Jonathan bows to pressure, orders removal of #BringBackGoodluck2015 banners

President Goodluck Jonathan has ordered the removal of the #BringBackGoodluck2015 banners, a hashtag promoted for his re-election, but whose adaptation of the popular #BringBackOurGirls, sparked outrage Tuesday.

A statement released by the president’s office Wednesday said Mr. Jonathan found the banners “offensive and repugnant” and had ordered they be immediately removed.

“President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has directed that the #Bring Back Jonathan 2015 signs and banners around Abuja which he and many Nigerians find offensive and repugnant be brought down immediately,” the statement said.

The banners, displayed at strategic positions in Abuja, the Nigerian capital, triggered swift reactions in Nigeria and abroad, with critical articles appearing in international media outlets, including the BBC and the Washington Post.

The #BringBackOurGirls Twitter hashtag was coined to help galvanise international support for the release of nearly 300 schoolgirls abducted April 14 in Chibok, Borno State, by extremist sect, Boko Haram.

While more than 200 of the girls remain in captivity, the campaign became a rallying point and is deemed amongst the social media’s most popular campaigns yet.

Washington Post’s columnist, Ishaan Tharoor, described the #BringBackJonathan2015 hashtag for a government that has failed to rescue the girls nearly five months after, as likely the “most inappropriate hashtag of the year”.

“It’s not clear whether Jonathan has officially endorsed the new hashtag, but its seeming ubiquity suggests that he is not opposed to it,” Mr. Tharoor wrote.

In Nigeria, the anger was more, particularly on social media.

one Twitter message read.

said another.

A statement signed by a spokesperson for the president, Reuben Abati, said the banners were put up without the president’s knowledge.

“President Jonathan wholly shares the widely expressed view that the signs which were put up without his knowledge or approval are a highly insensitive parody of the #Bring Back Our Girls hash tag,” it read.

It added: “While President Jonathan appreciates the enthusiastic show of support for his administration by a broad range of stakeholders, he condemns the #Bring Back Jonathan 2015 signs which appear to make light of the very serious national and global concern for the abducted Chibok girls.

“The President assures all Nigerians and the international community that his administration remains fully engaged with efforts to rescue the abducted girls and that he will not knowingly promote any actions that will fly in the face of the seriousness of their plight and the anguish of their families,” it added.


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  • dudu

    It’s okay, lets move on to bringing back our girls now and dealing with boko haram decisively.

  • No Comment

    “I am of the firm belief and conviction that there will be no election in 2015.
    I am of the firm belief that this house of cards will collapse before 2015.
    Under Jonathan’s leadership, Nigeria as a whole has become a titanic ship,
    on sail to hit the iceberg and sink. As it is now, what we have does not have what it takes

    to drag Nigeria along; and, anything can happen anytime from now.”

    “Right-thinking people must rise to rescue the helm of that ship from Jonathan’s hand,
    before he wrecks the entire nation. If we have a kind of Jehu revolution – where the worshippers of
    Baal and the worshippers of the altar of greed were all dealt with, as it also happened in Ghana,

    there may be some hope there.”

    ……………Pastor Tunde Bakare
    (January 20, 2013)

    • redeem

      tunde bakare once said buhari was too old to be president of Nigeria–yet went back to his vomit—to be his VP—–he said obj was not the chosen one that he will be thrown out b4 he fishes his tenure————-obj spent 8 yrs–stealing oil wells

  • sunday dankwai

    Oh what a shameful and disrespectful way of tackling insecurity in Nigeria. As I write my people are in the mountains if michika others are in refugess camp in and around the state capital yola Adamawa state,while Gej and his people are busy playing politics with his TAN team while my people are dying of hunger while others are killed by the insurgence.

    • redeem


  • Solaside

    Nothing ever was done with this president’s knowledge. How did we get here in the first instance? Who did we offend that refused to forgive us to warrant this apology as a president. I just hope this will not continue past 2015. I am tired, it looks like I have endured a hundred years of this already!

    • dudu

      no kidding

    • Wähala

      You asked, “how did we get here in the first place”…ba?
      Easy! We elected Dumbo without his knowledge. “Who did we offend that refused to forgive us”? next qstn kwo?
      Easy! Baba Iyabo… the only known fossil never to forgive anyone, much less a whole nation.
      So, my broda, this could very well continue if that Agbero foto of Dumbo was not quickly brought down and the culprits punished for violating electoral laws of the land. Where’s INEC during all this?

