INTERVIEW: ‘Make abducted girls sacrificial lambs, but stop Boko Haram’ — Chibok Chairman

Mothers of the missing Chibok school girls are still grieving

Apparently traumatised by the protracted wait for the rescue of the over 200 schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram insurgents from their hostels in Chibok, Borno State, parents have given up hope and are demanding a military invasion of hostage camps not minding the cost.

PREMIUM TIMES caught up with the chairman of Chibok Local government, Tsambido Hosea, in Abuja last Friday during a protest to mark the 130th day since the girls have been in captivity.

Mr. Tsambido said the parents are unable to move on with their lives, with their kids still in the custody of terrorists in some forests.

He said the parents of the victims were seeking a logical end to their trauma either by burial or reunion.

“If the Federal government has that capacity, let them go into the Sambisa. If there are some that God said would be rescued, they can be rescued by the force and if some have gone, it’s better (to know) than this entire trauma the parents are going through,” he said.

He said the parents want to bury their children if they are dead so they can forge ahead with their lives instead of living with uncertainty, not knowing if their children are dead or alive.

This abduction of schoolgirls on April 15 disrupted the lives of many in Nigeria, with some sympathetic Nigerians along with the Chibok community organising marches and protests to create awareness and force the Federal Government to be proactive on the issue.

A group termed the BringBackourGirls movement have been protesting on the streets of Abuja since a week after the hostages were taken demanding their rescue, to the chagrin of the government. They meet at the Unity Fountain Maitama every day at 3pm. They said they will not stop meeting until the girls are brought back alive and well.

Listen to Mr Hosea below.

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The parents say they don’t care about their life but let them go in. If they can take care of this Boko Haram, so that they will not spread to other places. So that they cannot continue with their menace.

Let the girls be sacrificial lambs. That’s what they told me yesterday.

I phoned them, that I know that I am going to face some interviews today. What is your opinion? So this their opinion.

Actually, if the federal government has that capacity, let them go into the Sambisa. If there are some that God said will be rescued, it can be rescued by the force.

And if some has gone, its okay, than all this troubles, than all this trauma the parents are going through now.

They cannot do anything. But had it been they buried them, they would have forged ahead with their lives.

They are saying let the government go into the forest. Even the corpse, let them bring the corpse of the children so that they will bury them properly.

What they are saying is that these girls in the bush, it is better for the government, to go in with the force, with the army might to bring them even the corpse for them, so that they can bury them properly.


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  • Dan Fulani

    This Govt is heartless. I have seven children and I can imagine preferring to have any one of them dead.
    The worst thing that can happen to a parent is to wish his child dead.

    • the truth

      i have kids too and i feel how the parents must be feeling. it is really painful to imagine their sorrow, but one should not loose track of the real culprits here that ochestrated this wickedness to score political points. The Borno Government should not be overlooked here in as much as the federal government have a brunt to answer on the safe arrival of this girls, the borno government has a huge query to answer. Why did the governor go against waec and security reports not to take the examination at that school, y did the principals kids and the teachers kids refuse to sleep on the school dorm on the said day of the exam. these are burning questions shettima needs to answer, up till today the governor has not been bold enough to answer these questions, anytime they are posed he refuses to answer.

      • Easy

        So you mean the Mumu Dumbo Jona will not act until the Borno government answer the questions. This is a sign of wickedness and inhumanity.

        • redeem

          Jonathan was not the care giver—————————–it was Shettima

        • the truth

          U called your president dunno that tells me i don’t need to reply with an answer to someone who feels the whole Nigerians are dumbo

          • Easy

            Can you tell me the right name to call him? For me that’s the best that suits him.

    • redeem

      An American JOURNALIST abducted by rebels in Syria was freed Sunday after nearly two years in captivity, but his release appears to have little bearing on the fates of other hostages under threat of death from their kidnappers because of the U.S. airstrikes in Iraq.

      The tiny Persian Gulf nation of Qatar played a key role in negotiating the release of Peter Theo CURTIS, who went missing in October 2012 shortly after he crossed the Turkish border into northern Syria, U.S. officials and a statement from his family said. He was handed over to the United Nations in Syria on Sunday and is now safely out of the country, U.S. officials said.

      CURTIS, 45, had been kidnapped by the Al-Qaeda-affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra, according to the State Department, and he was not believed to be connected to the American hostages held by the more extremist Islamic State group.

    • the truth

      Fulani speak to your brothers to release them.

