Adamawa Governorship Race: Ribadu, Seven Others Step Down

Peoples Democratic Party,(PDP) Aspirant Malam Nuhu Ribadu,Submitting his Nomination form, For Gubernatorial Primary Election 2014 to National Organizing Secretary, of PDP,Alhaji Abubakar Mustapha at the National Headquarters of the party in Abuja

Eight out of the fourteen aspirants for the Adamawa State Governorship election on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), including Nuhu Ribadu, have stepped down.

They stepped down from the race in the early hours of Friday after a marathon closed-door meeting with the Senate President, David Mark, at the Presidential Villa.

Following the impeachment of the former Governor, Murtala Nyako, October 11 was fixed for the election of a substantive governor for the state.

The Senate President, alongside the PDP National Working Committee (NWC) of the party in Abuja, had intervened to forestall looming crisis ahead of the party’s primary election scheduled to hold on Saturday in the state.

The meeting with the aspirants, which lasted about four hours, started by 9.06 p.m on Thursday and ended around 1.00 a.m on Friday. It was held at the Banquet Hall of the State House.

At the meeting, it was gathered that Mr. Mark, alongside other officials of the party, were able to reach a consensus with the aspirants and succeeded in pruning down the number of those contesting from fourteen to six.

The six aspirants still in the race for the party’s governorship ticket on Saturday are Ahmed Gulak, Buba Marwa, Ahmed Modibbo, Umar Ardo, Acting Governor Umaru Fintiri, and Jerry Kumdisi.

Those who have withdrawn from the race include Nuhu Ribadu; Auwal Tukur; Aliyu Idi Hong, Andrawus Sawa; James Barka; GAliyu Kama; Markus Gundiri and Abubakar Girei.

It was gathered that an agreement was reached at the closed-door meeting that the six aspirants contesting for the party’s ticket on Saturday will not contest for the position in 2015.

The meeting also agreed that only those who agreed to step down now can contest for the party’s governorship election ticket in 2015, with more consideration in 2015 for Adamawa Central that has never produced a governor.

It was also agreed that any aspirant who fails to win the party’s ticket in Saturday’s primary election must support the party’s flag-bearer towards the October 11 election.

Speaking with journalists at the end of the meeting, the Chairman of the Adamawa State chapter of the party, Joel Madaki said, “Fourteen aspirants contesting for the position earlier has now reduced to six aspirants due to this meeting. It is a very welcome idea. Nobody was forced to step them. Those who stepped down did so voluntarily in order to wait to contest for the position in 2015”.

He added that “The six aspirants contesting this election are Ahmed Gulak, Buba Marwa, Ahmed Modibbo, Dr. Umar Ardo, Acting Governor Umaru Fintiri, and Jerry Kumdisi.”

The former Special Adviser to the President on Political Affairs, Ahmed Gulak, who is also contesting for the ticket on Saturday, said “The outcome of the meeting was fantastic. We met as family members of PDP, even before coming here all the aspirants in Adamawa have unanimously resolved that after the primaries, in a free, fair primaries, anybody that emerges will get our support.”

“Today, in this meeting, the number of the aspirants have been drastically reduced to six, which is manageable. I am contesting, Gen. Marwa is contesting, Ahmed Modibbo is contesting, Dr. Umar Ardo is contesting, Hon. Jerry Kumdisi is contesting, and Acting Governor Fintiri is contesting.

“And we have resolved to go into the primaries without rancour, without acrimony and to come out of it as peaceful co-existing members.”

“And at the end of it all, anybody that emerges, we will all queue behind him. And if I emerge as the candidate, they will all queue behind me. It is going to be a family affair and there will be no losers.”

On his chances of getting the ticket as Mr. Ribadu and others were now out of the race, he said: “Nuhu Ribadu or not, you know, I prepared for this election. Even, if 14 of us are going into this election, I am confident of my ability, of my capability, of my mobilization, of my sensitization that the delegates will select me.”

Aliyu Idi Hong, who is among those who withdrew from the race, said: “Peace-building, negotiation, give-and-take, everything went well. We have been given a caveat and one thing we have succeeded in extracting from this meeting is that the meeting started with a preamble that whoever is going to contest and if he happens to win as a governor, he will not have the right to contest the 2015 election.”

“Some of us think that our aspirations, our ambition, our vision for Adamawa is a long term and more articulate vision and not a stop-gap six”.


