Jonathan raises panel on implementation of National Conference report

National Conference in plenary

President Goodluck Jonathan has constituted a seven-member committee to develop appropriate strategies for the implementation of the report of the just-concluded National Conference.

A statement by Oise Johnson, a spokesperson to the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, said the committee would also  “advise Government on all matters necessary for the effective implementation of the Report”.

Find names of members of the committee below.

Details later….

Read full press statement on the constitution of the committee below.



His Excellency, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR, has approved the composition of a Presidential Committee to study and draw up the Implementation Strategy for the 2014 National Conference.

2.The Committee is composed as follows:

(i)Mohammed Bello Adokie, SAN

Honourable Attorney-General of the

    Federation & Minister of Justice-Chairman

(ii)Senator Idris A. Umar

Honourable Minister of Transport-Member

(iii)Ambassador Bashir Yuguda

Honourable Minister of State for Finance-Member

(iv)Mr. OsitaChidoka

Honourable Minister of Aviation-Member


Honourable Minister of State for

Federal Capital Territory Administration- Member

(vi)Architect Mike Onolememen

Honourable Minister of Works-Member

(vii)Senator Anyim Pius Anyim,GCON

Secretary to the Government of the Federation-Member/


3.Terms of Reference are as follows:

(i)To study the Report of the 2014 National Conference.

(ii)To articulate the recommendations therein and develop appropriate strategies for its implementation.

(iii)To advise Government on all matters necessary for the effective implementation of the Report.

4.The Committee is encouraged to take off immediately.

Oise D. Johnson,

Assistant Director (Press)

Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation



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  • the truth

    mr preseident keep the good job going. only detractors will see no good in u

    • postman

      I bet those living in poverty will disagree

      • the truth

        poverty started under jonathan? detractors at work, what is the solution, u keep criticising you have never preferred a solution.

        • postman

          Poverty started long before Jonathan. This does not make it acceptable though. You must be comfortable to make such comments. People are dying of hunger and you call me a detractor. Shame on you.

          • postman

            I guess you are saying that since I do not have a solution then it is okay for a president not to have one. All the resources and appointments for what then?

        • Enemona

          Nothing started under Jonathan and he did nothing about nothing. Everything went worse for doing nothing about everything. Nothingness is a disgrace.

          • redeem

            This can only come from ONE OF THOSE sick APC brains–tell us about the revenue base of Nigeria————-beyond the rental economy that we operate–meaning ours is dependent on the crude oil that oozes out of his SS—–some of these statements u people are designed to deceive gullible Nigerians——rogues who cannot think of anything beyond the money they steal from the SS—name one state that does not depend on the SS for survival just one——————-in Nigeria–even LAGOS STATE WITH ALL THE PROJECTS THAT THE RESOURCES OF THE SS WERE USED TO ERECT CANNOT MANAGE HER REVENUE BASE

          • postman

            Can you honestly tell me that people are not suffering across the country? This includes your village. It should not be about sentiments or when our issues started. It is time for progress.. We as Nigerians get along overseas but cannot get along in Nigeria.

          • Enemona

            Crap! When brainless twats like you get cornered by reason, you resort to playing the regional/ethnic card and begin to spurt out crap from your big goblets.

            That oil of yours is the cause of Nigeria’s woes, I, as a person would be glad if the oil dries out so that we get back to our senses. I don’t know what you’re waiting for, since the oil is so precious to you and you’re extremely obsessed with it, why don’t you go seize it and pour it down your throat. I guess you already have a cure for ‘dutch disease’ (doubt you know what this is but grant yourself the luxury of googling it).

            I do not want a Nigeria driven by any ‘dumbing-down’ resources, I want a Nigeria driven by it’s citizens’ brainpower. It is this same ‘sweet crude’ that has created clueless and dumb beasts and rogues like you, your principal and the entire thieving Nigerian elite that have stifled hardworking and creative Nigerians. Many small African countries with no tangible resources are better organised, well-governed with better standard of living than your oil Nigeria. In this day and time, you still clutch tightly to the believe that oil can be the only source of prosperity for a nation of over 150M. Poof, go away! you belong in the stone age.