  • GodBlessNigeria

    GEJ what are you waiting for again

  • Innocent

    This is heart wrenching. This government should just act and free these girls. One can imaging the grieve a mother would have to conclude that her child can be killed. *tears in my eyes*

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    Many thanks, Mr. Tsambido.

    You vindicate what I had been calling for – there is no reason for the government to keep using the girls as an excuse not to protect the rest of us from the rampaging boko haram dolts!

    Since holding these girls captive, they have murdered multiple numbers of Nigerians with our government claiming its inaction is to do with these girls’ safety! Whereas, while they dither, the girls are almost likely being raped and traumatised daily and chances are if they survive this brutal ordeal, they would then have a lifetime trauma to deal with. Their families would equally suffer the uncertainty of not knowing the fate of their loved ones and how do we guarantee that the sweet innocent little girls that were captured a lifetime ago are what we would get back?

    There is just no excuse to have this madness allowed or tolerated for another day.

    Mr. President, you have heard from the mouth of the affected parents, would you still keep crying for longer than the bereaved or is there more than met the eyes on this matter?

    • Segun Abayomi

      I now think gej is un willing to fight BH. Otherwise, it is difficult to explain the sequence of events under gej government. Its like we dont have a president. I now believe the news that aircrafts were sighted supplying the BH, this can only be the work of govt. My question is why will GEJ do this to nigeria? Why have nigeria chosen an enemy as president? GEJ is only known for blaming others as reasons he could not do his basic job as president. What a presidency we have?

    • Cynthia

      Almighty God rescued thousands of Israelites from Egyptian captors the deep red sea

      He said his name is I AM
      How wont he rescue the hundreds of girls from their forest captors?
      With God all things are possible!

    • Samuel Okezie

      You are definitely smarter than this. Which mother would want their child sacrificed? How many chibok parents did the chairman speak to by ‘phone’? Did he speak to mothers or some gworo chewing men? I am sure a handful of the mothers would hang on any hope to get their daughters back one day even if without limbs. Assuming the airforce confirms location in Sambisa and bombs it what happens next? Would that stop boko haram’s campaign?

  • amazing2012

    Now all have been said and approved, Jona ! Jona !! If you are not part of the BH deal with me north !

  • Louis Edward Brown

    As sad as it seems it may be better for the government to raid these camps where they claim the KNOW these girls are held. It would be better to get some of them out than have them all disappear and spend their lives as slaves being raped and brain washed into converting to a different faith. I can see how a parent might prefer their daughter die than live like that

  • John green

    And some people still believe a man of GEJ can save this country, with all the plea and advise, he still can’t help the lost children and the deadly sect is still threatnening the nation, we need a better and capable man to lead this nation, not the pretender like GEJ. We need change

    • the truth

      Who do u prefer I guess atiku

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Funny enough, Atiku is not my candidate, but I do know that he would do better than GEJ.

  • Wähala

    Jonathan is Ijaw, the most heartless people in Nigeria… he doesn’t give a damn. He will not order the release of the girls before Feb. 2015 bcos they are old enough to reveal who took them captive and for who. Twice, arrangements had been concluded for their release only for the Fed. Govt. to abort at the last minute… why? Govt. helicopters have been sighted dropping supplies to the insurgents in Sambisa Forest, who’s flying those sorties without clearance from our air space mgmt. agency? With the latest revelations by Dr. Davis, a reverend hired by the Nigerian Govt. pointing the finger at Aso Villa, only a wacko would expect the girls to come home early if at all… Ijaw Jona Ebola must face charges for homicidal manslaughter at The hague for his role in all this. While we await his inaction on the named kingpins of Boko Haram… Animals!

    • the truth

      Your generations would be cursed for making a statement like that.please tell me what I achieved with 40 years of northern rule.a bunch of parasites dragging this country down.check out all statistics.highest death rate among children born,lowest education percentage among children,in terms of lack of development they are at the top,literacy rate is the lowest,I wonder how u could even type I guess u stayed in one of thesouthern states.when u have farmers been your governors.the only thing u are good at is kill maim and terrorise people.Jonathan is still d him out next year

    • Sir Lewis Okiemute

      One would have expected that you would have the same effrontery to ask that the emirate in Ilorin be tried at the Hague for violent intimidation and usurpation of the throne of Oba Afonja. Nonsense. Since 1777 that this undemocratic process took place, where have you been?

