UYI111

        Get a life u propangandist

  • Gnwatch

    But to me, why will the FG move that huge sum in cash if the transaction is legitimate? I also doubt if US agencies indulge in transactions of that magnitude with huge cash given the type of economy they operate. Also embarrassing is the involvement of a supposed Bishop in government business or security services business. I believe Oritsejafor acquiring private jet is supposed to be for mission work or when does a “man of God” become a government agent of contractor? Surely, Oritsejafor has constituted himself a huge embarrassment to the christian faith and should be sacked as President of CAN to protect the integrity of christian faith.

    • Duke

      Well said o my brother! All these Political Pastors.

      • bello s-fulani

        No. Criminal pastors.

    • bello s-fulani

      Rascals in priest’s regalia!

  • demola

    Cashless policy indeed.

  • Kitunde

    ‘It is a new global trend’ These guys have no shame… They did not specify that it was SSS,DSS or military intelligence that sought to procure the arms-telling us KGB, FBI do the same is one of the biggest lies this goverment criminals can come up with. From one gaffe to another……This is a tragedy.

  • Nnaemeka Emma Chikezie

    D reason y dis was covert is because we dont have legislative approval for it meanwhile boko haram is quickly arming up.Legislative process takes too long nd too political for d arms to be purchased on time.Oritsejafor is only a shareholder in a leasing company which leased d aircraft

  • Ette

    Thanks to South Africa for the assistance in arresting the thieves. They should keep the fund till a more accountable government comes into power by 2015. Let other nations join in assisting Nigerians stop the complete emptying of our treasury by this wicked set of people in government. The US and other nations should stop buying the oil as fund from it is being stolen. If the money from oil stops flowing today all these madness will cease.

  • demola

    That governor too should have said he was going to use the money to procure arms for his state when he was caught in uk. This us not too different from A clear case of money laundering. May God help us.

  • BlackieUmukoro

    I can see clearly now. From blunder to blunder is indefensible. Brother Jona, you are running into deficit in your goodwill bank

    • bello s-fulani

      The guy has been in red for long.

      • Chris1408

        The guy is a total daft, not even good enough for house boy

        • Olutola

          Shuo! getting very serious now.

    • Truthometer

      As a good soldier, you know when to retreat. Dumbo is a disaster. Stop defending him.

      • BlackieUmukoro

        We all jumble, tumble and wobble, so if GEJ does, it is normal. He will get over it as he is still growing Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  • Sekoni Adamu

    Paddy-Paddy government… So ridiculous? Is this the way government in sane parts of the world transact businesses? Nigeria is in deep trouble and total mess! Cash of that magnitude withdrawn for individuals to do business on behalf of a whole country? I doubt even if Bill Gates has ever seen that magnitude of money in cash in his life…

    May GOD save us from mr. jona and the PDP bondage…

    Nigeria is finished!

    • Chris1408

      It’s truly shameful. This administration should not continue past this year. Nigeria is a total mess. I’ve never seen this country this bad in my entire life. This is sad. Nigeria was ahead of China, south Korea and India in the 60s, look at us today. We’ve been reduced to jokes in international community.

  • bello s-fulani

    There is more than meets the eye in this. This hush-hush fire brigade approach to cover up this dirty deal cannot do. It all adds up. $10 million in cash in the CAN boss’ private jet being smuggled, undeclared, at a friendly nation’s airport only points to one fact: the CAN armed wing, with the connivance of the FGN, is on an arms purchase spree to arm their field commanders, the Boko Haram, in order to kill as many Muslims in the North as possible. Allah, truly, is in control.


    Remember BARKIN ZUWO? Ask Buhari. Another fine Mess that this clueless administration have just landed Nigeria into. So the Arms Seller in South Africa do not have bank Accounts. They receive the proceeds of their sale in RAW CASH?. (Money under the Matrasses).Agreed, KGB, FBI, MOSSAD, MI6. all do it, but why not follow their procedure. Have you ever heard that any of their transactions have been interrupted? Heads must roll for leaking Nigeria’s intelligence secrets.

  • bello s-fulani

    If this FG arms purchase yarn were to be true, the govt should have gone through normal trade and diplomatic channels to purchase arms unrestricted and unhindered. Who is fooling who here? Northern Muslims definitely are not fools.

  • Concerned Citizen

    What happened to cashless policy?

  • Jones

    That money may belong to the woman occupant of the presidential villa who doubles as perm secretary in the government of the stooge they planted in Bayelsa. Dickson made frequent trips to South Africa after his swearing in possibly to set up cash slush with his madam for arming oil theft militants since it is clear Dumbo cannot win any free and fair elections.
    For Ayo Oritsejafor his hellfire has started right here on earth. This ex-bandit who became the Contractors Association of Nigeria president by crook will witness greater disgrace from God.

  • Dr Olubukunola A Morgan MBBS




  • Chris1408

    The government said they are buying arms with cash that can’t be tracked. Boko Haram are well armed and funded with funds that can’t be tracked. Kidnappers are well armed, who’s supplying this arms?. Same goes for armed robbers and political thugs. Who knows where this arms will end up? It’s definitely not the military that lacks arms and fighting spirit. Everything negative that’s happening in Nigeria is attached to this government of GEJ. It’s time for NASS to send this Otuoke drunk back to the creeks or kirikiri. The corruption and scandal associated with this administration is unheard of in other countries. Enough is enough!

  • Bob

    Dear Editor:


    I will like to praise the South African government for upholding the law on this case.
    It would have been yet another sad case of African corruption had it gone otherwise.
    The South African government has promptly filed a case in court to forfeit the $9.3m cash
    That is the correct step to take in a democracy over an illegal cash importation of $9.3million.

    South African government must not relent but press the case that the entire cash stands seized.
    The Nigerians who imported the cash have no coherent story to justify having the $9.3m back.
    They do not have any valid contract with a South African arms exporter; or, an arms’ import license.
    Hence, this entire cash transaction is illegal, null and void; and, should be so declared by the court.

    • Rogbodiyan

      “Nigeria is no longer a country. It is not a country where people can live
      to survive. Nigeria is a place ruled by criminals and thieves,
      as well as by those who believe in plundering and looting.”

      …….. Mbazulike Amaechi

      (Nigeria’s first Minister of Aviation)
      [September 14th, 2014]

  • Hoxtygen

    Hold on guys! Beyond Oritsejafor, no name is mentioned in the article. Who is speaking on behalf of the FG and the military? Obviously PRN didn’t get their report from thin air so why isn’t any name mentioned? Probable denial I guess.

  • Wale Omiyale


    Well, i see what you are trying to say here but i think the real question is this:
    Does Nigerian law permit Mr. Goodluck Jonathan to withdraw $9.3million in cash;
    and without the approval of the National Assembly or any other authority in Nigeria,
    to cache the cash in an aeroplane belonging to a Church Pastor so as to avoid suspicion,
    and fly the cash outside Nigeria for any purpose whatsoever, including arms purchase?

    • UYI111

      U talk like an ignoramus did you read anywhere that the President was seen with the cash ?this is a democracy and not a one man show like the military days every agencies has their budgets and budgets are for a purpose incase you dont know they dont need any stamp from the dishonourables who themselves are the most corrupt .

  • abraham ola

    Yes, the US and other govts do this same type of transaction in urgent security cases. I never wanted to comment here because its alarming the rate of ignorance of the people making comments here. I will not be surprised that some will even insult me. I love my country and do not tolerate corruption, but this is not a case of corruption neither is the said Jet owned by the pastor. And for your own good and safety, just like any other responsible govt like the ones you mentioned would do, they won’t disclose to you why they had to make arms purchase in this manner. If it was not legitimate, the aircraft would have been confiscated. So there is really no need to bring religion and sentiments into all this. And for those talking about cashless policy, it won’t work in this case since its urgent. Lets all support the govt and fight against terrorism. Don’t just jump into conclusions but rather lets make use of our sense of reasoning and make wide consultations before verbally attacking anyone.

    • Freddie (Lagos)

      Mr. Abraham Ola,

      Please could you shut up? We’ll be grateful because you are not making any sense.
      Under what law did Goodluck Jonathan take $9.3m; at his say-so, and ferry it abroad?
      The reason he gave (arms purchase) is irrelevant to the question of his authorization.
      Goodluck Jonathan has here engaged in outright violation of Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution.
      It is insane you ask all Nigerians to rally round and support Jonathan’s criminal behaviour.