          • redeem

            Monkey———–the people of Saudi Arabia Kuwait Iraq among other gulf regions do not see it that way————- they have neever seen oil as a curse–its only in Nigeria–if animals like u believe oil is a curse———–why is it that the TRIPOD is refusing to give the SS full control of their oil wells——–are are nothing a bloody rogue——-the type we call——–(chop broke pot)———-all the 36 states of the federation depend on that same crude oil u call a curse—————–without which they cannot feed–pay salaries———————–and u are not grateful–when will u thank God for the little blessings—–if u cannot appreciate what he is doing for the rogues who steal my resources————-after the british granted u freedom–more than 54 yrs ago—now u blame the 4 yrs old government of jonathan for all yr cancer—

        • redeem

          Its really sad the way some of these unthinking APC agents often try to deceive us–as if poverty started under Jonathan—————–Obj and atiku sacked more civil servants than we can think–of—————Buhari terminated the appointments of more than 1m civil servants to celebrate his 1st term in office———-Fashola the lagos state governor has a debt profile of more than 600b to settle————-that is under an APC government–in Ekiti the story is the same–Fayemi is leaving a debt of more than 25b for Fayose to pay–the situation is even worst—————-in osun state———where the governor tried to bribe-DSS officials with 14m–during the just concluded elections———-add that to the 1.6b oil contract Tinubu got from Jonathan’s———————oil Minister—————i begi

      • redeem

        stop that crappy talk—how old is Nigerian and when was oil discovered–did we start living in poverty in the year 2011? Why don’t some of u think it through b4 u post yr comments

        • postman

          You seem to be close minded. I don’t care who the president is and this is not about when poverty started. It is about selfish people like you and a failing president. The president can come from anywhere.. I really don’t care.. we just need to see progress and know that there are people who actually feel pain when they see the level of poverty and suffering in Nigeria.

          • redeem

            u will care——one day—–that is why u do not yearn for us to separate—cause of yr awooooooooooof loving regional leaders————————–yours is to have the same fulani governments that destroyed Nigeria and hanged kensarowiwa—-murdered abiola ati his wife kudirat———repeat————–the same rubbish——————-now obj and his inlaw borishade are with atiku———————————-in APC————————–

    • Wähala

      What good job? A committee of PDP card-carrying members only ba? Nothing, nothing… the project to sneak-in a fake Constitution failed flat out and this committee’s report will end up gathering dust like others before it. Dumbo is a deceit and a fraud a blind can see a mile away. Go-siddon, biko… liar! No ‘truth’ in you at all. Olosi.

      • redeem

        go and tell tinubu to be man enough to stop asking for oil contracts from the government of Jonathan at night————————–whatever–report they yearn to submit without resource control is rubbish————–fiscal federalism—————–is what the yankees that we borrowed our constitution from have in their status books——————————–or we separate———————-

  • uzodimms

    When are they meant to submit their report or is it an open ended assignment, possibly to be submitted in 2020

    • Patrick Ebelike

      Have some patience my brother, it said more details later.

      • postman

        How many years of patience.. ? I bet those living in poverty will disagree. .

        • redeem

          Nigerians have been leaving without light–water good roads education–health facilities for decades——-show us the achievements of obj—-ati atiku–at least they were there for 8yrs–Ibb–8yrs–buhari almost 3 yrs–abacha 6yrs–with buhari again—rogues–yet we cry for jobs–water—roads hospitals—-daily——————–from the awooooooooooooooooof oil revenue consuming governors——-

  • simonibekwe

    The government of committee never disappoints. He will equally raise another committee to look into how the first committee’s work could be implemented. Animals in power.

    • Patrick Ebelike

      You are such smart guy always criticising, what have you done lately yourself. He is actually succeding in this one. A littlt encouragement will not hurt.

      • postman

        Please explain how he is succeding? It is so sad… Nigerians are not ready for progress…

        • the truth

          the recommendation of more states. revenue formula to mention but a few, what is the solution, you always criticise,

          • postman

            This is not about pdp or apc. They are all so bad that for anyone to come out and support anyone of them means that they do not realize the amount of suffering that is around them. New states with this level of corruption? Who are you kidding?