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  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    Next step on the Road to Perdition!


      I am glad you used the word ‘perdition’. Serves the guy right!

  • Braun

    Ribadu just wants a top position in government, nothing more. Something APC could not give and will not likely be able to do after 2015.

    • Maria

      What top position? Vice President? Or what else is higher? Oh… PDP will give him presidential ticket. By your words you have confirmed Ribadu is a liar, a deceiver.

    • Don Baba-Messi

      Yours is the only sensible comment devoid of sentiments.
      I’m not even sure whether to laff or cry afta reading the other comments.
      I think I should laff..

  • Ay

    This is just the beginning of another long journey for Malam Ribadu … journey to no where!!!


    Ribadu was bound to come to grief, sooner than later!

    • True Nigerian

      And I’m afraid the grief is only starting! In 2015, his hopes, if any remains after this, would be dashed to pieces. Ribadu is finished in advance. I cannot believe how unimaginative the guy is. Now, it is becoming obvious why he was so used and rubbished by Obasanjo’s fictional war on corruption.


        I agree with you. Ribadu, whom I still believe to be a good man, seems desperate for power. That desperation may explain why he would mortgage his integrity on the altar of political expediency, time and again!

  • Mosaku 147

    PDP’s internal democracy at play. Deciever extraordinary Mark. Come 2015,whoever emerges the candidate/governor now will turn around to say it is not in the constitution to limit his tenure that he has the right to contest.
    Who is fooling who.systematic style of getting Ribadu out. PDP!!! Power to the incumbent.

    • Wähala

      Only a thief would want to be Governor for a few months…
      By next year, whoever is Gov. of Adamawa would rather defect to another party than give up his stool on the basis of PDP’s gentleman’s agreement, something written on toilet tissues. Aboki Ribadu has been schemed out, left holding his crotch… Dindirin!

      • Mosaku 147

        How would they say to a Buba Marwa that he is eligible to contest again in 2015 if he wins now.
        Bunch of jokers. Mark is supposed to be crowned as the oponu of orde land and Ribadu as the ADE of ORDE LAND.

        • Wähala

          Beats me…
          Read my comment below, I think it’s a decoy… Sambo will be in the soakaway for 2015 race. No gainsaying it, Dr. NOI recruited Ribadu to launder Dr. Dumbo’s image before the Int’l Community.

  • Maria

    Ribadu on a road to self destruction. Association of thieves…PDP.

  • TrueTalk

    …and u think whoever emerges governor will obediently step down in 2015, in this Nigeria? Many will eventually cry for their decision to step down now.

  • humm

    So Ribadu, all your cross carpeting ended up in vain? .Wow, what a loser!!

  • Don Baba-Messi

    I read all these comments and I laugh. Nigerians just luv to say what makes them happy. Let me tell u guys, for Nigerian politicians, there are hardly any losers. The only real losers are you & i! Their(politicians) moto is: “Aim for the skies..if u land on a tree, at least you are no more on the ground”!
    Several of these clowns know they won’t get the ticket. They are only on it for compensation. This arrangement Luks like an attempt to prepare the ground for Ribadu in 2015. The agreement says those who contest now will not b eligible to contest in 2015(wether they stick to it or not is a diffrnt issue). I ask; WHO amongst those who ‘stepped down’ will b able to really challenge Ribadu in 2015????
    Fintiri has been allowed to run..Ribadu will b d strongest candidate out those that stepped down. Even if he doesn’t get it, he will be ‘compensated ‘ with a federal appointment..maybe ministerial. Something APC cannot guarantee. He WOULD NOT hav gotten d ticket in APC, and going by the sudden realization that APC cannot win the general elections, he wuldv lost all!
    He stands a better chance in PDP.
    The joke is on anyone who laughs at him!

    • Hope

      See you. When GEJ wanted to contest in 2011 he promised to spend one term only. It was expected to be a solemn pact between him and Nigerians but today what is the story? Promise broken and opposers punished like NYAKO. Likewise who ever wins will use the power of encumbency to run for the gorvernorship in 2015 on the ground that he has no constitutional restrain the argument always canvassed by GEJ. RIBADU ought to know or should know that the trade mark of PDP is breach of promises and betrayals at will. He is finished like others who left their parties for PDP in search of unlawful fortunes.