      • abraham ola

        Like I said earlier, I am not surprised at your choice of words towards me. But read the last sentence of my comment above before making insults. And where did you read that the President just took 9.3 million dollars without due process. It is not enough to be bitter, but its best to always make constructive criticisms except maybe you work for the SSS which I know you dont.

    • Chris1408

      Your reasoning is one of the reasons Nigeria is going backwards. You should be calling for outright impeachment of this wayward president.

    • Kitunde

      Only failed states, failing states or outright banana republics’ goverments will put $10 million in Ghana must go bags to procure arms, dumped inside a privately owned plane, and the owner happens to be close to the sitting president. What are you saying? Where is this kinda procurement done?
      Why not a military aircraft? or even one the planes on the president’s fleet if they must carry cash around? Wait a minute, do they know exactly how much arms they are buying? Or they will still haggle for the best deal so they will bring back some change and return to the CBN in a car?
      Does this make sense to you? and you talk about ignorance……

      • abraham ola

        Kitunde your president was not the one found with the money. Every federal and even states agencies get their budgets and they dont need a stamp of approval from the National assembly before embarking on their responsibilities. Ayo was not sitting on that plane, like you claim. This kind of procurement is done everywhere in the world. Dont just sit back and make judgements based on grudges or lack of proper information. Stop following Sahara reporters and other garbage newspapers who are hell bent on seeing your country fail.

        • idavies

          You are out of point. If the Jet belongs to Buhari or other opposition leaders, will you react this way?

    • Nasiru Danmowa

      abraham ola, I am appalled by your comments. You don’t appear to have shame. Give one instance in which The FBI, or any other Government agency in the World has carried out a transaction similar to this one to support your claims.

  • Preco01

    “Oritsejafor may care to answer if the jet involved in the scandal is the same one that was “donated” to him in 2012? Did he register it as a commercial aircraft or is the plane illegally moonlighting as one? Has he ever reflected on the impropriety of mixing his religious role with politics? Having strayed into politics, and an irresponsible variant at that, can he expect the veneration enjoyed by his predecessors such as Cardinals Olubunmi Okogie and John Onaiyekan? Why is he the first CAN leader to provoke pitiful mirth and amusement when he is not being derided as a tragedy, a sort of Ichabod, desperate to separate glory from a revered body? Amidst his jitters, Oritsejafor must look beyond the bling to ask himself if it was any of the individuals he abused yesterday that asked him to make his aircraft available for monkey business, or get himself involved in the politics of division”.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    @ Abraham Ola: You are a liar,as USA government would not resort to going with USA-public tax-payers funds using a privately owned jet to travel to another country and attempted to smuggle S9.3 million dollars into another country? Stop your damn nonsense.The arms deal involving pastor Ayo Oritsejafor private jet to South Africa was purely abnormal and criminal and very suspiciously linked to sponsorship of Boko Haram insurgents in North-East Nigeria.President Ebele Jonathan,pastor Oritsejafor,Modu Sheriff and Gen Ihejerika are the pointed sponsors of Boko Haram insurgents in Nigeria.

    • abraham ola

      Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan: So you mean to say the said pastor, who is the president of CAN is also a sponsor of BH? Does that make any sense to you? Don’t all govt agencies and parastatals including the security agencies have budgets allocated to them?Do they now need a stamp of approval from the National Assembly before they go about their responsibilities? I am not actually here to trade insults with anyone or call names, I am only saying lets use our discretion at times before calling foul. Your response above shows you only read headlines and pick out what you choose to believe and maybe you have never also heard of private security and military company like Blackwater hired by the U.S govts on many occasions. It was a arms deal yes, and your govt need it urgently to fight BH, and incase you dont know, the Nigerian army engaged them again today and came out tops. Thats why its urgent, thats why the intelligence arm of your govt decided to take such step. Keep calling me a liar until this same truth hits you.