        • the truth

          What is the progress.Nigerians would happily vote out pdp if they had a better choice.apc is the brother of pdp only that they are angry and need power at all cost.who in apc is not tainted.tinubu is a criminal,corrupt certificate forger,atiku a man that was indicted by the US senate for taking millions of dollars in kickbacks,buhari over 80 years old a man that truancated democracy of which he wants to enjoy now,guess u weren’t born during his time so many dissenters were imprisoned,go read seun kuti post yesterday on buhari

          • Andybest

            Stella Odua university she claim she goes disowned her, dsame with Salisu Buhari, but Chicago State university ve been celebrating dis man. He has went dere twice dis yr. Go nd read about him, before u compare him with Gej. Am not saying is a saint, but is far far ahead all politicians in pdp. Try to learn Gud side of him, before u come to insult him, if mediocrity nd character asasination is not inheritance of ur family.

          • the truth

            Please stop fallacy.I was blessed to study at the same university you mentioned and nobody has record of tinubu ever getting an academic degree there.academic degree is different from honorary degree.u are easily marooned with lies.tinubu was given an honorary degree that u and I could get if we are financially endowed.comparing a corrupt crrok to Stella oduah is synonymous they are all crooks. Please go read investigative journalism from punch yesterday which shows Lagos state owes 33% of the debt of the country.other 35 states share 77%.

          • Andybest

            U are only being mischief, everybody is free to creat his own true, the School never honour him with honorary doctor degree, but actually finish in that school nd imedately get job with one if the best accounting firm.

          • redeem

            PDP was created by the Fulanis———————————but when they discovered that the president was an ijaw man————-they moved over to APC——————–not before creating boko haram————-and swearing to make the country ungovernable for us—————-yet some insane Nigerians—————–yearn to have the same fulanis rule them again——atiku—–kwankaso———–buhari—————all fualnis—-with no family roots in Nigeria

          • kick ’em out

            And who owns PDP now??? the i-jaws?

          • redeem

            how many ijaws do u have in APC–dont we have ijaws in the South West—-in Ondo –Ekiti ati lagos————–how many of them are in APC——as commissioners none————-or have been alloqwed to join the janjaweed party——————-how many do we have in PDP mumu———–was PDP referred to as yoruba party when Obj was president–monkey——————

  • Aliyu Abu

    E.G. Golf2, 3, 4, 5,
    from N200, 000-N400, 000. Toyota Camry big.
    daddy=N450,000. Honda accord baby.
    boy=N400, 000.
    ToyotaMatrix=N500, 000 Toyota.
    Prado=N600,000 Toyota.
    hiaceBus=N450,000 Toyota Avalon=N.
    ToyotaCorolla=N400,000 Mazda=N 350.000.
    HondaAccord end.
    of discussion =N450,000 Honda Evil Spirit.
    =N400,000 ToyotaCamry.
    2.2(Tiny Light)=N230,000, Toyota.
    0, Rav4=N550, 000, Toyota Seinna=N400,000,
    , Murano=N500,000, Pathfinder=N500,000,
    Infinity Jeepfx35=N500,000.
    & fx45=550,000 Mercedes Benz.
    ML350=N500,000. FOR SALES @ CHEAPER PRICE.

  • Seemeseetrouble


    This is the end of President Jonathan’s National Conference. It was an impulsive step anyway,

    It wasn’t thought through at outset; and no law even backed it, as its terms were wholly abstract.
    This is not what a National Conference should ever be. Jonathan has just messed up a good idea.
    Asked for his take in the year 2010 by journalists, Jonathan said a National Conference is useless.

    But when he woke up to smell the coffee in 2013, he it was who’s now incompetently made it useless.
    Impulsively, he dumps the Conference Report on the laps of Mohammed Adoke who hasn’t got a clue on it.
    And now the swan song may begin of a National Conference of 12 billion Naira going into the private pockets
    of rabble-rousers for doing nothing sensible – but quite the opposite – by almost doubling Nigeria’s recurrent

    national expenditure by suggesting 18 additional states plus a slew of imprudent expansion of government(s).