      • Adoki

        So can we really continue to claim the upper hand (against Baba) on Third Term? Would Third Term really have been worse than we now have?

        • redeem


      • redeem


  • djay

    The greatest mistake Nigerians made was making Gej the president, what a shame.

  • Adoki

    This shows that these pro-Jonathan groups actually take orders from the Villa. If he can order them to remove the banners, then they have not been telling us the truth when they try to defend the TAN, PNP etc rallies and adverts in the media. And I hope that the president would now realise that these groups are not helping him; rather, they are causing him more problems than he already has, all because of their selfish interests.

    • redeem

      do u have brain at all——————————–the president said remove the banners and they have been removed————period————————————————-whoever coined that phrase is an agent of APC—————

  • Spoken word

    GEJ can you focus on governance please and less on politics. if the nigerian people love your work you will not have to beg and lobby anybody to come back,enough of the games go back to work.

  • Amaka

    There is nothing wrong with Otuoke SS people requesting that their brother that went to Abuja clueless and shoeless be returned to them in 2015. These presidency benefactors is not only a disgrace to Nigeria but embarrassing to the black race. The wrath of God and disgrace follows every mismanaged luck!

    • redeem

      an ibo woman who cannot fight for her brother ihejirika–who is being wrongly —accused by the fulanis—will remain a slave in the hands of the janjaweeds till death do us part—–that is why they will never get their socalled biafra——cause they are never steady————we are not begging the ibos to queue for him—–again——–or have any of them reside with us in port harcourt—–at bayelsa———all we ask is for us to be allowed to go our separate ways–is that too much a request to make———–

  • BlackieUmukoro

    This is the handiwork of evil people to disparage the person of the president. The enemies shall be caught and dealth with

  • By popular demand

    “I am of the firm belief and conviction that there will be no election in 2015.

    I am of the firm belief that this house of cards will collapse before 2015.
    Under Jonathan’s leadership, Nigeria as a whole has become a titanic ship,
    on sail to hit the iceberg and sink. As it is now, what we have does not have what it takes
    to drag Nigeria along; and, anything can happen anytime from now.”

    “Right-thinking people must rise to rescue the helm of that ship from Jonathan’s hand,
    before he wrecks the entire nation. If we have a kind of Jehu revolution –

    where the worshippers of Baal and the worshippers of the altar of greed were
    all dealt with, as it also happened in Ghana, there may be some hope there.”

    ……………Pastor Tunde Bakare
    (January 20, 2013)

    • redeem

      tunde bakare once said buhari was too old to be president of Nigeria–yet went back to his vomit—to be his VP—–he said obj was not the chosen one that he will be thrown out b4 he finishes his tenure—–instead——–obj spent 8 yrs–stealing oil wells—–with the aid of late rilwani-lukumanu

  • Ken

    Good one. The president has told them he appreciate but they should pull the thing down. They can use another slogan

    • Amaka

      They can use another slogan like: #Bringbackourclueless2015 to Otuoke. A president that couldn’t negotiate the release of innocent school girls is being vested with the security of 170 million people. Guiness book of comedy presidency!

      • Wähala

        “Guiness Book of Comedy Presidency” – indeed!
        Hahahaaa chai…tufiakwa!

  • TopeLamas

    When a very serious issue like human life is bin discussed, iur president turned d slogan to a joke,its so unfortunate how d govt dat is supposed to protect nd bring back d girls r joking about it, God punish jonathan

    • redeem

      was the president that published the hashtag—————–or yr janjaweeds in APC

  • Gbo_lee

    The president was not aware? Who does Doyin Okupe work for? Okupe started it…he was actively tweeting “BringBackJonathan2015”. And now suddenly the president was not aware before. Jokers. The banner has been running for how many days and it is today that Jonathan found it insensitive,it brings me to the same question,does Jonathan live in this country? How can I have learnt about his banners last week and he did not know…very interesting. Posterity will judge Jonathan,Abati and all the wicked souls in Aso Rock who only after Washington Post slammed the slogan decided to take it down and now claim they were not aware.

    • redeem

      was APC sleeping when tinubu when to the president to beg for 1.6b oil contract————————

  • Akinlade

    Yes, Gbo_Lee,

    Goodluck Jonathan is too busy doing nothing to be aware of all these campaign stuffs.
    He is not aware of himself, to start with. Or is he aware Boko Haram is heading for Abuja.
    Indeed he may not even be aware that his term in office will end next year, for all you know.
    Reuben Abati hired to become aware for Goodluck Jonathan is only aware of his pocket.