      Why have you not gone to Hague to look for who kill Kudirat & Moshood? You be no hear when your brother follow escort principal suspect (Mustapha? go for Kano?…na Bros Jona own dey do you? Bad belle unlimited. Nonsense! Talk …talk…talk and talk…Na so una dey do. No action.

    • redeem

      Look at an Ibo/Fulani cannibal/whose brain is used to noting but to chew human meat —-talking when real Nigerians are busy———contributing to issues of national concern——-the US is the most powerful nation on earth————–yet–it took them more than 2yrs of hard negotiations–to get their citizens released—–from the hands of Syrian rebel groups———–two American journalist have just been beheaded in Iraq—nobody has written to insult the President——-Yankees are not blaming——Obama————Not in Nigeria—where the janjaweed thugs———–in APC arrange to kidnap school kids even after the federal government had warned state governors not to open schools close to the war zone————-yet shettima the governor who has just come back from Sudan–the zone under the control of the janjaweeds–did the opposite—-now we have APC and their thugs blame the president—————over matter that they arranged to enable them score cheap political points with———Shettima the governor of borno state had just returned from a visit to London and Sudan———–if he had so much concern for the school kids he would not have jetted———he would have been fasting and praing for their release———-animals——————————-

    • BlackieUmukoro

      Judas Iscariot direct descendant

    • Cynthia

      My dear
      I do agree with you
      the girls are old enough to reveal who took them captive and to give an accurate artistic
      description if released so the abductors are scared of releasing them.
      these abductors cover all their face hardly even showing their eyes to outside world
      However with God all things are possible
      please let us keep praying for them.

      from Cynthia

  • colinas

    As far as am concerned, there is no government in Nigeria. The man is weak. He was never prepared to to be President. What has he even done for his people? Nothing. Federal University Utuoke? That is it? I am looking for a President that will swap these Chibook girls with Boko Haram prisoners. Then, after the girls have been set free, give boko haram 30 days to surrender or face extinction by aerial bombing. The Sambisa forest will be bombed such that even flies will not survive. That is what I will do if I was the President. So, Boko Haram is lucky that I am not the President.

    • redeem

      who was in charge when Sanusi beheaded the Ibo trader-akaluka———————–what did the ibos do———-as a tribe————–what about Maitasine—————————–the riot by the Izala sect group which led to the death of more than—————-500 Nigerians in the North————————Maitsine also left more than 5,000 dead——boko haram was created under military might of obasanjo————-in 2002

    • sadiq

      God bless u colinas

    • Bala R

      The problem Mr Collins, is that this BH captives have been killed long ago to stop them from talking in courts of law.over one million youths have been killed by the army most of them innocent.

  • BlackieUmukoro

    Methink this is the best option for now. Those girls have really suffered and would rather die than live with the shame and trauma

    • Bala R

      Shame? How are your mothers and sisters living in the streets of Abuja and Europe feeling?

      • BlackieUmukoro

        You never had a mother or sister. You lived all your life on the streets. Professional almajiri Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  • Segun Abayomi

    Sorry to just say jonathan’s govt is a failure. Every thing is crumbling before his eyes? Its now clearer gej does not love nigeria. What a presidency!

  • Suralab

    It saddens heart that over 200 schoolgirls that were abducted on the 15 of April can’t find a road back to their homes. The present administration lead by president Jona have shown to us that they value 2015 presidential election more than #bringingbackourgirls. If truly he is a leader he ought to resign from office.

  • Gotlieb Adebayo

    The chibok girls are like our daughters,asking us to sacrifice them is totally unacceptable. I hope Caliph Shekau should not think he his winning this battle, some group are just waiting for him to cross a certain line,then he would have to fight with everybody in Maiduguri,at some point the people would take the law from President and do whatever is necessary to safe guard there life. I hope we don’t get to that point.

    • DM1499

      So, you prefer the girls be treated brutally and cruelly as slaves? To live being tortured and abused? As long as they don’t die, you are happy?

  • I Hate Sycophant Truly

    I think for now that’s the best solution, since the FG has been using the Chibok girls has excuse. The parents have spoken, all we need now is action. The rest has to be protected from the hand of BH.

  • De Doc

    I’m shocked that Michelle Obama’s Twitter campaign to bring back these 300 girls didn’t have more effect!

  • Lanre

    Thank you for this, Chief Akerele. Unfortunately, it appears BAT is about to be dealt an unfair hand. Hope he has a back-up plan.