      • marig

        Very true and well said, Hope. No serious pol would want to be guv for just six months. Tory go get k leg next year.

      • Don Baba-Messi

        I actually agree with u. That’s y i wrote; “wether they stick to it is another issue”. Read wot I wrote. However, my point is no one shld b deceived by politicians antics..they might appear to head in one direction, but their target may be in the opposite. Ribadu must’ve weighed his options in APC nd felt he has a ‘brighter’ future in PDP. It’s his call..

    • Wähala

      Go back to primary school and learn how to write in proper English for public consumption, you’re not texting your hooker around here, get serious or get lost. The last WAEC results showed that 30% of the students failed English because of writing “Twitter English” as you’re doing. For your information, it’s not all English-speaking people who visit Nigerian websites, French speakers who only know proper English roam these sites as well… If Premium Times stops publishing your comments you will start whining like @truth the tout. Clowns!

      • Don Baba-Messi

        If u think I’ve got all day to type out words in full, na u sabi. U r not compelled to read my comments. And Thanx for yur abusive language..true to type; Angry-Peoples-Club. U need to learn that u are entitled to yur opinion (as useless as they are) as I am to mine. Borrow a leaf 4rm ‘hope’ below. He/she differed without being disagreeable. U are a fake gutter guy! U can get a pig out of a gutter..BUT U CANT GET THE GUTTER OUT OF THE PIG!

        • Maria

          Hey boy… PDP has ruled this country for 15 years…Nigerians are sick of this association of thieves and hoodlums called People Destructive Party(PDP).

          • Don Baba-Messi

            So am I..a better alternative is all I seek. I don’t see that in APC. Some might want to try a ‘new barawo’.. gudluck to them. Five equally corrupt governors decamped to APC..they are now saints. I don’t subscribe to that.
            If APC brings out credible candidates, good nd fine..but till then..

          • Maria

            In 2011, most Nigerians voted for GEJ and claimed not for PDP… but they made a huge mistake… you never know if APC produces a popular candidate… the story of 2011 might repeat itself… GEJ is the worst mistake Nigeria ever made.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


          • Wähala

            He’s going down the toilet in 2015. As-is, he’s not even guaranteed the ticket of his Party as I suspect others from within will give a chase for his of ogogoro. Fossil Clark is already in panic…

          • redeem

            u have become as confused as an almajiri——(meaning fulani immigrants)———who strayed into Nigeria from Chad ati Niger Republic–with the aid of d el rufai ati atiku——to beg for Imams———but who now yearns to reconcile with their roots in Chad————having managed to become the dangote of Nigeria————Jonathan is going to win the forth-coming presidential elections in Nigeria—————ribadu is in PDP because he knows the north will float him after Jonathan– the losers as usual will be d Ihejirikas who refused to raise their voices when their son was accused of backing bomko haram————————————-the yorubas will continue to play their nornal owambe politics with tinubu———————–who by 2019——-will be too old to raise his voice against the fulani north———be bed ridden————————–the struggle after that will be between d tambuwal he cloned for the fulanis———and yorubas———————–with the south east beggarly taking the VP slot————once again—————————to keep their Nigeria one———-cheeeeeeeers

          • Don Messi

            Damn right..i wasn’t even one of those that voted GEJ. I never believed in him nor PDP for one second. I didn’t get to vote, but I felt Buhari would have been a better candidate. Not anymore..Buhari has not shown himself to be the ‘father of all’ a president should be..shot himself in the foot by his comments during OBJ’s tenure. However, yur comment above is what has left me disenchanted with both parties: “you never know if APC produces a better candidate..the story of 2011 might repeat itself”. This is also my fear..even if APC picks a ‘good’ candidate, the rogues who make up 90% of the party will have a greater impact on governance.
            Like they say; I do not know which party will get us out of the woods..BUT I KNOW THOSE THAT WONT!
            Neither PDP nor APC will..

          • redeem

            @wahala–why on earth do u yearn to force people post comments in accordance to the janjaweed ideas that u often glimpse from tinubu–read what u wrote as our English master and correct yourself–since according to u-( its not all English people who visit Nigerian websites)———-monkey————so biko teacher don’t attempt to teach me rubbish————-Ribadu as I have always asserted——is not a presidential material—–and that includes atiku ati buhari————–see the trouble with the fulanis is that they do not know how to serve——they see themselves as born to rule——–that is why they often attempt to atiku or buhari their way—–to power—Ribadu will soon be appointed as an adviser on corruption issues—that was the job—–jonah wanted to offer him when the drug baron–tinubu lured him with his fake presidential ticket——-now people are leaving the Ebola infested APC-for PDP-in droves————-cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers

          • Mohstone

            You forgot to add the 5 corrupt govs left behind more than 20 corrupt ones in PDP. So I think APC is still a better alternative.

          • Don Messi

            And all the other governors the (5) joined in APC are ‘saints’ ko??
            Haba mallam, be truthful to yourself. The worst deception ever Is to delude oneself . It’s called ‘deceiving and being deceived’!!!
            I’m sorry for u..

      • Mamman

        @wahala,why do u always enjoy insulting people you hardly know on this platform? From the tone of some writeups, you ordinarily ought to know that a lot of people here are respectable and upright individuals. Please tone down your street language and contribute meaningfully. Please.

        • Wähala

          How would you know what I enjoy? I throw back what comes at me and we have Premium Times editor as umpire, just pocket your views and try avoid reading my comments and see how long you last. If you’re in public, certain level of decorum and language skills are expected of you, not his substandard sms-english. You should be glad I pointed that out to the chap. Hypocrite!

        • Don Messi

          ‘respectable and upright individuals ‘…..i like that. sadly Mamman, those two words r wasted on wahala. Tell u what, no one is happy with the sleaze nd corruption in that country Naija, but I assure u that wen I read abusive comments from the likes of wahala, i know outright that a person with his traits will probably perform worse than our current leaders. Immorality manifests itself in several ways..corruption is one..abusive indecent language is another.
          4get wahala..he is an IMMORAL TOUT!

          • Wähala

            Look at silly you, a senseless fraud posting as @Don Baba Messi and @Don Messi talking about “upright individuals” and respectability… just stay on this thread and count how many fraudulent comments you’ve posted with two different handles. At least, East or West, any site you read from me… you’re reading same Höly Wähala… Ode buruku, olosi… omo ale, omo ita! AGBERO !!!

        • Tony

          Good to see others have noticed that guy. A despicable character, if ever there was one.

          • Wähala

            Sucker, people actually look for my comments… can you ignore my comments? The answer is NO!

          • redeem

            the answer is yes

          • Nigerian

            Anyone can ignore wahala’s comment but not you. It hurts you.

          • Magaji Shehu

            Not only ‘redeem’. Wahalas comments hurt any decent person on this site. As weird as redeems comments sound, any honest person will admit his words are civil..unless wen provoked. Sadly, same can’t be said about wahala.
            Maybe u are even wahala sef..but na u sabi.

          • Wähala

            Aboki Magaji,
            Why not start a petition drive against Höly Wähala and see if the Editors at Premium Times care? Sucker, I’ve been offered newspaper columns by prominent outfits that I declined bcos I can’t be bought. If need be, there’s no analyst in my class out there and I make bold to stake that claim… Again, go on lesser Hajj by trying to avoid reading my comments… fact is, you need the knowledge!

          • Wähala

            Nobody can!
            Biko, tell me of anyone who has avoided reading my comments anywhere and I will show you Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe eating mango under a tree… fact is, I bring popcorns cum tatase pepperoni. Fact!

      • larry

        Animal ,why do people hate you?

        • Wähala

          Because I’m smarter than most people… now, go hang yourself higher than wiwa!

        • redeem

          who wahala-akal larry?-because he was the one who posted the comment

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Don, I gave you an upvote because I do not disagree with much of what you wrote.

      if anything, it was the last sentence I objected to, but none of us are soothsayers and are only voicing opinions.

      Time alone, shall tell.

      • Don Messi

        True talk sha..

  • Don Messi

    “Those who have withdrawn from the race include Nuhu Ribadu; Auwal Tukur; Aliyu Idi Hong, Andrawus Sawa; James Barka; GAliyu Kama; Markus Gundiri and Abubakar Girei.”

    Anyone who thinks any of the guys listed above can beat Ribadu in 2015 needs to hav his cranium checked. And some sore losers are jumping up and down that he has ‘lost out’?? Nawaoo.
    I dey LaffooooO!!!

    • kamal

      Ur comment is bcos u know nothin about Adamawa politics, of all those listed to have step down, nuhu can never match any of dem politically, so I guess u need ur cranium checked.

  • bomboi

    As long as Atiku is in APC, Ribadu will not be comfortable in APC. So the only alternative is PDP.

    • Okikiola Beckley

      From his utterances in the past,I don’t think he should be comfortable in any party. This just shows that they are all birds of identical plumage.

    • Maria

      He cant be comfortable anywhere…. Alams, Odili, and all PDP big wigs were his victims….

  • Wähala

    This Govrship crap is a decoy in my view. Ribadu was not recruited to come be Gov. of Adamawa for the PDP…mba nu!
    If I were in the PAC’s strategy team I would prepare for a Dumbo.Ribadu ticket for the 2015 general elections, that’s the only logical explanation and career goal Ribadu can aspire to today and remain a breath away from becoming President, which is his ultimate goal. Running remote and Boko Haram-infested Adamawa is far from that objective. Sambo is history unless he secures his political terrain… stay tuned!

    • Maria

      Making Ribadu VP is a political suicide for Dumbo…. Ribadu cannot win not even Adamawa for GEJ… stay tuned. APC will be happy should Dumbo make Ribadu his VP.

    • KD

      I completely agree @ Wahala. That was exactly what came to my mind. The governorship thing was just a decoy! Ribadu is going to take Sambo’s job. I hope APC strategists are not sleeping??!!

  • Berebe


    Governor Fintiri should defeat the five other challengers because incumbency will count.
    I cannot imagine, say, Buba Marwa – who defected to PDP on April 30th – winning PDP votes.
    Moreso that the election is just to formalize the post that Governor Fintiri already occupies.
    PDP members voting at the primary will see no sense having two acting governors in 8 months.
    Those eight aspirants who withdrew to contest next February will also support Governor Fintiri
    For that, and with the backing of 4/5ths state legislators, Governor Fintiri should win the ticket.

    • Weydem

      @ Berebe:

      So you don’t have anything to say on the multi-billion thefts in Adamawa state?
      You are only interested in who will come in next rob the Adamawa people, not so?
      A balanced comment should ask EFCC Chairman Ibrahim Lamorde to wake up.
      He has been sleeping on duty since his resumption of office – totally useless!

      The Commissioners under ex-Governor Murtala Nyako should ALL be detained
      for investigation in accordance with law. The EFCC owes Nigeria a duty to seize all
      those stolen assets in Adamawa state – and to arraign all the Commissioners under
      Murtala Nyako for thefts, criminal conspiracy, financial crimes and, money-laundering.

      • Mrs. Bimpe Olumegbon (Ibadan)

        But the past governor, Murtala Nyako, has since escaped to England.
        That was when Ibrahim Lamorde, the EFCC Chairman, was fast asleep.
        Ha, ha, ha!

      • Don Messi

        Come, who did u say Lamorde is again??

  • Enemona

    I hope does not look like VP for Ribadu. Just my wild imagination.

  • Usman

    PDP and it’s hypocritical zoning, deception

  • John green

    And it’s a doom for PDP at last, it spell more for them that they cannot see clearly about who’s best for them, despite all the warning for Ribadu, he stillw ent ahead to disgrace his personality once more and failed to achieve anything. Change at last

  • Maria

    PDP is dead….GEJ and his igbo handlers have destroyed PDP…

    • Ifeanyianadu

      Dumb response… @Maria

      • Al

        U get it wrong …@ifeanyianadu

    • Kida

      You sound as a racist! It is unfortunate that we still see things through “ethnic” eye. Time to forget about ethnicity and move our dear country forward.

      • Comfortkay

        What is the need of APGA, what is their ideology? Chief Ojukwu formed this party as Ndigbo party, how many Yoruba or Hausa are member, @ Maria has made a good point.

      • Maria

        Racist? Do you know the meaning of racist?

    • Alcindo Satori

      Shallow brains you are Maria. Goes to show the problem with Nigeria. PDP (currently controlled by Igbos according to you) is still in power, and will most definitely remain in power for the next 4.5 years. And oh yes, it is an Igbo-controlled party now! So go and hug transformer!! LOL!!!

      • Maria

        Hahahahahahahahaha… I am sure you are happy by glorifying you as running PDP…. we shall know who truly runs PDP very soon.

  • Sunny

    Well, it might be difficult for me not to contribute on issues like this because of some characters that are involved. But I will say this again that ours in Nigeria is still politics without ideology, which is really affecting the pace at which democracy is growing in our great country. I’m sure one day, we will have political parties that will be based on certain ideology like the case in USA and some other developed countries, unlike the politics of chop -make-I-chop we are doing in Nigeria right now.

  • wode

    Ribadu has been skimmed off. I doubt if he would ever get that position again. Those that agreed not to step down understand the politics of whole issue. It’s most unlikely that it’s the same dynamics that would play out in 2015. Those that insisted that they are not stepping down know this. It’s a bridge that they would cross when they get there.

    Well, Ribadu may not be a total loser at the end of the day, provided PDP wins at the national level. He could then be compensated. But, it’s unfortunate that he fell prey of the temptation.

  • BlackieUmukoro

    They share money, they allocate power and arrogant the power of God to themselves. The soothing balm is that at the end we all die

    • endingNaija

      Blackie, who shared money, allocated power to themselves? Did you mean “Saint” Ribadu ati “Saint” Diezani Alison-Madueke ati “Saint” Goodluck Jonathan? Did you mean these three shared the money among themselves? Me I dey laaaaaf ooooo for all of our”Saints” Dis Ribadu person go make person laaaaafu tire!

      • BlackieUmukoro

        Show the president respect as of right, not a privilege please
        Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

        • endingNaija

          which president? Di one you say dey share money between Madam Oil ati Former Mallam anti corruption? Nna abegi go siddon. My people say siddon look na dog name!!! I go laaaf tire for obodo Naija!!!

          • BlackieUmukoro

            You mean you are a dog
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • endingNaija

            Nna no vex now. Haba! Na you say your president-Goodluck Jonathan ati Madam Oil ati former Mallam anti graft Czar dey share money. No be you talk am. Why you come dey angry again. Abegi no vex ooo! Dis laaaf sef for obodo Naija. Anyway we dey kampe dey look wetin your president ati Madam oil ati Mallam go do as dem dey share di “OUR OIL Money” Dis laaaf for Naija. Naija don end my broda! Si no vex sha. Dis ting no reach vex.

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Fear let me vex ? I go only vex after I don get my share. When you get your own, nor forget me oo. Thank God it is friday. It is well brother and remember say, na dem be dog, nor be we oo. God forbid Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • endingNaija

            Ol boy but na una “OIL” now. So na yu get am. Na una dey distribute di ting, di OIL, una “OIL” “oyele”. So? You cannot say or imply that they give you your share. IT IS YOUR OIL. You are the one sharing. So? You BlackieUmukoro ati President Jonathan ati Madam Oil wan give former anti graft Czar Mallam small OIL. No be di ting wey yu mean when you talk about sharing of money!!!! Abegi go siddon look, na una oil. Una wan give Mallam R small form inside. Una wan make Mallam R chop inside small . No bad sha! Naija don tire me-but e dey give man some laaaaf sha.

          • BlackieUmukoro

            We don deceive Ribadu enter PDP, but he go wait till 2015 before we go consider am for any position. Till then he go siddon look, and if he talk kpere, we go drive am back to APC Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • endingNaija

            Since una DECEIVE Ribadu ACCORDING TO YOU, e be like say na so una PDP ati Goodluck Jonathan dey DECEIVE Nigerians too! Na you talk am oooo, no be me. Again, since you say una dey share money, how much una PDP ati Goodluck Jonathan come give dis our Mallam Ribadu now? How much I beg una give am. I wan know. No be di same money wey di Mallam say una steal , wey im talk say e corrupt na im una come give am too? So Mallam don begin chop inside una money wey Mallam talk b4 say e corrupt!!! I go laaf tire for Naija!

          • BlackieUmukoro

            No he deceive himself
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • endingNaija

            BlackieUmukoro, these are your words “We don deceive Ribadu enter PDP…” So? That is how President Jonathan ati PDP dey DECEIVE Nigerians since DECEPTION is in their (President Jonathan ati PDP) CHARACTER, an example being how according to you BlackieUmukoro “We (PDP ati President Jonathan) don DECEIVE Ribadu enter PDP…” Dis na reeeaaal Naija laaaaaf. Dis laaaaf come dey plenty!!!

          • BlackieUmukoro

            He chop him cake, and he wan still hold for hand. Him be magician? Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • endingNaija

            So Goodluck Jonathan ati PDP DECEIVED Ribadu as you put in black and white. So? Dis mean say Goodluck Jonathan na DECEIVER. PDP sef na DECEIVER. Na im be say Oga Jonathan ati PDP ARE GRAND DECEIVERS DECEIVING NIGERIANS. Sikena. E don finis. Katakata don burst. Wind don blow fowl yansh, Nigerians and the world don see wetin dey behind and inside-PDP ati Oga Jonathan na DECEIVERS dem be. No be say I pity former anti corruption Czar Ribadu. Im tory be say monkey wan chop, monkey wan die. Na di thing wey dey sweet monkey na im dey kill monkey. Na di chop chop and UNA OIL MONEY wey monkey like na im go kill monkey. So Ribadu chop UNA CORRUPT OIL MONEY and Ribadu pafuka. So Oga Jonathan ati PDP use UNA OIL MONEY take DECEIVE Ribadu. Na dat be di tory for town my broda!!! I go laaaafu tire for dis una Naija wey don end!!!

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Can’t you make a sentence without in putting GEJ’s name
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • endingNaija

            because you BlackieUmukoro-said your party PDP deceived Mallam Ribadu to come and chop from UNA OIL. and GEJ is the leader of PDP who you said DECEIVED Mallam Ribadu to come and chop UNA OIL! Hope say dis answer helep yu!

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Leave our president out
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • endingNaija

            from what? No be Jonathan be the leader of the Party-PDP- wey yu say dey DECEIVE?

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Like you get your erection from mouthing Jona’s name
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          • endingNaija

            Because you BlackieUmukoro said they – Goodluck Jonathan ati PDP ati Ribadu ati other Adamawa Governorship contestants shared money and you BlackieUmukoro said Goodluck Jonathan as the leader of PDP ati PDP DECEIVED Ribadu to come chop for PDP. Please check the trail of your posts here and you will see how you used your mouth to betray the PDP and Jonathan’s agenda!!!! I dey laf for Naija.

          • BlackieUmukoro

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          • endingNaija

            So di tory say your President-Goodluck Jonathan ati PDP are DECEIVERS (according to you) don reach Osodi market, tory don reach roundabout. So you and I don finis. eh? Wetin again nothing. Tank yu for being here and there 4 dis platform. Yu don help readers see well well di kind DECEPTION wey Oga Jonathan ati PDP dey do for Nigerians. Tank yu very well. Till we con jam again for anoda tory. Nna see yu anoda time. Greet madam and di children 4 me. Bye! I laaaaf yafun yafun!!!

          • Austine

            you are confused Blackie!

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Maybe that is why you are a dog
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  • Suralab

    Funny people, how I wish Ribadu contest and loss.

  • robo

    It appears that the demystification has commenced

  • Saint

    Loooool how shallow ur guys brain ar stepping down now so that u can contest in 2015 and the guys going now won’t contest in 2015 ar u guys serious ? Ask jonathan if election agreement works in nigeria . Ribadu should ve know better ,how wish he can turn the hand of the clock

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Quite very unfortunate for the former EFCC chairman,Nuhu Ribadu who defected from APC to PDP to run for Adamawa state gubernatorial position.But now Ribadu and six others have stepped down for another aspirant.It is now like Ribadu jumped from fry pan to a huge inferno.Ribadu political future is uncertain.Where is the political gain which necessiated Ribadu defection from APC progressive to cesspool of corruption-PDP?Nuhu Ribadu is a big loser with his misguided decision and idiotic action.

    • peterson

      That is called maturity. Pdp is his choice not just because of being governor but to belong to the party his heart leads him to. He is not a.loser but a winner.

      • Mohstone

        Lets wait and see. There is no any love of PDP in his heart though. He went there to clinch the ticket and nothing else. So dont deceive yourself with a “lovely” phrase.

        • Thomas Ayan.

          l am not comfortable,Ribadu should know very well that who so ever wins the gover election in adamawa will rule for 4years.

    • uduakomiri

      They will reward him with a ministerial position or even a senatorial slot. PDP values Ribadu for one thing: His anti-corruption disguise. So they will use him as a political harlot to try to convince Nigerians that the party of Ribadu is a party of anti-corruption. He will still be given the Pius Anyim/Ibrahim Mantu/Pius Okadigbo treatment but this mafia bosses in our politics will wait for the right time to give Ribadu the kiss of Adebidu.

