Confusion as VIP seating collapses at Pro-Jonathan rally; several injured

TAN's South-West in Ibadan on August 23, 2014... Photo Credit: TAN

There was pandemonium at the Minna Trade Fair Complex on Saturday morning as the venue’s VIP seating area collapsed during a political rally organized by the Transformation Ambassador of Nigeria [TAN] to campaign for the reelection of President Goodluck Jonathan.

Dignitaries were seated and the venue was packed to the brim when the platform constructed to sit top government officials and chieftains of the Peoples Democratic Party suddenly caved in, trapping a few of those already seated.

The development sparked panic across the venue with several people scampering for safety. Some people were so scared that they began to hurry out of the venue in droves.

PREMIUM TIMES later learnt that a number of people, including top government officials, were injured and rushed to hospital.

When the exodus from the venue threatened to truncate the rally, the host governor, Babangida Aliyu, rushed to the microphone to appeal to the crowd not to leave as the situation had been brought under control.

Mr. Aliyu later urged the people of the state and participants at the rally “to consider what happened in one of the stands as a sacrifice for success”.

The Senator representing the Federal Capital Territory, Gabriel Aduda, also rushed to the stage to blame the incidence on the devil and opponents of Mr. Jonathan’s administration.

Mr. Aduda said, “Whatever happened here, the devil is a liar. No weapon fashioned against us and Jonathan shall succeed. What happened was because the crowd was too much.”

TAN officials later said those injured in the stand collapse were being treated in hospital.

After a short break, the rally however continued after an alternative seating area was found for important dignitaries.

Speaking at the event, the Minister of Information, Labaran Maku, said the rally was organized to celebrate Mr. Jonathan, who he described as one of Nigeria’s best presidents.

Mr. Maku said it was only after the President completes another four-year tenure that the presidency of the country would switch back to the North of Nigeria in line with the power rotation arrangement between the North and the South.

He said his home state, Nasarawa, would give Mr. Jonathan 95 per cent of its votes in the 2015 presidential election.

TAN has been staging rallies across the country in support of Mr. Jonathan’s reelection bid despite the president personally advising political, religious and other groups to desist from convening large gatherings as a way of curtailing the spread of the Ebola Virus Disease.

President Jonathan has declined to halt the rallies despite widespread calls on him to do so.


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  • Maria

    God has rejected Jonathan.

    • gymer

      Because of a collapsed platform in Minna?

      • Wähala

        Yes! God has a way of sending out missive…

        • redeem

          those who sell coffins like u——————-always pray for people to die———————-how else would u eat–as a mortuary– attendant abroad——————

        • Xeexuo

          Talks!!! Time will never lie to us.. let’s see what God has planned for us in the next presidential election. We all must speak on our own tune… selfish!

          • xeexuo

            Sorry, mine is to all of us here

      • Maria

        No… before then he has been rejected.

    • Wähala

      How I wish it him biting the dust in the caption foto…
      @Premium Times,
      Biko, protect the id of your sources at all times. Remember the ordeal of the chap who uploaded those pictures of the jail break at Yellow House? Ugly Mary Ogar’s goons almost tortured the poor guy to death. Biko, caution… Caution!

      • Hommel

        This was no exclusive source as it was already on Facebook.
        I guess PT cannot publish the photo without credit to its owner…

    • Hope Blessed

      You are brain drained, u and GOd live in one room together so that He can easily tell those rejected by Him. Mumu

    • Gran puba

      We are all God’s children including u. God does not reject. Grow up.

    • Christ d Solid Rock is with our president.We come against any destructive spirit INJ

  • Wähala

    Hahahaa chai!
    A House built on sand… crumbles like a pack of cards!!
    Next time, I hope God waits for all the evil doers to gather under one umblela before casting his wrath…
    After the fake synagogue, make-shift Wadata Plaza has collapsed… next up, Aso Villa itself will collapse…
    Whom the gods wants to bury alive… they first collapse their tents. Hahahaa chai! I dey go watch Bundesliga o’jare!

    • Hope Blessed

      You are next to collapse, this devil of son.

      • solomonlas

        you already collapsed with your half dead godfather tinubu

    • redeem

      Those who are used to chewing human meat ——hardly ever empathize———————u see them bring the animal in them out——————-without knowing what they are doing—————-for tinubu ati his janjaweeds in APC

  • Amaka

    The president’s incompetence is a hard sell. This level we have sunk is an affliction.

    • redeem

      where is tinubu———————in hospital————————with his legs gone——————–

      • solomonlas

        His leg pains will never gone

  • Stephanie

    Truly wish Maku was amongst those injured. Silly man!