  • Psalm 35

    When some of us sympathetic to the course of GEJ disagreed and criticized Doyin Okupe for unveiling this shameful slogan via twitter,we were not listened to,instead some of us were insulted by uncaged animals who thought they are more pro GEJ than some of us who have known and supported the man since he was Dep Gov of a then reclusive state.

    Now it has taken a Washington Post editorial for common sense to prevail on a matter that a man deep asleep would have easily made up his mind on i.e. you dont use a slogan that evokes deep resentment, pain and sorrow to similarly market the re-election campaign of a sitting leader.

    When will common sense be common in this country for goodness sake

    • Wähala

      That is the Ijaw wickedness and heartlessness I told you about but you creek wetbacks never listened…
      Who in their right senses would mock a grieving mother for political dividends? Had the criticism come from Lai Mohammed or Höly Wähala, you sycophants from his days as Dep. Govt. in a discreet state would have been up in arms shouting regional jingoism. See ya sef nah? See where Ijaw drunken leadership has landed us? Guess you still want this madness to continue beyond 2015… bcos you’re all mad people down yonder! Drunken Fishermen… Indeed!

    • redeem

      monkey when did u support Jonathan while he was deputy governor————————————–APC wrote that article for Washington post period——————no american newspaper worth its salt-will concern itself with such childish matters except they were sponsored by APC–and the PR firm they hired———-abroad——————–sell their country cheap cause of politics—–yet when we call for separation they plead for understanding

  • emm

    Idoitic and clueless presido.. May your days be short!!!

  • John green

    It’s a disgrace to national peace and development, having realised that the people who sworn to protect it interest are the main problem of the nation. Very silly of the president to allow such to thrive in the nation, many nigerians will never allow this because we all have children.

  • King Carlos

    there is no doubt, the jonathan administration does not give a damn about Nigerians’ opinion, he only responds to international pressure. We should not forget that he never admitted that the girls wear abducted initially, until there was an international outrage. apparently, on the other hand, he has also spent a lot of money on foreign PR, he ‘wrote’ an article for a foreign newspaper, while he never did any with a local newspaper. he fears for his international image more than anything, therefore this is a big weak point that should be used against him. Jonathan doesn’t care about local politics because he knows that almost all politicians could be bought, even from the opposition, save for some few. Such is the disregard Jonathan has for Nigerians.

  • femimafe

    How about; Jonathan #bringbackourmandate ?

    • Boltonboyan

      Yea, and those architects behind the shameless #bringbackGoodluck2015 should #bringbacktheirsenses and #bringbacktheirconscience. Enough of these shameless acts from the pdpigs administration.

    • redeem

      which mandate—-did u have the courage to ask the fulanis to bring back abiola mandate——–when they murdered kudirat———-perhaps too drunk to fight for abiola then abi———–oya ———–give-us-our-resource-control-mandate——and see if u will not die of hunger within weeks in 9ja-that is our concern not another fake regional boko haramic election

      • femimafe

        You sound incoherent, Buddy.

  • Wähala

    Just yesterday I said the man cannot think on his own, today he wobbles and buckles under international pressure to #BringDownHisPoster because it is again in poor taste. Doyin Okupe developed the offensive, hijacked, copy-cat hashtag for Dumbo to exploit for political capital without deference to the pained parents of the kidnap victims… that’s their level, gutter-deep dirty politics without common sense discretion. Sneaking around with the only certified Boko Haram sponsor, Agbero picture of Dumbo for 2015 illegal campaign posters… while Nigeria loses much of her real estate to a rampaging insurgency that has claimed the home towns of Gulak, Alex Badeh and others holed up in Abuja. Soon, there will be no Nigeria to lead so I wonder where all this folly is leading to. Shame on the Presidency for again bringing Nigeria to internationals disrepute with crass politicking… truly shameful. If Dumbo didn’t know about Doyin’s mischief, he darn sure doesn’t know what Nigerians elected him for, and his terms of office. Clown Prince of Otuke… indeed!

    • redeem

      how many years did it take the US to free their hostages in Syria—————-two solid years–that is the most powerful nation on earth—–They even—-sat quietly while their people were beheaded by ISIS in Iraq———-could not lift a finger——like the way yr uncle akaluka was beheaded by sanusi—-u could not talk them—-raise yr voice———–not even be able to defend yr half brother ihejirika———————–who has been sent to the cleaners—-by the fulanis______———————–u know when ihejirika bombed ayakoroma———-in the niger delta———he said he will kill any ijaw man who stands on his—–when asked why he ordered his troops to thrown our fathers and mothers into huts that he troops set on fire————–he swore to repeat the feat again and again–now the fulanis want him dead—–and the cowards among the ibos are supporting the fulanis————-because of contracts in the north–what a shame

  • Thepeople

    Yet again without failure Nigeria proves itself as total joke, thanks to Ebele Goodluck Jonathan and his overbloated, odious cronies.

  • Dr. Kay

    #no more Badluck 2015 that is the appropriate twitter handle for Dumbo

  • the truth

    keep the criticisms. we would all know when the polls open in march 2015. jonathan for 2nd term. internet cronies keep criticizing. when the polls open na when we go know if na for internet them dey win election.

    • Boltonboyan

      Jonathan for 2nd term for ur village abi for Otuoke? You better #bringbackyoursenses and #bringbackyourconscience.

  • the truth

    most posters here don’t live in nigeria, they rely on information from punch which is owned by olabade a pro apc member, premium times majority ownership is owned by the gambo family an apc member, the nation newspaper is owned by tinubu, the once internationally acclaimed sahara reporters has now become so partisan that international media houses make scorn of it, just yesterday they posted a video of nigerian soldiers fleeing from the war front, but when that video was proved to be the nigerian army on a routine patrol, they never apologized or retracted their video igbokwe has run down the intergrity of that paper. now when the opposition controlls the media what do you guys expect. please premium times i challenege you to post the excerpts of davies interview with abc yesterday and you all would see apc and media houses in nigeria have one sole purpose, which is bring down this government. what happened to the agriculture revampment, what happened to the news that nigeria has had its lowest import in 37 years, that hyundai and honda have started nigerian made cars, that for the first time in history two state elections were done and no life was lost, that rail road from kano in the north to port harcourt in the south is 100% running. ask yourself one question why is that all these newspapers never post any positive news in nigeria, do you all really think no positive nes is coming from nigeria. wake up and see these monsters for who they really are

    • Clergy

      Interesting! So no PDP member has the resources to float a media house and propagate the good works of President Jonathan which you have listed?

      • redeem

        there are hundreds of patriotic media houses in Nigeria working day and night for the president——–without collecting a dime from him——-which sadly for us his media team have refused to identify with——————simply because their minds are also focused on——sharia reporters———– PT———Punch——-leadership—–daily trust—owned by the fulanis mafia—–ati the Nation—of tinubu——–However one great thing about the president is that in spite of the control APC has over the media—in the south west———-he has continued to manage to wriggle himself out of the road blocks often put on his way by the janjaweeds in APC—-such as these has-tags——–cheeeers

        • the truth

          . he who controls the media controls the people. most people take words from these media houses as gospel, without knowing the intricacies of running a media house. most of the media houses are based in the west and are controlled by the opposition. of all these negative news jonathan is still wining stronger. this same premium times gave a poll in ekiti were it gave the clear majority to apc, but we all know what happened.

          • redeem

            do u know the number of people who come here daily to read the rubbish some of u post here as news items————-the voters—–I mean the real electorates do not have time for the nonsense we splash on our newspapers daily———-if the Nigerian elections were to be via the web–ati our news-stands—-buhari ati tinubu———–would have won the elections–but happily for us our rural folks—those who will queue to vote for Jonathan hardly ever visit sharia reporters——————-in a country that is over 54 yrs old with oil money but does not have light 24 hours of the day——————————and u blame it on jonathan——-who is yet to be 4 abi—animals

          • the truth

            jonathan until 2019, they can win elections on sharia times but we all know who will win 2015. the worst aspect is most of this forumites are not in nigeria and as such can’t vote. let the real voters decide jonathan’s fate

    • James

      Mr. get your information right. Punch is owned by the Aboderins and have never be in politics, either when Chief Olu Aboderin was alive or when the newspaper is been run by members of his family.

      • the truth

        are you serious or are you here to deceive nigerians, don’t you know aboderins are not the majority stake holders of punch again. please i won’t argue with people who don’t fact check which i forgive or people who knowingly want to pass false information. please when you go check on this please retract your statement or apologize to me, but i doubt you would do that as punch never retracts its statements even when they are proven to be false.

