EXCLUSIVE: Secret Intelligence Report links ex-Governor Sheriff, Chad President to Boko Haram sponsorship

Ex-Governor Ali Modu Sheriff and President Jonathan at a meeting with the President of Chad, Idris Deby

New facts showing stronger links between former governor of Borno state, Ali Modu Sheriff, and the Boko Haram sect have emerged, further fuelling suggestions the ex-governor is a major financier of the terrorist sect.

Intelligence insights obtained by PREMIUM TIMES in Maiduguri, Damaturu, and Abuja show dated communications between field officers and the velvet ranks of Nigeria’s military chronicling Mr. Sheriff’s involvement in promoting the growth of the sect.

The communications painted a picture of what appears to be a powerful regional support structure involving the Chadian president, Nigerian officials and Niger Republic, and spearheaded by Mr. Sheriff whom the intelligence presents as a powerful figure within this circle.

Strong evidence indicates that the Nigerian government received actionable intelligence about Mr. Sheriff’s links to Boko Haram as far back as 2011 but has, curiously, ignored all warnings and nudges to act to stop the Boko Haram call him in for interrogation.

Mr. Sheriff has long been suspected of masterminding the Boko Haram sect, but the documents sighted by this newspaper offers deeper understanding into how Mr. Sheriff allegedly finances the deadly sect and his probable motivations.

When Sheriff visits Abeche

Nourished by deep and impeccable sources from members of the Chadian Army, Nigerian intelligence experts had arrived at fairly certain conclusions that Mr. Sheriff was actively involved in the recruitment, training and deployment of Boko Haram members.

“…members of Boko Haram sect are sometimes kept in Abeche region in Chad and trained before being dispersed. This happens usually when Mr. Sheriff visits Abeche,” a 2011 intelligence memo from field officers in N’djamena,the capital of Chad, read.

When Mr. Sheriff visits Abeche for these activities, he lodges in Chadian Presidential Guest House in Abeche, and is provided security by the Chadian government, the intelligence communications claim.

Mr. Sheriff is a close friend of the Chadian president, Idris Deby.

In 2011, during the Chadian presidential elections, Mr. Sheriff reportedly supported the Chadian president with 35 vehicles, for security, and is believed to have significantly bankrolled Mr. Deby’s re-election.

Nigerian defence and intelligence community members typically describe Mr. Sheriff as a gun runner in their many communications, and they often speak in conviction that his weapons find their way into Nigeria through Niger Republic into Yobe state. Yobe is Boko Haram’s stronghold and has suffered heavy casualties in magnitudes only second to Borno.

Money, Politics and Power

Back in August 2011, intelligence officials were characterising Mr. Sheriff’s motivations for sponsoring Boko Haram as similar to a certain “3rd generation South South governor,” with the aim of covering up financial irregularities he might have committed as governor of Borno state, as well as propagate a stay-put in office strategy by suppressing the opposition.

The officials suggest that Mr. Sheriff did not create the sect but was actively using the “monster” and could be sponsoring the sect as a way of protecting himself from the sect members who were “calling for his head” at the time.

“One way of reclaiming the lost loyalty of the sect therefore, was sponsorship of their cause,” intelligence officials were telling their principals.

Mr. Sheriff was not reachable for his comments. A former commissioner under his administration as governor of Borno state who also speaks for him, Inuwa Bwala, told PREMIUM TIMES Mr. Sheriff was outside the country and could not respond to enquiries.

Both the Nigerian defence headquarters and the Nigerian government also declined to comment on this intelligence.

Phone calls were not answered, and text messages were not replied to.

This is not the first time that Mr. Sheriff will be accused of links to the terrorist group, Boko Haram. He denies any links.

An April 2, 2012 report by a Cameroonian daily, L’Oriel du Sahel, said the former governor, now a member of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, was arrested in 2012 upon entering Cameroon from Chad on his way to meeting the governor of that country’s northern region.

The report said Cameroonian police authorities questioned Mr. Sheriff for hours and only released him later following pressure from senior government officials in that country.

An Ambassador Usman Galtimari Panel, set up by President Goodluck Jonathan to investigate the genesis of the insurgency in the North East, had also blamed Mr. Sheriff for the growth of Boko Haram in a report.

Chadian President Connection

An Australian negotiator, Stephen Davis, recently named Mr. Sheriff, alongside former Nigerian Army Chief, Azubuike Ihejirika, as sponsors of the Boko Haram sect, quoting the sect’s leadership.

Nigeria’s intelligence authorities have been equivocal on the role of Mr. Ihejirika in promoting the deadly sect whose bloody campaign have killed up to 5000 Nigerians and left many homeless, broken and internally displaced, but they have lately spoken of the Chadian president, Mr. Deby, as a new dimension to the Boko Haram sponsorship dynamics.

In 2011, a strong Boko Haram army was also beneficial to the Chadian president, as it provided a “ready army and possible refuge” for a president that was facing growing distrust from his legitimate army, Nigerian intelligence officials claimed.

The Chadian president’s support for the sect was made majorly through his friendship with Mr. Sheriff and at the expense of his country’s relationship with Nigeria, the report said.

Transformed sect

Violence by the Boko Haram sect, which had only religious interest in the past, is traceable to the five days of clashes in July 2009, between the group and members of the security forces in Borno, Yobe, Bauchi, and Kano states that left more than 800 people dead, including at least 30 police officers.

The police summarily executed the captured Boko Haram leader, Mohammed Yusuf, along with several dozen of his followers in front of the police headquarters in Maiduguri. Dozens of its members were also arrested.

Boko Haram frequently said its attacks on the government, especially the police, are in revenge for these killings and an attempt to set free members incarcerated by the police.

Recently, the ideology behind Boko Haram attacks got more confusing with increasing attacks on schools, media houses and almost any soft target with wide media reach. The group has gotten bolder by the day and has shown interest in capturing and occupying cities it calls its Caliphates.

The sect has overrun towns and villages, including Mubi, Michika, Bazza, Gulak, Gwoza, Bama, Gamboru and Ngala in Adamawa and Borno states. Ngala is the home place Mr. Sheriff.


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  • Makeri

    We shall soon be there. The blood of innocent Nigerians shall hunt them

  • Man_Enough

    Arrest this sheriff and ihejirika immediately, bomb Chadian defense headquarters. That’s what a president with balls should do. Anything less is spinelessness. It’s time to flex muscles a little bit.

    • Wähala

      Who should arrest them… didn’t you see Dumbo in the picture with the terrorist sponsors?
      Dumbo will not dare because he’s part of their cabal and racket… they were in Chad to re-strategize if you don’t know. Thanks to Dr. Davis… and Glory to God! Their ahses are on fire and mark this, Sheriff may not return to Nigeria from his foreign trip… look for him to resurface in Yamen!

      • redeem

        The NSA Dasuki a Fulani is the rightful person to have briefed the nation on the outcome of his investigation with member of the DSS -days after his fellow fulani brother El Rfai broke the news—————concerning the accusations E-l–Rufai leveled against Sheriff and Ihejirika—-via Davis–The only person who was quick to obtain a copy of that fake janjaweed interview——–was elrufai–He it was who made it available to sharia reporters–via his Facebook page—- No other person—did but him—-The interview was conducted by ARISE TV-according to the story on behalf of BBC—-among other media houses——The trouble I have with that is why should Arise TV lie to Davis that they were working for the BBC-?———-Again who are the reporters who made the interview available to El Rufai–alerted him to it before it was even published by thisday–newspapers—Besides how connected is the publisher of thisday to ARISE TV—?——Meaning the whole thing has——what has come to be known as the Nigerian Fulani connection–through APC—-(money na hand back na ground janjaweed policies) of APC-

        • janjaweed3

          broken malicious record is played out.that picture says a million words

    • jay

      You think naija has d capability to bomb chad? Those guys will destroy naija without much effort, as small as they are. See what boko haram is doing to our soldiers talkless of the chadian army.

      • IgboIzugbe

        …Hahahaaaaaaaaaaaa! O di kwa funny oo!

  • Lawrence Agha

    This extensive news report on the involvement of Mr Modu Sheriff in the activities of the deadly Boko Haram is enough evidence to have him docked. It therefore beats a rational mind why President Goodluck Jonathan should allow himself to be photographed with such a character. One can’t help but ask in wonderment if the Nigerian President is not privy to this intelligence report? The money meant for the people of Borno State was stolen by Mr Modu Sheriff to finance a politician in Chad. How despicable can one be?

    • Mohstone

      They are birds of same feather !!!

  • Andy

    I think it is now too late, please. Modu Sherriff has heard all the anti-Boko Haram plans.
    He was seated right there and he was all ears as President Jonathan discussed the plans.
    It is safer to assume that Boko Haram by now knows all that what was discussed in Chad.
    In my view, this is how President Goodluck Jonathan’s incompetence endangers Nigeria.

    • IgboIzugbe


    • kick ’em out

      That’s the Dumbo Jonaharam for you.

    • Mohstone

      And trully all the people arguing here did not even consider that. See what happened in Mubi recently. The Nigerian Army received consignment of amunitions only for them to be ambushed by BH and they ran for their lives and left the arms with BH. Now GEJ is discussing everything with the lead sponsor of BH, so what do you think will happen next ???

  • Dankasa

    What about Cameroonian President who was the first President to have a secret meeting with GEJ just some days after his swearing in to office? Biya did the same Jona is doing to Northern to Northern Nigeria now and we all believe he is a contractor in this game, but time shall tell. What about Ihejireke? he is now cleared because he is Igbo ko? All these will not work ooo! Jona don’t want lose their support in 2015 ko? The two evil guys should be investigate and come out with the same secret report instead of this cooked story which only came up when pressure is mounted on Jona on why he visit Chard wit SAS.

  • Wähala

    Nigeria, Chad and Niger form the Axis of Evil in this Boko Haram insurgency. Dumbo took Sheriff along because both men and their foreign counterparts obviously have political stakes accruing to them if the terrorists continued with their mayhem: Dumbo, so he would point his fingers at Northerners who he claimed want to make Nigeria ungovernable for him; Deby because he need a “read army” at his beck-n-call for his election purposes and the Nigerien President is obviously a “facilitator” for financial gains. No wonder Boko Haram drive around in Toyoto Hilux convoys untraceable thru Nigerian Customs records. No wonder the political will to stop the insurgency has been lacking. The PDP clearly planted Sheriff in the APC so

    • redeem

      “I can’t believe it and I still don’t believe it. There must be something wrong somewhere. Because it stands against all logic and commonsense.
      “Ihejirika is a Christian, he is an Igbo man. He is a beneficiary of Jonathan’s government in terms of appointment.
      “The Igbo Christians and their churches, especially the Catholic churches, were initially the first victims of Boko Haram at the beginning.

      “Even up till now, the Igbos still form the largest percentage of casualties, especially when you consider the bomb blasts at luxurious bus parks, most of them heading to the East.
      “So, I don’t see how a very high official of state, appointed by Jonathan’s government to protect the country against Boko Haram will now instigate Boko Haram against his country, against Christians, against his fellow Igbos and against his culture and everything he stands for.

      “I don’t think it is possible. So, there must be a mistake somewhere.
      “Unless I have very concrete, irrefutable proof, honestly I still believe that Ihejirika possibly had nothing to do with Boko Haram’s activities.”
      Permit me to add that, there is no where in the World where Terrorists freely mention their Sponsor’s name, so Whatever Steven Davis said makes no meaning.
      Even petty thieves and ‘Ransom Kidnappers’ cant reveal such sensitive information to anybody let alone a foreign Journalist or peacemaker. Whatever. An Asian friend told me that its only gullible that can believe Steven Davis tales–Pro Sagay

      • Wähala

        Western Education is “Haram”…not Western Dollars. How would you know who’s money they rejected and who’s was pocketed if you’re not part of the problem? Dumbo has been exposed, I warned you four years ago on SR that it will come to this… no evil lasts forever. Remember Hitler? Dumbo has been funding terrorism right from his days in the creeks, his cup id full and spilling over with innocent blood he has been wasting. I told you he’s a “humble crook” remember, a very “wicked Ijaw man”. God has caught him. Soon I will remind you why…

      • D-ONE

        serzly it does not add up!!!!! and i agree wif you on the issue of terrorists naming their sponsors!!!!!!

        i smell a rat in that area!!!!!

        • Ha

          One day you will smell a shrew.

    • the truth

      lol man u never learn you are always basing your thoughts on sentiments, lies, deception and smear tactics. I am an advocate for flushing out boko haram and no guise of party affiliation should stop them from been prosecuted. If you are called to the house commitee to testify before oath, do you have proof and evidence that sheriff was planted by pdp at apc? or are you saying this out of your own head? do you even know the political history of sheriff and how he persecuted pdp apologists in borno state. One fact still remains. he was part of the formation of apc. apc according to ikimi and a fact not disputed by tinubu in his reply to ikimi was that ikim and sheriff at ikimi’s residence formed the platform for apc. One fact nobody is pointing out was when metuh accused apc of harbouring terrorists, lie lie mohammed disputed that fact and gave apc a clean bill of health. so in the space of 2 months what changed with sheriff. did sheriff become a terrorist 2 months ago? or as reported by this article he was a part of this terrorist organization for years now when he was a part of apc and anpp.

      • Wähala

        The topic is on the “Triangle of Terror” comprising Nigeria, Niger and Chad… not on APC or PDP.
        Stay thematic and I may respond to your tantrums. Right now, the blood of 15,000 innocent Nigerians murdered by your wicked Ijaw President and his cohorts is screaming for justice and that’s where I will engage you in… not some regional jingoism you’re paid-in-crumbs to post on taxpayers handout. Get lost! I’m not in the mood for minion clowns right now! This is serious investigative journalism that requires serious attention!!

        • the truth

          that doesn’t stop the whole world to know you famously said abati must apologize before you retract on a lie you were caught saying. u remember when i said tinubu , lie lie mohammed and buhari have been pictured together with sheriff more than 20 times and you said i was a liar and it didn’t exist and i should show you prove, i showed you prove and instead of taking your words back you told me unless abati takes back his words back for lying u wont apologize. did you forget that?that should tell you everything about you.

          • Mohstone

            Abeg go siddon jare!!! you are clearly running out of steam. If you are broke just go and bootlick …shikenan.

          • the truth

            why would i start a mature conversation with someone i feel is immature. all you do instead of articulating points is abuse and curse out. this is what area boys or sycophants do not an educated man like you which i feel u should be.Please respect yourself and articulate maturely on public forums, people who may be supporting you deep inside definitely would feel you are not up there enough. Stay blessed mr mohstone. when you are ready for mature conversation please engage me, until you start acting mature and articulate i won’t engage you in any form of argument or counter argument.

    • janjaweed3

      Yes BOSS! Tell em.yyou forgot to add the butchers of baga,buni yadi and bama,led by Lt GENERAL AZUBUIKE IHEJIRIKA,the CBN DIRECTOR OF CURRENCY, THE NYANYA BOMBERS etcetera

  • Chris1408

    We know Boko Haram is well financed and connected. Ak47 is not cheap. Feeding thousands of fighters daily is not cheap. Hundreds of Hilux are not cheap. How are the weapons and vehicles getting to them in the forest? We also know Nigerian government is dysfunctional and the military is weak and highly compromised. So whether Sheriff is financing them or not, he’s not the only one. Corruption and dysfunctional government of Nigeria headed by a drunkard from Otuoke is never going to unravel it. Time to flush out the politicians and the pot belly generals.

    • Mohstone

      You made my day !!!

  • Ijeuwa

    “Those bloods they’re shearing in Bonu will speak…”

    • redeem

      My question is why did APC not discover-Sheriff was working for boko haram until he left- for PDP?—-Tinubu on his part has been doing all within his reach to exert his pound of flesh from sheriff since he told him off–at the national convention of APC——–Jonathan should realize that the people who murdered abiola and his wife kudirat are now in APC–They not sleeping because of the oil wells————he should wake–up–and do what he was elected to do- or allow us secede—in the niger delta- Every LGA has d right to fly her own flag at the UN—quietly—-u cannot insult my parents–spit on their faces–slit their throats- then beg to be allowed to marry into that same family again—-in d SS–time for us to think of how we can live side by side with each other———–for another 50yrs—period–

      • Sendband

        Is redeem another for the PDP spokesman? He seems to defend GEJ and his friends, PDP and SS even to an extent that defies logic. redeem’s keyboard is programmed to type TINUBU any time he starts up his PC.

        • the truth

          lol that was funny.

      • Wähala

        When did Galtimari Panel submit their report to Dumbo?
        When did the Nigerian Defense Attachè in Chad submit his report to Dumbo?
        When did Dr. Stephen Davis submit his initial report to Dumbo and till now, what has he said about it?
        Why then should the APC “discover Sheriff” while the PDP-led Govt. pockets N1trn annually to find out who’s behind the terrorists? Well, the answer has come from God in Heaven via Davis… all this regional meetings are “damage control” and strategizing on how to cover their tracks. The Three Musketeers are now known… their thugs are Sheriff, Ihejirika and an obscure CBN thug. Don’t worry, the wind is blowing… soon all fowl nyash go show for all eyes to see the differenc between hen & cock. Hahaha Chai… Dumbo na Boko Haram!

        • the truth

          lol if you accept davies interview to sahara reporters and arise tv, which is anti government news agency, would it be right to accept davies interview on vanguard news and his interview on abc an american based company where apc was portrayed as a beneficiary of boko haram?

          • Wähala

            If Davis was lying… why is your moron investigating Sheriff? As if anything tangible will come out of it. The balloon has bust, time to fish out the kingpins of Boko Haram in the PDP… it’s not enough to keep telling Nigerians APC henchos are behind the insurgency without arresting Tinubu, Buhari, or who have you. The power and buck stops with the PDP-led Government, ask them to go after the thugs. Ende!

          • the truth

            we are here to articulate points and ideas, through our interactions we may differ in ideology or core principles, but the statesman in us makes you and i argue but never resort to foul languages or raining causes at each other. i would respect you more if you articulate your points without always abusing your opponents or people who don’t share same views with you. if you think abusing the other person is the best way to drive your point then you are wrong. class is permanent.

          • Tonnero

            You are not making any sense. The question is whether Sheriff is involved or not. The party he belongs to is a secondary issue. It is the job of the FGN to arrest and prosecute him if he is involved whether he is ANPP, APC or PDP. The fact that they have refused to do so raises serious questions. This is very simple and you simply confuse yourself with less relevant details of his party affiliations.

          • Mohstone

            Thats his style. He will never throw a serious point for discussion but just busy saying and implying nothing. Dont mind him, he is far from the truth as his name claims. Full of childish mentality.

  • Adoki

    Frankly, the story above is too disjointed and not adding up. If we want to really bring this people to book, let’s have a near cast-iron case against them, not an alleged intelligence report that reads more like a plot from a Frederick Forsyth novel.

    • Wähala

      What’s alleged?
      Sheriff was arrested in Cameroon in 2011… fact!
      Galtimari Panel indicted Sheriff as part of our problem of Boko Haram… fact!
      Dr. Davis fingered Sheriff as Boko Haram Sponsor… fact!
      Nigeria’s Defense Attachè in Chad indicted Sheriff as Boko Haram kingpin… fact!
      What is disjointed is your logic and mental health, obviously, you can’t solve a kindergarten puzzle.
      Ali Modu Sheriff cannot be more powerful than Nigeria as to sponsor the mass-murder of over 15,000 innocent Souls. You must be a terrorist from the Niger Delta to foolishly be backing your wicked and deceitful evil moron without shame. Sha, pele ooh! Your days of gathering crumbs are numbered, your sadist is headed for The Hague after 2015… Animals!

      • the truth

        he was part of the opposition party all those years fact! now counter me on that. your line would be he was planted by pdp to the opposition party which is not a fact. lets start this now, respond

        • Wähala

          How old is the APC?
          Which years did Modu Sheriff belong to the APC biko?

          • the truth

            apc was formed on 6th february 2013. anpp was formed in 1998. he joined pdp two months ago. so a terrorist formed apc with buhari(cpp) and tinubu(ac). he formed your noble party, thats a fact! so for one year and 5 months he was part of what we call apc, do you deny all i said?

          • Wähala

            6th of February till date does not constitute, “all those years” granted you’re not fabricating jargon.
            The terrorist are the Three Musketeers of Nigerian, Nigerien and Chadian Presidents running a racket of funds-for-arms-for-terrorist cartel. A deal Dumbo is conversant with given his antecedents as Dep. Gov. of Bayelsa. It’s better you sycophants shut-da-forc up, I told @Deri Davis has finished talking… guess who the source of this report is? Dumbo is a terrorist, likewise Ihejirika ati Sheriff… shikena!

          • the truth

            u never replied back to me when i asked you if you believe davies interview to sahara reporters and arise tv which is run as an anti government news networks, would you believe davies interview on vanguard news and an award winning and internationally acclaimed abc news harris ? please answer.