      • Maria

        That wont work… only fools will be convinced of such gimmicks.

  • concerned9ja

    The final decimation of the former anti-graft czar. The trap was carefully set in and he strolled majestically into it. Now, the grand finale: This guy would have to pay for his sins of looking the monster corruption in the face. Pity, the last man standing is already on his way down. I think the problem with Ribadu is that he likes position and the attendant kleiglights. He hates to be silent. You cannot eat your cake and have it.

    • Mohstone

      Thanks bro. You hit the nail in the right place. Ribadu’s political future is dead. many will argue but it is clear that this is a trap set for him and he fell into it woefully.

  • peter

    Mature agreement from the PDP internal workings, I hope there is no negation of the agreement, Much better to settle things amicably than create a fuss about everything.

  • Gbenga Adelusi

    @ Peter:

    Yes, the PDP zoning system has been resurrected after Jonathan killed it in 2011.
    Zoning brought about this agreement. PDP has decided to zone Adamawa governorship.
    The Central Senatorial Zone is to produce the PDP candidate at next year’s election.
    So Nuhu Ribadu saw no reason jostling now when his zone has been awarded the post.
    Those six aspirants for this year’s election are those not from the south senatorial zone.

    • Seadog

      Thanks, but does the PDP not have an Acting Governor today?
      Why do a primary election again to select a virtual Acting governor?
      What PDP should have done is to rally behind Acting Governor Fintiri.
      That way Governor Fintiri shall complete his tenure next year –
      without a further option for re-election. That is much better for party unity.
      Acting Governor Fintiri has afterall spent less than two months on the job.
      This primary election cannot therefore be a referendum on his performance.

      • muhammed ibrahim

        My Broder,The constitution says otherwise………….

  • Psalm 35

    Have these people forgotten that once elected,whom ever wins has a fresh mandate of 4 years which goes beyond 2015 ? Or is there something I don’t understand? Someone please explain I am willing to learn …..

    • sadiq R

      The amended constitution provides tht where d deputy gov is not available ( as d case in adamawa), any body tht wins d election shall be restricted to d period tht is remaining in the former governor’s mandate.

      • GbemigaO

        Yes but has the right to contest in 2015for a fresh mandate! This is the opportunity to build political war chest -money and the political base to contest later on in 2015. Strange .

      • Psalm 35

        Thank you

  • uduakomiri

    Paddy paddy politics. How rotten. No principles. No ideas. No vision. No plans. No strategy. No genuine interest in governance. The single concern of any Nigerian politician is winning at any cost because that is the only way they are guaranteed limitless access to stealing the nation’s commonwealth.

  • Mohstone

    Nigerians are very funny. To me this is the end of Ribadu and these are my reasons: 1. Political agreements, especially in PDP is a tactical way of punishing insiders. JEG agreed to Zoning knowing fully well that it is a useless agreement. 2. The loud-mouthed Ribadu is now at the mercy of his staunch enemies … ofcourse we all know that Ribadu has more enemies in PDP than anywhere else. 3. The big criminals in PDP now have more than 6 months to decide on how to take their revenge on Ribadu. 4. Jonathan had successfully gotten what he wanted by taking away the best candidate from the opposition and rendering him useless. Now the BIG question is what will Ribadu do if PDP decides not to give him the ticket come 2015 ???

    • Maria

      He will run back to Afghanistan.

      • Mohstone

        And truly, afganistan will be a safe heaven for him then.

  • 2015 president

    I said it pdp wanted to finish Ribadu and they got him very cheap.

  • muhammed ibrahim

    Ribadu is a joker………..

  • DanYaro

    Conniving low level characters ganging up at a meeting from 9:30 pm to 2 am? From the look of things, it is the people who ultimately ends up the losers. Lining up to share and loot the treasury of Adamawa. Nothing to show that these old fools took into consideration the needs of the hapless people of Adamawa? The same old story of recycling ex-this and that who have milked the system. Only a true people’s revolution can save Nigeria!

  • Sir Lewis Okiemute

    When will Nigeria be restructured? When will we revert to our pre-1914 blissful and peaceful kingdoms (countries)? I just want my Niger Delta/South South republic and total control of my land, sea, air and spiritual resources. That’s all.

    …I shouldnt have any business with these people stepping down or stepping up. The truth remains: It is the resources from the Niger Delta which they all want…Jobless hustlers. Nonsense!