    • Wähala

      … and, Maku ati Metuh!
      Truly wish it was fat Doyin rolling on that platform… it would have required a crane to tow him to the mortuary.

      • redeem

        for u to as its usual with u consume his remains abi

      • Abubakar MB

        Hahaha maybe a forklift

  • him


  • Chris1408

    Hahaha the incompetence of GEJ administration manifested at his rally. That’s exactly how they’ll perish to create room for patriots to run this great country.

    • Hope Blessed

      How are the patriots, fools like u abey.GOd need to destroy people bf cannibals like will have chance to rule dis country not so, mumu.

  • the truth

    So no news to report again premium times this early morning.reading premium times nowadays compares to shopping at wallmart and reading a celebrity gossip when you are about checking out.

    • clairvoyance

      So leave this platform find anoda that accommodates ur lies, monkey like u.

      • the truth

        It is pointless arguing with you.I won’t stoop to your level to abuse or trade harsh words with you sir.there’s what we call class, something you may be lacking.I challenge you to post one lie I have posted on this website.I am waiting and if you can’t prove to the world that I am a liar then posterity would judge you.

        • clairvoyance

          U cannot compare urself to me on any level, u just a load of crap and a nonentity.

          • the truth

            I am crap and a nonentity.insulting me does not divert the question posed to you which u haven’t answered.u called me a liar and I have challenged you to substantiate your claim but you haven’t been able to for 3 hours now instead you are beating around the bush

  • Costco

    Hope they are ok

    • redeem

      by His Grace—————they are all OK————-the news item was emailed to PT by the janjaweeds in APC and u know they would want to sex it up a bit—–for ailing tinubus———-policy of money na hand banc na ground- type of journalism

      • solomonlas

        tinubu will always be a failure henceforth

  • redeem

    U should be ashamed of yr self—-all the postings below are from the camp of the janjaweed Ibo/Fulani he Goat—–@wahala——————-aware the platform was sabotaged by APC—————–no qualms————-

    • Dr. Kay

      Your paranoid psychosis has brought you back here abi? If not Tinubu it’s. APC abi no be so ? If the platform is sabotaged by APC as you alleged then PDP incompetence knows no bound . No wonder Bokoharam keep on annexing more towns and cities in the NE and all you Mumu are fixated on is calling APC a janjaweed party dat they can come and sabotage your platform under your very nose, doesn’t that sound mumulicious to you ,? Olodo ,dindinrin , suegbe, sunmonu.

      • solomonlas

        You are failure as your ebola tinubu

        • Dr. Kay

          Are you God to label me a failure? Do you see why God is so merciful that he rains on both the wicked and the good. The little that the almighty has been able to bless me with in life if you call that a failure may you be blessed with the opposite , amen. Also your fixation with Tinubu is so pathologic that methink you are secretly an admirer of the poor man . If he is a failure may God reward you with opposite of what he has accomplished in his failed life … Say amen.

      • Wähala

        He’s manic depressive was my diagnosis four years ago… don’t waste your time responding to him.

    • God bless u sir,continue with ur gud work.

    • shehu

      You are suffering from Fulaniphobia. You need to be taken back to your brother, AIG FORCE ANIMAL BRANCH for keeping.

  • Ette

    Heaven is at war with GEJ and PDP for all the disasters they have brought to our land through gross incompetence, unbridled corruption, wicked shedding of innocent blood by sponsorship of boko haram, cultist fighting and community conflicts. Heaven and earth have rejected this wicked and corrupt president, and the people are saying NO TO INCOMPETENCE, CORRUPTION and BLOOD SHEDDING represented by GEJ & his govt. May God treat them the way they are treating Nigerians.

    • solomonlas

      Heaven is only at war with your north.

  • adegbola

    This is the beginning of there end, they said we should not garder because of Ebola, they didn’t even allow schools to open but here they are doing as they like with our billions of dollars oil money, nemesis will surely catch up with them

    • solomonlas

      Ebola is for tinubu so gathering must keep going

  • Anwar S Gimba

    U beta learn from what happens today, is a sign of failure.

    • solomonlas

      keep dreaming abandoned son.

  • Ken

    Gej has not told anybody not to gather. we go to church, market and work and even school. Apc does rallies, abi no Ebola for their own rallies yet they want TAN to suspend their own. The hypocrisy of apc is too much.

  • D.A

    May your spirit inhabit the brave soldiers now fighting Nigeria’s second civil war. May they assume the power, strength, bravery and success that you showed when you led Nigeria to victory in its first civil war.

  • Alowonle

    A sign of failure. Nigerians want change. Enough of PDP

    • solomonlas

      to your one man APC party no my dear Nigerians are not ready for half dead godfather ok.

      Find another thing to say

    • the truth

      Nigerians don’t want a godfather controlling the president.Nigerians don’t want the countries budget in a godfathers personal account

  • yusif

    That was the beginning of those who have disappointed their electrote while innocent soul are killed in3 state PDP has still insist to bring this man.Let us see how they can convince us on his evil deeds I believed the aims of ebele is finish us before 2015.

    • zee

      I agree with you yusuf


    Heh! buddy, the devil never tells the truth. That is its TRADE MARK. If as this Psycophant is saying that the collapse of the stage is due to the devil, then the devil could only have come from the shoddy construction team who set up the rickety structure in the first place.
    No weapon was fashioned against the organisers of the event staged by TAN. At a time when the CHIBOK GIRLS are still in the firm grip of BOKO HARAM,When Nigerian troops at an operational level are inferior to BOKO HARAM, and 450 troops have to run for their own safety into Northern Cameroon., just to mention a few. Are you saying that this is the work of the devil?
    Well! Well! Well, THE DEVIL must be in ASO ROCK, and you are one of its desciples.What idiotic roadshow are you embarking on? The jobless, hungry Nigerians have not been reduced . Window dressing will not help. Thanks for impoverishing our people. You will have to answer to the higher authority, and please don’t invoke the wrath of the devil. It has nothing to do with your psychophancy. That is your call.
    If you place side by side, the afflictions of Nigerians with the performanceof this administration,the outcome is abysmal.
    I do not wish any of these Kangaroo politicians any ill,they are doing a good job themselves of invoking NEMESIS which has now started its journey in that country. The signs are already showing. We are watching, praying to God and thanking him for not neglecting his own people in this very trying times.

    • Scalywag

      Very true and very instructive. Very illuminating

  • the truth

    I truly wish we could be cultured enough on this site to have divergent views on issues and never stoop to the level of abusing people who may disagree with your school of thought.stay blessed all

  • Bin Fodio

    Please lets all say AMEN to this prayer:
    May the AlMighty God treat GEJ, his Govt. and PDP the way they are treating Nigeria and Nigerians.

    • Scalywag


    • Ahmad

      Ameen, Ameen, Ameen. Multiply each by the number of stars in the heaven.

    • Abubakar MB


    • Aminu

      Amen trillion times

  • I Hate Sycophant Truly

    My heart bleed everytime I read comments from commentators in this forum. Because of the collapse of a scaffold it now become the handiwork of the devil and some even saying APC at work. A time will come when some people’s wives will have miscarriage and they would point finger to APC as the hand in it. Boko Haram, APC, Militant, APC, Armed Robbery, APC, President having Headache, APC, PEJ travelled to Germany for treatment, APC, Patrick brought Ebola to Nigeria, APC, Super Eagles lost in Calabar, APC, students yet to resume, APC, TB Joshua’s church collapse, APC, GMB attacked, APC, OBJ’s son hit by Boko Haram, APC, Oyakilome’s wife sue for divorce, APC. Only APC, with all these and more, APC should be overlaoded with trouble and ready to be burried.

  • Ha

    If I were Jonathan I will fire Maku straight away, because calling Jonathan one of the best Presidents of Nigeria is sarcasm to the highest order.

  • Spoken word

    I can assure you that most Nigerians would not give a damn if these sycophants were trapped under the rubble.

  • clairvoyance

    Last time you held rally people were electrocuted, one man was virtually crippled he is now on a wheelchair, today ur podium collapsed, the next time u guys gonna bury urselves. God is warning stop the campaign for a rejected candidate because He as started ruining the lives of those and associates of those that have destroyed, murdered innocent Nigerians this past 5years.

  • Ol’boy

    “There is poverty, there is corruption; nothing is working in Nigeria, and yet,

    President Jonathan is talking about 2015. If i were President Goodluck Jonathan,

    i would drop the idea of going for 2015. But there are people just deceiving him,

    taking money from him. They are not telling him the truth. Nothing is working,
    and you are talking about the 2015 election. There is power failure, no good healthcare,

    the education sector is comatose, roads are deplorable, there is problem everywhere,
    and corruption is on the increase.”