          • Wähala

            You would be st*pid not to believe… the proof is in the fact that your Dumbo has admitted Sheriff is under investigation for terrorism-related activities. If even he believes Davis, a Crumbie like you has no choice. So, Yesooh! First two interviews, yeah! Any others may have been coerced, I know your moron’s modus operandi is blackmail and arm-twisting. He and Davis go back to your creeks, info is power! Remember, Dr. Dumbo blackmailed and threatened Lamido ati Aliyu not defecting with other G7 Governors yesterdays ago… I wouldn’t put anything past a drunk. Sha, you’re free to believe what pleases you, worship him but trust me, the world is tired of the mumu in fake fedora…

          • the truth

            you abuse me you don’t know, u abuse your president, you abuse everybody who does not agree with you, i hope you dont insult and abuse your father when he tells you, you are wrong or correct you.because i wouldn’t rule you doing that. so you would believe an interview conducted on sahara reporters over an interview on abc? if you were given an exam on fact finding and a credible source and you were told to quote one news network, you were left with sahara reporters and abc, you can authoritatively tell me you would choose sahara reporters over abc. smh

          • Mugu show some respect even if u done like him.Am sure u call ur dad a joboroni.

        • postman

          So who cares who planted who or which party. Guilty is Guilty regards of the party… selfish interests and sentiments are the root cause of our issues.

        • Tonnero

          Being part of the opposition should not be the reason why he should be left roaming free. We must put national interest above party interest at all times. If you have any credible evidence against any APC, PDP, APGA, Labour or any other party that they are waging war against Nigeria and its citizens, you should haul them to jail. If you have accusations, you should at least investigate them diligently.

      • Adoki

        Fortunately, I don’t come here to troll and tripe. I come here to search, make up my own mind and try to help those with the eyes to recognise the light when they see it.
        (1) A news report that began with the phrase “New FACTS showing stronger links…” cannot validly contain another phrase like “further fuelling SUGGESTIONS the…” precisely in the same paragraph.
        (2) Then this: “members of Boko Haram sect are sometimes kept in Abeche region in Chad and trained before being dispersed. This happens usually WHEN MR. SHERIFF VISITS ABECHE”. I am asking why Sheriff has to be physically present in that place for BH insurgents to be trained and deployed.
        (3) “intelligence officials were characterising Mr. Sheriff’s motivations for sponsoring Boko Haram… with the aim of covering up financial irregularities he might have committed as governor of Borno state”. Please explain this to me. And what does “propagate a stay-put in office strategy” mean?
        (4) “The officials suggest that Mr. Sheriff did not create the sect but was actively using the ‘monster’ and could be sponsoring the sect as a way of protecting himself from the sect members who were ‘calling for his head’ at the time”. Now, the first part of this quote clearly contradicts the conclusions of the Usman Galtimari Pane, which even premium times is relying on for validity. The second part just does not make any sense to me – how do you sponsor/arm your sworn enemy in order to protect yourself from the same sworn enemy?
        (5) “In 2011, a strong Boko Haram army was also beneficial to the Chadian president, as it provided a ‘ready army and possible refuge’ for a president that was facing growing distrust from his legitimate army”. So the Chadian President used Boko Haram precisely in 2001 to do what exactly? Is it Boko Haram (in the bush) that is now protecting the Chadian president from his own army (in the presidential palace, the airport, the army formations etc)?

        • Tonnero

          The point you share with Wahala is that there is enough information to have unleashed a powerful, multi-agency investigation of the governor by the Nigerian government. He should be in holding while this investigation is going on. This is one of the most serious assaults on the sovereignty of the country and deserves to be treated with the utmost urgency. Instead, what do you see? Not only is the guy walking around freely, he has also joined the PDP and is, perhaps, hobnobbing with the President. Tell me you do not find that incomprehensible.

          • Adoki

            If we had met each other earlier on this forum, you would probably have noticed that as far back as more than three years ago, even before BH became the institution that it is today, I had severally referred to the role that Sheriff played in the emergence of the organisation. Hardly anyone was talking about it then. That was when it was politically not very lucrative to do so. Fortunately for me, I do not have any dog in this PDPAPCPDPAPC fight. I have other theories, including the one that some military generals do dot want this thing to come to an end because it has become unbelievably lucrative for them. But I am saying that all these theories and conjectures would come to naught if we have to rely on watery and clearly amateurish ‘intelligence reports’ like the one above for justice. Maybe that is why someone like Ali Ndume is still walking free today. And I do not think he is even in the ruling party (or maybe he does).

      • sharp shape

        The rants of a degenerate peasant troll ! Rubbish ! Death to buhari and traitor tinubu ! Death to fulani barbarism ! Enough said ! We in the SS reserve the right to use WMD to preserve our wealth and religious beliefs and you will have a pleasant surprise come 2015 ! Nonsense

        • Shehu

          Another Fulaniphobia patient. sharp RUBBISH shape.



    • redeem

      It can only make sense to Ibo/Fulanis like wahala————————Nigerian military said–then Chadian sources said—period—————go to News rescue——–operated by the janjaweeds in APC–there it was alleged that its an oil deal–U mean Jonathan who has not been able to redistribute the oil wells in his south south will now team up with sheriff to look for oil blocks in the Chad basin——————–its money from the oil revenue base of the SS that are being used for—–oil exploration activities in these areas–not matter how APC tries to frame up Jonathan they will never never win the forth coming elections————the entire country would have been set ablaze if sheriff were to be a fulani————-like Sanusi——————-the thief————-but because he is kanuri———-the fulanis would do all within their reach to send him to the cleaners———the same way they stolwe power from the afonjus in kwara————-

      • Abubakar M. Yakasai

        hahaha! Redeem please go back to Israeal and learn more conspiracy and media propaganda…. any time I read your piece, you make me laugh. I enjoy reading your notes when I am sad because I know I must laugh. Or may be, just go and join “I Go Die” ….Onyara!

        • Shehu

          Dont mind him. He is a COMEDIAN just like HIS MAMA CHAI DERIS GOD OOO and her DUMBO HUSBAND.

    • ibrahim bida buhari

      Watergate scandal was exposed by just three sentences in a newspaper. May the truths of this .BH issue come to light so that it’s culprits can be brought to book as promised by Mr President. And spilling of innocent blood comes to an end soonest .

  • redeem

    I hate to see people dance around very simple issues—-pretending to proffer solution to a given problem -whereas they are quietly adding fuel to the burning fire—-the hausas call such (abokin kura)–fair weather pals———-Often not trying to help people make sense out of the ongoing mess——————–the allegation that Sheriff was behind the activities of boko haram started around 2009——-long b4 he teamed up with members of APC————the same boko haram APC says he is sponsoring were the sect group that killed his blood brother—and cousin———-If Sheriff had been an American citizen—he would be regarded as a hero—–Not in Nigeria where the fulanis yearn for power by all means–Boko haram is never the brain child of Kanuris—-period–The kanuris are not the ones killing ppl in Plateau state ati Benue—those doing the killings are fulanis——-Kanuris cannot embark on a killing spree in their own state–Borno——Never—Nyako is not a Kanuri–he is fulani—he hired fulanis in Adamawa not kanuris—————El rufai is fulani——he it was who published the interview with davis on his website——————————el rufai is APC–what more evidence do we need———————-to know that the whole thing was arranged by APC———————-a party of frogs and toads–thankfully–working to split the country for—-us—–sadly u lifted this rubbish from News Rescue—in there they said it was about oil deals–is this how the JANJAWEEDS in APC intends to win elections-in 2015?

    • D-ONE

      the whole boko haram issue is confusing!!!!!! but i must fault their report about mubi n michika!!!! those places have not been over run!!!!
      those who post this news should please stop exaggerating things!!!!!
      its well wif naija!!!!!

    • postman

      You live in denial even when there is reason for doubt.. No one at this point knows the absolute truth, but as a human being, you should question when things are questionable.

      • Tonnero

        The operative word is “as a human being”.

  • Oluwole Olotu

    No mention of why Boko Haram killed Senator Sheriff’s brother, cousin and other close associates in this report.

    • the truth

      lol they wont say that.fake premium times

    • Wähala

      Are those more important than the 15,000 Nigerians they killed? How are you sure it was Boko Haram that killed those people… did the ever claim responsibility for their killings? Some people should be banned from thinking!

      • redeem

        The 2009 Boko Haram uprising was a conflict between Boko Haram, a militant Islamist group and Nigerian security forces. Jonathan was not president then–so could he have been sponsoring them—————-Violence across several states in northeastern Nigeria left over 1,000 dead, with around 700 killed in the city of Maiduguri alone, according to one military official.A government inquiry later found that, while long-standing tensions existed between Boko Haram and the Nigerian Security forces, the immediate cause of the violence stemmed from an incident in which a group of the sect’s members were stopped by police in the city of Maiduguri as they were on the way to the cemetery to bury a comrade. The officers, part of a special operation aimed at stamping out violence and rampant crime in Borno State, demanded that the young men comply with a law requiring motorcycle passengers to wear helmets. They refused and, in the confrontation that followed, several were shot and wounded by police.

    • redeem

      left for the janjaweeds in APC to tell us why his younger brother and cousin were killed———-by boko haram

    • Tonnero

      The report makes passing reference to it by saying the governor tried to redeem himself with the group. Governor used, dumped and then betrayed Yusuf who ended up dead. The group then went after governor in revenge. This had been reported elsewhere.

  • Ijeuwa

    Jonathan doesn’t give a damn! Whether a hundred thousand Nigerians lie dead thanks to his ‘friends’ he’d continue to be Goodluck to his friends.
    1. You need to be in PDP to enjoy impunity no matter what you do, no matter how much you steal, no matter how many people you kill…
    2. You should also support Jonathan’s ambition of ruling forever.
    3. Once you’ve 1 &2, every other goody in Dumbo’s Nigeria will be added onto you!

    • redeem

      Before Jonathan became president– yr uncle Akaluka was beheaded———and his head carried all over Kano———-by the fulanis in the North–led by the emir of Kano—————-over 5,000 killed during the Maitasine riot——–Izala riot left more than 4,000 dead———under Obj more than 2,000 were killed over protest by the fulanis concerning the presence of the American troops in Afghanistan——-over 20,000 Nigerians have been killed in the fulani North——–for reasons best known to their emirs————Abiola was not killed by Jonathan—————–Kudirat—the wife of abiola was assassinated by them -while Buhari was with Abacha chopping my oil money—————Awo campaign team faced the same thing in the fulani north_in 1957–had his supporters stone to death——–when will the fulanis give peace a chance in Nigeria——separation is the only answer———————

      • Ijeuwa

        Honestly, I don’t read your comments. So, if you’re trying to attract my attention, you got it some time back. Never again. I’ve better things to do with my time.

      • #JahBless

        @Redeem: Please!!! You as an example: Assuming you are in university and everybody
        In your hood are complaining about you present bad performance in school. Are you going to be telling them that son of mama Emeka, brother john too that was there before you, did worse than you.. ???? Wise up! My point is that what has Jonathan done that makes him better than the old leaders? Just tell me. What are the benefits we Nigerians are benefitting from our government? Have you ever travel out of Nigeria before to see what common man are getting from its govt? UK, China and US might be far … Just travel to Ghana or Togo for just a week, I am absolutely sure that your mentality will change. Stop quoting dailies…. Do your personal research. Common poor Togo has been having stable and constant electricity since 2006.. Not to talk of Ghana… Actually I am not dissapointed in you because you cannot reasoning outside the box, simply because of our faulty system . God bless Nigeria

        • God bless u 4 ur insight.

        • Shehu

          Dont mind redeem. He can never reason. His thinking faculty has already been damaged by ogogoro. He just need to be taken to his brother AIG FORCE ANIMAL BRANCH for keeping.

        • Mohstone

          Thanks bro. redeem is mentally blind. He is on a dubious payroll that’s why even if Jonathan kills his mother he will say thank you Sir.

      • Shehu

        Hahaha, Shege Redeem!!!, The Fulaniphobia has really damaged your brain.

  • janjaweed3

    no surprise , but y the silence on the butchers of baga,buni yadi and bama,led by Lt GENERAL AZUBUIKE IHEJIRIKA,the CBN DIRECTOR OF CURRENCY, THE NYANYA BOMBERS,i expect the nigerian populace to ha stormed the bastille (aso rock) considering how much suffering this governments has put its citizens through

  • redeem

    Mala Kachalla was elected as governor of Borno State in April 1999, running for the All People’s Party (APP), which was renamed All Nigeria People’s Party (ANPP) due to a factional split. His election was financed by Ali Modu Sheriff, who became Senator for Borno Central.

    In August 2000, Borno State decided to adopt Sharia law. Mala Kachalla reassured Christians by emphasising that Sharia, which includes punishments like amputation and flogging, would only apply to Muslims.[3] In February 2001, he established a Sharia Implementation Committee, which investigated the practical steps involved in introducingSharia law in the state.[4] After receiving the report, Mala Kachalla said the Sharia legal system would come into force in June 2001. Applying only to Muslims, the laws would ban gambling, alcohol and prostitution, among other vices.[5]

    In February 2002, riots broke out in Lagos between Hausa and Yoruba groups, during which houses were destroyed and over 100 people died, including women and children. Mala Kachalla met with the Lagos State governor Bola Tinubu and broadcast appeals to both sides to end the violence

    In September 2002 Mala Kachalla said there were conflicting border claims in the Lake Chad area, and that Nigeria was losing control of some island villages there. He said there was no clear cut demarcation between Borno, Chad and Cameroon, and that the region was plagued by armed rebels and trafficking in illicit arms and children.[7]

    In November 2001 police fired at workers in Maiduguri protesting against the withholding of their wages, a breach of a previous pay agreement. The Borno State Police Commissioner imposed a state of emergency.[8] According to the Nigeria Labour Congress President in Borno State, when Mala Kachalla left office leave grant had not been paid for two years, health and hotel workers were on strike, shoe factory workers could not get their terminal benefits and even pensioners had outstanding arrears Before the April 2003 elections, it became clear that Ali Modu Sheriff would be the ANPP candidate for governor rather than Kachalla.[10] Kachalla left the ANPP and joined the Alliance for Democracy (AD). He was defeated by Ali Modu Sheriff.[11] In February 2006, Kachalla changed parties again, joining the People’s Democratic Party

    Kachalla who first introduced Sjaria law in Borno state-long before Sheriff was elected died at his home in Maiduguri on 18 April 2007, after a brief illness. He was 66 years old.[1]

    • Stephanie

      What message is your story meant to pass?

      • Mohstone

        Oh!!! Stephanie why do you waste your precious time reading a meaningless story ???

  • BlackieUmukoro

    In this skewed projections and conjectures, when did Sheriff become a member of PDP. For 15 years Sheriff operated with the opposition parties and barely joined PDP, not up to TWO MONTHS and his past atrocities if true are being thrown at PDP. By the way where are the Borno Elders who always wanted the Army out of Borno State

  • Citizen

    Sometimes Jonathan behalves like someone under a spell of marabout. Can you imagine a President of Chad or Niger making life unbearable for OBJ.? Jonathan is a weakling and too afraid of loosing election as a result of which he acts disorderly. Even diehard supporters constantly get confused and destabilized by inconsistent actions of the President. A commander in chief must not waiver. He stands firm, decisive and acts like organized person. Obama takes bold and courageous decision about terrorism and gets people behind him. Jonathan may be a right person at a wrong time.

    • redeem

      Twelve out of Nigeria’s thirty-six states have Sunni Islam as the dominant religion. In 1999, those states chose to have Sharia courts as well as Customary courts.] A Sharia court may treat blasphemy as deserving of several punishments up to, and including, execution. In many predominantly Muslim states, conversion from Islam to another religion is illegal and often a capital offence.

      In 2002, Isioma Daniel wrote an article seen as insulting to Muhammad, leading to riots (see below).

      On 21 March 2007, a mob of Muslim students and neighbourhood extremists beat to death Christianah Oluwatoyin Oluwasesin, a mother of two and a teacher at Government Secondary School of Gandu in the city of Gombe. A student complained that Oluwasesin, a Christian, had touched a bag which allegedly contained a Quran, and had thereby defiled the Quran

      In 2014 a Nigerian man, Mubarak Bala was forcibly committed to a psychiatric institution in Kano for eighteen days, where he was forcibly drugged after stating that he was an atheist. The International Humanist and Ethical Union took up the case, stating that Bala’s human rights were violated.

    • redeem

      it was under obj that over 1,000 Nigerians were killed because of the US involvement in Afghanistan–something that has nothing to do with us—————–in Nigeria———-monkey sharia law was introduced under the watch of Obj—–he described it as politcal sharia————-that it will fade away with time——may be yr rabbit brain cannot recall————Boko haram was also created in 2002 when obj was president–so just shut your regional beak–for once—————-yours is about the baifran war———–period—-na ijaw make baifra no win————animal

      • Almightygodalmightygod

        Redeem u no de taya to defend good luck Jonathan ?

        • kick ’em out

          How can he be tired? He is paid with ogogoro to defend the JONAHARAM.

    • Mohstone

      He is actually under the spell of OGOGORO.

  • redeem

    Religious conflict in Nigeria goes as far back as 1953, when a religious riot occurred in the northern city of Kano. The 1980s saw an upsurge in violence due to death of Mohammed Marwa (“Maitatsine”) (see below). In the same decade the erstwhile military ruler of Nigeria, General Ibrahim Babangida enrolled Nigeria in the Organisation of the Islamic Conference. This was a move which aggravated religious tensions in the country, particularly among the Christian community–It will therefore be wrong for some APC vultures to balme Boko haram on Jonathan Sheriff ati Ihejirika-only an unthinking He goat will, launch self into such rubbish-
    Following the return of democracy to Nigeria in 1999, Sharia was instituted as a main body of civil and criminal law in 9 Muslim-majority and in some parts of 3 Muslim-plurality states, when then-Zamfara State governor Ahmad Rufai Sani[—————began the push for the institution of Sharia at the state level of government. As of 2012, the 9 states have instituted Sharia (see below). This was followed by controversy as to the would-be legal status of the non-Muslims in the Sharia system. A spate of Muslim-Christian riots soon emerged.

  • Kola Adekola

    “Intelligence insights obtained by PREMIUM TIMES in Maiduguri, Damaturu, and Abuja…” Or just plain akara seller rumours.

  • the truth

    for once premium times quote from a reputable source. I have a dream that one day premium times would stand authoritatively and quote directly from a source. i have a dream that one day premium times would give thorough investigative journalism and we can present as an arguement and fact. has anyone noticed that when it comes to huge national issues like this premium times always have unnamed sources and informants. premium times i want a name, i want a source.

    • Olutola

      It is worldwide journalism ethics to protect their sources so far they have not used illegal means to obtain such and have not induced such sources. Most countries also protect whistle blowers including America as long as what was revealed is not threatening national security. The summary of what is coming out gradually is what majority of Nigerians have always suspected; Dr Jonathan is involved in the boko-haram thing:
      1. Henry Okar confessions
      2. Azazi insistence that Boko is PDP issue
      3. The death of Gen Shuwa when he was supposed to be guarded by soldiers plus check-point close to his house
      4. Sightings of helicopters dropping supplies at Sambisa forest when we have Air-force
      5. killing of 59 children in their sleep shortly after security was withdrawn
      6. If there are infiltrators, is it that difficult for DMI to fish out at least few of them?
      7. When Ihejirika removed some officers and put core loyalist of his including those who are not qualified at very strategic Army communications, ordinance and intelligence positions; those who are in the know cried out but were victimized.
      8. Who killed Azazi and why?
      9. Who is interested in Henry Okar continued incarceration in South-Africa over a crime he could have been extradited to Nigeria?
      10. Why do we deploy Army piece-meal for Boko-haram operations while we will deploy over 15,000 for election operations?
      11. Where is the first Shekau? and why was Col. Musa Sagir sent to TRADOC Minna for insisting Shekau was mortally wounded or probably dead.

      We can go on but it only points to the fact that someone right at the top is involved in all these. If not Dr Jonathan then he is caged inside Aso Rock. The Nigerian Army that I know will not be running to Cameroon and come back in rags! loose teritories without a fight; the same Army that prosecuted war in Liberia, Sierra-Leone, Liberated Mogadishu after shameful defeat of the US marines by the forces of Gen Farah Hadeed? Subdued Sudan Janjaweed once Lt.Gen Martin Luther Agwai took command of the OAU forces?

  • Anwar S Gimba

    How could expect immediate action from there member???

  • Bring Back Our Girls


    Nigeria is a Republic, and that means Nigeria’s Constitution on freedom of religion,

    speech and movement – including the constitutional guarantee of the equality of all persons
    to the same rights and privileges – shall override all civil and religious laws whatsoever.

    If anyone believes that facing the east when praying for himself grants him higher privilege

    than anyone else – so as to occupy public office on that sole basis, without anything more,
    he or she must suffer penalties for his delusion because Islam gives nobody in Nigeria any

    greater status, right, liberty or privilege than anyone else wearing singlet with a cane and

    following a masquerade he worships as ancestral idol.

    • redeem

      @ wahala————Monkey is turkey not filled with Muslims why is that country—————-still a secular country—-where hijabs are not allowed in schools—————–Again who cares if Muslims face south east–or raise their legs towards heavens -if possible tie snakes around their waist while praying—————the constitution of the federal republic of nigeria–recognizes her as a secular nation———and not as an islamic republic-if u think u can survive without begging or using the oil revenue from the SS fine—————u cannot introduce sharia law and have u go collect money from the zone where we rear pigs or collect tax from ogogoro–whereas u pay nothing on the cow legs u steal from chad–ati Niger republic

      • Shehu

        BIGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are drunk. You need keeping by AIG FORCE ANIMAL BRANCH. Hahaha!!!!

  • redeem

    @ wahala————Monkey is turkey not filled with Muslims why is that country—————-still a secular country—-where hi-jabs are not allowed in schools—————–Again who cares if Muslims face south east–or raise their legs towards heavens -if possible tie snakes around their waist while praying—————the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria–recognizes her as a secular nation———and not as an Islamic republic-if u think u can survive without begging or using the oil revenue from the SS fine—————u cannot introduce sharia law and have u go collect money from the zone where we rear pigs or collect tax from ogogoro–whereas u pay nothing on the cow legs u steal from chad–ati Niger republic———-here our concern is freedom of religion-allow the Christian operate their churches in the north———————i am yet to see Muslims in Ghana–Togo or Liberia carry dagger as we do——-or import almajrirs——from the west African region into their countries————————-then gradually turn them into citizens as the Fulanis often do in Nigeria———-almajiri is an Arabic word–it simply mean economic migrants—–Jonathan was kind enough to build boarding schools for them-at the cost of over 240m –from my oil revenue———yet the fulanis say he is an agent of boko haram–are these almajiris Nigerians——–? Never———————i begi–let us separate ojare–u kill kudirat abiola then blame it on yorubas–now its ijaws ati ibos who sponsor boko haram———–soon u will say oil was discovered with revenue from groundnut———-ati cotton—————————-animal

    • checkmate

      Hahaha, Shege Redeem!!!, The Fulaniphobia has really damaged your brain.

  • Obaro E

    Nigeria is not a country but a continent…and therefore needs an exigent break up, disintegration or De-amalgamation into its homogeneous component countries. Pure & Simple.

    Nigeria is the size and population of France, UK, Spain & Portugal put together. If the listed four countries were amalgamated like Nigeria, would there be peace? Would the Portuguese or Spanish accept the French or English as President? If your answer is NO, then it must be idiotic and futile to hope or assume that Nigeria will work. You do not run a continent with national policies or constitution. It will just not work.

    Nigeria has no business being a country. This is the honest truth. But the love and long throat for my Niger Delta resources no dey let una see road. The incongruous fault lines in Nigeria are visible to the blind. Britain committed its worst crime against humanity by amalgamating the North & South of present day Nigeria. It is like India & Pakistan or North & South Korea. Nigeria will never work. Lets break up now.

    #BringBackNigerDeltaOilBlocks #CleanUpNigerDeltaEcosystem

  • Deceit in high places.

  • the truth

    lets be honest if all these resources were in sokoto, we wouldn’t be talking all these things we are saying now. i blame lord luggard and the greedy British empire

  • redeem

    Yusuf believed in the creation of a new order in which the wretched should inherit the earth, and for his extremist views, was expelled in 2002 from the Ndimi Mosque Committee.[4] Later that year Yusuf built a mosque in the northeast Nigeria to serve as a magnet for primary and secondary school pupils who, in response to his teachings, would abandon Westernized schools in the belief that Western education [Boko] is a sin [Haram]; hence the name Boko Haram–so them say it was Jonathan that led the group to found this rubbish that has no room in any known civilization—-Ijaw says western education is haram———–monkey————–let my people go ojare——————–

    • the truth

      they say is a sin, but they use western means to propagate their false news through youtube and sahara/sharia reporters

  • Gbo_lee

    The delay by the FG in doing the rightful and following the APC advise to prosecute this man in the ICC is really eye-raising. One day he is indicted the other day he is chilling with Jonathan while the Chibok girls are in holding,children and elderlies are being butchered and the North East being ravaged. Nigerians,is this really a government? Can Jonathan even be called a president?

    • redeem

      monekey go and form yr own ICC to prosecute Ihejirika—–animals-have u been bale to prosecute those who beheaded akaluka–is sanusi not the emir of Kano—————if fulani steals no trouble—-yoruba thief no wahala————ijaw—————-na hague ati hanging——————-let my people go

      • checkmate

        Hahaha, Shege Redeem!!!, The Fulaniphobia has really damaged your brain.

        • redeem

          when elrufai label jonathan its not ijaw phobia abi

          • checkmate

            This phobia will only lead to your extinction.

          • Mohstone

            It has already done so. Cant you see his comments make no sense at all??

  • kay

    redeem is definitely paid by GEJ government… So much work trying to defend drowning GEJ. Keep it up sha, you GEJ have not provided much needed professional jobs. So hold on to what you have, keep attacking people with valid points

    • redeem

      Condemning the recent comment made by former President Olusegun Obasanjo, criticizing President Goodluck Jonathan’s approach on Boko Haram, a security consultant has blamed the former president for the development of the fundamentalist group.
      Max Gbanite, a strategic security consultant, claimed that allowing the implementation of Sharia Law in some parts of the north during the Mr Obasanjo regime, led to the development of Islamic sect that are now staging insurgency against the Nigerian government.
      The security expert made the allegation on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, where he alleged that “he (Obasanjo) allowed Sharia to take effect because of an alleged unholy alliance between the then Governor of Zamfara state, because they did not want the then National Security Adviser (NSA) to have a role in government, therefore he called a political Sharia.”
      The political Sharia, he claimed moved to Borno state, which is now the home ground of the Islamic sec—this is the only answer for yr janjaweed head———that has refused to think like a human being——-some of u think the world does not know the truth—-about the activities of boko haram——–abi—let APC keep on spending money on the media——cheers

      • Mosaku 147

        redeem please please please,max Gbanite is not worth mentioning as a strategic security expert. That man who claims to be an expert in everything and any topic. I have heard him say he is an expert in foreign affairs,agric matters,education,monetary policy etc. He is just a clown with his bow tie.
        If you don’t know,I will tell you. Max Gbanite is on the payroll of SSS.that is he gets paid by Marilyn Ogar to appear on tv and defend their garbage. Have you forgotten how he defended the killing of those boys in Apo?
        Yes,I agree obj caused everything by allowing sharia,but Max is not the person who you should be quoting.he knows absolutely nothing about security. I dare say you are more informed and better than him regarding security issues though you most times go ‘off line’ because of your love for dumbo the drunken sea lord.

        • Braun

          Those boys as you called them, were members of Boko Haram.They admitted to being recently recruited by bonafide members living in that house. Get your facts right.

          • Mosaku 147

            Did you watch the proceeding of the human rights commission that investigated the issue? Go back and see clips from it how the SSS obtained the statements from them.

        • redeem

          what he said is nothing but the truth–is the son of late chief gani also insane—————-both said the same thing——–

          • Mosaku 147

            been the son of Gani does not confer wisdom or intellect.i repeat they are both wrong.

      • Ide4u

        Listen to yourself!! You want us to buy your fictitious Max Gbanite gibberish while you don’t want to touch the credible revelation from Steven Davis about Boko Haram sponsors with a ten foot pole.

  • redeem

    Condemning the recent comment made by former President Olusegun Obasanjo, criticizing President Goodluck Jonathan’s approach on Boko Haram, a security consultant has blamed the former president for the development of the fundamentalist group.
    Max Gbanite, a strategic security consultant, claimed that allowing the implementation of Sharia Law in some parts of the north during the Mr Obasanjo regime, led to the development of Islamic sect that are now staging insurgency against the Nigerian government.
    The security expert made the allegation on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, where he alleged that “he (Obasanjo) allowed Sharia to take effect because of an alleged unholy alliance between the then Governor of Zamfara state, because they did not want the then National Security Adviser (NSA) to have a role in government, therefore he called a political Sharia.”
    The political Sharia, he claimed moved to Borno state, which is now the home ground of the Islamic sec—–now the janjaweeds blame Jonathan Ihejirika ati sheriff—————————what a country———————-God is the protector of President Jonathan—————–Not Deri Aka redeem

    • Wähala

      Who’s Max Gbanite? Any claims made on local TV must have clearance from Abati’s office so, Go-siddon!
      We’re talking about international cartel that is gun-running to murderous terrorists, Boko Haram, and you’re diverting attention with barber-shop news about Max Gbenite… an obscure character mouthing off for egunje from our $20bn your crook lifted from our NNPC, olosi. who’s Max, biko? Which Maigadi Security Company trained him in Naija? It’s now you’ll join me in blaming the Ota Gorilla for giving us a jinx called Jona Dumbo, ba? Kukuma join-bodi with me by asking Baba Iyabo to reel-in his monster by un-cursing us. After 15,000 body bags… our mumu don do!

      • redeem

        may be late Gina son also needed clearance urgently from abati– mumu-is that what u were taught————-by tinubu in school—-

  • redeem

    Buying up all the media houses and waving millions under the nostrils of under-paid journalists cannot hide the fact that Baba-Tinubu—–would have been ashamed of his readiness to compromise every decency to ascend the throne from his hospital bed in Nondon.
    Where Awolowo maintained a consistent commitment to the farmers and other workers by providing an escape route for their children through education, the owl is obviously only interested in making more and more money from any state that falls prey to his party through excruciating taxes and levies. When he came for votes as a senator in those days, he could not be described as a millionaire. Now he is richer than Osun state but would not spare that state his merciless taxation machinery.
    Can anyone who has read the history books imagine Awolowo being amenable to desperado manoeuvres like attempting to worm his way to the office of Vice President by negotiating a deal that requires the wannabe Vice President signing a resignation letter before the election?
    Can any of the people who enjoyed Action Group’s free education imagine a committed man like Awo dropping a programme dear to him because he is desperate to merge with strange bed fellows? The swallowed up ACN used to make a lot of noise about true federalism as one of their sacrosanct programmes. That has been compromised by a contraption in the name of a mega party of ambitious paper cats.
    Nigerians deserve something better than fluffy bandits who keep flying to and fro supposedly ideologically opposed parties like witches serially hopping from coven to coven. Who do these guys imagine that they are fooling?
    Obviously, no one has mentioned any name here but you know what Achebe said about how an old woman without teeth feels when her neighbour talk about a corn cob with scanty grains on it.

    • King Carlos

      is that what we are talking about? abeg go sit down jare. They are talking about Ali modu and boko haram, you are here talking about Tinubu. I just hope that you all will get away from your obsession with Bola Tinubu.