    • tolu

      # JEG BRING BACK OUR HONOUR…………This is the slogan in the town now . jonathan has brought the country so low

  • Pst Emma Ogboji

    Fellow Nigerans, let us stop trading insult on one other when our country is on fire. Those who are sponsoring Boko Haram know themselves, the devil who is sending knows them, God knows them. All I say is to remind you that all these are signs of the end time. The kingdom is at hand. All humanity must consider their ways and return to God through The Lord Jesus Christ. I am using this medium to pledge with my Moslem brothers, pagans, atheist and so called Christians to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior so that they have eternal life. Anyone that reject this gracious offer (Jesus Christ) no matter the propaganda, no matter the size of armourd cars, pump action gun, or military hard-wares WILL NEVER ESCAPE His judgement. I pray for all the terrorists that God may have on them, save them like He did for Saul who became Paul. The devil knows that they are potential great instruments in the hands of the Almighty God so he quickly took over theirs souls and spirit to use them in sending souls to hell. The enemies of Nigera are threatened by what she is becoming and want cut her wing. But if God be God by the prayers of His (seemingly feeble children) He will show up for this country at for the sake of His purpose and end plan. Simply join me and say to God “O! God turn the hearts of the enemies of Nigera to love Nigera once again. Stand up and defend your interest in this country. Give us a leader of your choice to lead us. Forgive us of all our atrocities and bloodshed. Help us to know, accept and serve you. O! God see how how they are persecuting your son Jesus Christ do something about it. I and my house forgive all those who are killing and slaughtering my brethren and follow Nigerans. Release the Chibok girls and enjoy God’s mercy. Lay down your arms and say no to the devil and all those are sending you.

  • Fox .

    Professor. If Ekweremadu was yoruba. I bet you wouldn’t write this thrash.

    • Tunde Fawole

      Foxy Fox, is this poem about Igbos? Foxy Fox, going by your post you seem to be the negation, the opposite and the very antithesis of intellect. I am sorry for you Foxy Fox and your poor ans miserable intellect.

  • Sanmi Falae

    Here he comes again. The troubler-of-Nigeria. I wonder when Fani Kayode would join his Wrecking-Crew in the Senate – i.e Saraki, LUKUDI (poison) Kashamu, Stella Oduah, David Mark etc? So you expect Patrick Leahy to respect you when you don’t respect yourself by your animal behaviour of corrupting due-process, sabotaging your national institutions, embezzling the budget designated for training the Nigerian Armed Services to model professionalism they have the potential to demonstrate even to European and American military? Your life is such a tragic waste, Mr Fani Kayode, as it is, for example, reduced to boasting only in Nigeria.

    • Damilola Ojo

      @Sanmi, pl stop talking crap and desist from hating. Chief Fani-Kayode has done us really proud here and for once, as Nigerians, we can hold our heads up high. Eat your heart out and admit it otherwise go and hug a transformer or just jump in the lagoon. We need more FFK’s in this world to deliver our country from the mess that we are in. Can you imagine if he was our Foreign Minister? No-one would mess with us.

  • Peter Pan

    Brilliant write-up. Nigerians would do well to learn from this obviously gifted and courageous mind. Well done FFK.

  • Proud Yoruba


    Introduced by U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy in the 1990s, prohibits the United States Department of State and Department of Defense from providing assistance to any foreign military or police unit if there is credible information that such unit has committed grave human rights violation with impunity. If the foreign country takes effective steps to bring the responsible members of the security forces unit to justice, the U.S. Government can resume assistance to that unit.

    Why let the U.S. Government does not publicly report on foreign armed forces units it has cut off from receiving assistance, press reports have indicated that security forces u pints in Bangladesh, Bolivia, Columbia, Guatemala, Mexico, Nigeria, Turkey, Indonesia, and Pakustan have been denied assistance due to the Leahy Law.

    Source :- Wikipedia

    Nigeria, fix your IMPUNITY problem first! If our soldiers act like BH, where is our moral superiority? Lawlessness must not be allowed to fester in a military or police unit.

    • Citizen

      its not your fault. you speak like someone who has no stake in nigeria. I pity you because you are one of those individuals that has lost his self esteem and identity. you beleive what foreigners say you are. Have you been to the NE? what do you know about the travails of people in that area?