    • redeem

      say 12 b of my oil money————————–no National Confab–will ever be able to solve the troubles of these country–the only solution is separation which the awoooooooof loving rogues in the tripod–do not want—when it comes to the control of—————–oil revenue——u see the ibos fulanis ati yorubas—-put aside their differences—to fight—for the ownership of the oil blocks

  • Chris1408

    Committee to study the confab. Another committee to study the results of the committee. An endless circle of non performance. The so called committee is filled with ministers that can’t perform in their assigned roles. How are they gonna perform with the added responsibility.

    • tuco

      That’s exactly my thought. A meery-go-round of looting and embezzlement. Govt of committees with nothing to show.

    • redeem

      that is the way Nigeria wants it————we are waiting for the———————-fulanis———————————–from the North to say no to it again—as it is usual with them————-but never a word on boko haram–their is often on resource control

  • Deyemi Zachaeus

    “And now the swan song may begin of a National Conference of 12 billion Naira going into the private pockets
    of rabble-rousers for doing nothing sensible – but quite the opposite – by almost doubling Nigeria’s recurrent
    national expenditure by suggesting 18 additional states plus a slew of imprudent expansion of government(s).”

    [September 5, 2014]

  • Gbo_lee

    Commitees and commitees with billions of naira being wasted while our schools are still rated lowly by international comparison….amidst several things we could be doing with funds,Jonathan chooses to keep lavishing on various commitees. Smh!

    • the truth

      you must be lost. a conference on the way forward as a nation is been abused by you. in 2011 tinubu while addressing newsmen called for a conference for nigeria, the moment jonathan called for the conference tinubu and lie lie mohammed kicked against it. what is wrong if a national conference is held for our coexistence as a nation.smh

      • Ayo

        @truth stop being sentimental – Jonathan has a reputation to appoint panels would submit reports only for the reports to gather dust some where in Aso Rock and there are so many times he has done this.We all know nothing would come out all this so called national conference thing

        • the truth

          please mention the commitees and panels jonathan has appointed since his presidency and i would post his predecessors panel they employed during their time. you would see how his is dwarfed by his predecessors. i am not been sentimental, you are, if you see the truth say it. what solution have you proferred throughout this time, all i see is criticism. jonathan comes to commision road you would seee abuses, he calls for prayers another round of abuses. please i am not inferring jonathan is a saint but let us be constructive and fact orientated in our arbiter of criticism. thank you sir

          • redeem

            don mind them——-regional minds——even if he implements the report–they will never give him credit for it–they will say it came from tinubu———————— buhari ati obj

        • redeem

          mumu—————————–it started before 1960—————-where are all the reports that declared the SS as an area for focused development since 1954—————show me that report b4 u use yr regional mind to abuse the president–was lagos state ever declared a zone for us to use my oil revenue top develop———-

  • Truthometer

    Dem don use committee do Dumbo. Na wah o!

  • 2015 president

    Goodluck for me Goodluck for you

    • the truth

      dancing all the way to aso rock 2015

  • Dr Patrick Kolawole Awosan

    President Ebele Jonathan is truly a bad luck to Nigeria with the imprudent ways he misappropriates our national financial resources on his hidden personal greed-agenda.Very wasteful without proper prior good planning.
    President Jonathan jumps on the national conference bandwagon without thorough thinking and well thought out planning.
    Committee upon committee with unconscionable waste of our scarce public funds?

    We shouted loud that Mr Jonathan should inaugurate a sovereign-national-conference so as to guarantee that final report of such sovereign national conference would not be subject to the approval of national assembly and 36-states-house of assemblies.But with his PHD in zoology,he refuses to reason and act intelligently and inaugurated mere national conference
    with each delegate gotten paid N4m naira per month for four months.

    At the end now set up another usual committee to work out a magic-wand as to how to evade national assembly and states-house of assemblies approval before the report could be implemented?Biggest joke of our time.President Ebele Jonathan is a complete waste space in Nigeria presidency.