  • Lanre

    This is what Oil Money does to a people. When Obasanjo was selling Goodluck Jonathan to Nigerians, one of the points he made was that Jonathan comes from the oil rich part of the country. It is time to compensate them like he was compensated after Nigeria murdered Abiola. People need to sit down and ask questions:
    Why would Jonathan order the removal of posters, if he did not order them to be put there in the first place.
    Did those who put up the posters commit an offence?
    Who is behind the Billboard Campaign?
    All fingers point to Gooduck Jonathan and his group of greedy advisers. Like they have been running Nigeria (borrowing from their masters – Babangida, Obasanjo, Gusau, Danjuma and co) they could not see the ridiculous nature of this campaign. Until Tweeters commented. Let us continue to pursue the easy way out and give this moron another four years. Goodluck to Nigerians.

    • redeem

      Who if not Jonathan————————————–for 2015————that is catchy enough——and not for any to tag gej with the janjaweeds visions of APC————(bring back Jonathan——–for 2015)———it sounds very cheap—and too—–beggarly—for a president—who has done so much for the country——-that hash-tag unfortunately for us——-was created–designed–and produced—by the janjaweeds in APC————to help raise awareness on the weak type of person we have as president—-globally—–its der4 politically wrong for any to borrow such from the farm of the vultures who kidnapped the chibok girls—to enable them score cheap political points with the plight of the school girls they abducted————with the aid of the vampires in boko haram—-agents in APC——————–campaign are done–most especially hash-tag-s——–must be very simple and catchy————–and not for the president to borrow dead ideas from boko haram————-there are millions of very smart copy writers around Nigeria working with Ad agencies—- begging for attention———-the presidents men should have started planning these things long b4 now—-there is no excuse for the mistake——-the first thing to do–or to bring to mind– when penning such–is the political and religious implication of what the project is intended for—-that hash-tag is like designing the emblem of a party with the head of a pig—–4 zonatan——what a shame–what a country——————–APC may be behind it all for all i care to know——————————–cheeeeers

  • Boltonboyan

    Jonathan will never stop to amaze us with his shameless acts. Does he wanna tell Nigerians that he was not aware of the #bringbackGoodluck2015 campaign before now? Or is that he doesn’t care about the opinions of Nigerians.

    • redeem

      if he does not care about the views of 9jas he would not have asked the janjaweeds working with him to yank it off

      • Boltonboyan

        He doesn’t care, if he does, he would have asked them to remove it long bfor now. Thanks to the Washington post editorial…

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Mr Ebele Jonathan,has not achieved anything in our vital public sectors,i.e. security of life and property for Nigerians as he dines and wines with the known Boko Haram sponsors,Modu Sherif whom president Jonathan travelled with to Chad yesterday sept 09,2014.This act thereby confirmed the widespread rumour that PDP president Ebele jonathan truly knows the sponsors of Boko Haram insurgents in the North East,Nigeria.

    • redeem

      Those lazy egomaniacs–working quietly with boko haram–who put out that dirty, smelly unthinking—–blood stained——- janjaweed hash-tag—-with a view to pulling d president down———should go bury their rotten regional blow-heads in shame—————why must Nigerians–yell cry and curse those behind that insulting hash-tag for the powers that be———– be forced to yank it off the streets–of abuja—-?——-the president must fish out the animals———–d culprits——who put up that piece of dung and deal with them——decisively——-and in accordance with the law——-Jonathan is the president of Nigerian by the Grace and will of the Almighty God———and not through the satanic efforts of those who shake hands with him in the morning——– then report back to Boko haram in the evening for directives—–on how to pull his government——down the valley of death—- —-we are all aware the said hash-tag was put up without the approval of the president—Happily-in the advanced economies of the world——-where we we often go to borrow these types of political tags from—such carries riders——like with the (approval of Obama)———–in 9ja it must be with the (approval of Gej-)—–Not——– in the bad belle filled corners of Nigeria- —sha—— where the vampires backing boko haram reside—with their almajiri army–begging Allah to use ISIS suicide bombers–to snuff life out of the president———animals——————-what a shame————–what a presidential media campaign team———–sack dasuki now-ati gusau–they have outlived their usefulness

      • Wähala

        Read thru your comment and see if you can. Not only is it pointless… but what are the numerous lines for? It’s irritating just looking at it. No wonder PT fences you on a bad day like this. What have Dasuki and Gusua got to do with an offensive banner your moron mounted along Airport Road, Abuja, to the dismay of international visitors and Naijas alike? Biko, take your muguhood to Washington Post and see if they post your comment for a second on their site. You’re simply a nuisance… wallahi!