  • Dr. Anuoluwa

    Against Boko Haram the Chadian Army is too financially stressed to help Nigeria.
    Nigeria will ultimately have to solve Boko Haram by its own power and by force too.
    The earlier this realization dawns the better for all Nigerians because Boko Haram
    is an Islamic revolution; not an insurgency the Nigerian government mistakes it for.
    There are no easy options – Nigeria must fight its way out of Boko Haram’s ambush.
    President Jonathan fails as War Commander to rally Nigerians behind a defined cause.
    Whereas, no civil war in history was ever won without a nationally-defined rallying cause.

    • King Carlos

      it is even demeaning, for our president to go to chad and ask for their support on our domestic problem… There is more to this issue than meets d eye. Jonathan has answers to provide. It’s high time we started listening to APC’s Lai Mohammed.

  • Johnson

    Nigerian military intelligence? Anything like that? So, they also had a report but chose to hide it until the Australian negotiator spoke.

    • Mohstone

      Yeah, There is Nigerian Military Intelligence.

  • King Carlos

    They have to question him about the death of Mohammed Yusuf, maybe he was killed as part of a big cover up, and Ihejirika too has to come forward to clear his name. The truth is gradually coming to bare. President jonathan should come and tell Nigerians what he knows about all of this, because he, had a meeting with the chadian president and Ali Modu Sherif. Can Jonathan, the president of Nigeria, come out and tell us that he doesn’t know anything about the allegations against Jonathan and the Chadian President? This is just the beginning… everyday for the thief, one day for the owner.

    • Tanko

      Thankyou Carlos my brother this is a true that everyday for the thief and one day for the owner. Because we are suffering about the matter of The insecurity in this country.

    • Nigerian

      There is a BIG COVER UP indeed.

  • Gideon Orkar

    The story contradicts itself on so many fronts. A load of nonsense.

    • Ha

      Of course, because it is not favourable to you.

  • gudlok

    If this is true then nigerian military could unseat the Chadian president

    • Ha

      Let them first unseat the Gwoza Caliphate.

      • Mohstone

        Tell am abeg!!! If they cant unseat Gwoz Caliphate I doubt if they can face the Chadian Army.

  • u s man

    @ redeem, why r u always controversial in every discussion …….

    • Nigerian

      Don’t mind him. He is insane and deranged. His brain is damaged by ogogoro. You can understand this from the kinds of rubbish he writes here

  • felix Ogugbuaja

    How are Niger and ihejirika involved?

    • hummm

      Its obvious that you havent been reading enough . Go do your homework and find out yourself , this is not a classroom to feed you with information that is already out there

  • redeem

    Because I am not a mugu like the cows who believe Ihejirika is involved in that silly unthinking allegation—by that frail looking mosquitos ati cobweb like –human—–el Rufai—Did the fulani North not make similar allegation against late Azazi? That he was behind the crisis in the Niger Delta–the supplier of arms to the militants-in my yet to be freed Niger Delta?-Do some of u have erasable rabbit brains–that u have forgotten all the lies that the fulanis cooked up against Azazi? And let me tell u Sheriff has nothing to do with boko haram—-practically–nothing——-I can defend that with my life—–a simple examination of the facts——equally——reveals that— it was El Rufai who published the said interview—with Davis–on his Facebook page-to enable his attack dogs in Sharia Reporters–help spread their ebola like virus to the nook and crannies of APC axis of evil–in 9ja–Besides, how did Elrufai become aware of the interview conducted by ARISE–owned by the Publisher of Thisday-how–? (Oya explanate yourself to me) Is El rufai a staff of thisday–now? Most of these ongoing nonsense-are the work of the propaganda machine of APC—–The allegation concerning the involvement of Sheriff with boko haram started in 2009-Yet tinubu baptized and blessed his entry into that boko haramic janjaweed Fulani ati Yoruba party——–APC——war broke out betweeen—Sheriff and Tinubu–when Sheriff discovered to his chagrin that AlphaTinubu was——–a hard core hypocrite–and drug addict—–That is why Sheriff told tinubu to the face that u have money I have money- been Senator–I have been Senator-Governor i been Governor—–before——u sniff coke I also sniff coke—————–that is Nigeria for u——-the only real human to rule Nigeria is Jonathan——————but will the fulanis who slaughtered the throat of Kudirat and hanged brother Ken allow him–?–THE CHANGE 9JAS YEARN FOR IS ALREADY TAKING PLACE—-POWER IS NO LONGER IN THE HANDS OF THE MAHARAJAS–FROM THE FULANI NORTH—— junaids—-el rufais———- Nyakos—-atikus——-ati buharis—-CIROMAS–that is why ——-SEPARATION IS OUR only GOAL—–in 9ja—-not another janjaweed election–cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers

    • Dr. Kay

      You are the chief mugu of all mugu Mr. Redeem. I think you need redemption. There is this saying in the psychiatrist fraternity that if your opinions and postulations are devoid of reality we have to start diagnosing your ailment . Is it schizophrenia, mania , psychosis , delusions of all kinds or egonia (love of money so tey your postulations and believes are always in line with dat of your paymaster. No matter what) , by the way the last one is clearly my own diagnosis as you can’t even be diagnosed using the international coding diagnosis (ICD10). Methinks you suffering from the latter. Yoruba people have this proverb that say the witch was howling yesternite and the pickin dies today, where will the finger points too ? No be to the witch. Of all people dumbo should go to for support he chose to go with sherif to the person this intelligence reports finds as culpable or is sympathetic to Bokoharam . When he should have gone to Cameroon and have a talk with the only country that seems to be fighting the Bokoharam bullet for bullet. Does that not tell you how Dumbo is compromised fraternizing with these two , when all he should be doing is fighting off these terrorists? He only fight them on the pages of newspaper and blaming the opposition , my friend who is the mugu now? Yes you correct , you and Dumbo! Awon ode radarada , oponu rede rede , sugomu oni ranu .

      • redeem

        @ wahala–d—-Ibo/fulani-Mumu————–did tinubu not align himself to the emir of kano———who was accused by davis as being——–the man in CBN who often transfers funds for the purchase of arms———-for the boko haram agents—-hAVE WE NOT BEEN HEARING ABOUT THE LEAKED STORIES OF SANUSI—IN VOLVEMENT WITH THE TRANFER OF MONEY FOR BOKO HARAM—Besides who discovered sheriff————-between the two of us–who is now a He goat————Sheriff was welcomed with open hands by the janjaweeds in APC————as a matter of fact the present governor Shettima was installed by sheriff——–he–is with APC———————did APC not know he was with boko haram b4 they went about celebrating his entry into their janjaweed party—————he becomes enemy number one after leaving the party—–innocent until proven guilty—————————-that is why sheriff has all the rights in the world to be with the president—————if I had my way dasduki would have long been gone———————–he is a waste pipe——–i was the first to alert the security agencies that the fighters in boko haram are fulani tuaregs from the west african sub-region—none believed me then——————look at a man who could not defend the mandate of abiola————-trying to clone my thoughts with yoruba dialect—-abiola must be weeping in the spirit world—for yr dirty smelly regional————————————-go and search for the killer of kudirat ati bola ige–before we can talk———–soul

        • kick ’em out

          Redeem, the Lunatic!!!

          • redeem

            the main lunatic of APC tinubu is in hospital not deri aka redeem———————–buhari just left his

          • kick ’em out

            Does everyone has to be an APC member, Tinubu or Buhari apologist to comment against you? You are sick!!!

        • Dr . Kay

          Do you now agree with me that you need to be taken to asylum for remedy of whatever those iya ile okan has done to your head. You have delusional psychosis and paranoid schizophrenia plus egonia put together that I pity your mama oh. When did I become wahala abi your medications don finish? I told you to use the last cheque you collected last week from Reno Omokri for your gbogbonse not for ogogoro that will make you start hallucinating seeing Tinubu everywhere you turn, I am really sorry for you ,I will put you in my prayer cell because there is nothing prayer cannot conquer , pele oh redeem.

    • Kick ’em out

      To Hell with Ebola Jonaharam and his Boko Allies.

  • Concerned Nigerian

    1- During the 2003 election the boko haram leadership and
    followership voted for Ali Sherif massively.
    2- In 2005 even after the Kanamma and Gwazo incidence that
    indicted the Boko Haram sect, Ali Sherif arrogantly went ahead and
    appointed their member (Hon Buji Fai) as commissioner for
    religious affairs by way of financing their terrorism indirectly.
    3- All security reports that were addressed to the governor in those
    days by the Izalas and the Tarikas against the boko haram movement
    under top secrecy were being smuggled to the leadership of the
    boko haram by government officials. Thereby making the IZALAS &
    TARIKAS targets and vulnerable for attacks by the boko haram.
    4- Such double-standard of the Ali Sherif administration coerced the
    people of Borno to stop writing or reporting anything against the
    boko haram.
    5- Sheriff ordered the killing of the leader of the Boko Haram (Mohd
    Yusuf) who was arrested alive and could have otherwise reveal
    relavant informations as to who their sponsors were.
    6- High profile members like Baba Fugu Mohammed and Hon Buji
    fai were all killed with the directive of Sherif to avoid further
    investigation that will in fact indict him!
    7- Almost all of Sherif’s political thugs- the ‘ecomogs’ participated in
    the war siding with Boko Haram eg Babale otherwise known as
    Baleriya and his men participated and is a general knowledge. But
    was allowed to come and help his party in the 2011 general
    8- After the 2009 war, there were not the slightest of insecurity in
    Borno state, people were living peacefully.
    9- But Sherif re-created the insurgence single-handedly.
    10- Sometime in 2010, we woke up in the morning and witnessed
    Boko Haram flags everywhere in the city of Maiduguri, including
    police stations and court premises.
    11- Later some youth- the ECOMOGS (political thugs) were arrested
    with the flags and they confessed that it was the SSA to Sherif on
    media – Shehu Liberty that gave them the flags to mount them at
    strategic locations like the police stations and court premises.
    12- Shehu Liberty was arrested by the police, but Sheriff managed to
    extenuated him.
    13- Note that those flags were exactly the same with the ones used
    by the original boko haram during the 2009 war.
    14- However, in the same year, both the Borno State Chairman and
    State Secretary of the ANPP were arrested with the same kind of
    riffles used by the boko haram fighters during the 2009 war.
    15- As usual Sherif managed to extenuated them.
    16- In 2012, Gen Monguno’s panel arrested all the ecomogs in
    Borno state, and they confessed that Sherif ordered them to kill
    soldiers, police, customs immigrations and prison service by way of
    posing as boko haram.
    17- And that anyone who kill a soldier and snatched a gun is paid
    very large amount of money and lesser amount if he could’nt snatch
    a the gun. And is given lesser proportion if police is killed and
    lesser to prison service and the arithmetic goes down.
    18- Due the interest of the federal government in the terrorism, Gen
    Monguno lost his seat as the Director of defence intelligence and
    Sherif was extenuated.
    19- May be that’s why the federal government adopted all Sherif’s
    enemies in the Borno State PDP as it own enemy and blindly wich-
    hunting Sherif’s arch enemies such as Ali Ndume and Ahmed
    Zannah and even denied them lucrative appointments such as
    ministerial and heads of parastatals.
    20- Why is it that the federal Govt has to console Ali Sheriff of ANPP
    before offering appointments to any of the Borno State PDP
    21- Are they in the same cult organizations? If so, is their cultism
    stronger than the party? If it is a common friendship, hasn’t he
    (President Jonathan) any friend in the PDP? If yes why?
    22- As the truth is always unique and irrepressible! The emergence
    of the youth volunteer group, popularly known as the civilian JTF,
    who are not politicians but original citizens of Borno revealed that
    almost all the Boko Haram arrested and tortured use to confess that Ali sheriff is their sole sponsor

    • redeem

      LATE Yara Adua also obtained votes from the Niger Delta militants——FULANI HERDS MEN IN JOS ATI BENUE OPERATING IN BOKO HARAM ALSO VOTED FOR LATE YARADUA

  • Newsman2600

    Truth never hides forever, whoever the sponsors of BH are, definitely, they will all pay for their attrocities; because there is a GOD that ruleth over the affairs of men…

    GOD is watching us…

    • redeem

      Over the propaganda machine of tinubu in APC—————————if and only if u know how painful it is to label people————————–u will leave sheriff ati ihejirika alone—————-sadly we saw the fulanis do same via abacha to NADECO—so this lies being manufactured by APC should not come to us as a shock

  • niko

    It is indeed
    a great pity that Nigeria is at war – against itself.

    The PDP
    Jonathan-led federal government is formenting trouble
    and causing tension in the geo-political zones of the country to divert
    attention from its failure in government.

    In the North,
    the PDP Jonathan-led federal government allowed the problem of boko-haram to
    fester and aggravate into a war with the calculation that the North will be
    destabilized and discouraged from seeking the Presidency in 2015. But alas, in
    spite of the timely warning of Obasanjo and
    well-meaning members of the society, the federal government turned deaf
    ears and neglected its primary duty of providing adequate security for
    Nigerians against terror and securing the country’s territorial borders. Up
    till today for 5 months now, the
    kidnapped over 200 school-girls are still in boko haram captivity!!! And we
    have a President doing what? Busy erecting “Bring back Jonathan” billboards in
    mockery of the wordwide “Bring our girls back” campaign. This same President
    militarized the recent gubernatorial elections in Ekiti and Osun states. In
    saner climes, this is enough to get the President impeached. But in Nigeria, Messrs.
    David Mark and Tambuwaal and their colleagues are marking the register to
    collect their billion Naira largesse and prepare for the next election that
    will guarantee future pay-days. The people of Nigeria are now left to take
    their fate in in their own hands by securing their votes like the gallant people
    of Osun state.

    organization was in the field to monitor the elections of Ekiti and Osun
    states. We witnessed the rigging of election in Ekiti state through intimidating
    militarization of the processes by the
    Commander-in-Chief who could not rescue Chibok girls from captivity or defend
    the people of Borno, Adamawa, Yobe, Kano, Nassarawa, Benue and Plateau states
    and Abuja from book-haram attacks.

    In Osun
    state, the soldiers were heavily armed and equipped with masks increasing their
    efforts to intimidate the people more than they did in Ekiti. They shot into
    the air and arrested leaders and members of the opposition APC in their bid to
    rig the elections in polling and collation centres. But the electorate in Osun
    state resisted them and stood their grounds to ensure that their votes were not

    Attempts by
    the two dubious INEC Returning officers in charge of Obokun AND Oshogbo Local
    governments who allowed themselves to be used by PDP in attempting to change
    the figures and use the already prepared and fake results of the PDP in their
    possession were resisted by vigilant electorate. All attempts by the PDP to
    cause the INEC to announce already prepared fake results like their mother NPN
    did in Oyo state 1983 gubernatorial election failed in Osun state! We warn the
    judiciary to emulate INEC in Osun state by refusing to be used to subvert the
    will of the people freely exhibited through the ballot box. Failure to do that
    will invite bloody revolution worse than the 1983 riots in Oyo state after the
    dubious judgment on the gubernatorial election which ushered in military rule.

    With this
    scenario, it is obvious that the PDPJonathan is desperate to rig the 2015
    elections by all means. The people of Nigeria who are yearning for a change
    must be prepared to resist them like the people of Osun did.

    In this
    wise, we reiterate our wise counsel to the opposition APC that candidates who
    can inspire hope in the people of Nigeria who have grassroot support and the
    composite strength of character must be fielded for elections. Nigeria is at
    war against boko haram and forces of corruption and oppression of the people.
    Only a candidate who is tested and can Chiefly-command well the armed forces
    against boko haram and confront headlong the hydra headed monsters of
    corruption, capital flight, indiscipline, unemployment, irregular power supply,
    hunger, poverty, moribund education and health systems sending many Nigerians
    to their premature deaths on a daily basis must be enthroned. Such a candidate,
    to succeed, must be supported on a joint ticket by a person of proven
    intergrity and probity, a man of God, a successful family man at the peak of
    his profession, internationally-recognised law officer and transparent honesty
    who has served meritoriously with commendation in government, academic and
    business organizations both within and outside Nigeria including the United
    Nations. Welcome General Buhari and Professor Osinbajo.

    We guarantee
    that this pair will deliver for APC and lead Nigeria to the promised land.

    A word is
    enough for the wise!!!

    • Mohstone

      Thank you my brother. A word is, indeed, enough for the wise.

  • clairvoyance

    We do have a clown as a president, a Dr. Do nothing always showing timidity at times when drastic decisions should be taken, If Jonathan is truly unaware of all this Intel since 2011 let heads begin to role start bundling them to ICC, if he is actually aware and then he as kept mute for this long and allowed this monster to grow intentionally then it’s either the National Assembly do the needful or the Military if we still have any let all of them be prosecuted they have sacrificed alot if innocent people to their cult, power money politics. PDP is a cult Tony anenih is the chief priest.

    • redeem

      very small pikin–ish

    • lawan

      You are more mature than must of these drunkards.

  • redeem

    @clairvoyance–aka janjaweed wahala———-that is why i said u have rabbit brain——————

    Condemning the recent comment made by former President Olusegun Obasanjo, criticizing President Goodluck Jonathan’s approach on Boko Haram, a security consultant has blamed the former president for the development of the fundamentalist group.Max Gbanite, a strategic security consultant, claimed that allowing the implementation of Sharia Law in some parts of the north during the Mr Obasanjo regime, led to the development of Islamic sect that are now staging insurgency against the Nigerian government.
    The security expert made the allegation on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, where he alleged that “he (Obasanjo) allowed Sharia to take effect because of an alleged unholy alliance between the then Governor of Zamfara state, because they did not want the then National Security Adviser (NSA) to have a role in government, therefore he called a political Sharia.”
    The political Sharia, he claimed moved to Borno state, which is now the home ground of the Islamic sec—–now the janjaweeds blame Jonathan Ihejirika ati sheriff—————————what a country———————-God is the protector of President Jonathan—————–Not Deri Aka redeem

  • redeem

    The iconic legal expert Gani Fawehinmi may be dead but that doesn’t mean his voice is not going to be heard any longer.

    We knew if he was still alive, he would have said a lot of things about this Boko Haram’s menace but his son, Muhammed Fawehinmi is speaking out.

    You can recall that the former president of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo had promised to wade into this Boko Haram issue this week.

    Well, Fawehinmi doesn’t seem to care about Obasanjo’s intervention because he is blaming hi, for being a part of the Boko Haram problem faced in the country today.

    He didn’t say this inside his room but he has come out live during Bimbo and Shola Connect, a live programme on LTV 8 today.

    He said that the former president had ignored a Russian military intelligence warning over the growth of some unknown fundamentalist that was building up in Sambisa Forest.

    This was revealed during his administration and because of his failure to pay heed to their report, Nigeria has fallen into the Boko trap.

    “what matters most as of now is the safety of the missing girls, the Jonathan led government can release the prisoners as requested by Boko haram just to get the girls and then adopt other military measures in fighting the sect.” He concluded.

  • redeem

    President Olusegun Obasanjo sees the crisis in Nigeria over Muslim sharia law as the work of enemies bent on bringing down his government.
    Obasanjo would prefer to resolve the issue politically rather than ask the supreme court to decide whether Nigeria’s federal states can adopt the Muslim penal code, spokesperson Doyin Okupe said in a statement.

    “The enemies of this administration who hide under the cloak of religious piety to try to destabilise it will fail collectively as it is not in the manifest destiny of this country that it should disintegrate,” he said.

    It was the presidency’s strongest statement since hundreds of people died last month in Muslim-Christian clashes over sharia in the northern city of Kaduna. The violence spread eastwards killing hundreds more.

    Obasanjo has described the crisis as the worst since a civil war over breakaway Biafra in the 1960s. Many Nigerians say it threatens the unity of Africa’s most populous nation.

    “Government has both the ability and capability to contain any negative activities and to act decisively against any person or groups of persons who may wish to, either by overt or covert acts, disrupt the peace of this nation or bring government to disrepute,” it said.——But President Jonathan has no right to defend his name and that of the innocent people the Fulanis in APC are labelling- as agents of boko haram abi

  • By popular demand


    “Stephen Davis [the Australian Boko Haram mediator] also mentions a Boko Haram financier
    within the Nigerian Central Bank. Independently we are able to give backing to that claim,
    even to the extent of naming the individual. In the process of our enquiries, we solicited
    the help of a foreign embassy whose government, we learnt, was actually on the same trail,
    thanks to its independent investigation into some money laundering that involved the Central Bank.”

    “That name, we confidently learnt, has also been passed on to President Jonathan.
    When he is ready to abandon his accommodating policy towards the implicated, even the criminalized,
    an attitude that owes so much to re-election desperation, when he moves from a passive
    ‘letting the law to take its course’ to galvanizing the law to take its course, we shall
    gladly supply that name. ”

    ………..Professor Wole Soyinka
    [September 13, 2014]

    • redeem

      where are the APC —————baby pancake——————–agents————————-gone to sleep abi

      • checkmate

        Learn to type like sane and organized people. You are displaying your negativity in everything. Drunkard!!!

        • redeem

          is that the issue at stake here now—-Ibo/fulani—wahala————–the story is that yr mentor Sanusi–is the main backer of boko haram—————that is the man APC did all to install as the emir of Kano—–now tell who are the real islamist janjaweeds in Nigeria operating inside APC————-sadly for us PDP is not the type of party to behave like the agberos——–in APC so refused to send them to the cleaners——have u heard a word from the chairman of the party since oyegun started insulting jonathan———-naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

          • checkmate

            The issue at stake is that you are a BIGOT AND INSANE. You need to be checked by a psychiatrist.

        • lawan

          Thank you.

          • checkmate

            The issue at stake is that you are a BIGOT AND INSANE. You need to be checked by a psychiatrist.

          • checkmate

            Sorry the reply is not meant for you but for the Lunatic Redeem. My apology.

      • Historian

        Without much honest journalism inside Nigeria, Boko Haram genocide was enabled to spread.
        Had Nigerian journalists been straight and honest people they would have called out
        Sanusi Lamido Sanusi right at the beginning, because several of the journalists in Nigeria
        had the archival records that Sanusi Lamido Sanusi was implicated and jailed in 1984
        (or thereabouts) by the Supreme Military Council over the beheading of an Igbo man –
        named Mr. Akaluka, a Christian, who was then resident in Kano.

        • Ladi

          Actually, Akaluka was beheaded in 1994; not in 1984,
          although it is true that Sanusi Lamido was implicated
          and jailed by General Abacha over Akaluka’s beheading.

          • sonilamb

            Yet Sanusi managed to become our CBN governor..this country is a merry go round. Scotland is deciding, Catalonia is waiting to decide…Let Nigerians decide ooo

        • redeem

          u are right——100 percent——————–go to Punch–ati Sharia Reporters—owned by El Rufai————–the pigmy–u will hate to read Nigerian dailies—————–here————- is man sheriff———– who has all the time been with APC the moment they leave the janjaweed Ogboni like Islamic party–APC———-war breaks out————–meanwhile the main man who has been sponsoring boko haram Alpha Imam APC Sanusi is allowed to be elevated to the height of madness in Nigeria—that is because the chairman of PDP-like Jonathan—–prefers to be called a saint———————so would rather relax while the president is being vilified————–by islamist sect groups——–in boko haram and APC

    • Es3

      The name is Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. Period!

  • mr balogun

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  • Ebe Kparangida

    When did an open secret become intelligence report. Nigerians repent from your hypocrisy.

  • Dr Patrick Kolawole Awosan

    What Nigeria is suffering from presently is the mr Ebele Jonathan leadership quality shortcoming as it becomes clearer that mr Ebele Jonathan is not capable,lacks intelligence-capacity,competency and know-how knowledge or ideas as to how to tackle security challenges,regular power outages,death trap roads,archaic teaching hospitals as president Ebele Jonathan frequently travel to Germany to obtain adequate medical care on Nigerian public expense.
    There is no employment generation initiative mechanism in place to provide jobs for millions of unemployed Nigerian graduates.Mr Ebele Jonathan is like a round peg on a square hole.Ebele Jonathan must go for security challenges to stop and massive vital infrastructures development to commence!

    • Jamie

      With all sincererity, this is so dumb…. please,learn to render solutions, not accusations…

    • anthony okonkwo

      Your grammar and construction does not show you are a doctor, most likely you are a quack or native doctor.

    • Es3

      The questionable Dr. Pat Awosan again???

      Rambling as usual!!!

    • jo

      you are wicked you will reap all you sow amen

  • Engr Jibrin Mohammed Maaji

    Interesting and confusing! The beginning of true picture of sponsors. First of all, we v 1st October bombers and those involved, and different names involved in series of bombing and killings. Now Australian Davies mentioned Ihejerika, Sheriff and a senior CBN bank officer (name yet to be mentioned). And the latest…Chadian President? Can it be true? We are waiting to see the end of the drama. May Almighty God always protect us against the evil and bad minds…Amin

    • Maxes

      I’m from the east of naija and I believe all the people that are mention that are sponsoring the boko’s.I am just consign about the formal army chief that allow himself to be use by this evil politician who will do anything possible to accive they goal .Secondly I don’t doute our senior security officers of what they can do.Because the senior officer what the war to be prolonger so they can be making millions from it through the goverment.

    • Joe

      Well put – interesting and confusing!

  • Dan Fulani

    Mr redeem, are you a member of C.A.N?

  • Ebe Kparangida

    An open secret. Every body knew SAS started this. He started it when obasanjo was still president.

  • po

    It will be the truth if PMB betrayed Tinubu which at least done publicly.

  • Joe igbokwe


    • taewo

      Joe, I would have reacted the same way you did to what Iyoha said he wrote some months back. But if an election were to be held today, I won’t vote for Buhari but not for Jonathan either. We make mistake in life but we must be able to accept in order to be able to chart a different way.

      Joe, please attend to the writer’s concern. Has Buhari not betrayed Tinubu? Chief Bisi Akande was lying? Many of us, APC’s supporters and sympathizers are worried that you can imagine.

    • Iyoha John Darlington

      Mr Joe Igbokwe, I have no political axe to grind. I believe in justice and fair play and this informed my interest and desire to denounce the ongoing injustice being done to Tinubu. Often times, you reason anti-clockwise which find expression in unwarranted attacks. This is not the first time you are doing this. The other time I allowed your unwarranted outburst and invectives to pass without uttering a word and today you are repeating the same thing. In your reaction to my piece on Pointblank News, you dared me to come to Nigeria as if you own the country and I had no option then but to report your threat to life to the International Police in Milan. There will be no hiding place for you when the bubble finally bursts if you need reminding. I’m partly Nigerian and partly Italian, and no one intimidates me. You breath out threats to people as if you own Nigeria. Joe Igbokwe, it is very obvious that you are not civilized. I have read a good number of your attacks on people in popular national dailies which depicts you as none other than a misbegotten homo sapien from an extinct barbarian tribe.

      • FactsandFigures

        You do know that when you descend to his level, you loose the moral ground to castigate him. Regardless, I doff my hat to Nigerians who despite the threat to their lives came out to vote; to Nigerians though subjected to political intimidation carry on with their activism and all other Nigerians who fight for the enthronement of democracy in whatever form they could. Some of these Nigerians are not partly Germans, Americans, British etc. They have nothing and no one to protect them from a country where threats go unchecked, murders go unsolved, miscreants get away with all sorts of mayhem. I wish for the day when you do not have to be intimidated because you are “partly Italian”, when being Nigerian is enough for you to feel safe.

    • longben

      Our dear old Joe Igbokwe firing from the hips like the Django of yore!!! Political activisim is one thing and political thuggery is another. Issuing treats to anybody especially a gentleman airing his opinion on politics in his own country is not only childish but should be unreservedly condemned by one and all. Your post above just showed you for what you really are, a political jobber and a THUG. I guess even the Asiwaju himself with be thoroughly ASHAMED of you if he gets to read your response to a perfectly truthful post. Focusing on the messenger instead of the message and making references to guns shows you a desperado who should be BARRED fortwith from participating in politics in any form or manner especially in a growing democracy like we have in Nigeria. Politicians like you are an ill-wind that blows nobody no good. YOU SHOULD BE FIRED, QED.

  • Proud Yoruba

    Look, Buhari lasted 20 months during his military rule, I don’t see how he will last that long this time around. Buhari is already a failure!

  • Sanmi Falae

    I too am fast losing confidence in Buhari’s presidency, because he seems to have surrendered it to his failed Northern political brethren. These are people who have ruled Nigeria and their people for donkey years but without much to show for it. It is a pity because, as usual, it is their people or ordinary Northerners that will be the worse for it. As people with the most challenges in Nigeria, Buhari needs the experience and expertise of Southerners to help the North. Secondly most Northern leaders are local champion politicians, with absolutely no influence with important foreign leaders – unlike their Southern counterparts. I don’t think Buhari has the self confidence or self esteem to operate outside his comfort zone i.e with far more intellectual Southern leaders. Maybe Yoruba leaders should just concentrate on our lot in the SW and let the rest get on with it. Especially when they assume what Mr Tinubu is trying to do for Nigeria is about the Yorubas or Mr Tinubu per se.

  • Joe igbokwe


    • FactsandFigures

      Eh, we do not need any party to be in power for 30 years. It is a recipe for disaster. No matter how good APC will or think they will be, a change in guard every now and then is necessary. Absolute power corrupts…….absolutely.

    • Say the truth

      This is typical of Joe Igbokwe. I am not disappointed, the response is true to type. You have lived in Lagos long enough to become a proper alaye. The man confronted you with the truth and nothing but the truth but you will have none of it. All of you Tinubu’s boys put the man in this present mess. No doubt he will come out stronger being a good fighter but he must appreciate the fact that he has no monopoly of everything as you the praise singers will have him believe.

    • Adekunle Lateef

      This man Joe Igbokwe is insane. The writer is not talking about APC our party but the marginalization of our people. I have read his piece. It’s written in English not Igbo or Greek. He means well for Nigeria and Tinubu. Igbokwe leave this alone and stop fooling yourself, jare! I voted for Buhari but I regret it all now. Go back to igboland and leave us alone.

    • Remi okoya

      People like Igbokwe are nothing but praise singers. Tinubu should distance himself from him. He is a fairweather man. You called Mr Iyoha names. Why? Has he taken your wife or sister to Italy . this is how you spoil other people to climb. Olodo!

  • Abdullah Musa

    One thought politics was a collective affair.
    Betraying Tinubu, as is being alleged, means denying Tinubu the power to single – handedly decide National Assembly leadership.
    Were we a real democracy, we would have saluted ourselves for expanding choice.
    But we are swimming in the lake of speculation. Buhari has not come out to admit he was behind the NASS saga.
    So when it was said the party was behind Lawan and Femi, it was meant that the party was Tinubu? And would that have been helpful to democracy?

    • Proud Yoruba

      We voted for Buhaari knowing that Tinubu was his power broker, so democracy is fine with him, when Tinubu was not behind him, nobody voted for him. It is your northern elite crap people that we did not vote for, like Atiku, Saraki, Dogarat, Tabuwal, etc. trying to get a free ride that we don’t want.

      • Abdullah Musa

        Proud Yoruba.
        May you always remain so.
        But be informed that other tribes also have the right to be proud this and that.
        Problem is that you are always at the periphery of the pit of tribalism.
        At the slightest irritation you jump in.
        We acknowledge Tinubu ‘ s contribution, but it does not earn him the right to expect all to prostrate before the mention of his name.
        I believe that the person he proposed as Senate President has no drop of Yoruba blood in him.
        Tinubu cannot be more North – eastern than Buhari, who served as military Governor there, and whose wife hails from there.
        Tinubu could still mine other opportunities that a closeness to President gives him.
        Yoruba should have long term view of democracy.