  • Temidayo

    Black water private security killed innocence Iraqis.No sanctioned.Americans soldiers killed helpless Afghanistans,Yemen and Pakistanis no Leahy law. Americans dropped atomic bombs into Japan no sanctioned against perpetuators.Israeli soldiers eliminating women and children with their bombs but Leahy law was not around to sanctioned them.

  • Narcissus Goldmund

    Patrick Leahy is actually one the of the most respected Senators in the US. He is also a democrat, part Irish/part Italian, and a staunch defender of human rights and civil liberties, supported by the NAACP. This hardly makes him a “redneck, racist, yankee”. Before mouthing off half-cocked, yet again, Mr Fani-Kayode might have spent a useful few minutes understanding the man he has now chosen to attack. After that, he might want to actually read the Leahy Act. Fortunately for us, Mr Fani-Kayode has lost all credibility, so his comments will be instantly ignored.

  • segun iodun

    FFK has again demonstrated that one can not buy pedigree.
    The great grandson of a Cambridge graduate.
    FFK has always stood up against injustice against the Nigerian State
    Good article
    Exposes the hypocrisy of the West.
    Well Done FFK
    You are a true omoluabi.

    • Onyenweli Emmanuel

      Senator Leahy couldn;t be far from the truth,within The ambit of American Foreign Diplomacy…This Man was only using this guise to absorb the USA of any responsibility in conflict beyond their borders..Femi Kayode, ought to have known, that part of American’s Foreign Policy these days,is to minimize, if not completely shelve being the Police Man of the World!From Europe to the Middle East and even North Africa,You can deduce the diminishing presence of the American;s Military..He was simply reminding us of the need to adopt Home grown approach to issues affecting us as a Nation..Instead of lambasting Him Like Femi just did,We ought to ask ourselves,these critical questions viz; How did We get to this point,where a group of Rag tag Individuals could hold our Nation;s Military to hostage?Is it a case of Internal ‘ aiding&abetting’ either covertly or overtly?What are the factors fueling this Insurgency,Could it be Poverty,Ideological through radical Teachings in our place of Worship?These Guys are not Ghost…They live among us,How come We can not find them?How are they being financed?What happened to the intelligence gathering ability of our Security Agencies?These questions should be troubling our mind,and not Leahy;s Opinion..

      This further reminds me of the fact,that time has come,for Nigerians in particular and Africans in general to realize that the World has come of age!The whole idea of creating problems at home with the mind that One Foreign Power or several of them will come to Your Aid, is gradually,being over!!For example,Check out the scenarios in Ukraine,Syria Yemen,Iraq,Afghanistan,Libya&Mali.This underscores the need for We Nigerians to be grateful that We had a peaceful transition instead of exhibiting Negative Political Triumphalism..We can not afford to fritter this achievement away on the platter of Vendetta,Selective justice and In-Equality..President Buhari,have started well on the issue of Security..All He needs to do in addition to calling for International Support,is as a matter of Urgency call for an All Nigerian Security Summit,or maybe limit it to the North East for the now which could take a National shape with time in His Tenure..This must include the Traditional Class,The Clerics&The Political Class.Let The People resolve that together these Enemies within,must be defeated.Thank Goodness,that with the expected Financial package from the World Bank,this should be channeled to meaningful Economic activities directly under the Supervision of the Presidency to create means of Livelihood for the teeming number of Unemployed Youth,thereby diminishing the rank of their Recruit base..This fund must not be left for the Governors to manage..However,on a National scale,We should be begin to ask Ourselves about Nigeria,what are those issues making Our Nationhood difficult?Why have We not bonded completely as a Nation all these while?Why is it,that even in the 21st century,We are still talking about Tribe,Ethnicity&Religion as a basis for Appointments instead of merit….Could it be the structural disposition of the Country,Could it be attitudinal?Could it be injustice&Inequality?Its sacrosanct,that We do a proper re-appraisal,and come up with an accepted premises for Nation building.This way,We would have put in check any of these tendencies that give rise to Insurgency,and by extension Look straight to Senator Patrick Leahy’s Face and call the bluff of Him Like Chief.Femi Fani-Kayode just did,but until then,I am afraid Our effort will still be,a rigmarole,with Cup in hand,begging for Military if not Economic Aid.This I know that President Buhari will also change about Nigeria….Greetings!