        • redeem

          Did i beg u to read my post—u pig headed stateless fool—————I said dasuki and gusau should be fired—————-period—Are they not fulanis————-from the same tribe with the janjaweeds killing Nigerians in boko haram————-when we had–the militants in the Niger delta—–the fulanis–told the ijaws–to go solve the trouble in the niger delta—-why are the fulanis keeping quiet over boko haram————————-these people are useless—-is dasuki no longer d NSA–has he been sleeping in abuja—u mean he did not see the yeye hash-tag APC designed for abuja–abi—–he is——as unfit as those who coined that yeye phrase for the hashtag————i do not work for APC—-and go tell Washington Post to confine their janjaweed thoughts to the Americans being killed by ISIS in Iraq——–the yankees do not have time with Nigeria—–the only period they concern————–self with us in africa is when the janjaweeds in APC mail articles they pen via the PR firms to them————————cheeeeeeeeeeers

          • salako

            you replace them with dat your ogogoro farther and your stinking mother and your prostitute sisters.useles animal.


    All people insulting GEJ, God will never forgive them. I am praying to God to break the so call Nigeria. Hausa/Fulani will never allow Nigeria to move forward. Shine your eyes southerners

  • Robinson

    “When Mr. (Goodluck) Jonathan said he did not ‘give a damn’ about declaring his assets,
    some people pretended not to understand the implications. The truth is that a man who

    does not give a damn about leading by character or accountability cannot inspire success

    or productivity. As a result, Jonathan leads a system where his key people are free to

    pursue their own conquests; a system where merit does not count and evil is not punished”.

    ……………..Sonala Olumhense
    (April 20th, 2014)

    • Biodun Irele


      Premium Times should beware. Reuben Abati, the presidential spokesman,

      had issued a fatwa on further criticism of President Jonathan in any context,

      including saying Jonathan is a kindergarten without balls, clueless, drunk, or,
      had missed a speaking slot at the African Union (AU) Conference.

      “You may for political reasons say you are attacking the office (of the president), but
      don’t insult the president. If you try to ridicule the president i am not
      likely to be nice to you at all. If you throw a punch i will connect you with
      an upper cut and maybe a kick to the groin,” Reuben Abati threatened.

      Reading his fatwa, you may cry for Nigeria and wonder how a past Nigerian Editor

      could get to this gutter level for the love of money since anyone would normally associate
      such sycophancy to axe-wielding thugs in singlet, but you’d better take Reuben Abati’s warning seriously.

      • redeem

        does this rubbish make sense to your yoruba head———————–cant u allow us discuss without insulting the president–is that how the SS have been abusing Awo ati tinubu

  • the truth

    its been over 10 hours since cnn, bbc and aljazeera reported and confirmed that nigerian military forces killed over 50 militants and have recaptured michika, uba and gulak towns even local papers like vanguard and daily news has carried this news. please premium times why haven’t you still carried the news. but i bet you the second boko haram strikes a town it would be front page.

  • Ette

    Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are. The sets of people around GEJ appointed by him cannot be better than him since he is the head, so all of them are failures and the only thing they know how to do is stealing which GEJ sais is not corruption. Amaechi advised Fed Govt to fast tract completion of the east west road for posterity but the corrupt Orubebe said he was disrespectful to the president but today the road had become thorn in the flesh of GEJ as majority of Niger Delta people are angry with him. Everyone in GEJ govt is stealing whatever money that comes to their hand in the guise of stealing for his election in 2015. This gift is a complete disaster and daily they are confirming how disastrous they can be. Okupe’s #BRINGBACKGEJ2015 is the height of wickedness.

  • Ol’boy

    “#BringBackOurGirls….had a deeper meaning in Nigeria. It echoed the larger frustrations

    of a society that has little faith in its political leadership, is fed up with endemic corruption,

    and wants genuine reform and better governance. Jonathan blamed activists espousing the hashtag
    for “politicizing” the (Boko Haram) crisis. In this context, the new (re-election) campaign slogan is particularly galling.

    Jonathan has not brought back the girls, yet his campaign expects Nigeria to bring him back to power.”

    ….Washington Post [U.S.A]
    (September 8, 2014)

  • Gotlieb Adebayo

    I am happy Mr President has started showing serious commitments in ending the boko haram crisis, if he had to speak to the devil to bring it to and end,we should give him all the encouragements… I think the #bring oga Jonathan back would have been more appealing if the chibok ladies where let off the hook by there captors…