    …….…….Primate Olabayo
    (Head of the Evangelical Church of Yaweh)
    April 29, 2013

    • redeem

      How old is Nigeria—54———and u still do not have constant light water health and education——–after wasting trillions from the SS——why is it that u still behave like a kid—-at 65——————everything in Nigeria since our flag freedom was built with money from the SS————-That is still the zone which is feeding the entire 170m Nigerians———-see why u have to respect the president—-they d SS want to be left alone to develop at their own pace————-u say naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa———–keep on playing that yeye blame game————-at least Pastor bakare once said Obj was not the chosen one yet he was there for 8 yrs–PRESIDO OF 9JA—————CHEEEERS

  • Obaro E

    ” Mr Maku
    said it was only after the President completes another four-year tenure that
    the presidency of the country would switch back to the North of Nigeria in line
    with the power rotation arrangement between the North and the South”

    These Notherners never cease to amuse me. There is nothing like North & South. What we have is North, East, West & South. An alternative would be to classify along the lines of the existing regions. In both cases, it is clear, that there remains one region or compass location that has not held the position of Presidency since 1967 despite their (the region’s) ubiquity, sacrifice in terms or resources, manpower and contributions to continent Nigeria. I speak of the East. The East of the Igbo nation.

    When will an Igbo man become President of continent Nigeria. The North should forget about Presidency for now. Not even in the next 15yrs bcos Nigeria wants development and not retrogression. The Northern misrule of time past has been a curse to Nigeria. We must not allow this to continue. In any case, on what basis should the North govern? Does the North have any human or material resources to offer? In any progressive nation, it is the wealth owners and the educated who govern. Nigeria will not be an exception.

    …but disintegration is still the best and only solution to Nigeria’s problems. Let those who want to fly be allowed to fly, why those who run, run…and those who prefer walking be given all the space to remain pedestrian. Every region or country in Nigeria should develop at its own pace. There is no way Sokoto, Maiduguri & PH or Enugu will develop at the same pace. It is impossible. Breakup referendum please! Just like Scotland will do in a week’s time.

    • Chukwudi Onwuli

      Very correct!

    • redeem

      until u learn to defend Ihejirika with all your might—————the fulani will continue to intimidate u to submission——Not the way Oby is going pulling the ibo nation down–with her black.- red- blue- childish antics—————already Jega has mapped out plans—————-to disfranchise the ibos——————the entire south east was given 43 Polling Units————whereas the South West got——–4,000—————————-PU——–Until the—-Ibos learn to be vocal–the chances of them getting a slot at the presidency in 2019—is going to be very slim————-aware of efforts by the fulanis to demonize them———————b4 that date———-they will get it if the ibos do not behave like the fulanis—–sha one leg in APC the other in PDP————–reamin steady and focused————-cheeeeeeeeers

      • Ibrahim

        How many years had Fulani rule Nigeria? Go and do your research you will come to know they rule for just *years (Buhari, Shagari and Yar Adua) All the others you talk of and try to show people as fulanis are the same Middle belt and Minority tribes you continue to assosiate with. (Gowon-Lantang, IBB and Abdulsalam-Gwari and Nupe, Abacha-Kanuri and Murtala-Hausa/yoruba).
        The earlier you realised all these ethnicity and religious sentiments is not taking us anywhere the better as all the corruption and bad leadership as found in all tribes and religions as we are witnessing the better for all of us.

    • Ibrahim

      Why are you talking as if North is homogenous comprising of only one tribe. Less I forget North comprise of North-West, North-Central and North-East as you said of South_west, South-East and South-south. In All these it is only North-East that never tested the presidency in Nigeria. South-East rule for 6 years between !960 to 1966 (Azikwe and Ironsi), South- west rule for 12years between 1976-1979, 1993 and 1999-2007 (Obasanjo and Shonekan), while the North-central (Middle Belt) rule for 18 years between 1966-1975, 1985-1993, and 1998-1999 (Gowon, IBB and Abdulsalam), and North-west rule for 14 years between 1975-76, 1979-85, 1993-98 and 2007-2010 try(Murtala, Shagari, Buhari, Abacha and Yar Adua).
      But I’m suprise anytime Igbo start talking they try to generalized the North to their advantage. If you want to talk of equity base on rule you should ask for the presidency to be zone to the North-East who never had a chance but not complaining the you always complain,
      What Nigeria needs are competent leaders who will fight for the masses not sentiments and mediocrity as being manifested all over. All the decay in this country is the doing of all the elites without regard to Ethnicity, religion or Section they come from. The earlier we realised that the better for us as all the suffering masses are found in all section of this country likewise the corrupt leaders are found in all parts of this country. But they continue to divide us along religion, ethnic and sectional sentiments.
      A word is enough for the wise.

      • osogbo

        Ibrahim I scored your analysis 99.5% correct.

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