    • the truth

      When u talk without reasoning it is baffling.have you opened the constitution before.what does the constitution say about conferences and the modu operandi.the president is following the constitution of the country in requesting approval from the Senate and houses of assembly as stated in the constitution and you are complaining.the moment he acts on his own and implements it you would call hima dictator.u talk for the sake of talking.please go read the constitution on the powers of the president

    • redeem

      u had the opportunity to elect late chief Gani———————-who was not even able to win his local government area——————instead u voted for Obj—————————who–was there for over 8yrs——-sleeping with his sons wife———————————-while atiku presided over PTF funds-

    • Omo Odua

      Sir, I really admired your comments. One lingering question I keep posing to myself is “how many Masters and or PhD candidates did Jonathan supervised when he was at the university”?

      • checkmate

        This is a big question indeed! where is the PDPig redeem to concoct the answer?

  • S.O.

    @Dr. Awosan:
    Goodluck Jonathan is a bane and a tragedy rolled into one. Anyone misled by him is not wise.

    • redeem

      obj who slept with his sons wife for the 8yrs he wasted in aso rock–when oil sold at over 160 dollars per barrel is not abi

  • Olu Ade

    Governance by Committee…. We will soon have a committee of commander in Chiefs for Dumbo to hand over the day to day governance of Nigeria while he will become King of Nigerian Land.

    Committee to find Chibok girls
    Committee to negotiate with Boko haram
    Committee to steal money
    Committee made of militants to secure oil pipe lines
    Circle of unending committees

    Does this man know the power of an executive president.

    • the truth

      Ignorance is a sin.go read the constitution of the federal republic of nigeria and tell me if this step is not stipulated in the constitution.premium times knows people like you still exist so they post half baked reports to incite ignorant people.please the constitution is about 750 naira.if u can’t buy it I would buy it for you,but I doubt u would read it so my hard earned cash would go down the drains.

      • Nigerian

        Jonaharam picks what suits his selfish interest in the constitution and ignore others.

        • the truth

          Education doesn’t just mean knowing how to type.a man just followed the next step as stipulated by the constitution and u are abusing him.give me one instance where Jonathan picks and choses wat fits him.please I am waiting for your response

          • Olu Ade

            Education to you means accepting what Dumbo says hook and sinker! Just change you name to “the false” Which part of Nigerian constitution stipulates that Mr. President should always govern by Committees? Dumbo is not the first president, others have govern Nigeria under Nigerian constitution with similar basic tenants.

            If he uses 40years to prepare for his madness, how many years will he live the actually psychotic madness lifestyle? That’s why he kept asking for more time, Mr. Snails speed! All he needs to do is to let the technocrat in the office of the Secretary to the Government do their work, and then send portions of the report to relevant bodies like the Council of states, federal executive cabinet and the National Assembly for consultations or approval.

            With people like you, I am not surprised that Nigerian politicians continue to rule and steal instead of serving the people. People like you can handover your life to Dumbo and then go to sleep. Patriotic Nigerians will remain vigilant.

            Anyway, I know you are a member of the Dumbo committee to defend him online.

      • sagy

        are you for real? i dont think so please go and get ur self a decent job cos d way u re attacking ppl shows dat u re idle man or woman.

  • endingNaija

    we need another panel to collate the results of this panel in order to submit the results to another panel which is to be set up by a new panel that will pass it to another panel that will check in order to suggest a new panel that will submit the results to the panel that will recommend the panel that will check the results before informing President Goodluck Jonathan before 2015 elections!!!! Naija dey laaf me oooo!

  • DanYaro

    Truly vintage Nigerian – putting the cart before the horse. So the Confab was organised without knowing the strategies for implementation? And the delegates did not think or act through on how their outcomes will be implemented. Certainly this conference was destined and designed to fail even before it was cobbled together! O Nigeria, why have you allowed these clueless liars and fraudulent characters to rule over you?

  • Chinwem Onwumere

    This is in order please. The members of this committee are serving ministers who are in the best position to implement the report through their offices. Absolutely nothing wrong with this

  • BlackieUmukoro

    Jonah has taken the right step. But as usual some ill and misinformed Nigerians will thrown tantrums at him for taking this normal step. You are the most abused president, never mind, those are the pains of leadership. You are indeed working

    • Nigerian

      working?????? mr. blackie. Are you in Nigeria???

      • BlackieUmukoro

        Am in sambisa forest under the caliphate
        Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN